Next in our series profiling the various party manifestos in the European Parliament elections is the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE). As usual, the infographic below represents some of the policies that caught our eye, but there’s much more in the ACRE manifesto (and you can read it in full on their website).

So, what do the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe believe? We’ve taken some of the main points from their manifesto and presented them below (click for a bigger image). There’s much more in the manifesto itself, but these are some of the policies that stand out:

If you like the sound of these policies, make sure to support ACRE in our Me&EU series! Or, if you think ACRE’s manifesto would take Europe in the wrong direction, stay tuned as we will be looking at each of the others parties’ positions in turn.

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    The policy direction does not only sound good, but could save the European EU from future embarrassment & disaster. Lots of good & new ideas!

    Strasbourg is seat of the “CoE” and “The European Court of Human Rights” (ECHR)- representing all 47 European nations.

    For clarity & impartiality the CoE/ECHR should be separated from the political EU machinery- which is subjected to ECHR laws.

    “English and French are the official languages of the Council of Europe. German, Italian and Russian are used as working languages.”

    Why does the political EU not acknowledge Russia as a valuable member of the 47 member Council of Europe, but considers Russia as a foe of the political EU following blindly the outdated cold war inspired US policy?

    Brussels EP functions can/could easily be “digitized” using the newly introduced “direct democracy option” executed by all 28 members from their own national parliaments at home.

    A “incorruptible server”- somewhere in a neutral & safe country could replace the whole Brussels bureaucracy!

    Why carry the high cost of a Brussels supranational parliament- while the various MEP’s only sit there to vote, pressing a Y/N button, raising their hands & need food & lodging?

    What a wasteful democratic show!

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      Please look further to the dramatic development in the global system rather than glazing at Brussels bureaucracy. We are in a global era, in which, a trade war in a global scale is initiated by the world’s largest economy, Europe’s key trade partner. Now the world’s largest and the second largest economy are fighting, Europe is only on a probation of Trump’s trade war. After he has fixed China, it is our turn. Europe needs to hug even tighter together for collective peace and security.

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    Fern Moore

    It doesn’t really go far enough, but you have to start somewhere and I think most of these proposals should have broad appeal if we can get past smear campaigns and get to real issues.

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    Paul X

    No.1 should be at the top of every party’s manifesto, to not have it displays pure arrogance and contempt for the taxpaying public

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      Very soon no one need to pay tax. After Trump has fixed China, it is Europe’s turn. When Europe is fighting a trade war with the largest economy, increase in the unemployment rate, decrease of salary level would also follow, tax is no more a problem. In this global era, we need to see global and think global.

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    Vote for anyone who support EU unity and independence, except the far rights particularly those have the connection with Trump’s aid Steve Bannon. EU is for Europe, not for ” making America Great Again”. In this turbulent moment, when EU is under attack of the America with a trade war with unprecedented scale, when EU has almost broken up by refugees created by Obama’s Arab Spring, when the UK becomes the first victim and still trapped in the Brexit, how to exit, when Europe’s energy security is threatening by US and trying to dictate our free trade, Europe must stand firm against far right politicians if we want to secure our peace and prosperity.

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    The advocacy to create a “great review” of EU competencies is putting EU is great danger in the face of a great trade war initiated by the US. When China and all over the world are busy to do a restructuring of their economy and busy to build up defense mechanism so as to reduce the harm of the forthcoming trade war, EU is committing suicide to “review the competencies”of everything. A party can commit suicide but do not bring along Europe and its people.

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    I cannot see how the defense of a union can coordinate better by putting itself under the command of the NATO, which is representing America interest. I cannot see how a union can be put under two different commands. Advocacy of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists appear to be unrealistic and against majority view of the Europeans, free Europe from this war machine of the US, NATO. We can see that Europe has been following the US to fight many wars and has also dragged seriously our social and economic development. How come China can recover from World War II and stands up as the second largest economy but not Europe, which is the close ally of the great America, the superpower? Even when Trump asked the former US president Mr Jimmy Carter how to handle China, he said China has not fought any war since its open door policy i.e. 1978. But the US has never stopped fighting wars. It is therefore a traditional wise, without undermining NATO, Europe has to fight wars and people would be dying for making the America Great Again. To make Europe great again is to cut relationship with NATO while establish a limited and sophisticate modern peace keeping army for EU.

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    When the close ally and a superpower has declared a trade war in a global scale, when the Trump has openly condemned Europe steel and cars production and claimed they are threatening national security of the America, we ought to know that we are facing a new type of war. It is not the time to do the so-called “Great Review” on EU competencies, etc. It is time for small European states to form a closer and tighter union for collective security. Improvement might be required but not during a great war. Economic security hinges to well beings of the people, it can collapse a state as we have seen in Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, there is no need to use weapon! And even closer, we should not forget our bitter experience when a financial tsunami had spread from the Wall Street of the America to Europe in 2008. Its damages are still felt…

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    The so-called “flexible integration” is difficult to understand. EU integration appears to be quite flexible already, for example, the British people can maintain their own national currency. Member states are given veto power on all legislation. Flexibility on integration should not harm the purpose of the union, which is, a union for collective security and collective goods.

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    Support conservatives and populists is equal to putting many Trumps in the Parliament. Europe would break up. As we have seen how conservatism and populism in the America is tearing apart the USA and has also sped up the decline of the America. Trump is apparently not making the America Great Again. As so many people are worrying and even talking widely a “Europe decline”, the only way to avoid from declining is not to replicate the kind of Trump conservatism and populism in Europe.

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    Reforming EU? Not Now. We can talk about it after Trump has burnt out all his energy and resources in his struggle for making America Great Again, when the global order has restored and economy has been stabilized.

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    “Promote better coordinated efforts in defence …, without undermining NATO”? As the whole world have witnessed how Trump had shouted against all our EU leaders and pressuring us to pay more for NATO. I simply feel that in front of Trump, our EU leaders are like his servants and employees in his TV series, begging for his money or a job in the “Trump Empire”. I really cannot see how Europe can be free, independent and prosper “without undermining NATO”. When our money goes to making America Great Again, going to war with the invisible terrorism, inducing more conflicts between civilizations just next to our door step,… with what we secure our peace and prosperity of Europe?

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      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi Jthk,

      bravo, you’re obviously trying your level best to promote- with more than “one comment/vote”- your version of a “federal EU”- not Europe. Unconvincing though!

      Sure, it’s everyone’s personal belief, whom & what one likes or not! You must be making your/the ALDE chief very proud!

      Peculiar however- it’s a “record of yours”: 12 out of 15 comments are yours = 80%! What a staunch EU Federalist! Seems you’re enjoying holding a pro EU Federalist monologue? Enjoy!

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