Is it time for a revolution in the workplace? Do we need a boss to tell us what to do? Or would we be better of working in “flat organisations”, with decisions taken by self-managing teams without a management hierarchy?

Supporters argue that more autonomous workers are more fulfilled, more likely to show initiative, and hence more productive. Flat organisations, they believe, are more responsive and flexible, able to innovate quickly and change direction if things aren’t working.

Critics, however, argue that horizontal organisations do, in fact, have hierarchies but ones that are invisible and unaccountable, based on personal influence and popularity instead of merit.

Do you need to be told what to do at work? Would you be interested in working in a “flat organisation”? Or would it just mean endless meetings and a frustrating lack of decision-making? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions?

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Great idea!

    Let’s consider not only “work” but EU politics/governance as well. The all encumbering “flattening revolution”!

    Why not consider to self manage the EU by its citizens= direct democracy- by removing the majority of appointed & indirectly elected bureaucrats & bosses? The private workplace regulates itself.

    No need for politicians to tell us!

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      Elected respresentatives sounds good. DD is prone to “interference” right now **cough** Russia **cough**

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    Erm… Well unless you are the boss, yes. What an absolutely silly question.

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    catherine benning

    Do you need to be told what to do at work?

    Much of the UK workforce is unable to perform the tasks asked of them in a job. Many trained outside the UK to a standard unfit for purpose or with fake exam documents..As many are barely able to comprehend the language they are expected to work in this is not surprising. And our government leaders know it. Yet still they continue to import rather than home train. Yet, decades of fake leaders are not jailed for the fraud they continue to perpetuate.

    Our hospitals, our schools, our entire political system, is collapsing under the weight of it and not one person says a word. Now why is that? Any ideas?

    Could it suggest that this situation is just what they want to take place in our society? As the leader of one party we have, The Greens, now suggests we rid all male politicians from government, so she can freely lead us into her deranged ideals without opposition, is a major indication Parliament is filled with those fit for sectioning.

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    Sure. Let’s finish the upgrade of the A14 with all the workers doing as they please….

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    If you follow prof. Richard Wolff, a marxist economist ( yes, scary words incoming ) he proposes WSDEs (worker Self-Directed Enterprises ), where the workers decided how to split the profit, how much to reinvest, if to pollute their local area poisoning their families, if to move to China and lay themselves off etc.
    They work from monday to friday…and on saturday they gather for “management session”.

    This can save capitalism….for a while, but it is not enough.
    Since these WSDEs still operate under the free market rules they still to compete – by any means necessary – with each other.
    The principle of few winners many losers still applies, only in this case it is not few rich individuals but few rich coops.
    Inequality even if leveled would return in around 30 years or so.

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