For the past few decades, Europe has been growing ever-closer. Since the fifties, European states have decided to work together towards a political union, bringing with it a period of prosperity and peace. However, with Brexit, the EU now faces its first membership withdrawal, provoking a new period of uncertainty. Some see Brexit as the beginning of the end, while others see it as an opportunity to launch a United States of Europe.

This idea is nothing new. The notion of a European entity modelled off the United States was already discussed in the 19th century, and the term ‘United States of Europe’ was coined by Germany’s social democratic party in its 1925 Party Programme. Only last year, its party leader Martin Schulz was still calling for such a union. Similarly, in France, President Macron is pushing ahead with reforms meant to strengthen the EU. Yet, we are also simultaneously seeing the rise of elected officials whom explicitly reject the concept of an “ever closer union.” Some even call for the return to nation-states altogether.

What do our readers think? We received a comment from Antonio, who wishes to see the creation of a United States of Europe within the next 20 years. How realistic is this?

Will we ever have a United States of Europe? We asked Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all sides of the political spectrum to stake out their positions on this question, and it’s up to YOU to vote for the policies you favour. See what the different MEPs have to say, then vote at the bottom of this debate for the one you most agree with! Take part in the vote below and tell us who you support in the European Parliament!

Radical Left
Martina Anderson (GUE-NGL), Member of the European Parliament:

Well, I don’t believe in a United States of Europe, but there are many things that we need to improve in Europe: we need to improve public transparency and accountability; we need to tackle the double standards; we need to look at the way that social Europe has been sidelined, which is a shame; we need to look at how lobbyists have been able to influence policy developments in Europe; and we need to know that another Europe is possible.

But I don’t think that would be achieved if we were to go in the direction, as is suggested by Antonio, of a federal Europe. It needs to be a Europe that is made up of diversity and many member states that can tackle global challenges that we face at a European level. But, at a national level, national governments need to have the power to be able to deliver for their own citizens, the people who elected them, as opposed to being imposed a neoliberal model, which – when you look at what happened to Greece, what is happening in Catalonia with the double standards, and the ignoring of the annexation and colonization of the occupied territories of Palestine, and the annexation of Crimea – then you can see that there is a lot in Europe that needs to change, and I don’t think any of that can be achieved by the kind of Europe that is suggested by Antonio.

Rebecca Harms (Group of the Greens), Member of the European Parliament:

Liberal Democrats
Maite Pagazaurtundua (ALDE), Member of the European Parliament:

Centre Right
Roberta Metsola (EPP), Member of the European Parliament:

Jørn Dohrmann (ECR), Member of the European Parliament:

Gilles Lebreton (EFDD), Member of the European Parliament:

I hope that we will never have United States of Europe. This would be the end of national sovereignty, which is itself the bulwark of national identities. I am for a Europe of cooperation between sovereign states, not a European federal Leviathan.

Curious to know more about the United States of Europe? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

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      Morning comrade, thanks for the mention.

      If you think just because we are leaving the pointless EU things will get easier for the antidemocratic fanatics in the EU you are in for a shock at the MEP elections next year..

      Your empire will fall just as every other lunatic ‘European’ dictatorship has fallen. Nazism, Fascism, Communism and now Europeanism, different flag but the same blind dogma.

      The British people have a history of fighting totalitarian dictatorships and Brussels is just the next target on our list to bring democracy to the world.

    • avatar

      So when do you elect your Queen? Or your lords? Btw how democractic is that the DUP with 0.7% of the votes has as many MPs as the Lib Dems with 7%?

    • avatar

      Ivan for you the EP seems to gain importance just if it fits your agenda.

    • avatar

      Leonardo The Queen does not make our laws, the House of Lords do not make our laws but your unelected (0% voted for) European Politburo does make yours.

      Just like all other EU fanatics you either hate democracy or have no concept of what it actually means.

    • avatar

      Ivan just because you are unfamiliar with other forms of representations than your system, doesnt mean you need to shout “unelected” “undemocratic” “communist” everywhere. Gets boring

    • avatar

      It really is very, very simple comrade.

      ‘Nobody’ was asked if they wanted your European Politburo or its rubber stamping department the European Parliament and the only vote on the EU’s European constitution was rejected by the French but enforced anyway which makes the EU antidemocratic and its unelected Politburo its Government, which is more in line with the USSR than Nazism but antidemocratic all the same.

      It only gets boring to you pro EU fanatics comrade because you know what’s coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it, for everyone else its reality as you are about to find out. :)

    • avatar

      there is no EU constitution

    • avatar

      @Ivan and just to add..i dont know in which world you live but when the constitution was rejected by dutch and french, it was not ratified. do you have alternative infos for me?

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      yeah if they behave like communists 1 million times then they should be called that 1 million times, once they stop behaving like a pack of commies.. there will be no need for anyone to repeat themselves

      have you ever thought how old stale and rancid your communism is after so many year

      Eu cannot live of old money and nepotism any more it has to head towards democracy and innovation

      But first out with the totalitarians once and for all!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      You want to deprive Ivan of free speech? Dangerous!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      Very few countries have been as stable, as democratic, as free and as long-standing as the UK.

      Why should we get rid of our Queen and end up like a typical Latin despotic republic or indeed the EU?

    • avatar

      the British empire was built on dictatorship and the british and successive government is responsible for countless war crimes and genocides

    • avatar

      @Ivan about content sure but not about powers. the lisbon treaty actually weakened the power of the Commission. That should arouse you actually

    • avatar

      who is behaving like commies..please specifiy..the European Council, the Commission, the parliament, the nations that actually are in power. Im always not sure if you mix that on purpose or you dont know better…

    • avatar

      @Ivan that is probably the best joke I’ve ever heard in my entire life!

    • avatar

      D’Estaing is also on record as saying the treaty was deliberately made unreadable so governments could sell it better to their citizens…nothing to see here just another EU treaty,no need for a referendum so let’s ratify it

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    Ha Enn

    Yes, but not within the next 10 years and not including all current members of the EU.

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    Why do we must to copy USA’s ethimology?

    • avatar

      Because it makes big business richer

    • avatar

      I mean copying the naming style.

  3. avatar

    We must! Its gonna be either EU or wars, as it has been happening in the very recent past

    • avatar

      EU or Wars?? I would have thought you could use the term EU as a replacement for the word ‘war’ It was very keen to be involved in several of the Gulf Wars, while the general public did not want anything to do with them.

  4. avatar

    I don’t know about a US of E but maybe blocs such as a Germanic Confederation or a Francophonic Alliance. Bit hard to have a Union when the differences are still too vast.

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    catherine benning

    Will we ever have a United States of Europe?

    No, because it is a fraud. And because it is not in the European peoples knowledge of what this global project really is. And when they find out just what the aim of the globalists have in all of this secrecy, and understand the project in full, it will lead to civil war.

    Lets hope those who begin the fight back realise that ordinary citizens, in this deception, are completely ignorant. So when the flashpoint erupts, they start with those who are responsible for the end of European culture and civilisation and not with the innocents lost in the quagmire.

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    Ludovina Margarido

    A Europa deve mantaer-se unida si, mas nunca numa versão à Americana! A Europa é o conjunto de nações que se juntaram pela paz… mas cada nação tem a sua história e as suas características! Devem juntar-se também como potência económica previlegiando o bem estar das pessoas, a livre circulação, o ambiente, a produção de energias limpas! temos todaos a ganhar! Este é o nosso MEP da Sustentabilidade que defende um Portugal sem medo e uma Europa sem medo! Eu confio nos seus argumentos e nas suas decisões! Carlos Zorrinho do grupo S&D!

  7. avatar

    I obviously am for a unified Europe. There’s no alternative.

    • avatar

      Who said this? God? Or the ones that take profit from this non democratical situation?

  8. avatar

    I don’t think so, Europe is so different from the USA. But we can work together.

    • avatar

      I totally agree.

  9. avatar

    The United States of Europe are a vision related back to the 19 th century when pacifists stated an idea of everlasting peace in Europe. Funny enough I think Europe will end up united, although the EU seems to be drifting apart due to major mistakes: An united currency is the last step of gathering together, before you have to unify the retirement age, the average salary amount, the taxes, the corporate rules… The EU is having a lack fo ethical care for the loosers of the digital revolution. Answers ar more than needed. Nationalism and protectionism in combination with scam goats are the outcome of the failed leadership.

    • avatar

      That’s the PR-story. In real life it’s about the acquisition of resources, markets and transport routes that are still in Europeand hands. It will be easy to convince one big central government of the “necessity of small government” and open up multibillion-euro markets, etc. The countries individually wouldn’t do that.

    • avatar

      Ambivalent what you mean by PR side… Inevitably the EU organizations are having the face of evil monsters, too, with stealing resources, markets, transportation routes, destroying existences, regional growth. This is the face of Neolieralism in the western & far eastern world. It comes down who is in the lead – or allowed by the big players to rule – history is so far repeating: If the level of suffering gets too high, heads will roll and changes will be made: So the elite is forced to assure positive balance for the “sheeple”.

    • avatar

      We are moving towards a global slaving society where freedom means anyone can f*** just about anything while more and more of the value you create with your work ends up in the hands of globalist oligarchs, directly through products, services and employment and indirectly through state debt and state puchases. S0r0s is an agent in this process. >> See the role of Crassus in bringing down the Roman Republic.

  10. avatar
    John Costigane

    A European Republic will restore full democratic rights to all Europeans. The current EU is anti-democratic since the popular will is absent from most of the decision making, relying on an unelected bureaucracy.

    Not only is democracy lacking but the crisis management system is defficient, judging by previous events. An elected President, with other democratic structures, has the mandate to react decisively. Look at the USA. President Trump has been quick to overturn the previous Democrat mismanagement. Europe deserves the same type of system.

  11. avatar

    No we are are different countries with our own identities what’s good for Germany may not be good for ireland in fact we lost our fishing rights while the Spanish fish these waters how can that be good.

  12. avatar

    È necessaria l’Europa Unita da ideali di pace, fratellanza, giustizia. Tuttavia ogni Paese deve mantenere le proprie peculiarità e diversità. Non deve esserci appiattimento e uniformità culturale.
    Ogni Paese procede con I suoi ritmi, in differenti ambiti, secondo le inclinazioni delle sue genti.
    I Paesi più virtuosi saranno un faro per quelli meno capaci senza però dover applicare loro penalità e sanzioni.

  13. avatar

    I’d literally take up arms to prevent it. There isn’t much tolerance let alone apatite in Ireland for a federal Europe.

    • avatar

      Well I don’t in anyway see myself as european. I’m Irish and that’s that and would not for one second would I ever agree to a federalist european superstate. What would be the point in fighting for independence and then signing it away. As you said and thankfully so there is no appetite in Ireland for such a move.

    • avatar

      Being in the EU is a handy trading arrangement. Beyond that I don’t consider myself in any way European. I don’t agree with a European army either. As far as I’m concerned someone from Spain is as foreign to me as someone from America or China. I dont agree with further European integration at all what so ever.

    • avatar

      We’d only be made vote again on it anyways

  14. avatar

    Regardless of how many of us support the EU as it stands

  15. avatar
    EU Reform- Proactive

    In fact some EU VIP’s have already decided: “The EU MUST become a United States of Europe by 2025”! Really?

    One of them is German SPD leader Mr. M. Schulz. He proposes (demands) that “countries that do not adopt the (latest) treaty should be kicked out of the EU”!

    That’s the German way to build “unity”! A faint reminder of what happened on 12 March 1938- 80 years ago!

    Or- is he trying to fulfill Karl Marx’s prediction of a European “classless society”? Another German “ANSCHLUSS” but on European scale! Very frightening! That alone should trigger a polite thank you Mr. Schulz- but not your way!

    There are many other options to unite, cooperate & standardize than handing over ones sovereignty to a handful overzealous political racketeers!

    The latest love potion from Brussels- to induce eternal EU love- is free rail travel for the youth! Paid for by Mr. Juncker & Co from their salary?

    The search and debate is ongoing:

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      “Free EU interrail pass”?

      I hope the EU youth understands clearly what’s behind Brussels political vote buying effort- by granting a “limited interrail pass”?

      However, nothing is for free. In return the EC expects staunch EU support. Today’s investment in an “EU supranational Youth Brigade”- tomorrow a ripe group of convinced political EU cadres!

      But let them enjoy their free travel & good luck- while the EU is so generous with our taxes. God only knows how long it will last.

  16. avatar

    I think the EU is too large and too diverse to be fairly represented by a federation. Look at the busted, inefficient, discordant American federal government. Do we want to run like that?

    However closer ties, such as for defense, seem less a matter of if than when. It’s not correct (or wise) to rely on America for defense anymore.

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  17. avatar

    Such a project would go down faster than the titanic did. I personally would hate such a thing to happen and i much prefer to be in a sovereign independent nation than a province in a european superstate. My national identity heritage and culture are too important to me. I welcome closer economic ties and closer ties as friendly nations in partnership with one another but not at the cost of our sovereignty that was fought for with great sacrifice.

  18. avatar

    The United States made big business richer while compared to the level of GDP produced, the quality of life for everyone else is lower.

    Why should we be so dumb as to copy *that*?

    • avatar

      That’s why the corporations want a united states of Europe and are pushing for it

  19. avatar

    If there is, Britain would be Puerto Rico. Not quite in but not quite out either.

  20. avatar
    Franz M

    Basically we have United States as soon as the council is replaced by an elected chamber representing the nation states which works by a qualified majority and the parliament being the leading legislative entity. We should than also disuss which issues should be decided on the EU level and how they are financed (taxes) (but please use another name! It a evokes to be a copy of the USA which nobody wants. The first constitution should be open for discussion. Anyhow we can have a look what topics are treated on a federal level in the US and which are treated on a state level and of course if it works well that way or not.)

  21. avatar

    We are all european brothers and we need Europe so much! But Europe can’t replace our nations (and our people) with an empty feeling of none! We need EUROPEAN NATIONALISM, to make people feel what we were, what we are and what we mat be again! This is the only one optione to compete and bring back what Europe was! European nationalism!

  22. avatar
    Yuri michaelski

    After the fall of communism….when asked what he thought of the EU Gorbachev replied…..Its the Soviet Union but under a different name. Says it all.

  23. avatar

    A union of citizens is better than a union of states, but both are improvements on the basically intergovernmental EU we have.

  24. avatar

    We already have in some ways… this must be improved, renforced and well explained to eurosceptics… do not leave decision on our future to those manipulating masses…

  25. avatar

    The question is whether we want to.

  26. avatar

    Will we ever have a United States of Europe?

    Not under 2018 “management”.

  27. avatar
    Paul X

    Considering the EU was formed off the back of rampant anti-US sentiments (particularly from the French), it’s is ironic for anyone to wish the future of the EU to be in any way similar

  28. avatar

    Europe seems to have forgotten who it was, it did lead the world for a long time, until ww2 miltary competition and other nations like usa started to undermine it and weaken it.Europe needs to be united miltarily but independent as nations.This has always spurred the best competition between the various european nations.stop copying the Usa, they stole alot of our patents , ideas and experts and are only out for there own glories at the expense of Europe. The usa with its blinker miltary imperialism will become a promblem unless there are a few equal counterforces to them. Europe should get rid of usa bases out of Europe firstly. End Nato with its US control.. Then Europeans can lift there heads again as independent, but now there looking like lackeys of US Imperialism..

  29. avatar
    Solutons 2nd edition

    In my opinion the European Union will never become the uniform state. The point is that the different nations have different moral standards.

  30. avatar
    Bert van Santen

    I pray for my country that it will never happen. The Netherlands and Germany simply can`t afford it.

  31. avatar

    I could have answered for them without reading it, of course the pro EU empire builders think it will happen. Unfortunately for them the peoples in the EU do not want it and when push comes to shove they will fight for their Nation, not for the EU.

    • avatar

      War isn’t the same as political integration though is it

    • avatar


      Who actually wants a political union comrade ?

      The only people to be asked if they want ‘political integration’ were the French and the Dutch and both rejected it but the EU fanatics enforced it anyway, you call that democratic ?

      The citizens of the 1917 Revolution & the 1927 Nuremberg Rally didn’t think what they were supporting would lead to world war and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people but it happened.

      Europeans have clearly learnt nothing from their history & are destined to repeat it. Thank god we are leaving the antidemocratic EU.

  32. avatar

    Isnt a European Union of independant countries quite different from a European Republic?

  33. avatar

    Not if current management keeps up doing what they’re doing.

  34. avatar

    If we take a look at the bigger scene and we want to save the european civilisation ( with ups and downs ) we must go for it. Else, no European nation will make it to the end.

  35. avatar
    Stanislav Stoynev

    Never. It is impossible.

  36. avatar

    I like the idea of a United States of Europe. When we look at the world, really it’s only the massive countries like USA, Russia and China that have any impact or relevance and the fact that Europe is divided into tiny countries that can barely function without having a really close relationship with each other does not seem to be a major benefit to anyone. If Europe were one force pulling in one direction, o much more could be accomplished. Also, it would really be a major step in equality.

    Many people are worried that the USE would cause a lot of different countries’ cultures and traditions to die out but I don’t think it would because England and Scotland still have very different cultures despite being in the same country and the same with New York and California.

  37. avatar

    In 1975 the British electorate were told before the referendum , by Edward heath that talk of a federal Europe was nonsense, there would never be one.that’s why people voted yes. The people were lied to.

    • avatar

      George That was 44 years ago, we are nowhere near a Federal Europe (and very unlikely UK will be in it if there ever is) and there wasn’t one in Heaths lifetime!! Not sure where the lie was!!

    • avatar

      Jim EU notables are pressing for it all the time, keep up please, The 75 referendum told us it was all about trading together and being happy little bunnies, they say that many old people voted in the 2016 referendum, they were not old in took over 40 years for revenge, they never forgot and took it.

  38. avatar

    No we wont because a ‘Pan National’ is just what it says.

  39. avatar

    Only if it was federation a la Switzerland not America, with member states guranteed protection of national language and culture and strong with local self-governance. To give federal mandate to EU as it is now would mean instant handover of all of us and our communities to global banks and multinational corporations.

  40. avatar

    My brothers and sisters, this century, let us together establish United Earth 🌍 to replace the United Nations which is ineffective and unable to keep world peace due to the unfair veto system of the super powers. We are all children of Adam and are brethren. We should have the right to emigrate and live and work anywhere in the earth as long as we pay local taxes and obey local laws. The main reason for conflict is nationalism. Let us unite at the district, state, regional and global levels. Peace be with you all.

    • avatar

      What are you talking about nationalism is not the biggest problem we face, that’s greed..
      Why not allow the poor to become poorer, let’s allow the greed and capitalism to destroy this world, why not?
      Peace and love will not come at the hands of globalisation, small communities were people govern themselves and are not beholden to others, were mankind love and work for the good of there neighbours…
      Globalisation should only become a concept when humankind has defeated our personal and social biases..

    • avatar

      Tyrone greed for whose sakes? Our selves, families, tribes and races or countries. Nationalism exploits issues of economy, race and religion for it’s cause.

    • avatar

      Chik the problem with it is infrastructure, prosperous countries will have millions arrive, the UK would be crippled, look how millions of unskilled Europeans have over stretched our schools, health, infrastructure, housing and our benefits system… These things need to be gradual and planned

    • avatar

      William disclaimer is “obey local laws”.

  41. avatar

    Are you crazy have you looked at trumps America…
    This should be a wake up call for anyone thinking we are ready for a global economy, we have seen what happens when countries grow to large and the people are forgotten, to quickly..

  42. avatar

    Not really it would destroy the character of. European countries variety is a good thing to preserve, different countries have different traditions so it should be

    • avatar

      Pedro I think it increases the character of countries. The Scots and Welsh have maintained their traditions in the U.K.

  43. avatar

    It doesn’t matter what any one thinks, they are going to do it any way. No choice really now Europe is chained together with their economies enslaved by the Euro. What worries me is not it’s formation. That’s already rolling forward. It what it does when it ends and people begin to resist.

  44. avatar

    I hope so. Globalisation has its positives and negatives, but the EU provides a level of human rights, employment protection and environmental protection that is desperately needed. A United States of Europe would have to distribute its wealth more equitably, though – rich countries would need to help out poorer countries in the Union. Of course, as a Brit, this is just a pipe dream for me unless we reverse the disaster for the UK that is Brexit.

  45. avatar

    There would be a high chance if all EU member states spoke one language and shared very close resemblance with culture. Unfortunately ex communist countries (I come from one of them) are completely different in mentality , way of thinking and culture compared to Western Europe — it’s a fact, but in the end many things can be achieved with effort, but the idea of creating the United States of Europe can stand only in our imagination.

    The EU is there to unite European countries together and apply laws such as freedom of movement and etc which are very neat in my opinion, but the idea of United States of Europe is just stupid — at least at the moment and current time we live in maybe , sorry .

    • avatar

      Yes they attempted that already it was called Esperanto, in the days of the EEC.

  46. avatar

    Yes it’s inevitable, but democratic process would have to voted on by individual states. We are in a world of large power block and 10 world trade blocks. Any one who thinks that a small country can punch above its wait are romantic at best and deluded at worst.

  47. avatar

    FCO 30/1048 FULL DOCUMENT. This is the FCOs document in 1971 outlining the effects of joining the ‘Common Market’.
    It was subsequently hidden under the 30 year rule and promptly disappeared again in 2002.
    Pages 18-44 out of the 224 pages explain the eventual loss of sovereignty and also the areas of control IMMEDIATELY LOST to our own parliament including (on page 44) –
    Monopolies and restrictive practices
    Free movement of labour, services and capital:
    State aid for Industry:
    Coal and Steel:
    Nuclear energy industry:
    Values added tax
    Social security for migrants etc.
    To me this explains the reason behind Ted Heath and Margaret Thatchers role in the demise of our coal industry and the demise of our Steel industry and the selling off of our Post Office and nuclear expertise by Blair / Brown. etc.etc.
    The document also goes on to say that it is advisable that the blame for unpopular policies should be borne by our parliament so as not to tarnish the image of the EEC.

  48. avatar


  49. avatar

    Yes Hungary. Poland to name but two appear to have a different mindset with regard to democracy

  50. avatar

    United Europe…A territory considered as an organized political community under one government, joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings…it will never happen

  51. avatar

    It’s not what the mp’s think that matters.

  52. avatar
    Professor Hercules Haralambides

    With fiscal coordination and higher defence budgets, actually we are not too far away from a federal Europe, were it not for the ‘language’ problem and the ludicrousness of unanimity in decision-making. We know what are the reforms that we need to do and what type of politicians we need to elect. Last chance to win back a disillusioned populace. We should not move head to head with Italy and the successor of Mrs. Merkel might be a “make or break” situation.

  53. avatar
    Pierre Andreas van der Venne

    I do believe Dr. Alan Greenspan’s reasoning (“The Map and Territory 2.0”) ;
    ‘The cultural differenses between the states are obstackles to ever unite them .
    Likelyhood of unison ;
    certain parts of
    (where Kantism thrives).
    Likelyhood of Unison: certain parts of France,Spain,Italy,Portugal,Kroatia
    Because of the shared philisofy and culture.
    Coincidently, the Alps devide us.

  54. avatar
    Gian Luca

    Actually, there isn’t any “European politburo”. There are European institutions. The most democratic institution is the European Parliament, which is elected by European people.
    Euroskeptics say that is anti-democratic: it’s not. The States are well represented in the European Council: almost every decision, every regulation is taken with the unanimity of the Council.

  55. avatar
    steve FOSTER

    Why would all these single countries want to join together and eventualy become a new superpower I think its a bad idea as was the euro for all of you, eventualy it will bring you into conflict and why make it so difficult to leave ? Britain fought for you all in ww2 without being a united state of Europe.

    • avatar

      The more dictatorial Brussels becomes and the more it tries to force countries closer and closer together, the quicker it will bring about its own demise. Free trade should not mean political or monetary union and countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece have definitely not benefited from being in the Eurozone.

  56. avatar

    The more dictatorial Brussels becomes and the more it tries to force countries closer and closer together, the quicker it will bring about its own demise. Free trade should not mean political or monetary union and countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece have definitely not benefited from being in the Eurozone.

  57. avatar

    I don’t think EU citizens or even EU member country governments are anywhere near wanting a United States of Europe. The EU will have to be ultra social with equal basic wages, equal benefits, a gmi, free education, an equal healthcare system that is free for the vulnerable etc. The corporate serving EU as it is now doesn’t stand a chance with this US plan. Plus people are seeing the downside of no borders just like the US- more crime, less jobs, people willing to work double hours for half the wages because this is like being rich compared to what they would earn at ‘home’. Poverty would have to be abolished for this to even stand a glimmer of a chance.

  58. avatar

    I read about “equal basic wages”, VAT, Hungary’s opinion on same-sex marriage etc.
    I’ll just refer to the basic income in Massachusetts, Maryland, Alaska, DC, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey (above 70000$) compared to Louisiana, New Mexico, Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi (below 45000$).
    What’s about the “State sales tax”? Which is around 8% in California and 0% in its neighbour state of Oregon!
    And why gay people could successfully get married (before 2015) in New York and Nevada, while this wasn’t possible in Texas and Ohio?

    Europeans should learn more about USA, before express their opinion about its structure!

  59. avatar

    I don’t think we have enough oil, for “Democracy to be exported” to us by USA, but who knows… plutocracy may eventually win, and your wish may become true.

    • avatar

      That’s a good one 😎

    • avatar

      Spot on😅

  60. avatar

    Oligarchy spoiled and destroyed the European dream… It s over

    • avatar

      That’s a good one 😎

    • avatar

      No need for a totalitarian state thank you very much

  61. avatar

    Of course not! We have different languages , different cultures, different interests and a lot of hate for each other! The best we will have is a minimum financial political line as long as our governments serve the interests of german and french plutocracy!

  62. avatar

    “United States of Europe” means that there is only one government with one common economy, one army, “one spread” and so on.
    I never heard about a spread between Texas and Illinois.
    Europe has many things to fix before becoming a Union, but there is the will to be such a Union? For example I am worried about Brexit, in my opinion UK out of EU is a big loss for both sides.

    • avatar

      true on Brexit. Personally, I think the current EU is closer to what the founding fathers of the US had in mind. Come together as a union for some things but each state having its own freedom and sovereignty. I think apart from a few stubborn issues in the EU, it works really well. It’s run by humans so there will always be mistakes made but for the most part it gets alot right and balances a successful regional market economy with egalitarianism better than anywhere else on earth. Maybe just doesn’t communicate it right. Keep it as is. And an army means we get sucked into crap that doesn’t involve us so a big no to that too.

    • avatar

      a lot of what you said I agree with. But the necessity of an European army is quite pressing I think. Not only as a united army we would improve our capabilities and credibility but each member would also save a lot of money individually. As for the use of such an army it would be defensive and nothing more.

  63. avatar

    impossible.The us is a single nation with one language. We fortunately aren’t. So you ussr dreams are mismatched xP

    • avatar

      language it is not a limit

    • avatar

      language is not the only things keeping us apart: culture, national interests, fiscal sistems.
      The eu should really stop bullying its way forward and start giving back powers to the nations and its people.

    • avatar

      LOL to whom, Di Maio and Salvini? LOL

  64. avatar

    The Democratic Peoples Republic of Europe, maybe.

  65. avatar

    YES, by getting rid of local nations and moving fast into a federal government of smaller European regions – think to Switzerland!

  66. avatar

    it is impossible for it to be a federation of states by language, culture, society and sovereign interests of the EU member states.

  67. avatar

    United states of real human social and politicd rights.
    Now eu are a privat club of cinics politics

  68. avatar

    no need to change the magnificent brand ”EU”

  69. avatar

    Then stay out man, but don’t spoil the aspirations of others for peace, security and economical stability. Out of an even more United Europe each single member is outmatch by reality.

  70. avatar
    Barry Curtis

    Fellow Europeans,
    The mere suggestion of a United States of Europe, will always bring the big brother concept into competition with the national identities of every European citizen. The wheels of change are already moving forward by the EU elite, who want a European Army and stronger financial control by the European Central Bank over all EU members by 2025, by doing so, these measures will water down the remaining independent processes every government is able to do currently, and before you know it a superstate is born.

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