Young people are the future of Europe. It’s a cliché, but it’s true; if EU leaders want young people to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections, then they will need to adopt policies that appeal to young voters. Politicians need to address the challenges and issues that young people care about, otherwise the EU will remain distant and out-of-touch.

So, just what are the challenges and issues that young people care about? Climate change? Education? Youth unemployment? Housing prices? Ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections, the European Youth Forum has adopted a policy platform of ten ideas to help #YouthUP the elections. Could these policies help address the issues young Europeans care about?

Curious to know more about the 10 ideas that could help fix Europe for young people? We’ve summarised them in an infographic below (click for a bigger version). You can read about the ideas in greater detail here.

Would these 10 ideas help fix the EU? Could these policies help address the issues young Europeans care about? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Just simply follow the rule: a social, sustainable inclusive Europe where the social care of the citizen and education, as well as personal development of the citizen is the main focus.
    If the emphasis from money, banks and big corporations shifts to the citizen, and the bureaucracy being adapted to this need, this will certainly attract more people!

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Comes election time and the chips seem to be down, the EU election machinery shifts into overdrive! Extra support and votes are urgently needed to maintain some kind of importance & seriousness.

    But: from where, from whom, at what (future) cost and what would be the best ideas & BAIT=PROMISES be? Is desperation & panic filling the EU chambers?

    Before even looking into the “10 ideas”- lets query the EU’s historic low ~42% election participation.

    * Introduce first an election validation criterion- to be set in line with the EU Council- which is based on the “Qualified majority” principle. This procedure is known as the ‘double majority’ rule.

    Why not use the 55% and declare an EU election only valid once that figure is reached? Or be generous and allow negotiating this figure down to 50% + 1 vote.

    The lowering of the voting age to 16 is the worst measure the “complex EU” can suggest!

    Sorry, but that exposes total EU desperation and would need to pass an EU wide referendum first! Who seriously wants to be ruled by our still depended children? “The latest EU & JCJuncker pc madness”?

    Please try again!

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    N1 is mandatory to be done; N2 is money down a black hole, N3 not real solution just creating more beaurocracy; N4 instead of ministry of propaganda harsh laws should be introduced to any outlet publishing news with manipulative and/or unchecked sources;N5 Will you EVER learn that integration will NOT work EVER?!? N6 Mechanism to remove MP’s and higher ranks will work much better; N7 Just have a look at todays 16 years old, NO; 8 Agreed; N9 Even better, introduce a rule that candidate MP’s have kids as this is the only way they will take care of the future. All else is BS however you put it; N10 Another money pit if not done right.

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    A center-right parliament (national liberalism), better border security, and shoot to kill illegal immigrants

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    The idea of lowering the voting age makes me think this list is a joke

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    FUNDAMENTAL INSTITUTIONAL REFORM. A true democracy with a strong focus on negative freedoms (not “positive” freedoms) if you’re stuck for inspiration, the US Constitution would be a great start!!

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    This is what I heard from the young EURO MP candidates. Poverty blah blah, EU for the citizens blah blah, Climate blah blah, grants for youth blah blah. Just words, no plans of direct action. When voted in no actual action. These points are just lingo used to have discussions, post articles, to get voted in. Nothing ever changes. If it were a new tax law it would be voted tomorrow and up and running the very next day.

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    Uuuffffff just bla bla bla, enough with the useless rhetoric

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    N9 of proposals is practical and important: include in legislation not only the goal but also the pathway and actions to implement it including the impact on short and longer term. It’s better to discover the path to paradise goes through a ‘valley of discomfort’ in advance than during the walk. Be prepared. The preparation may take some more time but the benefits will be greater.

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    I can agree with a couple of these things but most of them are just pandering trash promises that will have zero real effect even if they are upheld which they won’t be. The EU needs a systemic reorganization to survive. No more appointees and toothless yes men MPs that just say yes to everything the commission wants and institute strict term limits so we can get rid of these careerists who just want a cushy job sitting in a bankers lap. These people are out of touch not because they are OLD but because they have no dealings with working people, have no interest in their concerns, and have no accountability to the voters young or old. If you think it’s a priority to regulate candle wick lengths then you are useless to us as a government. Europe deserves a real democracy not a caricature of one. Maybe Brexit wouldn’t be happening if anyone cared to listen. Vote for skeptic parties if you want real change.

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    Fern Moore

    3,4 and 9 seem like workable ideas, although I don’t think they will accomplish very much. The rest is pandering trash. If anything the voting age should be raised not lowered. The retirement age is going to be raised at some point and scientific studies have showed that people’s brains don’t fully mature until about 24 years old. This child worshiping has to stop. Teenagers are ignorant, have no life experience, and believe themselves to be infallible. Any parent worth their salt can tell you that. They may be our future but they are not our present and require guardianship and boundaries, not given the reigns of power.

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    Paul X

    The problem with “young” people is most have very little experience of having to support themselves. Anyone can dream up a fantasy wish list but once they have a job, a mortgage, bills and the responsibility of supporting a family, that’s when they will realise that paying more tax for other peoples ideologies isn’t such a nice idea

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