The European Green Party adopted their common manifesto following their Berlin Council in November 2018 (and you can read the manifesto in full on their website). As part of our coverage in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in May, we’ll be looking at the Greens‘ manifesto in detail below. We’ll also be taking a look at the manifestos of the other parties, and we’ll publish those over the coming weeks.

So, what do the European Greens believe? We’ve taken some of the main points from their manifesto and presented them below (click for a bigger image). There’s much more in the manifesto itself, but these are some of the policies that stand out:

If you like the sound of these policies, make sure to support the Greens in our Me&EU series! Or, if you think the Green manifesto would take Europe in the wrong direction, stay tuned as we will be looking at each of the others parties’ positions in turn.

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    On a side note to voting. I want to vote but my country Cyprus EU comission has not replied to my request for a list of EU candidates and what they stand for. So I will not vote if I don’t know who I am voting for and why. The EU should make it mandatory for each EU member country to display this info for EU citizens to access.

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    As many like me VOLT is for sure the best option to choose! Independent, progressive, young, neither left nor right, perfect blend! Goto: and get impressed! Let’s VOLT, not reVOLT

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    Will be voting for Senator Grace O’Sullivan

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    Greens promote the CO2 scam(All plants convert CO2 to produce O2) and cut down forests. > Greens promote the rich and oppress the poor. What more can you say?

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    it sounds more like a bright red manifesto.

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    Sounds amazing as long as they don’t promote Veganism as the best nutrition for everybody as that is a lie. Veganism is harmful to the health of the carb-intolerant and those who have or are prone to certain illnesses. All ways of eating should come with a health warning that it may not be suitable to an individual’s unique metabolic and genetic type, current health issues and illnesses they are prone to.

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      correct, although a bit a to small as a topic (yet) within europe. Maybe?
      As many like me VOLT is for sure the best option to choose! Independent, progressive, young, neither left nor right, perfect blend! Goto: and get impressed! Let’s VOLT, not reVOLT

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      A glimmer of hope inspired by coordinated action takers taking on reform for the rest of society. Volt is another welcome addition to Diem25. *Note:

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      Britian is swamped with people, especially London

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    migration isn’t a human right, enviromentally friendly alternative energies have been proven to damage the environment too in much worse ways. the war on men is being driven by feminists. gmo foods are not bad for you, free market means some people win, some people lose.

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    I do like their emphasis on fighting climate change, especially when you have a climate change denier in power across the Atlantic. Maybe, they should have flat out supported a big hike in the EU-wide carbon tax from day one. I also appreciate their inclusion of migration in their electoral program as a counterbalance to the fear-mongering far-right of Steve Bannon & Co. What I’m missing a bit as a fight for a fair & just tax system – raising taxes on the wealthy and the corporations, and commitment to a non-interventionist foreign policy, that will unconditionally denounce illegal coups & regime-change wars (Venezuela, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq), without regard for crying neocons in Washington lead by John Bolton. As rightly pointed by 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, there are brutal dictators & authoritarian leaders around the globe that systematically oppress the population and disregard the rule of law. However going to war under the pretext of restoring democracy & freedom (cover for the greedy corporations in the hunt for cheap natural resources) ultimately causes more harm and suffering to population of those countries, compared to when diplomatic means are used. The political vacuum caused by these wars lead to total chaos and mass migration of innocent civilians, that are then used for propaganda-purposes by the far-right. Not to mention the money that can be saved and spent productively in the domestic infrastructure. I wished they were stronger on this point.

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    Con Corkery

    Greens, The same everywhere.. Every step towards their eutopia means finding ways of increasing taxes on the families that they’re supposed to be serving. Useless bunch of gobshites!

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