Who should be the next EU Commission President? Which of the Spitzenkandidaten do you support? With just over a week to go until the European Parliament elections, we’re putting your questions to some of the lead-candidates for Europe’s top job.

Today we’re talking to Frans Timmermans, the candidate for the Party of European Socialists (PES). If you want to know more about his history and background, then be sure to check out our candidate profile. What would he have to say to our readers?

First up, what would his top priorities be? We had a comment sent in from Jose, who wanted to know what the priorities for the next European Commission should be. What should it focus on after the European Parliament elections? Should it make a radical break with the last five years? Push for more modest reforms? Or stick with the course the EU is currently on?

My priority is to build a sustainable and fair Europe, strongly rooted in our fundamental values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

It’s time for Europe to focus on gender equality, because if half the population is discriminated against then Europe is not fair. My Commission will be a feminist Commission. I will implement a binding EU Gender Equality Strategy, to finally make equality between men and women a reality. By the end of my mandate, I want the gender pay gap to be gone, to be zero. And I want European legislation to tackle violence against women.

We need to urgently transform our economy to a fair and sustainable economy. The longer we wait, the more difficult it’s going to be, the more costly it’s going to be. My commission will focus on bringing about a circular economy in Europe, meaning more recycling, better use of our limited and precious resources, and protection of our natural environment and biodiversity. And cleaner energy and transport and infrastructure will also need to be prioritised.

We need to talk about tax too. Right now we have a few big companies who make billions of profits in Europe but pay no taxes here. That needs to be fixed, otherwise our social systems will no longer function and people will suffer. Traditionally member states were big enough to tax companies at national level, but in this economy big companies have too much power and can strong-arm member states. So we need to use the European scale to make corporations pay tax.

Lastly, work needs to pay. We need a minimum wage in every single member state of the European Union. Then you can construct a decent social system. We also need to understand that a teenager with a Deliveroo rucksack on his back is not an entrepreneur, it is somebody who deserves a decent contract, somebody who deserves social protection. A priority for my Commission will be decent employment conditions for all Europeans.

Next up, we had a comment from Hector, who says (citing Eurobarometer) that trust in the EU has still not recovered since the Eurozone crisis. Looking at the numbers, this does seem to be the case (average trust in the EU was indeed higher before 2012, though there have been signs of improvement in the last couple of years). How would Frans Timmermans help restore trust in the EU?

Europe needs to deal with the problems that the average person is facing, the problems they are telling me about as I campaign around Europe. People talk to me about housing, about their wages, about the environment, about the unfairness of our tax system. That’s why I want us to tackle these issues together first, and not to get lost in institutional conversations about treaties and armies and voting systems in Brussels.

I believe, for the first time since the beginning of European integration, that this European Union could implode. We’re not in a nightmare or a bad dream, it is a potential reality. But I also see from travelling around Europe that the vast, vast majority, of citizens want European cooperation to succeed. Only this majority is very often shouted down by the people who scream and shout and insult. As Commission President my task will be to give a voice back to the people who are now silent, to stand up for what they believe in. To give them courage by being courageous in the face of those who want to take us back to the past. We don’t want a society based on confrontation, based on hate and exclusion. To restore faith, we must stay attached to our fundamental values as Europeans – democracy, human rights, respect for the rule of law, equality. If we are steadfast in acting in accordance with these values, then we can reverse the feeling in our population that the EU does not work for everyone. That’s how we rebuild trust.

Next, we had a comment from Cyril, who wants to know what’s the best way to create jobs and tackle unemployment. He suggests either greater public investment, lower taxes, or a comprehensive reform of tax systems to benefits working and middle class households. What would Frans Timmermans say?

There is immense potential for job creation in Europe from our transition to a more sustainable economy, if we manage it properly. I would concentrate investment as quickly as possible in creating a circular economy, because the societies that transition to a sustainable economy first will have less costs and more benefits. When Europe leads the rest of the world will follow, so we need to be the continent that designs and builds the green products and services that the rest of the world wants to buy. If we can make Europe independent of fossil fuels, if we can assure that we are carbon neutral by 2050 – or even before – we can create millions and millions of jobs and have a healthier planet. I want a just transition fund for Europe, so workers can retrain and upskill, and so we can support older, more polluting industries, to become greener.

Finally, we had a comment from Ironworker, who says he’s confused by the debate over immigration. How should we think about migration? Is it good or bad for Europe? Or is it impossible to simplify such a complex issue that way?

This question requires a bit of nuance of course. Immigration can bring opportunities for Europe and help us face some of the challenges we will have in the coming years, but it needs to be managed properly. We need to distinguish clearly between people who have the right to be here and those who don’t and this needs to be coordinated across Europe based on solidarity between member states. But if we can manage it, we can all benefit. Our societies can profit from people with new skills and ideas, migration can strengthen the economy, generate news jobs and help maintain our welfare systems.

It’s vital that we don’t lose sight of the fact that refugees and immigrants are fellow human beings. We’ve witnessed the rise of identity politics and the extreme right in Europe. This is far more dangerous for our future than migration. The one thing we shouldn’t do as Europeans is turn against people because they are from elsewhere, turn against people because they have a different skin colour, turn against people because they have a different religion. When we strip someone of their humanity like this, bit by bit our own humanity dies too.

Will you support Frans Timmermans for EU Commission President? Or would you prefer one of the other candidates? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

PORTRAIT CREDITS: Timmermans (cc) – PES Communications

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    Teresa Lobato

    I suport Frans Timmermans.

  2. avatar
    Kanellopoulos Vasileios

    Mr Timmermans beleifs and goals are not very specific and look very rounded. Taxation and turning Europe more greener are not explained well and its beleifs on immigration are generic. I want more specific answers. I prefer the Liberal program.

  3. avatar

    No though I agree on taxing global firms

  4. avatar

    Never in my entire life I’ll submit to the crooked social democratic nobles who are in fact far worse than medieval nobles as a pro-european anarcho-capitalist.

  5. avatar

    Clearly not listening to the majority of Europeans

  6. avatar

    I don’t think it’s important actually. The EU needs to change so its leaders have real power.

  7. avatar

    I rather vote to choose directly

  8. avatar

    No. And I don’t think he has a chance because the European socialist parties are losing votes. So they have no one to choose.

  9. avatar

    No! This EU is actually a German Union of the lobbies, the bankers and the corrupted bureaucrats of Brussels. So I would only support only someone who would tear down this corrupted and ready to collapse anyway “Union” and replace it with a real Union of European peoples with equality, freedom, democracy and dignity for ALL! ✌

  10. avatar

    His socialist measure s are at the bottom of his program and weak.I want an effective answer on 3rd Attila invasion by Turkey in Cyprus waters

  11. avatar

    Well Mr Timmermanns make several good points,but still I suppose I would prefer Ska Keller for this post. That would perhaps bring more strengt to EU,new younger energy which is needed especially now.

  12. avatar

    It’s about time the EU listens to some of the conservative voices in its core before Eurosceptics take over.

  13. avatar

    I think conservatives have more complete solutions on EU administration, it suffices not to be driven by German aspirations

  14. avatar

    No. I want socialism out of Europe.

    • avatar
      All Things Better

      Better try to get local corruption out of Europe

    • avatar

      Socialism has failed every single time in every single country it has been tried.

  15. avatar

    Socialist are losing Votes everywhere so what’s the point in this question

  16. avatar

    No, I respect him but my opinions are pretty different than his. I’d gladly support Jan Zahradil from ECR Group – Conservatives & Reformists in the European Parliament

  17. avatar

    No.I am liberal. I support only liberals.

  18. avatar


    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi George- HE is your “direct democratic” choice, based on YOUR conclusions- I got it!

      You may probably know (or maybe not) that you cannot “directly” vote for any “pre-selected Spitzenkanditat”. Your answer is therefore wrong- even when written in capital letters!

      You cannot even vote nationally for the “PES” party “directly”. Because it neither exists as PES nationally (in your country) nor on your national ballot paper as “PES” during EU election time.

      Your “socialist national” home party has a different name- which most likely & closest supports the “socialist groupings” in the EP. Come election time these many groupings “horse trade” first in order to form the final conglomeration of the broader single groupings in the EP. (~7 groupings)

      Thereafter, the EP finally elects from the “nominated list of Spitzenkanidaten” the EU President. He in turn appoints all EU Commissioners. All have to swear an oath to the EU= treaties to only support a “pro EU agenda”.

      This process will eliminate, neutralize & forbid any action by ANY sworn in EU Commissioner to undermine or reform the EU concept.

      “Direct voting”- as propagated by the EU- for the EP is disingenuous propaganda! Never mind the political naive believe to vote for its pre-determined/appointed “Spitzenkandidat”- directly!

      PS: All you can vote for at home is your national party- with the hope- it will manage to find a home to “sell its votes” in the EP to the “PES grouping”! How direct, “double indirect” or genuine democratic is that?

  19. avatar

    Why does it matter if we support him, he is ultimately appointed and not elected. I will never support an unelected president .

  20. avatar

    Different bureaucrats to feed ……poor taxpayers !

  21. avatar

    Definitely do not elect Frans Timmermans!
    The less socialism, the better life.
    There are many unnecessary and development-inhibiting laws in EU. We need to urgently transform our economy into a competitive one.
    We do not need to state European minimum wage, because the living standard is different in every member state of the European Union.
    The European Union should hold back the transformation of Member States into projects where the only beneficiary is the local elite.
    European values: free movement labor and goods does not mean anything to the people, who have no money even to visit his country’s capital.
    European Union should urgently stop free movement of Chinese and American goods to every member country.
    We need to use the European Union to make Chinese and American corporations pay taxes like local merchants do.

  22. avatar
    George Charalabidis

    As European Climate pack Ambassadors in Greece, I would like Mr. Frans Timmermans to be elected as president of the EU.
    Given that there are already collaborations, it would be nice if the projects continued to exist but also to be upgraded.

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