Europe matters. Clearly, people care about Europe. They’re willing to take to the streets and march, to engage in debate with friends and family, to support parties and politicians who speak passionately about the issue, and to voice their concerns and hopes online. Why? What is it that drives people to care about Europe (whether they support EU integration or not)?

On Sunday 24 March 2019 at 13:00 CET, citizens and civil society organisations plan to demonstrate how much they care about Europe in a #March4Europe. People will begin gathering for the 2019 March for Europe in Place Poelart in Brussels, and similar marches will be taking place across the 28 EU Member States. You can also check the Facebook page of the march for more information.

Sunday 24 March will be one day before the “birthday” of the European project (the founding Treaty of Rome was signed on 25 March 1957). It will also be two months before the upcoming European parliament elections, which will decide the future direction of the EU.

The march (which Debating Europe is supporting) is, according to organisers, an opportunity to “reject populism, division, hate, and violence” and “stand for freedom, tolerance, solidarity, fairness, equality and social rights”. Do let your friends know, and take part if you can!

Why does Europe matter to you? Tell us why you think it’s important, and why you care. Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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    Best chance for a better life for my kids!

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    What kind of idiotic question is that? I was born here so it’s my home. Real question is does Europe matter to the Eurocrats who seem determined to create a homogeneous utter mess

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    Europe and the beautiful distinct nations in it, matter to us, because we live here. What about you?
    Or is this a lame PR attempt to equate EU/EC to Europe and make it sound irreversible?

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    It’s important because all states of the continent united can make a good progress.

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    Question is about the continent Europe or about EU? These are different things.

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      Continent Europe is Europe. The EU is a national socialist project that is starting to collapse.

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    By imposing regulations and increasingly small and medium-sized entrepreneurs lose their business. Yeah, he’s definitely taking care of

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    First i live here and worried about the future for my children ….

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    Europe, the beautiful diverse continent, should be preserved at all costs, which is why the EU needs to be destroyed.

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    Because Europe binds our sovereignety

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      “binds” is a good word :))
      but EU restricting and taking away nations’ sovereignty is not a good thing.

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      The EU binds with shackles that cannot be broken.

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    Because is the place where I live, despite Trump,Putin and chinese government we stand together.

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    Because it’s where i was born and where i live ! When i was born my country was not yet in the EU and practically all my childhood being in the EU was something we always heard on tv that was an objective. I’m very glad that it’s something acomplished now and i wish all of our continent will join it sooner or later ! ❤️🇪🇺

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    Us northern countries of the EU in the Balcan peninsula are the poorest of the EU and are always of minor importance in the union.Especially my country ,Greece is used as an experiment of a new way of living.We want out we have voted for it

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    EU was a lovely dream. But the burocrats and the Cultural Marxism, ruined the idea. Socialists are the problem. EU is irrelevent, right now. Shame on Socialists

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      socialists are a minority…
      You just mistake common sense for socialism

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    it matters a lot…
    unfortunatly EU goes along with all wall street says

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    Europe starts to fall apart from the principles on which it was created. More and more hypocrisy is revealed by the European institutions, and this is not a good thing at all.

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    Because without European integration we are doomed to be ruled by the will of other global superpowers.

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      :D :D :D Let’s throw away our sovereignty and freedom and unite to serve the globalist oligarchy in order to fight the globalist oligarchy? :O :D :D

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      there is no sovereignty when you are a small state compared to USA or China. Moreover, in a few decades humanity will start to explore outer space: What role can Hungary have, for example, in the face of this epochal change? Simply no one. Only a united Europe can guarantee a future for Europeans. This is not idealism but a fact.

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      “epochal change ‘….are you kidding me 😁😀😁! Europe always has been Europe, EU is beaurocratic dictatorship

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      Sorry mate, you have no concept of sovereignty. It’s like oxygen. You don’t notice how essential it is until you start to miss it.
      It’s rather pitiful how so many people were brainwashed to go against their own fundamental freedom.
      Sovereignty and self-determination used to be the fundamental values that liberals fought for through decades and even centuries. Liberalism was created as a demand for self-determination. It’s weird how liberals forgot their own traditional values.. Or actually, this is the result of cultural Marxism working, it messes up the language — kind of like how it’s described in 1984.
      There’s nothing normal about building an empire. And you can use any fancy name, but a centralized power governing over multiple nations and ethnicities = empire. Because that’s what an empire is.

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      Your arguments are wishful thinking: once your nation will be “sovereign” as you say, which is actually mean being “isolated”, the world outside your country will not let you live by yourselves so easily, humanity it’s all about “Homo homini lupus”. Europeans must unite to free themselves from the chains of subjugation from other superpowers like USA, RUSSIA, and CHINA, thus gaining real sovereignty and be able to confront them as equals in the forthcoming times. Who contrast the process of european integration is an enemy of europeans.

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      That’s some very dumb propaganda. Sovereignty means that a country makes its own laws and lives according to its own rules. Sovereign countries cooperate with each other based on mutual interests and, as part of such cooperation, they may agree to some external set of rules, too. But it’s their sovereign decision to agree or not to agree..
      The EU was created by sovereign countries cooperating with each other. How “isolated” is that? Get some proper education!

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      There’s no freedom without sovereignty. You should know that.

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      With your reasoning you gave me reason, thanks! I’m glad that you too see that the EU is important because it is a free choice of collaboration between free states! Forward, towards greater integration and a brighter future!

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      we must democratize European integration, to be even more a beacon of hope for the world!

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      The EU is falling behind with innovation because it’s over-regulated and because it spends its resources foolishly on idiotic centralized projects, consequently it has to overtax the people and businesses. The EU gave more than 1500 billion euros of public funds to private banks for nothing in return (bailout). The EU spends hundreds of billions on its migration project. Both of these were initiated by the globalist corporate and banking powers, the population is ripped off unfairly, and – you say – we need to get rid of more of our freedom and serve the globalist oligarchy some more. “Let’s get rid of our ability to ever say no to such rip-offs!” Congratulations!

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      The recent problems in the EU come from the EU wanting to grab more and more sovereignty. It goes beyond reasonable.
      The EU’s centralization has an optimum and we are kind of beyond that optimum. It’s not a linear equation: “the more the better.” It has an optimum!
      When you centralize beyond the optimum we start to slip into a EUSSR-scenario: over-regulation, lack of freedom, lack of creativity, decline. You cannot build a good society or a good economy with such BS.

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      you know who is one of the top leader of innovation in the world? China, which is well know to be a centralized state, to use a euphemism. That’s a bullshit, it’s not only about over-regulation but it’s about long-term coordinated programming (20-25 years), which is what China have done.
      “The EU gave more than 1500 billion euros of public funds to private banks for nothing in return (bailout).” And so what have you done, miss Kata, would have you left the savers without money in they current accounts bringing the real economy and the middle class to its knees?
      “The EU spends hundreds of billions on its migration project.” pure propaganda, this is not even a argumentation. Moreover EU is spending waaaay less that it can be done.
      “Both of these were initiated by the globalist corporate and banking powers” Another fail to argue. If you put this type of phrases, well, I’m free to say you can be a Russian troll, no? You know who is happy if Europe breaks up? The enemies of Europe, like Russia and China and America too. Are you longing to these superpowers’ over future global decisions, where Hungary will have no voice because it’s too small and insignificant to be heard?

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      Noone is throwing anything away. United States of Europe will be souvereign on behalf of all ~500 million of its citizens. And yes, Europe has much in common in traditions, culture, science and technology, on which such shared identity can be based despite regional variations and flavors.
      You and people like you wave around souvereignty like some kind of a magic spell. Your peacemeal sovereignty is not worth rat’s droppings if all decisions that actually affect your life will be taken in the capitals of North America and Eurasia and you are only left with referendums to decide where the cows should go. That is not freedom, it is not souvereignty, is provincialism. I’d rather have those decisions taken in a capital in the EU territory, by a body I voted for. I want the President of Paris to take them, not the President of Pittsburgh.
      Last, classical liberalism does not deny a state that guarantees civil and economic liberties, it requires it. And United European State is what Europeans need at this moment to protect their interests on the global stage. You call that empire? Fine idea by me if it is our empire and not someone else’s.

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      The people are sovereign, its not for our politicians to give away or for the EU to take, the EU will be the cause of another war

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      You may decide to throw away your freedom, it’s your choice. But you have No Right to oppress that on another, to oppress or brainwash or blackmail others to follow your ideology!
      The European continent is home to about 80 ethnic groups living in 33 nation states. In the EU we have 27/28 countries and almost 50 indigenous ethnic groups. We have an amazing diversity of culture and tradition. It’s a value and a source of our creativity, it gives meaning to life. We like each other for our differences at least as much as for our similarities.

      The imperialist mentality thinks only about power and money.. it’s always power and money. Communists, national socialists, fascist, now globalists: it’s always about power and money.

      This “religion” of money and power is ruining our planet and our civilization, and now you want to ruin our countries and unique diversity because of money and power.


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      Wars are about resources, markets, transport routes or sovereignty.
      The EU will ruin itself with the centralization.. not everyone is a brainwashed little libtard without an identity. People won’t put up with this globalist extremism for long.

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    European culture is unique – let’s keep it that way!

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    To preserve Europe from his destruction and being dominated by the Islamic invasion we must vote Right, vote to an Europe of nations, and not a global maçonic socialist and maleficent power, as it is now.

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    europe is a geographical definition. There is no european identity and the eu is doing everything in its power to destroy all the history, culture and nations who had the misfortune to decide to enter in this Orwellian nightmare that goes by the name of EU.
    Fortunately i will live to see the end of the eu.

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      Of course there is a ‘European identity’! Where is our people is our culture which is very different from African, Asian or Islamic culture!

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      They told us it was a trading bloc, then a peace project, just this week Merkle spoke of an EU aircraft carrier, for what? To deliver humanitarian aid? Its lie after lie with the EU

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    Europe is important to me because it is where my country is located. And in the interest of my country and other countries in Europe we must fight this stupid construct which is the EU before it destroys us all.

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    To face the existing 3 to 5 powers, we all need a Europe United, the EU, or we are eaten alive by those main three BIGs – USA, China and why not Rússia (but why Yes??)

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    Nothing at all because I think that only exists for the poorest countries keep on living in a second level

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    When asked what nationality I have, I always answer « European ». I am the first member of my family in 4 generations who did not get directly involved in an intra-Europe war! Thank you!!! And united we can survive. It is so delusional to even think for a moment that in our globalised world small nations like the European ones could prosper on their own. I am far from being happy with all European legislations and political choices but I know that we need the Union.

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      Same for me!

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hello Bruno & Bernard- howzit?

      When reading what answers the latest EU generation gives when asked about their “nationality”- by proudly “cheating” & declaring I HAVE « European » NATIONALITY, I asked myself who’s fault is it that your generation has become so confused and ashamed to disclose their true origin? WWII guilt of your forefathers?

      Remember, nobody propagates that any European Nation must be hell bent to “prosper” on their own. The UK has a “Commonwealth”. Before the EU was formed there were economic blocks- the EC & the “European Economic Community”. The emphasis was always on ECONOMIC cooperation and standardization.

      One “culprit” comes to mind- it can only be the phenomena of the “EU political concept” of the last 25 years- or who?

      Because “European” is not a nationality but a description of the continent you hail from. You can’t hide the fact that on the 2nd page of your reddish Passport, line 4 shows your REAL NATIONALITY- ever noticed?

      Further, on your passport’s top front page is written: European Union = “EU”, not Europe. Below that is a description from which “Republic”= NATION” ……….you come from. Some Passports even have their provinces engraved right through the pages and all pages are watermarked with your country’s international abbreviation encircled by the 12 stars of the CoE and/or EU symbol.

      An entity like the “European” NATION is no-where recognized & has no seat in the UN General Assembly!

      Only “sovereign nations” like Germany, France, Italy……the list of the 28 goes on…..are internationally & individually recognized as Member Nations of the UN and have a seat at the UN and/or at any other international ORG since around 1948! The EU has lately received UN “observer” status. Like: “checking & spying” on the 28 sovereigns to “CONFORM”!

      What response would you expect from an Asian (I’m Indian, Chinese, Afghani..) or African (I’m Nigerian, South African… or (S/N)-American (I’m from the US, Canada, Brazil….) when asked “where are you from”?

      Would you expect to be answered honestly, without inhibitions & confusion? Or accept a vague, convoluted and round about answer- like we hear from today’s Euro kids? If you would expand and say “I am a “pan European” originating from Germany- would confirm some political insight & maturity!

      Even Africa is on a similar bandwagon using “pan Africanism” as a solidarity movement- probably copying the pan European model!

      It is deeply concerning for me- being the “before Eurokid”- generation! Do you think we should keep quite and let you guys remain politically confused forever?

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    Mostly because I live there. But also because being able to freely travel to other countries has been an important part of my life.

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Sorry, this clumsy pre-election ploy to drum up support for the 2019 EU-election- should rather be used as a protest against the EU- in support for a future Europe of an alliance and strengthening of all 47 CoE) sovereign European nations.

    The EU is welcome to join such voluntary endeavor to demand to cooperate & pool its economical resources (within new but voluntary agreements by dissolving the old EU obstructions) to achieve growth rates which only China has achieved!

    Not this miserable stagnation by riding princess Europe towards hell!

    “Marching”:…………lots of people are on “a march” every day all round the globe!

    Peaceful & historical “marching” is remembered to happen on 1st May (May Day, Labor Day etc.) to celebrate the International Workers’ Day in the late 19th century by socialists, communists and trade unionists.

    What is the historical significance of the 24th March- besides being the 365th and last day of the year in “many European implementations” of the Julian calendar?

    That is why Europe, its importance & its history matters to me and not the recent EU concept- pasted together by papers- who can be thrown out the window or be burned within minutes!

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    I hope I will live to see the end of the national state which has proven to be an historical aberration. Europe is our historical, cultural and political living space. We need as much civic action as we can muster in order to actively promote its development, and devise sensible regions to build communities under the European umbrella (as Freddy Heineken first did in 1992).

  27. avatar

    I hope I will live to see the end of the national state which has proven to be an historical aberration. Europe is our historical, cultural and political living space. We need as much civic action as we can muster in order to actively promote its development, and devise sensible regions to build communities under the European umbrella (as Freddy Heineken first did in 1992).

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi. We should all welcome Mr. RG STRACHWITZ’s appearance & comment. He probably is hardly known as an influential private figure to most of us- which requires first an introduction:

      It becomes clear that we are in special company (“Schlesischer Uradel”) and be honored by such visit on the DE forum.

      It also becomes clearer where the pressure on the Brussels EU concept (to abolish all European Nation States= “pan-europeanism”) comes from.

      “Freddy Heineken”- as mentioned does not count to the poorest in Europe either ($11 billion)!

      This supports the- as a “dismissed conspiracy” theory- that it is the super rich, the most influential & the power of money who drives the EU concept for the benefit of these ancient super privileged classes (plural) and not for the benefit of the ordinary “emerging population”= populist= populism= folks! The EU politicians act as “serves” as it was common in ancient time.

      One advantage of having “Regions” is that these elites encounter no more barriers to play their money games by being harassed and restricted by national regulations and/or restrictions.

      A truly aberration of their freedom of movement & ambitions! Sorry, what disturbing populist comment of mine!

  28. avatar

    It doesn’t, your socialist project is on the brink to collapse.

  29. avatar
    bert van santen

    I live in Europe, but it seems You mean the EU, which is something totally different

  30. avatar

    European Union should exist. It keeps us safe from the Third World War. It maintains peace and together we have a stronger community, economy and military force.

  31. avatar

    European Union should exist. It keeps us safe from Third World War. It maintains peace and together we have a stronger community, economy and military force.

  32. avatar

    Yes, European Union matters to me because we are a very important community and we have been doing important things to change and became unique in relation to other countries

  33. avatar

    EU hás beautiful destinations where you can spend your vacations. It is a multicultural union. Eu allows you to travel freely within it. Eu is a very safe place to live in and the countries cooperante with each other

  34. avatar

    Europe matters to me because I’m a person who likes to travel and Europe offers us easy access to travel. I also believe that Europe is a very safe and peaceful to live in.

  35. avatar
    Beatriz Silva

    Europe matter to me because first of all Europe offers me and will hopefully offer my children security and it’s a peaceful place to live in. It’s also important because it offers easy travelling and I’m a person who really enjoys travelling, so having easy access to travel is a really good thing.

  36. avatar

    Europe matters to me because I’m a person who likes to travel and Europe offers us easy access to travel. I also believe that Europe is a very safe and peaceful to live in and we became more unique in relation with other countries.

  37. avatar

    For me the EU is important because it affects my life and will affect the lives of my children and in my opinion it has more advantages than disadvantages even though these disadvantages should be taken care of for more aceptance from the public.The EU is also important because it helped and keeps helping a lot of underdeveloped countries to develop and it helps to maintain a strong economy among countries.

  38. avatar

    I think European Union gives us confort and security inside our continent because it unites all the countries with one intention: bring together economic and political European systems. It has advantages like free movement of people and goods.

  39. avatar

    I think that the EU has a good impact on all countries it brings benefits, for example more security, and they support each other in dealing wuth own problems.

  40. avatar

    In my ipinion , the EU is very helpful for countries in need economically and politically because they all agree in supporting each other so that makes EU a safer place.

  41. avatar

    For me the E.U. has more advantages than disadvantages.
    It offers free access to other countries and a safe passage.
    On the other hand, it is still struggling with migrants issues.

  42. avatar

    Europe matters to me because it is a peaceful place to live in and every perso likes security. It offers a huge possibility of employement too.

  43. avatar
    Ana Luísa Quintas

    EU is a great organization with a lot of benefits. You can travel freely, in a safe area where you can find awesome places and actually live in. It is the incredible cooperation of countries to get affortable prices and a better life between secure and burocratric boundaries.

  44. avatar

    I think that although the EU is flawed, it can be better and work on its mistakes. It is, overall, a good thing and it brings advantages for everyone, theredore it should be worked on.

  45. avatar

    I believe is very important in the world context. It gives us stability in economic terms, it allows us to have a social and racial diversity, which is essencial for our understanding of cooperation and union. All of this thanks to the European Union.
    If we look behind , to how world was , we definetly can see some improvments.

  46. avatar

    Europe has a diversity of countries , where they all work together to achieve a peaceful living space with all the cultural, political and historical variety, but thesedays the principles that were founded in the beginning are falling apart.

  47. avatar

    For me the EU matters because it not only affects the way I live but also how a lot of people live. I think it is balanced in advantages and disadvantages.
    Some of the advantages are the possibility to travel freely throughout the EU, the economic union among the countries, etc.
    A disadvantage is the migrants’ issue.

  48. avatar

    In my opinion the EU is important because it promotes peace among countries, garantees freedom, safety and justice with no barries and it fights against discrimination.

  49. avatar

    European civilization, cultural diversity, common market, the 4 freedoms.

  50. avatar

    All the taxes we pay for a great social system, the envy of the world 🌎

  51. avatar

    Fair right in every country, with special view on the human rights for everybody! Immediately stop and a real massive fight against the criminality which is done by governments of any country the European Union against its own or other countries’ citizens. Stop the stupid brainwashing populism acted by some of the political leadership, in some countries’, like Hungary where this is happening for longer time.
    MAKE STRASSBOURG MUCH MORE EFFECTIV! It is an impossible situation and very annoying that the judgement in the case of the most important and minimum standard of the human rights can easily take over 8years, till it is decided on that court! People dies until his case will be decided there! 😡

  52. avatar

    Money machine for those who “work” there 🤬

  53. avatar

    Get migration solved asap not in a few years again, so africans don’t come overhere, else we will have 5.000.000 or more, coming in the next years…. Less wages for EU employes, you represent the people not the rich and they get 1700 euro many less..

  54. avatar

    The EU builds on the balance of multinationals and to the detriment of the citizen, but free to you to think otherwise! The EU is building? Or, try to rebuild what they have deconstructed since the 60’s?

  55. avatar

    First stop the migration flow the corruption and impeachment of verhofstadt and above all oppose the application for Louis Michel to the position of president reduce the number of members in the European Parliament

  56. avatar

    Shut down that useless costly, onrespectloze and narrow-minded body to the real European… they are destroying Europe… they allow massamigratie… no limits all bombers can travel freely…. so get rid of that bite that with our people Their life is playing…. 😡😡😡😡😡

  57. avatar

    President mitèrent said if there is not Europe there is war, there is no war, but we are invaded anyway, it is a good deal for the employers, relocation

  58. avatar

    That this illusionairy control system desolves

  59. avatar

    Leave us alone! don’t come for tips to carry on!!! FO!!

  60. avatar

    Get rid of that wannabe Bilderberg community!

  61. avatar

    EU rots, and all those who sit in it are the biggest bandits of Europe

  62. avatar

    Kick off the European Union and get tired of these shit

  63. avatar

    I would like that all those lies and fake news disappear from Facebook, you tube and social media. I have seen many of them and they manipulate people to believe to those lies. Stop fake news stop social media influence on elections! It’s a big threat to our democracy!

  64. avatar

    What is the point we have as voters nothing to say, you are just doing your craving Europeans are only poorer in Germany, the pensioner should get the cans out of the trashcan to get around and here in Belgium or the Netherlands and also the other European countries All the same but money they do have in abundance to support the strangers and the fortune and even criminals but yes I am not a highly educated green voter because they know everything better 😠😬😈

  65. avatar

    None of those 4. How about you start protecting the borders? Bunch of useless expensive burocrates.

  66. avatar

    once u put in moral and values they dont need your opinion any longer :D

  67. avatar

    The most important for all of us is that it disappears and globalisation stops…. it is DER UNTERGANG !

  68. avatar

    erasmus students exange — The customs union simplified trade between the countries. exange products without taxes easy tourism exange no frontiere between north ireland and eire;just make work your brain

  69. avatar

    Only , strict transborder-problems asked by the statemembers and peace ; all the rest is invented by deficitspending politicians and overpaid unusefull administration , both for 2/3 in surnumber …. that , we pay …

  70. avatar

    It’s to expensive, the parlementariërs urn to much money. The industrial lobby has to much power. There is to much corupsie. En to many liberal and left wingers.

  71. avatar

    Border protection. Which does not exist.

  72. avatar

    The euro, free borders inside and no warin europe. ❤️😁 But the European elite needs to change. And there needs to be a better outside border control.

  73. avatar

    Go go hell…we better can split the whole EU!!

  74. avatar

    Close the undemocratic “Circus” ASAP !!!

  75. avatar

    28 countries all making equal contributions and all have the same benefits of social housing, child allowance , unemployment benefits, taxation, rules & regulations etc etc …….

  76. avatar

    Nothing. Stop this dictatorship

  77. avatar

    1 coin valeu
    Free traffic of goods

  78. avatar

    The eu will be finished in 10 years

  79. avatar

    How everyone’s lifestyle and quality of life as changed sooooo much

  80. avatar

    European Union and set up war in middle east!

  81. avatar

    They gave us….. free wifi………and ……….. That’s it……

  82. avatar

    Economic opportunities, free movement (of persons, goods, services), common policies, single market, EU identity, sense of community, linguistic/ cultural identities of countries.

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