Finally, some good news for Europe! The Eurozone economy is booming, eclipsing the United States. Economic growth in the 19-member currency bloc is nearing its highest level in a decade. Joblessness is falling, and the rate of hiring for new employees is at a 17-year high. Consumer and business confidence are at numbers undreamed of since 2001.

The election of Emmanuel Macron in France has put a spring in the steps of pro-Europeans. The EU has recovered from the initial shock of the 2016 Brexit referendum and has displayed uncharacteristic unity and discipline during the negotiations. Losing Britain as a member will be painful, but it may also be a catalyst for change; the UK is, after all, widely seen as an impediment to deeper integration.

With US foreign policy drifting under President Donald Trump, the EU sees its chance to play a bigger role in world affairs. After Trump announced his intention to pull out of the Paris Agreement, Europe has taken the opportunity to once again position itself as the global leader in the fight against climate change.

Yet let’s not get carried away. Public frustration and anger are still high, with populist movements capitalising on widespread resentment of the political class. There were major terror attacks in Barcelona, London, and Manchester. The European response to migration flows and refugees still seems confused, and thousands died in 2017 attempting the Mediterranean crossing.

Was 2017 a good year for Europe? And what will 2018 bring? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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      These terror attacks will end soon. Everything with out terrorism and illegals was great

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      Pietr Borrull

      If your basis to judge what a year’s been like are the terrorist attacks then i am afraid your answer will be the same when you face the question ‘was 2018 a good year?’ come on theres more things that brightened it up like your smile for instance:)

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    Emrah Can

    Yes and No . Calmer than 2016 but we still face many issues in Europe .

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    Paul X

    It depends if you believe all the hype

    Most financial predictions that the EU will continue to “boom” do not take into consideration the possibility that Brexit may have some negative impact on the EU economy

    ….of note, the same authors when producing reports on the UK’s financial outlook include just about everything negative they can think of about Brexit

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      Matej Zagorc

      Can I get your dealers’ number?

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    The EU27, while referring to “Europe 48″ (CoE) in 2017 should be honest & fair and compare ALL 48 (still) sovereign European nations- not the EU or Eurozone blocks only. (EU Double-talk?)

    The 2050 global predictions suggests that the whole of EUROPE (48- CoE) has to pull together as ONE European economic entity, sooner rather than later. (“Russia factor”)

    Shouldn’t the EU consider discarding its over ambitious and much resisted & questionable political, social, monetary, fiscal, military..+++ EUnitary state concept in order to “free up” its full economic potential- first- to gain global e-relevancy? The rest can evolve later.

    It seems an easier & quicker route to catch & measure up against the major emerging global players by 2050.

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    Magaly Morales

    Overall it was. A historical one too. Europe abandoned Austerity and is advancing towards the European Project, supported by European citizens more than ever and the economy is also looking good.
    A big change from that horrible 2016.

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      Ivan Burrows

      How do you know it’s supported by European citizens when they have not been asked ? In fact when they are asked anything about the EU they say No.

    • avatar
      Magaly Morales

      Ivan Burrows Eurobarometer, Ivan. Have a look at Eurobarometer three months after the Brexit Referendum.
      Have you seen recently the polls in UK? Care to comment?🤪

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      Dee O'brien

      Magaly eurobarometer…would that be independent?

    • avatar
      Magaly Morales

      Dee O’brien for you probably only YouGov or UKIP are “independents”

    • avatar
      Dee O'brien

      Magaly Morales polls nowadays are nothing but a propaganda piece to try sway public opinion,to appeal to the sheep mentality in people..

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    Nijole Gulbinaite

    Was 2017 a good year for Europe? – Alles Gutes und Schiones 2017 Jahre for Europe !- Warum nein? Geru ir turtingu Mery Christmas EUROPA!

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    Raquel Pereira

    Good years for the EU are OVER. The project was, is completely ruined by the generation of the most abject, ignorant, moronic and selfish politicians.

  7. avatar
    Dee O'brien

    No,I can remember a lot more stable times in Europe,this elitist project is sowing chaos and division

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    Musán Antal

    Was very good indeed for the italian maffia and for the staff paid from our taxes.

  9. avatar
    Cornelia Dumitru

    refugee problems, corruption problems, untouched. But thank you, UE, for your menthol cigarette filters regulations. Really helpful!

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      Dee O'brien

      Not to mention the Draconian regulations on Vaping products….nanny state here we come

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    Stop equating EU with Europe.
    It was a good year in the sense that Visegrad resisted EU globalists liberals.
    The Bilderberg and Grand Orient Fm types must be angry.

    It was bad because: The billionares some of which are trying to destroy Europe,
    filled their pockets with more money. EU pretends to be democratic (who are you kidding?). Ignores the people on all important issues, while giving an illusion of freedom and fairness. EU continues to fund rogue groups in various countries. EU wont let the Brits leave without a fight. EU still has twisted and changed on many idealogies which used to be beneficial in Europe.

    • avatar
      Жиен Сайяр

      This “faschist batards” as you call them should rise again to defend their homelands once again.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      From who? Are you being attacked?

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    Angelos Marinos

    No,but thats a good thing.Too many mistakes were made on Europes part, for it to not face problems.Its proper that EU had a bad 2017.Inept and pretentious politics should be payed for.

  12. avatar


    One word summarized it all days: UN+CERT+AIN+TIES

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    As “One swallow does not make a summer “- one does not need to believe the political EU concept can be harvested by Eurocrates come autumn!

    It is not a free ticket for the EC to extend & deepen integration, disregarding the “untested wishes” of the majority of voters in its “27 diminishing nations”- by actively planning the demise of the last vestiges of everyone’s sovereignty!

    Have a merry Christmas!

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    Gogo VV.

    Year 2017 was not.
    + Get rid off of all refugees and immigrants
    + Close all external borders
    + Tax increase for all corps.
    + Freeze all funds for Central and Eastern EU states
    + EUexit for all Balkan countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    + NATO and military consolidation of all states
    + Cut funding external countries
    + Obliterate all terrorist plots and plans
    + BULEXIT, BULEXNATO is due!
    + That is not all folks… Say no to solidarity, corruption, charity NGOs, and financial and politically incurred crimes! Expropriation of assets and abolition of criminally generated incomes
    + Etcetera (…)

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    Жиен Сайяр

    There will be no good years for europe until we dont get a leaf of Trumps book and build wall in bulgaria , increase the coast security of the countries on the mediteranian sea and kick out all the goat fcker back from where they came. Stop beeing pussies bcs of that damn ww2 and lets show them why they shouldnt fck with the cradle of cvilization

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    The union is still disintegrating, so no, not a good year for the EU. Better than 2016, but still not a good year.

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    César García

    the EU economy is booming…in Spain we only have 20 % unemployment rate…with 800 euros of average wages….the USA is jealous! thanks, EU for destroying our industry, our agriculture, for imposing the Euro and for 21 VAT and for your wonderful inmigration policy! USA, imitate Spain!

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    It has been a very bad year, due to Brexit, continued financial problems and societies divided because of aggressive religious views and international terrorism. It is time for reflection.

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    An excellent year, the beginning of the end for the globalists and the start of national introspection.

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    catherine benning

    Was 2017 a good year for Europe?

    It was a great year for the European people! At last common sense has moved a mountain to save their civilization from political intended destruction.

    Once again, the British people found the courage to voice their belief in democracy and the rule of, by the people for the people. Poland is holding to it’s own belief in its people, as are the Hungarians. Austria, likewise, is at last beginning to question more the suicidal policies it continued to abide by for fear of name calling by the EU thieves it allows to control it.

    2017 was the year of the people. Happy and prosperous New Year to all you clever boys and girls.

    Here is a man of amazing intellect trying to teach us all the facts of unrelenting capitalism and what it is doing to society.

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