The anti-immigration AfD party is on course to do very well in Germany’s upcoming elections. There are even predictions that the party, which just fell below the 5% threshold for entry into the Bundestag at the last elections in 2013, could make up the biggest opposition force if the main centre-right and centre-left parties end up forming a coalition together.

At present, the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) is represented in 13 regional parliaments. A series of high-profile scandals has failed to dent its popularity, and it’s currently polling around 11%, meaning it is possible they will become Germany’s third-largest party.

Today we’re looking at the manifesto of the AfD. They’ve put forward two joint candidates for chancellor: Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland. But what do their party believe, and what sort of programme would they put in place if they won power?

Are you interested in learning more about the election promises of the AfD? Take a look at the infographic below (click for a larger version)

What do the AfD party stand for? Will their focus on immigration and security resonate with the German public? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

Image Credits: CC / WikiMedia – Olaf Kosinsky

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    I feel their party stands for Make Germany Great Again. These key issues look so much like Trump’s program, it’s scary. It’s like a house with people who are closing their windows and barricading their door to keep out the scary outside world. Just holding on desperately to what they have now, and by that losing everything they hold dear. It’s the principles, the values which count, not the smal minded details….

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      Pavel Lampa

      They are alt-light party (civic nationalists). They are (seriously) not NSDAP. Even the German NatSoc party NDP is not pangerman (german supremacist) party as NSDAP.

    • avatar
      JD Blaha

      Pavel Lampa ok, so you say they are Moderate Nazis – what a relief!

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      You do know the Nazi were left wing right ?, the clue is in the name ‘National Socialism’.

    • avatar
      Carlos Branco

      Pavel Lampa the blaha is hater he hates europeans. he represents the problem we europeans have.

  2. avatar
    Simeon Milanov

    As far as I see it, they are socially conservative and economically liberal (In the European sense). They seem similar to U.S. Republicans in some aspects. I would say they stand for Right-wing politics, whereas all other German parties are Centrist (CDU), Centre-Left (SPD) or Far-Left (Die Linke). ;)

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      Bódis Kata

      CDU has become more liberal than centrist; one of the reasons for AfD. There are lots of people who feel they were left without representation. Some of those will vote AfD in protest, others will stay home in protest. I expect a lower than normal turnout.

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    Simeon Milanov

    BTW There was a nice American analysis about them, according to which they are actually not that different from the Christian Democrats in their early years during Konrad Adenauer. I dont know how true this is, but I certainly don’t see them as fascists. I know what fascism is and they are quite far from it.

    • avatar
      Carlos Branco

      whats problem to be proud of own army. nothing to be ashemed. maybe u shuld consider what u just say, maybe u told that with wrong intentions.

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    Wendy Harris

    If they do well it will mean that Islamophobia has at last become a fear that is distinguishable from racism and xenophobia.

    • avatar
      Carlos Branco

      when you love ur own ,does not mean u fear others or hate others.

    • avatar
      Wendy Harris

      We fear and hate those who threaten us. This is not the same as racism and xenophobia is my point.

    • avatar
      Pavel Lampa

      You are brainwashed. :-)

    • avatar
      Deniz Celik

      And next you’ll say “I was only pretending to be retarded”

    • avatar
      Carlos Branco

      Pavel Lampa this deniz hate europeans. thats why he called “racism”. we in europe do not want this savages

  5. avatar

    Before being against non-europeans they were against europeans (of the south) but that didn’t got them enough support. The complete racist nazis with the superiority mania.

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    Luísa Cunha Ventura Gagean

    I hope they stand up. They are better for policies against the invasion of EU by the Islam. We are Christian’s . We are Free. We are Democratic. We are against the Sharia law.

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    Ganesh Borude

    Don’t waste the tax payers money on high profile Bureaucrats of EU & Boycott the stupid German open door policy for Refugees & save the Europe

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    Paul X

    The rise in popularity of parties like this is 100% the fault of the current liberal left elitist politicians that seem to have taken over every parliament in the western world

    They have managed, by bullying and peer pressure, to drive out from mainstream politics any objectors to their agenda so it should be no surprise that the only option for people who disagree with them is to look to the far right

    Essentially, if there was more variance in mainstream politics then the extremists would not hardly exist

    • avatar

      The people sitting in parliaments are the ones that people voted for. If you have a problem with the democratic system, I encourage you to go and live elsewhere where parliamentarians are appointed rather than elected.

      Although, I agree, and we have seen this on this page as well, that anyone who has genuine concerns to voice against Islam is being censored. And, I can imagine that makes people turn to extremist parties who are willing to listen for the wrong reasons. If we can criticize Christianity or Judaism, we should be able to criticize any other religion and discuss its view of the world and society in relation to those of the West.

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    Carlos Branco

    we in portugal wish good luck for AFD in Germany. i tell all ma friends from germany to Please vote AFD !! only AFD !! never merkle or shultz!! vote AFD or NPD, never merkl or shultz.

  10. avatar
    Carlos Branco

    <3 allways AFD good luck <3

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    catherine benning

    What do the Alternative for Germany (AfD) stand for?

    Hard to know from living in another state. However, it appears from what I read, this party is working toward keeping Germany as it always has been, for the indigenous German people to remain in a Western civilisation and not to allow the spread of an ethos not suited to that lifestyle.

  12. avatar
    Мохамед Али

    The fashists are in the house, attention not give them a chance to feel comfortable inside. They don’t belong to democracy in anyway.

    • avatar
      Kaled Al-frzai

      Hope to end up regretting the next 75 years the choice of their forefathers?fuck you and what you wish for

  13. avatar
    Tiromanzino May

    Their basic message is quite similar to the majority of Europeans. Not illegal migration, not fake refugees

    If you check their results, you will see that SPD +CSU + CDU have been transfering votes to them since 2.015.

    and they will keep it if Merkel and Juncker keep with that mantra of we must relocate the entire MENA and Africa in Europe at EU taxpayers cost.

  14. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    With Martin Schulz taking a beating in the election as well it as been a good day for democracy :)

  15. avatar
    Miro Perinić

    This is just the beginning of the right path, the peoples of Europe need change, It’s not good to be stupid ???

  16. avatar
    Bert Vœgelin

    them are 100%ly-financed by the money which is pumped-up out-on prostitution – at least, just another “slavery footprint” in European politics … truely. Believe it, or Nod.

  17. avatar
    Bert Vœgelin

    ( remEMber: stupid Whore Gang Fight´s .. the old ones just hustled it down, again, and they just couldn’t stand the ‘Oriental Temptation’ by sex-illusionists´ & illusionary mice trap magicians’ ….)

  18. avatar
    Bert Vœgelin

    now, they try to puke the spit out, they swalloed by themselves. But *meanwhile*, we grew. *Meanwhile …* uNhEALHTY °PRôJÈcTiONs ….

  19. avatar

    52 comments only? Is this because the rest of them have been censored?

    Some people know no shame…

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