8 March 2018 is International Women’s Day. The idea of equality – the struggle of women for equal rights, the right to vote and the emancipation on the labour market – finally gained critical momentum immediately after the First World War. How far have we come since then? There is plainly still more to do, particularly when we look at the situation of women globally.

To mark International Women’s Day, we debated this topic in a live Q&A session with the CEO of the World Bank, Kristalina Georgieva. Via the hashtag #AskGeorgieva on Twitter and Facebook, you sent us your questions on the topic of women, conflict, violence, and fragility. Watch the video above to see how Georgieva responded.

In addition, we have an audience of students debating directly with Kristalina Georgieva in the studio. They are quizzing her on the role women can play in resolving international conflicts. The positions women often hold in society can leave them especially vulnerable during conflicts, but their participation can also successfully contribute to building peace if they are given the opportunity. Would having more women in positions of power perhaps help build a more peaceful world?

Kristalina Georgieva was the latest to take part in our #Ask ​​series, which has previously included ECB President Mario Draghi, EU Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

How can we achieve gender equality? Are more women in power the key to a more peaceful world? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Through segregation, placing opposite expectations on women and men, interpreting the same behaviour and experiences in life in opposite ways depending on sex, and constantly emphasising and even socially mandating differences between women and men, I’m assured that we will certainly reach equality, though I’ve been advised by feminists that this inevitability will take at least five hundred years come to fruition, which just happens to be longer than my lifespan. So it’s like God, it’s there, you just can’t see it yet. So just have faith, don’t think too much about, and do whatever the priests say.

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    Who needs equality…history proved it’s a false fiction. I don’t need a woman or a partner equal to me, people need someone to complete them spiritually and not to replace them, or to have one more version of themselves alongside. Opposite attraction:) Stick to nature notions, not false idealism. I don’t mind her to be more capable then me and to earn more if she is, that can only benefit the relation. Why should we erase that, what gives us thrill naturally:)

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    Защо се провали възможността светът да има жена генерален секретар на ООН?

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    Name one law anywhere in the EU or Great Britain that applies to men and not women, just one ? There is no gender inequality to achieve because it’s already been done. Nice to see yet another unelected revolving door ex European Commissioner telling us what to think though.

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    Paul X

    “Are more women in power the key to a more peaceful world?”….is the reasoning behind this question that women are traditionally perceived as “less aggressive” then men?

    What this fails to recognise is:

    a. In most case peace only comes about by being strong…..not passive

    b. Some of the more troublesome countries on this planet treat women as second rate citizens and will never give them the same respect as a man

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    Random Guy

    Im gonna disappoint you Liberals and Freemasons.

    Genders are not equal. Sexes are not equal. People are not equal. Religions are not equal. Ethnicities are not equal.

    There are differences between each person and group. We are all unique, not equal. Each person and group has advantages and disadvantage.

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    I don’t think so . As Jordan Peterson said, there are more men than women in power, because leaders are more aggressive. Many women are too agreeable. They are more likely to be satisfied with what they already have. Is characateristic a problem? I doubt it.

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    “How can we achieve equality?” – THE CEO OF THE WORLD BANK(f) will answer.

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    How can we achieve gender equality? #AskGeorgieva

    Gender equality is what? If you want to question the human condition and its world wide connotations, explain what it is you mean by it. What is gender equality to you in the EU?

    No, what it is you want to discuss is gender ‘inequality.’ What is being promoted is the removal of gender identity from the human race entirely. You do not want a human being to have a sense of identity at all to the body they were born with. Nothing they can relate to as usual, normal, or accepted between the differences we have always known exists between man and woman. You want us to accept the stance of robot.

    And it is being pushed to the concept of insanity. For that insanity to be embraced as normality. It is the removal of gender rights and respect that is being questioned here. And it is being done in order to eliminate the natural instincts and satisfaction associated with those parts of our human condition.

    The question here has to be why do political bodies want to divide and separate harmony between the sexes inherent in mankind? What will be gained by this kind of distortion toward the human condition?

    Here are some examples of the fear surging through society now and being pushed to the brink of madness. The expectation that this madness embraces is to be as easy as the rest of these diabolical theories this social engineering has propelled on our society.


    Women have the right to be accepted as women in their natural body and emotional status without being forced to disregard their birth gender difference. To reduce women to this idea that they are interchangeable with male gender reassignment, on the whim of the day, is grossly abusive of women. So called treatment does not change a male gender into the whole that is called female. We are equally as intelligent, complex, hormone filled and worth our sexual disposition without the horror of this misogyny forced into our society.


    This is the most horrendous attack on women there has been to date. It is not and can never be gender equality.

    This video is of a debate you must listen to if you want to realise this gross abuse by men of women. This discussion must not be shut down. It is an adult debate for ‘women’ to understand what is happening to their rightful sexual status. To deny them the right to speak on this is bullying is inhumane.


    And here is the horror of what is happening to our children. It is being done in order to placate the mental health condition of those who feel they are born in bodies not related to the male or female they present at birth. And once again, it is women who are strapped to this illness against their will.


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