Between 23-26 May 2019, Europeans will elect a new EU Parliament. Their vote will help decide the future direction of Europe over the next five years. It’s an important vote. Will we see a populist wave of euroscepticism overtake the European Union? Will new political movements take shape? When the smoke has cleared, will there be a mandate for change?

Voter turnout in European elections is traditionally low. For many, the EU is too distant and complex. Nevertheless, the decisions made in Brussels by our MEPs and governments affect all of us. From the tackling unemployment and reforming the Single Currency, to responding to the migrant and refugee crisis, to tackling the impending climate crisis, the EU plays an important role. Surely, among all the issues that Europe deals with, there are some that concern you personally?

If you vote, you can make a difference. Because of this, the European Union has launched a campaign for the 2019 European elections “This Time I’m Voting“.

Will you vote in the European Parliament elections? Take part in our poll below and let us know if you’ll be turning out! And, as always, let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Anabella Peters

    I think this election is special because now the majority of the european citizens might have heared what 2014 was not that public: there will be spitzenkandidaten who allows us to personalize the parties and in turn the Commission agenda! I am very excited about the spitzenkandidaten debates this year!

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    No. All parties in my country are shitty.

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      Marc Wilson

      Well, not voting allows them to stay that way, if only shitty voters vote.

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    If we don’t vote things will stay as they are so, let’s try a change. We know all politicians work for their own benefit and the EP is a nest of useless second hand loosers but….

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    Wish I could, but even though I live in an EU member state, after 29 March I will lose the right to vote.

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      assuming you live in one of the 27, you only lose the right to vote if you haven’t registered as a permanent resident. ..all states have their own processes to allow that.

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      Me too

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      You also lose the right to vote if you are British and the UK has already left the EU 😣

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      Angela Hahn

      The Brits can change that if they really want to.

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    Definitely! The more I learned during my Masters about the EU the more I understood its not a second order election (in comparison to national elections) but a great project to fight for! And a better and progressive Europe starts with a vote :) even if one supports the opposition parties only with a solid turnout we can ensure to be represented.
    Gonna be excited about the spitzenkandidaten debates this year!

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    54 % did not at the last time.66 % from Portugal did not.

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    Yes, it’s going to be a wonderful surprise for the eurocrats…

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    Voting is the only way to make changes. 🧐

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      catherine benning

      @ George Will you vote in the European Parliament elections?

      You cannot expect change if all you have to vote for are the same people who gave you destruction in your homeland. And when they did it with the intention of doing just that.

      A vote for the man or woman who lied to you last time, or, hid their vision of where they were intending to lead you, as a European, is simply condoning what they have already mastered. In other words, you are backing their intentions to continue to lead you on the path you are on.

      Democracy only works when the participants are given alternative ideals. And that any change of plan revealed to you is in honesty. If the policies are hidden prior to your vote, you have been conned. That will never alter a thing for the better, it can only get worse. It simply means more of the same. And the very worst outcome of that is, politicians rarely reveal where they are taking the next step with your life and your childs life, prior to any election.

      Take Theresa May and the Conservative party. They denied their party voters any discussion or even knowledge that they intended to sign an open door policy on immigration in December of last year. And it is still kept secret to this day. Even though a large part of the Brexit vote was due to mass immigration from the EU. As well as the rest of the world via European and globalist policy. She knew it was a severely contentious issue as the outcome from this virtual colonisation we face has dramatically changed the UK culturally and ethnically. It has brought many areas of the UK environmentally third world. Made them into no go areas. A very scary place for Western people who are forced to reside in this kind of milieus as a result of their poverty.

      Now, is she planning to expose the move she made and the meaning of what it does to our society and do it ‘before’ the next general election? Is she planning to list it in the Conservative manifesto? I don’t think so. Therefore, those who will be voting will have no idea where putting their cross next to her party will be taking them. Who will they blame for the influx once it starts to profoundly kick in and we Brits are out of EU control? Will she then fess up to the fact she voted this in herself, prior to leaving the EU and knowing she was doing it quite separately from EU control and policy? If she did, would you expect her to win the vote for sticking to her ideals? I doubt it.

      So, will I be voting in the next EU elections. No, I shall be out of EU jurisdiction. The vote is for Europeans, not for me. However, who would I be able to vote for should I have had the chance? I don’t like where the EU is going. I don’t like those who run the show. I don’t fully know where they are leading the European people. I know I don’t want more third world anti female stance imposed on me or those close to me. Had I wanted that, I would have moved to one of those countries where the standard of living is as appalling as parts of the UK have become and are a lot cheaper by far.

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    Yes, I’ll vote. I’m from a country where for 48 years the vote was not universal. So as long as I can, I’ll always vote every time I’m asked to do it.

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Statement: “If you vote, you can make a difference.” Really?
    Q: what are the real options & who is the exciting alternative?

    The different party choices to me seem to be:

    * Super hot enthusiastic pro EU,
    * Warm enthusiastic pro EU and
    * Lukewarm enthusiastic pro EU………
    * the end………?

    Why does one need to study for a “Masters in EU science” before one understands the higher meaning of EU politics? However, such degree is highly appreciated in Brussels’ institutions and a sure bet for an “exciting” and safe job- as long the political EU exists.

    “The EU is too distant and complex”. True. But closer to a one party (“pro enthusiastic EU”) future USE super state than anything else. A Chinese clone being cloned?

    The majority without EU degrees seem to be confused. Is that a reason for the EU to embark this time on an aggressively heated (& more expensive) “pro enthusiastic EU” voter’s campaign drive- specially targeting the political young, innocent & undecided- to safe the concept of:

    *”Fatherless” is better than “Fatherland”- pc equally valid
    * “Motherless” is better than Motherland”


    More like the “never say never die” professional bunch of discarded national politicians- fighting for a last chance in the EU boxing ring to extent their political expiry date.

    It too offers a much sought after career for bureaucrats and a save position (just an EU oath required) to help Brussels USE aspirations! Such EU oath is definitely not exiting to the majority!

    Granted, the EU urgently needs some cheerleaders to spread political excitement & happiness!

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      I like how you write, so not voting?

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    yes I will vote in the European, municipal and regional elections …. if God wants in the general elections in Spain ✌

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    Love to but guess not allowed anymore

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    Of course I will vote. Against the european union and against the eurocrats. Hope ppe and pse will be humiliated

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    I vote, for change. We are fed up burocrats

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    It is prudent to take a look back every so often or the chances of stepping in the same crack in the pavement as often happens is more likely. Vote with your head truly screwed on and good luck

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    I want to vote but I have tried to find a list of candidates and what they stand for in my country and I recieved no reply from the EU Parliament for my country. How can I vote if I do not know who the candidates are and what they stand for?

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      Marc Wilson

      If you’re registered to vote, you should receive a polling card. And of course, you can always Google.

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    Marc Wilson

    I hope I’ll be able to, if we can kill Brexit. I’ve never missed a vote in my life.

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    I really want to vote, but it will require taking one day off work and a 5 hour round trip to the nearest consular representation, in my case it’s Manchester.

    Since voter turn out is traditionally low in these elections, why not set up remote voting via smartphone apps?

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    Greece hasn’t done any of the necessary arrangements for expats to vote in this or any other election 😡

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    YES. We need changes, and voting is the way to get them.

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    Yes, I don’t want others to decide for me.

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    Yes. It’s the only way to shake the feeling that the things are rigged at European level…

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    To vote for whom…who brings a change?

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      The candidates of the Greens for EC president offer changes in policies, but find out whom you can vote for in your country, as in each country there are choices who offer changes.

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      …..and do you believe in this “choices who offer changes”………….

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    It is lost time. I will spent it with my family. I don’t believe on those burocrats an corrupts in Brussels. Nobody will have my trust thru voting act.

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    Yes, ofcourse. I will vote for the only European party out there.
    As long as politics stay national we will only see a decay in the EU. As politicians blame the EU and have no gain defending it. And as the media follows the politicians.
    So join the future and also vote for Europe.

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      That looks great so far. What is their position on secularism? Freedom of speech? Where tradition encroaches on individual freedom, who wins? Charlie Hebdo, let’s say?

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      well in general in the west religion is separated from the state. I dont know if there is actual current stance on it since policy is also made as we speak.
      But I can assure you that those democratic values are within Volt. So we wont reintroduce to church into the state.
      Freedom of speech is of course promoted but we also know that there is a line. With recent fake news spam or racism, lines must be put. But where this starts and stops is a constant debate.

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    yes, I will vote, but not in the same ones or in the bow of corruption, whether they are politicians or political parties, I will vote for new politicians, who propose a closed fight against corruption and severe judgments with retroactivity to every kind of corruption ….

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    There’s not honesty in the politivcians of my country. Nop

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      dont be lazy, go anyway, and vote

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