Can there be such a thing as too much politics? Debating Europe is an online political discussion platform. Obviously, we like political debate, dialogue, and discourse in all its forms. However, is there an argument to be made that politics is taking over where it really shouldn’t?

Should there be social spaces outside of politics, such as sports, films, music, and entertainment, where people of all political stripes can come together and just hang out? That’s not to say that all art should be apolitical, but rather that if every activity becomes intensely tribal then we won’t really have the chance to interact with and get to know people who hold different political opinions than our own.

In a democracy, everybody has a right to speak up on any issue. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean other people have to like what they say (or continue buying their albums or watching their films). If a celebrity, such as an actor at an award ceremony or an athlete at a sporting event, uses their platform to make a political point, doesn’t it just drive away fans who hold different opinions? Do we risk dividing the world into fans of “right-wing” celebrities and “left-wing” celebrities?

On the other hand, the most powerful politician in the world, US President Donald Trump, was (is?) a celebrity. Celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie or Emma Watson, have been enlisted by the United Nations to campaign and raise the profile of important issues. They have a voice, perhaps they have a duty to use it? Why shouldn’t famous people be able to say what they believe?

Should celebrities stop talking about politics? Should somebody take away their Twitter accounts? Or do they have a right (and even a duty) to campaign on issues they care about? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Celebrities are no different from you or me but have a platform to shout and scream when they don’t want something that doesn’t work for them.

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    Why do you post a picture of two Yanks when this is a page about European Union?….

    They have every right to voice their opinions like us…even it is sometimes blatantly stupid :)

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    Ah yes, you’re right, Hollywood never penetrated Europe.

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    Like everyone else they have a right to an opinion and a right to express it, the problem is some people think that because they are famous they have some special insight into politics which is plainly idiotic.

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      quoto in toto. Beside most “celebrities”, due to their life in a fancy ivory tower may have a warped view of concept like democracy, socialism or free market.

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      Andrea Which makes the fact most of them are Socialist even stranger.

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    Of course not! Like everyone else they have a right to vote and should, as everyone, discuss politics.

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      Citizens with a disproportionate to their knowledge mass that can affect

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    Should the media stop publishing “opinion editorials” at all?
    Isn’t it time to stick to the facts, and end the propaganda?

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    DE Q: “Why shouldn’t famous people be able to say what they believe?”
    A: Who said/says so? A bit artificial & far fetched- not so?

    Equation: Powerful politician (example US DT)= (US) Celebrities?

    The above is not equal to Celebrities= Powerful “politicized people”! Normally used as a political marketing tool, puppets, pin ups, unaccountable & sometimes called honorary “Ambassadors, special Envoys etc”.

    Let stick to & expose EU politics & politicians. Please do not (cowardly) protect & hide “them” away! They are ALL accountable to ALL of us in the EU!
    US DT & Hollywood is not! They may be engaged by the global UN at times of special need.

    Again: In the EU all politicians need/should/must be accountable and implement the democratic wish/agenda of voters- during the “4/5 year life cycle”- as the ruling party or coalition. Celebrities are not & are free as a bird! Parliament is the domain of EU decision making.

    DE Q: “Should (“American”) celebrities stop talking about politics” (condition: surely to exclude hate speech & political “meddling”!)?

    A: NO, why? Everyone in a “democracy” has a similar right in their sovereign country within HR & Constitutional parameters- but have no legal duty and are not accountable to voters!

    DE Q: Should somebody take away their Twitter accounts? NO- why?
    A: If authorities would stop free speech (within above mentioned parameters) & “manufacture democratic outcomes” using “intrigue & deceit”- that would be a facet of Fascism.

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    Who are you to forbid anyone to talk about what they want???

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    They have every right to talk about politics, the public however shouldn’t realy give them more credit than anyone else.

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    They’d probably be better off commenting about stuff they actually know something about.

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      So…only politicians have the right to talk about politics?

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    Trump is a TV star and currently now IS politics himself.

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    If they want to do good, celebrities should be very mindful and well prepared when they talk about politics. Otherwise they risk misleading and misinforming huge numbers of people.

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      esatto. il rischio è proprio quello che hai detto di disinformare e fuorviare . Io aggiungo anche di fiaccare la gente .
      That’s right. The risk is exactly what you said about misinform and misleading. I also add to sap people.

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    Everyone has a right to an opinion but Hollywood is the epicentre of virtue signaling, these people going on about injustices while prospering in an industry which has specialised in wealth inequality, racism, sexual assault/discrimination like few other industries. How about be critical of some of the atrocities in Hollywood? Paedophilia and (drug-induced) sexual assault have been documented for so long but only those who’s careers have been ruined come out with the truth. Multi millionaires set for life fear about not being able to make that second 100m hold back on revealing the truth. Meanwhile, skid row in Hollywood has the highest rate of homelessness in the developed world. Where is their compassion there? But ya, be a UN Goodwill Ambassador. That’s inoffensive and won’t step on anyone’s toes. Of course Robert DeNiro is lauded as some political hero for saying “fuck you, Trump”.

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    Yes. They are mostly pretty much out of reality.

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    Its freedom of speech to all. Why should actors be excluded?

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    No why shoud they stop they are citizens as all the others

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    Maybe the problem is not when they talk about politics, but when they enter inside the political processes, like Trump.

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    Absolutely. Especially when politics don’t affect them.

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    If the politicians use the media for their own purposes, I don’t see why any body els shouldn’t.

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    Let them talk about politics.

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    No, freedom of speech is important. Politicians that want to take that away are your enemies, and if you allow them in your government, you end up with civil war soon enough. Lets not do civil war.

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    catherine benning

    Should celebrities stop talking about politics?

    George can talk about anything he wishes and I will watch him as he does it. Delectable to observe.

    However, I do wonder if his new found forum seeking for this kind of subject springs from his relatively recent wifey? He didn’t go for the political limelight much before that union, as far as I can remember. These feminists always find men they can tag their banner to. Just take Angelina for one. Lost her sounding board now though, so, who wants to listen to her any more?

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    Isn’t the current US president a reality show host ?

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    Every citizen has the right to think for themselves!!!!

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    la politica è un DOVERE di TUTTI i cittadini OCCUPARSENE . Chi si occupa di politica militando nei partiti ha poi il DIRITTO di parlare. Chi parla ( è un suo diritto parlare ) e non fa ( non milita ) è solo un chiacchierone . Chi non si occupa della cosa pubblica, non ha , moralmente parlando, il diritto di lamentarsi quando le cose non vanno . I DIRITTI e DOVERI valgono per tutti i cittadini , personaggi famosi compresi ( sono cittadini come gli altri ) . Non siamo oche che starnazzano in cortile , come ci vogliono le elite mondiali , siamo persone che dirigono la vita comunitaria sociale ATTRAVERSO la politica

    Politics is a DUTY of ALL citizens to deal with it. Anyone who deals with political politics in parties has the right to speak. Who speaks (it is his right to speak) and does not (do not play) he is just a talker. Those who do not take care of the public do not have, morally speaking, the right to complain when things do not go. RIGHTS and DUTIES apply to all citizens, celebrities included (they are citizens like others). We are not geese that squawking in the yard, as the world elites want, we are people who direct social community life THROUGH politics

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    They should use their platform to express their opinions, like Merrill Streep, particularly if they’re the same as mine, which is the cade here.

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    You have to think for yourself – do they have authority to talk about open borders whilst building huge walls in their already secluded mansions? To talk about global warming whilst refusing to take commercial flights?

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    It’s called freedom of speech.
    We people should just not care at all about their opinions.

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    They should talk, but they have to be aware that comes with a price ! The price is controversy. It would be much better for their image to keep their political opinions in their private life.

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    they are entitled to their opinion, but should you give credit to an opinion from an actor or an entertainer? I know what I think but It’s up to you to decide

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    Actually, people should just stop listening to celebrities that talk about politics and get informed and involved. Let them ‘entertain you’ not advise you.

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