In 2010, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London on rape charges. The Swedish government requested his extradition so he could be questioned by prosecutors about the allegations. Unwilling to face the charges, Assange skipped bail and hid in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for almost seven years. He was finally kicked out by Ecuador in April 2019, with Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno calling him a “spoiled brat” and admitting he shouldn’t have been given asylum.

What next for Assange? He could face prison in the UK; the charge of failing to surrender to the British authorities carries a possible jail term of up to 12 months. The United States has also put in a request to have Assange extradited on charges of trying to crack a US government password (though Assange argues, perhaps with good reason, that this is just a pretence to bring him to the US to face espionage charges – despite the US-UK extradition treaty explicitly excluding extradition for “political offences” such as espionage).

Sweden might also put in another request to have Assange extradited. The Swedish rape investigation against him was officially dropped in 2017 but the case can still be reopened until 2020 when the statute of limitations expires. On the other hand, Julian Assange’s father has suggested the Australian government should ask for him to be returned to his native country.

Should Julian Assange be extradited? Should he face rape charges in Sweden? Should he be extradited to United States? To Australia? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    catherine benning

    Should Julian Assange be extradited?

    This is a dreadful question to ask in a civilised democracy. It should not be an option. He did nothing wrong. He simply showed the world what was going on in our name. He exposed truth. He is not American. He was and is not part of the US security department. He simply did what all journalists should be doing, exposing what governments do against the law. Are you going to arrest the Guardian, the New York Times, etc.. This is a threat against us all should we reveal the unacceptable done in our name, with our money.

    Julian has been treated horrifically in what is thought to be a civilised country, and the world should stand outside our government dwellings with candles lit for his safety and mental health protection. How terribly ill he looked when dragged out of that place. He is a hero. And where are those women who accused him of rape in Sweden. They must come forward and tell the absolute truth about the events they claim took place. Although, this act is not connected to the US accusation and should not be muddied in it.

    The US will torture him. And even put him to death, simply because they were caught doing unlawful acts against humanity. Who should be facing trial are those who instigated the horror show Julian made us face. He placed the burden on us all.

    Somehow Notre Dame’s blaze is an omen of our loss of civil responsibility. Until you witness the French with open heartbreak and realise it’s not of the people..

    “Je suis désolé”

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      Very true!

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    Οf course not Should be released and decorated for his fight for truth

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    Never the man told the truth should be given a medal

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    Yes. He caused more harm then good

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    In a Democracy, the governments are those which are subordinate to the people and not the people to the governments. The ” foundation ” of any democratic society is Justice … which alone can be the cause of both the best and the worst that can happen to a society of people.The system can not defeat the people in a direct conflict with them. The system is imposed only when the people are ignorant and trapped. Only when the people do not know what to do and what to ask for. If the people know what they want, they have the power to take it. The people are the Force and the expressing power is Democracy.

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    The rule of law is the principle that no one is exempt from the law, even those who are in a position of power. The rule of law can serve as a safeguard against tyranny because just laws ensure that rulers do not become corrupt. Aristotle.Tutor of the 13-year-old, Alexander (the future Alexander the Great).

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    Karla Flay

    Absolutely not to the US!!The Swedish allegations sound a bit dodgy….should be allowed to go to Australia….He upset the US and the duplicitous Hilary Clinton….this is his real crime obviously!!

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    No. He just let the people know about things which were denied to be done.

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    No. He just let the people know about things which were denied to have been done.

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    No. He exposed US dirt.
    Yes. He works for Putler.
    PRAGMATISM says “yes”. Trump is an idiot but PUTIN is the real menace closer to Europe!

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      This is very irrational. Who told you he works for Putin? Even though he is working for Putin, as long as it is a just act for the whole world, he should not be extradited. There is nothing to do with Putin or not. Moreover, Trump is not an idiot as we have seen. As he has been identified himself as the best president ever in the American history, we have reason to believe that he is trying to ignite the World War III by promoting conflicts all over the world such as to his giving Jerusalem to Israel, giving Syria’s Goland Heights to Israel, forbidding Iran to sell oil, doing a trade war indiscriminately from allies to China, challenging China in the South China Sea and with the Taiwan issue, putting a puppet as the Venezuela president, etc. Despite the warning from over 1000 economists that Trump’s policy is leading to a second Great Depression, which has directly led to the rise of dictators, Fascism and Nazism, etc., hence the outbreak of World War II, Trump has continued pushing forward his crazy foreign policy. This is corresponding to pushing the world towards a Third Great War, which should be a devastating nuclear war for the proliferation of nuclear weapon allows large and small states to stockpile nuclear weapons.

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    Absolutely not!! He should be allowed to go to Australia…the Swedish charges so I d very dodgy…..He is not American so cannot be considered a traitor!!The US government clearly wants to.punish him for investigative journalism….It will be a pleasure to watch if the UK government reversed it’s usual spineless kowtowing to the US and refuses to send him there!!

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    The Swedish charges sound very dodgy!!

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    Οf course not Sould be released and decorated for his fight for truth

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    No, or course not. There. I am sure that the Gobshites will, on consideration, follow my opinion.

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    He broke the law so yes. Hacking government data is a criminal offense. Nonetheless journalists should dig to uncover the truth falling short of breaking the law.

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    I’m a centrist on this position. If he gets extradited he gets away from the UK which is a net positive for anyone in the UK but he will also get convicted in america or more likely commit suicide with a shotgun to the back of the head.

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    He should not face extradition to the USA. The information he published was vital to the realization of what the USA and it’s allies were doing behind the backs of their citizens. The USA who spied on the entire world is the real criminal in any comparison to Assange. There are accusations of sex crimes in Sweden, he should go to Sweden and clear this up. He almost certainly would not be convicted anyways as the accusations are difficult to prove.

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    catherine benning

    Should Julian Assange be extradited?

    Why was this man given a years sentence for something any other person would receive 8 weeks for?

    Why is his case being considered for extradition to the USA? He is not American and he is not exposing anything more than the truth about what is going on against the human rights of those he is trying to defend. He is a journalist it is his job to reveal to the world what is done in secret with our tax payers money.

    Why are those in the Court of Human Rights not stopping this wilful act of torture against this man? The USA is a country that has the death penalty.

    Why is the UK in on this extradition to the US and why are British MP’s calling this man a variety of childish, libellous names in the House of Commons? How is it possible to get a court to make a reasoned decision with such dreadful political bias coming from central UK government? This undemocratic behaviour makes them look barbaric and unfit for purpose. Where is Australia in this matter? Why is he not being sent home to his family? Why is their such a silence when it is clear this human being is being publicly abused.

    Where are all the luvies now?

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    He would be facing a death penalty in the US. If Europe has been pioneering human rights, Assange must not be extradited.

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    Yes for the extradition to Sweden for an open and fair trial on his alleged rape case. As for the UK’s failing to surrender to authority should not be heavily punished for 12-month in jail. As for “trying to crack a US government password”, it might be a crime in the USA, the nature of the act is not necessarily a crime in another country. As the crime is not committed in the US territory; whether Assange’s act constitutes a crime is debatable in territories outside the USA. The definition of a crime is roughly “an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law”. Snowden and Assange might have committed a crime under the US law. However, they are informants on the criminal act of the US government in the global system.
    They are just upholding their duty and responsibility as a global citizen. In my opinion, both Snowden and Assange should not be extradited to the US. Some types of international laws might be considered to protect individuals who have given their allegiance to the whole world rather than a state. Cosmopolitan identity might not be mentioned frequently but it is a emerging characteristic of the global system. People might no longer acting narrowly on national interests but on global interests such as the many non-government organizations, which the UN actually put them under a consultation system. We have to rethink over whether those act of Assange and Snowden should be considered a crime. May be the UK can bring the US request for extradition to the UN or the international court of justice.

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