Donald Trump excels at being shocking. Throughout the 2016 US election campaign, he garnered more media attention than any other candidate simply by saying the unsayable. If people criticised him, then he just said something even more outrageous in order to disrupt the news cycle.

In office, there has been little sign of him moderating his approach or trying to heal some of the wounds caused by the mean-spirited, nasty, knife-fight of an election. Trump is Trump, and cannot change. But will others try to copy his style and approach?

Should we prepare ourselves for a more thin-skinned, paranoid, bullying form of politics? Does America’s political first-past-the-post system lead to more combative elections? In a world of 24-hour news and social media, is being shocking simply the best way to get attention? And, if so, how can this trend be countered?

Is politics growing more aggressive? Or has it always been this way? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Politicians always tell people what they want to hear to get elected then serve corporations and not the people. People just want to hear more agressive things now. So that is what new politicians will say, but not do.

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    Marko Martinović

    Only the left. They are getting more and more violent but due to lying media it is ignored and blamed on everyone else.

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    Ivan Burrows

    It will get more aggressive to counter the lies & deceit by the left wing liberals who are hell bent on the destruction of western society.

    It will only end when power is taken out of the hands of the select few and handed back to the people.

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    Stefania Portici

    più che altro la politica degli ultimi anni parlano tutti della stessa cosa. lontana anni luce dai problemi della gente. La gente chiede giustizia sociale, lavoro, INVESTIMENTI STATALI sulla sicurezza , sulla cosa pubblica ,su tutto….eh e la politica mondiale mentre fa i tagli sulla cosa pubblica per darla ai privati impoverendo la società in tutti i sensi . Ci fa parlare dei diritti dei gay ( che per avere figli affittano gli uteri di donne disperate) ….. un’altra cosa. Quattro giornalisti pagati dal sistema amplificano il tutto e silenziano la voce della gente che non è zitta ma non si sente . More than anything the politics of the last few years all speak of the same thing. Far away light years from people’s problems. People ask for social justice, work, STATE INVESTMENTS on security, public affairs, everything …. eh and world politics while doing cuts on public affairs to give it to individuals by impoverishing society in every sense. It tells us about the rights of gays (that for having children rent out the desperate women’s womb) ….. another thing. Four journalists paid by the system amplify everything and silence the voice of people who are not silent but do not feel.

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    catherine benning

    Is politics growing more aggressive?

    It is, in the UK. And part of the reason for it is our politicians are glued to the USA. Who have an economy based on military might. We, the British, being dumb enough to go along with the insidious and glaring propaganda we are steeped in via our false news media. Which is now totally unbelievable to watch or listen to. Those who run these news feeds should be jailed for fraud. However, perhaps it is government policy to sell the phony stories we hear and see?

    The other part of the growing aggression in politics, is from the masses of immigrants in my country who, 1) cheat at the polls by the dead voting on a regular basis. The pay off’s they give to the stay at home and postal voters in a constituency, the women being persuaded to give their vote to the local Imam. Then, the fights on who or which Muslim they will put into our Parliament to create the backing of Islamic teaching. Akin to our London Mayor removing pictures of bikini clad woman from advertising posters, as well as their antisemitic stance on most issues.

    And this is only a part of the problem. The liberal left is losing its power in communities once considered safe seats.And the reason being, they no longer represent the British working class. They have become a party of the Immigrant communities. And it is spreading to such an extent the indigenous population cannot identify with the leadership any longer. Resulting in Liberals being more aggressive and violent to those who will not succumb to their obviously mad idealism set up to destroy the culture and lifestyle of British citizens.

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    Chris Pavlides

    Aggresiveness or any violence is a proof of non solution orientred people & non productive policies.

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    “Aggressive politics”- where? Why not sweep EU’s- (JCJ dirt- “soft despotism”) in front of Brussels’ door- instead US’s- (Trump dirt- “to the victor belongs the spoils”) at Washington’s door? Surely, most Europeans are interested in trying to sort out Europe (EU)- not the US!

    The US at least has an effective (the oldest- 1789) codified Constitution- whatever their internal infighting may be. The EU in comparison has no codified Constitution, but an all powerful Commission who monopolizes political power, assisted by a rubber stamping Parliament. It’s “separation of power” is based & relies on a “step by step- elastic, adaptable and resilient” complex litany of treaties- never ratified by all 28, but adopted anyhow. Attitude- “so what”?

    As voters globally become more & more aware of “politics” dishonesty, its self-enrichment, political shenanigans, politicians disrespect of the rule of law and the in place checks & balances and the low regard for voters- the p-temperature rises & patience drops.

    Any emerging leader using unorthodox methods- rallying against the suffocating weight of entrenchment, enrichment by a few, the dishonest, the gullible, the greedy, the pretenders & the captors- coming up with new approaches to drain the evil of paralysis – or using the “Trump swamp”- are (understandingly) welcomed by many.

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    Wendy Harris

    Aggression is a prelude to war. The west is learning to hate again. We cannot defeat our enemies by loving them or by continuing to tolerate what is intolerable. The polarisation of opinions is no accident, it is being cleverly orchestrated in my opinion.

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    And what’s wrong to dislike the so called “soft power” and shadowy political decisions taken behind the curtain with the deep involvement of Finacial Institutions, Justice and Secret Services, may I ask?

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    Ivan Burrows

    The increased attention he got was from the biased left wing media pumping out fake news because their darling crooked Hilary lost. It is their hysteria that is driving the aggression via its identity politics agenda.

    • avatar
      Mauricio Giordanelli

      Anyone who calls Hillary crooked after 30 years of alt-right witch hunts that turned up NOTHING that would have stood in court, anyone who supports a confessed crook who claims his scams are just him being “smart” has no moral authority to accuse anyone of delivering “fake” anything. You’re either an alt-right zombie or completely ignorant. Get an education.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Mauricio Giordanelli Of course the truth wouldn’t stand up in court, she owned the courts. But now is a different matter. Being called a ‘zombie’ by a socialist is hilarious, give us a chant comrade, its about all you commies have left.

    • avatar
      George Guydosh

      The populists just keep digging out “facts” from their imagination.

    • avatar
      Uli Czeranka

      Why the fuck do you need to bring up the commie alt right debate here? Dont we know better in Europe or u just want to exploit the populist possibilities?

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    Stef Kostov

    It’s the media to blame. All those precious clicks have generated a massive devide between the people on almost every topic..

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    Hugo Rodrigues Couto

    1) The mask has fallen, owing to new pressures (e.g. social media). 2) We tend to think that the crisis of 2008 is over, but we are now experiencing its consequences (overall delusion and the rising of populist politics and politicians)

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      Ivan Burrows

      The European parliament is full of them but the European commission is unelected and they run the EU which is odd because they too are failed National politicians.

  13. avatar

    So much so it’s not worth attempting constructive debate on this page

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    Anatilde Alves

    Those neo nazi bastards were always out there, now they judt show up more, coz people stoped calling them out. The USA government did give them courage to step out again. Just look at Austria right now. We should really kick eastern European countries out the Union, they are good for nothing, we don’t share the same values, they only bring us down, 15 was the magic number way back when.

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Politics is just a marketing and distraction tactic while the corrupt mega-rich serving system that harms the majority of its citizens stays in place.

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    George Guydosh

    Well there are heavier items on the public menu (Brexit, Eastern authoritarianism, Trump craze, well organised disrupting forces in our media) so it’s only normal that talk is more on the spot

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    Val Anderson

    just wait’ll the NWO sets up, and the EU/UN become more powerful … if you think they’re aggresive now

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    Gianfranco Coda

    politics has been deteriorating from the 80ties… thee richies are getting ever so rich… and…politics is not
    as genuine as it used to be…we are not genuine ourselves like we used to

  19. avatar
    Gianfranco Coda

    politics has been deteriorating from the 80ties… thee richies are getting ever so rich… and…politics is not
    as genuine as it used to be…we are not genuine ourselves like we used to

  20. avatar

    politics has been deteriorating from the 80ties… thee richies are getting ever so rich… and…politics is not
    as genuine as it used to be…we are not genuine ourselves like we used to

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