Is racism on the rise? For decades, the tide has been against bigotry in all its forms. Racist views were dismissed as “old-fashioned”, held by Alf Garnett characters on the periphery of politics. Has the tide now turned?

In recent years, anti-immigration politicians across the EU (and the US) have been riding a wave of popular anger, with mainstream political discourse growing increasingly focused on “cracking down” and getting “tough” on immigration. In America, this has led to the ongoing child separation scandal. In the EU, far-right politics has apparently been normalised, with political parties once considered anathema now joining governing coalitions and seizing the levers of power.

In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party has formed a governing coalition with the right-wing People’s Party (when this happened once before, in the 2000 general election, Austria was sanctioned by other EU governments. This time the response was much more muted). In Germany, the Alternative für Deutschland party gained 12.6% of the vote in federal elections – a 7.9% increase. In Italy, the anti-immigration Lega Nord (now simply the “Lega”) has formed a populist coalition with the Five Star Movement built on Islamaphobic rhetoric and rising xenophobia.

Is racism back? Did it ever really go away? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: (c) Flickr – Robert Thivierge

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    This is dumb. Racism never went away, it’s part of society, always has been.
    Question is, is there more of it? And whatever the answer is to that, there’s a reason.

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      Debating Europe there is always more than one reason, but I guess the simplest way I could put it is that it’s a lack of understanding and general ignorance. Mind you, these go both ways.

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      The reason is that we mistrust and fear those who are different. The most obvious difference is the colour of the skin. Stupid people are especially susceptible to this instinct.

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      Debating Europe pain is the reason.

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      Yes racim against whites is back, white genocide is back.

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      are you sick? If not you are either a very
      uninformed person or just ignorant.

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      Sorry mate, I wrote the comment before looking at your profile, I have no doubts now

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      Debating Europe The reason is that there has been too much immigration from outside Europe, without consulting voters on whether they want it or not.

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      The reason is that rich people caused the biggest economic crisis after 2 world war and they was able to convince the poors that enemy is the immigrant instead of those who caused the crisis.

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      brian andersen

      No you are wrong., there’s never a reason.
      Einstein was right.

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      nvm you dont even understand a fair trial. But you are up for debate in the current post because of it.

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      Arnout Posthumus Whereas you just totally ignore the debate and just use the opportunity to insult people.

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      That is because it is built into the DNA of every man, woman & child on the planet. You can mitigate its affects with prosperity but you will never eradicate it. Natures laws will always supersede the laws of man.

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      Ivan – Indeed

      There is like this organic balance between preservation and looking at things outside such entity, the exotic and incorperating certain “outlandish” aspects for the sake of feeding it. Which ofcourse was(is) in small quantities

      What we see these days is such process completelly turned upside down, which by itself is a interesting experiment ofcourse….. but that stops once this ceases to be in a controlled enviroment.

      It can not be eradicated but it can evolve.
      The way they are trying to do this right now has many many flaws and loopholes which will result in the crack down of the current status quo (which isnt neccesary a good nor a bad thing).

      There are better ways but from a curious observational point of view I simply can’t put away my excitement of pushing the boundaries of a thing called “imperium” (I personally think it isn’t but lets avoid semantics). Which is motivated by a Nietzschean Nihilism you might say.
      Lets call it a “Good” Bad Joke

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    Sterility is not the same as innoculation, and political correctness is not the same as equality. Northern Europe has spent decades making itself aseptic, but it has not thereby become immune. When an environment is made aseptic it is also made more vulnerable to even the slightest infection, whilst less sterile environments build up antibodies.

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      An apt analogy.

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    How come when some white guy is proud of his….Skin if you will, he’s imediately labeled as racist; but when another black guy does the same, it is cultural empowerment. I call bullshit!

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      The argument you’re using has been dismantled so many times by now, at this point you’re an obvious troll and racist apologist.

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      João (<--- The very definition of a Troll) Care to try and dismantle it again comrade ?

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      João no, youre naked

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      I hate when people from the middle ages start commentig on curent events :))

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      Because you’re reducing it to ridiculous levels of simplicity. To understand the concept of black pride (or any oppresed minority -pride), you have to understand it as statement of opposition to the systemic oppression, from history to nowadays, that a certain community faces.
      Which is why, from the start, white pride or white power, are statements not of “pride” (that’s so politically correct), but of power, of supremacy in a white society, above all other groups.
      It doesn’t have anything to do with the skin in itself – that would be really stupid, to take pride in something you’ve not done anything for – but as a statement of non-compliance with subjugation and discrimination.
      Now, are you very discriminated so much so that you need yell “i’m proud of my skin and heritage, take that you former slave”?
      Because that’s the message you’re passing.
      If that wasn’t your intent, then i’m sorry to say but you must be incompetent, because that’s how it’s perceived.
      Specially when you rally with nazi f*cks, that by the very essence of their ideology, would like to exterminate some ethno-groups.

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      Ivan they made the word troll for you so. Have fun being the topic of this debate.

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      João I don’t know whether you’re trolling or genuinely believe the BS you say.

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      Frankie, How can sb take pride in height, white skin, shape of nose etc? If your parents had chosen eg a partner from a different race, these would have been entirely different. So wrong, so ignorant, to discriminate against others based on such arbitrary things.

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    Yes white South African farmers seeking refuge in Russia due to all the racist attacks..

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      due to stealing land which was never theres and are now having some issues that are in no way comparable to what we did there*

      Dont tell me what my people did and didnt do. We dutch have a sad history of rascism.

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      South Africa was better under colonialism. Now its collapsing due to corruption and racism. Stop with the apologetic BS. You are not responsible for the actions of your ancestors. Start looking for a way to fix the mess..

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      Arnout Humans have conquered each other for as long as we have been on the planet but you Socilaists only care when it’s Europeans doing it ?

      You Dutch stole land from the British in 1688 so will you be paying us reparations for your atrocities against us ?, thought not lol 8|

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    Strange that if you are of African, Middle Eastern or Asian descent you are allowed to be proud but if you are white and proud you are labelled a racist.

    This anti-white attitude of the left is even more baffling when you consider that it was Europeans who created the most diverse, stable, safe and protective civilisation the human race has ever known & is the ‘only’ civilisation to ever outlaw slavery.

    A Civilisation Socialists are hell bent on destroying if we allow them.

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      strange that you still dont want to get facts.

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      Ivan exactly! For example in Africa. Racism between people in Rwanda boom, in Ethiopia booom, now in South Africa boooom!

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    Sadly when there is pain people like to get a scapegoat. So we should fix our issues. And some of them include better integration, but mainly banking crisises and poverty. But walking away from it is what motivates this rascism. The easy way out.

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      Ivan nice source. Whats next the illuminati?

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      the Meccan and Medinan surahs (and their order) brought about a construct almost impossible to impose upon “division of church and state”

      Islam by its very nature and history is organically so exotic to the point that trying to fuse it with western developed forms is almost impossible.

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      Klaus – nothing in life is impossible. Who would have ever though we would travel to the moon. Or our current pc’s. Or the same with religion in the EU and in our history.

      The world is wonderfull and only with love for it and eachother can we make it a better place. As we are trying with an EU which to me is also insane when I consider the history. But we shall keep fighting for a better world!

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    Not much. What is happening is that there has been far too much immigration from outside Europe, and people want it to stop, and to be at least partly reversed.

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    We are tribal. This gets transformed into racism very easily. Care must always be taken and awareness strengthened.

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    Black Pride => Diversity! ; White Pride => Racism! Really? Racial pride makes as much sense as pride that you were born in a rich family, you had nothing to do with it. But if you want promote racial pride the least you can do is not be hypocrites when someone promotes their race too.

    • avatar

      Human pride or is that specieist?

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    This Debate is built upon a false premise, the idea that racism=white power. Racism exists in all cultures and countries except maybe North Korea, I’m talking multi cultural countries. What about the Islamic persecution of Christians in muslim countries isn’t that a form of racism too?
    The Afd is not winning because of racism they are winning because Germans are fed up of mass migration. Merkel brought in 1million 3rd world people in 1 year alone, and even before that there were millions of muslims in Germany, are the people supposed to simply cheer like cheerleaders for policies they never asked for and don’t want. Europeans are not against migration, they are against uncontrolled migration. They are against disorder and crime and terrorism that come when Europe allows mass uncontrolled migration, boat people, trampling of borders etc.
    No country whether European or South American etc. would tolerate such things. Can you image how Mexicans would react to a Cologne scenario?
    They would murder these guys. What do you think would happen in Haiti or Jamaica.
    It is the extremes that produce racism in the first place. German girls raped in public on new years in Cologne by alleged refugee muslim perpetrators that Merkel offered protection to and then muslims are surprised when Germans don’t want them, and when Eastern countries say ” No way!”. Ofcourse not all muslims behave so but the point is these things are really happening and it is imported crime.

    Our European leaders must put Europe and it’s people first and not lead as a bunch of naive do gooders who want to rescue every poor person in the world, Africa and Arabia are full of poor people, we must close our doors to them or face the consequences in our countries, it’s hard to do and say but that is what must be done or our people will face the consequences of 3rd world mentality first hand.

    We need leaders that are going to lead, going to do what must be done even if human rights groups, ngo’s and the UN will bitch and moan.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    The EU is a fundamentally racist block.
    So long as the EU exists racism will persist!

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      Racist against who?

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    Lack of human values. Some of this political parties has nothing to offer. They are just pursuing thier own agenda. They need to be stop before its toolate.

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    One shuld not be pride to belolong to specific race but for being a human.

  14. avatar

    When will the racist EU stop replacing European white people?
    When will the racist EU stop bombing nonEuropean nations?

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    catherine benning

    Is racism back? Did it ever exist?

    To do this question justice would take a book that was open to discerning thinking and to minds willing to probe the reality of the human race, in all its natural condition. Something we modern Europeans are not ‘allowed’ as it is felt by shallow thinkers, the discussion if it were freely available may be offensive. Which in terms of academic exploration is ridiculous. Hence, this not being the place to begin an in depth discussion on what is referred to as ‘race.’

    What the opening picture shows is a man who has pale skin holding a black flag with ‘White Pride’ written across. And the inference of that flag is, he’s a racist. However, if he was a black man and the flag was white with black writing across saying ‘Black Pride’ it would be lauded as him being a warrior, empowering his people. Which translated means, the men of one race are not allowed pride in their heritage, whilst the other is encouraged to exalt his, as he is not racist. And this is sold to a very mixed race of the general public as ‘equality’ by, so called, sane people.

    Neither attitude is in fact ‘racist’ and neither perception can or should be banned.

    Why is that? Well, we are of the animal kingdom, and as animals live by innate instincts, which our intellect, no matter how ‘academically’ educated, cannot overrule. Like it or not, we do not only inherit our physical genes from our parentage and ancestors, we inherit our social genes. Which causes our innate instinct to adhere to the overriding and natural priority of survival. I know that is not considered acceptable to today’s political chattering class, but, it is something known by science. Most, sadly, not willing to openly admit for fear of being made outcasts.

    The cultural differences inherited through our social genes, reject suppression and disturbing factors of alternative core divergence from predictable behaviour, reaction, or expectation to life challenges. And because of this differing instinct a chasm between the tribes occur, ferment and ultimately explode. Leading to tribal warfare.

    Harmony and co-existence can only occur if these natural aspects in the human condition are not only acknowledged but acclaimed and celebrated with equal admiration, respect and approval.

    The trick is, how can a Western society, or an African society, along with an oriental society, accept, admire and respect that which each finds intolerable in the others core? Especially when each wants to inject their own, seen as ‘abhorrent’ ways, on each other in their ‘beloved home environment.’ It can’t be done, unless all are ready to completely adhere to the cultural laws and societies expectation in the host country, where chosen to reside. And should they find they cannot accept those laws, with additional imposed lifestyle boundaries, find there is no choice other than to move on to an environment that is suitable to who they truly are, or, to force change in said chosen environment in order to live comfortably.

    Here are a couple of links that start the process of being aware of how this affects mankind across the planet.

    10 countries never colonized.

    South Africa, once colonised, finds it is not satisfied with democracy.

    And what is happening to change that situation? A silent movement that threatens the lives of the children of colonisers.

    And India. The same cultural differences create division. Not the colour of the skin.

    And if you are white.

    General feelings of the word white.

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    Duarte João Cardoso Gomes

    Racism is and always will be present.
    What is rising is racism as a political instrument by populist and square-minded polititians, who love escape goats and use them in order to get votes.

  17. avatar

    Of course!
    People who are…
    Peoe who have a …
    Feeling that they have no future in a competitive world…
    Just need a reason to feel better…
    Racism…and ultra nationalism offers them
    1 Someone to blame for their misery
    2 Someone to love (ie our great nation or the “white race”
    3Someone go identify with…to feel that they belong in a great entity…
    I am afraid that we see just the top of tbe iceberg
    Western societies have a lot of hate i them…
    Neo nazis are growing bigger everywhere…
    I …am afraid …that fascism will hit us …
    Once more…
    Using the tools of Democracy…against us

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    There is a big difference from a third world country person to a first world country person.
    You arrive from a third world country to a first world country naturally you believe to be treated wrong and you start to believe its racism.

    You come from a first world country to a third world country you feel treated in an undeserved way.

    Its not racism, its resentment today.
    And the medias make it look worse by justifying it…
    Why should medias focus on poor countrys to educate the ones in need instead of filling our heads with unnecessary stuff?

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    Unfortunately you like it or not, there is no choices regarding immigrants, there will be more immigrants in every country in future. If you want you future generations to have good future it’s better you work right away and a make a world better place to live. No discrimination

  20. avatar

    Just because you’re an immigrant and have darker skin color doesn’t give you any privelage over me. You don’t deserve any special treatment a d you will have to obey and respect the same rules I do! Europe has walked a long way and flushing it with bad-minded Africans and Asians (98% of which are men) isn’t the way to go.

    Racism against the people with darker color skin is long gone, but some people are pushing their odds really hard. I believe that every person is great and deserves a chance, but if you try to replace white culture – I’m afraid that it will backfire in a way, that I won’t like, what remains to people from other cultures and races.

  21. avatar

    Congratulations, your logical fallacy is the strawman!

    You misrepresented someone’s argument to make it easier to attack.
    By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.

    Anti-immigration politicians are anti-immigration not because of their skin color, but because they are more likely to commit crimes. Because it was not Europe but their own culture that created the chaos in their country and now that want to introduce that culture to Europe rather than learn from Europe.

    This cannot be accepted on the left, so they need to justify it somehow to quote “prove” that it’s not worth listening to a right-wing, and they justify it by misrepresenting the right-wing’s arguments to put them in a box: racist.

    Because the left, or the far-left if you wish to use the same tactics, call everyone right of them as the far-right, there is no right left anymore, just the far-right, everyone they don’t like is the far-right.

    Lega Nord is far from a far-right party, but they are anti-immigration so they must be islamophobic and xenophobic to help the left put them in a box rather than having to engage with their arguments.

    Ever wondered why a lot of people see these attacks of “racist, sexist, xenophobic” and they just don’t address them? Because they see the left as the irrational, using strawman and name calling rather than engage in debate.

  22. avatar

    No! The Elite &MSM is pushing this racist agenda and all kind of this crap! divide people, increase the hate……and rule, right?!?

  23. avatar

    Racism is back stronger than ever with new forms and different ..circuses! The human hunger for flesh is the same as the past ,the old days of the open arenas..different arenas today same horror!

  24. avatar

    Racism never left. In all likelihood, however, it has decreased rather than increased (at least, here in Belgium). People have been exposed to other cultures for some time now, and acceptance of them seems to have grown.
    What clearly has increased, though, is the weaponization and abuse of the concept of racism, intentionally or unintentionally. There’s a lot of perceived racism which isn’t racism at all, and the word is abused quite often to stigmatize others for political gain. And it has become a problem at least as big as racism itself.

  25. avatar

    Only in the sick Lib mind. Libs see racists EVERYWHRE.

    • avatar

      because there are racists everywhere.

    • avatar

      the word racist has a meaning. Its not hard to apply to national parties whom do exactly that.

    • avatar

      Yep, not hard at all. Libs apply it everywhere…and because of the frequent use the word racist lost its meaning, thought you should know.

    • avatar

      They want people to be racist so they have something to hate.

  26. avatar

    never left, like sexism, ableism, ageism. we like to discriminate, bully, paternalize and oppress.

  27. avatar
    Mrs TM

    The question is what has this bloke got going for him? So little, that he has to take pride in his white skin? Something he’s never worked for, or achieved by himself. His banner mught as well read ‘Proud Loser’.

  28. avatar

    Ask those who constantly interpret everything in racial terms.

    • avatar

      Why don’t you just answer the question tho?

    • avatar

      Max, What do you say to this stupidity?
      A vociferous anti-racist American journalist demands racial segregation in colleges. Where do these idiots come from on the left?
      This is a consequence of identity politics, the newest version of the Marxist stratification of society to set up one part of society against the other, on its way to Europe. Who would want to live like that? Yet this is a source of power, so you can buckle up and weather the storm, and hope it will be over soon

  29. avatar

    Well, it is amazing that stupidity keeps coming back in generations.

  30. avatar

    It was never gone. But they got new wind and The rest of us just accepted them.

  31. avatar

    It never left because measures were not taken. We need to establish voting right licenses and standards. Democratic rights should not be in the hands of people who don’t believe in democracy and their only goal is to abolish it.

  32. avatar

    Nope. In fact the world is more in dander by the global left than a few radicalized imbeciles who dream of a 4th Reich.

  33. avatar

    Black pride, perfect, go on. White pride, racism, must stop. … What is this difference in media telling if not racism?

  34. avatar

    back? I think now its used as political fuel

  35. avatar

    It was never gone. But today in France it is from muslims.

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