Who do you think had the biggest impact in 2018? Which figure (from anywhere in the world, not just from Europe) do you believe left the biggest mark this year, whether negative or positive?

In an era of ‘personality politics’, there are plenty to choose from. It could be Donald Trump, who certainly has a knack for making himself the centre of attention. It could be German Chancellor Angela Merkel, though her political star seems to be in decline. It could be French President Emmanuel Macron (though, again, the shine seems to have come off his premiership in recent months).

We had a quick straw poll in the Debating Europe offices, and came up with a list that includes Jamal Khashoggi, the dissident journalist murdered in Turkey by alleged Saudi agents; Meghan Markle, whose marriage to Prince Harry provided a brief respite from Brexit; British Prime Minister Theresa May, who has had no respite from Brexit at all; physicist Stephen Hawking, who died in March; Carles Puigdemont, former Catalan President, who has spent the year in exile in Belgium; and Elon Musk, the controversial entrepreneur.

Who’s your person of the year? Which figure do you think had the biggest impact on events? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: (c) BigStock – Okrasyuk

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    Gotta be Jose Mourinho. I don’t care what MU fans think but the sooner he’s off cheddar his teams will play better. Come back to Spain or Portugal and let’s make Iberia great again!

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    Donald Trump, in the USA. In EU is difficult to elect, but I think the leaders of Eastern EU, are better. They understand, what are the real problems we will have with open borders. The mainstream speach, is the speach of the cultural Marxism. Great problems ahead, I am afraid.

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      Anyone whose name people have to google is immediately disqualified.

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    Go the Donald and Putin plus a few others revealing themselves

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    Robert Bogdan

    Another vote for the Donald, from me.

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    The yellow jackets of France.

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    I’d like to be the people !

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    Trump, Salvini, Orban, Bolsonaro, Gilets Jaunes

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    As modesty prevents me from nominating myself,I would go with Dr Christine Blasey Ford, what a strong and impressive woman.And what a contrast to the drunken pig that now sits on the American supreme court.

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    The Internet is my person of the year. Clearly not a human but certainly containing the collective knowledge of humanity and allowing human communication and political debate to become universally connected, thereby changing the reach of speech, politics, news, culture, education, science etc.

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