Migration is a complex issue. Often, when we talk about migration, nuances are put to one side; no distinction is made between internal migration within the European Union (from Poland or Romania to Britain or France, for example), immigration into the European Union from outside, temporary migration, legal migration, illegal migration, asylum seekers and refugees, and so on.

It’s difficult to know what to think. It doesn’t help that there are politicians who clearly want to exploit public fears and prejudices over migration. How can we know what to believe? Some simplification of the issues are perhaps inevitable, in order to make the topic accessible in the first place. So, let’s start from first principles: overall, do we benefit from migration to Europe?

What do our readers think? We had a comment from Ironworker who says he’s confused by the debate over immigration. How should we think about migration?

Is migration good or bad for Europe? We asked Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all sides of the political spectrum to stake out their positions on this question, and it’s up to YOU to vote for the policies you favour. See what the different MEPs have to say, then vote at the bottom of this debate for the one you most agree with! Take part in the vote below and tell us who you support in the European Parliament!

Radical Left
Stelios Kouloglou (GUE-NGL), Member of the European Parliament:

Judith Sargentini (Group of the Greens), Member of the European Parliament:

Migration is there. We don’t question whether the sun comes up every morning and goes down again at night. I think the problem with the debate around migration is that we’re not recognising it’s there and it’s simply there to stay. The policies that the European Member States put forward try to actually stop people coming to Europe, but they will not succeed in that and therefore we’re not dealing with it in a rational way. I don’t think we need to look at this in terms of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but rather [recognise] that it’s there, and therefore we’d better facilitate it in order to make sure that people do not drown, and make things worse.

Liberal Democrats
Sophie in ‘t Veld (ALDE), Member of the European Parliament:

Centre Right
Roberta Metsola (EPP), Member of the European Parliament:

Morten Messerschmidt (ECR), Member of the European Parliament:

What Europe is today is built on the old traditions of European peoples, values, humanities, and other pillars of our history. So, we need something to serve that. That doesn’t mean that migration as such is a bad thing, but it depends on which cultural background, religion, and so on that the migrants are coming with, and whether they can adapt into our way of life in Europe.

John Stuart Agnew (EFDD), Member of the European Parliament:

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    Mira Possibile

    We have to keep pushing reforms that are based on principles of solidarity

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      Grow up

      Yes solidarity towards the Europeans and their customs, not the other way arround

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    It is bad. Europe faces a huge array of issues within its borders. From poverty to lack of development. And demographic winter is a wrong concept. We are hugely overpopulated. If the population drops by 100 million we will still be 400 million in the Eurozone. What we need to do is set up programs to demolish abandoned houses and return them to nature. Motivate employment and social programs. Etc.

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    A reasonable amount of controlled immigration good, the out of control immigration tsunami,bad

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    Not when you are importing 13 century cultures….

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    Migration is a part of Human History.
    In my opinion, the problem is illegal mass immigration.

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    Is it good for EU countries to sell heavy weapons in war zone in Africa and middle-East so populations are literally desperate to cross the mediterranean sea despite the risks. The problem is far more complex than a single and simple yes or no.

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    Migration is neither good nor bad per se, but rather it depends on the type of immigration and the way how destination countries deal with immigrants and natives. Are the immigrants coming to a country because they want to work or because they are attracted by social benefits? If they come to work, do they have the necessary skills and work attitude to find a (good) job? Do they have realistic expectations about the labour market in the country they want to move to? Does the destination country allow them to work? Will immigrants compete with native high wage earners for jobs in high-skilled professions (e.g. in IT or medicine) or will they propel a race to the bottom with native low-skilled jobseekers? If the latter is the case, what schemes does the government have in place to compensate the “losers” of immigration? Do immigrants want to settle permanently in the destination country or do they plan to return to their home country? Under which conditions can immigrants obtain citizenship in their destination country and are those conditions transparent? Can they bring their families and, if yes, under which conditions? Do they share the mainstream values of natives in the destination country (e.g. respect for other religions (or lack thereof), democracy and gender equality)? If not, are they willing to follow the law, even if it goes against their values (e.g. concerning LGBTIQ rights)? If they want to settle permanently, are they willing to assimilate into the country’s mainstream culture? Is the destination country clearly communicating the rules and customs that immigrants are expected to respect or follow? Are immigrants willing to learn the local language? How does the destination country support them in that endeavour? These and many other questions determine whether migration is good or bad for any country, including Europe. Personally, I believe that immigration to Europe can be a great strength if we get it right (just look at Canada, Singapore or Australia) and a big problem if we get it wrong.

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    Ofcourse it is but with Control and not importing anyone from the ocean.

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    Neither good or bad ! We just have to be selective, not open borders like it’s no one’s land…

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    Migration? From where to where? Legal or illegal? In what numbers?

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    migration & integration,STOP religion-banditisme-vandalisme-cambriolage-agresions-antisemitisme-antieuropean.

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    It’s a disaster, but it makes privileged people feel virtuous while allowing them to benefit from cheap labour, so it will continue.

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      Hugo, The question was “is migration good or bad for Europe?”.

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      It’s still a questionable Statement from you! Mankind needs always Migration – look what’s about to happen in Japan, and same thing is going on in Europe – we’re getting older and lesser babies ! So migration, however it happens is good!

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      Hugo, You (as leftists) need to decide whether you like or hate increased population. Your position seems to change depending on whether you’re talking about climate change or migration.

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      Does the same hold for unskilled Europeans? Should we send them away?

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      Riccardo, It’s not rocket science to figure out that citizens have a right to stay in their own countries.

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    Ask the native Americans. They have the answer

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    Controlled Migration is always good🔝, Uncontrolled Migration is a Mess ☢️🚫

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    Organized criminal gangs are border hopping all of the time and the EU protects them making it impossible for them to be deported if they are EU citizens. Then there are the terrorist supporting (anyone who doesn’t support Bashar Al Assad) ”refugees” from Syria who aren’t screened. Migration under EU rules is pretty toxic.

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    Nobody should be allowed to leave the town of their birth. Anything else is clearly a globalist conspiracy.

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    Definitely good. Migrants are young and make a lot of children and that’s exactly what we need the most.

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      bert van santen

      How do You wish to feed and house these people? And provide labour in our high domotical society? Production jobs are decreasing fast.

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    Migration is unavoidable .. so it’s a wrong question.

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      yes, i hear that Italy is one of the few developed countries that loses more people to migration than it gains. And birth rate is practically zero. Keep it up and eventually Italy will be all tourists.

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    It’s natural. All animals do. Who wants to live in the same place their whole life? That’s crazy. You’ll see nothing then. Learn nothing

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    It has to be controlled…or else it will be devastating! Look at France ..Belgium …Germany.Honestly I don’t want to live in this kind of society!

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    Migration is not bad but you have to be more selective. Look at US for example.

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      USA is just an example of how things are wrong

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      Urbanczyk and Canada…

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      You better take a look at Japan.
      60 000 asylum seekers arrive each MONTH in EU.
      (and those are the “legal” applications)

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    I see nothing bad in it.Unless you make it to be bad

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    Depends on the circumstances surely.

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    What a stupid question. Migration is first of all inevitable. For something that is inevitable you cannot say if it is good for you or bad. Is rain good or bad? Sometimes is good but sometimes is bad. It could be an answer concerning migration.

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    Girbal Inmigration should be controled.

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      Armadas of fundamentalist migrants are the future, if we don’t shut the EU down!

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    It is good for Europe when it is controlled migration. It takes in only those that are needed and has job availability.

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    For Soros business is going good

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    Stupid question !
    It is bad of course !
    Humanitarian aid other help in 3 world.
    Do invessments there…is more cheap, than manage everyday a cultural clash beetween imigrants and local residents.
    Do not forget the amount of money , what we pay to this people….for integration in our society….
    They want to live by own secular laws and do not want to integrate…
    For exemple …sience ’70 Turkish immigants in Germany…the 3 generation born in Germany , they do not want to be part of Germany.
    Integration failed.
    Why should be more succesful nowdays migration scheems… ?!
    Think about it , and be helpful with all people who really need help….!
    Be tolerant with the people who need real humanitarian aid.
    The healty one go home rebuild their own civilization and society….

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    Bad , when each country has its own poverty in Europe, migration adds poverty.

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    The question is rather…how do we make it good for us. The migration will, did happen and is happening anyway…

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      Take a look at Japan.
      Does “migration happen anyway” ?

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      japan is an island and arguably far away from crisis areas..unlike some believe, the middle east is quite close to europe and there is no huge ocean inbetween like with japan and australia. Or you believe the strict policies in these states are more powerful than distance? Should Europe restrict its policies until the people choose to go 3000km more? Choose a suitable example…

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    Bad, it’s a way to islamization of Europe!

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    Migracion selective is good ✌️

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      The only positive migration is European internal migration and also the Russian and Ukrainian migration …

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    Migration is the result of the European Union policies, we provoke this migration. So we don’t get to choose whether they are welcome or not.

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      Africa is totally overload of amazing Natural Resources but they have very corrupted Politicians it is the point, complaining always that the west is bad make me just laugh.

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      False, the causes of massive immigration are the failure of international development aid policies and the lack of control of the demographic explosion in Third World countries.

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      as if European Union cares about their prosperity. If there is no benefit (for those who offer their “aid” ) there is not aid as well. We have seen how solidarity works in these cases.

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      The problem is that the European Union is only a regional market in the service of global neoliberalism. Politicians are guilty of prioritizing the interests of the economic elites against the people …

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    migrants should feel home in Europe so that together we can make a better Europe. yet it did not happen so far, hopefully it will happen. I am a migrant.

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    Migration inside EU is absolutely essential for the future economic environment.

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      It would be only if it is controlled & selected

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      False, Europe has enough human resources to not have to import workers from countries that do not have our culture. European civilization is in danger with so many Muslims in the interior.

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      Nothing like that should be controlled inside the EU unless you want to completely destroy this already dying economy.

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      that is what the Neo-Liberal Agenda and their Open Borders Agenda have convinced people that it is necessary. In fact what I think is really required, is to return to the Family and instead of killing it off by putting ever more taxes upon them, they would solve two problems in one, if the upped what they spend on Families and they would save many times that amount if they stopped the unnecessary migration into Europe and stayed with increasing our own population, think of the benefits in a few short years.

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      migration inside EU by EU citizens is freedom of movement

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    Europe is over, now only the nationalists take power to save the possible, or the Nazis to win the civil war.

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    Inmigration is def. a good synthom. We would have to worry more if people didn’t want to come and had to leave instead.

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    You loot and over grazed other continent or countries for 400 years and now you wanna live in peace??? Grazing continue

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    Stop please calling IMMIGRATION with the misleading word MIGRATION as if we were referring to birds or orher animals

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      Thanks! The term “migration” drives me crazy!

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    I think history teaches us that migration is good

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    The EU faces a demographic winter. So, although it may be uncomfortable, it’s inevitable. But it should be controlled.

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      it only faces demographic winter because governments choose it this way.

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      you make a good point. Although I don’t believe they did it conscientiously, the governments’ policies have led us to the current situation. Incentives to families to have more children and more employment stability would go a long way to solve the problem, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be enough.

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    Well, if we start like this … was it good for America that so many migrants settled there?

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    Illegal immigration is aweful. Legal immigration is good.

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    First BRING BACK YOUR IMMIGRANTS from ALL OVER THE WORLD, and then CRY about immigration.

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    All animals in the sea and on the land are allowed to migrate but not humans, they are free to roam the world but only humans are not allowed , it can only be the idea of twisted humans with average mentality ,and they are always in majority in human history ,on top they claim to be champions of freedom, sick is very soft word for them, cause sick people can be cured.

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    catherine benning

    Is migration good or bad for Europe?

    For all those countries, or States, as they are called in the EU, take very careful note of what can happen to your laws and the will of your people if you have mass open door migration, Look at how Brexit was taken down last night as a direct result of this woman’s lawsuit against our people and their Parliament.

    Gina Miller, Guyana migrant, took the UK Parliament to court in order to remove the will of ‘Direct Democracy’ via referendum, from the citizens of Britain and won the case against the indigenous nationals, in one ghastly blow. And last night was seen in the media as thrilled by it, gleeful in her response to the vote stolen from our countrymen.


    What that court win did, was, remove from the British public the right given them by their government of the day, to vote for or against being part of the EU, as she did not want them to have it their way. She wanted a different answer. You do have to ask why it is those who are predominantly from other parts of the world want to change the votes of a country nationals, especially when it involves staying under an outside jurisdiction? What’s in it for them that the citizens of such a country is missing?


    And here in part is what her action has done to the people of the UK and to their democratic rights.


    It has put UK citizens first move toward a Swiss kind of Direct Democracy into the long grass for an eternity, and done it in this most painful, as well as disturbing.way. This immigrant, who came from a background of chaotic politics, saw fit to deprive our people of their wishes, in respect of a democratic vote through a referendum they had won over years of lobbying. Which then, handed that vote back to those same parliamentarians who wanted to deny them the vote in the first place. Who in fact betrayed their wishes. Of course, these people of parliament, in both houses, elected and unelected, had already decided they didn’t like the result the public gave in this matte,r so were gleeful with their open door policy on immigration. And so the country was left at the mercy of those who had lied to gain their position and faked loyalty to the leave vote. Once able to snatch the decision from their constituents, given through this woman’s audacity to believe she could do this, they did so without a minutes regret. Who was/is she working for?


    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi Catherine,

      Beware: Your UK constitution has traps & surprises, especially for the folks & laymen- of how they (majority) may or may not understand the general term “democracy”.

      Because of your constitutional concept of “parliamentary sovereignty”!

      That’s why some factions in your parliament are pushing for general election. The political winner will form a new government/parliament and can/could legally overturn whatever the previous parliament lawfully decided! The fight may never end!

      T. May lost some support calling her first (voluntary) early election. It turned out to be a miscalculation/bad advice by “speculating” to increase her MP’s. It backfired & now she struggles.


      Your UK electoral system/constitution needs reform to establish clarity and pave a way for a future direct democratic dispensation or at least part of! (The “tyranny of the majority”)

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    Migration from who should be the question. Who is bombing up European capitals, who is gang raping women in public, who are the drug dealers, thieves, money launderers and murderers. I make no accusation I only ask the questions.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ EU Reform- Proactive

      Thank you for your reply. Debate is what this is all about, isn’t it?

      May lost the election called when she did, as a direct result of ‘Yougov’ setting up a rigged poll giving Conservative lead as 17%. Their party back room, either deliberately or because of immaturity, fell for it, then were blinded by the result. They ignored the promises made in the manifesto. Just as they are doing today. Of course, they wanted to believe their chosen leader, a politically correct woman candidate, of little savvy, would not get the votes of their members as they would vote for anything in blue. Hence, the intense dislike of what is termed ‘populism.’ The change against their political ignorance or trickery is not accepted by the elite simpleton, as it means a different mantra for their meetings. Add to that, no connection to public mood or will change, blinding them to reality. Hence, the mass risings across all the Western world, not simply the UK. People are looking for genuine leadership, not fake photo shoots we have pushed down throats now, as diminishing prosperity starves us of air. They are denying the Brexit vote. Pretending it was a mistake even when it has been rampant since the seventies. Unbelievable, when they have open knowledge of public view for many decades.


      And the great orator.


      Our Parliament is desperately trying to remove democracy from law and replace it with absolutism. They are doing this in order to appease globalist subjugation. And this move is becoming more apparent to our country every day as they fight with each other on how to suffocate ‘populism’ fast. You see, none of them are willing to admit the people rule, whether they like it or not. And the people are not accepting defeat in quite the way they anticipated.

  48. avatar
    catherine benning

    Is migration good or bad for Europe?

    This question should be more specific, but, as a general question it should ask if ‘Migration’ is good for the planet? And it has to be centred around reality of the human condition and outcome if it is thwarted. A blanket statement on an issue as important as this is impossible to clarify. Judgement is only found in the resulting chaos this move produces.

    Globalism is the reason we have mass migration. It has been and is world political policy for decades. Where and how did that arise? It was never discussed across the planet with the native people and certainly no vote or explanation was brought or allowed in the world arena prior to its inception.

    It stands to reason, the poverty stricken areas of economic and cultural inadequacy not only cannot feed or inspire their population to better standards, their leaders don’t feel it is in their interests to do so. To bring their standards into line with the richer states would diminish their Aid prospects. So, their citizens must continue to fight for the right to roam with mass migration. Otherwise, how would they be able to feed off the policies of those parts of the planet where, from hard work, scientific intelligence and planning, prosper. Except, by being of a mind set to agree to rule by the thriving, there is no other alternative than for their people to move to the fountain of life. And that is in their leaders financial interests as can be remembered by Gandhi and his policies for India. Where he demanded the end to British invasion, colonisation and subsequent rule of his adopted country and culture, in order for them to flourish without consequences that change would make. In fact, he was educated in Law in the UK and first practised it in South Africa. Didn’t India separate into Pakistan and India around that time because of cultural differences and the unrest it created, both then and now?


    At that time in our European history and culture, people defending themselves against invasion by another group was acceptable in the world view. Now, that mindset is condemned by our Globalists. Except when invasion is seen as necessary for certain economic gain. I wonder why that is? Human Rights doesn’t seem to enter into globalist policy of takeover when practised by direct governmental interference.

    Europe should discuss in depth where it feels these global pursuits and policies are leading. And what it thinks it is going to achieve by them.

  49. avatar
    bert van santen

    The worst thing possible, as it`s done without control, as by the EU member states and Merkel. Now the Marrakesh pact on top of it. FAILLURE

  50. avatar
    Eric Van 't Hoff

    Controlled migration is needed in order to keep our economies growing and have enough healthcare hands for our aging population.

  51. avatar

    Controled emigration it is ok. But invation no.

  52. avatar

    The migration of individuals can be positive, depending on the individual. However, mass migration is definitely negative. Illegal immigration is definitely negative. Changing laws to reclassify illegal immigration to make it legal is absolutely negative.

  53. avatar

    Inward migration of people having rare skills and plentiful capital is good for most citizens. Inward migration of unskilled workers not so much, although it’s certainly good for employers, as it lowers wages.

  54. avatar

    Mass immigration sucks….overpopulation sucks….should bring in one child policy…..too many people….crowded everywhere…..

  55. avatar

    If it is handled with care, it is boon for Europe. Otherwise…it is problematic…Nothing in this Universe has an absolute advantage or disadvantage…It is all about relativeness.

  56. avatar

    Immigration is not bad.
    Illegal, uncontrolled, mass immigration is bad.

  57. avatar

    Good for the economy, bad for the indigenous people and culture

  58. avatar

    Migration is good thing on condition that People who are guests, respect the law, customs, tradition and the culture of the country they came.

  59. avatar

    First of all, whenever you say/write “migration”, I can’t help but think about both “immigration” and “emigration”.
    In Spain, we’ve had a problem with emigrating youth due to devastating unemployment or emigrating professionals (read, scientists) due to the lack in investment in investigation and innovation. Why aren’t we worrying as much about this?
    And when people debate illegal immigration (understood, from outside the EU), they mention “unskillful” immigrants. But there are unskillful people everywhere. There’s a factor of rejection, from example, in the UK towards unskilled immigrants from Eastern Europe, EU unskilled immigrants looking for whatever jobs in other EU countries. Why is that different?
    In Spain not long ago people had a problem with Romanians pouring into Spain. It was a contentious issue, but they were perceived as violent, troublesome, lazy, unskilled, no good to our neighbourhoods.
    Why are we troubled by outside-the-EU unskilled immigrants, but not by internal-EU unskilled immigrants?
    What level of “unskillfullness” do we have problems with? How to define them? And shouldn’t we be asking the same requirements from everyone (inside the EU, outside the EU), not to fall into the trap of unjustified discrimination?
    And if we’re asking people to respect and take up courses on “culture and traditions” to the countries they emigrate to, shouldn’t we ask that of ALL immigrants?
    “Free movement of people inside the EU” is NOT a precept that liberates us from respecting other people’s culture, especially in Europe where we enjoy such diversity of local cultures and traditions.
    As I would expect Moroccans, for example, to respect the way of life in Spain, so the same, I think, should be expected/asked of people from Conservative, orthodox Eastern Europe when they come here and see, for example, LGBTs holding hands. It might not be tolerable in their home countries, but here it’s perfectly part of how, and who, we are. Right?

  60. avatar

    What migration? Free movement of persons or economic migration from the third world?

  61. avatar

    Is there nothing else you are interested, Debating Europe? All you are doing is giving a forum to right wing idiots.
    I migrated throughout my life. From Germany to the US to Japan to UK and now back to Germany. I am pretty sure that none of the countries I have lived in suffered because of me. And I am pretty sure no one suffers because of other migrants either.

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi there,

      I am not responding on behalf of the DE- but to your sweeping statement labeling part of the forum/Europeans as …..”idiots”.

      Beware- to do so reflect never favorable on the accuser!

      You obviously refer to your personal and recent understanding- but not what “undefined migration means” to many born & bred Europeans living on this continent for millenniums. A different dimension!

      If of Japanese origin, should the forum maybe enter into a research how Japan’s government or its whole population views “un-defined migration”?

  62. avatar

    Has no one noticed the 15 stars where it should be 12? 🤔

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi Christian, yes of course- but “such small differences” don’t seem important to the DE & Friends. The more- the merrier!

      It was apparently one of the earlier proposals/suggestions when the club counted 15 Members. But JCJ would know better!

    • avatar
      Paul X

      “Has no one noticed the 15 stars where it should be 12?”

      See, that’s where uncontrolled immigration gets you, 3 stars have managed to sneak in!

  63. avatar

    Bad, terribly bad! It’s the end of Europe !

  64. avatar

    EU immigration and family reunification is the most vicious thing they impoverish people and rejects innocent people coming to Denmark EU from Gambia and other countries which is the most vicious thing I want my fiancé as comer from Gambia to Denmark but they reject him it hears nowhere at home they do not let him come to Denmark because i am an early retiree and he lives in Gambia we as human beings do not find us in he has pure criminal record will not be supported by me he will work in Denmark all this EU is real bad evil an not for humans at all how dare they not let people come to Denmark legal they destroy us all and they dont respect people they dont care about our life i cant move to Gambia how dare they not to let my fiance’ come Denmark an get at job in Denmark and he wanna learn Danish but EU tread us as criminell how dare they we not crimenell at all

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    Margot, Maricolen

    In My opinion migration is not good for Europe. First of all I think that we have already enough problems in our own country. There are a lot of people who need help and migration increases this group. It’s better to solve the problem where it occurs so there is no need for people to make a dangerous trip to Europe.

  67. avatar
    Karel, Maricolen

    Migration, maybe it is bad or maybe it is good for Europe. We should manage the migration problems wisely and together whit all the countries of the EU. One European, country for instance Italy, where a lot of migrants enter the EU, can’t handle the problem on its own. We have to spread all the burdens of migration over all the European countries. We have to change our legal system in a way that migrants who flee their own country for a valid reason should be helped. Other persons who are looking for a better life in Europe should be sent back or imposed to stricter rules. Otherwise this can lead to overpopulation and pressure on our social system.

  68. avatar
    Bo Van Houcke, Maricolen Maldegem

    In my personal opinion, I think that migration has advantages and disadvantages. I think that migration is good for Europe because we get to learn other languages and all different cultures come together. It’s an enrichment for society and it brings challenges for us, but there are also a lot of disadvantages. Migration can influence our employment opportunities and only the bad side will be shown in the news. People often get afraid that our habits will fade away because the migrants won’t adapt themselves to our society and habits. We often see men come to our countries and that scares some people because they’re afraid of attacks and terrorism

  69. avatar
    Keanu, Maricolen

    Migration is definitely something the EU has to hold back before it’s too late. We should work on solving the problem over there instead of letting them, and there problems, come to us. Some of these migrants float over and expect us to adapt to them and there culture whilst it needs to be the other way around. Europeans already have enough stress thinking about and coping with our own problems such as climate change, education and safety. In the end I hope the EU can show some more resistance against migration which would give us some time to think about any possible solutions.

  70. avatar
    Bo Van Houcke, Maricolen Maldegem

    In my personal opinion, I think that migration has advantages and disadvantages. I think that migration is good for Europe because we get to learn other languages and all different cultures come together. It’s an enrichment for society and it brings challenges for us, but there are also a lot of disadvantages. Migration can influence our employment opportunities and only the bad side will be shown in the news. People often get afraid that our habits will fade away because the migrants won’t adapt themselves to our society and habits. We often see men come to our countries and that scares some people because they’re afraid of attacks and terrorism

  71. avatar
    Xander, Maricolen

    I think migration is bad for Europe for a few reasons. The first reason is that it’s often a very dangerous journey for the people themselves to come to Europa by boat. Many migrants have already died on their way to Europe. The second reason is that we already have a lot of problems here. All homeless people and unemployed are an exemple of these problems. The migrants often also cause problems themselves.

  72. avatar
    Ellen, Maricolen

    Migration in Europe is not exactly bad if it is under control. Right now, it is bad because there is no control. There are countries where thousands of people flee to and there are countries where few people go to. If the refugees are genuinely interested in staying in Europe and getting a job, migration will be good for the economy. Right now, migration is not good since there’s a lot of chaos. Some people don’t want refugees to stay in their country. I hope that that chaos will be resolved so that everyone has their own place to stay. There is a possibility that every refugee will get help. We just need to organize it well.

  73. avatar
    Ellen, Maricolen

    Migration in Europe is not exactly bad if it is under control. Right now, it is bad because there is no control. There are countries where thousands of people flee to and there are countries where few people go to. If the refugees are genuinely interested in staying in Europe and getting a job, migration will be good for the economy. Right now, migration is not good since there’s a lot of chaos. Some people don’t want refugees to stay in their country. I hope that that chaos will be resolved so that everyone has their own place to stay. There is a possibility that every refugee will get help. We just need to organize it well.

  74. avatar
    Julie - Maricolen Maldegem

    Immigration is a complex issue. I find it difficult to know what I have to think. It doesn’t help that there are politicians who create fears and prejudices over migration.
    My idea is that migration is good, if it is organized. When it’s not organized, a lot of problems can develop, for example when they don’t respect our laws and traditions. Good immigrants can share their knowledge and culture. Immigration can be a good thing, if we all try to understand and help each other.

  75. avatar
    Julie, Maricolen Maldegem

    Immigration is a complex issue. I find it difficult to know what I have to think. It doesn’t help that there are politicians who create fears and prejudices over migration.
    My idea is that migration is good, if it is organized. When it’s not organized, a lot of problems can develop, for example when they don’t respect our laws and traditions. Good immigrants can share their knowledge and culture. Immigration can be a good thing, if we all try to understand and help each other.

  76. avatar
    Rani, Maricolen Maldegem

    I think it’s bad and good at the same time. It’s bad, because we are already overpopulated, and when immigrants search for a job in another country, they’re taking jobs away from the inhabitants of that country. But it’s also good, because they can do the jobs where there aren’t enough employees. It’s also positive because we can learn from each other. We learn other languages faster and we get to know more about their culture.

  77. avatar
    Lincy, Maricolen

    My opinion is that migration isn’t good for Europe because it has many disadvantages in the economic area. It all starts with applying for an asylum. Then the asylum seekers get the social services (like food, a sleeping place, clothes, …).It’s unfair because the inhabitants have to work hard for it even those who are struggling. So I think migration can create an economic charge.
    And the more migrants there come, the more the local residents have to pay so that migrants can satisfy their basic needs.

  78. avatar
    Cécile De Bruyckere, Maricolen Maldegem

    In my opinion, migration to Europe is fine as long as it concerns migrants who want to come here with a specific purpose. By this I mean people who come to do a job in Europe or people who, for example, follow their heart and move to another country for their relationship. Refugees are a different story. I believe that every person has the right to a safe living environment. We must open our borders to people who are living in unworthy conditions because they are confronted with war or political oppression in their country. I also think that all European countries should make an equal effort to welcome these refugees. This would reduce the flow of refugees in some countries. All European countries, without exception, should agree on a common policy and strategy. In this way we can prevent that suddenly one country decides to close its borders, so that the neighboring country has to accommodate twice as many people. Anyway, the current refugee crisis is a delicate matter with both pros and cons and no miracle solutions.

  79. avatar
    ewoud maricolen maldegem

    I think that Europe wouldn’t exist without migration, migration stimulates the European economy in a good and bad way. It just needs to be controlled more. If it were a bit more controlled we could help the refugees more efficiently and then there would be less money spent on migration in the long term. If Europe would succeed in this, migration’s bad side would be compensated and less people would make such a big issue of it. Migration also causes a lot of problems when the European culture meets the culture of the refugees, they’re very different in a lot of ways, a good solution would for this problem would be that migration is allowed only if the refugees are willing to adapt to the European culture and not otherwise.

  80. avatar
    Gilles Blomme, Maricolen

    In my opinion, migration has negative and positive sides. Migrants that come here to work and live with their family, is good. They bring new traditions, for example how they cook their food, how they live,.. But, migration also brings negative aspects to our society. For example the environment, the economy,… If they come here, most of them are living in an refugee centre for the first couple of months. Those people live from the money that they get from the centre, that we pay through taxes. The more people that come to us, the more we have to pay, I think that we Europeans don’t like that idea. So my conclusion is: migration is good as long as it doesn’t get to big.

  81. avatar
    De Roo Lino, Maricolen Maldegem

    In my opinion the immigration is an invasion of Europe. We are importing a whole bunch of people who have no education and are not willing to adapt their live style to western values. We import poverty, rape and crimes as we can see in the German statistics. We already have problems with our multicultural society and this ads some more problems. Nowadays you can’t go safely to Brussels, Paris or Calais. Our service stations on the highways are so unsafe that the government is closing them during the night. But the biggest problem of all is our media who cover it up

  82. avatar
    Emelie De Smet, Maricolen Maldegem

    In my opinion migration is good for Europe, because it brings a lot of potential. First of all, a lot of young people come to our country, and in this way, we can keep up with the strong aging population. Secondly, I think that migration is also good for the culture in our country. When new people come to our country, they take their culture and its rituals with them. Because of that, our culture itself expands too. In fact, this is very good, but it is true that I believe that migrants cannot simply transfer and change everything. There must be strict rules.

  83. avatar
    Delphine, Maricolen

    My opinion of migrants is that they steal jobs of people who lived their whole life in their own country. Those people don’t get the opportunity to find a decent workplace. Another point is that they took over our culture with their own. That is how we might forget our origins. Some people will maybe even fear that new cultures will take in our society. They fear the change especially old people, I think. So, you may not be mad on them.
    Other people will say that you must give them jobs. So, they can rebuild their lifes and get the opportunity to stay here. That’s good for me but the people of the itself country must be given priority for searching work. People will say that it is good for us to learn new cultures, new languages and new food. That’s the way we learn new things in life, but we must be careful that they do not take our individuality away.
    My ideas are to give them jobs but our people first and let them come with their cultures if ours continues to exist.

  84. avatar
    Matice Dauwe, Maricolen Maldegem

    I think migration is good and bad at the same time. Bad because Europe already has problems with overpopulation. Most of the immigrants come to Europe because they think that there are better work and living conditions here but there are also a lot of problems here in Europe. I think that Europe would better first take care of their own people and inhabitants and then they could also take care of the immigrants. Migration can also have a positive side. If the immigrants are willing to work and change their habits to ours and there are enough resources to take care of them, than I have nothing against it. My conclusion is that if everything goes well and there aren’t many problems, than I think migration can be good for Europe.

  85. avatar

    Migration is definitely bad for Europe! First of all migration is an environmental disaster. The average Syrian has an ecological footprint of 1,5 and the average Belgian has one of 5,6. If you suppose that he does well, then he will also have an ecological footprint of 5,6. Secondly, the Government in Belgium is very hypocritical. Migrants who’ve just arrived here instantly get a benefit, while we ourselves have enough homeless people to deal with.

  86. avatar
    Noah, Maricolen Maldegem

    In my opinion is migration a great tool to fight global poverty. Young migrants skilled or unskilled from poor countries earn higher wages than they would back home, allowing them to send remittances to their countries of origin. If they choose to go back, they take with them the skills, networks and know-how they acquired in the West. The gains are substantial for host countries too. Unskilled immigrants do the jobs that native workers don’t want, and those with skills tend to fill the gaps in technical, specialized and managerial positions. They increase overall productivity and enrich the intellectual and scientific output of the country.

  87. avatar

    Most of the things are good when balance is being kept. Controlled immigration is highly beneficial for all parties, but only when is… controlled. Otherwise it leads to problems for all of them.

    • avatar

      Cälin, I agree with you 100%

    • avatar

      Well – did somebody ask the indigenous people from Australia, America or Africa if they were okay with all the european invading and stealing from their ground?

    • avatar

      Hugo, of course not. But it is not a reason to accept to be invade too because we are European. All the people suffer when foreigners wants to invade their country, even when they are Europeans.

    • avatar

      At least we agree on one thing – we, europeans did make suffer a lot of people !

    • avatar

      Hugo, why the inmigrants don,t want to go to the european sites not to long ago populated by our ancesters, and work for a living?

  88. avatar

    illegal mass immigration is bad, controlled immigration is good for the member states which need more workers to develop.

  89. avatar

    What kind of immigration, and what level of it, is good for Europe?

  90. avatar

    People with rare skills, including entrepreneurs, and investors are certainly good for Europe. Unskilled labour not so much.

    • avatar

      So we need to define who’s worthy ? Do we send all unskilled labour from here away??

  91. avatar

    Depends on the kind if migration you are talking about. If its migration between people of EU states than that is healthy. But importing Africans and changing forever the European demography is certainly BAD as we can currently experience.

    • avatar

      Charles, Migration is what made Europe initially. See for exemple the big wave due to the huns.
      Demography is in constant change. Everything is actually. What we know now is different from what was before and what will be later. Everybody should stop panicking and calm down. We will all die eventually and things will just go on, as they always did.

    • avatar

      Christopher, of course it is… demography change is good over a period of YEARS, not overnight. As is, its an invasion not migration.

    • avatar

      Christopher, you selected a bad exemple concerning the Huns. West Europe has been enough strong to kick them out and they disappeared completely in Hungary when their leaders started to kill each other. The situation today is very different.

    • avatar

      Miss Isabelle, well – you know other history Books as i do!

  92. avatar

    This question is too generic. Legal, controlled migration has positives and can be good for Europe. Illegal and uncontrolled migration is bad because it causes numerous economic, demographic and social problems.

  93. avatar

    Migration is what made Europe initially. See for exemple the big wave due to the huns.
    Demography is in constant change. Everything is actually. What we know now is different from what was before and what will be later. Everybody should stop panicking and calm down. We will all die eventually and things will just go on, as they always did.

    • avatar

      Noodles and gunpowder came from China. Potatoes and corn came from America. I don’t here people complain about them anymore. Everything new can be scary, I admit that. But eventually, people get used to it and adopt it and then it becomes culture.
      I’m not saying, that absolutely every change is great and should be embraced. But as long as it doesn’t actively harm anybody, it’s alright and just a matter of habit.

    • avatar

      We as europeans are still used to be superior to the rest of the world! I think it’s time for a big change – in all matter!

  94. avatar

    It Depends on the kind of immigration …we have to be very careful of Islamic immigration, that is the biggest threat for Europe also skilled people should be preferred… So that we do not add more people on social benefits

    • avatar

      Really ??

    • avatar

      Hugo, yes

    • avatar

      What about the christian invasion of America, Australia or Africa?

    • avatar

      Hugo, we’re talking about Europe now. I’m answering the question that was asked. If the question asked was about American Australian African invasion I would have answered accordingly.

  95. avatar

    Would be good if controlled, but with our politiciens It,s a dream. Europe is in the hands of ong,s and mafia…good for Salvini.

  96. avatar

    What a dumb question. Immigration isn’t good nor bad. It’s good if we organize and control it with a long term plan. It’s bad if we’re unprepared and a huge mass of people comes here while we don’t even know how where to put them. It’s a logistical nightmare. But we can’t stop them. We have to prepare, be able to integrate a lot of people. More workforce and “brainforce” is good, but currently we’re unable to deal with it.

  97. avatar

    The answer of course is “yes”…..migration revitalises all societies, but the issue of mass migration from east and predominately the south (sub Saharan & north africa) due to climate change, over population wars etc is possibly one of the the greatest challenges faced by Europe.

    • avatar

      Politicians seem to be blind…

  98. avatar
    Otimong isaac

    Write your message..Foreigners should go back to europe

  99. avatar

    My comment will be only posted online if I am PRO refugee.
    Because many friends posted something and it was all refused.
    So it means that the people who are have to check this debate are people who are PRO refugee and not accept any negative comment.

    If our opinion on this forum is blocked because you do not like it personally, do you find it strange that people go to extreme right-wing internet sites where they are heard?
    It is precisely because of your personal taste that you do not put your opinions online because of which there is more hatred for asylum seekers.

  100. avatar

    Precisely because you do not put our opinions online because of personal taste, that is precisely the reason why there is more hatred against asylum seekers.

  101. avatar

    Migration can only be good if the people who are want to live in European union have respect for our values.
    The problem is that many many of the refugees want to live here and force us European to live their way..and that is unacceptable.
    All those migrants know how we live and they not like that.
    But they keep silence untill they have a refugee status and permit to stay.
    Then they are open their mouth with comments on our way of living.
    I worked in the past for a refugee organisation and i followed them during an asylum procedure.
    And I noticed that there are many of them are so called religion switch from muslim to christian, that the christian religion dissappeared once they had a staying permit.
    So in fact they are cheating through faith to get in here.
    And once inside the system, they are Muslim again and show their true face where they came for (not all, but too much indeed ..)
    And as a thank you for their residence permit, many of them are willing to insult us for our way of life and force us to adopt their beliefs and customs.
    Imagine that you want to help someone in need.
    But once in your house, that person starts to offend you.
    He doesn’t like what you wear, what you eat, how you pray, and who you associate with.
    What would you say to this person?
    Would you say: Get out of my house or adjust??

    Europe is like a big house with rules.
    And those rules must be punished with sanctions.
    A residence permit cannot be forever.
    It must be checked every 3 years whether the person complies with the norms and values ​​of Europe.
    If one does not comply with the rules, then withdraw a residence permit for Europe. Even if one has children, because many take children after they receive a residence status. Because they know that children will not be sent back.
    Why do you think that children are being sent en masse by parents?
    Because they automatically get a stay. Once they are 18, they are entitled to family reunification. And then the family can come to Europe without any problems.
    So their children are used as a chess game and are the pawns.
    The social security of northern europe is at stake.
    If it continues with the immigrants, then the state treasury is empty for a guaranteed benefit.
    And only then does one revolt, and the chance of a revolt or civil war in a country then becomes very large. Also in Northern Europe.
    People can accept a lot, but there is a limit to accepting.
    It is high time that Europe said to a refugee:
    Adjust or stay in your own region.
    And also record this in a contract that they must sign upon arrival.
    If people are later against our society, they lose the right of residence.
    They were given the opportunity but did not want to accept it.

  102. avatar

    In the EU case I think in years to come the EU will be like the BALKANS. ….Controlled like Australia ,Canada ,New Zealand is good it has done the UK no good the UK is like battery hens ….no room

  103. avatar
    Cian O'Reilly

    Inward migration to europe overall has a negative impact , although it can be argued that there are some positives with regards to how migrants could be used as a solution to help stop a declining population , this positive aspect brings with it many negatives such as a countries labour force , migrant workers could perhaps in turn leave people originally from a country out of work.

    One of the most obvious reasons as to why it can been seen to be negative is because if we have an increase in population then we also have an increase in demand for services such as health , transport , education and soical welfare. This would then create another negative backlash as it would mean an increase in taxes.

  104. avatar

    Europe should not be a highway for everybody to enter without any control. Yes, we should help migrants, receive them, but only after verification.

  105. avatar

    organized migration is good, illegal mass migration is bad.

    • avatar

      I agree !

  106. avatar

    What are you asking, is a political agenda now days. First, provoked, second, organized (ONG ships) mass migration. Goal, to float Europe with couple of millions illegal economic migrants……

  107. avatar

    Mass immigration is not good for any country or continent a fair amount of people is okay but always a ratio 1 :100 just to be on the safe side

  108. avatar

    Yes, but when it is controlled. There is a strange paradox. We, the EU citizens who should travel freely to other EU countries are being humiliated by border patrols. They check us, they throw away our bottle of water, they touch our girls but they don’t do the same thing to people who come from non-EU countries. Why?

  109. avatar

    Imigration such as we have , is bad and is killing Europe

  110. avatar

    Bad. The environment suffers with each person getting born or immigrating.

  111. avatar

    Also incompatible cultures.

  112. avatar

    Point system is good. Uneducated masses are disaster.

    • avatar

      to come through the point system is not easy… that is why African go through the hard way.

  113. avatar

    Migration is not always bad if the migrators adhear to local rules.It´s not your country so don´t try to impose change of racial or religion on each other.

  114. avatar

    If they pay taxes more than the average citizen of the country they live in, then migration is good.
    For sic reasons we call them expats

  115. avatar

    It s the end of our democracy the end of our cultures the end of our safety…. The end of our social welfare organisation’s… The deficit of our budget… Many problems at school and hospital…

    • avatar

      …and you comment shows the end of our humanitarian principles, replaced by the new “me-my-mine-money” cruel logic. How sad.

  116. avatar

    Let’s make a referendum in all EU countries to find out…

    • avatar

      Christina honestly. For that to happen, we should grant all people involved the right to participate (#Brexit – learning from the mistakes of others), then ensure that facts are presented, also make sure that SM won’t be bombarded by fake news (i.e. Brexit, Prespa treaty etc). This is a very sensitive topic to have a referendum on. Facts and humanity have already given us the answer. However, some are too blind to see it.

    • avatar

      The globalist agenda is afraid to make democratic referendum, to listen what taxpayers are going to say !!!

  117. avatar

    Without migration europe will be old out dated and bankrupt

    • avatar

      you wish Europe is what it is, never get “old” and taxpayers will be bankrupt from what is happening now days

    • avatar

      Migration of young people from Africa do not make me became young. The today young African people living in Europe they will become old to. They will not remain young.

    • avatar

      China doesn’t have mass migration and doesn’t get either “old outdated” or bankrupt

  118. avatar

    Mass migration from outside the EU will put an pressure on european taxpayer.Also will disrupt fiscal policies,housing and labour market.An marxist fiasco.

    • avatar

      Can’t confirm. Best wishes from Germany which is fed up from hearing the same bullshit for more than two generations.

  119. avatar

    here has our humanity gone? What kind of Europe exists without basic human principles? Is it just all about taxes and money? This is what Europe really is? Is this what we have become?

    • avatar

      It seems like it. If it costs money it’s bad. Pretty sick ESPECIALLY from people coming from rich countries like NL and rest of western europe.

    • avatar

      living among white people is not a human right

  120. avatar

    I agree with the statment given

  121. avatar

    Left wing parties, rediscover its cause of existence, by addressing the role of the new proletariat to these people of mass and uncontrolable migration. On the other hand, the NGOs profit the most from this situation, which is definetely bad.

  122. avatar

    Bad for EU, Bad for Europeans, and Bad for the World, in many ways.

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