What is human nature? Is it selfish? Or is it social? Maybe a bit of both? This seems to be one of the most fundamental questions when it comes to evaluating the philosophy and political system of Karl Marx. What exactly is human nature, and can it be changed?

Given that ‘post-capitalist’ ideas are growing more popular (particularly in Europe in the wake of the Great Recession), we’ve launched a series looking at the legacy of one of the most influential anti-capitalists in history: Karl Marx.

May 2018 will mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, and February 2018 will be the 170th anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto. To mark these dates, Debating Europe is launching a series of online discussions dedicated to examining the impact and legacy of Marx and his writings. 

We had a comment from Eva, arguing that communism could never work in practice (at least, in a capitalism system). So, is communism just a nice idea that’s never been implemented properly? Or is the very notion flawed from the start?

To get a response, we put Eva’s comment to Vladimir Tismăneanu, Professor of Politics and Director of the Center for the Study of Post-communist Societies at the University of Maryland (College Park), and a prominent critic of Marxism. What would he say?

Eva makes a comment I hear quite frequently from my undergrads and graduate students, and I think we have to take it quite seriously. The communist project was fundamentally an economic, social, intellectual, moral, and civilisational project. The idea was not only to defeat capitalism economically, but to defeat capitalism and all the other previous social formulations, from slavery to the bourgeois domination; to create a new anthropological species. For Karl Marx, this was the mandate of the global proletarian revolution.

In his early writings, in his work ‘The Holy Family’, Karl Marx referred to the proletariat as the ‘messiah class of history’. This is the reason why, for instance, Yuri Slezkine, in his recent book ‘The House of Government’, insists on Bolshevism as a political religion. So, Karl Marx created a political religion meant to replace the Kingdom of Necessity through the Kingdom of Liberty. He basically thought that human nature can be fundamentally transformed, and here I find the major problem with the original Marxian project: the Utopian hubris at its core.

For another perspective, we put the same comment to Charles Post, Professor of Sociology at Borough of Manhattan Community College-CUNY. How would he respond?

If by ‘communism’ she means a non-capitalist economy, where there is collective social ownership of industry, commerce, etc., and there is a planned economy, I think, in fact, it can work. But there have to be two conditions, both of which were lacking in most of the societies that called themselves ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’.

The first is some level of material prosperity, so that people would have free time, etc. This didn’t exist in Russia in the aftermath of the Russian revolution, or in most of the countries that had experienced so-called transformations.

The other is that there has to be real democracy for working people. There has to be a multiplicity of political parties, free speech, free elections, etc. so that people can democratically discuss, debate, and correct planning decisions, etc. So, I think that the problem is that it was never implemented in societies where there was enough of a social surplus product that people had leisure time to engage in a really democratic political structure that has to surround any sort of socialist or post-capitalist world.

Next up, we had a comment from Tino, who thinks that Marx may have been wrong about the cure, but he at least diagnosed the disease correctly. Is that a fair assessment?

How would Professor Vladimir Tismăneanu respond? Obviously, he is a critic of Marx and his writings, but are there nevertheless some parts of Marx’s political philosophy that he finds himself agreeing with?

Definitely, there is a moral component in Karl Marx’s legacies that ought to be revisited, and ought to be, in my view, rescued and appreciated. Karl Marx opposed injustice, Karl Marx opposed exploitation, Karl Marx opposed the humiliation of human beings. This is an important thing, and even such a sworn critic of Marxism and of Karl Marx’s doctrine as the late British philosopher (born in Central Europe) Karl Popper, author of  ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’, says that there is something very important that remains from the legacy of Karl Marx. That is: the moral prophetism.

On the other hand, the pretence to have created a ‘science’, the pretence to epistemic infallibility, the pretence to have the ultimate answer to all the ultimate questions, makes Karl Marx’s ideas, at this moment, problematic.

Finally, what would Professor Charles Post say to Tino’s comment? Does he think Marx was correct about the diagnosis but wrong about the cure?

No, I think that if you do believe that the problems the world faces today – from growing inequality, poverty, overwork, alienation, gender and racial discrimination, and environmental destruction – are actually rooted in the most basic dynamics of capitalism, which is what Marx argued even in the mid-19th century, then looking for some decisive break with capitalism and a different form of society is in fact necessary. That break has to come through a mass political movement and, as I said before, produce democratic political structures. Otherwise you get planned economies without democracy, which are highly wasteful, alienating, etc.

Could Communism ever work in practice? Is it a nice idea that’s never been implemented properly? Or is the idea flawed from the start? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their response!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Keijo Knutas

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What do YOU think?

    • Bódis Kata

      Crazy ideologies that run completely contradictory to human nature will only create a crazy world.

    • Alexander Tsankov

      There is no human nature. Only social constructs. And this is so easily proof-able. This human nature of yours seems to fail in different cultures and in different social settings seems to act in a different way.

    • Daniel Leu

      Get a job. Money is not free

    • Guillem Martí Bou

      Biology doesn’t exist, new communist absurdity 😂

    • Alexander Tsankov

      Yet, you seem to assume that exploiting other people’s labour is a job. :O

    • Alexander Tsankov

      Guillem Martí Bou Biology exists, but somehow there is nothing biological in you wearing cloths, in you getting married, in you having laws, in you studying and so on. Somehow this human nature turns out to be a mere subject-object interpretation of your surroundings.

    • Kánai Mariann

      if you love your own children more than any other children, are you egoistic?

    • Bódis Kata

      Kindly tell that to some indigenous people living at the post-neolithic level that their society doesn’t reflect human nature and it’s only a social construct. Instead they should follow the teachings of Marx, because Marx knows better.

      Wow.. you’ve been seriously brainwashed somewhere.

    • Alexander Tsankov

      Even societies of indigenous people have a complex cultural web of understanding the world. Go read some Charles Taylor for example. Nothing “Natural” there either. If knowing about what Im talking about is brainwashing, then probably it is. ;)

    • Federico Pirola

      So what you’re saying is that the way to make it work is to brainwash everyone into “being less egoistic”. While this might be desirable (who are you to decide it, anyway?), it would still imply a massive top-down imposition of behaviours from a “moral State” (a State that decides what is good and what is bad). The idea sends shivers down my spine.

    • Federico Pirola

      Alexander Tsankov Social interactions are fostered by chemicals produced by our bodies, so there is biology involved. Wearing clothes and getting married are very biologically based.

  1. Ivan Burrows

    Seriously ? lol . Next you will be asking if National Socialism can ever work in practise.

    • Peter

      You’re joking. They won’t EVER ask about it. NS ideology and System were completely different, you know. Just because they told so.

  2. Anatilde Alves

    Nope. If you work hard and are smarter your should get more money. People are not the same thus don’t have the same. It’s only an Utopia that usally goes wrong.

    • Daniele Tassi

      The socialist principle of distribution (should) refers to an arrangement whereby individual compensation is reflective of one’s contribution to the social product (total output of the economy) in terms of effort, labor and productivity. This is held in contrast to the method of distribution and compensation in capitalism, where those who own private property receive unearned income in the form of interest, rent, or profit by virtue of ownership irrespective of their contribution to the social product.

    • Anatilde Alves

      I know that. Feel the same way about it. If someone has propriety, they worked for it or someone worked for it. I think people that have a certain amount of Fortune should get more taxes, but that’s about it for me. If people can’t make it they just can’t. We about re not all the same so we don’t have the same. That’s just the facts since forever. Even irrational animals weed out the weak.

    • Daniele Tassi

      The ability to gain property is defined by the economical system of your time and place. It’s not a natural law, so make sense those who aren’t favoured by the current economical system of their country would change it (manual labourers in western world or wannabe capitalists in socialist countries).

    • Anatilde Alves

      That’s some bullshit. I know plenty people came from nothing and now have millions. I’m sorry but be smarter work harder. Europe is designed for people to get a chance, if they don’t it coz they don’t have skills, that’s on them not on anybody else.

  3. Munteanu Vlad Stefan

    I think the people who apply different doctrines are the real problem, as you can see capitalism also it isn’t working. 1% of the population has reached 80% of the wealth so better start thinking.

    • Ivan Burrows

      The idea of 1% of the population having 80% of the wealth is a socialist myth that as been busted many times, please stop spreading fake news.

    • Munteanu Vlad Stefan

      The idea that this is a socialist myth is equally valid in case i say that what you said is a capitalist myth so again start thinking with your brain and don’t copy/paste propaganda on social media

  4. Eugenia Serban

    IT S CRIMINAL, it destroys people, it makes prisons from any country

    • Bódis Kata

      How many millions should die the next time?

    • Christophe Walter

      All the recent wars and the creation of the European bloc has Communism written all over them.

  5. Daniel Parvanov

    When you send everyone that says it not works to the camps and feed their dead bodies to the pigs (real story from Bulgaria commies re-educational camps) Large amount of population start to says it works even they are starving at the moment …

  6. Todor Borissov

    Communism was never practiced. We didn’t go further than advanced socialism.
    Examples of communism are most of the future fiction books and movies, Star Trek for instance. Every person has his role and position in society. Technology is very advanced. Everybody is highly educated and posess high moral. Everybody eats the same amorphous junk.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Communism, Socialism, Marxism, National Socialism = Cancer.

    • Todor Borissov

      You’re boring. This is just the last post in a row of offtopoc nonscientific hate posts of yours. Society technology is a scientific discipline especiaaly from the distance of time and knowledge. At the next instance of the same nonsense I will block you.

  7. Steve Fischer

    Communism requires abundance, so incredibly high productivity. With automation we are slowly getting there, but we are not quite there yet.

    • Liri Kodhelaj

      Communism is still the idea and aspiration of the future. The first phase, socialism, started in Soviet Union and it was sabotaged by the the rich in the west who don`t want to loose the wealth they have accumulated by exploiting other people This has given them the economic and political power and privileges which they are afraid they will; loose in a different system. This is why they portrayed communism as a ghost. Like any other system based on exploitation of man by man, capitalism will have to be destroyed as people will strive and aspire for equality, for justice. The only system that would grant that to people is communism. It may look as an utopia but this what everything has been for the humanity. They have first dreamed and then put their dreams into reality. This will be a long journey, with ups and downs, will take decades and generations but it will definitely happen. The more the gap between rich and poor widens, the quicker that dream will come through. It is for the new generation to widen their studies and get more involved in politics and not waste their time and talent on drugs, alcohol etc.

    • Paul Anthony Browne

      Ideal? That everyone has the same. Crazy. No rewards for work, enterprise? Rewards for laziness and stupidity?

    • Charles Vee

      Paul Anthony Browne that is why I said its not practical

    • Basil Aliftiras

      It is, but tbh I’ve quit arguing with random people over the internet many years ago. If I had the free time for it, I’d gladly spend it debating, but I don’t. I’ve bookmarked it for some reading(and perhaps posting as well) during coffee time! :)

  8. Pier Dal Ri

    I cannot believe people ask something that has been tried so many times, if it happens I will be contrary all my life, I will boycott that system by giving the less effort possible in the mansion they will give to me, and for shure I will not be alone, nobody works for others willingly and with no better economic treatment.

    • Nuno Cunha

      Typical selfish and characterless speech.

    • Pier Dal Ri

      I am selfish cause I am human, but you seem to believe to be different, so what are you doing not for yourself?

    • Casper van der Veen

      Geen idee, het is toch nog nooit geprobeerd? :”) #sarcasm #idiots #communismeiswelgeprobeerddewalgelijkemensenrechtenschendingendiezogenaamdeenabberatiezijnhorenbijhetsysteemdaaromgebeurenzeookinelkeniederlandwaarcommunismegeproveerdis

  9. Róbert Bogdán

    Yes, in Star Trek. When we’ll have replicator technology and unlimited energy from antimatter annihilation. Until then, capitalism’s the only solution.

    • Name assigned by KGB agent #6253

      Did KKKomunism work out for anybody outside the oligarchy?

  10. Ibrahim Uzun

    You should have ask this question before the communism collapsed, not now, Now is to late.

  11. Bart Van Damme

    Communism, the classless ideal, gets defeated time and again by human nature, and in the process even defeats itself. Because of human nature, large societies cannot trust individuals to do the “right thing” and stick with the program. Many people will equally share resources out of the goodness of their hearts, but many others will not. So you need a strong government to enforce this classless equality unto those who stray from the ideal. And therein lies the problem:

    1. Such a government is put in place to essentially counter human nature, but it is itself subject to it. Which is why this goverment will invariably sooner or later succumb to corruption and abuse of power. A pitfall not a single incarnation of communism in the history of this planet has ever managed to avoid.

    2. The moment you put a government in place, you essentially create an elite with a monopoly on violence and distribution of resources. Which itself is a class. Which immediately defeats your attempt for a classless society.

    Communism may sound good if you don’t think about it, once you do think about it there is just no way it would ever work without bringing all kinds of misery with it.

    • Ronny Raets

      Communism described by Karl Marx will never work since it is utopia from the writer, it only “works” as a dictatorship, example Chine, Russia, though Russia will not admit it is a dictatorship, you can hardly call it a democracy, and last but not in the least N Korea

  12. Andrea Brown

    Utopian systems do not work. They are good academic excercises, but can not work in practice. We can pull some good ideas from communism, but that is about it.

  13. Jerzy Zajączkowski

    The problem with communism is that it pretends to be something different than it really is in practice. Perhaps all ideologies do it. The crimes were committed to eliminate people who hindered “progress”.

  14. Tim Friedrich

    Communism is not only a political order but a critical perspective on capitalist economies. So the relevant question for now is not if it works in practice, but how socialism could re-define the economy without overthrowing the whole system. Thus, the question is a shortcoming, leading to inappropriate dichotomous answers, while in fact a truly progressive answer would settle between the poles of course.

  15. Nick Komselis

    Communism can actually work. You just have to enslave a whole generation in order for those who are within the system to prosper and enjoy the fruits of communism. A perfect example is the EU. Millions of young people condemned to be single for life, with no possessions, with no future, destined to work for peanuts so the local political mafia and their bosses in Brussels can earn up to 25.000 per month. EU = Communism.

    • Nick Komselis

      What about food coupons and rubbles?

    • Mauricio Giordanelli

      What a bunch of crock. You pampered, spoilt-rotten children have prosperity and comfort beyond the wildest dreams of your ancestors AND 90% of the world’s current population. Your problems are created by your selfishness and laziness, not the EU which makes your prosperity possible.

    • Nick Komselis

      Hey Mauricio, if Europe brought prosperity then why are your country’s birthrates so low? Italy won’t exist in a few years. Why so many young people without jobs, property, chances to start a family? You can stick EU prosperity in the part of your body where the sun never shines!

    • Zeljka Jeramaz

      Nick Komselis you have no idea how communism works since you have never lived in one. Low birth rate is actually caused by capitalism and living in cities not communism.
      Mauricio Giordanelli I agree with you.

    • Nick Komselis

      So the babyboomers lived in a non capitalist society? That alone contradicts your theory.

    • Edgar Torres Farías

      Come live in my country: Venezuela. Tell me how good its working. Oh wait, i’m sure you will say :” that’s not communism”

  16. Michele Marco Paolella

    Depend how you try to implement it: if you use authoritarian way it won’t work. If you think we have to gain all the same it won’t work.. If you think we can have equality as value, that workers lead the production, if you think we shall redistribute wealth and corporations and banks can’t rule our lives then some way communism will work. Capitalism is working for us, but it isn’t working for the other 2/3 of the world

  17. EU Reform- Proactive


    Why this (unproductive) obsession with “ancient” European belief systems- as “Marxism” has become? Such discussion just remain “academic”!

    Nothing else or better to do?


    * what are the probabilities and effects if France or Germany (or any EU member) would become the first Islamic Republic in Europe?

    * probabilities and which of these systems could destroy any of today’s evolved democratic dispensations: Capitalism, Communism, Marxism, Islamism, non religious-ism, Euro-ism……….. or which other- ism?


  18. catherine benning

    Could communism ever work in practice?

    It has and does.


    However, a good socialist, welfare state for all is the optimum. As long as those at the top are not bent and constantly on the fiddle. As we see today. Take the British example after WWII. The welfare state worked very well indeed.

    It began to create unrest when it turned from good will toward all men, to absurd demands and greed.Today, under Globalist rule, the civilisation we once had is disintegrating. Health, education, transport, finance, welfare of the people and so on. Politicians have created a free for all of lets rob everyone. It doesn’t matter where you go to spend your money, or, to gain a service, the fiddle begins from the minute you put your foot in the door. The roads are a shambles, potholes as big as canyons, hidden charges, no service at all once you hand over your money. All without the back up of justice and the rule of law. As that is no longer affordable they tell us.

    It has become so horrendous we see the hidden failures in government lead to outright treason against the people who elected them. Which creates a society afraid to speak out and by so doing correct the errors. The existence of which is of course denied. The direct cause of this catastrophe is lack of true leadership. Inadequate, or, can we call it ‘fake,’ premiership. Visionless individuals placed in office way beyond their ability to administrate. It is now simply from the onset a pretence of leadership. Ideologists who have no genuine commitment to the message they spout. No solid background or intellect to command respect and genuinely inspire a population to follow their prescience.

    Listen to these guys and note the difference in the world we have today. Some leaders you follow to your demise because they were or are genuine leaders of a people. Others leave you feeling physically sick.



  19. Andrew Potts

    100 million dead world wide suggest no. Of course it’s always the fault of the victims as to why it did not work.

  20. Anonymous

    Let’s use history as a scientific lab… And the answer is…. nope.

  21. David Moody

    Were will the EU gulag be located? Great idea to get rid of all the anti-EU dissidents, in the name of EU.

  22. Svetlin Føx

    Noone can really say. Communism never existed. What everyone calls Communism, is what the self proclaimed dictators labelled themselves.

  23. Manuel Alegria

    absolutly not,
    and as we saw in Sweden, not even Social-Democracy wil work.
    Only very small and isolated populations can go close to it

  24. Mauricio Giordanelli

    No. No utopian society can work, there will always be someone trying to get above the others. This is true both for “ideal” communism as for “ideal” capitalism.

    • Sérgio Santos

      Best commemt I’ve read In this post!!

  25. Peter Castermans

    No it doesn’t work, just like capitalism, wich enriches te already rich ones and ruins our planet . Extremes are never good. Best is a mix between liberalism and socialism. I prefer conservative socialism. I as socialist am sick of the progressive nonsence most socialist parties tell. Yes I want a good social security, a fair tax system where the rich pay more, and good rights and protection for workers. But I also want a strong justice- and anti-immigrant policy.

  26. randomguy2017

    There is no consensus of what a communist is.
    (very similar to words like antisemitism which can mean anything).

    democracy (the West is not a Democracy).. representative “democracy” is just domination of elite pretend to give you freedom.

    communism (Stalin was not a communist).. communist cant really exist outside of small tribes, communals. why so many of them were tribe members should

    Stalin was revolutionary, then changed to authoritarian national socialist (at least since 1935ish onward)..
    Hitler was revoluionary, then authoritarian national socialist (until he adopted more corporate practices right before the war).
    Lenin and Trotsky revolutionary international socialists (funded and supported by the West capitalists of a certain tribe).
    You also get the Fabian Socialists (russel, hgwells, webbs).

    Marx and Engels disagreed on some issues. etc, etc.

  27. Andrea Martano

    no, it can’t work! its nature and willing to equalize and normalize is against the human nature, it’s just good for greysh bureaucrats without spark or genius.

  28. Silviu Stanculescu

    The best way to be talked out of your retarded ideas about communism is to actually talk to an eastern European or a north Korean. But on the other hand could Nazism work in practice? Why don’t you shove up your ass conversations about ideologies that in practice killed more that 100 m people? Reported / unlike. Idiots!

  29. Tomas Lukošiūnas

    This kind of utopia killed over 100 million people, so I don’t think it even requires any further discussion.

  30. Răzvan Corneliu Vilt

    Short answer: NO. While a socialist society might work as long as education is put as a #1 priority, communism itself doesn’t at all.

    There are 3 problems with the principle of communism:
    1) Shared property as opposed to private property. It doesn’t encourage the evolution of the best to the top. In 90% of the scenarios, the best in any field are rewarded by society with a disproportionate amount of money and that results in ownership. Why work harder if you’re getting the same results? It’s a simple problem of carrot vs. stick.
    2) Dictatorship. Even assuming good intentions, leadership should always be limited in time. As the leadership pyramid is incredibly tall at those levels there is a tendency to be out of touch with the real needs of the society. At the psychological level, the population that they’re supposed to lead and serve tends to be seen as a resource, and eventually an expandable resource once you have to deal with the opposition.
    3) Single Party system. While in definition, this is the closest system to a desirable technocracy, eventually due to human nature politics always wins over qualification.

    Capitalism also has the problem of transferring all the wealth to an incredibly small group of people, but this can be mitigated by attacking inheritance and intellectual property. If everyone starts equal and gets equal chances, market economy should work for everyone.

  31. Nuno Cunha

    Communism probably never. Let’s focus on something close but with some liberty: socialism. Even so, socialism would require a very evolved, educated and characterful people to function. That and a great deal of government and finance transparency. Such utopia is miles away in any part of the world, since the mass is made of complete spineless and selfish morons. Some Nordic countries and Australia, while not exectly socialist, have some serious social state (with heavy taxation) dwelling peacefully with economic liberties. So far this is the best the planet has. The rest is all amoeba.

  32. Dionìs KC

    No ideological solution for human troubles. Everything that generates political power can generate money, and both power and money generate corruption and abuse; and totalitarian systems (along with non totalitarian ones where the disliked opinions are forcefully silenced) are per definitions the easiest ones for the leaders to abuse with.
    Even those positive things that came in time attributed to ideological movements, happen actually more because of technological/ technical development than because of ideologies.
    Even the already existing core traditions and mentality is more important in a given population than the varying political or social ideologies.

  33. Maia Alexandrova

    When you look at China, the second largest economy in the world (soon to be first), it seems that it works. Also Vietnam is not doing that bad, I think. As in every country, it depends on how clever those in power are. The main difference between communist and democratic systems is the right to choose who will rule the country. People in communist countries don’t have that choice. China has succeeded because it has adapted its communist system to modern times. So, it all depends on how shrewd the leaders are. If one follows purely an ideal, then they get detached from reality and the attempt ends in failure. But if they give importance to the practical necessities that naturally arise in a society and use that as a guide and path to reaching the ideal, then they might succeed.

    I think the main mistake of communism is to think that love, equality and higher morals can be forced on people, rather than left to develop naturally. USA is making the same mistake when trying to force democracy on other countries. It will always fail. Good cannot be forced, it has to be allowed to come out by itself.

  34. Christos Georgiadis


    As people are different, even if complete equality of access to resources was accomplished at some point somehow, it would not last, unless it is somehow enforced. Then the ones enforcing it are not equals to the ones they are enforcing it upon. Therefore equality of access to resources is impossible.

  35. Karolina

    The point is that it hasn’t.

  36. John Costigane

    Communism is a form of tyranny, like Fascism, the Divine Rule of Kings, and to a lesser degree the EU and the current US Democrat hydra.

    The value of a Republic, like the USA, is that elections can throw out such tyrannical
    constructs. President Trump is doing a great job in restoring the correct constitutional position. Hopefully, the Democrats will look inward and remove all left-wing influence, communists included.

    For Europe, a republic will cater for the widest range of political voices, both left and right, with the extremes peripheral.

  37. Nelson Peter

    If communism if the perfect equalitarism, then it may function only if the resources are are more than ehough for all the people… Maybe if robots will do all the work in the future, the wealth will be divided to “all men” cause they are all born equal…

  38. Rumy B Milten

    Absolutely! Look at North Korea…they seem to doing great. There was a very practical Communism in Europe just few years ago. It was fantastic. Stalin was the best I think …he practically killed 20 million people. So yea , bring back Communism!

  39. Octavian Damian

    On a short term it can work. And it did in several countries. But when existing resources are depleted the communism fails on R&D. Why ? Because human creativity must be stimulated, motivated and cherrish. And egalitarism is not stimultating, motivating or rewarding any innovator. Communism is resilient to competition and deny changes. This is not a longterm success story as proved everywhere in the world where communism was implemented on various cultural background.

  40. requiredone

    This question isn’t really a question. In no place the thinking of the Marx determined the any political system, neither in the USSR. The historical realizations of the Marx thinking, always has been mediatizated by another people. The interpretation of the estrategic thinking, operational solutions, tactical way or operative-tecnical solutions give in all time diferent ways to the philosophical thought.

  41. Yordan Vasilev

    No, because the communism killed the private initiative, because of that the communist countries lost the racing against the Western capitalism. The classical liberalism crushed after the crises since 2008, after wich we are needed of stronger government, but not of any communism.

  42. Eusebio

    Communism is the desert in which the wind of solitude blows

    • Diaconu

      and not a Hollywood movie about it…

  43. Stef

    So normally you have an idea. Then you test it in the real world and see if it works. When it fails multiple times you just have to wonder which brain-damaged individuals will still passionately support it? Why?

    • Sypros

      So, everyone supporting feudalism, capitalism and slavery were brain dead?

    • Stef

      It’s silly to support an idea when there is an objectively better one.

    • Daniel

      Capitalism works just fine. If you do not have money, it is your fault. Try harded

    • John

      How long did it take for liberal democracy to take hold?

      * The French Revolution started 1789, yet only got its first “stable” democracy in the 1870s.
      * The US Revolution started in 1775, yet only saw universal (white, male) suffrage in the 1820s
      * The UK’s Glorious Revolution took place in 1689, yet only had elections where a majority of males could vote in the 1880s

      Need I go on?


  44. Ivan


    Marxism + Communism + Socialism = 200 million dead men, women and Children.

    Only a fool or a madman would want to try it again.

    • Sypros

      Said the man supporting colonialism.

    • Ivan

      Spyros Kouvoussis Where did I support colonialism ? But seeing how you brought it up it should be remembered that the Nations that use to be part of the British Empire are some of the most democratic and prosperous Nations on planet Earth.

    • Daniel

      Africa would need some colonialism right now. Maybe they can get out of the dark ages

    • Ivan

      Daniel Leu And the middle East.

    • Alexander

      Leave socialism out of the equation as it is drastically different than communism. Socialism believes in a class distinct society and private ownership something communism does not.
      We have very successfull socialistic countries in europe such as denmark, sweden, norway and finland who also are among the happiest countries around the world and with strong economies. France is another example and even germany is widely socialistic.

    • Ivan

      Alexander Hummelshøj Kringelbach .

      That is the greatest lie of all.

      The goal of socialism is communism. – Vladimir Lenin

    • John

      Ivan, you certainly have an interesting way of expressing your opposition to colonialism.

  45. Vasilis

    we saw it in practice…in Albania..in Romania…in North Corea…in East Germany…

  46. Bódis

    None of the extremist ideologies work. Extremism is a source of human suffering and destruction: left-extremism, right-extremism, liberal-extremism; they are all destructive.

    The social and economic optimum is always somewhere in the middle. When society shifts towards extremism, first the economy suffers, then the population.

    • John

      Are you familiar with the concept of the “Overton window”? What’s extreme in one era may be considered moderate in another. Those that opposed monarchs were once considered extremists.

    • Bódis

      Meanwhile under those monarchs there was a great deal of human suffering and the economy performed below the optimum.

      You’ve disputed nothing, on the contrary.

  47. Στέργιος

    Communism is against the natural tendencies, desires and instincts. It is thus condemned to fail as an un-natural political system.

    • Adrian

      Also a good part of female sexual selection is based on ability of potential partner to earn and feed his family. So I agree

  48. Στέργιος

    People say if they could go back in history they would kill Hitler but to take out Marx would stop both the Nazi & Communist genocides.

  49. Kiriakos


  50. Cãlin

    It could work only if one day we’ll be able to create and fill Earth with the genetically perfect man.

  51. Magaly

    Olof Palmer demonstrated that Socialism and democracy are not antagonistic but the Americans killed him and his ideas from spreading. That is why we are discussing Communism instead of democratic socialism based on Gramsci and Palmer’s ideas and practiced in Sweden during his presidency

    • Marijana

      that is capitalism with social state

    • Magaly

      Marijana Nevezanić Yes, but was the beginning. Palmer’s idea was that is possible to get a socialist society using Education and Taxation instead of dictatorship.
      A very advanced European Social Model

  52. Cristian

    Señores entendieron lo que crearon? Todo comienza con una mentira.

    Gentlemen, did you understand what they created? It all starts with a lie.

  53. Marijana


    class-less sociaty can exist only without hierarchy

    but no sociaty can be functional without hierarchy

    • Adrian

      Communism with private property is not communism you dimwit.

    • Luca

      Everything need an upgrade😂

    • Houmis

      Luca well then it upgraded to capitalism -.-

    • Ivan

      Communism killed between 60 – 100 million people in China so how did it ‘work’ exactly ?

    • Luca

      How many people have killed US imperialism? I don’t see any saints around the Globe honestly

    • Ivan

      Luca What’s that got to do with the Communist death cult in the question ?

    • Ivan

      Communism killed between 60 – 100 million people in China but this Communism have nothing to share with the dictatorship of the past

  54. Rosy

    well unlimited and unregulated capitalism is destroying hte planet and people’s lives, can we ask that question too?

    • Ivan

      Will you be throwing away your pc & phone, walking everywhere, live in a mud hut & eating only potatoes ? I take you want everyone else to.

    • Rosy

      Ivan Burrows ivan still here? yawn yawn yawn

  55. Liri

    We all arrive to this world equally, with nothing. Then because of political and economical factors we end up in different social classes. It is in the human nature to strive for equality. Communism can work in practice but this will be a long journey with ups and downs but one day it will be the reality.

    • Ivan

      As long as people have different IQ’s and abilities there can never be ‘equality’. For instance, if I run a business why shouldn’t I have more money and a better standard of living than those people I employ ?

    • Liri

      Ivan Burrows Communism is a society where everybody`s needs will be met. People will contribute to the society based on their abilities and everybody will be requited based on their needs. There will be more than enough food, homes, holidays etc etc for everybody so there won`t be need for people to be greedy. People will be able to develop their skills and knowledge and achieve. The individual will benefit and the society too. There will be no social classes. This require a very high level of conscience thus will take a long time until humanity gets there. Karl Marks ideas are very clear but the interpretation is done in the way that portrait Communism as a ghost. Until now there have been attempts to practice his ideas but so far starting with socialist revolution in Russia in 1917, eastern European countries and China after the WW2, these all were in infancy stage and of course with no experience, and the difficulties and sabotage and intervention from west countries these all were unsuccessful. So yes it is going to be a very long and difficult journey but like until now humanity will always seek justice, equality and a TRUE democracy.

  56. Przemek

    No. Communism can not work in practice. USSR and the Soviet Block had almost half of the world’s resources and it failed. Today, the boundary between wealthy and poor teritories corresponds with the border between countries which tried the communism (these are the poorer ones) and countries which were capitatlisic. Facts speak for themselfs. The communism can not work. Even today’s China is not a communist country anymore. It is free-market economy with strong government intervetionism. The only “communist” thing in China is the name of the ruling “communist” party. Greetings from Poland!

  57. Constantinescu

    Capitalism is bad, incorrect, opressing etc. But it is the only sistem that works in human society. In so called comunist societies was capitalist relationship between reach people (the Party leaders) and the poor people (any other else).

    • Albert

      Feudalism worked over 700/800 years (900 years in Andorra). Capitalism also during 700 years but only 300 combined with Liberalism.

    • Constantinescu

      Yes, capitalism replaced the old relationships based on brute force with relatioships based on capital, especialy money.

    • Peter

      E is for European.

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