Next in our series profiling the various party manifestos in the European Parliament elections is the Party of the European Left (PEL). As usual, the infographic below represents some of the policies that caught our eye, but there’s much more in the European Left manifesto (and you can read it in full on their website).

So, what do the European Left believe? We’ve taken some of the main points from their manifesto and presented them below (click for a bigger image). There’s much more in the manifesto itself, but these are some of the policies that stand out:

If you like the sound of these policies, make sure to support the European Left in our Me&EU series! Or, if you think the European Left manifesto would take Europe in the wrong direction, stay tuned as we will be looking at each of the others parties’ positions in turn.

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    Left tax reform is to free of taxes all low and midlle incomes of persons and business and eliminate indirect taxes that burden all without exemption.And cover the small sum needed by increasing taxes of weathy.

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    The European left is a joke nowadays. Only a mere shadow before the real liberals.

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    Of couse not. The problem in EU, is the Left of the XIX- XX. Hello, !!!

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    Some of it is good, like whistleblower laws and including employment in ECB goals. Other stuff is wannsinnig.

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    Not any tax for low and midlle incomes.That WAS left policy

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    Of course NOT ! Even if some of it sound good, it’s used only as a snare!

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    Olivier Dutreil

    I agree except on point 9
    But usually I do not support left parties

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    Of course not! What they saying from what they can do is a distance that never can be covered!

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    Anti-globalism /mass immigration? Sure.

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    “Establish a democratic control of financial market and the public democratic ownership of banks”does this sound like going back to communism? Why China is able to stand firm against full assault from the US in a trade war with unprecedented scale? It is because of its efficient policy making process. Why China is able to resist the shock from the 2008 financial crisis broke out from the Wall Street? It is because its Central Government is able to announce the release of a $565 billion stimulus plan and rapid decision to sell all manufactured household utensils to the rural areas with cheap price as it was correctly foreseen purchasing power of the US, Europe and other major economies would be seriously diminished… So, in this era of great turbulence, Europe needs seriously collective security and efficient government and more free hand for those who are professional in the financial market rather than more ignorant politicians dragging legs of development with all sorts of lip services with political ideologies.

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    End the NATO alliance is correct but reject EU militarization needs to think very carefully. When EU has to follow NATO commend to fight unnecessary wars for “making America Great Again”, EU has no more freedom and peace. No economy can prosper when fighting war all the time. When Trump called recently Jimmy Carter how to deal with China, President Carter said China has not fought any war since its open door policy, while the US has never stopped wasting money on fighting war. So, to end NATO membership is necessarily required for economy of EU to prosper. However, it is unrealistic if EU can survive without military protection. EU does not need to go militarism but it definitely needs its own army to protect Europe from aggression and terrorism. A limited but sophisticated and powerful European army is essential to protect EU benefit. It is required to threaten aggressors.

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    Refugee problem is created by traditional American Middle East policy to control oil and sale arms. Obama’s Arab Spring has directly led to Europe’s current influx of refugees and the rise of ISIS. EU needs to tackle the refugee issue from the root. It is to have an independent army to secure peace and stability in the Middle East. As we have all witness how the US ambition to overthrow an elected president of Venezuela is curbed when Russia has sent 99 military advisers to Venezuela. It is very clear when EU is not going to fight any war with the US, it US is unable to initiate any military conflict. This is the reason why the US wants to drawn Brazil into NATO. The earlier EU withdraws its membership from NATO and form its own army, the more peace EU can secure for its people. When peace in the Middle East is secure, refugees can go back to their homeland orderly. Those with skills and knowledge EU needs should be allowed to stay and offer their contribution.

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    Pull out from Free Trade Agreement cannot protect European industry, agriculture and the rest mentioned. By pulling out from FTA, other economies can impose tariff and non-tariff trade barriers to discourage European goods. This can severely damage economy, particularly the next target of the US after China should be Europe. Drastic changes in this turbulent moment would lead to more damage than improvement. However, this does not mean that Europe cannot renegotiate for better terms for a win-win situation.

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