Our #AskJuncker event has finished. But the discussion continues on Debating Europe!

On 14 September 2017, Debating Europe and Euronews hosted a live YouTube interview with Jean-Claude Juncker, following up on many of the topics brought up during his State of the Union speech. You can watch the video of the event above!

President Juncker responded to questions from a panel of prominent young European YouTubers – Abdel en Vrai, from Belgium; Diana zur Löwen, from Germany; and Kovy, from the Czech Republic – as well as a sample of your questions on some of the key issues facing Europe.

Following the event, we will shorlty be hosting a series of follow-up debates on Debating Europe – looking in closer detail at some of the issues brought up during the interview.

What did you think of his answers? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll put them to EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker for his response!

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What would YOU #AskJuncker?

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    How will Brexit affected the EU constitution? (given some other countries have referendum-ed it negatively)

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      Paul X

      The EU doesn’t have a constitution, it has created ways to get what it wants (against public opinion) without one

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    John R. Constable

    16 million UK citizens who voted to remain in the EU are about to be stripped of their acquired EU rights by the British Government.

    Can they be offered an EU passport?

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      Graham Needham

      I second this EXACT question!

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      Paul X

      so exactly what rights are going to be “stripped” ?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @John R. Constable
      Great idea but please give up your UK one if you have one and then go to the more corrupt (according to TI) EU!

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      Can European Comission start a talks about european citizenship? Maybe in future some states could have big problems with citizen laws or just a diplomatic ministries etc.
      Maybe it’s time for european citizenship act?

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      Brian Jones

      That’s 17.4 million Britons who want to be governed by the people they elected to run our country and not to roll over to the deluded EUs so called divorce bill, deemed illegal by the EU commissions own lawyers, there is 1.2 million Brits living and working in the EU and up to 4 million Europeans living here with only a third of those actually working, EU citizens contributed only a third of what they take out in housing and other benefits, who’s rights are more important?

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      Paul X shows his absolute ignorance as so many Brexiteers. Rights to work and settle in other EU countries, transfer of your pension rights, free medical coverage in other EU countries automatically covered by your medical system, roaming, EU passenger rights, rights of UK planes flying between EU states without landing in UK, a pletora of tax limitations (yes, everybody with a summer house will be taxed as third country inhabitant, and it goes on and on and on…. and on

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      John what you are suggesting is politically impossible. British voters were asked to very clear question and they answered it. You who voted no are as much a part of that decision as those who voted yes. And in any if what you proposed we’re done in the end it would not be 16 million British you get a new passport or probably double if not three times that. How does the English expression go again you want to have your cake and eat it too. The EU would have to be insane to do what you suggest.

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      The dictation app butchered my comment so I corrected it.

      John what you are suggesting is politically impossible. British voters were asked a very clear question and they answered it. You who voted no are as much a part of that decision as those who voted yes. And in any case if what you proposed we’re done in the end it would not be 16 million British who get a EU passport but probably double if not three times that. How does the English expression go again “You want to have your cake and eat it too”. The EU would have to be insane to do what you suggest.

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      Andrew B

      yes, move to an EU country and live there for a while

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      Paul X


      I’m afraid the ignorance is on the part of those who’s brains can only think in black and white, i.e. out of the EU means everything goes. Things you mention such as medical coverage are still under discussion and anyone who claims to know the outcome of these discussions is a (scaremongering) liar

      But the reality of the situation is the vast majority of people in the UK will never move to another EU country and need to transfer a pension. We have never had total free movement through airports (thank god)…and summer house tax?….lol…… yes, you are going “on and on” a bit much

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      Paul X

      @SD, got to love the continual use of the expression “have your cake and eat it”
      The UK has been paying for cakes for the rest of the EU since it joined, now we are leaving we find out just how ungrateful our cake eating friends really are

      “The EU would have to be insane to do what you suggest”…so there is hope then?.

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      Artis Lapsiņš

      Ir better why is he not arrested for making then, making movies that bad should be illegal.

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    Asteris Milonas

    Following ECJ’s judgment on cases C-643/15 and C-647/15, i.e. dismissing the actions brought by Slovakia and Hungary against the provisional mechanism for the mandatory relocation of asylum seekers, are infringement proceedings (258 TFEE) against these countries now necessary?

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    José Bessa da Silva

    Why don’t they accept the democratic choice taken by the british without being revengeful?

    Why is not the EC comission really considering all future possibilities like reverting to be simply a single market?

    Why is the EU allowing legalized corruption under the name “lobbying”?

    Why is the EU pushing so undemocratically to the creation of an EU army?

    Why is the EU forcing member states to receive people they are not interested in?

    Why is the EU constantly removing political power of medium member states in favour of big member states?

    Why is the EC pushing so hard to destroy national identity and national governments that do not follow it’s orders?


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      Andrea Scacchi

      Good questions indeed.
      The euro and the europe are a dictatorship. We should secede from it now.

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      @Juncker can EU set up a defense against information warfare along with EU army? And eventually teach some history of populism?

      This would defer people like José Bessa da Silva and Andrea Scacchi from voting for the next populist idiot and fucking up an entire country with the next referendum.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @José Bessa Da Silva
      There are 3-things to know about “EU-Hate Club”.

      1…Don’t mention that the EU is corrupt and undemocratic.
      2…Don’t mention that the EU is corrupt and undemocratic.
      3…The ultimate aim of EU-Hate Club is to create a German 4th Reich!

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      Tarquin Farquhar


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      bert van santen

      Good questions!!!!

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    José Bessa da Silva

    Why don’t they accept the democratic choice taken by the british without being revengeful?

    Why is not the EC really considering all future possibilities like reverting to be simply a single market?

    Why is the EU allowing legalized corruption under the name “lobbying”?

    Why is the EU pushing so undemocratically to the creation of an EU army?

    Why is the EU forcing member states to receive people they are not interested in?

    Why is the EU constantly removing political power of medium member states in favour of big member states?

    Why is the EC pushing so hard to destroy national identity and national governments that do not follow it’s orders?


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    Douglas Rasbash

    It is very important for the future to be convinced about the value of the European Union, beyond it being a trading block.

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      Bódis Kata

      I expect it’s because of the interest burden.

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      Stav Span

      One reason is the heavy taxes . Very heavy .

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      Kevin Foley

      because it only ‘helped’ to protect German banks and allow privatisation of its infrastructure

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      The “help” has been getting is just new loans to pay previous loans and not what people believe is free money (the Media try to turn people against Greece for some reason)

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    Bódis Kata

    When will you finally resign?


    Even if you delete it again.

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    Luca Presotto

    There is a growing body of evidence that unregulated free trade and globalization is the cause of the exploding inequality, with the loss of income for the middle class and huge benefits for the ultra-rich.

    Why is the EU so focused on keeping going down this path? Can’t we stop and rethink all the next-generation free trade agreements? Can’t we make something that benefits SME instead of large conglomerates?

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      There is lot of EU support to SMEs. What there is are NATIONAL TAXES and BARRIRS for SMEs!!!! National competence, not EU.

      Many SMEs are greatly dependant of the big companies that require many inputs from SMEs, services and goods.

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      Because Europe believes in human rights, dignity and freedom of religion. It sticks to it moral foundations and obligations under the UN charters and conventions, rather than bend to racism and segregation calls.

      Muslims also need to integrate like the others should learn to tollerate. By the way there are many muslim brands, try to check, go to Albania, go to central Asia. Live and leave others live. Do not bend to the radicalism of a subgroup of any group, refugees are largely victims. Do not generalise.

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      Yavor Hadzhiev

      I agree Jorge.

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      Jose Quintans

      Jorge, don’t you wonder “for how much will we be able to, or allowed to stand for those values?”.

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      Paul X

      “refugees are largely victims. Do not generalise”

      Refugees to Europe are largely economic immigrants. Do not generalise

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      Frédéric Delaporte

      @Paul X, economic migrants are not refugees, they are just migrants. Yes they try to obtain the refugee status, but they will not get it and be rejected. Trouble is, it takes time to correctly proceed all requests, and south countries administrations are overwhelmed. There European solidarity needs to kick in for better handling the afflux and thus allowing to send economic migrant back home quicker.

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      Paul X

      Frédéric…I know…., I was just paraphrasing the original statement to indicate many people incorrectly use the term refugee

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    Patricia Smith

    When are the EU going to have auditable accounts and stop the huge fraud in the system. When are the EU authorities going to save money and only use 1 centre? When are you going to stop being a bully and accept the validity of other persons views

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      Patricia: The EU has the most severe accounts system complying with the highest international standards (IPSAS). The accounts are public, the system is draconian vastly more strict than most member states… Fraud is relatively low (perpetrated by NATIONAL authorities) and the error rate (paperwork errors like invoices etc enviable low), why don’t you get educated instead of believing tabloids?

      So every country wants to have a piece of the EU institutions and you ask to centralise. If it does you will complain that it does.

      Complain complain complain… anybody good at sugesting something better.

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      Paul X

      @ Jorge
      I can only assume you are a non taxpayer if you think the EU farce of shifting parliament between Strasbourg and Brussels is acceptable?

      ~£100m a year just to pander to the French is just typical of the EU’s profligate attitude and contempt for the public who pay their wages

      Agreed, countries should expect to have “a piece of the EU institutions” but there is absolutely no logic why one institution needs to have two locations used for identical purposes. Please explain how it is an efficient use of taxpayers money always having one parliament building standing empty, not to mention the waste of man hours and money being spent moving between the two?

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    Ivan Burrows

    ‘Will you miss us or just our money ? ‘, or ‘how many EU citizens are you prepared to see lose their jobs so you can try and stop anyone else leaving the pointless EU ?, or How much money did you make turning Luxembourg into tax heaven’ ?, or ‘who gave you the right to force Nation States to take Merkel’s migrants ?’ …. Not that it matters as unelected president Juncker answers to no one.

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      Mitsos Daniel

      Thanks to your Brexit the 1.2 million British living and working in other member states could lose that right. A bit hypocritical asking the EU how many of its citizens they’re prepared to see losing their jobs to stop others from leaving the pointless (according to you) Union. Also worth noting that post Brexit EU polls have revealed the majority’s wishes for even further integration.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Mitsos Daniel Lost the right to what exactly, ‘retire’ abroad ? are you saying there are no Brit’s living in any of the 168 Nations on earth that are not in the pointless EU ? lol. Brussels figures say around 3 million EU citizens will lose their jobs if there is no trade deal with one of the EU’s biggest customers, go look it up..

      As for people wanting more EU integration ?, reality says otherwise. .


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      Kevin Foley

      As exports to the EU represent 13% of UK GDP I think ‘pointless’ is pushing it. Especially as the rest of the world is more interested in 500 m consumers than 65 m. The EU has many faults but a fast hard brexit will make lemmings look cautious.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Kevin Foley you mean ‘440’ million (60 million of the richest are leaving) & it should be remembered that 200 million of your 440 million are children and half of the rest are so poor they cannot be counted as ‘consumers’. The reality is we will trade with anyone on the planet, will the EU ? & what matters more to Brussels, jobs or power over the member States ?

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      Kevin Foley

      Ivan Burrows Nope – kids and poor folk are consumers – they consume goods and services.The UK has some poor and small consumers too in that 65 million. As for trading with the rest of the world the UK has 75 deals via the EU customs union. All will need renegotiating but as a smaller market, it’s not going to go well or quickly. Not a big fan of the EU myself, but the reality is the faster and harder this brexit process goes the deeper and longer the recession will be.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Kevin Foley The EU’s trade deals are now ‘our’ trade deals, plus we will have deals with every other major & minor economy in the world, how will your pointless EU replace one of their largest when Juncker and his unelected European Politburo rip it up ?

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      Ivan Burrows

      Kevin Foley It should also be remembered that those 75 trade deals signed by Brussels were signed with the understanding that the other Nations would have access to the British market, access the EU is now set to unilaterally remove, there is already talk that those Nations will want to renegotiate their trade deals with what is left of the EU, further adding to the problems faced by EU companies looking to export with the knock of further increasing unemployment. We will see how long the EU empire exists when the free handouts of other peoples money dries up.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Kevin Foley
      Hi, where did you source your statistics from please as I’m not 100% certain that they bear verisimilitude?

    • avatar

      My God Ivan, you are full of nonesense.

      By the way, the EU is the biggest world trading partner in the world. The UK trades with the world BECAUSE it trades under EU trading traties and agreements!!!!! There is no UK trading policy today, it trades fully under EU rules and treaties. The UK will leave those agreements, you will not have ANY preferential agreement at all, you need averybody to agree on one, from Pakistan to US… the Lord save you, that is of draconian complexity.

      Get educated, stop posting what you have no clue about.

      Your rights… only pensions? See my list as answer to Paul X for a few items. I forgot, approval of UK products as fulfilling EU rules in the border, which today is automatic… also gone.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      @ Jorge, and see my reply to your post

      And I’m afraid it is you who needs to get educated. Yes the UK (currently) trades with the rest of the world under EU agreements but do you think those agreements are in the best interest of the UK or are they a compromise which tries to appease all 28 EU members? (in reality, mostly Germany)

      Nobody on here , including you, knows what he UK future trading deals will be, but there is one thing certain, they will be negotiated with our interests in mind and not clouded by 28 countries individual agendas

      And regards product approval, products that comply with EU regulations will still comply post Brexit. If you knew anything about regulations you would know that most EU and UN regulations (on the same topic) are virtually word for word the same apart from the title. So if the EU wants to behave in a childish manner and refuse UK exports that do not include reference to the EU regulation, the UK can retaliate by refusing EU imports that do not refer to the relevant UN regulation…but hopefully the EU will be mature enough not to go down this route (breath not held)

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    Luísa Cunha Ventura Gagean

    I want a EU like a Federation. Why the Comunists Party’s and Socialist are in EU, and you forget about the terrible things they did to humanity? They don’t care about Freedom and Democracy. They also are implicated in the Islamization of EU. ISLAM= nazi fascist dictatorship.

    • avatar
      Rod Smith

      I can’t think of any ‘terrible thing’ did to humanity by a socialist government. You mention nazi so presumeably you think they were socialist because their party contained the word but they were as far removed from socialism as possible. As you say, they were fascist.
      So name a socialist government that has done ‘terrible thing’s.

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    Ruth Owen

    If the EU is serious about a social triple A & “leaving no one behind”, what more can it do to help stem the rising tide of homelessness & housing exclusion in MS?

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    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    When will the European Union via the ECB and the 6000 Eurozone Banks , fund my €470 billion development project proposal ?

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    Borislav Valkov

    Macron wants labour reforms so that one and the same worker in different states can be payed(and pay taxes) the same as the locals in that state. Ok but this leads to the following questions:
    Fisrt: There are still companies in eu that choose where to pay taxes no matter where they earn the money, why?
    Second: Few days ago Airbus was sentenced(against Boing) as recieved unofficial state aid as they had recived tax cuts. This policy is quite popular in the “old” eu members. Will EU continue to give blind eye to the old members and therefore make markets fighting thru unoficial state aids not thru sheer competivness?

    • avatar
      Yavor Hadzhiev

      That’s an Interesting question.

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    Tommy Leydon

    Why should UK be allowed to remain in or to benefit from EU university research or Erasmus programs or any other research programs. These programs are for the benefit of the member states and for the expressed benefit of the weaker economies to allow them to develop. As a former benefactor of an ESF study grant in Ireland in the 80’s we have now moved from a net benefactor state to a contributor. These programs are of unquestioned benefit to the youth in the developing member states and are the back bone of the EU philosophy of a rising tide lifts all boats. 3rd countries should not benefit or be allowed to dilute the EU internal development process. Granted the UK universities are world leading But the refocusing of funds on EU universities will allow them to catch up.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      The UK should be allowed to remain in the various research programs because the UK will continue to contribute to them, financially and intellectually, which is more than some of the remaining EU countries will be doing

      People love to complain about UK wanting “a la carte” with the EU, but at the end of the day, if your paying the money, you have the right to choose

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Tommy Leydon
      The UK does more research with the US than the EU.
      Also, most EU universities are simply not that good judging by the annual rankings of same.

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    Jeroen Bollen

    What role do you think the European Commission has in engaging the people of Europe with the EU?

  17. avatar
    Luca Taranto

    Do you believe that the European Parliament should evolve towards a congressional dimension, therefore balancing the executive powers of the European Commission and European Council?

  18. avatar
    Christos Panagiotakopoulos

    Do you believe that a federal Europe is something that could happen in the near future? Would you make steps towards this goal?

  19. avatar
    Marhieu Savaris

    Mr. Juncker,

    Will the Comission recognise and accept a “Yes” result at the 1st October referendum in Catalonia, if so under what conditions?

    27/09/2017 Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has responded to this comment.

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    Miguel del Bosque

    What is the EU to prevent further rift between the commission and the Visegrad 4, concerning migration quotas?

    09/10/2017 Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has responded to this comment.

    • avatar
      Andy Sprod

      Steady Nellie if they do that your knackered.😀😀

    • avatar
      Neil Snape

      Uhoh, Sprodders. You’ve put yourself in the sights, too😉

    • avatar
      Andy Sprod

      Neil Snape harsh but fair how is lovely France.

    • avatar
      Paul X


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    Alessandro Bruschi

    Hi, European society knows what’s happening in Lybian Refugees detention centres through Doctors Without Borders’ and Human Rights Watch’s reports. Fortunately. Will we, the EU, start to address migration with HUMANITY :)?

    • avatar
      Yavor Hadzhiev

      This is an important question. The problem is not so much the EU itself, but some member-states, especially the so called Visegrad group of countries and some other EU countries, such as Denmark.

  22. avatar
    Bianca Milandri

    Do you think the European Union will become more centralized in the following decades to face the new economic and strategic challenges posed by the rise of new international powers around the world?

  23. avatar
    Edward Williams

    How soon can a country called Europe be created, that is that the UK leaves and the existing EU undergoes profound restructuring and reform?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      People like you who want a “country called Europe” are exactly he reason the UK is leaving… and if that is the direction the EU chooses to go, you can be sure others will follow

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Pena a UE não morrer mais depressa. Pior que a máfia italiana…

  24. avatar
    Chris Gramatidis

    Being the frontier of Europe, Greece has been trying to help our fellow humans that end up to our islands, fleeing war, hunger and poverty. Hasn’t the time come for the EU to step up and make all member states equally responsible for this humanitarian crisis? Why is Greece left with such disproportionate burdens?

  25. avatar
    Danny boy

    On a sliding scale of one to ten,how would he rate his own time in office??.

  26. avatar
    Cory Rayson

    What is the way of ensuring that the EU works more efficiently and effectively than at present, while simultaneously allowing countries to exercise suitable national independence in regards to laws?

    Is EU federalism a realistic proposition in the near future? Especially with the problems facing Europe today, it seems that federalism is needed more than ever in order to solve them as a collective

  27. avatar

    Why do we have to adapt to the demands of Muslim immigrants that don’t like our culture, our food, our women, our education and democracy and instead want Europe under Sharia law?
    Why are the so called suspects of terrorism watched over instead of immediately deported? When will the EU deal with the problem of no go zones? And why are there no checks regarding who comes to the EU as a refugee? Why is money used to build Mosques instead of funding education or hospitals?

    • avatar

      Good point Jerry!

  28. avatar
    Dimitrios Orfanoudis

    Change your immigration policy 68% of EU citizens disagree with it,

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    Nikolas Argiriades

    I would ask him…”how is it possible so many brains with university diplomas cannot see that the EXPIREMENT that they forced GREECE into has failed???!!!

    And also how they can turn fasism and oligarchy, into a democratic idea under the umbrella of EUROPEAN OIKONOMIC UNION…?

    Income=consumption + save

    Instead in Greece they forced capital controls…

    • avatar
      Francisco Pinto

      oh but believe me, they can see that perfectly. The plan was never to help us. Just remember, debt equals money, and money equals power.

    • avatar
      Nikolas Argiriades

      It is time to proceed to the next level of political life…in Greece when somebody was involved in politics he would not get paid. So the goal was, laws for the well being of the social system.

  30. avatar
    Bryan Nicholson

    Why do you think as a non-elected person you have the right to tell the people of the UK what we should do and think. We voted and had a result. If you were voted for you would never hold a position as you have no qualifications.

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    Τζινα Πολεμαρχακη

    We missed our common way ,nations looks lost and Europeans are skeptical to each other . We need to remember. Will you help us to remember what to be European means ?

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Being european means you are native to the European Peninsula of the Eurasian continent.

      There you have your answer. No need to ask poor Junker such an easy question.

    • avatar
      Τζινα Πολεμαρχακη

      José Bessa da Silva oh dear dear …is this Europe really… ?Just a location… ? For natives that share ..🙈 the Eurasian continent..only ??????and you think that the poor man can not answer this according to you easy question?
      Thanks God you are not Junker !

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Yes, it is that. Simply a geographic location.

      Thank goodness you don’t vote in my nation.

    • avatar
      Τζινα Πολεμαρχακη

      José Bessa da Silva please ..just vote Don’t even think to be a candidate!! Make this favor to your nation…😂

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      The only favour to my nation is to leave the EU. Fortunatly that is why we have a government supported by anti-EU parliamentary forces. You lunatics are reaching the end of your impositive and undemocratic domination project. Now, do me a favour and don’t stick your nose where you have no business, namely what we do or not in my “Valiant and Immortal Nation”.

    • avatar
      Τζινα Πολεμαρχακη

      José Bessa da Silva ..you Know nothing ! I don’t know which is your nation but I am glad is not mine ! I will do what ever I want because is in my nature …!

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      “I will do what ever I want because is in my nature…!”

      That sounds quite savage. Do you know what is a civilization? You should get out of your jungle and understand NO ONE should do “what ever”. Besides rules there is a moral issue beind that restraint. Your freedom stops where your neighbour’s starts.

      Anyway, you should have some classes about society.

    • avatar
      Τζινα Πολεμαρχακη

      José Bessa da Silva you are unbelievable ! Look Jose’ instead of telling people what they should do or not why don’t you look yourself ..you looks so intense ! Hope you will get better one day …be more social and kind with people,even with “wieldings” like me ,the savage and limitless jungle queen !🐒

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      I look intense? Ok, not at all a word that I would use to describe someone you just called “anti-social” and “unkind”.

      A big part of living in society consist exactly to tell yourself what you can or can not do, and tell those that have no limits exactly the same. This is not being unkind, it is simply being fair.

    • avatar
      Τζινα Πολεμαρχακη

      José Bessa da Silva ,..so what you are saying? living in society fairly and expect from Junker to answer fair to my simple childish question as there are rules of freedom and moral issues to respect like my neighbor?
      I have a horrible neighbor wish him dead…I think Junker will never answer to my question…and society loves only the winners no matter if they win fair or not..
      Jose’ don’t put limits to your life ,follow your true nature ..break the rules and make your own ..

  32. avatar
    Mark Millard

    I would ask him if he will take responsibility for the religious war that is coming in Europe .wil he take up arms or be under the bed like the rest of the do gooders that take no responsibility for the devastation to all the great cultures of Europe.

  33. avatar
    Isaias Rodriguez

    Is compatible regional separatism within the EU with the European Integration Process?

  34. avatar
    Stelios Kastrinakis

    Are you willing to create a common treasure department with one minister of economics for the eurozone and a common army and defence for the EU capable to guard our borders especially after the ending of Turkey’s negotiations for entrance in EU ?

  35. avatar
    Dr. Drasko Veselinovic,Slovenia

    Dear Mr. President.
    I presume you personally would go for scenario 5 from the White paper, however, I wonder how would you realize that. What ‘smooth and diplomatic’ steps do you forsee in order to achieve that?

  36. avatar
    sam goetmaekers

    Dear Mister President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker,

    Why do the European union to support the split of country’s Servië split up to Servië and Kosovo.
    Why do it support the Indipendend of Scotland and North-Irland? Why is it bad that the Uninidte Kingdom of Great-Britania have to United and why do you want that it have to split in smal indpenden Nations.
    Why do the EU support the split of Spain in Spain and Catalonië.
    But why is the EU against the split of Ukrain, Ukrain split in Ukrain and the Krim. I think it wil and is possible that it will forder split in East-Ukrain and West-Urkrain. Why do we don’t hear about that topic any more.
    Why have to be sanctions always to country’s goverment hurt the peaple that live in the country’s?
    I love the EU , but way have you don’t put the mangeras and ceo’s of the bank in the gail for wath theay have done rong. Ice-land have did and is faster out the finacial crisis than the EU?

    Why do the EU like the sanctions to Nord-Korea, Have the EU nothing learn from the past. Nazi-germany have get to power just becaus of al the economic sanction that has put on Nazi-germany. Do the EU realy want a first nucliar ware like the USA want. Hole Azië don’t want war, Rusia and China don’t want. EU and USA like to want a war. Theay want more and more sanction, how mor you do how more it will and in war. How mor you talk diplomatik , how more peace wil come.

    Let be build strong stable bridge , a bridge of peace.

    Wil the EU react the same way as Erdogan did in Turky , when there is a coup to the EU goverment. Do and will the EU Pressidents than react the same way. How difrent will be the action and how simular wil be the action?

    Let made a strong stable bridge , a bridge of peace.
    Lets made peace with evryone :) !!!

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    Andrew Potts

    Why have you not resigned considering the EU lost one of its most important members on your watch?

  38. avatar
    Yavor Hadzhiev

    Mr. Juncker, when is the EU going to adopt strong policies to help homeless people, as has been repeatedly requested by the EP and the Union’s consultative bodies? #AskJuncker

  39. avatar
    Ibby Hassanali

    Are you going to Rehabilitation in Bournemouth because if you are let me know so I can get out of town

  40. avatar
    Rui Rodrigues

    This article shows how so many people react to political openness. Nothing but irony, disdain and resentment in the most privileged continent on earth, in its best period in history. Bunch of spoiled pussies. Sad…
    As for my question, how can we expect Europe to be a long term project if States can leave as/when they please? (unlike the US for example).

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Que bela prova de que os eurofanáticos são um bando de fascistas travestidos de democratas…

    • avatar
      Coralee De Fréine

      Sweet Jesus that comment takes some beating! #EuroFanaticism. #BeggarsBelief.

    • avatar
      Dee O'brien

      Coralee De Fréine I wish European federalists could take a step back sometimes and have a good long hard think about themselves #beggarsbelief

    • avatar
      Coralee De Fréine

      Dee O’brien I’m hearing ya. I wish someone would invest in billboards all over Ireland, displaying fanatical comments like this. Time our countrymen got to see the reality of what we’ve been conned into.

    • avatar
      Yavor Hadzhiev

      You are right Rui. People are like: “The EU doesn’t listen to citizens”, and when it somehow wants to listen to them, people react with irony, in a childish way. I am not too worried about countries leaving the EU. I am more worried about the EU itself living up to its own ideals and standards. I am also worried about the rise of right-wing extremism that threatens our civilisation.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Nothing threatens our civilisations more than the EU and the extremists that support it like Rui or you Yavor.

    • avatar
      Jose Quintans

      It is not a privilege to see the Europeans vanishing and the Europeans’ dream destroyed, although it is a privilege to work and fight for the European people.

      Europe is not the most privileged continent on Earth, Europeans carved our civilization out of hell, and now all the achievements are at risk due to brainwashed pussy communists.

    • avatar

      Because when the US had a conflict of interest between rights of states and federal ambitions they had a civil war to bring everyone into line….,

    • avatar
      Jose Quintans

      Hello Γιώργος Κουδουμογιαννάκης, being from Spain, I can guess enought factors of the context in Greece.

      In many regions of Spain, loads of European funds were poured in through the administrations, with the hope to re-structure the Spanish economy and create an opportunity.

      The success or failure of those public investments, depended mostly on the will and honesty of the bureaucrats, politicians, and businessmen.
      And I can tell you about one good example of success in one region of Spain, and one example of failure in Italy.
      On the former, although many millions were stolen, still lot of money was used to modernize the economy, while in the later, that poor region of Italy, they are still like in the 80s.

      Many people suffer now in Europe because (in part) of the missuse of the public money, many opportunities were lost, and the whole Europe would have performed much better if they had used the money correctly.

      The irresponsible use of the debt worsened the effects of an unprepared economy once the crisis started.

      Nobody can return you the lost opportunities.
      I could have been a brilliant decade for all of us, and we all sorry that people like you cannot push together with the others.

      The only thing that can be done is to stabilize Greece, and support the Greek people creating a path towards prosperity again, but it shall be done by you, only you know well Greece, the Greek people, your concrete needs, weaknesses and opportunities, and only you can develop the strong will necessary to overcome this messy swamp.

      Now in a global competition context, what I want and what the Europeans want for Greece, is a safe framework in which you can advance step by step.

      I know the EU is not perfect, and many people blame the EU for worsening the crisis in Greece, Spain, Portugal. In the worst years of the crisis every country looked for their interest, and that harmed the less prepared and weak economies. But think how could it be if there was no EU in the same context of a global crisis.

      As a personal advice, I hope you can get rid of the painful feelings, so you can develop the strong will you need to walk your way. Look forward, whatever lies behind you, do it, for you or for your people.
      Give yourself a mission Γιώργος Κουδουμογιαννάκης.

      Best regards.

  41. avatar
    Sandra Humphries

    Several million people who will be affected by Brexit were not allowed to vote in the referendum. Is there any way to arrange for them to vote and then add the result to the original total, and if the outcome is to stay then work with that.

  42. avatar
    Dave Garrett

    Why does the EU not respect its citizens votes e.g. Forcing Ireland to vote twice to treaty’s

    • avatar
      Alex Towers

      It didn’t. The first one was poorly run & whopper lies were made about the EU that it will legalize abortion. This distorted the argument. To an Irish person at that time abortion was a huge issue & a major sin. So the government decided to rerun the referendum. There’s nothing wrong with that, nobody held a gun to your head to vote for the treaty. Problem in the UK is that it needs a second referendum on the new deal but the government denies the people that choice. If the EU could force Ireland to hold a second referendum how come it can’t force a second one in the UK or even have stopped it in the first place? There’s a lot of nonsense about the Lisbon treaty going around.

      09/01/2018 Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Professor of Public Law and a Fellow of Mansfield College at the University of Oxford, has responded to this comment.

    • avatar
      Coralee De Fréine

      Alex Towers I never heard anything at all about abortion. The issues were about our neutrality / EU army our tax sovereignty and the treaty opening the door for the further privatisation of our public services.
      You are also conveniently forgetting Nicholas Sarkosy’s announcement the Irish must vote again.
      The reason why the Brits are not being forced is probably because they are not owned like the sheep we are. They know they can bully the Irish, ( Just ask Jean Claude Trichet) They are not so quick to pull it with the Brits though.
      Plus their referendum was to leave the EU. Not to adopt a Treaty.

    • avatar
      Coralee De Fréine

      Alex Towers I never heard anything at all about abortion. The issues were about our neutrality / EU army, our tax sovereignty and the treaty opening the door for the further privatisation of our public services.
      You are also conveniently forgetting Nicholas Sarkosy’s announcement the Irish must vote again.
      The reason why the Brits are not being forced is probably because they are not owned like the sheep we are. They know they can bully the Irish, ( Just ask Jean Claude Trichet) They are not so quick to pull it with the Brits though.
      Plus their referendum was to leave the EU. Not to adopt a Treaty.

    • avatar
      Dave Garrett

      Coralee De Fréine correct

    • avatar
      Dave Garrett

      Alex Towers abortion had nothing to do with any of the votes.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      @ Alex Towers

      The UK referendum was held based on a “new deal” that Cameron negotiated
      The fact that the EU basically conceded nothing in the arrogant belief that no country would dare leave just shows how naïve and incompetent they really are.
      Why does the UK need another referendum when there is no indication that any deal is going to be any better than what was previously offered?

  43. avatar

    Do you think that the monetary system that world currently use works for the benefit of at least 80% of the world population,and shouldn’t you do something to change it if not?

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Yes you can, one way tickets to Brussels are available at every good travel agents :) …. you won’t be missed.

    • avatar
      Alex Towers

      I already live abroad. I just don’t to be forced back to the UK. I’ll send you food parcels if & when your customs snurl up & the pound is worth 50c. Good luck

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Go for it, the more the merrier..

    • avatar
      Peter Berman

      Who elected all our UK Civil Servants who make many decisions affecting our lives?

    • avatar
      Erika Belair

      He is EU president by rota….google it

    • avatar
      Yavor Hadzhiev

      He has got the approval of the European Parliament. It is not a perfect system, but a better one than we used to have.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      No Yavor, it is a worse one that we in my country used to have. We directly vote our Parliament and our President, then came the EU and stole power from our directly elected corrupted parliamentarians and gave it to non elected corrupt bodies in Brussels…

  44. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    When is the the EU going to remove Turkey’s EU candidacy in light of all their undemocratic, unethical, anti-rights and violence of people both Turkish and EU citizens, threating EU member countries with take overs ignoring treaties, namely Greece, Cyprus with real planes and ships, Calling Germany Nazis knowing full well Germany has a huge ethnic Turkish populations, threatening to call Muslims in the EU to cause trouble. Killing kurds, ISIS involvement including oil and support of soldiers. What more do you need them to do to remove them? Even if Erdogan was gone, he revealed the truth of Turkey’s incompatibility with a progressive and ethical EU. Unfortunately the Turkish progressives are the minority in their country.

    • avatar
      Erika Belair

      Its planned by German Chancellor and will be propposed at bext EU member meeting…read it in a German language paper..

    • avatar
      Yavor Hadzhiev

      I agree. I know Turkish people are good. I met many who are good. But their current government is authoritarian, and we cannot accept the country joining the EU while the situation remains such.

  45. avatar
    Mark Schröder

    With an ever growing Eurosceptic sentiment across Europe, especially in the eastern parts of the EU, how likely do you see the developmentment of a federalistic EU? Even if it is just on the basis of a two-speed EU with certain core EU countries (Germany, France, BeNeLux) .

  46. avatar
    Yiannos Phiniotis

    Why there are no sanctions on Turkey for human rights violations and illegal occupation of Northern Cyprus while sanctions are imposed on Russia?

  47. avatar
    Yiannos Phiniotis

    If provident funds of the Europeans are protected in case of bail in, in banks why did the EU allow Cyprus’s government to impose a 50% haircut on Cyprus’s employees in Banks which suffered a bail in? What measures is the EU planning to take to correct the situation?

  48. avatar
    Paul X

    Is the UK going to receive 1/28th of the EU wine cellar when we leave?…… that is, if you haven’t already drunk it

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Paul X
      Demographically, perhaps 1/7th would be apter.

      Also, the poor EU A8 got an automatic share of such plonk despite most of them never net paying into the EU to this day – if this was taken into account then maybe the UK share should be as high as 20%-25% of the goodies!

  49. avatar

    Why EU looks like Confederation, when the Confederation type of unification was proved non-succesful? Is there plans for smooth transition of EU from Confederation to Federation type of organization?

  50. avatar

    Why does the Commission not have an opinion on the ongoing constitutional crisis in Spain because of the Catalan will to hold a referendum of self-determination, and does have one on Poland’s constitutional crisis? The Catalan law of transitional jurisprudence and foundation of the republic sets in its articles 4.1,10.2 and 14 that European law will still have primacy in Catalonia if it secedes from Spain, even if the latter does not recognise this law; what can the Commission president say to the Catalan people who don’t want to be in Spain but still be in a member state (Catalonia)?

    27/09/2017 Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has responded to this comment.

  51. avatar
    Peter Berman

    There are many of us who treasure our citizenship of the EU but do not have ancestors born outside the UK. what hope can you give us of retaining some form of EU citizenship?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Peter Berman
      1…Learn another language.
      2…Get an in-demand skill.
      3…Go. Please! :)

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Save up some cash….buy Maltese or Cypriot passport…. and the Schengen zone is your oyster…..easy really

    • avatar
      Erika Belair

      He is EU president by rota….stupid questions

  52. avatar
    Paweł Kędzior

    If I invite many people to my place and there will be not enough space for them, can we go to your house/garden and make big party in it?

  53. avatar
    Nuno Teixeira Castro

    Where’s the road of one european union paved by Helmut Kohl, Chirac, and others? I want to take that road again.

  54. avatar
    Adam Tari

    Do you see any possibilites for the UK not to leave the EU finally and still remain a member state after March 2019?

  55. avatar
    Daniel Martinez

    Why do you think people is losing their illusion on the European Project and what are you doing to recover that lost faith?

  56. avatar
    Benoist Guillard

    When can we have stronger European police with (justice controlled) investigation powers (like FBI) to fight international crime and terrorism that does not know our boundaries ? And why not a single European ID card to facilitate the life of all Europeans (including those leaving abroad their native country and have to go to faraway consulates for their papers) and at the same time give the police better ways to verify identities at control points ?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Benoist Guillard

      The level of policing in all Latin European and Balkan states is to put it politely CRAP! (Check out TI about corruption – Many existing EU states were allowed entry into the EU despite [approved] corrupt Police and Judiciary!)

      I do not want to lower the standards of the Northern EU states with corrupting lowest-common-denominator EU police standards.

  57. avatar
    sofia simitzi

    Economic development has declined in Europe, its technological power is also decreasing, new markets in Asia and Latin America are developing geometrically what does Europe want to take to dominate the world geopolitical chessboard, in addition to discussing and rhetoric yet what it aims to does it make with the new forms of threats and wars how close we are to the creation of common European military structures and, finally, whether Europe ought to redefine its common ideological and cultural conquests which she has to develop with strong extroversion please what you have to say about them?

  58. avatar
    Paulo Especial

    I would like to #AskJuncker about when is it asked, directly, to the Europeans about their wishes for the future of the present EU? I would like a referendum that gave the option of We choosing between a Federal State in the image of the United States of America, a Confederate State in the image of the Helvetic Confederation or back to the European Economic Community.

  59. avatar
    József Dénes

    Mennyi pénzért dolgozna valóban Európa és az Európai emberek érdekei érvényesítésén? Egészen biztos vagyok benne, hogy holokausztot fogunk kapni , ha ezt így vezető tovább! Mennyi pénz kellene, h jó útra terelje a politikát?

    • avatar
      Marc Piper

      The 27 heads of government of the EU

  60. avatar
    Max Berre

    I like to ask Jean-Claude Juncker how he sees europe’s role in the world. Not just in economic terms, but also in the geopolitical/geostrategic sense.

  61. avatar
    Dimitris Mavroeidis

    In some EU countries people are not aware of the benefits emanating from EU membership. Why hasn’t the European Commission done a real (I emphasize the word “real”) marketing campaign advertising these benefits?

  62. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Do you think your frequent barbed and some would say barbarous comments about many political opponents are worthy of an unelected man meant to represent the EU on the world stage?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Nazrul Islam
      Sympathy for the majority, fear and disdain for the militants!

  63. avatar

    Who has the legal right to propose a federal Europe? Are those person a citizen can vote for? And after its proposal who has the final say on it?

  64. avatar
    Tamás Limanowski

    Who pays for you to destroy our culture and everything what our ancestors built up during the last centuries?

  65. avatar

    Is it possible to change the European Cooperation without changing the way of working of the Institutions?

  66. avatar

    Are the austerity measures the solution for slow growth in Europe? Have you consider other system of cooperation for the refugee crises to replace the non functional existing one? If you could vote at German elections who will be your chooise? Ending lots of success with the triple A social Europe and hopefully until 2020 a Fiscal Union and the liberalisation of energy trade market.

  67. avatar
    Philip J Cenedella IV cenedella.de

    Dear Mr. President – When will you review and sign the BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS http://www.berlinpeaceaccords.de ? On behalf of Ava Twomey;s daughter, and thousands of other patients in Europe, we beseech you to do it now. Thank you, Philip J. Cenedella IV

  68. avatar

    1- What are your targets as regards EU common foreign policy, role of the EU in world and strategies to cope with divergences & heterogeneities within the EU.
    2- When and how the EU will or could become more united?

  69. avatar
    Matteo Büttner

    Sehr geehrter Herr Juncker, wie wollen Sie rechten unholden wie Orban und Co Einhalt Gebieten, wenn sie sich z.b. gegen eine Entscheidung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs stellen ?

  70. avatar
    Andi Ye

    Can EU27 companies rely on an agreement with the UK, or should they act now to protect their position by removing British dependencies from their supply chain?

  71. avatar
    Tiago Miranda

    President Juncker, why don’t we have proper EU elections? Like, voting directly for EU parties, instead of the national parties.

    The reason why I ask this is because since EU elections are masked as national elections, people assume these as preliminaries for the Presidential/General elections, and the Media covers it the same way as well. Obviously, political parties take this as an opportunity to bash against the current government and try to use the results to gain popularity for the next elections.

    Because of this, EU elections are distorted, and the MEP’s they vote for might not reflect the EU vision they expect, because they vote for their national vision they had.

    Also, not all EU parties may have representation in all countries because of this, and national parties from the same EU party will be present in elections independently, although they both add up for the EU party’s results. Also, Independent parties, or new parties, might not have aligned themselves with any EU party prior to the elections, and may end up making part of an EU party that voters weren’t aware of.

    I think we should have EU elections where we vote directly on the EU parliament parties. This forces people and the media to learn and explain how EU politics actually work, and the MEP’s should represent themselves by the EU parties. Eventually, EU elections will become more conscious, and citizens will grow more wary of the importance of these elections.

    • avatar
      Jose Quintans

      I used to want EU direct presidential elections, but I now realize that would only bring a disgusting show to the scenario, and dificult the EU comissioners’ work.

      It is better for all of us to allow them to be appart from all the direct pressure from a public which is mostly disinformed or brainwashed.
      They shall focus on the long term strategy for Europe.

  72. avatar

    When will there be an EU constitution?

  73. avatar
    Daniele Tassi

    Is it possible or desirable the unification (not standardization) of:
    Military and secret services.
    Code of law (only business law or other branches?).
    Taxation and welfare ( Members without Euro are an insurmountable barrrier to this?).
    If desirable but not possible, are the obstacles of political or administrative nature?

    • avatar
      Niek De Haan

      Possible no, desirable yes

    • avatar
      Daniele Tassi

      I meant possible in a 5-10-x years

  74. avatar
    Daniele Tassi

    Is it possible or desirable the unification (not standardization) of:
    Military and secret services.
    Code of law (only business law or other branches?).
    Taxation and welfare ( Members without Euro are an insurmountable barrier to this?).
    If desirable but not possible, are the obstacles of political or administrative nature?

  75. avatar
    Saul Bowden

    Do you believe it is probable that the European Union will extend an offer of citizenship to British citizens currently living on the continent? Either in the form of fast tracked local citizenship or a new form of “European” citizenship?

    So far the European Union has appeared fairly toothless in the face of PiS. What can the EU do to prevent the erosion of democracy in member states

    How will the EU prevent the government from destroying Białowieża, the last primeval forest in Europe?

    • avatar
      Dionisis Dragonas

      i would show him a girl and i would ask him “empenes?”

  76. avatar
    João Salgueiro Mouta

    More and more Citizens of the State Members don’t fell that they belong to the European Union; don’t have the spirit of the foundation values and, as seen, besides being from UK, Italy, Luxembourg or Germany, don’t are, as a matter of fact, European Citizens. Maybe because they don’t see themselves truly represented in and by the European institutions, or the asymmetries between states are huge and with no answer in a short time, just to point just two aspects.

    So, what does the European Commission intend to do about it?
    Which measures will be taken for the people with real consequences to make each of us a real citizen, and also, really equal in rights and in its enjoyment?

    #AskJUNCKER #EuropeanCommission #EU

  77. avatar

    Why did he give Amazon a special deal with the Luxembourg government so that Amazon is paying almost no tax.

  78. avatar
    Peter Thomas

    #AskJunker: Is the EU in the future likely to enable associate citizenship for the many, many europhile British citizens who desire to remain citizens of the EU, and retain our existing rights?

    ‘Remainers’ currently represent a substantial population of 31.5 million EU citizens. That’s about three times the size of Belgium or Portugal, 54 times the size of Luxembourg,and bigger than all the countries who have joined in the past decade put together (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia). It’s a huge loss, representing bright, optimistic people who have a lot to offer the future of the EU.

    Would it be possible to set up some kind of paid e-residency (à la Estonia) or e-passport, where we would contribute voluntarily to the EU budget, in exchange for retaining our existing rights? With UK per capita net contributions already being relatively low (just over 10 GBP a month), I’m sure we remainers would be happy to pay money to stay European. We might even be persuaded to pay our part, plus the part of the jingoistic Brexiteers — in a world where a pint of beer can cost 5GBP, 24 GBP a month would be a small price for us to pay to keep our European status. An e-passport for the EU would be an interesting way to brand ourselves as being more open-minded than the Little Islanders who seem to have hijacked our parliamentary democracy.

  79. avatar
    catherine benning

    What would you #AskJuncker?

    I would like to know if he, as Ms Merkel and many of the EU elite do, collude with the premise and goal of the Charlemagne Prize?


    Here is a brief agenda info.


    Does he agree with the concept of genocide of the indigenous European peoples, along with Article 21 UN agenda? And if he does, has he not felt he should inform the European people openly of this aim of the EU?


    The citizens of the EU who pay for the upkeep of politicians who run this show must read and understand fully what it is this club is working toward. If you believe people have a right to know where they are being led, do you not feel they must educate the young and the rest of us on why you feel this policy is the right thing to do?

  80. avatar
    Lidija Bojčić

    What is Europe’s role in the world today as Europe enters a period of significant transformation, the political climate appears to be characterised by a growing diffusion of power, uncertainty about previously entrenched alliance structures, heightened nationalism, a sense of economic vulnerability, an increasing perception of instability crossing borders, and the erosion of traditional conflict resolution actors and mechanisms.

    • avatar
      Daniele Tassi

      He’s smart, he knows communism will prevail but not in his lifetime

  81. avatar
    Istvan Petrovics

    semmit pofanvernem megrugdosnam ugyelve arra hogy nyolc napon belul ne latszogyek amit kap !! azutan nagyon sokat tudnek kerdezni !!

  82. avatar
    Charlotte Cartwright

    If he would be willing to write what his three favourite animals are in order of preference & one word to describe why next to each animal please.

  83. avatar
    George Topouzov

    When are you going to do something about the mafia governments in Sofia? How long will take for the EU not to sponsor this mafia but to request the rule of law in this country?

  84. avatar

    Mr President, how would you recommend the next Commission President to approach the subject of EU enlargement to the Western Balkans in her/his first speech in that position? Would you yourself still say no enlargement in the next 5 years or perhaps you now think it would be too demotivating for the region to hear this from European Commission President again?

  85. avatar

    Taking into consideration contractual agreements etc. If two are doing commerce you would expect them to exchange their own currencies in the transaction but as it is well known eg Petrochemicals are often bought using the US Dollar. Nothing against the United States but this is a foreign currency, the EU cannot print it and doesn’t control it. Would you agree that it is time for all EU Nations and Companies operating in them to use the Euro or the Currency of the other side for their import export transactions and especially when there is no Us Company involved.
    Kind regards Dexter.

  86. avatar
    Gabor Mandy

    My question is: Could existing EU citizens remain in the Union even when their country marches out? I am Hungarian and I am afraid. British citizens have the same problem. I want to stay in!

  87. avatar
    Oliver Wheeler

    Would the EU offer the UK a deal whereby if the UK stays in the EU the UK can have an “emergency brake” on freedom of movement

  88. avatar

    Dear Mr president, I’m an Italian citizen living and working in the UK and I am scared of what will happen after Brexit. We need reassurance and security. Please help us. We’ve made a life here, believing we could be part of a land in brotherhood. Now things have changed and all we have is uncertainty and we feel unwanted. Can you help us all to be reassured that all will turn out right?

  89. avatar
    Glen Kent

    Many English people still want to be a part of the European Family I for one am a part of that group. I am a European and still want to be a part of the family. What can you do to help the many people who feel the same. Our Government wanted to be a part of the club but wanted its own rules. I fully understand the hard line but it is not fair on the people who want to be a in the club. What can you do for the people who wants to be a European

    • avatar
      Paul X

      The people of the UK will not be any less European following Brexit, despite the EU attempts to ostracise us

  90. avatar

    When will islamic sharia law be banned across EU?
    When will EU countries deport illegal immigrants?

  91. avatar
    Niko Paschali

    The Cyprus problem has dragged on for over 40 years. Why doesn’t the European community step forward and help solve this longstanding issue?

  92. avatar
    Kieran Collins

    A few questions:

    1) What do you see the EU as hopefully having achieved by the end of your Commission? Eurozone reform, more military cooperation etc.?
    2) Do you have any ideas for how the 2019 European elections can be conducted better, for example, ideas like having the European party in campaign literature/on the ballot, pan-European lists etc.
    3) Do you agree with Treaty changes in the next 10 years? If so, what should the primary aim of the Treaty reforms be?
    4) Should the European Parliament be granted more powers, such as the right of legislative initiative, and should there be a Eurozone Parliament?
    5) What can the European Commission do to more actively teach people about how the EU works and the benefits it brings to the people of Europe?
    6) How will the Commission respond to the situation in Poland, when it blatantly ignores a ruling of the CJEU and undermines the independence of the judiciary in Poland, especially when it requires unanimity to apply sanctions?

  93. avatar
    Mathew Lowry

    According to the EC’s post on Medium about the Future of Europe online and offline consultation, the “State of the Union speech … will take these ideas forward”. Can you provide some insight into how the EC processed these ideas and comments into a coherent vision, given that there were 1,750 physical and online events, plus (how many?) contributions entered via the EC’s online platform, and of course over 100,000 tweets and God Knows how many Facebook comments?

  94. avatar
    Wolf Achim Wiegand

    My question is easy and clear: what is the European Union doing to help the painfully surpressed Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar?

    I am shocked about the story of a 9-year-old girl that carried her 1-year-old brother for miles as they fled Manmar’s death squads: https://t.co/XgFvkMa2Ce

    Their parents presumed dead.

  95. avatar
    Joel Thorstensson

    If possible, given the option would Mr. Juncker unify the EU into a single country? (Given all the countries “Aye” this decision)

  96. avatar
    A Soul for Europe

    We asked joung people at Lollapalooza Berlin over the weekend. This is what we heard: “How can Europe play a bittger role in fostering peaceful societies outside EU? Can the EU export peace?”

  97. avatar
    A Soul for Europe

    We asked joung people at Lollapalooza Berlin over the weekend. This is what we heard: “More ande more Europeans are living and working in different European countries: when pension and fiscal systems will be unified” How are you going to do it?

  98. avatar
    Freek Spinnewijn

    Approximately 4 million people experience homelessness every year in the EU. Most member states have witnessed rapid increases in the last couple of years and in a number of countries the level of homelessness has become a national emergency. The EU prides itself on its unique social model which seems unable to prevent and tackle homelessness effectively. Is it therefore not urgent time for the EU to recognise homelessness is a serious problem in Europe and commit itself to ending homelessness by 2030 as part of the Un Sustainable Development Goals?

  99. avatar

    What will you do to keep our groundwater drikable? There should be European solution for farming especially for bringing out slurry. If we Keep going like this drinking ground water will be dangerous in the future.

  100. avatar

    What happens to refugees when their demand is refused? Are they sent back? Do they continue to stay in Europe? Who pays for them?

  101. avatar
    Malinescu Marius

    Joint Research Center will become military research places? Why?

  102. avatar
    Anders I B NIELSEN

    How will EU secure the Schengen outer borders?
    And how will EU strengthen the union and at the same time respect the national states?

  103. avatar

    What European taxes are in the tube ?
    How much percent for European army ?
    What to do for people who do not have running water in Europe ?

  104. avatar
    patrick corbett

    I ask that the EU stop trying to force countries to take immigrants. Small countries like Slovakia and Hungary do not have the economy or job market to take on thousands of un skilled immigrants. More importantly, they do not want them. Women have been assaulted by these people and you ignore it and sweep it under the rug. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you try to force them to do this, you are then acting like a dictator making people do things they do not want to do. That is not your job. Your job is to execute the will of the people you govern, not force them to do what YOU think is right even though they do not agree with you. Why are you doing this, and if you are not going to stop will you resign and let someone govern correctly?

  105. avatar
    Tony Demetriou

    Why is it that if a UN resolution suits the USA ,Britain,Israel, NATO is carried out by force but if it doesn’t they make all sorts of excuses and don’t enforce the resolution as in the case of Cyprus and Syrian Gollan Heights?

  106. avatar
    Petr Kusák

    Why should poor and behindhand East European countries take care of citizens of former French colonies?

  107. avatar
    Carlos Solsona

    Hello Mr. President,

    In my opinion, if there is one explanatory, important and clear text issued by the EC in order to raise awareness on the recent state and perspectives of the EU, this is the White Paper, but until now, only the people already involved in the European institutions & surroundings seems to know about it. This document has a huge pedagogical value and is aimed to open a debate about the future of the European Union (and, I assume, this won’t be possible without an engaged European public sphere) so, my question is very simple:

    Is there any strategy/proposal from the European Commission to promote the “White Paper on the Future of Europe” within the civil society?.

    Thank you,

  108. avatar

    As EVS coordinating, hosting and sending organisation we are wondering about the new programme „European Solidarity Corps“. What is the intention to “invent” a new programme that is actually already existing and has been built up and developed during the past 20 years?

  109. avatar
    Jinwon Song

    I totally agree with you Patrick, look what immigrants have done to Germany. It is really scary there! I think we should send them back to their home countries.

  110. avatar
    Jinwon Song

    I totally agree with you Patrick. Look what immigrants have done to Germany. I think that we should send them back to their home countries.

  111. avatar
    EU Reform- Proactive

    Would & should any (young) “You tubers” be bothered if the EU- a par excellence and praised Pan-European political movement spearhead an irreversible & legally driven process of European integration- regardless its consequences?

    Has such far-reaching concept & its relentless, but questionable “democratic” step by step introduction been fully comprehended in order to embrace it as a “given” , together with it’s unknown final outcome- which none of the bureaucrats in charge dare to address openly or speculate publicly about.

    It is rather questionable to receive any open minded & unbiased response from the Marketing Manager of such movement.

  112. avatar
    m m

    why the EU is not able to tell its members, that nationalism does not help against global capitalism whitout ethics & moral?

  113. avatar

    What do you think of the European Youth Parliament?

  114. avatar
    Chris Tolmie

    How do we decentralise decision making in Europe to make people feel more able to affect their local issues?

  115. avatar

    Mr. Juncker,
    1)Are there a plan for treatment of immigration and refugee crisis from Africa and Asia? If there is what is it?
    2)How refugees will apply for asylum in EU?
    3)What are the entrance’s criteria of immigrants in EU? Were these take 4)residence permit for EU? In the EU or not?
    5)How will treatment the traffiking?
    6)Who are the responsibilities for living conditions in hot spots in countries in EU in Turkey and Libya?
    7) How comission will tratment the counties who don’t want refugees from Greece and Italy
    8)How will treatment the problens until 2019?

  116. avatar

    9) How EU helps immigration’s countries such they don’t go away from their counties?

  117. avatar
    Ruben Goncalves

    How can someone who identifies as an European citizen get involved with the european institutions and work to make Europe better?

    What is, in your opinion, the greatest current challenge to European unity and how to solve it?

    In some European countries there is a debate regarding the contribution of imigrants and freedom of movement from both member states and third countries. Are there plans for an Europe wide social security scheme?

    Regarding the ever closer union direction of Europe as a response to global challenges those are creating challenges of their own. The euro and the lack of eurobonds is just one example in which a transition from one system to another can create serious problems. What is preferable in your opinion, a voluntary scheme in which countries subscribe to what they prefer or a longer journey when only when every country is in agreement is the policy implemented?

    Finally, many different people have different ideas for the future of Europe. Have the commission ever considered a census as a way to know what the european citizens expect from the EU and the direction to follow?

  118. avatar

    Is it possible to change the european capital to a more geographically convenient location like has been done in turkey and brazil? In the future? Is it possible to integrate switzerland and norway? Is it possible to shut down Nato or create an independent european military/naval/aerial, educational, financial, organization?
    How can we improve eastern europe? How can we improve western europe? What is your vision of european monarchies, the pope, the east european elite? What do you think of current european culture? What do you think are the greatest cultural dangers to european youth today? How do you view europe in the next 20 then 50 years? (Best case scenario)
    I like these questions

  119. avatar
    Frank Greene

    A legacy of Brexit will be the physical and economic isolation of Ireland especially NUTS Regions West & N-West Ire. Currently these two Regions are totally excluded from TEN-T funding. In the interests of European solidarity it is important that EU experts in logistics, Transport and Communications examine how the costs of this physical and economic isolation can be minimised. It is also an issue for Commisioner Verstager to ensure that Ireland and particularly NUTS West & N-West Ire can always participate on a equal basis in the Single Market

  120. avatar

    When the EU starts to care about its own citizens, starts protect the borders against the Africans and other illegals.? Why you still insist on the distribution of illegal immigrants to the countries, which do not have muslim communities and do not want to do the same mistake like the western countries did?

  121. avatar

    Is known that the issue of Catalonia is a difficult topic to talk about for many countries because they don’t want to create a similar new problem to their own countries, but is Europe going to say something about that. Europe should care about the preservation of the elemental rights of their citizens, and nowadays the Spanish government thanks to the silence of Europe between others is cutting many rights such as voting, demonstrating, press freedom… So I have a simple question, will you help those citizens who have the simple aim of voting? Thanks.

  122. avatar
    Ana Ekaterini Kolorizos

    How the institutions of the European Union can create a common European sense of collective identity, even though the EU is made up of diverse State/national identities?

    • avatar
      Walter Eigner

      It is a good question

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Ana, aren’t “institutions” normally bureaucratic & administrative in nature? Can one expect a patriotic team spirit developing from a maze of “legal eagles”, bureaucrats & administrators to invigorate the EU?

      Miserable- far below 50%- participation’s at EU elections and the empty chambers in the EU parliament at times point to a “spiritless identity” and stale political climate.

      One thing the EU or JCJ cannot: legislate, regulate or enforce is “EU” political enthusiasm or patriotism!

  123. avatar
    Noel Darlow

    Will you please leverage all of your power in the Brexit negotiations to help Scotland remain in the EU by becoming independent. We voted almost 2:1 to stay and we want all citizens of Europe to be free to live and work and feel welcome in our country.

  124. avatar
    Olivier LEVY

    What is the rôle of Europe as global leader in fighting Climate Change and how can Europe convince other regions to engage, especially the US and Asia

    30/10/2017 Erik Solheim, Executive Director at the UN Environment Programme, has responded to this comment.

  125. avatar
    European Students' Association for Cultural Heritage

    The European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 approaches. Will there be a strong emphasis of EU politics regarding the common cultural roots connecting EU citizens even beyond this year?

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      As you probably know, the Council of Europe- not the (EU) – was first to formalize a cultural cooperation policy in Europe called the “European Cultural Convention”.

      Once more, the EU (1992) has taken over many competences to become the BE all & END all in the Schengen Union. “Jack” (or is it “Jean Claude”) of all trades, master of none”- more likely!


  126. avatar

    Mr Juncker
    How much is the EU going to pay back to the UK when we leave. We have paid for a lot in Europe over the last 44 yrs now we are divorcing we want some back

  127. avatar
    Jan Vesely

    Living in the Czech Republic and working in Slovakia, Poland and in the EU, i found out that the biggest obstacle is one language that could help us to communicate and understand better. Outside of capitals, only mother tongue is spoken. Will we one day find one language for the EU? For all institutions, for schools, for a life – like the EU language exam for young generation? Will it be English?

  128. avatar
    Walter Eigner

    1. Der Flüchtlingsstrom aus Afrika und Asien nach Europa ist unmöglich zu stoppen. Es wäre vernünftig, die Arbeitsstellen für die Flüchtlinge in ihrer Heimat zu schaffen. Warum wird dieses Problem nicht in der Eurounion und UNO diskutiert? Mit internationalen Bemühungen könnte man in den Problemstaaten verschiedene Fabriken errichten, wo z.B. einfache Ersatzteile unter der Leitung europäischer Ingenieure für verschiedene Maschinen produziert werden. Das Hauptproblem dabei ist natürlich die unstabile politische Situation in diesen Staaten, jedoch könnte man die Bewachung dieser Fabriken mit internationalen Kräften organisieren.
    Ich denke, dass auch Ungarn und Slowakei ihren Teil zur Bildung der Arbeitsstellen in den Problemstaaten einbringen werden.

    2. Ich finde den Zwang der EU an die unabhängigen Eurostaaten, Flüchtlinge im eigenen Haus zu empfangen, als völlig falsch (die Flüchtlinge haben eine ganz andere Mentalität). Eins solcher Zwang führt zum Zusammenbruch der Eurounion. Er war einer unter anderen Ursachen des Brexits. Die Bedingungen für den Beitritt in die Eurounion unterschrieben die Staaten, als keine Millionenmigration nach Europa wie heutzutage vorhanden war. Staaten verpflichten sich damals in erster Linie die politischen Flüchtlinge zu empfangen und damals waren nicht sehr viele Flüchtlinge vom Krieg vorhanden. Also, jetzt sollte man diesen Punkt des EU-Vertrages ändern – die Eurostaaten sollten und dürfen bei Flüchtlingsproblemen selbst entscheiden. Bitte, Ihre Meinung.

  129. avatar
    Penelope Savory

    Can any provision be made for British born citizens, living within Europe, be granted E.U. Citizenship should they so desire?

  130. avatar
    EU40 - the network of young MEPs

    What must our young MEPs do, in order to secure the vision of a real Union for the future, rather than the conglomeration of nation states we are currently drifting towards?

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      No (young) MEP should be in the EU political arena being clueless about the EU’s future! Maybe ………………………..? Let me rather not spell it out!

  131. avatar

    Why was the long-awaited “New Narrative for Europe” report published in August (!) without the foreseen launch event or promotion? Is the new narrative that bad?

  132. avatar
    Ion din Calarasi

    Romania is preparing to hold a referendum to ban gay marriage in the Constitution. What will be the European Commissions position? How can a state promoting homophobic policies contribute to a renewed Europe? How will the results of this referendum affect the democratic path of Romania?

  133. avatar
    Alexis Black

    Romania is preparing to hold a referendum to ban gay marriage in the Constitution.
    What will be the European Commission’s position on the matter?
    How can a state promoting homophobic policies contribute to a renewed Europe?
    How will the results of this referendum affect the democratic path of Romania?

  134. avatar

    Dear Mr President,

    As an EU citizen living in the UK I am concerned about my future in this country.
    I have lived in the UK for 7 years: I studied here for 5 years doing a Master’s and PhD and I have been working for the past 2 year. I do consider the UK as my home now. However, I start to feel unwelcome now and I start to feel that I might be discriminated because I am an EU citizen. I also feel like the British Government is not really interested in guaranteeing EU citizens’ rights. Now I am confused and I am unsure about what to do. I do not know if I should stay here and fight for my rights or if I should simply leave the country and try to build a new life from scratch in a place where my skills and qualifications can be appreciated, independently from my passport. Also, I have always believed in the EU and its values and I do not want to give up my EU citizenship in order to receive a “settled status” in the UK. It is difficult to accept the idea that the country where I have lived for so many years, where I build my hoped for my future and my career, and where I have invested all my efforts does not want me anymore and is pushing me out of the door.
    I am aware that there are millions of people in my situation, all asking the same questions. I am aware that the negotiations are on-going. I am aware that there are probably no answers yet. Every day I hear different things, and politicians keep contradicting each other. I just want to speak out and say that this is a slow agony. I would like to ask to put aside politics and to focus on the fact that we are talking about people’s lives. I would like to ask to consider EU citizens in the UK as humans who just want to live their lives and to please find a solution for EU citizen as soon as possible.
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  135. avatar
    Jakub Foltýn

    In your opinion, what’s the best way to legitimate/check identity of illegal imigrants, I think the fact we can’t identify them is quite a big problem recently. Thank you

  136. avatar

    Whether nationality should be an obstacle to getting help from the EU programs for the creative sector? Whether by the Polish policy, Polish fashion designers they should leave Poland and work in other EU countries or whether European Commission can help them in Poland?

  137. avatar
    Matt Anderson

    My country, Romania, is getting closer to a referendum that will change my life and life to another 1 million people. They want to ban gay marriage, ban our human rights, ban our right to love. What will be the opinion of European Commission regarding this topic? How you, as a person will react when you see that a country is going “back in time”, instead of going further, instead of being a European Modern Country. Please tell me, I don’t want to leave my country because some politicians along with the church want to change, literally my life, my choice, my right to love!

  138. avatar
    Vojtěch Obuškevič

    Mr. Juncer, what do you think is the biggest problem of the EU? On my opinion it is the incapability of the EU member states with different points of view to find a compromise or to at least try to understand the other side’s attitude. I am affraid that without solving this issue the European project will unfortunatelly have a serious problems soon. Do you agree with me? And are you trying to change it? How?

    • avatar
      Vojtěch Obuškevič

      Sorry, I meant “Mr. Juncker”, typo…

  139. avatar

    : is the European Commission advisable if only one party to the lawsuit can choose who will execute the sentence?

  140. avatar
    Mircea Mihalache

    Romania is preparing to hold a referendum to ban gay marriage in the Constitution. What will be the European Commissions position? How can a state promoting homophobic policies contribute to a renewed Europe? How will the results of this referendum affect the democratic path of Romania?

  141. avatar
    catrinel motoc

    Will he mention the 1000s of Romani people in Italy living in constant fear of being forced from their homes? Will Italy see the long-delayed infringement proceeding launched against the country for discriminating and segregation Roma through forced evictions and segregation in camps as the only alternative provided to them (other than homelessness)?

  142. avatar
    Lino Galveias

    #AskJuncker keep the financing to the Youth in Action and #ErasmusPlus programs. They are essential for the youth of Europe and its vicinity to meet, make friends, exchange cultural aspects, learn, travel and end their mental borders. It is a crime to end with a program that has been essential to European Youth for the last 30 years!
    Sabri Na

    • avatar
      Paul X

      I think using the word “essential” is taking it a bit far. ….well educated and culturally aware young people have been around for a lot longer than 30 years.
      The difference is, traditionally you worked hard, got a good education, got a good job then travel the world without the need for taxpayers to fund your holidays

  143. avatar
    Michal Rozkydalek

    Jean-Claude, there rules a justiciary mafia cthere in the Czech Republic. The President of (private) executors Mrs. Pavla Fucikova evidently wilfilly abuses the state authority, and the Minister of Justice Mr.Robert Pelikan shelters her unlawfull, arbitrary behaviour. For the nation of just 10 million people, we have as much as 5 million executions, most of these are conducted purposedly for petty amounts and high fees, oftenly with fatal impact. Private executors openly steal at daylight and the government shelters their crimes. How the European Commission can make it good right now?

  144. avatar
    Michal Rozkydalek

    Jean-Claude, there rules a justiciary mafia there in the Czech Republic. The President of (private) executors Mrs. Pavla Fucikova evidently wilfully abuses the state authority, and the Minister of Justice Mr.Robert Pelikan shelters her unlawfull, arbitrary behaviour. For the nation of just 10 million people, we have as much as 5 million executions, most of these are conducted purposedly for petty amounts and high fees, oftenly with fatal impact. Private executors openly steal at daylight and the government hides their crimes.

    How the European Commission can make it good right now?

  145. avatar

    Dear Mr. Juncker, when will Romanians be treated as every other European, regarding equal pay, living standards, and attitude towards them? Thank you!

  146. avatar

    Dear Mr. Juncker,

    You are writing in the Letter of Intent that “2017 and 2018 can become years of hope and renewal for Europe if we deliver strongly on our common agenda”
    But you did not mention Cohesion policy in your speech. Could you tell us more? Brexit is happening we need to think about new ways in transnational cohesion.

    A European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Diana, hope you will not be disappointed one day, trying to lip read politicians!

      Being “used” as a “European (“EU political”) Solidarity Corps Volunteer”- maybe something to reflect & keep in mind:

      “Missions” were driven by Christians in the past centuries with many positive contributions & outcomes- despite being dumped today!

      Nowadays, “modern politics, Politicians & Lawyers” using Human Right Charters & a litany of regulations, replaced the old Christian missionary work (& beliefs) around the globe.

      Please take a break, check & go through its (long) history- even starting after the 1800’s- might complement & be of interest to you:


  147. avatar
    Dana Mosnickova

    Would it be possible to unify the system of debt recovery and supervision of execution in individual countries?
    In the Czech Republic, I believe that even in other East European countries financial support from election exporters is allowed, and I do not think it is, therefore, willing to amend the Execution Code.
    There are big excesses.
    People lose faith in justice and the EU, and ultimately, family members with children and retirees fall into exequatur as a result of small incomes and high costs.
    They begin with one debt when all their assets are blocked, their bank account and their salary for several months, so they can not pay the debt without the help of others.
    Those who do not have this option will not pay the normal household expenses and thus find themselves in debt traps. This means that they will receive further and further recovery proceedings.
    The state does not offer a solution to this situation, it has been clueless for many years.

    Ultimately, people do not have to pay for anything and find themselves without media, telephone and often without housing. Executions are not stopped, even if it is found that the debtor has nothing. From there, the state does not offer a way.

    The cost of recovery is huge.
    I quote another facebook user who accurately describes the problem of the Czech enforcement system:
    “It’s exactly mommy that it’s the same thing that’s all right in the blocking account. They take everything away, and they’re not even interested in the fact that the guy has to eat some of the rent and medication. By this disgusting action, they get people into even bigger debts but mainly that they stuff their pockets the stock exchanges sell the confiscated property of the people for a few crowns. It is the state and our government supported by thieves who do not feel anything, and when people are so angry crying and referring to the law and paragraphs with such laws, ……….. ”

    Bylo by možné sjednotit systém vymáhání pohledávek a dozor nad prováděním exekucí v jednotlivých zemích?
    V České Republice a domnívám se, že i v jiných východoevropských zemích je povolena finanční podpora ze strany exkutorů ve volbách a domnívám se, že i proto není ochota změnit exekuční řád.
    Dochází k velkým excesům.
    Lidé ztrácí víru ve spravedlnost a EU, nakonec v důsledku malých příjmů a velkých nákladů upadají do exekučního řízení rodiny s dětmi i důchodci.
    Začínají jedním dluhem, kdy je jim zablokován veškerý majetek, účet v bance i plat, po dobu několika měsíců, takže dluh uhradit nemohou bez pomoci jiných.
    Ti, kdo tuto možnost nemají, neuhradí běžné náklady na domácnost a ocitnou se tak v dluhové pasti, To znamená, že dostanou další a další vymáhací řízení.
    Stát nenabízí řešení jak z této situace, je po dobu mnoha let bezradný.

    Nakonec lidé nemají na úhradu ničeho a ocitají se bez medií, telefonl a často bez bydlení. Exekuce nejsou zastaveny, ani tehdy, zjistí-li se, že povinný nemá nic. Odtud stát nenabízí cestu.

    Náklady na vymáhání jsou obrovské.
    Cituji jiného uživatele facebooku, který přesně vystihuje problém českého exekučního systému:
    “přesně mamce se stalo to samé úplně v klidu zablokujou konto seberou všechno a vůbec je nezajímá že ten člověk musí také jíst z něčeho platit nájem a léky.Tímto odporným jednáním dostávají lidi do ještě větších dluhů ale hlavně že oni si nacpou kapsy a na svých burzách si mezi sebou rozprodávají zabavené majetky lidí za pár korun .Jsou to státem a naší vládou podporovaní zloději kteří se neštítí ničeho a když se lidi naštvou tak brečí a odvolávají se na zákon a paragrafy s takovými zákony vážená vládo děte do …………….”

  148. avatar
    László András

    To Mr. Junker and the other foul bureaucrats,
    Why do you want to mop up the Europian culture by bringing in so many people hostile to us.


  149. avatar
    Istvan Petrovics

    no azasztan ekes magyar kocsisszotart kimeritene !! de valoszinubb hogy pofanvagnam !! tobb fule mint foga maradna a mocsadeknak !!

  150. avatar

    Most Europeans (except the political correct social justice warriors) don’t want or need so many -refugees- …uneducated young male immigrants taking advantage of Europe’s socioeconomic system and liberal culture… What are you going to do about that? How are we going to send them back and stop the influx? Why Europe is the only place in the world that is so welcoming (on its great expense) to anyone from anywhere comparing to the rest of the world?

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      A state cannot refuse or dishonor past UN undertakings it made & support GENUINE refugees strictly limited as defined by the UN & even EU Charter.

      Aren’t even ardent critics- “derogatorily” labeled EU skeptics & anti EU- by pro EU lovers of the EU- in fact very “Pro Europe”?

      However, an oversensitive & intolerant EU leader- JCJ- would rather walk out of Parliament when politically “erotized”, instead tolerating critique & a calm debate.

      The failure to act collectively e.g. against Merkel’s” exemplary naivety (faux pas) promptly- exposes many unworkable areas the Brussels’ bureaucrats thought capable of mastering!

      Fact: the current dispensation is not working for all genuine Pro Europe lovers & the EU remains stoic inflexible- donkey like!

  151. avatar
    Hervé Collette

    Why Spain is allowed to have a law that protect women only (Ley de violencia sobre la mujer). Any woman filing a complaint against a man and he goes straight to jail. It is the upmost breach of the human rights. Why Europe allow this?

  152. avatar
    Marco Armento

    President Junker, since now is the time to act, isn’t it time to have EU citizenship as the sole citizenship of the Union, with nationalities remaining as a citizen’s personal status?

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      ???? Marco, the right to a NATIONALITY is a fundamental human (birth) right. If anybody in the EU would attempt to strip us of our NATIONALITY would mean a serious transgression of that universal human right! You can be a citizen of your town, your country or even the EU- but never an EU national. Stop dreaming please!

  153. avatar
    Manuel Percheiro

    So, regarding your last statements about where Europe begins and ends, have you had the time to study the european map and be aware of a little country called Portugal or you still think that’s a region of Spain? How can a European Union really work if there are rules – usually regarding economic issues – that somes countries can break and others don’t? It does seem that in the todays European Union all the countries are equal, altough there’s some countries more equal than others. As long as this lasts, EU it’s an utopy.

  154. avatar
    Radu R

    Mr. Juncker, what are your plans to ensure that national governments respect the rule of law (both in spirit and letter) and the rights of their citizens?

    Romania’s government and majority party is making great effort to change the national legislation in ways that, according to a large majority of independent experts, would facilitate corruption and actually weaken the rule of law?

    At the same time, where minorities are concerns, Romania still fails to implement effective policies to foster Roma inclusion (despite the many strategies that remain on paper) and at the same time, with the public support of most of the Romanian political class, marginalizes the LGBTQ community, ignores its rights and tries to push it into hiding with a discourse of “stay in the privacy of your homes and do not bother normal citizens”

    All these, while Romania is set to receive a large amount of European money and receives your support to join the Schengen area.

    How do you actually expect that Romania’s current government stops its attacks on justice and works on supporting the inclusion and rights of all its citizens?

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Radu, why do you think JCJ is that “almighty” to create miracles all round? JCJ is frustrated enough to even call the EU parliament “very ridiculous”!

      Did you know it is the “Council of Europe” (CoE)- not the EU- who cares more about your concerns? Check it out. Romanian voters just need to elect a clean government- who else can?


  155. avatar

    #AskJuncker How to beat euroskepticism, especially in the Czech Republic? People here do not exactly love the EU.. Thanks for answering!

  156. avatar
    Giorgio Clarotti

    Mr President, you are the first elected by most Europeans according to the #Spitzenkandidaten system where leading candidates debated on.main orientations. How are you going to convince Member States to have paneuropean lists for electing not only your successor, but also some 50 to 70 European MEPs. This is a longstanding request of think tanks such as Leap and Europe 2020, of the European Federalists and, lately of Italy and France.

  157. avatar

    How many jobs are available in EU for unemployed people? Which crises will be the next one?

  158. avatar

    Would you reconsider the scientific reform core to set the reforms of rapidly transforming civilization into motion? 2017….

  159. avatar
    Pio Sud

    Why the fuck are you making decisions about the future of our continent when no one fucking voted you into power?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      While I’m in total agreement with your sentiment, I feel you may need to reword it slightly to have a chance of it being put to JCJ

  160. avatar
    Freek Spinnewijn

    How do you think the priorities you outlined in your SOTEU and the letter of intent will help to reach the EU2020 poverty target? It is true that the level of poverty is stabilising and going down in a number of countries, but we are still very far away from 2020 target (lift 20 million ppl out of poverty). And very concerning is that homelessness (most extreme form of poverty) is rapidly increasing in most EU member states. App 4 million people experiencing homelessness every year in the EU area. Don’t you think the EU should commit to solving homelessness and help member states achieve this objective – as was asked numerous times by teh European Parliament?

  161. avatar
    A MI IDŐNK Revolutionary News

    #AskJuncker Dear Mr. Juncker,
    what do you think about the arrest of Attila Vajnai, member of the secretary of the European Left Party who was victim of a violent police procedure in Hungary because he notified the police about a man who sold a nazi propaganda record with the portrait of Adolf Hitler with swastika on the location of the former jewish ghetto of Budapest?

  162. avatar

    I think that most people see Mr Junker as an unelected undemocratic globalist along with his friend in need, Verhofstad.
    I do understand his frustration with the people of europe who just dont want what he wants.
    My question would be .
    Before you annex my country and all the other countries in europe are you going to bother to ask the people what they want??
    Or will you proceed with your globalist mandate with a total disregard for the people in the countries you and your group are going to annex??

  163. avatar
    João Pires

    You’ve mentioned the necessity of a unified presidential model.

    The question is:
    What do you think about the President of the EU, to be elected by all EU voters?

    Thank you.

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Joao, rationalization & e-modernization to stretch our tax money would be welcome.

      Why not imagine to manage & run the whole political “European cooperation concept”- electronically- from our own “sovereign” home countries?

      A mega IT hub somewhere safe would replace the whole pedestrian EU admin, Brussels, Strasbourg, travelling & affairs away from home!

      What a future & more time for having children!

  164. avatar
    Saar Eizen

    “the State of the Union 2017” should be an event for the EU People, but it feels like the EU president is addressing the politicians only. Why is this event taking place in the middle of the week and in the middle of the day? Why not making it a special event people actually be related to and be a part of? If you want the EU people to feel more involve and more united, you need to pretend like you care.

  165. avatar

    The need of unity is a key for EU development. Yesterday’s address had a strong focus on the role of the commissioners, the MEP’s and the EU leaders to bring that unity forward. The citizens are said to have “the right to know”, but can we really expect a stronger and united Europe without a greater involvement of its citizens? Younger generations are more and more alienated from politics. What our actions towards having EU citizens embracing the European project?

  166. avatar
    Berber Biala-Hettinga

    When will the European Commission take action for Roma in Italy &open infringement proceeding re forced evictions & housing segregation? Your services have investigated and found sufficient evidence, yet the item has not appeared on the College agenda in the past year and a half. A decision must be taken!

    • avatar
      Yavor Hadzhiev

      Hi Berber. Very important question. Let’s hope that it gets answered.

    • avatar
      EU Reform- Proactive

      Why not check what the “Council of Europe” (CoE) can offer? The EU- instead of sticking to trade & the economy- is marginalizing & “taking over” the CoE functions!


  167. avatar

    According to the roadmap for a more United, Stronger and more Democratic Union the EC is supposed to propose a strategy for a successful EU accession of Serbia and Montenegro. Do you foresee next enlargement to be done in groups of country or according to the progress, bearing in mind Montenegro is far ahead with negotiations at the moment.

  168. avatar
    Milko Hadzhigenov

    Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) is Europe’s Network for protection of religious heritage. What do you think is the importance of religious heritage for the future of the European identity?

  169. avatar
    Daryl Borg Cardona

    Like several other European citizens, i greatly admire the determination and dedication to this great vision of uniting the region. My questions is, after all this hard work, at the end of this presidency term, will Mr. Junker remain active within the EU or will he decide to go for a well deserved relaxing holiday ?

  170. avatar
    Milko Hadzhigenov

    Mr Juncker, in line with the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, what do you think the future of Europe holds for our cultural and heritage diversity?

  171. avatar
    Jan Doerfel ( @ChambersofJD )

    #AskJuncker What is the Commission doing to protect Citizens rights of disabled EU nationals and their carers in the UK in the negotiations?

  172. avatar
    Eszter Salamon

    The future of Europe depends on the flexibility and knowledge of its citizens. Today most of our school systems are outdated, some worse than others. Some of them are training future unemployed people in large numbers. The Commission recommendations in the field of education are getting less innocative and modenr than before. Education, cradle to grave lifelong learning is seemingly part of the Social Pillar. When shall we have a common, 21st century European education policy based on agreement of the key stakeholders, students, parents, professional educators and industry?

    • avatar
      jack jones

      how can you proved that?

  173. avatar
    Yavor Hadzhiev

    Dear Debating Europe, thank you for censuring my comment from yesterday, on your page about #AskJuncker. It contained no offensive language. In it I wanted to express my disgust with the fact that Debating Europe and Euronews cherry-picked the questions to be presented to Mr. Juncker. My very serious question, regarding the fundamental rights of homeless people in Europe (some estimates point to about 4 million in such situation), was ignored. Other serious questions were excluded too, while the ones chosen were the ones that suited the current mediatic agenda. Disgraceful. I hope you don’t censor me here as well.

  174. avatar
    Fernando Gurtubay Arronte

    How can we talk about integration, when EU-citizens are not allowed to vote in the countries where they live and pay taxes unless they give up their nationality? I have lived in Germany for 30 years, pay a horrendous amount of taxes and may only vote on city neighbour council elections, thank you very much. Yes, I may vote on national elections of my home country, which politics do not affect my daily life at all. Sorry, I am not German. Giving up my nationality is a major issue. I just do want to decide how and in what my money is spent. Voting where you work and pay taxes is only logical.

  175. avatar

    What about all those Greeks who have summer business on these Islands where the refugees are. They have NO business now and that is the money they need to live through winter. Plus the pensioners that have no money to live and are paying for the refugees. We need more help not only money. We can’t take any more refugees as we can’t even look after our Greek people!

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