Next in our series profiling the various party manifestos in the European Parliament elections is the Party of European Socialists (PES). As usual, the infographic below represents some of the policies that caught our eye, but there’s much more in the PES manifesto (and you can read it in full on their website).

So, what do the PES believe? We’ve taken some of the main points from their manifesto and presented them below (click for a bigger image). There’s much more in the manifesto itself, but these are some of the policies that stand out:

If you like the sound of these policies, make sure to support the PES in our Me&EU series! Or, if you think the PES manifesto would take Europe in the wrong direction, stay tuned as we will be looking at each of the others parties’ positions in turn.

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    No socialists nowhere and anywhere

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    Socialism and communism don’t interest to no one.

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    I live in estonia, recently, i spoke to a german couple who told me that, there is a CAR TAX in germany, where you actually have to pay… for owning a car… about no, i love free estland, we dont want your shitty socialism.

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    Portugal is a sunny country… with such an amount of beautiful days, how can one spoil it all with a grey, heavy and forever in debt, sad Socialist government?

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    Not any socialist measure supported ever

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    Socialism means caring for others so we can all have a better life!

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      Very true, socialism focuses on collective goods with collective efforts with greater government involvement for the distribution of wealth and benefit so as to achieve a more equal society. While liberalism focuses on individual freedom and liberty, while the government should be kept small. It appears that people of Western democracy are very contradictory. They only want government to offer everything including welfare, benefit and even a good life but they all want to limit the power of government and even hate government and officials, the parliament/congress becomes a battling ground of parties, and any act of the governing party would be amplified with a microscope and opposition parties job is to attack the governing party so as to take over its office… Are these ” isms” are only some ideals basing on which a body of philosophy is constructed. It is better to forget all these “isms”and be pragmatic and rational, to see what is best for sustainable growth of the society and how the society can prosper collectively. An affluent society can always take better care of the vulnerable ones.

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