UPDATE 19/11/2019: The UK did not leave the EU on 31 October. Ahead of the deadline, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had sworn he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than ask the EU for yet another delay. Yet, in the event, another delay was requested and the country is now going to the polls in a general election on 12 December.

Corbyn or Johnson? Who should be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Boris Johnson claims his Brexit deal is “oven ready”, and all he needs is a majority in Parliament to push it over the line. Jeremy Corbyn wants to renegotiate a softer Brexit, with closer ties to the EU, then put that deal to the public in a second referendum. Who do you trust more to deliver?

ORIGINAL 22/08/2019: The UK will leave the EU on 31 October “do or die, come what may”. At the same time, the odds of a no-deal Brexit are “a million-to-one against”. Both of those statements come from the mouth of the new British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, yet they seem to be at odds with one another.

Johnson has said he does not want a “no deal” Brexit. However, he argues that Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement has already been voted down three times by the British Parliament, so there’s no way to get it through without some concessions from Brussels. For Johnson, that means tearing up the “anti-democratic” Northern Ireland backstop.

What is the backstop? It’s a mechanism designed to guarantee an open border between the Republic of Ireland (in the EU) and Northern Ireland (in the UK, soon to be out of the EU). The backstop would only kick in after the post-Brexit transition period has elapsed, should no close future trade relationship be agreed in time. It applies to the whole of the UK, giving British firms access to the Single Market but tying the UK closely to EU rules and regulations. Despite now being unpopular in Britain, it was originally proposed by the UK side during the negotiations.

Boris Johnson has now been given 30 days to come up with an alternative to the backstop. Is he up to the task? Is Johnson, a man famously fond of spouting Greek and Latin phrases, the right person to cut the Gordian Knot of Brexit? To navigate between the Scylla of the eurosceptics in his party and the Charybdis of the EU? To scale the great inverted pyramid of piffle that is the UK leaving the European Union?

Is Boris Johnson the best person to deliver Brexit? Will he rise to the challenge and be remembered as a modern Churchill? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Why not wait & see till the UK has been “delivered”- and speculate less?

    I like his jovial & energetic approach in contrast to the entrenched (dreary) protocol with legendary photo shoots of shaking hands & the EU flag as background.
    One should rather try & answer the question:

    Why are so many EU citizens- not only in the UK- unhappy about the way the EU develops- despite all its efforts and available resources to prove & portray the opposite? One cannot be forced into happiness!

    Can there ever be a patriotic feeling for the Union concept- in favor of one’s country of birth, history, secure and happy future- within the European & global community?


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    He’s perfect, brace yourselves Britons.

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    Well.. He wants to go through but… This Brexit has a cost and as usual British Don t want to pay… They fon t want to pay yo be in and they Don t want to pay to be out… So british

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    If you like your Brexit PMs reckless, sure 👀.

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    We’ll see…not long to wait now !

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    Yes and then reduce the country to ruins. Maybe then Britain will decide to crawl out of the 18th century

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    Boris is the right person to UKEXIT. Scotland and Northern Ireland will start applying for the independence from the UK.

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    He sure is, wether you are with Brexit or not, you can’t argue that such stupid idea like Brexit need such Stu.. Intelligent manic like Johnson & Johnson (no tears after today)
    I am not definitely sure, but the huge bad consequences after hard Brexit will lead him to quit politics for good along side the whole government members which will be the first good news after Brexit

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    Boris Johnson is not even the right person to impersonate Boris Johnson, let alone to be a prime minister :D

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      you mean p*** against the wind, right?

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      Matt, right, enjoy the great deal US has prepared for you :D

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      Matt, perfect to p*** on The future of uk… 😉

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    No one has to DELIVER no deal brexit. It just happens.

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    I believe at this point EU is ready for no deal brexit so indeed he is the best person to finally deliver it. UK is currently so divided it is not worth fighting to keep them in the Union. Down the road when they realize the mistake a constructive conversation would be best for Europe, but not now. I am only sorry for my friends in the UK as they will certainly suffer the consequences of this decision

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      Well popular opinion can change quite fast even for matters like Brexit. I still believe that the EU should keep playing the cooperation game. If you want to talk we are here, but here is the deadline as well.

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      Gregory, so they leave

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      Paul, yes get it over with. They’re like a girlfriend who constantly threatens to break up. Just leave already.

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    Theodoros, I think that Great Britain should play the cooperation game. If you want to talk, fine, but this time stop begging for what is not going to happen and MEET YOUR DEADLINE

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    He couldn’t deliver a letter let alone anything else total disgrace as a prime minister just like his party

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    He is perfect to deliver Brexit as he serves the Financial sector and British overseas territories tax haven networks. Can’t have the EU taxing the rich now and shutting down tax evasion loopholes. Who he doesn’t serve, as conservatives globally, is the people.

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    You wouldn’t ask this bum to run a bath never mind a country!

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    Europe don’t give in… Keep strong. ❤️

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    catherine benning

    Is Boris Johnson the best person to deliver Brexit?

    No, he is not the best man we have for the job of PM. But, he is the chosen one. Which means, is he really for true Brexit? As, he was picked by the party and not the country? And does our parliament, full of those on the EU payroll one way or another, want to achieve Brexit? Ask yourself, they are all making a fortune out of the community of European tax payers. And a fortune all with no taxes to pay. It is a tax free pay off as long as they say nothing against the EU project. If they do they get cut off from the gravy train altogether.

    Boris’ Father is an EU pay out receiver. Has or had some kind of EU job for many years. He and Boris are thick as thieves no break between them, so is it plausible the son would be ready to split his Pa from his brunch. I have very strong doubts indeed.

    The British have got smart, they know they are being taken for clowns in this entire show. We are not governed by our own picked people, we are ruled via the EU regulations and the return of our own money, which they dictate on how and where we will spend it. Usually politically correct zany dogma not fit tor a sensible world. It is the mandate of the stooge and it is making us all very much poorer. As well as filling us with cultural chaos, whilst the rulers laugh their heads off.

    Here is a fact. Many of those in our House of Lords and our Commons, both chambers, do not live in the UK. They live in various parts of Europe. France and Italy mainly. They own homes in those places and commute to the UK Parliament for a three or four day week in order to collect their pay as MP’s or Lords. They are often collecting a stipend from the EU at the same time. Nice if you can get it. Expenses and so on. Once again, as long as they ring the EU bell. Michael Heseltine, a very old Lord sitting in our red chamber, has been squeezing UK tax payers for decades whilst in that place. He also gets an annual tax free stipend of a million GBP from the EU for doing nothing with his large land holding. He is frantic at the idea of losing this nice little earner. Almost having a stroke at the mention of Brexit. He is in with a powerful crowd who run our show under EU benevolence. And they love it. Keeps them in excellent wine. Other than keeping his big mouth shut, he is on a free role for his entire life. Just as Tony Blair and wife is, the Lords Kinnock with their large family, and quite a few others. Together, our news tell us, they are plotting to break the UK constitution law as well as, once again, use an immigrant from the unsafe state of Guyana to fight the British electorate in the Supreme Court in order to thwart our legal rights to leave this deeply flawed club. It is not her birth country so she has no loyalty to it.

    Our country is deteriorating at an uncontrolled level since we joined the EU club. It is no longer British. I wish the guy who wrote here that we were back in the 1800’s had it even partly right. It is so filled with backward gutter modernity it will be a seriously difficult task to put it right at all. But, first if we start with our own money to spend as we want to correct our economy and restore social cohesion, we then have a chance to make good. Otherwise we will be in a worse mess than Sweden, Italy, Greece and a few others. If we remain, nothing can improve as we are supplicants to others who intend to keep the mess regurgitating. As they are doing fantastically well financially out of it.

    I wish another man had the PM seat, he appearing less disturbed looking than Boris, but, and it is a big but, if Boris does what he tells us he is going to do, and not play a last minute May game, we have a shot at cleaning up our homeland. As long as we move quickly by taking no prisoners, so to speak.

    If he does not do what he is telling us he will, then ruin awaits us all.

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    I don’t understand why everyone is being so nasty about him, from what little i’ve seen of him he seems like a pleasant enough chap.

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    Boris Jonson is a funny man for tragic comedy like. Brexit – he can deliver only scandals – make a mess and problems. He doesn’t solve any problems from the past, but he is good to create problems and noise. If British people wants to work hard and make their economic stronger – they must work hard. Who stop them to do that now or in past. Britain produced lazy generation in las 30 years. What in fact England expect from Brexit ?

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    Maia Alexandrova

    He is like the little brother of Donald Trump. Both are useless. They are too short-sighted to see the bigger picture and the reality of their actions. Two hot air balloons that will pop at some point due to too much gas being pumped into them.

    Brexit is like a swamp – the more you are trying to get out of it, the more you will sink. We just have to wait and see the fate of the UK – will it manage to get out of the swamp somehow, by a miracle, or will it start drowning and decide to rejoin EU?

    Unfortunately, Boris Johnson is powerless to change anything. The task before him – uniting the country and delivering a Brexit that will benefit all, is just too big for him. The only thing he wants is a no-deal Brexit and this is what he will do. Nothing more. Then he will leave and someone else will have to deal with the consequences.

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    catherine benning

    @ Maia Alexandrova

    Boris, along with the party he belongs to, is finally finding the cajones to rid us of the noose we have tied around our neck for what feels an eternity. If he really pulls his finger out he will set us free, ready for resurgence.

    You are right on one level, Brexit, or, freeing ourselves from the noose of that EU club, is the equivalent of trying to save ourselves after having fallen into a swamp, or, quicksand. Which means moving fast and shoring up as we go along.

    What amazes me, is how well the brainwashing techniques work. Very second world war in content, beginning with the ‘youth.’ Fertile ground there after decades of indoctrination.

    One of our next moves has to be to close down funded and supported propaganda bases and flags, paid for and maintained by those outside of our sphere. We must have a return to British idealism, law, and the freedom to allow that sense of social unity and cohesion we once felt. It must be free to work once again on promoting our bright future and forward looking economical vision.

    So, you see, Maia, our leader and us are not one bit powerless, as you put it. We can change everything, overnight, should we wish. And as a result, panic is setting in. We British will owe a debt we may never be able to repay this new leader of ours, should he face the Tornado in front of him full on, with the kind of determination he is showing now.

    And I hope that indeed he does have the good sense to realise a ‘no deal Brexit’ is in fact the ‘only Brexit deal’ we have to self rule. Every other settlement is simply further colonisation. No matter what they bring forward as settlement, it will always be a first step to full absorbtion, in perpetuity. And the pace of it will spead like a forest fire, in order to create no possible future or exit for us.

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      EU Reform- Proactive

      Dear Catherine,

      it is painful to witness how the UK- its parliament- as the final executor of an accepted instruction by an electoral outcome of 52% to 48%- be held ransom and paralyzed by EU mass hysteria (on both sides of the channel) for three years now, believing “Brexit’s” only solution is a “no deal” or “deal” BEFORE leaving! Why?

      I was waiting to hear or read from someone that the notion of a “no deal” Brexit (BEFORE) would be exposed as plain fear mongering and a fallacy.

      Since nobody so far corrected this (wrong) expression of a “no deal”- followed by a disaster- BEFORE Brexit, it has to be me who am wrong.

      Without further deliberations, let me say: from the beginning the “slogan” should rather have been coined as:

      • the UK will either leave with “a deal BEFORE” the ultimate date (now 31st Oct) or with “a deal AFTER” that ultimate date. Rare but critical decision need fearless and self-confident leadership with less sentimental tears but a patriotic parliament.

      There is no way that political negotiations will or can stop after a “contractual revision” between former EU partners!

      Our world will still keep rotating around its own axes before or after a political adjustment, followed by an eventual amicable settlement- as difficult as it may appear now.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ EU Reform- Proactive

      Thank you for your commiserations, it is kind of you to take the time to show so.

      Of course you are right and although sad for us here in the UK, it is a necessary awakening we have to face politically.

      This dilemma has opened our country to facts hidden for decades. Now in full frontal, no longer able to be hidden. One very important fact is, our news sellers are pulling strings they should never have had in their hands to use in the first place. We, as a nation, have no idea who is really running this show, and from whence they come. They are not believers in democracy that is certain. They fear it and they fear truth. The reality is, we are at war within. It is not what most from outsdie see. It is not a civil war. We have been colonised, surrepticiously.

      For those who have entered our country, along with those who have been part of us for decades, to unite in the belief they will win a law suit against a British citizen majority vote and against those rights given in that democratic event, is truly unparalleled. Who is sitting in our courts? This calls for serious perusal and action. Cromwell comes to mind.

      I put this clip up on here a long time ago, but, it is apt now.


    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Great, inspiring speech- very apt!

      Catherine, why not lobby that for the few remaining parliamentary sittings
      Cromwell’s speech should become a daily “prescribed feature”- made to play by your “Honorable Speaker”- cheered or booed – until the present parli is sent on “political leave” to reflect and hopefully return spiritually refreshed in October?

      What better & organically grown medicine is there?

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    catherine benning

    Is Boris Johnson the best person to deliver Brexit? He may be after all.

    A company called, Centrum Campaign Lid, in with George Soros, is made up of people funding and taking the British electorate, via their government, to a court of law, in order to remove their right, in a democratic majority vote, to Leave the European Union. In other words, to thwart Brexit.

    In this article added below, we see the Indian immigrant from Gayana and her husband, who made 1 billion betting against sterling on Black Wednesday in 1992. She remains quite nonchalent in her betrayal of the people who took her in. At the time, when this billion was made, it was as a result of the UK joining the European Exchange Rate. A precursor to the joining the Euro and to an expected second billion hit by them, at our national loss. The UK lost 3.4 billion in a single day at the time of this transaction. I wonder how many more hits like this they, via insider trading, are in with the fight to keep us tied to Europe? All whilst secretly funding the lawsuit, along with this pair, against the British nation?

    Read all about it.


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    catherine benning

    Is Boris Johnson the best person to deliver Brexit?

    Boris, your nation is behind you to do whatever it takes to crush and defeat the Remainer anti-democrats, by getting us out fully and properly on 31st October, or sooner, with no deal WTO. Our sovereignty depends on it. A prosperous future depends on it. Should negotiations of any kind be in our mutual interests, once out, we can move toward an amicable arrangement then.

    Boris holds all the cards, including a Civil Contingencies Act 2004, to declare an Emergency and rule by decree, just for a few days. In 2004 Blair found that fully acceptable to him, didn’t he? Now the shoe is on the other foot, and with overwhelming public backing.

    We voted for a Tory Government on their manifesto promising to honour our vote to leave. So any Tory MP not honouring that promise is not trustworthy, how they have remained in a government that was elected on a Leave vote is an enigma.

    For these duplicitous closet hiders to now have the chutspah to pretend insult and wrongful dismissal is as ridiculous as the pretence at trying to sell the line of the public want to change their minds. First, we get out and know how the rush of freedom to prospor feels.

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    A pathological lier, incompetent, traitor, ambitious with no limits is no good for anything.

  25. avatar

    Boris Johnson is only good on telling people how to get fucked up hairdues.

  26. avatar

    No one cares any more…just leave

  27. avatar

    Currently, he’s the only one.

  28. avatar

    Is he “dead in a ditch” yet?

  29. avatar

    Yes! Actually, the stupid people can be very easy controlled. He is the one!

  30. avatar

    Unfortunately he seems to belong to this class of plutocrats who are in it for the (monetary) benefits of their corporate friends and sure, getting Brexit done will get done because that means getting away from all these cumbersome social, environmental and tax haven rules the EU imposes to protect normal people. So the question should really be whether he will be ramping up enough bs arguments to get normal people onboard. Considering he has excellent credentials in mascarading his way around, the answer is yes, he is the best one to get it done. How long will it be before people realise they were fooled is another question.

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