Freedom! But for how long? And at what cost? On 27 October 2017, the Catalan parliament voted to establish the Republic of Catalonia. The voting process was tense, and members of the anti-independence People’s Party, the Catalan Socialist Party, and the Citizens Party all left the chamber ahead of the (last-minute and secret) vote.

“Independence” lasted less than an hour until the Spanish Senate approved direct rule of Catalonia by the central government under Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. Shortly afterwards, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the most important measures, effective immediately. These included the removal from office of Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, his government, and the regional police director and chief (already being investigated for sedition); the dissolution of the Catalan Parliament; and the calling of regional elections for 21 December 2017. In the interim, Catalonia will be administered by Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Mr. Rajoy’s Deputy Prime Minister (and right hand).

The announcement of new elections has received a mixed reaction in Catalonia. After initial celebrations on the streets by supporters of independence, Sunday saw a surprisingly large pro-unity demonstration, organised by the anti-separatist Catalan Civil Society and attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Anti-independence campaigners are taking this as a sign there is a pro-unity “silent majority” out there, but is that just wishful thinking?

The road to elections and to restoring some kind of normality in the region won’t be easy. The anti-separatist parties are putting all their hopes in new elections and in another show of unity like the one displayed on Sunday. They see a historic opportunity to finally defeat the independence movement in Catalonia. Inés Arrimadas, the leader of the anti-separatist Citizens Party in Catalonia, has already invited the People’s Party and the Catalan Socialist Party to join forces and agree to an electoral pact ahead of 21 December.

However, it’s still too soon to tell if Rajoy’s decision to suspend autonomy and run the region from Madrid will do more harm than good. Much will depend on how the central government handles the situation between now and election day (not to mention how the pro-independence movement chooses to react).

Are the elections a trap? Pro-independence Catalan parties now have some hard choices to make regarding whether to take part or not in the vote. The Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT) and Catalan Republican Left (ERC) have said they will participate, but only as a way to consolidate the new republic, while the far-left CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) will boycott the vote. All of this while Carles Puigdemont, his government, and the leaders of the Catalan Parliament face charge for rebellion, sedition, and misuse of public funds.

Will new elections in Catalonia help solve the crisis? Or will they make things worse? Recent polling show a possible victory for pro-unity parties, but will this change by December? Is this the end of the independence movement, or the beginning of the Republic of Catalonia? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. Guillem M. Guimet

    “Worse” o not, pro-independence parties will win again (and given Spanish brutal police violence, probably with a larger majority).

    • Guillem M. Guimet

      Nono Martínez Pascual polls always show that… and we always end up winning.

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Polls made by spaniards? We all know what that is worth…

    • Paloma Alcalde

      Jose bessa pues igual que las de tu pais que es tan corrupto como el mio

    • Boro Oliva

      Ole tu , muy bien dicho.

    • Marti Vidal Traves

      España no está tan lejos de una dictadura. Al menos de una dictadura moderna, una dictadura apoyada por la ley para que el ciudadano crea que está en una democracia.

    • Boro Oliva

      No está tan lejos. ??? La que no está lejos es Cataluña .. solo hay que mirar el modelo de educación y tv3

  2. Carles Josep Capella Bonavida

    la dreta Catalana Politica i Economica hereva del Pujolisme Corrupte ens ha dut a una Catalunya dividida han fet les coses tan malament com han pogut no crec pas que la Dreta Economica es a dir el PdeCat i Esquerra Republicana guanyin les futiures eleccions Catalunya cauria en un forat sense sortida al Mon Global.

    • Sergi Macián Ribera

      I no t’oblidis de dir que romandria solitàriament pels segles i segles per l’infinit!!!

  3. Fernando

    Independentism was defeated easily. It is what happens to spoiled brats without the will and the wideview to really fight for change whatever the cost. They are no timorese nor kosovars.

    • Sergi Macián Ribera

      The catalan movement did not start by leaders but people. So we don’t care about them that much, they are not ours ‘guides’

    • Jordi Pujades Girona

      The catalan movement did not start by leaders but people. So we don’t care about them that much, they are not ours ‘guides’

    • Enric Vilavella

      Els escatxs no acaben fins q hi ha una ultima jugada….escatx i fi!!!Aixo no es una partida d la play…..!!!

  4. Ivan Burrows

    Fresh elections with the leaders of the pro independence party having to ask for asylum in Brussels ? Franco would be so proud of Rajoy.

    • Paloma Alcalde

      Dejar a franco ya hace 40años que murio y rajoy a echo lo que la mayoria de españoles a pedido

    • Ignacio Marín Somavilla

      Ivan Burrows I think it’s not so weird that a politic party (a group of them in these cases) that declarate to separate a territory without even having half of the votes in the last elections and going against the law have to face the tribunals. It’s funny how they only have international support of people that want to destroy the EU and debilitate other countries.

      And if Spain is such an oppressive country, I don’t know how is possible that there is going to be elections in which anybody can vote whatever want.

    • Ignacio Marín Somavilla

      Ivan Burrows yes, democracy is to say that legal autonomic elections are like Francos movement! And also that a politic party without even a majority of votes can declare independence!

    • Santi Roman

      Paloma Alcalde has hablado con todos los españoles? Si es así, eres una auténtica campeona amiga. De paso habla también con los de la gurtel, la púnica, los casos eres, pokemon, etc. Y ya si puedes…. Llama a Bárcenas. Saludos amiga.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Ignacio Marín Somavilla In 2014 only 42% of people in the EU voted and 1/3rd of those voted for anti EU MEP’s yet you still have a unelected European president hell bent on creating a US of E whether the peoples on the EU want it or not, so much for democracy.

    • Maria

      political asylum why? This is Spain, not Venezuela, here there is freedom of expression since the Franco regime was defeated with much effort and approving our Constitution (Catalonia with 98% in favor). That implies that we all have rights, many, but also rules and obligations that we all have to fulfill for good coexistence among all. He does not go to Brussels because there are no guarantees because that is a nonsense to say, GOES to Brussels because he does not want to assume the legal consequences of what he has done and continues to do. Democratic elections and with all the guarantees will not initially solve the social bankruptcy that they have caused, but it is a very good start because we will be able to listen to all the Catalans – from there, we will see

    • Karolina

      It’s primarily Russia that doesn’t want it, Ivan.. :-)

  5. Daniel Parvanov

    What do you imply? EU to do not let them have an election ? Maybe then arrange some people to go to reeducation camps ?

  6. ironworker

    LOL, Rajoy didn’t solve any Catalan problem yet, he postponed it.

  7. Paul Vincent

    Whatever the result (which will depend a lot on potential boycotts)…its unlikely it will “settle” the issue….at best a pro unity vote will delay any call for independence for a while…..whereas a vote for separation will open a huge can of worms europe wide.

    • Paul Vincent

      It might be Jordi….you’ve seen what the reaction has been to the brexit vote…a closing of ranks…a knee jerk reaction to show that rejection of the eu project must be seen to damage those with the temerity to vote against it…… is big enough to survive any such threats…but catalonia ?????

    • Máté János

      Alfredo Freskito Look at the map Sargeant Pepper we – in Central Europe – have more clues about dictatorship than you’ll ever have :-( …

  8. Jude De Froissard

    No… will clarify the situation and all must accept the result democratically.But participation must be very high,very high.

    • Marcos Chusa

      I lo dice una de galicia 😂

    • Luisa Robleda Fernandez

      Es que te deben algo a ti porque yo a tu puerta nunca fui a pedir limosna

    • Cameron Smith

      M.Rajoy no es de Galicia? Tal vez algún F.Franco también #justsaying

    • Beita Bc

      En Galicia lo único que pasa es que os tienen muuuuuuy manipulados (luego los manipulados son los catalanes) que PP os quema las tierras después de dejaros sin bomberos y ganando mucho con las construcciones que harán ahora que está todo quemado… tan ciegos ante la corrupción de vuestro gobierno que no podéis ver que lo único que a hecho nuestro legitimo presudente Puigdemon es cumplir con lo que prometió en su campaña de 2015 donde voto un 80% de los catalanes y salieron con mayoria… dejar de ver los canales nacionales que os enseñan lo que quiere ese gobierno tan corrupto que tenéis

    • Luisa Robleda Fernandez

      Y tu que sabes como pienso yo para decir que me manipulan o vivo ciega y yo no puse que los catalanes esteis manipulados eso lo dices tu yo digo que puigdemont es un trapalleiro como son todos los politicos sus bolsillos llenos y con los votos de los ciudadanos hacen todos o que lle sae dos ovos tal cual

    • Luisa Robleda Fernandez

      Tu legitimo presidente vive de puta madre como todos y se rien de todo dios

    • Tiromanzino May

      Indeed, we are all Catalans, those who defend Catalan Nazi-onalism, and the peaceful majority who just work and want to live in peace in Spain without being kidnapped by fascists …

    • Aitor Ezkerra

      Sorry, the discussion here is about ‘possible outcomes of the incoming elections’.. why shouldn’t europeans discuss about something that is happening in europe?

    • Boro Oliva

      help to Spain .. saved from these morons please

    • Jordi Rodríguez

      Help to Spain !!! We don’t want liars in our country. They want destroy Europe and Spain !!!!

    • Conrad Miranda

      Cataluña siempre a sido libre Ana Maria Capata Tusinschi ? Que poco sabes de historia no ? La dictadura fascista también fué libertad ?

    • Eva Gonzalez

      Qué cansinos sois. ¿Acaso la dictadura la sufristéis solo vosotros?

    • Can Ivan

      de historia cero patatero,dejar el salvame de luxe,,,,visca la terrra

    • Beita Bc

      Libres?? En España nadie es libre… quien esta a favor del impuesto al sol?? Quien está a favor de la reforma laboral que hicieron?? Quien está a favor del gobierno más corrupto de Europa? Quien está a favor de las privatizaciones de servicios públicos? ? Y así un larguiiiiiiiiisimo etc… pué en Catalunya lo único que queremos es un país JUSTO para todos!! CUPAIRE ||*||

    • Beita Bc

      Boro Oliva… pues solo tenéis que dejarnos ir!! Apa adeu!!

    • Boro Oliva

      Iros , iros ya , ese es el problema , que no os vais . En Indonesia hay miles de islas vacías donde podéis ir y empezar vuestra fantástica republica empezando de cero , sin molestar a los millones de catalanes que no quieren la independencia ni quieren irse de ahí . A ver si es verdad y os vais , yo creo que entre todos os pagaríamos el viaje de ida i todo . Ja tardeu

    • Can Ivan

      iros vosotros españoles corruptos

  9. Yepes

    The 21D elections will hardly do any harm. It is left to see though, if they will solve anything.
    #democracy #||*||

  10. Susana Zambrano Pey

    In my opinion the game just starts… In the new elections people will vote according to recent facts and probably pro independents will win again, however unit parties wil be the second force so, with new elections probably things will be worse than now. Central government just want them in order to distract the rest of the country from their corruption and mysterious murders cases.

    • Alberto Yuste Vela

      the polls claim antiindependent parties will win. More than 1600 catalan enterprises left Catalonia and no countty recognises the new republic. It’s game over.

    • Susana Zambrano Pey

      Where did you see that?? Every time we have voted independent forces have won, and on 21D probably it will happen again. Enterprises have moved but never closed, people still have their job… Is not game over, at least not yet

    • Costi Ciudin

      a referendum to solve the chaos created by another referendum

    • Mino Álvarez

      Was a referendum doesn’t accorded and ban by Spanish court. I spoke about an agree referendum between two government, like happened in Scotland-UK. The chaos is not generated by a referendum, is generated by the persecution of the ballot and papers boxes.

    • Mino Álvarez

      Carlos Wiman Scotland is in their right of ask for another referendum because a question so serious like Brexit justifies it. In absolutely every counties of Scotland the Remain option won. Is not just that now Scotland was out of EU, specially when one of the arguments in the option of continue in UK in the 2014 referendum was continue in the EU.

    • Boro Oliva

      La Constitución de Reino Unido admite referéndums , la española no. !!! Primero pide modificar eso , y luego ya todos por igual que cada uno haga lo que quiera

    • Boro Oliva

      The Constitution of the United Kingdom admits referendums, the Spanish one does not. !!! First ask to modify that, and then and everyone equally that everyone does what they want

    • Mino Álvarez

      Boro Oliva What easy! I do the law, I do the trap. “Do you like it? No? Really? Fuck you!” It’s the same that I was a minority, because I’m the state and I have the power. So… simply fuck you, Catalan independentist. #Spanishdemocracy Majorities are not important.

    • Mino Álvarez

      I didn’t know that UK left of EU each two or five years…

    • Mino Álvarez

      I didn’t know that UK left EU each two or five years…

    • Mino Álvarez

      Is that Brexit is a very important thing, specially when the victory of the Remain option in Scotland was overhelming. I think that Scotish people has right to decide if they prefer remain in UK but out of EU, or remain in EU leaving UK.

    • Conrad Miranda

      Pero que os.dicen en la premsa.madrileña ? Este tío no a fracturado nada , más de 2 catalanes votan independencia

    • Alex Pg

      Contad se pueden ver imágenes con señores votando hasta 5veces, urnas llenas antes de votar…fue votación ilegal sin garantías.

    • Marti Vidal Traves

      Entonces hagamos una legal.
      Ah no, que el gobierno está acojonado que salga el si y por eso nunca lo permitirá.
      Increible, bajo la excusa de la ley no se permite botar democraticamente y los votantes tontitos de PPCS aplaudiendo

    • Alex Pg

      Cataluña es España,por tanto de todos los españoles, resultado votamos todos los españoles de norte a sur…resultado creo que sabes ya cual es. Por cierto cuando votaremos todos si es legal partidos etarras y partidos independentistas?? Creo que es mas interesante la paz social que el enfrentamiento y mas cuando no vas con la ley a favor.

  11. Yolanda

    Segun una encuesta publicada hoy ahora mismo ganaria el independentismo y los partidos independentistas por mayoría absolute.
    Y que hara el Gobierno Español? Convocar nuevas elecciones porque el resultado no le gusta? ?
    Es esto democracia? ?
    Lo que tiene que hacer Europa es reconocer la República Catalana y la voluntad del pueblo catalán

    • Boro Oliva

      help to Spain .. saved from these morons please

    • Boro Oliva

      you can go when you want, please go, but leave people there who do not want to leave. surely there are many empty islands in Indonesia where you can install them and start building your free and lasting Republic. please, you are late. No caerá esa breva

  12. Radka Brhlikova

    Certainly, as I said several times…politicians sit in glass bubble and voice of their people does not get to them. Voters, citizens, people are just trash fot them

  13. Karolina

    No, they will make things better.

  14. Rayco Bonilla

    Es imposible frenar el boicot en Cataluña mucha gente nunca mas comprara nada de Cataluña otra parte puede que con los años perdonen o no y la ultima parte no hacen boicot pero las empresas en Cataluña no les ira bien de esta forma y que decir de la Unión Europea el mercado catalán a sufrido importantes daños tanto en boicot como en perdida de confianza en los productos de Cataluña y todo esto caerá sobre los trabajadores catalanes como siempre el pobre es el que paga los platos rotos

    No pinta nada bien para Cataluña la verdad es lamentable y imperdonable como estos independentistas destruyeron Cataluña

    • Alex Guida

      probemos a ver que pasa!

    • Rayco Bonilla

      Hay que ir para delante a ver que pasa

    • Xavier Beumala

      En un mundo globalizado, pensar que un producto elaborado está hecho con ingredientes 100% de la tierra de origen, no es de locos, es de tontos.

    • Genís Gil Mañé

      Pués aquellos que hacen boicot a los productos catalanes os estais perjudicando a vosotros mismos. Ya han habido casos en que empresas de Extremadura no les va bién porqué producen los corchos de las botellas del vino catalán por ejemplo

    • Rayco Bonilla

      Genis Gil

      Sabes lo que es reabsorber empresas?

      Libre comercio?

      Libre mercado?

      En pocas palabras NO todos los productos se fabrican en Cataluña hay muchas empresas que fabrican lo mismo si no venden en Cataluña una empresa 1 producto fuera de Cataluña hay otras empresas que aumentaran sus ventas y las botellas corchos y etiquetado los compraran esas empresas para abasteser en pocas palabras el mundo no gira al rededor de Cataluña como muchos piensan la economia o la cuidas o la pierdes

    • Boro Oliva

      Visto así se van a tomar viento tanto las empresas de tapones de corcho como la de botellas de vino ….. Pero el culpable sigue siendo el mismo

    • Rayco Bonilla

      Boro oliva

      Esta claro quienes son los culpables puijdemon y amigos y los independentistas al final quien paga los platos rotos? Los trabajadores y donde esta puijdemon en Bruselas de paseo y tiendas es lo que hay

  15. Jordi Rodríguez

    Where is the Catalonian Republic ? I don’t see it on the map, i only see a banana republic sunk in the misery

    • vicblue

      Misery because of the grip of Spain
      Leave the republic free, return spanish armies home.
      Freedom for catalan political presoners
      and let Catalans build our own future

  16. Adolfo Peiro

    In my opinion, it’s very good since these new elections will let Catalonian citizens decide by themselves free of fascist repressive laws.
    In addition, if pro-indepentists win (again) the Catalonian republic will become real.

  17. Paulo Especial

    The Catalonians are a people with an identity different from the others in the iberian peninsula.

    This election can, once again, prove the will of the Catalonians in voting on Pro Independence, this if Spain allows these parties in participating in the elections and doesn’t interfere in the elections!

  18. Miguel Sedamano

    I lived in Spain for several years, and it is painful to see Spain in this moment of political chaos. Since the return Democracy in the 70’s, Spain has enjoyed the higher levels of freedom, prosperity, and openness. The Spanish Constitution of 1978 was written thanks to the effort, and consensus of Spanish civil society, including Catalunya! This document, provided the political social framework of a new democratic nation. As result, Spain enjoyed political diversity, market economy, and the inclusion of the country in the European Union (1986). Consequently, Spaniards could move throughout Europe without borders, visas, or restrictions. It was possible to be Catalan, Spaniard, and European! Freedom of movement, and economic opportunities were available to everybody.
    The history of Catalunya is intertwined with the historical process of Spain. Spain can’t exist without Catalunya, and Catalunya can’t exist with Spain. Their history, and similarities are greater than their differences. Thousands of Catalans have families across Spain, and vice versa. Husbands, wives, and families will be separated by another wall of intolerance, and division. We want a world that celebrates integration, openness, and freedom, not borders, intolerance, and walls.
    I believe in a world of freedom, integration, and inclusion. I don’t believe that building a wall between Catalunya and the rest of the country is going to resolve our problems. Catalunya, and Spain are two sides of the same coin, united by history, destiny and a promising future. More than ever, we can’t resolve our problems alone. Global problems, require global responses, and separatism is not the answer.
    I believe in freedom, and in the rule of law. Spain survived civil wars, and dictatorships in the past, and I’m sure that integration, freedom, dialogue, and common sense, will finally prevail.

    • Karolina

      Thank you very much Miguel. Catalonia has co-signed the constitution which is now being enforced in the area. A major win for democracy.

  19. Maria Luisa Alvarez Salceda

    Que coño hace en Bruselas no es independente ??? Que vuelva dejo aqui sus separatas ,no pide asilo politico pero aseguró su culo ,que pasa que aqui no esta seguro y los demas separatas que quedaran si jajajaja chiste

  20. John Bennett

    The best thing about the 21st election will be it will act as a defacto referendum on independence and then we will get a real picture of the entire Catalan population’s feeling on the subject, Legally.

  21. Sam Goetmaekers

    The ellection come from the grondlaw it self. So i don’t see any problem. Election will be gif the futer of hole spain. It can bring two things i gus.
    1. Mor autun to the difent provence of spain.
    2.Or the grondlaw will be change maybe to the way of Belgium way of goverments.
    3. Or more goverment from out madrid.

  22. Gerard

    With Spain is always uncertain….they might illegalize soberanist parties….
    Spain is really antidemocratic and a very authoritarian country, hard to trust it…..

  23. João Caldeira

    Europe should define some rules of engagement regarding the need of some regions to express their identity as is the case of Catalonia.
    Polititians should anticipate the near future no just manage on the go. Probably starting by defining a European citizenship.

  24. Filipe Nunes

    I think elections should be held in January or February. December 21st, just before Christmas, is too soon and people will not be objective in their choices.

  25. catherine benning

    Will new elections in Catalonia make things worse?

    What I find confusing is, how does the Spanish King interfere in political decisions on who and who is not elected to speak for the people of Catalonia. Or, any other Spanish citizen? You do not elect Kings. They are issue of family dynasty. There only by connections they massaged in history. Surely Spain is a democracy ruled by its EU Fathers.

    Do the Catalonians not realise their leaving Spain does not free them from the identical rule they are presently under? And it’s called the EU. It is the EU that dictates how they and Spain are led. This will continue under Catalonian rule, unless, you have a referendum to leave. As we in Britain did.

    The Catalonians have been abandoned by their leader, as threats to his person and family are overwhelming him. Then the rumour circulating, once again, is, the Russians are at the back of it.

    Catalonians, do you feel the Russians have manipulated your decision in the matter of a separate working government to suit you needs in Catalonia? If so, how many decades have these Russians been hacking away at this mind game affecting your thinking?

    Please do let me know. Actually, I feel it’s more likely to be the Bilderberg Group.

    • vicblue

      No russian power in catalonia (with the exception of the turists of course).
      Just people will smashed by spanish goverment … Spain is a fake democracy…
      Help Catalonia & Save EU

  26. Karolina

    Probably he is going to end up asking for asylum from Moscow and then it will be clear who he has been working for. Although, they may have already made it clear that they will have nothing to do with him officially. Wait and see… :-)

  27. Oxman

    The independent Republic of Catalunya is occupied by fascist Spain. Rajoy-Franco will end up in International Criminal Court in Den Haag.

  28. Katerina Mpakirtzi

    Albania attacks the Greek minority.This is the problem now. In Catalonia they don’t destroyed their homes or jobs. Don’t threats their lifes so are safe.

  29. Basque_spaniards

    In spain there is not fascism. Spain is a democracy. Spain has a constitution and also a law.
    Rajoy has the support of 7 million spaniards, the most voted list of spain. The idea of intervention of catalonia was asked by catalan pro-spanish parties due ( represent 40% of the catalans) to they felt menaced with the separatists.
    The spanish liberals leader is also catalan and his family is menaced by separatists.
    Rajoy has done what he must do that is to reestablish rule of law.
    The majority of catalans reject separatism and they feel spanish.

    I am basque and I feel the basquization of catalonia but without a terrorist group.

    According to opinion polls the great majority want a better finance system. Because they feel overtaxed. Normally, if you have 120% of GDP in debt and only spanish government has rescued twice financely and they want more money.

    Corruption? Catalan is the most corrupted region even with more politician in jail than in the rest of spain. Do you know that puidgemont is involved in corruption scandal?
    The idea for a so called moderate nationalist to go foward to the separatism agreeing with the far-left ones is to escape from corruption.

    A pacific movement? Hahaha. Catalonia is more similar to northern ireland than scotland.

    Separate in two sides, before the separatists too mobilized because they controlled the regional police and catalan TV provocking a violent pressure to the pro-spanish catalans. I mean they felt save even the catalan politicians didnt want to madrid to resolve differences or problems only to impose their ideology and approve what they want without a debate.

    However, until lst octubre spanish government didnt move in order to find any solution. When Spanish government decide to intervene in catalonia he had the support of spanish liberals and socialists.

    Nowaday, the pro-spanish catalans feels better because spanish goverment didnt let alone in catalan and due to the world is showing many pro-spanish demonstrations.

    I have never seen so many spanish flags in catalonia like now.

    Rajoy has avoided an ulster in catalonia and has called a fresh elections.

    • vicblue

      If Catalonia had same economical deal with Spain than Basque country, and Basques had political prisioners, jailed goverment, authonomy suspension and all spanish media against… most probably you would shut up

  30. Mark

    Hello I’m dutch i see catalunia have a modern political system who connects with their citizen, spain has an old political system who doesn’t connect to the citizen especially not in catalunya.

    • Karolina

      Now what does your nationality have to do with your comment and is Mark a Dutch name?

  31. Miro Lukic

    Catalonia is the part of Spain and the election won’t change that eternal truth!

  32. Carlos Branco

    if catalonian wanted to be independent truly, that would have happen allready. and if this time the locals wanted it, could have happen, but the press and the journalists would call them fascists to want independence, because nationalists in catalonia dont play marxist games. this marxist piedgemont is going no were and he does not fool no one.

  33. Karolina

    An article on Russian interference in Catalonia. In my view there is more that has not been discovered yet:

    And some of the comments on here follow a certain pattern that I have seen on other “Comments” websites (I am Irish and I think that the West is finished, etc).

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