What opportunities does Artificial Intelligence bring? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

We livestreamed a debate from the European Parliament at 13.45 CEST on Tuesday 1 October 2019.

Answering your questions on both the opportunities and ethical questions arising from AI were:

Our panellists included:

  • Yana Toom, Member of the European Parliament with Renew Europe;
  • Tiemo Wölken, Member of the European Parliament with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats;
  • Charina Chou, Global Policy Lead for Emerging Technologies at Google;
  • David Martin, Senior Legal Officer at BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation
  • Jim Dratwa, Head of Ethics in Science and New Technologies at the European Commission

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    Yes. If put to the service of humankind and not private profit, it is a desired and needed tech. Countrys will always exist, as long the Earth allows Humans to thrive. At this moment is required that all tech is put on service for an Earth prosperity ecosystem, allowing humans to keep thriving. More tech for individual profit is a status quo typical of previouse generation that made individual profit inseat of the comum wealfare. Bring IA, bring help to humankind.

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    Nonsense, it’s like to say “does the benefits of nuclear weapons outweigh the risk”?
    No matter how much a country in this world are at risk, the danger of having it is way above masseur
    The same apply to AI

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    Wait and see.
    AI will be a godsend to many..especially elderly & disabled & those in most need of services..it will be another disruptive tecnology in the world of work….but as all such, it will depend of usage & regulations.

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    I see it enhancing some people’s lives. Take for example those that are differently able – it would be great to be able to communicate with the world without any limits.

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    In my humble opinion, AI is the most daunting of all threats to humans out there. It is not just about technologies since it has the ability to want to take over humanity and the planet! Look how humanity is already be regulated with cell phones alone, that one simple item…Everyone should really think long and hard before they jump on the AI bandwagon! I don’t mind having a robot vacuum my floors, but how much of myself am I willing to hand over for such breakthroughs? I only ask this simple question…What has power over you?

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    AI can have huge benefits, but it can also potentially be dangerous. I recently watched this YouTube documentary about A.I and definitely recommend it, even though it lasts more than 1 hour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zfnx5Wb-68

    Some parts in it is straight up scary (the tests with a robot who after some time start recognizing and track faces, even though it was never trained for it). Other parts is pure informative and really interesting.

    How far has AI come? It is better than the human in chess, Go and Dota 2 (computer game which is very complicated and takes somewhere between 10-12 000 hours to become among the best in the world).

    Dota 2 videos:
    Short version from Mashable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAu1ZsTCA64
    Full version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U4-wvhgx0w

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    Elon Musk, estimates that with the invention of the autonomous car, 20% of the work will be eliminated. This will have a great economic impact on the world. Low-income people will lose their main means of making a living. What will happen when people see that these machines take away the only way to put food on the table or a roof over their head?

    When you associate AI with other automation methods. This means that many jobs in the manufacturing sector will also be eliminated. The fact that AI has been invented does not necessarily mean that people are happier. We must be careful to proceed with caution because with this technology, no job is safe.

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    The world is still a story to be inscribed and lived. AI will certainly disrupt the lives of all of us and the way society will be succeeded. Nevertheless, there are other parameters to be considered; namely geostrategic, political, environmental, commercial, etc. none of which AI can resolve by itself, but rather be influenced by their development. We have been used to be laborer’s community of practice since millions of years, striving for progress when using our hands and brain, and nowadays we are facing a new paradigm which can upset the future forever with no coming back ticket. Maybe our story should pass through these changes to show us new boundaries we need to learn. However, the topic is challenging and evolutive and so far, I’m very positive when trying to bring AI to teaching practices our students ask for. They are simply bored with the old style of lecturing, so we need to be inventive and above all let them formulate their own learning.

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    I don’t think we understand the full implications of AI technology in a negative aspect, much to be revealed!

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    It has already been used to manufacture a plethora of innovations till now. Take for example siri, cortana or alexa, they have been making our work easier ever since they were introduced. Automation tools have removed burden of the boring repetitive work, now marketers can focus on enhancing more rather than creating. But to answer what will happen next- we never know. Judging by the exponential rate at which AI is growing no one can accurately predict what will be the fate in the next decade. While AI can seem like a potential threat to mankind, they could even turn out to be the ones saving our planet, who knows?

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    The AI sticker is slapped on anything remotely intelligent that delivers above what the typical user is accustomed to. The definition is misconstrued. Machine learning is the heart of most impressive applications today and this is different to AI in that these apps still require explicit programming. AI is the significant milestone step above the supportive layer of machine learning. AI invents a solution to world peace. AI isn’t phoning to book a hair dresser appointment with a human-sounding voice.

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    As if we had a choice between technologising and not technologising. By 2050, who’s not contributing to AI will be getting social aid

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    Depends of the technology. Robots are much cheaper than the human working force, companies use them basically, for reduce the salary charge in the company numbers, so at the end they destroy many working places, and create a few. Numbers are numbers, and robots are cheaper than humans. Is always the same in all the technological revolutions.

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    Technology has and will always take away jobs…

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