Happy Brexit day! It has now been two years since the UK government triggered Article 50 and formally began the process of leaving the European Union. At midnight tonight (Brussels time), Britain was due to finally head out the door. Yet, despite the clear frustration of many who voted Leave, the UK remains a Member State of the EU, and the exit date has been pushed back at least two weeks to 12 April.

The latest polling suggests almost nobody in the UK is happy with how Brexit is turning out. Fully 81% of voters think the UK government has bungled the Brexit negotiations, with both Leavers and Remain voters equally unhappy about where things stand.

Some analysts are suggesting that EU negotiators have been too tough on Britain. At almost every stage of the negotiations, the European Union has controlled the process in order to apply maximum leverage. While the UK side has appeared disorganised and apparently lacked a coherent vision of their desired outcome, the EU successfully closed ranks soon after the referendum and has maintained unity ever since.

Of course, if we do arrive at a “no deal” outcome, then perhaps the EU should have been more restrained and not pressed home its “overwhelming advantage” during the Brexit talks. On the other hand, “no deal” isn’t necessarily the end of the process. The government shutdown in the US demonstrated that negotiations can continue even after the cliff edge has been passed (with, if anything, even more pressure on Britain to come to the table).

Are you happy with Brexit so far? Have the negotiations gone as you expected? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Yes, my cat does the same when I open the door.🤣

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      What does he refuse to do? To leave??

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      In most cases, to leave:)

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      Can not be allowed to destroy Europe

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    catherine benning

    Are you happy with Brexit so far?

    It’s a process. One that has been very good for our country. It has exposed the reality of the system of British Democracy we have been bound in for too long. It has exposed the real body politic of entrapment in the EU and of the less than fit for purpose we have lurking in our halls of power. It has created a realization in the public how important a move toward a more fully incorporative democracy, similar to the Swiss system, is badly needed. Direct Democracy is the one way we have to take control of our lives and future.


    It has been a slow process, but, we are, at last, on the road to freedom. April 12th is the big day. I am delighted the ‘withdrawal agreement’ was defeated.


    And now for a new man at the helm. One who is the bulldog we need.

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    Mehdi hassan

    Yes ! cause this reason it’s related leaders have valid times for a good decision for future and that good for all.

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    Paul walsh

    Sure it took ye 800 years to leave ireland

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    At least it was delayed. Let’s hope it is delayed for another 40 years!

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    No. Sorry for the lengthy comment- but nobody can/should be happy or proud about any divorce & celebrate!

    “THE divorce BILL’s content” as understood by me- comprised of:

    Signed commitments, direct damages, lost opportunities & future obligations etc of ~ £39 billion. Be they realistic or not. Wasn’t that supposed the “pre negotiation” target (“first”)? Any final deal= comprehensive negotiations to be attended later?

    Words & figures matter at times- especially when the regulation obsessed EU divorce lawyers get involved! To recap:

    As per earlier reports, the EU demanded settling the divorce “FIRST” by presenting the UK with a “divorce bill’ of ~£39 billion (€42 billion) and negotiate the future relationship (The Deal) “SECOND”- once the U.K. had left- not so? What happened?

    A report later informed: “First we need to agree the arrangements for the withdrawal= “the infamous WA”! Was that a deliberate trap?

    Now, “THE BILL” was linked and dragged into a process “preempting” the envisaged “later negotiation” and made the terms “conditional” to the UK’s parliament approving them first.


    Q: Why was the “original text “to settle £39 billion” FIRST (“the divorce bill”) amended and extended- consequentially exposing & testing the (dis)unity of the whole UK parliament and government? Who amended it & who agreed to it?

    As far as I understand, the UK gov did agree to a settlement of £39 billion- first. Therefore, the first set of “WA” conditions were met & accepted. The UK Parliament would only needed to vote on the money question= “THE BILL of £39 billion” and avoided themselves the dilemma of being forced/lead by T.M/EU into total disarray? Deliberately? Never trust any politician!

    Q: Why did the UK & EU not shake hands after the “FIRST” stage, kissed JCJ & T. May good buy and left PROMPTLY? Thereafter, allowing ample time to prepare a team to continue with future negotiations later- as originally intended?

    It is no secrete that the EU tried by “many means” to torpedo Brexit- whilst the UK negotiators compromised their negations- maybe willfully or by dilettantism! The 3rd parliamentary “NO” ended all previous 8 options. Finally preventing further fruitless attempts by T. May.

    Is that the last we have seen of “UK Theresa’s Horror Show”? “Never an exit”!?

    Sorry, but some more intriguing questions arise to complete the “WHOLE” picture:

    Could both, the influential but invisible UK’s aristocracy & some commons have ganged up with the EU’s Pan- European lobby & elites to manufacture a stalemate with a view to eventually achieve a “NEVER BREXIT”? Effectively overturning the 2016 referendum result on the sly?

    Although such a scenario can never be proven nor excluded- since it will be rubbished and denied by all or any one of the “spiritual serfs of Kalergi & Co”, their political apparatchiks & collude-rs.


    The Brexit failure so far has given new impetus and hope to the (blinded) supporters of today’s EU= Pan European Union. With the goals to support:

    • Supranational-ism, promote multiculturalism by mixing races with one sole purpose & designed outcome,
    • Guided integration and the destruction of all National State hoods, their sovereignty, their parliaments, their UN right to self determination, their historical borders- “The Total Annihilation”! A video game conspiracy? You wish!

    A deadly political game! Centrally enforced and controlled by & from Brussels- until a full unitary European State- as originally envisaged by the rather controversial “philosophy” of “Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi”- has been created. Is it just another conspiracy theory? Certainly not!

    His very questionable ~1920 opinions (“philosophy”) can be found & read in his controversial books called “The Adel” and “The Practical Idealismus” (originally issued in German). His line of thinking form the basis of today’s EU concept, Schuman’s “CENTRAL control” of the European Coal & Steel community (ECSC) of 1951 and the “Monnet method” (step by step) to build and control ONE political Europe. This concept remains highly circumspect since it is propagated by untrustworthy politician, exposed and rejected by many using their “gut feel”! We will never be given an honest answer or know the whole and only truth!

    The a.m. influences have produced consequences which reveal themselves- like his book- page by page in everyday’s life! The effects will be felt everywhere, on everything by everybody from now to eternity- if not corrected!


    Did we learn that the EU’s success in the Brexit negotiations happened not by “accident”? Or do we witness just coincidental “machinations” between the EU’s determination & professionalism and UK’s dilettantism?

    Just pay the Bill, leave & start with the “REAL DEAL” afterwards!

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    Paul X

    How can anyone be happy with how Brexit has gone?
    No-one voted for over 2 years of the biggest display of political incompetence in history.
    There has never been a real will from Parliament for leave, the EU also knows this so their negotiating strategy has been made easy for them.
    If the UK had displayed a bit of unity immediately after the referendum we could have been out of the EU and well on the way to negotiating decent trade deals by now

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      catherine benning

      @ Paul X

      This was not political incompetence, in fact, it was the cleverest set up they have managed to spin in many decades. The EU devised the International Treaty that is presented to the country as May’s Withdrawal Agreement. This is no Withdrawal Agreement. It is a binding ‘International Treaty’ for us to remain under EU control in all important matters. Which is why they are presenting it again and again. The only truth in it is, it is the one agreement we will get, as it cannot be changed, it was drafted from the onset by the EU and given to May to get passed. And it keeps us well and truly in. And they all know it. The House just want complete capitulation. It stops the UK Trading outside of Europe without EU specific oversight and of course a cut off everything we make. Their ECJ is forever our overlords and will remain the ruling judicial authority, in perpetuity, within this deal. It annexes Northern Ireland. And it is working on Scotland likewise.

      The EU know we have no leader as, the chosen leader was found through the back door with global authority as to the choice. In other words, a globalist shove in. Another Tony Blair, or David Cameron.

      You will see it clearly if you look at who they are going to put in May’s place. Everyone of them listed is clamouring to sell us out as soon as you hear them say, I was a Remainer but now I have realised ‘Brexit’ is the answer. Suddenly, after years of giving us how we cannot leave the EU it will be disaster, we hear the same mouth say, I think Mrs May’s deal is a winner. We should vote for it, as it will take us out of Europe, in the long run. When they know full well it will not and cannot.

      Hear Boris over the weekend. The MP Dominic Grieve, who was voted in by a Brexit constituency because he dishonestly pretended he would stand by their decision to Leave the EU. Once in Parliament he reveals he was not telling the truth and is really a hard Remainer. Then fights like a banshee for the EU to continue to rule over us. He is called out by his constituency members in a no confidence vote and told he faces deselection. Boris suddenly writes on Sunday, no he cannot be deselected, he is a good parliamentarian, even though he lied. His voters, he writes, must be forced to keep him.


      Now, wait for this, Dominic Grieve, allegedly, lives in France, has a French wife, is connected to the EU in some way. Yet he takes a safe seat in the British Parliament as a Brexit enforcer until elected to a safe seat, when suddenly, he removes his sheep clothing and out pops Mr Wolf. There he stays, getting paid a fortune as a representative of a ‘Brexit’ constituency to keep his home and life going in ‘France.’

      Boris, a Remainer for years, likewise becomes a Leaver. His entire family, Father, brother, another MP, sister, a journalist, all avid Remainers. His father on the EU payroll. Yet, Boris tells us, all he wants to be is a ‘Brexit Prime Minister’ as he calls for a cheat to remain forced in office, as an unrepresentative voice of a Brexit voting location. And why he is calling for that evil dishonesty to continue, is because he is cut from the same cloth. Hiding his real affinity until in the job May is stepping away from and he wants. Watch who May is having secret meetings with. And be very wary. As the saying goes, they are all in it together. This conspiracy is no theory, it is in your face fact. He remains the Bullingdon boy, in a contest he has with his fellow clubmen.

      What the UK majority voters need, those downcast Brexiteers, are similar to these closet Remainers. Outside support from other foreign thinkers who take the opposite view. Let them likewise find a few Gina Millers and Dominic Grieves, who will hide their true motives until they take their seats in our Parliament or Courts, before they jump up and pop their clothes off ,once nicely installed. Fill the House with hidden Brexiteers and see how well that goes down. Play them at their own game. Stop being so naive.


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      It is because UK politicians are incompetent that the referendum was called to start with. The country was not going to unite after it. People just stuck to their opinions. The UK was a divided society before the referendum and the referendum only made the whole thing explode. It wasn’t going to tackle the problem.

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    Failed democracy. There’s nothing to be proud about.

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    Just nationalist politics which have really lie to the English population
    Now England understand how big the lost of Eu will be difficult to manage and see the real conséquences

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    It was always a stupid idea. I’m sorry you were conned by unscrupulous people.

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    It is Democracy working. As we all defend as a necessary pillar for rule of law. They leave, they migth return people express them selfs and State act accordingly. This is our main European value. Rule of law based on majority of the people. If the result dosent come to EU or the World whises, we dont attack democracy. EU still their way and next time people are called to express their opinion, better the EU made her “looks” a hell lot attractive and funcional. (I belive the current way of EU goverment is good, besides too much time to arrive on real life of the people)

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    We will miss Britain. We will need visas to travel to Britain.

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    Yes.. British have never supported any European policy… EU will feel better

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    Great Britain has always had her own special way of being European. Brexit is not in the interest of the many, but to support the power of a very few. Sorry the working class supported it. Sorry Britain does not want Europe. I’ll miss Great Britain, both as a English of English language and a European.

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    catherine benning

    Are you happy with Brexit so far?

    Well, over this last weekend, I went to a large family do. They were all ages from babes to Grannies. The inbetweeners, of voting age, were interesting. We have quite a few from doctors to students. All of them without fail were Remainers at the start of this debacle. Many of them voted avidly to stay part of Europe. A couple of them, so determined, they would not listen to anything other than the remain side. These were mostly students. However, the change in attitude was remarkable. They admitted they had not realised exactly what Remain meant. And that as the two years have passed, realised, when this British Parliament took over with rigging the outcome, they began to fade away from their cause.

    The count for Remain had now dwindled to two. The rest so very sorry they had voted to stay in at the beginning. And, the others so sad they had to now vote for Leave. That never again could they back a remain vote. The Leavers had won hands down. And before, there was only two in the entire group who would have voted Leave. A complete turn around

    I was very shocked. Pleased they had found their way, but shocked just the same. And how sad it is that European people are being torn apart by a group of unfit for purpose politicians. Look at what is happening to the lovely people of France, wearing yellow vests trying to fight for their life. Take note of this so called ‘democratic’ union.

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    catherine benning

    Are you happy with Brexit so far?

    Our Papers tell us a UK Judge fears the UK Government and the PM may have acted illegally in respect of the Peoples legitimate Brexit battle.

    Judge declares Brexit delay illegal.

    This fiasco has resulted in a UK Court Action taken by Robin Tilbrook. Seen here below.




    (REG. NO. 6132268)






    1. It is submitted that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has left the European Union as of the 29th March 2019 after the expiry of its two year Notice to Leave dated 29th March 2017.

    2. Much of the relevant law has been explored and ruled upon by this Honourable Court and by the Court of Appeal and by the Supreme Court in the case of R (on the application of Miller and another) – v – Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC5. Consequently Parliament enacted the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017.

    3. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland joined the European Union pursuant to Treaty in 1972 and subsequently the European Union Act 1972 was enacted to give domestic legal force to the Treaty obligations to the European Union.

    4. The current overarching constitution of the European Union was reformed under the Lisbon Treaty which was brought into direct legal force in the United Kingdom pursuant to the European Union (Amendment) Act 2008.

    5. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty reads as follows:-

    “Article 50 – Treaty on European Union (TEU)

    1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

    2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

    3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

    4. For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council or Council or in decisions concerning it.

    A qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

    5. If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asked to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article 49.”

    6. On the 23rd June 2016 the voters of the United Kingdom, by a majority, and the voters of England by a larger majority, voted, in the largest democratic mandate in the United Kingdom’s history, to leave the European Union.

    7. In accordance with the United Kingdom’s “Constitutional Requirements” Parliament enacted the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017. The Preamble to that Act states that it is:- “An Act to confer power on the Prime Minister to notify, under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU”

    The Act provides:-

    “1. Power to notify withdrawal from the EU
    (1) The Prime Minister may notify, under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU.”

    8. Pursuant to the statutory power granted by the European Withdrawal Act 2017 the Prime Minister duly served the Notice on 29th March 2017. That Notice expired on the 29th March 2019.

    9. Accordingly it is submitted that as of the scintilla temporis after the expiry of the said notice on the 29th March 2019, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has left the European Union.

    10. In the European Union Withdrawal Act 2018 Parliament further enacted a transitional scheme whereby it proposed to transpose all EU law into a direct effect in the UK jurisdictions of Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and Wales. Much of that Act has not been brought into force. The Act mis-describes its implementation date as “exit day”. This is something of a misnomer since under the true construction of this Act it has no role, either purported or implicit, in determining the date of departure of the UK leaving the European Union. Within the meaning of the Act, “exit date” is merely the implementation date for the Act’s transactional arrangements.

    11. The Applicant is aware that there has been purported ministerial Regulation under the 2018 Act which may have been approved by resolution in both Houses. However even if it has, it is submitted that such a Regulation cannot of itself be in any way definitive of the UK’s actual departure from the European Union. The relevant wording of the Act makes this clear:-

    “European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018

    An act to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and make other provision in connection with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU.

    [26th June 2018]

    1 Repeal of the European Communities Act 1972

    The European Communities Act 1972 is repealed on exit day.

    2 Saving for EU-derived domestic legislation

    (1) EU-derived domestic legislation, as it has effect in domestic law immediately before exit day, continues to have effect in domestic law on and after exit day.

    20 Interpretation

    (1) In this Act—

    “exit day” means 29 March 2019 at 11.00 p.m. (and see subsections (2) to (5));

    (2) In this Act references to before, after or on exit day, or to beginning with exit day, are to be read as references to before, after or at 11.00 p.m. on 29 March 2019 or (as the case may be) to beginning with 11.00 p.m. on that day.

    (3) Subsection (4) applies if the day or time on or at which the Treaties are to cease to apply to the United Kingdom in accordance with Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union is different from that specified in the definition of “exit day” in subsection (1).

    (4) A Minister of the Crown may by regulations—

    (a) amend the definition of “exit day” in subsection (1) to ensure that the day and time specified in the definition are the day and time that the Treaties are to cease to apply to the United Kingdom, and

    (b) amend subsection (2) in consequence of any such amendment.”

    12. Despite the express wording of the European Union (Notification f Withdrawal) Act 2017, expressly only empowering the Prime Minister to give Notice to withdraw the United Kingdom from the EU, the Prime Minister has purported to request an extension of the Article 50 date for departure and subsequently purported to agree an extension to the date of departure.

    13. It is submitted, in accordance with long and high authority of legal precedents and also recently and comprehensively in R (on the application of Miller and another) – v – Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC5 that, statute fully displaces any residual prerogative powers.

    14. In the premises the only power that the Prime Minister had, as regards Article 50, was the service of the Notice withdrawing the United Kingdom from the EU and giving two years notice. That power was functus officio on the 29th March 2017. Accordingly, her purported request for an extension of the date of departure and the Government’s purported agreement to such an extension is and was unlawful and is and was null and void.

    15. In the premises the Applicant seeks a Declaration from this Honourable Court that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland left the European Union upon the expiry of the Article 50 Notice on the 29th March 2019.

    Statement of Fact

    I believe that the facts in these Grounds are true.

    Signed ………………………………… Dated ……………………..
    Robin Charles William Tilbrook

    Happy with Brexit? Not yet! But will be once it comes to pass.

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      You’re not busy in your life…

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    Maia Alexandrova

    I am not at all surprised by the way things have turned out. Ever since the vote I knew that Brexit is not a realistic and practical idea, but just a far-fetched dream, with heads in the clouds, looking through pink glasses. I am still waiting to see how the bridge between this dream and the hard reality will be built. For now it is still impossible. Even if they manage to do it somehow, will it be stable and how long will it last? The only certain prospect for the Brexit future is insecurity, instability and endless hanging in the air. I think the British people need to experience these painful consequences of their decision, in order to realise how wrong they were and still continue to be, if they insist so much on turning their backs on their closest friends. Problems cannot be solved in this way. EU is the ground under their feet. Destroying this ground is foolish and will not lead to a free flight into the future, but to a free fall. The future is promising to those who make new connections, building upon, not breaking the existing ones. China is one example. They are soon going to be No. 1 in the world.

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    John humphrey

    Brexit is a mess because we have entrusted our departure to pollutions that voted to stay and could not visualise the citizens of the uk would ever win the referendum as a consequence have made it as messy as possible when all they had to do was not let euro parliament dictate to us and make us scared to stand on our own two feet they should just leave now with no deal and stop making things complicated this country will thrive our economy will be great

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      catherine benning

      @ Nadya

      You should learn to copy and paste. It takes two seconds and can instil serious thought for world debate.

    • avatar

      You should learn to respond to the correct person…

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    No, I am not happy. The UK is messing about and is trying to hold the whole bloc, its business and its citizens hostage to its own political, social and constitutional problems. The UK gave notice to leave the bloc. Please, now leave. No more extensions nor any further messing about. We are not obligated to give the UK a deal. We have given it the best one we could. Either leave with the deal or without the deal, or stay and don’t mess us about any further. Please, no further extensions. We can;t be punished for situations that we didn’t create.

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    The remaining countries should vote to throw the UK out. End of story.

  21. avatar

    As a Portuguese, and knowing the history of booth those countrys, and seeing the way British people are when they are on my country ( they are selective and groupist) I dont want any future relationship with them, case they Will always benefits them selos as they thing they are above the other countrys ( History talks by it self).

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    Sax Ophone

    A lot has happened in the UK over the past decades, also before joining the EC in 1973. Ever since the UK has had influence on EC/EU but eventually votes to leave, on whatever facts people bellieved in on that day.
    Things are tough now, so of course we blame others for all we don’t like, including the consequences of Brexit.
    Still that doesn’t prove if leaving was smart.

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