Is terrorism just something we have to get used to? Is it a part of modern life? Or is it possible to reduce the number of attacks taking place (if not eliminate them completely), and minimise the damage and disruption they can cause? When cities and public spaces are being planned, for example, is it possible to incorporate resilience to terrorism into their architecture and design?

Nobody wants to live in “fortress” cities covered in concrete bollards, barbed-wire, CCTV cameras, and patrols of uniformed soldiers with automatic rifles. Perhaps, however, there are more subtle ways to make our cities safer. It may not be possible to ever make a city 100% “terror-proof”, but can we at least improve on what we have today?

Curious to know more about how to make our cities more resilient to terrorism? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

On 22 February 2018, our partner think tank, Friends of Europe, is holding an event in Brussels looking at boosting urban resilience to violent extremism. A panel of experts will be looking at how to minimise the risks of lethal terrorist attacks and to ensure a quicker bounce-back when attacks do occur.

What do our readers think? We had a comment from Victor, who is worried about terrorist bombings and car attacks in European cities. The recent spate of truck and car attacks, in particular, seems to be a worrying new trend. How can cities defend themselves against attacks made with readily-available, improvised weapons such as vehicles or kitchen knives?

To get a reaction, we spoke to Carola García-Calvo, Senior Analyst of the Programme on Global Terrorism at the Elcano Royal Institute. What would she say?

This is very difficult to accomplish and we need to have in mind the balance between security and freedom. Of course, terrorism is always changing and we have to adapt our cities to new forms of terrorism, but we should admit that it’s impossible to cover all the possibilities in terms of terrorist attacks. What we can do is to take some measures and protect critical infrastructure, the most-critical and popular buildings and public spaces, and also to be creative and adapt to new trends and changes. But, at the same time, we have to assume that it’s impossible to cover all the possibilities and have 100% security. Still, it’s true that measures such as bollards on popular streets are needed.

For another reaction, we put the same comment to Jon Coaffee, Professor in Urban Geography at the University of Warwick. How would he respond?

Since the events of 9/11, 2001, the threat of urban terrorism has necessitated that the managers of public spaces consider installing or retrofitting protective security features in order to mitigate the impact of terror attack against ‘soft targets’ that are easily accessible. Limiting the occurrence and impact of vehicle attacks against such locations has primarily been accomplished by putting in place measures that reduce vehicular access to public spaces as well as seek to maximise the ‘standoff’ distance between the road and ‘target’ locations. Most-common amongst such interventions have been ‘barrier’ methods of protective security, notably crash-rated security barriers, steel bollards or simple temporary concrete or wooden blocks. In some instances urban designers and security experts have utilised specialised street furniture for protection.

We also spoke to Chris Phillips, former senior police officer, Head of the UK government’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office, and founder and Managing Director of the International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO) consultancy.

[…] There’s no way to have 100% security, but what you can do, and what we’ve done in the UK in many locations, is to choose your iconic, most-likely-to-be-targeted sites, and do work around those. There’s been a great deal of work already done; if you go to train stations and other iconic sites, it’s very difficult to get a vehicle into those sites.

Of course, you could also see a reduction in the number of vehicles allowed into and around iconic sites across Europe. That would be a good thing, but it’s not always going to be achievable, obviously… Still, there are many firms out there that are building what we call PAS-rated security bollards and barriers, and lots of other equipment which actually prevent vehicles from being able to crash into crowds.

Now, that sounds quite scary because we don’t our cities covered in bollards and barriers. But, actually, these days it’s much more nuanced than that. They’re made into bus stops, seating areas, cycle racks, and so on. For instance, in the main tube stations in London, the central stair-rail is actually vehicle-proof, so if you crash into it the vehicle won’t be able to get into the tube station. So, there’s lots that we can do and that has been done behind the scenes to make our cities more difficult to attack. But we will never have 100% security, that’s for sure.

We had a comment from Rosy, who points out that terrorists have been deliberately targeting tourists and cultural places in major cities across Europe. Is it possible to keep European cities safe and still preserve the cultural look and feel of historic public places?

[…] We should try to maintain the equilibrium between safety and our cultural heritage and our way of life. Mainly because the ultimate aim of the terrorists is to disrupt our way of life, our democratic freedom, and our inclusivity. We should be very creative when protecting our public spaces, while also trying to maintain our normality, our peaceful way of life, with our traditions and our normal co-existence inside the cities. Finally, we should also try to build a more psychological concept of resilience to threats, preserving our freedoms and our democracies.

Finally, what would Jon Coaffee say to Rosy’s comment?

Whilst ongoing urban revitalisation and cultural renaissance [projects] have increasingly emphasised inclusivity, livability and accessibility, the public reaction to the imposition of concrete blockers or bollards has recently stimulated debate about the need for such features in public places and the importance of the aesthetic quality of the public realm (debates which have been especially prominent in Italy and Australia). In some locations we can, however, see security features that are increasingly camouflaged and subtlety embedded within the cityscape, although in many cases barrier and bollard-type solutions still prevail as a default response. Examples of such ‘stealthy’ features include balustrades or artwork erected as part of public realm improvements, or hardened street furniture that still provide ‘hostile vehicle mitigation’ functionality.

How can we make our cities terror-proof? Can we make our cities more resilient to violent extremism without sacrificing their historic look and feel? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: BigStockPhoto – (c) AlexRotenberg

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    Take away more civil rights and privacy, obviously. Look how effective that has been. And let’s just keep on fighting wars we have no right to meddle in.

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      Albert Golden

      That’s right. It’s important to solve domestic immigration issues instead of meddling in global affairs. For example, looking at Germany Immigration issue, the country took in too many invetted immigrants and now paying the price in increased number of terror attacks.

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    No finance to terrorist especially to overthrow politicians and governments

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    Homogeneous culture and assimilated LEGAL immigrants.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      “Homogeneous culture” is the exact opposite of the singular EU mantra “United in diversity”

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      We must differentiate between citizens and non citizens. Non citizens cam be prevented from entering, they can also be deported. Citizens have more or less absolute righta to enter and reside here with very few exceptions.
      We need a investigation of islamic terrorism and all it’s aspects. Who are it’s ideologues, preachers etc. We need a ban list of tgese individuals so they cannot come here to spread hatred. Telecoms, youtube etc. should be obligated to remove content where these people preach their hatred. Books and other mediums spreading islamic extremist ideology need identified and banned and actiin taken against those who produce such mediums (ban list, fines, prison etc.). European Countries should arrange to lean hard on islamic countries to fight the preaching of hatred on their soil. The ideological foundation for islamic terror must be fought at every turn wherever and whenever it rears it’s ugly head. This is a war for civilization. This war will be for over 1 generation. We will only defeat islamic terror if we push for a reformatiin of islam.

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      I think diversity within the EU is homogeneous when compared to imported ideas and cultural norms… The EU campaigns for the diversity of its members to be maintained, i.e. European traditions, and values and not imported values and traditions that go straight against those of Europe.

      I thought that it was obvious.

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    Stop invading other countries , stop supporting war, stop stealing resources

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    Invite more undocumented immigrants from hot regions to enrich our society…

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    As the london mayor once said attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city well it’s the normal people that suffer not people like him.

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    There is no way to stop “lone wolves” who are ready to die.
    The secret agencies must enter the European Mosques and Islamic Centers and watch what the Imams are telling to the followers.
    Also, we need a common European patrol guard to watch the external borders of the Union, we need closer cooperation and exchange of information. A info can save lifes.

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    Get rid of the Schengen fiasco, put up real and meaningful borders and stop taking in terrorists. In fact do exactly the opposite of what the Brussels dictatorship ‘orders’ you to do :)

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      What horses**t! The UK isn’t part of the Schengen area and they have been the worst hit. How about you take lessons in law enforcement from those who are actually NOT incompetent?

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      @Mauricio Indeed we have, because of the idiotic free movement policy that allowed the illegal migrants that should have been stopped at the Greek, Spanish, French, etc border to go where they wanted when they wanted. We are leaving your pointless EU so they are ‘all’ your problem now comrade, have fun :)

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      Hey hey calm down. The issue is not and never was citizens of European countries moving freely. The issue is foreigners using that same right. And especially illegal foreigners from the middle east.

    • avatar

      I take it you have asked the same of Canada, south Africa, Russia, China, North Korea, etc ?

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      I was sort of hoping this would not end up being a kindergarden playground blame throwing match, but a discussion on why terrorism appears and survives in this oh! so! civilised 21st century! But hey… maybe we do indeed have the leaders we deserve….

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    Freedom of religion must be maintained, but careful inspection of each and every church is mandatory. Scientology, islamism, etc. play a blackhat game against freedom, christianism cover for many pedophiliac abuse, etc. we must know what is going on in the respective churches. As for the people themselves, millions of outlanders must be bought out of their European citizenship, and deny any permission to settle. We must also finance huge reconstruction programs in the war-stricken countries. Also we must force the third world to stop producing children at will, because a huge chunck of their poverty comes from their extraordinary reproduction rate.

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    mhhhh, letting in only atheist apparently. which is impossible.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Cities can never be “Terror-Proof”!

    They can however, be “Terror-Resistant”!

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      Finally!!!! Reading nonsenses while I was expecting the right answer.

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    I took the exact same photo a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t believe the need for barricades… How did the enemy manage to get inside?

    This is a social problem more than anything else.

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      Your values or our values ? Given the antidemocratic addition to your picture clearly they are not the same thing.

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    catherine benning

    How can we make our cities terror-proof?

    Cities are terror proof when politics are terror proof.

    Politicians in the West decided to back the Globalists and lie in order to take weapons, paid for by public funds, and drop them on towns of people who had nothing to do with our side of the world. They did this after decades before deciding to open our borders up to hoards of immigrant wanderers looking for a feed and a leg up.

    Now they were in the lands of the political Western bombers, and felt they could not be removed from their place of residence, decided to do what was being done in their homeland, mass killing by terror.

    If there was the political will to stop this imported slaughter, this barrier of so called protection would be removed overnight. This war we have going on within our society is clearly suiting the leaders. Obviously it is used as a threat to the tax paying citizen in order to persuade them their money must go on being used to protect them from attack. Arms are a good investment, they do not want to let that go or be rid of the profit they glean from it.

    The cost of these barriers are another way of making profit, just as traffic lights, armed police, GCHQ and so on, are. Military is a big part of the economy and those who lead are in it up to their necks.

    When WWII raged through our streets in London, did we let the German and Japanese people roam the city in order to place their weapons ready to wipe us all out? No. Well I wonder why they allow it now? Has to be the hand outs they receive for laying down and claiming there is nothing they can do. This in the land of Napoleon, Nelson, Churchill, and the rest. Are you kidding me?

    Soon we in the UK will be free of the EU and once again, our politicians will have to dance to the tune of the nation or be out on their backsides.

    • avatar

      Guess what Catherine? The “terrorists” are also anti-globalism… And so you see that the problem is not that straightforward… Barricades are treating the symptom and not the disease. Why have we allowed people who are against us to live amongst us regardless of where they were born and what citizenship they have? If we really believed in democracy and were prepared to implement it fully, do you think things would have got so bad? I don’t think so. Anti-democratic speech and attitudes should have been stopped way back then before they cost anyone their life. Tolerance is not the same as passivity towards those that are enemies of the state.

  14. avatar

    We can’t. Which is why giving law enforcement the means and training for prevention is crucial.

    • avatar

      that’s a terrible idea! Its a one-way trip to a 1984 hell. that not freedom and that is not the future for Europe that I want (and I think also many others). Mauricio, I think you need to educate yourself a little.

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    We can’t make them Terrorism proof but we can make them terrorism resistant.

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    Get rid of the terrorists. Deport or intern everyone connected to ISIS.

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    Europeans we need to stick togheter to stop bruxells dictature, the problem is not the “refugees” is the bruxells agenda that promote this in europe. bruxells does not represant europeans, the bruxells is entreprise that work against europeans.

  18. avatar
    catherine benning

    How can we make our cities terror-proof?

    Only fools who do not bother to research and understand the full impact of Globalism sit playing with their tops welcoming the thought police into their mind. Are you one of those?

    Do you even understand what Globalism is? Had you done so, that post you used my name for would not exist.

    This may help.

    • avatar

      Another conspiracy theory video from you Catherine in an attempt to support an irrelevant argument… Like I said before, I don’t bother with conspiracy theories. They are the new substitute for organised religion. Based on faith…

  19. avatar

    Yes we can.

    1)Start mass deportations. Two generations back of Non-Europeans.
    2)Then stop supporting American, UK, French wars, let the Americans take those refugees and immigrations, if they love those wars so much.
    Shame on those UK French who allow Libya, Syria to be destroyed.
    Lately the Macaroni boy said he would bomb Syria if “chemicals are used”.

    The EU will change greatly, or it will fall. It will be beautiful.

  20. avatar
    EU Reform- Proactive

    It costs Euros & inconvenience- who pays?

    Why – “WE the voters”- don’t consider & demand the following:

    Costly political errors are never paid by politicians who cause them! The “repair costs” are always taken from the taxpayer’s pocket- who (blindly) put their trust in their STATE, who’s duty is to look after their communal security interests- as a first priority. Who carries the greater responsibility- voters or politicians?

    As long as we allow to be led by concepts of untested origins, domineering countries, parties and their busy body bureaucrats- where a sentimental concoction of “tender emotions” and irrational actions can take over- nothing will change or be “terror proof”.

    An EU with such great love for treaties just needs another one- called:
    “The EU treaty on ACCOUNTABILITY”. Applicable to all its political office bearers- including a legally binding contract with its voters- not the EU Commission or its lobbyists.

    Within should be a sworn & signed “performance guarantee” and “surety”! It should measure “THEIR” success, failure, possible salary increases or reductions, penalties and/or summarily dismissals with the tragic loss of all generous benefits.

    There must be a strict performance criteria & deterrent- besides believing in a “drone like” unprecedented secured employment until early retirement & death.

  21. avatar

    You can’t fully but not giving the faith that drives it a free pass & importing millions of its followers would be a good start.

  22. avatar

    It’s funny how Isis and white nationalists agree on what islam is.

    But extremists can’t be allowed to define this. They want muslims to be a marginalised minority who feels threatened by the majority. Extremists have so much in common.

    It’s impossible to build terror-proof cities. That’s not how we must defeat this extremism. Democracy must have the courage to actively work against hate-speech, incitements to violence and actively promote the democratic ideas.

    Extremists won’t like that. But they shouldn’t set the rules.

    • avatar

      Islam defines itself. The terrorists do exactly as Allah tells them. If the moderates disagree then they should fight to reform. This is the 21st century and they are not goatherds any more.

    • avatar

      Moderates are reformed, and god doesn’t exist. It’s not moderates fault there are terrorists. Just like it isn’t my fault Anders Bering Breivik killed all those kids. I hate white nationalists.

  23. avatar

    Everyone knows it but for some reason politicians wont implement it.

  24. avatar

    Stop socioeconomic terror – open schools – reconnect people with nature.

  25. avatar

    stop funding banks and oil companies that help these groups exist

    • avatar

      What have banks and oil companies got to do with a internal 1300 year of Islamic war that is being exported to the civilised world by leftest dogma ?

    • avatar

      because these groups have a source of funding. And that source is oil and military companies that fund war that just wants to make it easier to extend a oil duct from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean, thus cutting on the time and cost of transportation.

    • avatar

      Lino So how did they kill each other by the million before banks and oil companies and should we treat them like children and deny them any kind of modern day invention ? Yours is just the usual left wing argument of blaming the west for historical problems of the Middle East and not offering any real solution.

  26. avatar

    What about stopping to overthrow governments, which we admittedly don’t like, and try in other peaceful ways to stabilise the mid-east?!:O
    We have to admit that invading and quasi-destroying Iraq and Libya for years if not decades has brought terror back to us! All the while we allow that Syrian catastrophe to unfold, where there was actually popular suppor for a change of government …
    Our leaders need to engage more with unstable countries, and frankly bomb less!

  27. avatar

    No but could reinstate the borders between Nation States within the EU to intercept them.

    • avatar

      Detecting terrorists is an easy task for you? Maybe apply for secret service then?

    • avatar

      Uli trust me, europe will do it soon

    • avatar

      Uli they know who is a risk in society but let’s just say they let them run around causing terror.

    • avatar

      Higher borders.

    • avatar

      So why are all the terrorist attacks happening only in the western EU and new members like Poland have no attacks?

    • avatar

      That’s not even the only interesting question.

      Two answers to that question might be hinted by the facts that most international news media cover Western Europe a lot more than the new members of the EU, and some Western European countries like Germany, Britain and France had either terrorists or rebels in the 1970s, too.

      Another question of mine is: Why are the queues for security checks not targeted by terrorists? A third interesting question is: why are most terrorists in Western Europe seem to be eager to commit suicide by cop?

      In fact, most countermeasures against terrorism are in fact supporting the purpose of terrorism by reminding the citizens of the thread. The same do the anniversaries of terrorist attacks. Who are paying for the flowers, the parties and other markings of the terrorist attacks? Perhaps those funding the markings of the attacks are funding the terrorists, too.

      Thinking about it, it is also worth noticing the fact that several terrorist attacks happened in Belgium which has the head offices of the EU and Nato, but none or only a few happened in the Nederlands which is the country of the wellknown Islam critic Geert Wilders. One difference between Belgium and the Nederlands is the number of international newsrooms. Terrorism only works when the attacks are communicated to the public.

  28. avatar

    Supporting and enabling apostasy is probably the only long term solution.

  29. avatar

    Get to the source. Search for the belief system behind it. Or is it not politically correct to name it and uproot it?

  30. avatar

    How did we make our European cities nazi free? We fought them. How are we fighting the new nazism? Allowing them in with open arms, no control and calling anyone that opposes a racist xenophobe.

  31. avatar

    You will stop the terrorism when you say STOP to the nations funding them with dollars …

  32. avatar

    Not by limiting personal freedom of citizens but by extending and guaranteeing them. We should let citizens be able to defend themselves. We need concealed carry laws. And very strict border control at EU’s external borders. If we want a free society, we must rely on personal responsibility and we must be able to defend our freedom.

  33. avatar

    stop bombing them and rebuild Syrian cities, invest in north Africa, south Asia, and people will return to their countries of origin

  34. avatar

    Easy deport all the radicals that are known as well as all those that have been to the middle east to fight for the terrorist factions there you are just importing trouble wake up and kick out all the liberal thinkers

    • avatar

      Kick out right wing nut jobs

  35. avatar

    What kind of reactions do you expect from a question like this? The only answers that make sense will get you banned on fb and a prison sentence in real life for racism and hate speech.

  36. avatar

    Equality before the law, apply hate speech laws on radicalism, too. Because it *is* hate speech.

  37. avatar

    Well, certainly by not letting in millions of refugees without any checks.

  38. avatar

    We can walk free and not caring. Not being afraid and live your day in the city like you normally would is a terrorist’s greatest failure.

    • avatar

      lol, you can do that in the jungle too, the question was not how to pretend something does not happen, the question was how to deal with it …

    • avatar

      Adrian Can you stop it? No you can’t. They will always find a new way to spread terror. From rockets to explosives to knives to runaway vehicles. They will always evolve. You can’t control it. So go out live your life free of their terror. If you are terrorized and stay home and afraid to live in a liberal democracy then they have achieved their goal and they won. I will never let them win. I will live free. Freedom comes at a risk. I choose to pay the cost of the risk. I will never be chained to whatever a terrorist wants me to be scared of. I am out…

  39. avatar

    Stop dropping bombs on “less privileged” peoples who don’t accept your world view ?

    • avatar

      That is a fake excuse used to radicalize young muslims and to con people like you who have white guilt.
      Every single place we have bombed was already a war zone in a war started by muslims, with muslims killing muslims. No bomb has ever been dropped because it was going to kill muslims. It was dropped to *end* a war started by muslims.

    • avatar

      Who is this “we” you refer to ? I am not part of your sociopathic “we-dom”. Tell me what ongoing war-zone was in Iraq before the second Iraq invasion ? What ongoing war-zone was in Libya before it was attacked ? (Libya, BTW prior to being attacked had the highest levels of income, education and healthcare of anywhere on the continent of Africa.)

  40. avatar

    Simple : stop creating the conditions that lead to terrorism. Anja, we can get rid of all religions, especially Christianity as well as Islam

  41. avatar

    C’mon, terrorism is part of living in a big city as Mayor Sadik Khan once said..take a look to cities like Tokyo, Beijing, full of terrorism…

  42. avatar

    Wrong again !!!! The correct quote is “ why we had no terror few years ago” ….. we can be safe if we change politics

  43. avatar

    I would put more effort on mitigating the attacks and less on preparing our cities for further ones.

    Most last attacks (or all) were perpetrated by European citizens, so we need to understand why the our citizens were radicalised and attacked their own people. Maybe they had the feeling of not belonging, or for some reason were angry at the system.

    We also need to be able to find the sources financing the terrorist groups and tackle those sources, so we’ll need some level of transparency on financial transactions. That is the way you bring those organisations down and prevent the money sources to finance new groups

  44. avatar

    The terrorists are made from USA, Germany, GB and all this to control the masses

  45. avatar

    To solve a problem means to remove its root cause, all the proposal of this article don’t regard the terrorism root cause removing, but how to stop that the terrorist makes no damages, this will never avoid the terrorists actions something will always escape to the preventive actions.

    The 99% of terrorism in UE is Islamic terrorism done by muslim people, Japan has never had an Islamic terrorist action, the % of muslim in japan is close to 0.

  46. avatar

    Sure you can. You can stop cultivating the reasons which create terrorists for starters. Thus, no money need to be wasted for what you suggest. The market and manufacturers will be unhappy because they won’t get richer, but all the rest of us will be safer, happier and the money deriving from taxation can be invested elsewhere.

    Comparing casualties from terrorist activities ( versus road related accidents ( can draw a clearer picture about what’s priorities need to be set. Kudos to every EU country for the diminishing rates of road-related casualties through the years, but that can also be attributed to technology as manufacturers create safer automobiles.

    We primarily need to understand that the existence of constant threats and enemies are critical and used as constant pressure for promoting certain political agendas. Even if there are none, the current system will create them. It’s the exact analogous to fearing sharks for killing swimmers and then taking a look at hard data. What you are taught to believe, just isn’t there.

  47. avatar

    Stop creating wars (thus destroying whole lifes) in other regions of the world and selling arms to the people of these regions, just to fill our own pockets with money? We are actually the terrorists for those people in the first place. All that follows is just payback.

    • avatar

      Lástima que si un país no les vende, sus gobernantes..las comprarán en otro
      Too bad if a country doesn’t sell them, their rulers will buy them in another

    • avatar

      Amalia You are entirely right. But why does anybody have to create those conflicts and sell weapons for their own profit? My question actually is, why is the human kind so immature and has to live in conflict, instead of working together? All the energy wasted to destroy instead of create.

    • avatar

      Christopher It’s called survival of the fittest, either we protect ourselves from barbarism or Western Civilisation collapses and the human race returns to the dark ages. Thinking the human race can just get along is a childish fantasy.

    • avatar

      Oh I know Ivan. But all civilizations are barbarous in their own way. The holy West is making it illegal to save people coming over the sea from another continent. Many people think, we should just let them drown and watch while it happens, in case someone could survive and come over anyways. We beat people who want to cross our open borders. Inside of Schengen. This is bullsh*t hypocrisy. I’m not saying you are, but this whole the West is good, the rest is not.

    • avatar

      Ivan followings that logic, some indigenous tribes should attempt to destroy that same western civilization that is systematically destroying the planet with their wars, their infinite grow and consumerism. Don’t they need to protect themselves from us?

  48. avatar

    Yes…by not exporting the Middle East and Africa into Europe

    • avatar

      You mean importing? 😂

    • avatar

      yes …that one😂

  49. avatar

    Just read a piece regarding the migrants landing on Spanish beaches & the new Socialist governments idiotic plea for more migrants to come to the EU. +60,000 have arrived this way this year & as most people can guess they are 99% young men and 99% of the religion of hate. When you import millions of people with totally different cultures and values into your society don’t be surprised when some of them turn & bite the hand that feeds them. There can be no safety as long as virtual signalling left wing politicians put the lives of migrants over the lives of their own voters & citizens.

    • avatar

      Anders Behring Breivik

    • avatar

      Los españoles de bien estamos desesperados

  50. avatar

    Keeping our culture and values instead of destroying it and open the gates to Islamic one with the flag of political correctness

  51. avatar

    Basic common sense tells us that it’s easier to solve the problem at Europe’s external border than it is to contain it in every single street in our cities all at once, which is the other alternative.

  52. avatar

    (1) The only way to make any community “terror-proof” would require a totalitarian control over people’s lives. Ironically, it is likely that the resistance against such totalitarianism may take terroristic aspects. This directly applies to the idiotic proposals of “banning Islam” in Europe – even if such a despicable thing were possible (it is not), it would effectively end religious freedom and require a totalitarian degree of intrusion into citizens’ lives by the government, which could then also be brought to bear against the friends of Muslims, political dissidents, etc. The totalitarian regimes of the 20th century are a case in point of this.
    (2) Terrorism hasn’t anything to do with Islam per se, i.e., more precisely, Islam is neither sufficient nor necessary for terror to exist. Though most terror attacks of the past 20 years in the West have been associated with Islam, terrorist attacks have been carried out by white supremacists, anarchists, communists, Christian fundamentalists (LRA) and nationalists of all kind (IRA, ETA, PLO, etc.). The one thing that these groups have in common – and the true basis of any form of terrorism – is a dogmatic approach to their ideology that is used to justify indiscriminate violence against civilians.
    (3) The more interesting discussion is about how we can make our societies “terror-resilient”. Resilience against terrorism has several aspects: (i) limiting the number of people willing to commit terror attacks, (ii) limit the ability of such people to cause a lot of harm, and (iii) improve the ability of potential victims to limit harm through their actions. Generally speaking, the more marginalized individuals a society has, the more influencible people in a society are, and the easier the access to fundamentalist ideologies for influencible individuals, the higher the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Consequently, it is important to fight marginalization, to educate people about fundamentalist ideologies, and to impede access to fundamentalist ideologies for particularly influencible groups (most importantly youth); the latter also implies taking a proactive attitude to religious education since religion stands at the basis of many fundamentalist ideologies. Controlling immigration (e.g. through background checks) plays an important role here, as can prioritizing the immigration of women, families and culturally proximate people. Widespread and uncontrolled access to weapons and explosives enables terrorism more than that it enables citizens to defend themselves, as the U.S. continue to showcase. Public mass events should equally be well-protected, including against car or truck attacks. Finally, people should know how to react in a terrorist attack and be taught a few habits and skills to react in such events; these are often quite similar to those to be used in other emergency situations (e.g. locate the emergency exit when entering a crowded, closed space; know how to give and receive emergency aid; how not to panic in an emergency, etc.).

  53. avatar

    Less false flag terror attacks maybe? Before “Islamic terror” there was Communist terror. Shouldn’t we deal with Islamic terror the same way we dealt with Commie terror? I for one would welcome McCarthy era tribunals.

  54. avatar

    If you stopped Americans in their invasions around the globe, they probably wouldn’t come.

  55. avatar

    Can we make our minds terror-proof?
    A block of concrete on a paveway will not replace the will to oppose terrorist agenda, the vigilance of each of us, and the care for the other citizens.
    Terrorism is not an attack on each of us. It is an attack on the whole of us as a community. Sense of community is the long term answer.

  56. avatar

    By Not Importing 13 century cultures into our continent.

    • avatar

      Rumy, nothing more to say. But this inmigración is only showing up the luck of real values in Europe. So we are the responsible

    • avatar

      Eggsy, It only shows how precious the culture and civilization of Europe is and how important it is to protect it. Why aren’t these people fleeing to China, or Saudi Arabia, or Putinist post-soviet Russia? Because Europe is the best place to live, and it has become so because of Europeans. We should protect that and we should be careful who we share it with, otherwise we risk losing it completely. I’m NOT saying we should wall ourselves in, I’m saying we should be more sensible and careful who we let in.

    • avatar

      Don’t you mean 7th century?

  57. avatar

    With more solidarity, tolerence and democracy

    • avatar

      Beautiful words that won’t solve any of the real life problems Europe is having.

  58. avatar

    Not letting the 3rd world come in…

  59. avatar

    Don’t vote for communists and naive liberals.

  60. avatar

    You just can’t.
    These attackers want to die. It is not easy to stop someone who wants to die from killing others too.
    Maybe, better cooperation between the secret services of the European members might stop SOME of the attacks.

  61. avatar

    Before EU, we did not have such a problem, right 😜

  62. avatar

    No, just ETA, IRA, Red Brigades, Right wing bombings, Munich Olympics

    etc etc etc

  63. avatar

    hehe you’re talking about ‘the 70s and before 😁😁😁😁. Oh right EU regime resolve everything….. Cut the crap please

  64. avatar

    The last terrorist attacks from IRA were in the 90s

    Also nobody is claiming that the EU solved the terrorist problem for two reason :

    First : it isn’t solved
    Second : EU has no power in the matter of police management and internal security since they remain handled by every single country.

    If you can’t read a basic text without making a shitton of wrong basic assumptions, lay down the vodka or just get an english grammar.

    • avatar

      Antonio, Islamic terrorism was never common in Europe before the European countries started importing muslims from Africa and the Middle East. That’s a fact. And no, that doesn’t mean that all of them are terrorists. But some are, and we see the result of them being allowed in Europe almost daily. The activity of IRA and ETA has nothing to do with this and it’s a complete red herring to bring them up in the context of current problems with terrorism in Europe.

    • avatar

      Любомир, what do you mean by “has nothing to do with this”?
      There were far more deadly and attacked much more often

  65. avatar

    you must be ignorant….. that’s for sure.
    You don’t know what’s IRA, ETA, and other organizations..

  66. avatar

    Terrorism hasn’t ever been as low as nowadays, go read a history book!

    • avatar

      Pedro, Raping, knife stubbing ,vehicles as weapons of terror , raping ,mass shooting…..that’s children playing, right, 😎 . You mistakenly believe ,you have some superior knowledge & understanding of the world that others do not , regardless of whom you’re speaking to !

  67. avatar

    Stop leading a selfish economy and messing around in other counties and regions.

  68. avatar

    Oups let me stay silent better 😁😁😂😂😂

  69. avatar

    Yes, Ban all religious people from the cities.

  70. avatar

    You can’t, the best you can do is minimize damage and fight the causes like it is being done

  71. avatar

    Stop illegal migrations. Ban Islam in Europe

  72. avatar

    stop interfering in their countries. Violence brings more violence. When will we ever get that?
    Peace and love to the world ♥️

  73. avatar

    One of the mandatory and immediate steps towards a sensible solution would be to immediately stop importing terrorists. Stricter border control of the EU and stricter rules and requirements for providing asylum. The vast majority of the illegal migrants should be deported back to where they came from.

    • avatar

      Doesn’t exactly solve Islamic terrorists converted from the native population.

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