Climate change is high on the political agenda right now. The European heatwaves have made it feel real, the success of Green parties in national and European elections has given politicians a wake-up call, and Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has given popular frustration a human face.

Yet it might be a case of ‘too little, too late’. Media reports warn that humanity may have as little as 18 months to prevent catastrophic climate change. The COP26 climate summit in the United Kingdom in 2020 is seen by some as the last chance to take effective action. However, with the Trump administration in the US being widely seen as sceptical on climate change (and with the United States being the second-biggest greenhouse gas emitter after China) is there anything Europe can do?

Optimists argue we shouldn’t be fatalistic about the issue. They point to humanity’s limitless capacity for innovation. The idea of a global “Green New Deal” at least signals a recognition that a bold new approach is called for. There is good news out there on climate change (though you may have missed it). Humanity has never face a global threat of this scale before, but unprecedented crises are by definition unprecedented.

Is it too late to stop climate change? Will the world take action in time? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Probably! We are looking at waves of extinction starting ~500 mio years ago. (Five so far)

    The usual ending….” we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions” will only accelerate the planet’s 6th mass extinction to end all live on earth prematurely- before the 7th m.e. gets even a chance to get going.

    It took evolution about 7-8 million years- from the first hominid ape species, the now extinct “Australopithecus africanus” (“Mrs Ples” from SA) that the genus “Homo” emerged.

    However, Homo sapiens sapiens turned out to be the greatest, most ruthless, devious, and intelligent but “unwise” predator so far.

    It is the above species as a whole that would need drastically be reduced- to give earth a chance- not another “political accord” or economical “growth path”!

    Nature will do what it does best- bring balance, get on with evolution and ignore “Homo” which is not real “sapiens” after all.

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    Yes. Damage control is the name of the game how. We need to reduce emissions drastically. We also need more energy. Fusion power is still a distant dream. We need more nuclear reactors to replace all the carbon emitting plants.

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    It was too late from the beginning of the time.

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    It’s complete nonsense to talk of “stopping” climate change. It is inevitable that the climate will change..become warmer (on average) with many local variations.. more extreme events will become common place..this is a consequence of being in an intermediate glacial period but compounded by ever increasing man made emmisions over last 3 centuries… .we can however plan to mitigate and minimise future human impact.

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    They didn’t study geography and astronomy. Maybe they speak with the universe to stop the climate change. Meantime they have reason to increase the taxes :).

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    i think there is still time but it depends on political will which untill now has been absent. People who say we cannot affect the enviroment i believe severely underestimate the capacity of human technology in 2019. I do believe it could be done, but we are divided. You could see climate change as a thin wooden panel you are trying to break. Separate fingers will not affect it. youd have to train them in chinese kung fu techniques for 5-10 years and we dont have time for that. but a fist, with all the fingers united, could break through the door. so many ways…. but yeah, we have brexit, US vs EU, China vs the west, African Black supremacy, muslims fighting for islam, Indians fighting muslims, etc. etc.

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    i think we could but the main problem is its not a priority for world leaders. they are either too old to feel the full effects of climate change, or even hoping for some action in their old days, or they are young but confident they can survive any upheaval (American youth with bunkers in the rocky mountains, Russian youth with Bunkers in the Urals, etc.)

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    Personally I think it can be reversible with a lot of hard work and commitment from all governments worldwide but there’s a lot of damage that has been done on our planet… I’m not so optimistic about future generations living in a healthy environment

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      Anna, personally i think they should not make any effort to reverse it at all and let mankind go extinct.

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    I don’t know about that, but it’s never too late to stop using kids to serve a political agenda.

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    Probably part of It is because human activity but for the rest, who will move the Earth axis?

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    Even the fact you asked this question, makes some think there’s no point and reduces the chance we will have time.
    There is, but it is going to be painful and many will not come willingly!

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      The child is collecting money for gang so that she is silent with her rubbish

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      Elisabeth, I don’t think she is the huge star she is made out to be…just a kid being used by the media to help spread a word that’s already out.
      The vast majority now accept this is happening and we need to do something…yet all the populism and garbage like Brexit is preventing us getting on with it!

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    Like holding the waves back at the beach with your wall of sand!

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    Go back to school and leave the earth living as it is,

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    In de 80s global cooling…. 90’s hole in ozon and nukes… now klimate .. aoc staf already admited on hidden camera that climat is just a way to push comumunism

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    Robert Bray

    I fear that we have passed the tipping point. There is no political will to do anything. All politicians, especially in the UK ( just look at where the Cabinet have taken their advisers from) have been bought by the people who have been selling climate-change denial over the last decades. Greed will destroy them, the poor saps who believed them and, sadly, those of us who would have liked to have saved our lovely planet and the wondrous creatures who lived there. I’d like to say they should burn in hell, but i’m very much afraid that we all will.

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    When you hear the news from Greenland, i think it is, all we can do is just slow it down a bit in best scenario, but with some idiot in power who don’t believe in climate change like trump and his British version,… Just let hope for the best i say

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    Global willingness will bring global results.

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    In Case there are no wars and religions there is still a chance but have my doubts about our low-thin animal species, Humanity Animal Kingdom 😈

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    manifesting will not help, better go to school and learn how to change climate !

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    Do not forget planes in priority, their fuel. you billions of people on the planet and it is more and more urgent to act

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    there is no climate change…there is only politician who wanna have our last € for something that not exists, and is based on lies…and they use children to help them…shame on them!

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    Greens should better start apologizing for using kids

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    Stop this hysterical nonsens please ..NOW!

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    Possible with intelligent, capable people and certenly not with lunatics and school going children. And what’s more the parents are responsable for those lunatics. Before making statements go to school and Univ and study what about climate and consequenties

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    Stop using that little girl enough is enough ridicules nothing wil change

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    Probably…and waiting only makes it harder & more expensive, but not acting costs far more …

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    No one can stop that with anything else, that’s been going on for thousands of years

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    No, not too late. As long as China, one of the biggest carbon emission country is trying effort to reduce coal consumption with the increase of cleaner energies such as hydro, wind, solar and nuclear power. Besides, research showed that both China and India have contributed 1/3 of the world greening effort in a study… There is still hope, if EU can also take part….

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    I don’t think it is. But I am afraid things will need to get a lot worse before they will get better. As long as it mainly affects people in the Tropics no one cares, and it is not terribly hard to keep them out by drowning them or building walls. But once London, Singapore and New York are under water, people will start to worry.

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    catherine benning

    Is it too late to stop climate change?

    This video is from a founder of Greenpeace.

    And how to remove the desertification that is worrying us all.

    The using of child like distorted faces to create a desire to spend billions on under performing shares in wind farms and the like, is seriously low. Check out who owns the shares in these Wind Farms and the rest of it being pushed relentlessly at us. You will find they are not happy these money makers have not taken off as they were sold on expecting.

    This does not mean we should not change our polluting patterns as quickly as we can. Plastic, bad air and mountains of filthy garbage shipped around the world is irresponsible and killing us softly. So yes, we must change this pattern of living. But, do it via the truth, not through panic giving lies.

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    Here’s a reason why those in power DO NOT WANT to stop it:

    Basically capitalism failed the world and made a few people “pharaonically” rich. As a result it mutates into global fascism, as capitalism always does at the end of its cycle.
    Since fascists are obssesed with social darwinism Nature serves as a “purger of the unfit” in their minds.
    It would be like Hitler wanting to stop a global gasing of all jews. Why would he do that?

    So no, the rich, the politicians, the ideologically brainwashed and their useful idiots do not want to stop climate change.

    We are also fighting another effect of failing capitalism: degradation of education.
    Young people, by which i mean under 25 are becoming…more illiterate, less knowledgeable, more stupid and more prone believing conspiracies.

    Furthermore the “solutions” so far are downright idiotic:
    Paper straws instead of plastic
    Electric cars

    Not only do these miss the elephant in the room, BIG INDUSTRIES, they are are laughable ineffective.

    Paper straws require more wood and thus leads to more deforestation.
    While EVs are incredibly inefficient: they have poor ERoEI, their energy comes from polluting power plants, they require insanely RARE, hard to obtain minerals and worst are a waste of energy.
    You literally carry a ton of metal for one driver.

    Electric buses, trams and maglev trains should be our focus. Not CARS.
    Cars are an OBSSESION stemming from consumerism and entitlement.

    In conclusion we have a daunting task, even if we could dedicate all our time to this issue.
    Since most of us have to strugle to even make ends meet, while the rich assholes like Koch, Mercer, Peter Thiel and others throw boatloads of money into making the problem worse our perspective is bleak.

    At this point nothing short of a 1917 october revolution, complete with “removal” of these ultra -rich can solve the problem.
    Yeah, i know, violent. But we are literally cornered and if we are to survive as a SPECIES i see no other way.
    The maniancs are running us into the ground.

    PS: probably this won’t pass by moderation but at least it will enlighten the one doing the censoring at least :)

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    Maia Alexandrova

    It is like asking greed to kill itself, in order to save the planet and the possible mass dying of humans, animals and plants. Will greed ever choose to transform itself into love?

    The biggest polluters of the planet are not the ordinary people, but those who everyone chooses to ignore – large corporations exploiting the Earth’s natural resources – oil, gas, coal, gold and minerals, forests, mainly the producers of electricity, gas and fuel. They are causing the majority of poisoning and choking of our planet with harmful gases. They pay huge amounts of money to politicians to defend them, deny climate change, adopt favourable laws and do nothing to disturb the flow of billions into the pockets of their owners. It is a voluntary agreement to corruption on the highest level – presidents, prime ministers, members of parliaments and other key government representatives. Corruption and greed never stop by themselves. They have to be forced to stop. But who can force them out when all governments in the world are already corrupted with the money of the Earth-polluting companies? Who is to insist for a change? It is precisely ordinary people like Greta – those whose hands are not stained with blood and whose minds are not lost to greed. Only the people can enforce the change on the politicians. I think this is our only chance to save the world and ourselves.

    Do we really think that there are no other ways to produce energy, or that we are so stupid and cannot invent any clean technologies? I don’t. All that lacks is political will to force those companies to commit a large chunk of their profits to innovation, development and introduction of cleaner sources and methods of energy production. They need to be forced to stop using fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy. There is no other way. But as mentioned, this costs a lot of money, more than what is currently used to bribe politicians like Donald Trump to deny climate change.

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      While I agree, i don’t like Greta.
      She strikes me as the super pampered rich brat “richsplaining” to the poverty stricken masses how they are bad.

      The problem is the system and her shaming of the POOR makes her an enemy in my eyes not an ally.

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