If change is coming to Europe, it will be in 2019. Not only is Brexit due (in theory) in March but there will also be European Parliament elections in May; a new president of the European Commission; new presidents of the European Council and the European Central Bank (ECB), not to mention the fact that the EU’s next five-year budget plan (the “Multiannual Financial Framework”) will be up for negotiation.

The path the EU follows over the next five years will be chosen in 2019. The stakes are high. The Trump administration in the United States been breaking taboos when it comes to the post-war international order, and global geopolitics is in a state of flux. Fear and uncertainty over the future, the relentless march of automation and other new technologies, coupled with concerns about migration and employment, are creating a dangerous mix. In some EU member states, populist-led governments seem intent on forcing a showdown with “Brussels”, which they paint as disconnected from ordinary Europeans.

What will 2019 bring for Europe? Will hope win out over fear and anger? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    cathernine benning

    What will 2019 bring for Europe?

    Not being a clairvoyant this is certainly a difficult call but here we go.

    I feel Pandora’s box has at last been opened for Europeans as a whole. Finally we realise what is hailed as government is merely a group of highly paid, by the tax payer, officials who are taking us on unelected paths to a place called, The New World Order. What is this NWO? Not clear. Who will it benefit? Unknown. Where is it leading us? Your guess is as good as mine.

    However, the indication is, it will take us on the same path we have invested in for some decades if we continue to allow it. One of diminished income, dropping standard of living, sidestepped education and lower standards in health care. And why I say this is, that is what we have been suffering for some considerable time under this ideology and the resulting policies we collectively and repeatedly vote for.

    Every time there is a new election we get the same people putting forward the same policies. It repeats consistently and we consistently vote them back in for another term. When there is an alternative representative, they are rejected. Or, so they tell us. As we cannot prove otherwise. There is no evidence one way or the other. Not in the real sense.

    When the public make an effort to rid themselves of the collaborators of an ideology very few of us want, we are told we don’t know what we voted for. It will mean even more poverty than we presently endure if we stand by that decision of change. They threaten us with overwhelming poverty. Then force us to vote again for the same ridiculous and senseless politicians we had before. The ones following the path of European destruction. If, as with the US, the voter manages to get a person in that is not seen as part of the political conspiracy group, he is hounded mercilessly by false accusations or accusations their guys carried out prior to the new start promised by the elected outsider. Take the adulterous Clinton’s, now claiming Trump is into paying for sex and additionally paying a blackmailer to keep her mouth shut. Does Monica come to mind at all? Then the Obamas and their war enthusiasm.

    The murderers of nations akin to Iraq, Libya, and the continuation of Syrian slaughter. Add that to the fingers in the Yemen of our Western and European leaders. Any change there? No, yet, we continue to vote for the same front runners and back room boys who set this scam up. Are ‘they’ getting poorer by the way? Do you see any of them needing a food bank? Funny that. The austerity only affects the hard working class tax payer. The one they continually promise they will bring out of darkness but never do once in office.

    So, what will 2019 bring. A new wave of voter awareness? One that demands an end to treachery and deceit by those who direct our future? People who question why European tax payers are bled dry by wars in third world countries and then drained by the influx of the citizens of those countries who are encouraged here by the same war mongering leaders intent on reducing our lifestyle and cultural advantage to the level of the incomers.

    Look at your environment. Look closely. Are the streets being cleaned? Is the rubbish being collected? Is the crime rate lessening? Are the thousands of cameras you pay for stopping the diminishing of your quality of life? Is your standard of living being maintained or enhanced by all the political chicanery you have voted for over the decades?

    If not, then what will 2019 bring to you? It should bring an awareness that has never been possible before.

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    catherine benning

    Well it appears a few of the EU 27 are realising their past folly. And the fortunate people of Switzerland are able to make their voices heard, without any appointed representative stomping over their face or voice, even if they disagree with decisions put to them. The way they dare to do in the UK today as citizens stand up for their right to a complete and utter Brexit, as voted for by a clear majority in our referendum to leave or stay, over two years ago.

    More, our creepy women MPs, those same defectives selected by all female lists, now want to remove the right of free speech in our country when told of their error. This is in order that they do not have to hear public voices who disagree with policies those traitorous representatives are voting for. And, these low life MPs are doing this after they refuse to vote for their constituencies wishes. And then wonder why same public call them names in frustrated anger. The same names these females shout repeatedly at others in the Commons and at the general public they bump into on the streets.

    ‘O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!

    Robert Burns


    What will 2019 bring for Europe? I wonder?

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    Increased yellow-vest sales.

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    AI, Automation and immigrants will allow Europeans to live in relative good conditions without working if they choose so. Huge social changes are needed to incorporate this new opportunity in our society.

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    I hope better and reliable leaders for the EU. Less taxes, a better Justice against corruption of the Oligarquia. And EU is Christian. So lets put the Cultural Marxism away

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    2019 will be the end of the EU.

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      so we get russian satelittes?

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      hope not. Portugal is going to suffer even more if that hapens. The comunist Dictatorship willbe a reality

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    Not good. I will leave the continent. Too much far right.

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      you can always go to Cuba, Venezuela or even North Korea.

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    Shut down the German EEC!!!😡😡

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    bert van santen

    For Europe, I don`t know, for the EU lots and lots of trouble. ELECTIONS!!!!!!

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