Europeans are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take this anymore! From Brexit Britain to the yellow vests on the streets of Paris, popular anger is manifest. Ten years after the financial crash, the people who caused the crisis seem richer than ever, while the people who suffered most have seen their wages stagnate. So, is rising inequality fuelling popular anger and extremist politics?

We had a comment sent in from Jovan, concerned that there were “parallels today with the 1930s, in how economic failure and widening inequality led to extremist fringes rising to the mainstream.” Certainly, the centre-ground in European politics can feel like a lonely place to be today.

On the one hand, populist parties failed to make any kind of significant breakthrough during the recent European Parliament elections. On the other hand, in several EU countries, so-called far-right “populists” are already in government.

Inequality in Europe is a difficult thing to measure. Some analysts warn that rising inequality is undermining democracy within the EU. Others, however, suggest that inequality has risen slowly in Europe compared to the United States, or even that inequality in the EU is decreasing.

Does inequality lead to extremism? Is the division between the “winners” and “losers” of globalisation leading to the collapse of mainstream politics? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!


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    politicians corruption and inequality, shure

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      The differences are much bigger in the us than in Europe, where there is still a form of social security….
      In my opinion, it is less about the differences itself, but about the perception of it…

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      Maria – in the us there is still a middle class, in Europe disappeared in most states. Is it fair that 1 % of the population has 90 % of the world’s wealth? How many of them have the assets in honest work?

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      It doesn’t matter “how many earned fairly” or not.
      NO ONE should have 50% of the damn planet!

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    i think you know the answer. Should always the question be the end of its self? This is unproductive.

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      I would say it is a rhetorical question.

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    Political inequality, first of all, meaning that the views of some sectors of society are not taken into account in policy making.

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    Religion of Peace lead to extremism.

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      João, no, it doesn’t.

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      You probably mean here a certain version of Islam that was especially imported to us by Saudi Arabia…

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    Inequality doesn’t matter. The perception of an unjust, unfair inequality leads to social tensions. Equality is not to be desired, but a just inequality based on personal life choices and some luck. Inequality doesn’t mean below powerty line vs. super rich. As long as the poor people in a society have a pretty decent life, the gifted or the diligent ones have to be rewarded with all the wealth they are able and willing (usualy needs sacrifices) to aquire.

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      Róbert, perception of an unjust, unfair society?

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    ovidiu nedu

    I guess, basically, most people are moved by their economic frustrations and worries. This is what gives force to their actions. The direction of these actions may be everything, but it is their anger and stress that moves them. Conservative attitudes are just safe places where simple and somehow not much wealthy people find some kind of illusory shelter in a world not only too difficult to manage but also threating their basic securities.

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    Inequality and you show France? Wrong question. Too much freedom lead to extremism. This picture show fascim and terrorismo nothing else.

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    I think there is also a lot of dangerous political propaganda that is fueling extremism. We need proper leadership, the kind that raises the common man above the level of mud slinging. And, yes, we need to have a greater sense of equality where some are not always privileged (whether it is about justice or economy) while others pay the full price.

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      Not always…

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      Maria – normally

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    As explained very well already by another person here – not inequality, but the perception of an unjust inequality (regardless if the perception is correct or not). There are also other numerous factors that can lead to extremism, it’s not just the perception of inequality. Extremism is a complex issue with numerous aspects, factors and sides to it.

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    Political parties respect neither their promises nor their obligations towards the citizens and thus influence the behavior of the people. Should not the example come from the top? So don’t be surprised for the violence they engender.

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    Inequality is just an excuse. People claim rights, but they forget their obligations

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      Pascal, you’re mistaken: people have rights, which they claim. And the government has an obligation to its citizens to help them protect these rights!

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      Sorry Tristan, they don’t claim rights, they claim the end of the gouvernment. It’s only a matter of anarchism, a few people among 65 millions.

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      Pascal, I think you’re talking about a specific movement (Gillets jaunes), while I was talking in general.

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    The state creates extremism as a method of control. They create a situation that gives rise to the right or a particular group then silenced them. Then use the existence of the extremist group as justification for them to control more.

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      Marc, you believe that nonsense?

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      Tristan – as opposed to?

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      Tristan ….when everyone is mixted….and there are no country’s annymore…nobody has an identity annymore…..Then a few elite’s can rule everyone !!! …..our grandchildren will believe that nonsens !!!!

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      Marc, you do know that identities evolve and change over time, right? And if there are no countries or nation states anymore, they’re will be less wars between countries or nations. So I don’t see that as something bad. And you can still find identity in music, art, philosophy of life (religious or not), …
      And the “Kalergi Plan” is a quite recent conspiracy theory dating to the 1970s:

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      Tristan, you understand that war is immensely profitable and nationalism is a method of control right? It’s not going away anytime soon.

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      EU Reform- Proactive

      @ Tristan vs Marc………….some clarification needed!

      Tristan, “Kalergi Plan” a hoax? Sorry, but you became an easy victim of believing in fake news due to your lack of fact checking!

      The International “Paneuropean Union” (how literally close to the present E-Union?)- also referred to as the Paneuropean Movement is the oldest European unification movement.

      It began with the publishing of Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s manifesto Paneuropa (1923), which presented the idea of a unified European State”. Being the first president & recipient of the elitist “Charlemagne Prize”. A Nobel from royal blood & past empire Otto von Habsburg- a recent president.

      After you read “Der Adel PDF and Praktischer Idealismus PDF”
      please come back & rationally comment again!

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    When you have a nice pond…full of big Carps and Goldfish….and some one puts 20 big ” Pikes” in it……all your beautifull fish will be eaten !!!…..and when all the nice fish are eaten….the pike’s will eat themselve……no more fish in your pond !!!!!!…..that’s wat happens with Europe !!!!!!!!! simple as that !!! …..The question remains….who the hell truw those pike’s in your pond ??? 😱

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    catherine benning

    Does inequality lead to extremism?

    Equality is extremism. The human race and nature in and of itself is not based on and cannot function in the best interests of any if a mandate of equality is slavishly followed as the pretence is pushed today.

    We are not now and never will be born equal. And to continue on a path that suggests otherwise is reducing mankind to idiotic acceptance of the mundane as good enough. It is not.

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    Lets ask the Yellow Vests. And then let’s ask Golden Dawn. And then let’s ask the nation of Hungary.

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    No. Inequality exists all the time in human history. How do we justify peace at the midst of inequality? Extremism is due to the wrong interpretation of democracy, which emphasizes individuals while ignoring the collective. If everyone thinks of only their own goods, democracy would turn to populism and anarchism.

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    Inequality is a typical characteristics of capitalism. But this is exactly the difference between capitalism and socialism. We have to decide what do we want. How come socialism with Chinese characteristics is different from Western liberal democracy? What I can think of superficially is that socialism with Chinese characteristics, as Deng Xiaoping said, a beginner stage of socialism, which is, a mixed economy, a stage progressing from capitalism to socialism…While in liberal democracy, who can enjoy more liberty? more equality? more democracy? Of course, not those who are in extreme poverty. This gives the reason why the wealth gap in a highly capitalist economy is very huge. Nothing towards the extreme would bring equality. Before Deng Xiaoping’s beginner level of socialism, China had been implementing communism, which sought absolute equality through a planned economy. What happens? To prevent the Chinese economy from total collapse, Deng Xiaoping had to open China’s economy. Of course, socialism with Chinese characteristics has its problem now when the country has opened wider for foreign direct investment, the government needs to do very carefully the redistribution with policies which must not discourage confidence of FDI, while to reduce serious inequality with the newly acquired wealth…anyway, the Chinese Communist Party is still crossing the river by feeling the stones. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is a new project, it takes time to construct. Everything develops towards both extremes would be very dangerous and destructive.

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    The problem is capitalism.
    Simple as that…

    Even if you reverse -somehow- inequality.
    1. The rich will NEVER stop fighting you.
    2. They will erode your rights, democracies, social safety nets tax programs, anything that stop inequality.
    Over time, say 20-30 years we will be back where we are now.
    3. They do not do this because they are “evil” but because this is how the GAME works! The game REWARDS you for acting like this.

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    No. There are inequality everywhere. There are only riots and extremism in countries where the government refuses to let the US dictates their foreign and domestic policy.

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    No, the fact that the European Union does not want to learn. The reason why Brexit happened was because of the continuous growing power of the EU. People don’t want this. And now it establishes a conference on the future of Europe headed by Guy Verhofstadt, come on…. as long as the EU is captured by the European elitiat Bubble, it will continue and grow

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    One of a major factor that influencies and causese it, so yes.

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    It creates the right environment, but the main factor is brainwashing on both sides.

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    Yes, specially when the power and the money go against the people’s rights and needs.

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    No it’s stupidity that leads to extremism. A not stupid person knows that nothing in life is equal in any way. Its just simple physics. Those who missed basic physics classes and the belivers who don’t like science. Look at the fingers on your hand none is equal.

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    It fuels it, but it’s not the cause

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    Equality is communism… Injustice leads to extremism… Too much tax leads to extremism.. Press and opinion control leads to extremism… Privileges lead to extremism

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    I would say inequity breeds extremism. Equality means nothing.

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    it is linked with more mental illness, according to the WHO.

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    Populism and extremism are a consequence of the frustration of the midle class, by the excessive taxes paid and insuficient quality of living. This is caused mainly by the massive tax avoidance by giant multinational tech companies.
    It is urgent to tax their income (sales) in each of th EU member states and correspondently aleviate the taxes of individuals and increase quality of public services.

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    No, ignorance and lack of personal character leads to extremism.

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    Ofc. Because logically, the majority who has little, can at any time decide its enough and take back things by force. Strikes are just a start. Military and police also cant do much anymore when at least 50% of the population dont take it anymore.

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    No. Inequality is a natural part of society. What leads to extremism is the abuse of people’s limited worldview by populists who want power.

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      Not populists. Ideologies. Communism was not something we now call populism, yet it pushed the commies into murdering more than 100million people.

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      Inequality not justified by objective individual merit IS a problem.

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    yes is a humane way to die with diginity

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