What’s the best way to reach out to young Europeans? What are the political issues and ideas that most inspire young people? We broadcast a live debate from the European Parliament on Tuesday 2 April. The debate was the second in our set of events looking at how the EU can better engage with young Europeans.

Our panelists included:

Lambert van Nistelrooij, MEP, Group of the European People’s Party;
Giuseppina Tucci, Secretary General, European School Student Unions;
João Mourato Pinto, President of Erasmus Student Network;
Laura Brems, Director of Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Coca-Cola Belgium.

Watch the video above, or on our Facebook page!

IMAGE CREDITS: (c) BigStock – European Parliament
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    Censor internet, and they will finally rise up.
    #Article13 is a big step, just not quite enough for a revolution yet.

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      Except too many young people haven’t even heard about this yet.

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    What about to create a kind of army, call it some like Eurojugend, print some captivating poster and give them a nice blue uniform with a bunch of stars in it?

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    That’s an easy one: tax financial transactions, big company earnings and jet fuel, create an effective banking authority and do not bow too much before American and Chinese elites.

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      Andrei T.

      THIS!!! Completely agree

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    Very eloquent to see someone from coca cola expressing On behalf of EU… It is now clear that EU is very keen to back multinationals point of view

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      no. Multinationals concern is only profit. They Don t care about people well being. And have a very low cultural and ethic standarts

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    and the multinational most often have a good point of view, the multinationals are not a personification of the Evil, despuite of what the left-wing ecolocommunists believe

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    Engage with young Europeans the same way you’d engage with any Europeans. Listen to them, take their concerns seriously, and come up with ideas, laws, and policies to improve their lives.

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      Is Europe adopting socialism and communism? Why Europeans asking all the time the government to do this and to do that. How about the individuals and families? Don’t they have the duty on themselves and their children? Have they ever tried independently before asking the government to do this and that? What is the shared values of Europeans? Isn’t it freedom, liberty something like that? How can individuals be free if they are over relying on others and the government? Is appears that Europeans want to see visible hands of the government everywhere rather than using their own hands to shape their life. Children cannot ask all the time their parents to satisfy them without knowing precisely what need to satisfy, reasonably.

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    How about banning unpaid internships?

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      This is a poor idea. Nobody is forcing people to take an unpaid internship, and it’s a good way to get experience and bulk up a CV for young people, who otherwise have to pay for expensive training,etc.

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    Andrei T.

    Let 16-year-olds vote in elections. That will mean politicians have to listen more to young people.

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    Jobs (quality jobs), education, housing, and environmental protection

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    Do more to fight corruption in member states. So, for example, how about having stricter controls over how EU funding is spent by member state governments, better reporting, more transparency?

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    Susan S

    MORE TRANSPARENCY! How about livestreaming council sessions? Let us see how people vote?

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    How about replacing representative democracy (which can be corrupted, and leads to professional politicians out of touch with normal people’s lives) with sortition (which would give power to ordinary people)?

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    Listening to them instead of completely ignoring hundreds of thousands of protesters could be a start.

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    Communicate with them on social media perhaps.

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    I dont think the EU has a problem reaching young people. Most young people are heavily pro EU.
    Its mostly the older demographic from rural areas who are against it.

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    providing the opportunity for a good education and better future

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    Diplomas with out any value of todays demands.

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    Decent minimum wage for all the Europeans

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    More education programs and opportunities, and stimulate young European families with incentives to have more children.

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    Create more opportunities for collective representation of the EU community in trans-regional and global youth events without reducing input at national level.

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