Another Russian journalist murdered? All the signs seemed to point to a political assassination sanctioned (officially or not) by individuals within the Russian state. Another clear message sent out to Russian dissidents around the world: you can run, but you can’t hide. There is nowhere we can’t get you.

Except this time was different. The journalist in question, Arkady Babchenko, turned up alive and well at a press conference less than 24 hours later, lurking at the back of the stage like Banquo’s ghost. Ukrainian intelligence had (rather dramatically) staged the murder in an apparent sting operation to catch the would-be assassins. The murder attempt was allegedly foiled. The journalist’s colleagues whooped shouts of joy.

It’s all become so confusing. The games of cat-and-mouse, the propaganda and counter-propaganda, the endless denials and accusations of “fake news”, the murders and threats, the proxy conflicts, the “little green men“. Is this what Cold War II looks like from the inside?

What do our readers think? We received a comment from Vicente, who argues that Russia and the US are clearly “strategic enemies”, which (he thinks) means it would have been logical for Russia to court the European Union as an ally, perhaps trying to split the EU away from America. However, he believes Russia has done the opposite, treating Europe as just as much of an enemy as the United States. Following the poisoning of Russian defector Sergei Skripal in Salisbury‎, this has also been the position of the British government. A senior UK government official was widely-quoted as having urged the EU to now view Russia as a “strategic enemy”.

So, is Russia now a strategic enemy of Europe? We asked Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all sides of the political spectrum to stake out their positions on this question, and it’s up to YOU to vote for the policies you favour. See what the different MEPs have to say, then vote at the bottom of this debate for the one you most agree with! Take part in the vote below and tell us who you support in the European Parliament!

Radical Left
Jiří Maštálka (GUE-NGL), Member of the European Parliament:

Only a fool would consider Russia as an enemy of Europe. For those interested in understanding better the need for Europe to cooperate with Russia I recommend the book “World without Russia” by Russia’s former Foreign Affairs Minister Yevgeny Primakov. In addition to our own interests, we should support sustainable development of Russia, which would improve the living conditions for its citizens and allow us to tap on the huge potential there in the field of science, culture and natural resources.

We must not forget that Russia is for us in Europe a bridge with other cultures and civilisations such as the Asian tigers, the Islamic world, India and even Latin America. We can learn a lot from the Russian model of societal assimilation of different nations and ethnicities. In the US the indigenous population was exterminated and its society became almost mono-culture notwithstanding moves for emancipation of African Americans (who have had the right to vote only in the last 50 years) and Latinos.

In order for Europe to survive in this complex and complicated socio-economic environment and a dramatically changing world, our imminent interest must be to stop the hostility towards Russia and start building new perspective relation with this country on a mutually beneficial basis. Russia is without any doubt ready for such a step.

Rebecca Harms (Group of the Greens), Member of the European Parliament:

During the last [few] years, the strategy of the Kremlin, the strategies also outlined in many speeches by Vladimir Putin, are threatening: starting with the invasion and occupation of Crimea, continuing with the ongoing war in Donbass – the Russian war against Ukraine and indirectly also against the EU and its relations with eastern neighbourhood countries – and continuing with the Russian participation in the war in Syria.

So, these are threats we have consider, but what I very much like about the EU’s reaction is that we do not [fall] into the trap of Russia and into a terrifying scenario. We never – from the very beginning – never thought about a military response to this threatening new strategy of the Kremlin. From the very beginning in Ukraine, we thought about a political solution, and we developed the idea of personalised and economic sanctions against Russia. [W]e are right now, after this weekend, in a new debate about how to find a political solution in Syria and, again, we will have to decide how to continue diplomatic efforts towards Russia.

I think the EU – also because of Syria and its challenges – has to develop a strategy towards Russia. The idea of finding common solutions is a good idea, but so far Russia – especially in the case of Syria, but also before in the case of Ukraine – did not contribute to an acceptable or sustainable solution. I think a new approach and a new strategy should include, on the European side, a new openness for more sanctions. At least, countries like Germany should not continue a big strategic project like Nord Stream II with Russia considering all the threats posed to the European Union.

Liberal Democrats
Angelika Mlinar (ALDE), Member of the European Parliament:

First, it is important to distinguish between Russia as a country and the Russian government. The fundamental aim of Europe should be to maintain good relations with all its neighbors. Of course, the current tense situation does not make it easier to maintain good relationships. However, one should not lose sight of the long term goal, as Russia – and in economic terms as well – is and will remain an important partner for Europe. It is clear that relations suffer from violations of human rights or other breaches of essential democratic values conducted by the government. However, as already said one should not confuse the country with the government and should therefore always keep in mind the maintenance of good relations in the long term. In summary, the question can therefore be answered “no”, but which does not mean that the Russian government can do whatever it wants.

Centre Right
Pál Csáky  (EPP), Member of the European Parliament:

Anna Fotyga (ECR), Member of the European Parliament:

Margot Parker (EFDD), Member of the European Parliament:

I’m deeply, deeply saddened with the situation. I think it’s pretty appalling that anyone should be poisoned and have their lives risked. I think it’s pretty terrible to go into any country and attack citizens, Russian or otherwise. It just so happened that they were. They were living peaceably. This is a shocking, shocking thing to happen. It’s terrifying.

So, I’d like to believe the very best of Russia. I’m deeply, deeply upset. I believe they have behaved in a very antagonistic, bullyboy way. We can extend that basically to Syria; we see at the moment the wretched poison again, it’s innocent people and children. It’s up to Russia to clean up its act and to be responsible. They should be; they can be. Clearly, you can’t blame all the Russian people – but I do think with Putin… well, he’s a very tough man, and perhaps how he does business is not the right way. In fact, it’s not.

I’d like to see a hand extended out, to see if anything can be rescued from this awful situation. We shouldn’t be enemies. We should, indeed, try to get on with one another. But, on the other hand, we cannot have Russia behaving in this appalling way. And they can deny it all they like, but you know there must be some evidence there – all of those countries would not have supported the British government, and that includes the United States – without evidence which actually brought them to the conclusion they came to in supporting the United Kingdom.

Curious to know more about EU-Russia relations? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

IMAGE CREDITS: (c) / BigStock – Loskutnikov Maxim; PORTRAIT CREDITS: Jiří Maštálka CC – DEEEP Project, Angelika Mlinar CC – Welt Atlas, Ana Gomes CC – Own Work, Rebecca Harms CC – Own Work, (c) Margot Parker – EFDD
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      Debating Europe Given Eurasia is the continent combining Asia and Europe then Russia like all the other 50 independent European states is also a part of Eurasia.

      Definition of a Continent:

      ‘Large continuous area of land on the Earth’s surface generally surrounded by water’ where as the term ‘Europe’ refers to a particular peninsula of the continent of Eurasia excludes all the islands.

      If you are referring to a threat to the Nations that make up the EU the correct terminology is ‘The European Union’, not Europe. 8|

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      Debating Europe The threat is from Russia against its fellow European Nations although they are also a threat to Japan, China, etc so you could have gone with ‘Is Russia a strategic enemy of Eurasia and it would have been the correct question although ‘A threat to its Neighbours’ would be more accurate, not Europe.

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      Debating Europe Seriously?

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      Ivan Burrows Correct! but not for these people!hahahhaha

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      Debating Europe

      Ivan Burrows Norway? Ukraine? Georgia? Just asking.

    • avatar

      Is it?

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      Culturally speaking, Russia was an offshot of Europe, smething between western values and own national identity.
      With the Crimean war 1853, it marked the first time Russia was seen as antagonic to the West. In order to curb the Russian expansionism, France and UK allied with the Ottomans against a christian power.

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      Honestly? Russia could be a member of the EU. It would be better for us all. But 1. Russia doesnt want and 2. Other powers wont allow it, namely USA.

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    Between the military buildup in the Baltic, the annexation of part of Ukraine, and the interfering in the internal politics of EU and NATO member nations with the specific intent of undermining both, and the fact that the intelligence services of at least 3 NATO member nations have been clear about the Russian threat, it’s unclear why anybody is even asking at this point. Is debating europe asking whether NATO member nations have gone on the record about this? Or….?

    • avatar

      Not always. See WW2. Still at present it is definitely an unfriendly neighbour.

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    Putin’s Russia is a strategic enemy of the world. Like Nazi Germany.

    • avatar

      .. say the person who worked for the US ambassy in Lituania.. 😂
      But.. do not you feel ashamed?

    • avatar

      Ludovico Sicignano No. I am proud of it. Russian communists are same like nazis or fascists or italian communists. The same evil.

    • avatar

      Paul Mark where have you seen communism? Or should I ask when?

    • avatar

      Jevgenij Morgajev in Russia. Always.

    • avatar

      Paul Mark have you ever been there, if yes, when? 😉

    • avatar

      Paul Mark you wrong mate. But looking at the amount of your comments to this topic it’s pointless to discuss it with you.
      If you will have a chance, visit Russia, see what it’s like, talk to locals and then make your decision.

    • avatar

      Jevgenij Morgajev his decision is made by unkle Sam ☝🤗

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      Russia military ragratts stayed too long in my country until we kicked their ass out. The atrocities russians committed far surpass those committed by the nazis. Needless to say thst communist russia and nazi germany as allies started World War II by invading Poland.

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    Perhaps Europe’s real strategic threat is the civil war slowly fermenting within.

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      Russia’s regime is a threat to the world. They must be prosecuted like nazi criminals

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      Jan Winter

      Germany is just begging to quit NATO and sign yet another dirty deal with Russia. Ribbentropp-Molotov 2.0?

  4. avatar

    Russia has, in my view, a shitty government. But enemies, no…

    • avatar

      Russia is the enemy of the world

    • avatar

      Paul Mark in what way?

  5. avatar

    Yes , they shoot down civilian airplaines and ly about .

  6. avatar

    Biggest danger to EU is within ,Russian european part is bigger than all the rest of European countries so we can say Russia is European more than any other country .still all big countries try to influence politics in their neighbour countries and its happening even inside the EU .

  7. avatar

    They have very similar viewpoint like the UK now.
    And its ironic.

    There is a large alliance group which somehow an obstable so its needs to be fragmented.
    On the other hand the EU stopped the conversation with Russia. Anytime when the communication stops flowing – it somehow erupts in aggression.

    • avatar

      EU needs to establish its own communciation channels. If they are influenced in anytime – they cant use to defend their rights. Here is a pretty obvious thing: The entire EU always waits a third-party.
      In the early 90’s because of the economic libarlism Russia almost collapsed. After they experienced that in every aspects lose their influence. This is why it seemed an enemy.

  8. avatar

    No they are not, it’s only the enemy of some politicians who want to stirrup consensus and get elected, we should trade and be friends of Russia

    • avatar

      Russia killed 10000 people in Ukraine since 2014, so you still want to trade with terrorists??

    • avatar

      Our governments are friendly with Saudi Arabia who funded isis in Syria and that is funding a war in Yemen so…

  9. avatar

    Europe is not the same thing as European Union. The first is a continent to which Russia belongs to and the second is an allegiance of nation. European Union has only one enemy. Superiority mentality. Humanistic philosophy started in Europe let all countries honour it. Especially the ones in EU.

  10. avatar

    Of course it is, and it has always been, just look at a map for goodness’ sake!

  11. avatar

    What is this stupid question? The only enemy here is ridikulous proamerican and probritish propaganda. I am sick of it.

    • avatar

      Go and bite some of Putin’s propaganga while kissing his communist ass

    • avatar

      Nothing but the smile for you troll!!!😉

    • avatar

      I see reading is not the reactionary’s strong point… If you read past the headline, you’d see they mention NATO and EU enlargement as being potentially threatening to Russia and that 32% of eastern Europeans don’t want sanctions against Russia.

    • avatar

      John you are right, but I am really sick of that 24 hours stream of lies and I can told you, that not only eastern Europeans are against sanctions. We all in Europe lose.

    • avatar

      John McTavish you are right, but I am really sick of that 24 hours stream of lies and I can told you, that not only eastern Europeans are against sanctions. We all in Europe lose.

    • avatar

      If you come from the Ottoman empire, no wonder you do not know Europe.

    • avatar

      Do you consider yourself “European” or simply an ass?

  12. avatar

    Russia always was an adversary to the EU. Nothing changed.

    • avatar

      Perché, non è strano?

  13. avatar

    Russia’s imperialistic regime has always been the enemy of the world

    • avatar

      And USA? How much war conficts they started in last 30 years around a world?

    • avatar

      Paul Mark Maybe you must start from yourself?

    • avatar

      Алексей Толстых US started none. Russia occupied a part of the Ukraine, invaded Georgia, Syria, Afghanistan…Russia has fought wars with all of its neighbors. Russia started World War Two by invading Poland. The list is endless. No wonder Russia has no friends. Nobody likes rogue countries.

    • avatar

      Алексей Толстых русский нацист? Путлерюнгенд? 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  14. avatar

    Should we disregard the conversation due to being outdated? But on this- monopoles politics is the enemy and those who are supporting it

  15. avatar

    Not really. Russia has its own problems which need to be addressed, just like the other European nations do. The only way is to work towards mutual development goals, since the richer, the more peaceful the world is, the better for all of us.

    • avatar

      You sounds like shitty communist propaganda. Same wooden language.

  16. avatar

    All superpowers are an enemy to every small nation in Europe. France or Russia, Germany or USA.

  17. avatar

    A country that invades Geòrgia. ..annexes Crimea….arms insurgents in Ukraine.. responsible for the shooting down of airliner causing hundreds of deaths…murder of dissidents at home..attempted assasination abroad……why are you even asking the question…..they have been and remain a threat

    • avatar

      😂 😂 😂

  18. avatar

    Debating Europe visto che basa tutto l’articolo sull’assassinio di un giornalista tuttora vivo dovrebbe ritirare il post, gli imbecilli. Inoltre dimostrano di fare parte del baraccone messo in piedi per creare il “nemico Russia”

  19. avatar

    Russia cannot afford a free and democratic great power at its doorstep. So, yes, we are its most serious strategic enemy

  20. avatar

    no if EU opens East as it is doing… Trrump’s USA can be a temporary enemy instead Investing on Moscow ,disinvesting on Washington unless USA switch democrat again….

  21. avatar

    Use smoke and mirrors Russia is not a threat to Europe

    Mass immigration the threat

  22. avatar
    EU Reform- Proactive

    Regurgitating anti Russian rhetoric?

    Not to forget- Russia was a strategic Allies partner fighting against the Axies powers during WW2.

    Now the West/EU agitates against its former Partner & declares it the No.1 pariah in Europe. Is that fair?

    Why has it become post WW2 EU & US fashion to jump on the Russia bashing bandwagon? Global geopolitical competition?

    The USSR by far paid the highest human price in WW2. The records: ~27 mio or ~14% of its population lost!

    Therefore, the former (now split up) USSR/Russia deserves a fair share in a new world dispensation- as equal partners!

    Is it the unforgivable and painful past collision of the 2 different world views & its economic versions? A one party Marxist Socialist system which lost against a system of multi party democracy and its free capitalistic market economy?

    To overcome this divides only a willingness by both partners to deal honestly with their historical grievances will heal any mistrust. To cooperate on an equal partner basis could be a good start to normalize “Europe” and bring economic prosperity to all Europeans.

    Why not embark on a truly diplomatic route- without any preconditions- so commonly set by the inflexible “EU regulatory superpower”?

    One problem is – the EU lacks respected, impressive & courageous political leadership!

    As long as the EU hides behind it’s holy “EU Human Rights” & “enlargement drive eastwards”- but opportunistically jumps at any money making opportunities & embraces Russian Oligarchs with their (stolen) fortunes- there is little hope.

    If the North Korean problem seems solvable- so is the Russian!
    If they EU remains inflexible & can’t jump over its own shadow- outsource the task to US Trump!

    For lowering stress levels- consider this:

    • avatar
      Flaviu Amarandei

      You forget Russia started alongside Nazi Germany WW2. Time is not their ally becouse they loose in strategic importance. They have been agressors in this area starting the Crimean Wars in the nineteen century.

  23. avatar

    Considering that the articole starts with talking about a murder that never took place… The answer is no

  24. avatar

    A more sensible question should be: is the USA an actual ally of Europe?

    • avatar

      Gabriel – It’s about time for this discussion to be placed on the table. Unfortunately, the EU clerks don’t like to discuss questions whose answers might be unfitting to the official narrative.

  25. avatar

    Poor Eu bureaucrats trying to find a boogeyman. You wont ever convince everyone that Russia is coming to roll tanks into Berlin again. Their man power has dropped in half from soviticus days and its no longer a superpower. Different times.

    The Soros or Brussels stuff is getting boring too.
    Those financiers and bureaucrats are trying to stop Italian people from forming a government cause they have woken up to the EU projects nastiness.

    What is Europe, without UK, Italy, and Russia?
    And for real why is this website always equating EU as Europe?

  26. avatar

    Also Switzerland, they will nevet join EU and have army as big as Germany. :)

  27. avatar

    I though Europe is peace! Does it need to invent an enemy for existing?

  28. avatar
    catherine benning

    Is Russia now a strategic enemy of Europe?

    We could rephrase this, lets say, is the EU the enemy of Russia? That followed up with, who is and are the EU? Who are the main players in the EU and I don’t mean Juncker, Merkel, Macron and co. Who really is at the back of this show? And how are they so tightly enveloped throughout the Western system?

    Once you have the truthful response to that question, the next has to be, and what are these hidden leaders plans and aims for us European people? Everyone must ask this as it is very cleverly hidden from us all isn’t it? We don’t know where we are going or why. Every day we see ourselves further entwined in a downward tailspin we cannot escape from. Whilst everyone appears to be terrified to take steps to prevent us hitting the ground we see hurrying toward us. It appears as if we are cult members ready to eat the poisoned sandwich rather than stand up against our Svengali. I repeat what I wrote some long time ago, we have what is known as Stockholm syndrome. Imagine that, 500 million people brainwashed into accepting a detrimental future without one shot being fired. Now who was it thought he was going to get away with that?

  29. avatar
    Flaviu Amarandei

    I think Russia will never accept EU founding principles. They will try to manipulate weacker politicians in order to impose their ideas. So I think Russia is and will always be the most important strategic enemy, source of many other issues for our common future.

  30. avatar

    What is the point of killing a critical journalist when the said killing causes massive uproar and even more critique, kind of self defeating no?
    It makes more sense that enemies of Russia killed this journalist with the intention of framing Russia in the leading up to the World Cup. Add this to all the other accusations against Russia in some giant psychological operation to paint Russia as the enemy.

    Russia doesn’t have to be the enemy. Russia is a geographical neighbour to Europe. What the USA fears more than anything on this planet is that Europe and Russia could achieve a real friendship and alliance. To prevent this they must sow discord from time to time. One day Europe will start to think for itself and shed itself of it’s American puppeteer strings, that day is coming soon.

  31. avatar
    S.A.L. Benavides VanderBerg

    I remember reading a book called 12 steps of Europe in the OBA library near central station at an EU information point and its what really made me fall in love with the Union. In one chapter is the phrase “even russia, belarus, Kazakstan and Armenia etc could be day be part of the Union in the future.” in like 20-50 years. Wel i
    Completely agree. Turkey is infact in my opinion harder to integrate than Russia…

    About all the conspiracy theories and the shady hands, ill have one thing to advice to the illuminati/reptilian/demons etc. Censor the internet. This is all bill gates, steve jobs, the california porn kings etc. Work. So its USA work. Just like Mcdonalds and CocaCola. We need to control this acces to disturbing info atleast till age 15. The Chinese, the Muslims, the Russians are doing it. Amd ours is controlled yes but by the USA. Europe wil never exist truly umtil we have our own internet and our software, technology, culture and entertainment is made in europe.

    I understand the people against the EU. But im from a small country (Netherlands) which i love very much and i fear without the EU in 50 years it would be insignificant geopolitically. And that would be such a pity! Because this is such a great country!

    So untill the Union collapses or there is a Dutch Exit ill stay positive. It is hard sometimes with the hate and the crazy people, but…

    Rozen verdorren lelieën vergaan maar trouwe liefde blijft altijd bestaan

  32. avatar

    Russia bad, but their gas and oil are good. Russia evil aggressor, but russian buyers of german, french or italian produced goods, are essential for EU economy…

  33. avatar

    Russia bad, but gas, oil and market for EU export good…

  34. avatar
    EU Reform- Proactive

    @ Flaviu Amarande……. Hi Flaviu here my response:

    yes true, not forgotten- rather deliberately ignored, since any kind of aggression’s by warring parties & man should not inspire counter aggression’s & retaliations- as was & is still common.

    I accept history as history, but question instead the evolved wisdom of his honorable and respected UK PM Theresa May, her MI5 & MI6 underground.

    I think she & honorable Boris succumbed to political Brexit stresses and emotions (Skripal event) and “slightly” overreacted by choosing a Canossa schlep into the EU Suzerain’s den to seek long forgotten Allied shoulders!

    Being hurt after happily accepting dissidents, “valuable” double Agents, spies, Russian oligarchs, Mafioso’s with their billions of hot money (& tax havens)- no question asked- then pleading infringements of “values & sovereignty- sounds hypocritical.

    To arouse a “collective defense, defiance and response”- aka NATO Article 5 in Brussels- to have Russia declared a “strategic enemy” is cowardly misplaced.

    Why not take the next available “diplomatic cab” straight to the Kremlin and engage in a direct diplomatic counter punch? We rely too much on the bureaucrats’ pretense & “Sitzkrieg”- instead of direct diplomacy and strong leadership.

    Always attempt reconciliation instead an eye for an eye!

  35. avatar

    The demonization of Russia by the West has been ongoing for decades. I think it’s disgraceful and xenophobic. The anti-Russia propaganda is beneficial to the war profiteers.

  36. avatar

    A Rússia nunca deixou de ser um inimigo estratégico da Europa. Só os incompetentes ou os capturados leaders ocidentais não querem ver tal realidade. E o pior cego é aquele que não quer ver!!!

  37. avatar

    Always some bloody Brussels propaganda. Why don’t we talk about how the EU wants to monitor all uploaded content? How they want to censor it behind a “copyright protection” stunt with its intentionally flawed bureaucracy?

    28/06/2018 Cory Doctorow, author, digital rights activist, and co-editor of the blog Boing Boing, has responded to this comment.

    28/06/2018 Maud Sacquet, Senior Manager of Public Policy at the Computer and Communications Industry Association, has responded to this comment.

  38. avatar

    No. Europe is a continent, and Russia is the largest country on that continent.
    According to Google Maps, Berlaymont building in Brussels is located 3 h 35 m. by airlines from Kremlin in Moscow and 7 h 40 m. by airlines from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a.k.a. White House in Washington D.C.

  39. avatar

    The weapons industy and some oligarchs who want to gain control of new markets, resources and transport routes are working hard to achieve that.

    Que bono? / Who benefits?

    The benefitors are certainly not the people of the EU or Russia.


    If Eurasia had united then the know-how of the EU combined with the resources of Russia would make Eurasia the biggest global power. Guess who wouldn’t like that. >> check out George Friendman.

  40. avatar

    Germany is the strategic enemy of europe. This is their 3rd war against the continent.

  41. avatar

    When hasn’t it been? If we define Europe as the western alliance of democratic countries in Europe.

  42. avatar

    No.. The EU is the biggest enemy of the EU. Time for a citizens initiative to get our countries and currencies back.

  43. avatar

    Same old story, Germany & Russia – two Nations trying to control the whole of Europe. The only difference this time is Germany is using collaborators across the EU to create it’s empire instead of tanks.

  44. avatar

    A strategic enemy of Europe? Isn’t Russia also Europe? It is the enemy of thw EU. But because the EU are a bunch of ignorant, lazy, corrupt manipulators. Should have never stuck their nose in Ukraine.

  45. avatar

    Do we really need to develop and evolve our societies through confrontations? I don’t think so, but of course we should pay attention and protect human rights all around the World. EUROPE/EU should be also an example for the World .. how to change everything in a democratic way.

  46. avatar

    Russian threat is only an imagination but US threat is real. As we can see, in order to sustain its hegemony, the US is waging trade war with the whole world including its long term allies in Europe. Which country is Europe’s enemy is very clear.

  47. avatar

    People are only enemies if they are made to believe they are by politicians or preachers who deceive with sole regards for their own interests.

  48. avatar

    Go green energy then. Lets free ourselves. Put people before money.

    • avatar

      Will you be the first to give up your easy life given to you by oil ?

  49. avatar

    Θα τα πείτε μάννα μου στη Κωνσταντινούπολη και μας λέτε κι εμάς. Όχι πάντα τα Βαλκάνια στα ..σκαφά σας!

  50. avatar

    Not! And anyway Russia is in Europe. If Ukraina and Moldova will be in EU, will be the 5th place, maybe 6, russian people in EU. This means that Putin will have Russian in EU Parliament, European Comission, and so one.

    If I could be bad Putin, I let both countries in EU to be develope by European.

  51. avatar

    The lack of own policy and interest articulation is our strategic enemy. The Saudi and African savages across Europe are our strategic enemies, the CIA and KGB infiltrated European alcoholic and diabolic leaders are our strategic enemy. The eradication of our european values and history are our strategic enemy. The bureaucracy ineffectiveness and economic decline is our enemy along with the rising debt and the quantitative easing spectacular failure is the enemy. The subordinate position to Washington and Riyadh is our strategic enemy. The truth twisting fake mainstream is the enemy. Your overall incompetency to lead Europe is our strategic enemy!

    • avatar

      I agree, in principle, with you Atanas. The problem (or where I disagree) is that there is no “we” or “our own”. Europe is a club of many countries (near 30 countries). A long way was made for having this European Union, but this EU is not enough for having a sense of “we are”.

    • avatar

      Manuel Alonso, I cannot agree more with you on the “we” part as far as identity and history are concerned, however the issues I mention are common for whole Europe and they have to be treated internationally. My views on Europe are confederal, there are areas we should interact on global level and areas where we should be left alone to decide in our local communities. Don’t be so terrified that an Eastern European uses “we” , I visit you only for vacation and bring my own money:)

    • avatar

      Atanas you said «The Saudi and African savages across Europe are our strategic enemies,» :) well maybe your word (for Saudia) means the asian and african people with muslim religion. And the word African maybe is related with the black people from africa. The challenge is that we must not see the world having friends and enemies. The world´s economy is a very complex subject.
      Going back to the roots of Europe we will see that europeans on dark ages were brothers and knights ready to fight against invaders and have a mutual defense and having to fight for their lady. And this lady it could be any woman from any other european nation.
      Is better to use your own money, because we are using the money borrowed from the troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) and my people are complaining a lot on the obliged social cuts.

    • avatar

      I agree, Atanas. All those things you mention, can be a bit complex for the common folks. Russia is an easy target to point fingers at, and fingerpointing has always been needed. The more attention we have on Russia, the less attention we have on stuff that truly matters.

    • avatar

      The more we focus on the vital stuff and show determination to solve issues and overcome challenges, the less Russia will be tempted to sabotage Europe and deteriorate relations and use force to impose their national interests. We need to get back to the trade traditions of Europe and convince the common people and the elites all around the world, it’s better to trade and become wealthier then to go to wars for the international bankers interests.

  52. avatar

    Economic ties with Russia are very important espesially with unpredictable Trump, though the occupation of the Crimea and Putin is a problem.

    • avatar

      George that is why Russian troops were needed, because it was all Russians there :D Give us a break…

    • avatar

      After Russia drove away the Turks, Crimea went Russian and after WW2 given away to Ukraine, yes, but Crimea still belongs to the Crimea tatars which were deported by Stalin.

    • avatar


      The top 3 stupidest ideas ever to come from the ‘European’ Continent. 8|

      3. National Socialism

      2. Soviet Socialism

      1. The EU

    • avatar

      # 2 and 3 agree.
      Everyone knows the EU is far from perfect, but to put it in the same line as the two others is just ridiculous.

    • avatar

      Erik That’s pretty much what they said about Nuremberg in 1938 & Moscow in 1922 comrade.

      You have learn’t nothing from your history & are destined to repeat it. We will be waiting to stop you again. 8|

    • avatar

      Oh oh here we go again 🙄
      No, the EU is not what they concocted in ’38 in Neurenberg. Its created just to avoid such thing. France and Germany have too much power and the central/eastern countries should be more involved, true, but to compare the EU with nazi’s and communists is just to easy, my friend 😊
      Perhaps you have educate yourself a bit more.

    • avatar

      Waiting to stop you again? Pls stay with your buddy Farage in your isolated UK and leave us alone. You’re the one who wants a Europe before WW1 and we all know were this ends.

    • avatar

      Erik do not mind Mr. Burrows, he lives in alternative world where Brexit and the fall of EU already happened…

    • avatar

      You deleted your reply before i could answer it. I wonder why 🤔

    • avatar

      Ivan The Great Britain, and Ireland, and Iceland , and Sicily, and Madeira and Azores all these belong to the European Continent :) they do not belong to the African continent or the American continent

  53. avatar

    Remove the word “now”…it has been since its inception.

    • avatar

      Yes, i find the way they formulate that question wrong. Why say “now”? It always has been. Anyone tell me one thing they made good for us/Europeans.

  54. avatar

    Is Russia a strategic ultra corrupt country ? Or it’s just trying to revive imperialism ?

    • avatar

      The answer is Yes.

    • avatar

      It is Brussels that is reviving imperialism.

    • avatar

      Who is Brussels? Pls explain.

    • avatar

      Martin The unelected European Politburo comrade. 8|

    • avatar

      If only Ivan, if only…

  55. avatar

    Whoever believes that Russia will accept being a fair partner to UE or inside UE or that will bow to international judicial authorities when its abusive actions will be contested believes in fairytales.

  56. avatar

    Russia, due to its large population and territory is enemy only to the Agloamerican language/mentality and that is why seems like an enemy to the west. Of course, as a Greek who speaks the base of both these languages English is less flat. Russia is an enemy to the democracy in general because it suffers from an incorrect constitution that allows one person to rule for unlimited years pretty much as in Germany. The limitation of a leader to 8 is what is very correct in the American politics and deserves to be followed. Russia as a christian nation could very well have been EU but its language/mentality is a threat to the west.

    • avatar

      For you the Greek language must be the mother of all the languages, at least the european ones… ya…

  57. avatar

    Nope. Lack of European solidarity & unity are Europe’s No.1 real enemies.

    • avatar

      So true

  58. avatar

    Russia is counter-power of EU. However the economic ties are for sure the only thing preventing the scalation of agression. In culture EU and Russia are opossition to each other. Only the increase of diplomacy and more economic ties will make a culture merge and improved relationship. But…but… our social ties to USA are stronger. As long the USA keep antagonizong Russia, EU diplomacy wont overcome the Russia culture of “overpowering” neibours. EU must find diplomatic streng in smoothing Russia and increase population(culture) mingle.

  59. avatar

    Yes, definitely! We want peace and quiet and they try to cause trouble to us all the time!

  60. avatar

    Europe as a “rat” and an escort of USA is an enemy o Russia

  61. avatar

    No! Absolutely not! Russia must be the first ally!

  62. avatar

    Maybe they will save us from our actual stupidity and political correctness

  63. avatar

    Absolutely. Eventually we will realise the only way is to stick together.

  64. avatar

    Yes. How can people even say no, when they invade europe and still keep pushing the border in georgia. Shot down and killed 300 EU civilians.
    They still own finish land and dont seem to be changing tactics.

    And that all under the regime of a dictator. Ofcours that spells flowers and peace.

  65. avatar

    Hello. Are you dumb? I dont have problems with russians or Russia, also doubt that they have anything against Europiens. Its just they are living under strict information flow and ambitions of Putin.. whos just a human.

    • avatar

      Stupid, just watch one tv show on their official tv for politics and you will know why, the said that they do not neef europe , so why to keep it, and not destroyed ….

    • avatar

      Buryan – People are long way from nature. And it will be the cause of destruction. Please think globally and that world is all about diversity

  66. avatar

    The word enemy is not proper here, and the parties are incorrectly defined. The clash could be rather between NATO and Russia. In the case of the depression of the Russian economy, we may have a problem with mass migration from this country to the EU, similarly like now from other regions of the world. The second problem may be the Russian nuclear installations if not properly controlled.

  67. avatar

    Аmerican foolish propagand.

  68. avatar

    Nightmare of USA- cooperation of Russia and Europe..Because in that case USA must leave Eiropa forever..No one need USA here- they are just dangerous with this arms , biolabs and sponsored teror..

  69. avatar

    Russia is the enemy of all people, including its own! It has been for centuries. It’s always been governed by some sort of murderous gang.

  70. avatar

    The opposite. Putin told macro that he would protect her…

  71. avatar

    Russia is the enemy of the entire civilized world. They ve always been and always will be. They cannot compete with the West in any form so they are trying to drag the whole world down at their level.

  72. avatar

    Yes she is. As always has been

  73. avatar

    Sometimes Russia is behaving like a dog who is barking to you because you are not paying attention to it.

  74. avatar

    ?????crazy left and extreme left have been the biggest europe enemie

  75. avatar

    Russia is enemy of all humanity.

  76. avatar

    Real enemy of humanity are banksters.They have orkestrated WW1and WW2

  77. avatar

    Ask Ukraine, Georgia, Moldovia, Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania

  78. avatar

    Wow – where have you been this past 15 years – asleep!

  79. avatar

    100%. Only fools don’t understand that, and communists and kremlin influence agents pretend that kremlin is a bird of peace.

  80. avatar

    It sure is.As well as a funder of islamic extremism.Sadly,Russia has always been a synonime for trouble.

  81. avatar

    NOW? why “now” it always have been.

  82. avatar

    Russians are the enemy’s of themselves.

  83. avatar

    seems like EC / Germany are the strategic enemy of Europe.

    Sharia Law in Germany:
    ” The ruling, which effectively opens the door to legalizing Sharia-based child marriages in Germany, is one of a growing number of instances in which German courts are – wittingly or unwittingly – promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in the country.

    The ruling — described as a “crash course in Syrian Islamic marriage law” — ignited a firestorm of criticism. Some accused the Bamberg court of applying Sharia law over German law to legalize a practice banned in Germany.

  84. avatar

    Russia certainly seems to take advantage from a weaker Europe and Trump does not seem bothered about this. A new game for power is taking place, the net is an important battlefield. This is now clear to everyone. Russia looks ready to fight, conquer, divide or buy.

  85. avatar

    Russia can be the strategic ally of EU for peace, and for ending the foundamental islamic and neonazi movements

  86. avatar

    No, that’s a wrong approach. Russia belongs to Europe. We must work together on this fact.

  87. avatar

    Leaders should sit and negotiate about where the boundary between Russian and European spheres sits and then respect each other’s.

    • avatar
      Jan Winter

      Yeah, Russian respect for other countries’ borders is something they are famous for.

  88. avatar

    EU progress is the worst EU enemy, we dint need to look outside

  89. avatar

    Russia has marginalised itself through it’s actions throughout Europe, from influencing elections to the annextion on of Crimea. Of course Russia is not an enemy, but it is a strategic watchpoint for EU.

  90. avatar

    Russia is Europe. They are Christians. The USA and EU, didnt work well at the time of the fall of Sovietic Empire. They must be a really partner of the Ocidental values.

  91. avatar

    Russia is at present a factor that seeks to use existing divergences in the EU for its own interests, and has done successfully – e.g. by looking for closer links with sympathetic governments and oligarchs such as in Bulgaria, Hungary, as well as some populist political forces in Italy and France. However, beyond this, it does not offer any constructive agenda and I find this extremely worrying, especially as it puts pressure on the weak democratic political system of post 2004 EU member states.

  92. avatar
    Danny Narraina

    Russia is not the problem they will never in a million years attack us.
    The notion that they would be a threat to us is just a smokescreen to distract us from the real enemy.
    The beast the evil incarnate called Europe

  93. avatar

    The answer is NO.

    Europe should have detente with Russia. No more EU enlargement towards Putin’s borders. No more militarisation. Cease all tit-for-tat retaliation. I say this because Europe has more pressing issues to deal with.

    With Russia Europe needs a trading relationship as an anchor for peace. Trading should be done. Of course back-up plans should also be in place (substitutes for Russia trade) in case disputes arise. But we are trying to have normal state-to-state relations with Russia even with our political differences. They are after-all our neighbour. Keep them on side and do not send them to the Chinese. So yes talk, trade and do not play the game of empire-building further pushing Russia away!

  94. avatar

    I am more afraid of Germany they are the ones with a track record and of the Spanish police they way they batter their women and yes the French police and how they beat the yellow vest protest and last of all the bile of the EU toward UK just because we want to leave the EU and the direction they ore going

  95. avatar

    In my opinion, Russia’s violation of EU member states airspace is a response to NATO military challenges.

  96. avatar

    If EU membership of former Soviet bloc has not threatening Russia national security, I don’t think that Russia would view it with hostility. As we have seen that Poland is building a Trump Fort at the border and promised to introduce US mid-range missiles. This is definitely a military threat to Russia national security. In my opinion, if EU member state has deliberately threatening national security of other states, its membership ought to be cancelled for EU is organized under a principle of collective security. If Poland allowed the US to put the mid-range missiles, Russia has already said this will be war. As a consequence, if Poland was attacked by Russia due to its aggressive foreign policy led by the US, EU will be dragged into war by Poland. People of Europe has no reason to die for Poland’s stupid and irrational foreign policy.

  97. avatar

    Historically, Russia is an European State. There were inter-marriage of the royal families. Hence, Russia is Europe. Driving Russia away from Europe is only a US foreign policy to dominate Europe. If we compare post-World War II Europe and China, how come such a poor and ruin country of China can prosper at such level while Europe is crying for its decline nowadays? In my opinion, Europe has been sacrificing European interest to sustain the US hegemony. Isn’t this stupid?

  98. avatar

    Europe ought to reconcile with Russia by negotiating some international treaties so as to secure long term peace in Europe. Regional security can never be secured by foreign power. It has always been duty and responsibility of regional members. Only European would truly the determination and will to uphold European interest. Of course, this does mean to abandon cooperative among different regions all over the world. It is important to create a partnership with mutual benefit i.e. a win-win one.

  99. avatar

    European Union is the enemy of Europe.

  100. avatar

    I have a simple rule for distinguishing friends from enemies: the more political power somebody has, the less it’s possible for them to be your friend, even if they wanted to. Of course, it’s good to be respectful towards political authorities even if you don’t like them. Having said that, I’ve read Alexander Dugin and yeah but… NO. Putin might be more dangerous precisely because he (at least outwardly) exhibits common sense on a lot of issues where Biden doesn’t, but I suspect most people wouldn’t even be equipped to understand most of what Dugin is talking about, except to make the correct assessment that he is pure evil. But it should go without saying, also, that most Russians are fine people, and I would even say that in this cultural moment, your average Russian has a bit more common sense than your average Ameropean.

    • avatar

      Michał Szostało So, you are saying that Putin exhibits more common sense, but he is pure evil? How logical is that ?

    • avatar

      Natasha Pikoul How familiar are you with the foundations of logic? It’s a much more complex thing than you might think. We are living in wonderland now. Most modern logic doesn’t deal with that funny thing called truth at all, with the exception of Alfred Tarski and Jan Lukasiewicz. (You may be surprised that a country stuck between Germany and Russia was forced to excel at logic). Biden has no common sense whatsoever, or if he does, he does a great job of hiding it. Putin, on the other hand – well, I don’t want to say anything too nice about him, it’s just that he is very good at *appearing* reasonable to his own subjects. It might even be sincere sometimes. I would refer you to Dugin to see where the problem is. But also, Dugin’s goals are explicitly eschatological, so it may be that he is lying much of the time.

    • avatar

      Natasha Pikoul Yes, I agree, Putin is an excellent speaker, and he may even be sincere sometimes.

    • avatar

      Michał Szostało Most of the time. It’s actually his hallmark.

    • avatar

      If you only take a politician’s public pronouncements at face value, and don’t read the very publicly available materials by his foreign policy guru, you may not have done full due dilligence here. “Either our political struggle is soteriological and eschatological, or it is meaningless.”― Alexander Dugin

    • avatar

      Michał Szostało You have to realize that the very publically available material is largely adapted by the Western media to suit their own agenda. You have to listen to the source in order to determine what his foreign policy in fact is. Fictional character, invented by the West, versus facts.

    • avatar

      Natasha Pikoul I’m sorry, Dugin is a real person, who writes real books. Even if some sinister Western Machiavelli is writing his books for him, or he is a hologram, he still puts his signature on them and makes no effort to deny authorship. And Putin has made no effort to deny Dugin. If you say otherwise, please don’t mention “logic” to me again. You are a great example of why the Chinese government believes democracy is a joke wasted on people who don’t understand it.

  101. avatar

    Why such obsession with “enemies” ? What’s wrong with collaboration and mutual safety ?…Frankly…

    • avatar

      Natasha Pikoul I think you dropped this

    • avatar

      Natasha Pikoul Lovely whataboutism, but the subject is Russia, not America. So we’re agreed that Putin’s actions are despicable then? ;)

  102. avatar

    Bırbırlerılerıyle it dalaşı yaparlar sonrada siyasi çıkarları doğrultusunda dost görünürler,,

  103. avatar

    Russia is a European country even if not in the EU. I don’t know why on earth we are fighting with them and branding them as “the enemy” instead of making more of an effort to get along.

  104. avatar

    Perhaps not the “enemy” but certainly an unfriendly opposition to be treated with caution.

  105. avatar

    Rússia is a country. Putin is definitely an enemy of democracy, human rights and the EU.It’s stupid and dangerous to trust a corrupt totalitarian regime.Putin is a murderer. Has repeatedly attacked Europe and the USA. Occupied Crimea. Finances anti European parties….zero cooperation possible. Only option is to contain the threat and restrain it as much as possible.Of course Russia is almost a failed state in the hands of a corrupt elite. So whatever comes after Putin could be even worse.On the long run, Russia is a regional power that stands between western democracies and Xi’s China the major threat to freedom, development and peace in the world.

    • avatar

      Fernando Cabral Crimea has always been Russian like Alsace has always been French..

    • avatar

      I trust more Russia than Usa

    • avatar

      Yes. I can trust Russia will screw you for sure. Absolutely reliable

    • avatar

      Fernando Cabral not more than USA which stopped us at Suez canal blow fire in Africa in former colonies import islamism in Europe… Divide and weaken Europe as much as possible blow the war in Ukraine by proposing to join Nato to provoke Russia…

  106. avatar

    Russia is closer to Europe and defends our Christian values while USA is always trying to weaken Europe.. I think that USA is our worse friend.. And Russia our best enemy.. USA did everything to avoid us to be friend with Russia. Interest of EU is to restore deep links with Russia..

  107. avatar

    Laat Rusland maar gerust,zou EU en USA nog duur komen te staan,en biden,is niet capabel,om land te leiden,is Obama ,die de teugels in handen heeft,biden past goed in madame taussaud haar galerij

  108. avatar

    The west has always regarded the russians as enemies.

  109. avatar
    Donkey Kong

    Russia should be seen as a threat as they have attempted to assanated so many people

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