Have we overestimated Chancellor Merkel? Her Christian democratic party, the CDU, came first in the 2017 German elections and were handed a mandate to form a government. The result, however, was not as strong as some had anticipated. Furthermore, she’s been struggling to find a junior partner willing to go into coalition with her.

What does that mean for the so-called “Teflon Chancellor”? Some are already predicting this moment will be the “beginning of the end” for Merkel. The chancellor, after 12 years in power, has to answer for a historically bad election result, and the subsequent failure of coalition negotiations has been interpreted as a personal failure for her.

Is her party still backing her? So far, the party leadership has expressed its confidence in Merkel. But what about the party base? We recently spoke to Ulrich Wensel. He’s the district chairman of the Junge Union Düsseldorf, the CDU youth organisation in Düsseldorf, which has publicly called for Merkel’s resignation.

Many of our readers have also demanded the resignation of Mrs. Merkel. What does Mr. Wensel hope for?

We, as the Junge Union Dusseldorf, have demanded the resignation of Angela Merkel as party leader and, in the case of new elections, her deselection as top candidate. Our reason for this is the increasing weakening of the party in terms of substance. The failure of the coalition talks has clearly underlined this again. While the CSU, FDP and Greens were able to identify priorities and thus determine the course of the negotiations until the end, the CDU and its negotiator, Angela Merkel, were noticeably lacking here.

I expect a party leader to not limit herself to the role of mediator, but also set her own priorities. Our party must become discernible from the others again. We need a strong program that is clearly distinguishable from other parties and that we can offer to citizens in the next elections. People want answers to the questions that concern them, not empty talk.

I therefore hope that the resignation of the party’s president will bring about a reorganisation of the party within the framework of a program and personality which once again emphasises the CDU’s origins, along the lines of its liberal, Christian-social and conservative roots.

From a personal point of view, I would like to see much greater participation of the younger generation within the government and party. Because the future belongs to the youth.

We also received a comment from Thomas. He calls for new elections without Mrs. Merkel. However, he can’t see any clear successors. Who could replace Mrs. Merkel? What are the options?

Jens Spahn is a potential successor for me. With him, a real generational change would be possible, with the focus on policies friendly to younger people. He is brave, and sometimes he expresses uncomfortable truths, even if that does not appeal to everyone. In addition, he also serves the conservative electoral base, whom we have criminally neglected…

Friedrich Merz should once again play a bigger role in the party. His detailed knowledge of economic policy, and not least of all his varied experience in the private sector, would enrich the party…

Julia Klöckner has been important in the debate over refugee policy, which was the main reason behind the miserable election results for the CDU… With her pro-life views she could also help offer a clear identity for the CDU.

Is this the beginning of the end for Angela Merkel? Could Germany’s political crisis topple the “Teflon Chancellor”? Should she take the blame for poor election results and the failure of coalition negotiations? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. Ivan Burrows

    Don’t be silly, a mystic told her that it is her destiny to be Empress of the Greater German empire (EU) & she hasn’t achieved it yet.

    • Liz Lyz

      Said EU hater!

    • Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      Ivan may despise the EU, and granted, can be annoying at times. But he normally raises valid arguments that are both true and overlooked by the general public.
      Plus he’s fun with sarcasm like this :D

    • Ivan Burrows

      Liz Lyz Are you the official page troll or is it your hobby comrade ?

    • Ivan Burrows

      Matej Zaggy Zagorc As a Libertarian it is my job to despise the EU lol

    • Karolina

      Are you concerned you are going to lose your job, Ivan?

    • Μάρκος Κουντουρούδας

      Ivan is the English edition of “Socrates”…Always is the spirit of Control everything with Arguments that needs a Dialogue for !

  2. Karolina

    It’s already over for her. Her actions and decisions have had negative consequences on the EU as well. She has played with immigration/asylum laws. She is dangerous.

  3. Jose Quintans

    Congratulations to Ulrich Wensel for daring to express the concerns of the conservative people of Germany.

    How a democracy could work well if those voices are not heard, and represented?

    I used to respect Mrs. Merkel, until the migrant crisis. That now fuels more political crisis across Europe.

    Farewell Mrs. Merkel, Germany (and Europe) is more important than you and any ‘well-hearted’ naive ideals.

  4. George Guydosh

    The beginning yes, but not the actual end. After more than a decade of continuously being No1 there’s an end to everything.

  5. George Frehden

    Mutti, Mutti! Hard time! no way to solve it! minority government will be big mistake ! single solution for gerrmans is election second time!

    • Dee O'brien

      Long after her and the EU are gone,Europe will still be dealing with the disastrous consequences

  6. randomguy2017

    Merkel is one thing, but she is not the real power.
    She is servant to multiple interests.
    US pressure, French pressure, trying to keep the EU in power by pseudo balancing between other EU countries, succumbing to internationalist bankers and money people like Soros, or whoever else.

  7. Tamás Kovács

    I hope.. she has done a lot of demage to Europe.. The way the greek crises was handled turned so many people against the EU and this is just one from the many.. Things should be done differently in the future if we want to save the EU..

    • Malte Rathje

      No, she hasn’t. Greek tax avoidance and the forgery of data to be allowed to join the Euro has been far more harmful for Europe than the attempts to get Greece back on track.

    • Tamás Kovács

      really?? well when Germany got reunited they needed cheap money and got it.. when they had their economic crises.. things in Europe i see works only one way..

    • George

      Mandatory Hungarian bullshitting, organised by the soft dictator.

  8. catherine benning

    Is this the beginning of the end for Angela Merkel?

    The beginning of the end for Merkel has long past. The day she abandoned her tutonic heritage in order to bring about the destruction of the German people. Opening doors to millions of migrant wanderers and through that act, bankrupting not only Germany but the entire EU, was the end of her impossible and poor thinking leadership. To this day it is doubtful that the treacherous moves she took, in this act of aggression toward her wonderful and thriving country and people will survive in the long term. Certainly and sadly, it will never be the Germany we all admired and wanted to emulate.

  9. Tamás Kovács

    i agree we need to put the bonderies down although there is another way to do it and not bleeding and punishing a whole nation why the biggest profiter actually the country who is setting the rules..

    • Amalia Esteban

      Que pensarán las victimas de los crimines de odio de los refugiados que trajo????

    • Uli Czeranka

      seehofers career is also almost over

  10. Jerzy Zajączkowski

    It is irrelevant to criticize a woman because she will never admit to a mistake. If she is not removed from the function, she will continue in the same direction. This is due to the lack of self-criticism caused by emotionality.

  11. Manuel Alonso

    The political parties need to win the elections, and have a majority of votes and deputies, if not have the majority in the parliament then is not possible to make a government. Because small parties do not help the big ones. This is a big problem in our democracy.

  12. Lynne Warner

    There is nothing discernible about any party that is left leaning .. they all sound the same.

  13. Matthew Wolfbane

    Not sure, but I don’t feel sorry for her.
    This is what happens when you spend years outright ignoring or denying criticism from the people you’re supposed to lead.

  14. Pedro Jorge Lemos

    That woman shall be condemned for all the bad she and her master soros took to europe. One day history will judge them as mass murderes like many others

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