The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is over 70 years old. On 10 December 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the historic agreement, which now forms the basis of international human rights law. Human rights in the European Union are protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights, and are considered a fundamental value of the EU alongside respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

Yet are we at risk of taking human rights for granted? International organisations such as the UN, and NGOs such as Freedom House and Human Rights Watch all warn that fundamental civil and human rights are under assault globally. Are autocratic governments and populist politicians chipping away at an international rights framework that has taken decades to construct?

What does the picture looks like in your own country? Do you feel that your human rights are well-protected and enforced? Or do you get the feeling that either human rights in your country are not being uniformly applied, or that there is a rollback or erosion of rights?

Curious to know more about human rights across the European Union? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in from Emrah, who feels that his human rights are well protected as a citizen in the European Union. He believes this is something we should feel proudest of as European citizens. Is he right?

To get a response, we put Emrah’s comment to Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). How would he respond?

For another perspective, we put the same question to Mina Jaf, Founder and Director of the NGO Women Refugee Route. What would she say to Emrah’s comment? Does she feel her human rights are well-protected as a Danish citizen?

I used to feel like my human rights were protected as a citizen of Denmark, but as of the last few days, I’ve actually feared for my human rights. On the first of August, Denmark implemented a rule for Muslim women who wear burqas – it is now illegal to wear it. That’s part of how a person decides how to dress. For me it’s against human rights values to limit the freedom of how people dress. But there are many other rules coming up every day that I fear are going against my human rights as a citizen in Denmark. I don’t feel protected. I’m actually afraid about where that will bring us in Danish society in the end.

In recent years, some European countries have been receiving criticism for alleged weakening of human rights. Hungary, for example, has been highlighted in reports from NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. We had a comment from Gabriella, who believes this criticism is politically-motivated, and that it exaggerates the situation in those countries. Is she right? Why are international NGOs so critical of Hungary’s government?

To get a reaction, we spoke to Zoltán Kovács, Hungarian Government Spokesman in the Cabinet Office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. What would he say? Why is Hungary receiving so much international criticism over civil and human rights in the country?

Because that’s the very nature of NGOs today. They have, for the past couple of decades, increasingly become political organisations, and the criticism coming from them is political criticism. And that’s no good, neither for human rights agencies nor for the international arena, that NGOs are stepping out from their original role (which is presenting a professional, legal standpoint). Instead, they have chosen a different path, and that is a political path.

So, there are a number of problems with that. First, that they formulate their opinion and criticism from a political angle, which unavoidably leads to excessive formulation of opinion and also a very loose and free use of terms and words, even if there’s no problem and no issue that should be addressed. And the second is that, professionally, it is a problem because we’ve seen NGOs not simply using the original sense of international agreements and charters, but over-interpreting and over-representing them, which is no good for the professional elements of that issue.

On 25-27 September 2018, the Fundamental Rights Forum took place in Vienna, organised by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). The Forum aimed to reboot human rights conversations. It represented a space where inventive people from many walks of life could connect, reflect and act.

Are human rights under threat in your country? Or are human rights equally protected and enforced across the European Union? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Jeremy Schultz; PORTRAIT CREDITS: Mina Jaf: CC / Flickr – European Parliament;
Editorially independent content supported by: The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). See our FAQ for more details.

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    There is no any rights in my country. If you are not involved in corruption, you dont exist.

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    Talking about rights in a country where blasphemy laws still exist, and a person isn’t allowed to install a bloody electric socket in the bathroom of his own house is ridiculous.

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    Only from Socialists who seek to control every aspect of life from what you say to what you think. Incidentally, why does the left place rights above responsibilities ?

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    yes, right now my rights are under threat from european union.

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    catherine benning

    Are human rights under threat in your country?

    What Human Rights are these? We have none that isn’t fake human rights.

    How about the human right to choose who you will associate with? No more Freedom of association, no Freedom of Privacy or annonimity. No Freedom to insist polititicans do not use our vote to pretend we selected yes to the manipulation of our expectation. No Freedom of Democracy. We have no sanction over those who go against the permission they were give by the electorate to carry out their mandate.

    No mandate is clearly explained or exposed prior to a ballot or during their time in office. They hide from us the reality of what ideal they are intending to follow, as they know they would not get one vote, let alone millions of votes accepting their extraordinary and often insane political practise.

    The complete insanity of replacing our European civilisation and gene pool with those of other continents, without once divulging the intention to do so. Not once have any party or political group exposed this as the intention of globalism and that all parties had accepted it as mandatory and still do.

    Are our human rights under threat? These Human Rights are the idea of the Globalist elite and a smokscreen shoved up in order to hide from the polulation the fact they are destroying our desperately hard fought for civilisation. Not enhancing it. They have used this list of ‘rights’ to manipulate the people and this has been their intention from the onset, not simply the outcome we see taking over our lives and our souls every minute we breathe.

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    In Italia il diritto di proprietà è calpestato, ma dal 1963, do quando sono andati insieme al governo popolari e socialisti
    In Italy the right of property is stepped on, but since 1963, I do when they went together to the popular and socialist government

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    human rights without jobs and decent salaries are nothing.

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    Jette M. Abildgaard

    I agree 100% with Mina Jaf about Denmark! Not only about head scarfs but about ALL Human Rights which are constantly undermined and,as a Dane living abroad on the 19th year, the Danish Government feel 100% free to treat both I and everyone else horrible…direct threats on our lives directly from their extreme Right Wing Government, complete destructions of our work, our projects, the lives of our families, colleagues and friends from all over the World.. ???

    Further, the treatment of the Danes in Denmark – especially if they become unemployed, become ill or just getting old (as human beings DOES) the Danish Government and their so-called “administration” don’t do anything – except making things worse and, people in Denmark are dying for NO reason…one example: If you become ill, you must be mentally ill or simply have “functional disorders” – a term which is NOT recognised as an “illness” anywhere on this planet – apart from in Denmark….and, finally for now…to be accepted in Denmark one now has to behave a “real Dane”…I (who am Danish but no longer reside there and, never again will) do NOT know what a so-called “real” Dane is and, I cannot get any explanation – apart from direct threats from their horrible Government!?

    A very important thing to know about Denmark is, that if you are an independent person and, have a clear winning case over the state of Denmark, they simply kill you???? (our research on this “only” goes back 100 years though…maybe we should continue our research further 100 years back before someone is stopping this??) ..confirmed by the Danish National Ombudsman and from the Danish Legal Aid Board !!?? All public servants are protected by immunity – no matter how they treat you and, are promoted instead of punished and solicitors are called “star-solicitor” in the Danish media???)…..Human Rights??? What’s that?????

    Quote Swedish Per Olov Enquist:””Denmark is a madhouse. The court is a madhouse. The king is intelligent but perhaps…mad.” end quote. Apart from the fact that Colonial Denmark now has a Queen instead of a KIng, nothing in this quote is not true and, outside we have started to talk about when we will all be declared “mentally ill” by Denmark :(

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      Jette M. Abildgaard

      A “little” PS from me here today when I have a bit more time and, some direct questions to you FRA: What is it that should make us all feel you are different from the European NGO’s who claim to work for “Human Rights” on behalf of the European people (but do everything but that) FRA? How can we ever again start believing in the Human Race FRA???? Can/do you??

      You are stating that Denmark is on the “top 5” for good countries although everyone knows the LITTLE place now directly torture and kill both their own and others all around the World. Their “legal aid” board “turn laws upside/down” in order to avoid people to get their clear winning cases up against the state of Colonial Denmark into any Court Room, they withhold documents from the EU Court of Justice should one of their cases end up there…simply to avoid the Court will be able to finish the case (and paople are dying with NO justice and NO compensation), they are the “ideamaking” country of the horrible breaches on the so-called (none-existent) regulation (1408/71 and 883/2004) for “free movement” in Europe (how many 100% innocent, intelligent, wonderful, well educated etc. European people have been slaughtered by this “creative” Danish/American* “idea” so far, they are the self promoted “world champions” in MISCARRIAGE of Justice in Europe (which IS the recipe for breaching this regulation FRA), the LITTLE place is ALSO the “idea-maker” og how NOT to give any EU MEP’s any real insight in the TTIP agreement all of this apparently done “just for the fun of it”, they use 100% copies of the old nazi “law” – System of Triangles – against people now coming into Denmark (and against their own), I was resently asked if Denmark and their “system” ever came up and, unfortunately I have to say they did NOT FRA…yet, you put them on your “top 5” list?? On my personal list a place like my own FORMER place – Colonial Denmark is, that they can no longer be classified as exactly that: a Country – NOT AT ALL!! Denmark with her “Super-Hospitals” which I have a written admission from DK, was built for the purpose of KILLING innocent people?? Medical experiments are forcibly done on 100% healthy and wonderful people in these places by now, they forcibly “treat” 100% healthy and innocent (TORTURE) people with LOBOTOMY – in order to change their wonderful personalities, minds, bodies etc, 100% healthy and innocent people in Denmark are now being raped and tortured by – what can only be called 100% INSANE public servants, in my possession is aa photo of something which can only be a Danish “human” CLONE …I could continue FRA …continue till eternity?? Is this what – in your minds FRA – classify as a Country (deathcamp) and for a place among the “top 5” FRA??? And if yes – how comes??? Around the World, the present Danish GENOCIDE is no known as the very worst seen in newer History…..the recipe for the breaches on Regulation called (IS) the very worst crime against Humanity since the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade…apparently done “just for the fun of it”..and off course for MONEY – FRA???? And even worse..the organisations you refer to here in this page, ALL claim they have NO MANDATE to take Denmark to Court for these 100% INSANE crimes???? One of the Danish NGO’s (Institute for Human Rights??) admitted to me over the phone that yes, the Churches are involved in this and they are clearly NOT allowed to take any cases involving real Human Rights??)

      Denmark is a Lutheran Country….the Danish People Party (extreme right wing) has a “leader” who is a Lutheran “priest”….the woman who is breaching Regulation 1408 against innocent people again and again…wow….she is ALSO a Lutheran “priest” AND the Danish so-called Ethical Council…guess what…filled up with Lutheran “priests”….You might recall dear FRA, Luther hated Jews and, he also hated women, right….in Denmark Church and state is ONE….recall your own resent link here!? The Danish “Ethical” Council do NOT deal with anything relating to real breaches on the Convention for Human Rights…I for my part have ONE question for the place in which I was born and, thankfully no longer reside in, I have ONE question for them – another one which they cannot and, will not answer: When WW2 ended (if it ever did?) the population on our planet agreed that Hitler was a psychopath and, nothing similar to this horrible war should never be allowed to happen again and, the World agreed on all the very, very GOOD regulations and conventions (including the convention for Human Rights) we were now supposed to have and they were all implemented Worldwide.

      When a Country (DK) in 2009 “implement” a 100% copy of one of the NAZI “laws” (System of Triangles) from the 1930’es in order to KILL their own and others, what are the “leaders” of such a Country? Are they intelligent, “smart” – maybe creative OR, are they even worse than Hitler ever was??

      Some of the Danish “leaders” now – in 2018 – have the exact same surnames as the people from the Group called SSWiking Division 5 had…the group who committed the horrible genocide in Ukraine during WW”2 – until they were stopped by a German (of all during WW2)…nobody was ever punished for this Genocide as you must know FRA and, you must also know some of the very same surnames can be traced all the way back to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade…which Denmark NEVER stopped and, instead made the very last Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in 1917 (1917!!!) when they sold the now U.S. Virgin Islands AND the people there to the USA….apparently they never sold the Danish flag though – as it is still flying in the Virgin Islands???….the Human rights of these people??? Still in 2018??? Do they have any?? Some of them were NEVER officially freed by Denmark!!!!!!!????

      Your “Top 5” FRA…..??? Human Rights FRA…for exactly whom???

      * DK and the USA equals Anders Fogh Rasmussen (former NATO) and George Bush Jn.

      I look very much forward to your public answer to this “little” question of mine here in this debate FRA…our European debate about “Human Rights”….

      Does this Court still exist FRA:…you DO know that the very worst Genocides on this Planet of ours are ALWAYS done by the Western World, right!? Could you please help us all getting this Court opened up for the present completely INSANE, BIZARRE, PSYCHOPATHIC, INHUMAN ETC. PRESENT Genocides done right now – just before our very own eyes – in Europe????


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      Jette M. Abildgaard

      Thanks XYZ…. I am aware these numbers doesn’t come from FRA….and these are ONLY numbers FRA, which are supposed to give us all a FALSE belief…if you had seen what I have followed (from a distance) from the Danish “statistics” during the past – more than 10 years, – you might be as SAD as I am :(!!

      I am sure Denmarks former NATO General Sectretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen and his very “best” friend, former US president George Bush Jn (now a new born “religious” man I’ve heard….zzzz) will end up very rich (in money only) and, as far as I know, the Danish “Historians” are these years, writing on yet another version of the “History” (LIES) about the self proclaimed “finest arial race”…just very sad there won’t be any of us left to read any of it because we’ve all been slaughtered when the book finally get published but ok….the (“holy”) priests can just burn this one as well….and round and round it goes…

      Slante and “happy” HUMAN “Rights” (doesn’t exist) FRA and please stay sane during this, our next/present FALSE round through the “holy” repetition-wheel!!! We could start our “tour” by saying a BIG and FALSE Lutheran “AMEN”

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    What may be the reason that the DE/EU gives more prominence to HR issues than its economy? The economy was the prime reason to establish an economic block- not to go over board with HR! Forgotten?

    While Human Rights are already “securely” protected by the UN & in The Lisbon Treaty Article 6 TEU- made law & binding on all Members- it produces no direct financial benefit for anybody- accept for the employees of NGO’s like the “Human Rights Watch” (sponsored by Soros & others), Amnesty International & more. That is a wrong job creation!

    The economy is much more fragile and difficult to “instruct and regulate” to lay the golden eggs with a stroke of a Brussels pen. The Chinese seem to have found the golden pen!

    Not performing to its full potential (9-10% EU unemployment!) could be construed as political failure and HR violation not to allow adequate provision for food, housing, education, opportunities and protection from the most powerful- like Soros & Co!

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      catherine benning

      Are human rights under threat in your country?

      It is very worrying that so many who come here are shown to be highly intelligent and in touch, yet, refuse to put two and two together in this geo political facade we are living under.

      Globalism is not simply Denmark, the UK, Italy, Germany, France and so on. It is world wide. And we (the tax payers) are funding it. We the voters are putting our cross for it in the ballot box, every penny we spend encourages it, and we the people are wearing blinkers in order not to open our eyes to what is taking place. Why?

      Sit down and do a little research. Then tell me which country, which people, which part of the planet is not under the grip of this so called ideology. We are being led like lemmings to the slaughter and yet, you refuse to acknowledge it. Even though you see it in your streets daily, hear the stories of those who are suffering and those who are trying to fight back, by giving you their information and experience. Now why is that? Yes, it is frightening. And no we don’t know who or what is really going on. Or even why, but, we do know it is taking place and it is against our will.

      I read recently that someone had managed to get into a meeting taking place with those who own all the billions across the financial sector and that it is concentrated on their ownership, via this damage to our economies through taxation and illicit political chicanery. It appears their only discussion and main fear in that meeting is, how they will fend off the peasants when they come for them and their families. What more can they do or how can they take on additional security in the even of a revolt. With a sideline on fear of planetary natural activity they cannot control. Even when they have all the money on the planet.

      Suffer through the first minutes of the RR advertisement. It gets focused pretty soon.

      And nature. How do you control that?

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi Catherine- why not listen to some old literary Masters? Nobody can silence them or take them to any court anywhere- anymore! How ironic would Mark Twains 1905 King Leopold II’s “Soliloquy” compare to our present EU & HR state of affairs?

      “Jette M. Abildgaard ‘s” comment further down the column comes across as one who is utterly disgusted by his legal (HR) system in his ex “Colonial homeland Denmark”- so much so that he re-located. I doubt that “Jette”- as an individual- will ever receive a response from the ICJ: .

      Why? While Jette has a point, but has probably no legal case (submitted), neither the money to do so. “Gripe” is widespread but not an HR offence!

      The dangerous irony of this DE- HR presentation strikes me as follows:

      • Many or some know our history-
      • Many or some know what the law presently provides- nationally & internationally-
      • Many or some know that it is near impossible to get past most National Courts on HR matters to the ICJ-
      • Many or some believe that the EU is the wrong institution to ask for help-
      • Many or some know that asking the EU for HR “help” is asking (indirectly) for more EU- not less- which is exactly what the EU wishes!
      • Many or some might be overly critical of the EU –but- rather be alarmed than complacent-
      • Many or some deduct that democratic & peaceful changes can only come via home grown democratic processes within our National sovereign states in Europe- not the EU/EC/ EP- whatever such outcome may eventually provide-

      Isn’t it therefore much saver and less “infringing” to mainly concentrate fully on economical issues- not attempt to re-format Europe in its totality?

      Brexit is a manifestation of a sovereign nations protest and warning to the EU and all its buried ghosts like Leopod II & others masquerading as holy than holier HR org’s or “neo- Nobles”!

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      Jette M. Abildgaard

      To EU Reform- Proactive,

      Thanks for your reply and you are to a certain degree correct about how I feel about LITTLE Denmark….disgusted yes…except this word far from cover…

      I CONDEMN this LITTLE death camp with ALL my heart……!!!! I have actually requested a letter in which they – in writing – throw me OUT because of exactly that …I am still awaiting their reply…..: Anything is better than such a (nazi-slave)place EU Reform Proactive and, this is not about economy! NO reform and NO money can restore the very worst GENOCIDES committed on this Planet…NOT a cent!!!!

      I am afraid we need to build a very new Court EU Reform- Proactive…..a NEUTRAL Court……..IF anyone in Europe understand that word – NEUTRAL that is…I strongly doubt…. :(

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      @ Jette M. Abildgaard- Hi there!

      Yours is a very private, unusual & probably “hopeless” undertaking! You seem to object/challenge your 1848 Danish Constitution (& amended 1953). You couldn’t choose a more “difficult” but impossible task!

      Denmark has not even a “Constitutional Court”- only a Supreme Court (= political= not neutral).

      An interesting question arises: Can an EU national apply for asylum in another EU country?

      Looking for a neutral Court? Sorry Jette- bury your hopes! You probably know this anyways. From the top:

      • The International (UN 1945) Court of Justice (ICJ) – is located in “the Peace Palace in the Hague.

      Note: the US recently warned this court not to charge/implicate any US citizen! “They” would arrest that judge! Some African countries query its neutrality also. A Supra politicontinental court- Q: Can politics ever be “neutral”? My A: No!

      * The “European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) from the CoE having 47 European Members & residing in Strasbourg: a supranational European court & copy of the UN. How can it be considered neutral?

      * Lastly, the “EU Court of Justice”. That is the LEAST neutral court! A political one- to enforce EU law & its politics!

      Unfortunately Jette, the search for NEUTRALITY in Constitutional Court matters remains a MYTH! No law on earth is/can be neutral! A last resort: “Gods law of neutrality”- a virtue called ethics, morality & honesty!

      Judges and the judiciary should be/are “impartial” and “independent” (not neutral) and adjudicate the law without fear or favor!

      In the US- once Republicans are in power, later Democrats coming to power can/do appoint THEIR preferred candidates when opportune. That is US political “neutrality”! Good luck!

    • avatar
      Jette Mae Abildgaard

      As far as I am aware EU Reform- Proactive, Denmark is now in “full swing” changing lovely, intelligent, well educated, wonderful, diverse and PERFECT huan beings into hat can only be called Hitler-Machines.
      A behaviour like that EU Reform- Proactive, is not just insane, it’s not only psychopathic, 100% CRAZY etc. – it’s SO sick, so mentally retarded, som completely psychopathic there is no longer anything we can do to save the Danish NAZI state and, when something SO completely MAD happens e only have one opportunity left: To LOCK them UP for the rest of their miserable, insane lives…..!! This is basic and REAL psychology EU Reform- Proactive – NOT just another version of the Danish insanity and, its more than SAD. IN fact no words – not ONE have been invented which can cover this….not at all!!!

      Problem is one can’t even ish them to hell…simply because they ARE HELL!!!!

    • avatar
      Jette Mae Abildgaard

      OK EU Reform- Proactive…..

      First of all, thanks for publishing this about DK….then I didn’t have to …at least not here in this forum…and not for now….

      Second…are you afraid of publishing your name? Afraid of speaking in public maybe?

      And how comes EU Reform- Proactive, you clearly have a need to come down on the European Courts and other European departments?

      During my research about the LITTLE OLD slave-nation in question – DK, these institutions and courts have been most helpful and honest EU Reform- Proactive..hence my question?

      The European Courts and other EU institutions are NOT the ones never implementing any EU and other International laws, they are NOT the ones not thinking the Convention on Human Rights is not needed…Denmark and her old right wing (NAZI) cleaner is EU Reform- Proactive (because Denmark LOVE committing genocides and slavery – the ONLY things Denmark really know how to do :(… )…the little place who doesn’t even have a law-library!!!

      And no EU Reform- Proactive – I am not the one with a personal problem – slave nation Denmark have a lot of problems – in fact she’s got so many by now she has become THE problem….we could call her the European “mental illness” or maybe Europe’s “functional disorder”!??

    • avatar
      Jette Mae Abildgaard

      PS EU Reform- Proactive without any name…. :)

      There is ONE institution neither you nor I have mentioned in this debate so far: – need I write more?? “Human Rights”??? Oh no…as long as we all believe in and pray to the Lutheran “Gods” then their “heaven” will “save” us all or, will they really??

      Remember, there is a MASSIVE difference between Religion and Christianity – correct!? And, if any place i FALSE this is the one! This place is about POWER and, nothing else…absolutely not one thing dear EU Reform- Proactive!!

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Dear Jette,

      sorry, but as a “none EU politician or representative”- without political ambitions- I only express one (1) personal & private (“unimportant”) opinion! I am trying not to become too repetitive!

      Q: Name?
      A: My free choice! Since all voters and our political vote is “protected”. I “choose” to accept that political notion & remain anonymous- similarly as my vote is treated on polling day!

      EU/DE is a clever but political widely, well funded & constructed entity (AI, BI, & OLAP “harvested”)- despite its harmless supra democratic sheen!

      “Economics”, a better & fairer deal for all should remain the main agenda as envisaged after 1952! Europe has such potential- not to be wasted!

      Q: EU & HR Critique?
      A: As you similarly critique & despise DK’s (non) Constitution= part of our common history: who says history cannot repeat itself- but in a different form, shape & script?

      “HR” before ~WWII was unknown under HR- but was driven mainly by “religious HR”. Today: “HR & EU treaty laws” (= new political POWER- not “outdated” religion)- is used to control & drive the creation of an EU super state- affecting all of us in future. 2 choices on voting day: agree or disagree- simple & cut a long story short!

      However, both religion & HR have/had very positive elements & intentions incorporated & cannot be summarily condemned or easily separated! Like “Siamese” twins, triplets or quadruplets …!

      Only our “harmless but secrete vote” in 2019 can contribute to a change for the “better” or a “different approach”- which the politician & their corporate backers have to respect and should fear!

    • avatar
      Jette Mae Abildgaard

      Sorry EU Reform-Proactive…..I almost forgot you…..

      Regarding DE/EU……….zzzzzz………but dearest EU Reform- Proactove, which number “Reich” are we at this time…..the 4th, 5th, 100th……?? Listen EU Reform- Proactive…here on my desk…just in front of me right now, is a copy of one of the books the priests burned….approximately 300 years ago…just before the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade started…….10 volumes in total (about the OLD Colonials) and in them are what we now read in the “news” every day right now 2018……MAYBE..if people like Juncker, Merkel, the old Danish cleaner, May and all the rest could keep themselves sober long enough to actually THINK (means using one’s brain…the inside of the skull on a human being)THEN we all might be able to go ahead instead of repeating again and again…..and NO there is NO new things in this repetition ether…it has ALL been done before…simply because the brains of our so-called “leaders” by now are so in-breed it’s almost visible and there is absolutely NO real activity inside their sad skulls…..apart from the words GREED and INSANITY!!

      I have no more to say EU Reform- Proactive – I am deep below the surface here…looking for a little word I lost many years ago…the word called “respect”…but it’s so dark down here and I don’t think it’s worth looking anymore…simply because one cannot change mentally retarded psychopathy as the one we now experience from our self proclaimed “leaders” who are all everything but “leaders” (they are nothing but psycho’s) …they probably cannot even spell the word “leader”…!!

      Let me just end with a little poem here about the smallest barbarian people on this old continent…..I am sure they will help DE to try to become DE/EU once more…she did “fine” last time, right…how many 100% innocent and lovely people was it they raped, tortured and killed in Warsaw and Ukraine back then?? I am sure they are counting now and, trying to beat the amount in order for us all to be slaughtered this time…..they do after all STILL use some of the very same families as they did 70 years ago…some of these families even so old their family names can be traced all the way back to when the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade started (you now – the slavery Denmark “forgot” to stop and, simply just NEVER stopped………wow so “creative”, “intelligent” and “smart” they are right they are…right EU Reform- Proactive( 1000% IRONY here)!??

      “The Colonial Countries are owned by the Churches,
      The Churches, who control the NAZI’s
      The NAZI’s are the Human Race
      The Human Race who have chosen to believe in the Churches
      …and thereby enslaving them (our) selves to this…

      And if indeed the Nazism equals the Lutheranism,
      then what and, who does the state of Denmark (or Germany/Norway for that matter) represent?”

      Happy “harmless and secrete vote” in 2019…I might put my sign with my eyes closed…simply because it doesn’t matter…their INSANITY will win no matter where my mark is (IF we – the people don’t STOP them) and, as far as I KNOW, there is NOTHING as a “harmless but secrete vote” anywhere EU Reform- Proactive….The Western World is ONE BIG LIE!!

      And now…I have to go and vomit…..

  10. avatar

    in my country there is a threat of power triads, as a result of which also human rights. the creeping dictatorship slowly takes the place of democracy. Populists and nationalists in power, the language of hatred is getting bigger and bigger and comes from the lips of politicians and gives permission to spread in the public zone.

  11. avatar

    When the money appears the human rights are thrown away…

    • avatar
      Jette Mae Abildgaard

      4 years later Ivan..

      Absolutely and not “just” the Human rights.. The people are thrown away and even worse…

      My research through the past 12 years, have given me the proof/documentation the people committing these crimes against us all, are the very same families as were the very worst slave traders as well as the very worst nazi’s during the war we were told, ended in 1945 but, never ended 😢

      And my documentation proves the Europeans now, committing the horrible child-sex-slavery/trafficking – they are “just” the same old slave traders who never stopped the slave trade which is still going on..
      I have proof Danish “lawyers” as well as Danish religious groups are involved or rather, they are the ones directly committing these crimes now and, they have “fun” committing them!!?? Such subjects are criminal psychopaths and mass murderers!! We are at present living through the very worst crimes against Humanity ever committed.. The present Holocaust 😭

      Apparently these psychopaths think that, if they can just get rid of us all, they will be so “happy”..the self proclaimed Danish “elite” anno 2022 get help for the cleansing, by no other than the CIA, the FBI and others of the same type (during the war, they called themselves SSWiking – Division 5

      They have all, not just reached the “point of nó return” but the “point of no forgiveness”!!! “They” are maínly our religions!!

      In other words: We have to have some real court cases started – similar to the Nuremberg trials but, much, much better this time!!

  12. avatar

    yes, they are. Because in Spain the “ley mordaza” or “gag rule” exists since 2015 and the EU did nothing to repeal it.
    This is the English translation for the Wikipedia information:
    An editorial in The New York Times (NYT) urged the European Commission to rush to condemn the new law, citing the United Nations rapporteur, who also urged Spanish lawmakers to overturn the law. The NYT stated that “this law brings back memories of the worst days of the Franco regime and does not apply to a democratic nation.” In a later article, the NYT reflected the views on both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, that it considers the law to be a “direct threat to the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression in Spain” and cites the spokesperson of the main police union who has also expressed concern about some aspects of the law, including others, the lack of the “necessary political and social consensus” .

    Other international media, such as The Guardian, reflect the concerns expressed by the International Press Institute regarding the “disproportionate” provisions that “harm the Spanish people in their right to access information on matters of public interest.”

  13. avatar

    Today the police has been asked to detain a man who won’t go to court after aparently insulting the Mother of God. I dare call myself a Christian, I try to attend the service every week and stuff, but I think this is a Human Rights issue.

    There are singers in exile because of writing the wrong lyrics, there are politicians in prison, the far-right is alive and kicking (pretty literarily), lots and lots of people are being charged with criminal offences for protesting peacefully…

    I would say there are many issues in the Spanish Kingdom, perhaps that’s why many Catalans want out ;)

    • avatar

      I agree with the later part of your comment, last two paragraphs. However, and as much as I find that the actions taken against him excessive, I think he is a c**t and a person which finds funny to offend everyone which does not agree with him.

    • avatar

      Just because you are offended doesn’t make it less of a human rights issue. Freedom is also the freedom to offend.

    • avatar

      No, there are corrupt politicians who threatened the unity of Spain by organising an illegal referendum of independence. This is forbidden, they broke the law and some went to prison, others fled to foreign countries to avoid being jailed. They are prosecuted for corruption, embezlement of public funds, conspiracy and trying to break up the country. Christians are supposed not to lie.

    • avatar

      The people sitting outside the court didn’t do any of these things. Same for Mallorcan rap artist Valtònyc.

      Anyway, you are right about the political prisoners. The Catalan ministers who were in the Spanish Kingdom have been in prison for a few months (no trial yet) but those who were in Belgium, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or even Switzerland or Sweden are not in prison. How come the Spanish authorities dropped the international arrest warrant/the judiciary ruled against extradition on the main charges?

      If something is a terrible crime in the Spanish Kingdom but not in any of the mentioned countries perhaps the Spanish regime has an issue.

      Could you please specify the charges against Carme Forcadell and Jordi Cuixart? Just as an example.

    • avatar

      Andreu, err, Spain has a self-proclaimed “feminist”, Socialist government, not a right wing one.

    • avatar

      I thought the debate was on human rights being under threat.

      The governments in Hungary, Poland and Turkey are self-proclaimed democratic, but I am sure we could find examples of human rights being under threat there. In fact to an extent human rights are under threat in most of Europe, but perhaps not as much as in Spain, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Belarus…

      PS Don’t get me wrong: the Spanish Labour Party is not a fascist party, quite the opposite, but I do think we have examples every day of human rights being under threat under the Spanish regime (government, judiciary, corporations, police force, etc. etc.).

  14. avatar

    Yes. Not only because the catalan issue and the denying of self determination, but also because the gag law which has been previously mentioned, because you can not make jokes about dictators that the country had, etc.

  15. avatar

    They are not under threat, they are ALREADY repressed by the Spanish state and its corrupt judicial system.

  16. avatar

    Yes they are under threat in Italy because of the German imposed austerity. Eu is a trap for our economy and many people are suffering exploitation poverty abs desperation for the social cuts of these last 25 years

    • avatar

      I would rather think of the words, actions and everlasting campaigning of racist vice-Prime Minister.

    • avatar

      Isabella that’s a consequence of the fact that the so called left made for 25 years politics that benefits the wealth and damaged poor and middle classe. That fascism is a consequence of the wrenched social and economic situation

    • avatar

      Valeria what are you saying? In the last 27years the lega has been part of the government for 10 years, forza Italia (o pdl) for even longer. Then we got technical governments and Renzi…something similar to a left we had it with prodi, that’s it. A government that lasted less than 2 years because Berlusconi bought and corrupted some senators to abstain during a confidence vote. What left?

      Then let’s talk about the European union….the austerity has been very bad for sure…But if you take a graphic of Italy’s pil for the last 63 years (not the perfect tool but it’s something easy to find)you will notice that it has constantly increasing. All that doesn’t work in the European institutions is something to blame on the countries that compose the Union and their unwillingness to share or give up more sovereignty.

      That said, yes, I think in Italy human rights are seriously under threat. And it’s a threat that Italy alone can’t face. Likewise the Catalonia issue can’t be peacefully settle without the EU (remember the Irish border?). Single European states are weak one by one even the
      Strongest ones. We need to work together.

    • avatar

      Jack the only threat in Italy is the Lega Nord’s facist policy. For both Italians and foreigners .

  17. avatar

    They are dead, globally dead

  18. avatar

    I am questioning the hiring practices of some businesses in Italy, for which the application process is a mere formality when the businesses have known the applicants personally, in many cases you had better show up directly with some excuse to talk with them, if you manage to see them you are asked to bring the full CV (a mere formality at that point) the day when you are given a formal appointment. It is the reverse of a regular application process. Some employers demand explicitly that the applicant be male or female, want to see their photos, applicants must fall within a certain age range, even when the law forbids it, “some” won’t hire unless they have known you before. You’d better have a local accent in some places, cannot pass an interview if you do not have it. An article of the Italian Constitution states that “the right to work” is the founding principle of this country. What right. In some cases, workers are not entitled to unemployment benefits. I ask that Europe fully investigates the Italian job market, if more Europe be required to enforce our own laws, it is welcome.

  19. avatar

    I mean if by human rights you mean “housing” we don’t seem to have a fukken tonne of that in Dublin and Galway.

  20. avatar

    Yes, free speech is dead in the UK.

    • avatar

      Indeed, every time I try to say something I have to think twice about everything.

  21. avatar

    Human rights is an illusion, a term created to give hope to those who cannot face the reality – all of us are just slaves of the system being constantly accounted as resources, not like actual human, living beings. No one cares about your rights or wellbeing anywhere in the world. The question is pointless.

  22. avatar

    Human rights??? What is it?? (Spain 2018)

    • avatar

      Have a look at the European Convention of Human Rights or the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Perhaps both are imperfect and incomplete, but they provide the citizen, when engaged in litigation with the State, with an important safeguard.

  23. avatar

    I live I Italy. Of course they are, my whole country is under threat.

  24. avatar

    Oh they are… Catalonia’s under the spanish fascist rule and people are being jailed for their political opinions.

  25. avatar

    They are. I see my fellow citizens always impoverished and shut up, and censored by being accused of “racism/xenophobia/nazism” and other nonsense.

  26. avatar

    Greece taxing reached over 80%, I don’t know how compatible this is with basic human rights.

    • avatar

      That’s why every time I buy something in Greece there is no receipt. Especially in restaurants.

    • avatar

      Galina I guess so. What would you do if your government had taxes like that , and that is only the income tax with the 20%that is left you have to still pay property taxes, insurance etc.

    • avatar

      what I am trying to say is that tax evasion is a matter of survival these days.

  27. avatar

    Yes 10.000 Irish people homeless in Ireland, 400 of them children. Government cannot support its own people

  28. avatar

    Here, in Hungary, human lefts are under threat. :D

    • avatar

      There seem to be a few basic human rights under threat there as well, from what I hear: freedom of expression, right to equality, right to apply for asylum. Of course, no country is perfect, as a postervabove mentioned, the right to housing is being denied to some in Ireland.

  29. avatar

    Jack show me this graphic that should demonstrate that Italy Pil increased after joining the euro. There is none. Instead there are plenty of studies and research that show that despite the economic growth there has been no redistribution at all.

  30. avatar

    Isabella, instead of repeating, parrot-like, what the left-wing media feed you, perhaps you can actually cite ONE example of his so-called racism? No? I thought as much.

  31. avatar

    Carmen, what’s “fascist” about the Lega Nord? Please cite an example.

  32. avatar

    yes freedom of speech is under threat in west and south europe by the fascist mobsters known as “antifa”

  33. avatar

    I wonder what Americans think about human rights? I know they didn’t sign parts of the Geneva convention with regard to the non- use of exploding bullets. They refused to sign the Princess Diana anti landmine treaty even though 100 other countries did. Illegal use DUM around the world, despite being banned etc.

    • avatar

      Don’t think any country cares about anti mine treaties.

    • avatar

      Dominik you care to walk on holiday where there’s an unknown amount of landmines scattered by plane for decades on the ground? Designed to spring up 1.5m and disperse thousands of ball bearings at the level of your testicles!

    • avatar

      Themselves and israel are causing all this.

  34. avatar

    I have faith in the European Union.

    A few things that have been happening in Hungary:
    Government propaganda encourages violence against minorities
    Unbiased judges were replaced by people who have allegiance to fidesz party
    Civil organisations are prosecuted
    Rights of the lgbtq people are rapidly diminishing
    Newspapers and other media that oppose f*desz are shut down one after the other
    Many people lose their homes and there is no system to help them.
    Healthcare is in such a bad condition that it has a corpse count

    It honestly does feel like it is not a goal of the parliament that the citizens be alive, educated, happy in the country. All they want is power and the rest can crumble for all they care.

  35. avatar

    Yes because an authoritarian government has used international far right money to influence UK politics with the intention of dividing EU and undermining human, workers and environmental rights in UK. The referendum has been proven to be corrupted, and therefore unlawful, but still the right wing persist

    • avatar
      Jette M. Abildgaard

      100% agree Madelaine and, who could be the owners of those “international far right money”?

      Could the answer to this be: “The same as usual” :(?? They seem to be able to ONLY repeat, repeat and repeat again and again…so, so very SAD :(

    • avatar

      Ofc because freedom should have no price. Only the weak and left surrender to globalist Agenda’s. The whole EU is working against it all. When a fouding father wants out you know its fucked up.

  36. avatar
    Pamela M.

    What about the human right in South American people ? The corrupted politicians together with mine companies are killing ambient activists , amazónicas Indians , for gold and oil . People is very poor and living in inhuman conditions , The Amazonian river is poisoned
    Corruption is in the most of the South American countries , all representant of the ONU from each countries lies .
    Help the people please !!!

  37. avatar

    Human rights you mean this: “rights” to killing babies after conception, radical feminism, mass immigration into Europe, antiChristianity, promoting degeneracy?

    Then EU wins.

  38. avatar

    Zoltan Kovacs is speaking about CÖF, a government founded and financed “NGO”.

  39. avatar

    You mean free speech? Yes that’s already gone

  40. avatar

    In Hungary, human rights are very much under threat. Denying this will not make it less true.

    • avatar

      Whats up there?

    • avatar

      Too bad, our present government is a bunch of brigants, lead by a scumbag that calls himself a prime minister. They are only interested in filling their own pockets with our taxes. The worst of all, the mindles masses still support him, they are still mesmerised by their populistic propaganda.

    • avatar

      Job I have faith in the European Union.

      A few things that have been happening in Hungary:
      Government propaganda encourages violence against minorities
      Unbiased judges were replaced by people who have allegiance to fidesz party
      Civil organisations are prosecuted
      Rights of the lgbtq people are rapidly diminishing
      Newspapers and other media that oppose f*desz are shut down one after the other
      Many people lose their homes and there is no system to help them.
      Healthcare is in such a bad condition that it has a corpse count

      It honestly does feel like it is not a goal of the parliament that the citizens be alive, educated, happy in the country. All they want is power and the rest can crumble for all they care.

  41. avatar

    Pretty sure they do everything they can to protect hungarian rights.

    • avatar


  42. avatar

    In my country of origin, we have too much democracy, and too much democracy means killing the individual rights.
    Someone said: “Every rights correspond with duty”, in which I agree.
    Because “DUTY” means doer of respect.
    All of us has the rights but we must also respect it, (ourselves and others).

  43. avatar

    Yes, when the brother of a fully veiled hospital patient near Genova orders the nurse to lower her eyes when talking to him because she is a woman, our human rights are very much under threat.

  44. avatar

    The migrants and the migrazions are threated to us

    • avatar
      Jette M. Abildgaard

      This is not correct! OUR (the European) Laws are made wrong. They are made in a way so they hurt us all – migrants and Europeans alike and, unfortunately I am sure this is done on purpose!

      “Somebody” want a war in Europe..This “somebody” needs money and, how to make these money? There are good money in DNA (lives) so, IF this “somebody” can make us kill each other, the “somebody” will be rich and thereby “happy”… :( The past 20 years have made me lose my faith in the human race completely – especially in the part of the race who see themselves as something they are NOT: “leaders”…..they are tyrants!

  45. avatar

    Yes, the independence of judiciary was affected by latest changes.

  46. avatar

    Tbh it’s a witch hunt, EU double standards … … EU justified that premeditated extreme politically driven unnecessary violence in Catalonia please don’t pretend EU care about rights, values and democracy, Orban et al have valid arguments, Spain & EU do not

  47. avatar

    In Spain there are political prisoners and exilies for letting people vote during the referendum of 01/10/2017 in Catalonia. There are also so much people being prosecuted by a farce justice, about 1000. Some of them rap singers like Valtonyc. Most of Spanish mass media are controlled by the State and continually write fake news, some of them lying about the past terrorist attacks in Barcelona or accusing Catalan people. Moreover some of the police and army men still claim the Francoism and have linkages with the extreme-right.

  48. avatar

    The international covenant for civil and political rights that you mention in your summary states on article I that “All peoples have the right of self-determination”. I believe that this covenant as treaty signed by Spain is part of the legal Spanish framework equal or actually superior to the Spanish constitution. Obviously self-determination is prosecuted in Spain with 30-year prison charges. So no, no respect for that part of human rights in Spain.

  49. avatar
    Bill Buttlicker

    I have to disagree with all of you

  50. avatar

    We don’t have any right in my country.

    • avatar
      Calin-Cristian Delavale

      Chris, the same in my country, Romania. Peaceful citizens were detained by the gendarmes because they were protesting against the changes made by the minister of justice in Romania. Gendarmes can do anything against the ordinary citizen, without the citizen having a specific right.

  51. avatar

    Yes, native Europeans Rights are under attack since the wild mass migration was allowed ..

  52. avatar

    If you are white native European you don’t have any rights.

  53. avatar

    The biggest threat to human rights (world widel is MANDATORY VACCIANTION!

  54. avatar
    Calin-Cristian Delavale

    Peaceful citizens were detained by gendarmes, for protesting against the changes made by the minister of justice in Romania. Gendarmes can do anything against the ordinary citizen, without the citizen having a specific right.

  55. avatar
    Paul Drogeanu

    In ROMANIA human rights and the rule of law are under threat !

  56. avatar

    I don’t think there are any countries left where human rights are not in danger.

  57. avatar

    Hard quetion when one reagrds personal freedom as a right and others think birth control pills are a right

    • avatar

      They’re BOTH rights. And being that you’re not a woman, you should really shut up, when it comes to women’s issues.

  58. avatar

    I doubt there is at least one human right left that was not violated The thing is it’s impossible to prove as smb else is walking in your shoes But you can always take selfies wherever you go as an evidence of crimes against humanity

  59. avatar

    And what you do for that Europe ?

  60. avatar

    As long as the government’s role and involvement in our lives is rising, the threat on basic human rights is rising also. I wouldn’t ever trade freedom for more safety. That’s the most common dupery in order to strip some more human rights away.

    • avatar

      Government, AND business interests are dangerous, but business’s role is much more dangerous a threat to human rights.

  61. avatar
    J. M. Abildgaard

    Very important info to everyone here regarding Human Rights in, 2 years after this debate started..
    I truly hope all of you in this debate are still alive.
    Only this week, I’ve had a final confirmation, that the Danish Criminal Psychopath and, mass murderer who “work” within the offices of the EU Ombudsman, has NO education at all and, his claimed PhD is 100% FALSH like everything about him and, his un-humane colleagues is!?

    Danish Peter Bonner is responsible for countless murders committed against all the100% innocent people, who through more than 15 years and ongoing, have tried to use their rights to move within Europe, using the Regulations for “Free Movement”!!
    Each and everyone who has tried to use these rights, have been brutally tortured, raped, enslaved and killed (most often before they had a chance to reach their destination)…organised, nazi-way by Danish Peter Bonner and the Danish team within the EU Ombudsman among others!
    This ‘way’ of directly slaughtering 100% innocent people, is clearly the Scandinavian ‘norm’ for making what they call “good money”…used last time when they raped, turtuted, enslaved and slaughtered themselves through Ukraine and Poland + other places during WW2 ( which in their SICK minds clearly still goes on, more than 80 years after it started??) and, didn’t stop until a deeply shocked German Officer stopped them in the act of raping, plundering, enslaving and torturing children, women and men…as they STILL do!??

    Human. Rights in Europe in 2020??
    Absolutely NOT….I personally have lost no less than 22 beloved, wonderful, intelligent and well educated people to this completely insane Genocide so far….the largest crime against Humanity since the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade!!!.

    Why, I wonder, have we agreed here, that Covid-19 is a very sad attempt to cover up for these completely insane massacres. Maybe we’re all supposed to “forget” it all, in order to save the Scandinavian death camps and their Hitler’s Children??
    We are NOT forgetting anything or any of these “oh so “happy” Danish “idea-makers” of these inhumane Lutheran horrors; nothing at all will be forgotten – not ever!!

    Let’s get these ill-smelling Criminel Psychopaths behind hermetic locket doors, within their very own “Super Hospitals” with all their psychiatric torture chambers…and, NOW please. Each and every psychopath and mass murderer from there, including their mentally retarded and completely insane Black Lutheran “priests” and again NOW please before they rape, torture, rob, enslaveand kill all life on our Planet.

    To have to experience such massacres can and will, NEVER be forgiven or forgotten anywhere…and, now is time for me, to and puke..🤮🤮

  62. avatar
    Jette Mae Abildgaard

    I just scimmed through Ll our comments here – 4 years later 😢
    Still alive but, I now see thousands aren’t anymore – all slaughtered “for the fun of it”…

    I see the “fine” little “happy” state of Denmark – since we last commented here, simply slaughter innocent people, by throwing them in waste incenerators on Greenland and if confronted, they claim this to be the responsibility of the Greenlanders – really Danes!?
    They clearly cannot even, take responsibility for their own horrendous crimes/Genocide!?

    A few confirmations from the little slaughter House though:

    1. If you hate someone or, just want them to die, you simply just order a murder and, the Danish Baptist religion make sure to slaughter your hated person. Afterwards yo simply just qualify yourself to inheritage your hated person and, take whatever pleases you – so far, my former biological (narcissistic) and ex- “family” have managed to slaughter at least 26 innocent people Worldwide in order to punish me for the crimes, they and the Danish “administration” decided to blame on me – my proof I could never have committed these crimes, as they apparently, were committed at least 15 – 20 years before I was even born, doesn’t matter in their small empty heads 😪

    And finally – did you know, the Danish Methodist religion have now legalised, what they call “hard core porn” (said in what the Dane thought to be an American accent) and, you cán now buy small children for your pleasure (rape them till they die 😢) via these religious maniacs..

    I have no words left for/about everything but “sexy” Holocaust Denmark and her human outcasts… (baven’t developed at all – ever).. Only thing they still know about is Rob, rape, torture and kill.. yrgh

    Please excuse me now.. I have to go and vomit..

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