“Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” So said Winston Churchill in 1947.

The modern world is complicated, even more so than it was immediately after the Second World War when Churchill made his proclamation about the benefits of democracy. It’s seems quite likely that nobody really understands how the various parts – social, cultural, technological, economic, military, political – all interact and influence one another. Is democracy (or, at least, the democracy we currently have) up to the task?

Elections can be swayed by money and lobbying, institutions can be captured by elites, minorities can be oppressed by majorities. Two wolves and a sheep voting for dinner may be a democracy, but it’s no fun to be the sheep.

Are there alternative forms of government yet to be tested? New forms of democracy? Or completely different ways of organising society, perhaps using the internet or related technologies? Or is such utopian dreaming dangerous? There must be a reason, after all, why democracy has been such an enduring system (albeit one that has mutated many times over the years).

Is democracy the best form of government? Or just the least-worst? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. Ivan Burrows


    It is certainly better than the ‘rule by the unelected elite few’ system favoured by the EU.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Leonardo Monteiro

      The UK government is elected by the British people, did you vote for your president Juncker ?

    • Pedro Castro

      Ivan Burrows representative democracy, we voted for mp’s and mp’s chose their leader.

      Did you vote for lords? Or Queen? Or any that voted for those bodies?

    • Ivan Burrows

      Pedro Castro .

      The Queen & the house of lords do not make our laws, the ‘elected’ government does and the leader of the government is also ‘elected’.

      Only your unelected European commission can make your laws, not the European Council & not the MEP’s.

      It never ceases to amaze me how little you pro EU fanatics know about the institutions that rule you.

    • David Isaksson

      Well the representatives to the commission is choosen by the national goverments which is choosen by the people. And the commission can propose the laws, not make them. Also the head of the commission is elected by the parlament and proposed by the european council which also consists of the heads of state. Hard to see what you mean by the unelected European commission.

    • Ivan Burrows

      David Isaksson

      ‘chosen’ is NOT elected, a president of a junta is ‘chosen’, the president of a democracy is elected. Which part of this simple fact is unclear ?

      From the mandate of the ‘unelected’ European Commission.

      – The Commission is the ‘sole EU institution’ tabling laws for adoption by the Parliament and the Council crated in line with the Lisbon Treaty (the rejected European constitution re-named to bypass the democratic decision of the French people in 2005)

      -Together with the (unelected) Court of Justice, ensures that EU law (created by the unelected European Commission ) is properly applied in all the member countries.

      You seem to have a very screwed interpretation of ‘democracy’.

    • Bogdan

      The Commission is similar to any Government in a democracy: based on the majority in the European Parliament (directly elected by the citizens of the EU member states), the European Council (comprised by the elected head of states or prime ministers of the EU member states) proposes a President of the Commission. The President then goes on and proposes a number of Commissioners, who are then, as a group, voted by the Parliament of the EU. The Parliament also has the right to put a motion to have the Commission removed altogether, should they deem it necessary. I don’t know how you fail to see the democratic process in this system.

    • Marian Rodu

      They were at least chose be elected people and chosen by “god” or somebody bestowed with divine rights to rule lol

    • Ivan Burrows

      Marian Rodu

      Given the mess the EU is in you may have been better off letting god chose your leader, it couldn’t be any worse.

    • Reeezy


    • DMT

      learn to spell dude. First its monarchy and second a church ruled government would be disastrous.

  2. Doru Beldiman

    Good question! The democracy in Romania is a fake democracy, despite what the politicians want to display. Every party which had power (democratically elected, or not) was/is corrupt and the corruption is so well implemented. So, if all the parties are corrupted, the democracy is not working.

    • Bogdan

      No, it’s not. Because the people are stupid and vote for the corrupted politicians doesn’t mean that the democracy is fake in any way, it only means that the people are stupid and don’t understand the power of the voting process.

    • Simeon Milanov

      Democracy is corrupt itself, my dear neighbor. You cant satisfy the never ending wishes of the child-minded masses plus politicians are shortsighted and can think only for the next 4 years. Utopia always ends badly.

    • Zsolt Barczy

      Plenty. See history books for reference.

    • Răzvan Grigore

      You mean communism or nazism or absolute monarchy?

    • Zsolt Barczy

      To obtain the full list of all kinds of forms of government, you need to read further.

    • Zsolt Barczy

      Why should I give an example?

    • Zsolt Barczy

      By the way, seeing the mental level on social media, here is a hint: check out what the most civilized nations use today, and learn from that. Simple as that. Civilization needs time, and one cannot jump queues in time. So, check the oldest civilizations and you see what works. Peace

    • Fanis Kastam

      Răzvan Grigore Constitutional monarchy, Aristocracy, oligarchy, Theocracy, Anarchy, dictatorship,despotism, stratocracy,feudalism,meritocracy, tyranny. To name a few.

  3. José Bessa da Silva

    Is this even a question? And than you wonder why the EU as fallen into disgrace…I just wish my country gets out as fast as possible. You are destroying our Carnation Revolution…

  4. Νίκος Γιαννίρης

    Half of Europe has democracy and the other half has Queens and Kings!!!!hehehehe Queens and Kings in 2017!!!!!!!!!!The joke is that countries with Kings and Queens “demand”from other countries more…democratic reforms!!!!!!!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Steffan Chrestensen

      Robert Grüner DK :( All born equal what a scamme. Our Sh¤%y roal familie is born with a Goldne spoon up their arse.

    • Noah Kurtsdotter

      Hm Hm excuse me Νίκος Γιαννίρης but Sweden isn’t ruled by kings and queens. However they have them. But this doesn’t mean that the kings and queens rule it. Actually the kings and queens in Sweden have no say in the laws that pass. Sweden has prime ministers who make the decisions and the king and queens as I’ve said before have no say in them.

  5. Yordan Vasilev

    The democracy is the best form of the managing of the government.It gives possibility for the civil control of the rulling and to organized the society itself. The democracy of the EU needs of more democracy.

  6. Lucy Prelevic-Popova

    What does the term “democracy” mean? Power of the people. This doesn’t exist. That’s the ruch minority that rules the society

  7. Gabor Pocza

    Yes it is, but this doesn’t exist unfortunately of this world! Only hypocriticism will be named of democracy.

  8. Marco Bianchi

    First of all, there is not a univocal definition of democracy.
    Secondly, when in the West we talk about “democracy” we are actually talking about what is technically called liberal-democracy which is not the simple right to vote, rather, it is something much more complex.
    When media and politicians tell you that they have “exported democracy” they are lying. If you look carefully to the constitution of the countries that have been “liberated” they have nothing to do with a liberal-democracy. If a European country adopts such a constitution, we would be talking about the death of democracy and freedom! Hence, how can that same constitution be called “democratic” just because it is used in a non-Western country?
    Finally, it is clear that in order to have a true democracy (liberal-democracy) you need to have a wide-spread democratic culture. If this is lacking, you can write the best constitution in the world that democracy will not work!

    • Stefania Portici

      la democrazia diretta….diretta da chi ? Non mi convince

  9. cyril

    Your questions are always turn in the wrong way.
    “Is democracy the best form of government?”
    It would spend dozen hours of debate between political scientists to define properly first what is democracy, and another dozen hours to define the form of government (and all we never though about). The way we perform our democracy is very different from one country to another. And always, that depends on what we want to avoid regarding the history of the country.

    Do you want an inspired-consequentialist society? In other words, do you want a society where the purpose is the best median level of well-being? Or do you want something else?
    In reality, I haven’t a clue of what are the common ideas we want for our society. But what it is sure is our modern society seems to follow a process of individual accumulations of capital (knowledge, know-how, money, financial assets, capacity of production, etc.) coupled by some commune structures with the same purpose (companies) ; normal there are built and control by humans. The process seems to be more in phase with our deep needs: security and acknowledgment by maintaining our capabilities. So the democracy seems to be the best form of government for this. But the way we’re performing it hurt a non negligible part the humans and our environment on Earth.

    In fact, the democracy allows a kind of potential (illusion?) for everyone to get some influence on the structure and the rules of the society. In a democracy, as our status is equal regarding the law, the distinction of capabilities is based on what we can do, either through the representatives system or the money. It allows the release of frustration and balance at the marginal scale some injustices without destructuring the political system. The system goes along with the moral discours of self-responsability: “you have the liberty and the same chances as everyone, so you’re responsible of your success or not”. Thus, it provides quite good stability as well as allowing the accumulation of wealth.
    The true question in a democracy form of government is the way we delegate the State’s power in the representative system, and for now it is very well structure (so few places for innovation and new agent), and the tax system, that for now redistributes the total revenue of a nation for the profit of higher classes. Rich people never never induce the growth of capabilities in a society, it is the opposite, and higher classes benefit the public investment more than another without paying a balanced cost regarding this benefit. When they get more capabilities for themself, it is to the detriment of poorer people.

    So, which form of democracy is the best form? That a better question at the end.

    • Simeon Milanov

      Aristocracy/Enlgihtened monarchy = stability, hierarchy, long term goals, national unity, pragmatism instead of the never ending plebeian demands for ”justice” and ”equality”, smaller corruption than in democracy. Sadly the masses and their puppet masters will never allow for anyone to strip them out of their sick utopia for equality, redistribution and unaccountability.

    • Cyril.F

      Were not the structure of the real socialism of Staline and the Reich of Hitler? It is the same as a dictature in our current language. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a discrimination of people regarding their affiliation, absolutely not regarding the general will or to maximize the well-being of a Nation.
      And of course, in this system there is no corruption because there is no rules regarding how someone can influence those who hold the power.

    • Hadrien Davidson

      Le niveau de naïveté par ici. Ça fait peur.

  10. Vytautas Vėžys

    Good dictatorship is better than bad democracy…
    P.S. What we call “democracy” is not even close how “democracy” should work…

    • Cyril.F

      What is a “good dictatorship”?

  11. Dutoiu Catalin

    Democracy is never exist, only jungle law, democracy is just in heaven, not on this planet …

  12. Dimitris Orfanoudis

    Democracy has its disavantages however there are other political systems which are worst than the democratic system

  13. catherine benning

    Is democracy the best form of government?

    carried out, Direct Democracy, Swiss Style, is the only true Democracy. The rest are mainly fixed, one way or another.

    In the Western world only Direct Democracy is the solution to voting reality. And that is the best form of government there is.

  14. Stefania Portici

    si, la democrazia è la miglior forma di governo . La diversità dei partiti politici fanno la democrazia ( no al partito unico, si ai partiti ). la militanza nella politica è da preferire all’attivismo ( militanti politici si, attivisti no e si….no ) Yes, democracy is the best form of government. The diversity of political parties makes democracy (not the single party, the party itself). Militancy in politics is preferable to activism (political militants are, activists no and yes …. no)

  15. Simeon Milanov

    Unfortunately not. Democratic politicians tend to be shortsighted (4 years mandate) and since the state is PUBLIC property and they cant really benefit from it in a legit way, they like to take bribes, steal and so on. For example in the ancient regime (absolute monarchy), the ruler views the state as his private property and as we know people care more about their private property than public one (and they want to leave their children a better legacy). Also, decision taking in democracies during crisis is slow and ineffective. And the elected officials are almost always ideologically biased instead of pragmatic. Let us not forget also, that most people don’t have the time, education, willingness and skills to participate in the democratic process, which in turn leads to the widespread phenomena of low voting turnout, as well as manipulations, lies, populism (which is not exclusively reserved to far-right or far-left, but also to center-right and center-left politicians). As a matter of fact, if we examine modern and early modern history, we will see that democratic states are in almost constant chaos – protests, weak governments due to lack of parliamentary majority, foreign power influence (because democratic politicians like taking bribes as I said, and every strong secret service can finance a new party in a neighboring state for example) and so on. Democratic politicians DO NOT THINK OF THE FUTURE, instead they focus on what happens NOW and what would get them ELECTED. Because of this they also tend to spend public money without restraint, only to satisfy the electorate. Debts? Why not, it doesn’t matter our children will pay them, what interests them is sthat with spending they will satisfy the mob and get elected. National security? Bah, they don’t care about that, unless it doesn’t help them grow their prerogatives and powers to control every aspect of citizens lives. On the other hand, if we take my example with the absolute king. Well he will not take debts without control, because HIS OWN son will have to pay them. If he has a brain between his ears, he will not succumb to the ever increasing demands of the majority of people and instead focus on what realistically should be done. And because of this, he will not raise taxes as democratic politicians like to do, because rulers want long term benefits for their families, instead of short term. The problem with this form of government is that (be it absolute monarchs, dictators, strong presidents in presidential republics) if a weak heir comes to rule the country, things go bad, whereas in democracies you can at least on paper change the government. Still, if I have to rate modern liberal democracy from 1 to 10 (10 being super and 1 very bad/terrible) I would rate it 3/10.

    • Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

      The same can be said about a dictatorship.there are plenty of historical examples about that see Franco regime in spain and the ” April’s junta ” in Greece in booth cases the government tried to win the public with various ” benefits ” for their supporters and both totally failed in real crisis ( exp.Cyprus 1974).. Any form of government needs a minimum of public support to function properly,so if they aren’t capable enough or the public is submitted to opposition propaganda they going to do the same thing regardless if they are elected or not
      So the real issue is are we really responsible enough? Democratic system need the maximum of responsibility from the voters to be successful
      But at least if the voters are mistaken they can always try something different. .

    • Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

      Ps .a king won’t spent to much because he owns the country. ……… You probably have no idea how much the Greek tax payers payed for Sophia marriage with Juan Carlos ( the now king of Spain) …
      Something close to 7% of the total national GDP of Greece that wear. .just think about it a country with dirt roads and tin houses in the capital city. With a ravaged country side from war with out running water or electricity( we are talking about the 60s!!) pays some billions so their little princess can have a ” fairy tale. ” marriage. ..

  16. Simeon Milanov

    Consider this. The most influential states in geopolitics and international relations are not democratic Germany or democratic France, but USA, Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and so on. The U.S. is a strong presidential republic, Russia is an authoritarian presidential republic, China is a single-party state, Iran is an authoritarian country with theocratic elements, Turkey is a dictatorship (and in the near future possibly a sultanate), Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. Virtually none of the states that shape the destiny of the world is a liberal democracy of European type. Lets be frank, nobody in Africa or the Middle East gives a dime about what Germany says, but when the USA, Russia or Saudi Arabia say something, they listen and examine it carefully.

    • José Bessa da Silva

      You are welcome to become one of those. Just don’t count me in. I quite apreciate my “liberal democracy” to the point of not caring if any african country listens to my capital or not (some of them actually do)…

    • Simeon Milanov

      I am sure you do. Nowadays most people prefer to listen to their emotions rather than rational and cold blooded calculations. But democracy always ends in one way. Huge welfare state, terrible debt crisis, migrant invasions and the subsequent chaos, skyrocketing crime rates, deconstruction of society, ethnic and confessional violence, mass unemployment and so on. And the worst part is that the child-minded masses, spoiled with democracy and welfare, don’t realize what happened, so they want more and more of the same poison.

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Rational and cold blooded thinking brought us a 600 year long empire under an absolute monarchy followed by a corporativist civil dictatorship. What had it brought to your country? So, rather than “cold blooded calculation” being the reason to such achievements one has to wonder that other variables may play much more important roles. You got the dictatorship as I did but no empire to suit it. Said that, my debt was made rescuing banks thanks to the useless ECB and European Union and we have no migrant invasion. My country is the 3rd most peaceful nation on earth, our unemployment is the result of “cold blooded calculation” behind the filthy undemocraticb “federalized europe” project, etc. So again, if you want to subject yourself to a dictatorship like a third worlder be my guest. Then do not feel humiliated when the UN asks my country to send electoral teams to scrutiny your election as we do in Angola, Mozambique, etc.

    • Cyril.F

      “The U.S. is a strong presidential republic”. Not at all. It is one of the most balanced republic in the world regarding its structure between the president and the congress.
      If you want a strong presidential republic, the french one is very strong.

      Regarding the geopolitics, what make a country really powerful are its resources (petrol, gas, minerals, fertile soil) and its industry (strong manufacture including military) to make them useful.

  17. Jude De Froissard

    If the people are prepared and educated for it…..yes. But in order to have real democracy. …you have to respect as the main ingredient.

  18. Enric Mestres Girbal

    No, unless the people in power were honest, inteligent and sensible to the people’s needs. At the moment, democracy is the lair of corruption.

  19. EU Reform- Proactive

    The so called democratic…. “Elections can be swayed by money and lobbying, institutions can be captured by elites, …………………….” yes it is, great that this flows from the pen of the DE= EU organ.

    Is that a realization & admittance that there are inherent EU democratic deficits translating into economical costs for many of its citizens? Is reaching for an elusive EU unitary political sky- aiming regardless to become bigger, less democratic- better?

    EU supranational, subsidiary, neoliberal + + + “democracy” has been designed to become an untouchable entrenched concept which disallows itself to be reformed by its voters or the EP.

    Isn’t it high time for the European Council and the Council of the European Union to become more flexible, approachable and install a “Commission of EU reforms”- before the voters eventually “enforce” reforms like Brexit?

    Are JCJ & Co. hardcore & compulsive gamblers- risking all or nothing?

  20. Tiromanzino May

    Is the less bad of all. As imperfect as it is, any other way of government is a white bill for totalitarianism

  21. Hugo Costa Moreira

    Not our democracy I defend a variation semi direct democracy…similar to Switzerland. How it works well I defend this, when a government wants to change the education, health, taxes, wants to make a big investment using public funds the people should be called to pronounce itself in a referendum, and that referendum should make the government respect the people…to make it representative of the people the vote should be mandatory to everyone even if you just want to leave it blank you should go only them we will have a real people’s democracy…that’s my view of the future of democracy.

  22. Luis García

    what are you thinking about? dictadure? now there is not democracy. Not while the economy is the new God goverment the politics and TV´s

  23. Dimitris Kitsanelis

    Democracy is the best form of revolution.

  24. Andrew Potts

    It depends on the environment in the country , plus maybe the culture of the people Democracy is largely a European development and its pretty arrogant to think one size fits all.

  25. Ingemar Grahn

    It’s The best one we havet att The moment

  26. Betty Syrigou

    If we talk about genuine democracy and not a charade , by all means yes. It’ s not always perfect but it’s the best we can have

  27. ironworker

    No, the “liberal democracy” is far away from from the best form of government. I suggest the movie “The Circle” to have little understanding of what the so called “direct democracy” (why not the “direct justice”?) means.

  28. Enchev

    Dear Madams & Sirs,
    Dear Friends,
    My name is Enchev, Iliya / Bulgarian

    Now’s day the entire World is focusing on our Social very right and strong activity.
    All progressive associations and communities around the World is doing great promises and hops for real Democratic changes, not only in small parts of this Earth but in all of this World.
    Peoples and all Human Beings in this World, waiting for Real Democratic changes.
    As well known, Totalitarian regimes was the Country’s Capitalism, which by Mr. Gorbachev (what’s called PERESTROIKA), has being changed to Private Capitalism.
    Now, this World living on to Private Capitalism, were the Social structure of every Countries still forgotten and neglected by the Medieval laws and CONSTITUTIONS.
    All Human being now living grouped and intentionally polarized on the tree separate, PRIVAT struggling-streams, I call them ‘Currents’;
    1. Private, Ideologically CLOSED-PARTIES, struggling Current, (were all Party’s members choosing their ideological orientation by their selves, that’s means Privately, like a amateur’s their Hobby)
    2. The second is Religious struggling-Currents, (were all prayers choosing their God’s orientation by their selves, that’s means also privately)
    3. And the third is Ethnical groups struggling Current, which is most disgracing one, where most even of the 21 Century Human Beings, still not accepting, but still struggling & confronting each other’s, on the base of their origins, RASSIALLY.

    All of these tree GROUPED struggles, Private Currents, it’s very well controlled by the Private Business & Banking sectors, pushing it to kept us confronted and group-polarized each other’s, which cause the major struggles, wars and poverties on this Earth, calling this “democracy”.

    Not a real DEMOCRACY IN THIS WORLD, nowhere!

    Yes BORN at the RIGHT TIME, because it’s the time for changes of the Social struggling grouped structure of this Earth, as well as to changing Human Beings life, to the REAL DEMOCRACY.
    This RIGHT TIME IS NOW, ours TIME TO BUILD the PEACE & Freedom!

    What is the real requirement for building the real Democratic Society?
    What is the real requirement for building the real PEACE ON THIS EARTH?
    What is the real requirement for building the real FREEDOM?
    There are a lot of requirements but tree is THE MOST IMPORTANT & major requirements, I call SOCIAL PERESTROJKA.!
    1. The CONSTITUTIONAL EQUAL RIGHTS assigned TO THE LABOR FORCES,( As a Main “motors” of every Economy), Not only to be able to CREATE and makes the Profits, but also to have the equal Rights for proportionally sharing and allocating its Profits.
    With Regrets that now’s days, in 21st Century, not one Country nor Companies has made a Constitution’s law, which assigning such rights equality & Opportunities to the labor forces.
    The 98% of the labor force had makes the profits, but only 2% have exclusivity rights for sharing and allocating this Profits. Is this a democracy?
    2. The Presumptions of INNOCENTS.
    This means that its need the Constitutional Country’s Jurisdiction rights to all honesty and innocents Peoples, not to be compulsed for legitimating their innocence & honesty by papers, treated “equally” with criminals.
    POLITICAL-IDEOLOGIS struggling grouped SECTORS,
    RELIGIOUS struggling grouped SECTORS and,
    ETHNICS struggling grouped SECTORS, MUST BE NO MORE involved NOT ANY MORE, on to the Country’s Professional-affairs.
    What’s this means?
    This means that from the beginning of this Century, we 21 CENTURY Human-beings understood that to BUILD a PEACE, FREEDOM & real DEMOCRACY, we MUST ACCEPT EACH OTHERS by STOPPING POLARIZED way of life.
    (Ideologically, Religiously, and most ashamed, Ethnic-racially).
    We understood that the time is to START CHOOSING OUR DEMOCRATIC Government’s LEADERS on the BASE OF THE INDIVIDUAL Person’s TALENTS, BETWEEN US.

    Let’s STOPS, no any more majorized Groups-struggling elections, CHOOSING leaders between not talented and without Loyalty peoples, some time with immunity shielded criminal inclinations.
    This means that constitutionally, we must ban the touches of these tree Private populy-polarizing Grouped sector; (Political-Ideology, Religious, and Ethnics), to not be touches any more on to the Countries PROFESSIONAL Social Affairs, but not to ban their organizations.
    Let’s them continuing struggling privately on the back-yards of the Country side only, practicing even organized by their old activities, but not more openly for making struggles by polarizing us.

    FOR SAVING our FUTURE, we must accept THESE TREE our differences!
    Because not every one understand this needs, we must SUPPLEMENT NEW CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS!
    Let’s start the PROFESSIONALISM IN OUR SOCIAL LIFE & Relations.

    Me and ALL BULGARIANS AS WELL AS I do believe, All Earth POPULATION, WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT, on real Democratic changing this World as well as the Future’s Earth’s life & Life of our followings new young generation, only by the ways of weakening-Up OUR politically, religiously & ethnically grouped private ENTUSIASM , SHOWING THE WAYS OF PROFESIONAL SOCIAL Relations, BY ACCEPTANCE!
    We strongly believe that we can do this SOCIAL PERESTROIKA NOW!
    * It’s the truth that, no one POLITICALY CLOZED CURENTS, has officially NO written evidence, of acceptance the others IDEOLOGIES, fact which makes us to be polarized and to struggle all the times for nothing.


    WEE NEED start choosing our leaders by NEW Mandarinat ELECTION system, testing all Governmental position for post-loyalty of the every assigned person.

    * WE NEED constitutionally bans of all trades with country’s laws, allowing only Wealthy criminals for escaping from justice, paying for their crimes, bur not for no-wealthy crimes.
    The fact which keeps crimes between us, as well as fact which makes us to be socially, & class-separated.

    * WE NEED TO START RELIGIOUS “Perestroika”, by supplementing on to the all luminous Holly books like (Bible, Koran, Jewish-Talmud & Buddhists Holly books et cet.), most desired this days role, ACCEPTANCE of the others religious. Acceptance of the Gods but with different name (God, Christos, Allah, Jehovah, Buddhists as the same.)
    It’s the truth that no one RELIGIOUSE struggling groups has officially assigned written evidence of acceptance the others religious.
    The fact, which makes us to be polarized and to struggling all the times under ONE GOD, for nothing.
    If we, Human beings need to be surviving and to kept the PEACE IN THIS WORLD, the Religious PERESTROIKA should be started by radical supplementation on to their Holly books, like a Bible, Koran, Jewish-Tora, as well Buddhism, by adding ACCEPTANCE OF ALL DIFFERENT RELIGIOUSE.
    To be saved the Peace on the Earth;
    We, Human beings, need to change fundamentally our social lives by new constitutions based on to the laws of “Tolerant-Acceptance”, strictly banning touches of these tree private ”hobbies- currents” to the professionals Government and States affairs.
    Detailed plan for this coming changes are made by Bulgarian-Japanese movement “Tolerant-Acceptance”
    With Warm Regards,

  29. Maia Alexandrova

    Democracy is the best idea, but in order to work, it must be executed cleverly and responsibly. This is why we see varying degrees of democracy around the world. I would say Switzerland has the best execution of the democratic idea so far. Some countries are only democratic in words, but not in practice. How much democracy there is in a country depends on how much a government allows people to take part in the process of making policies and laws. A well executed democracy is the best form of government.

  30. catherine benning

    Is democracy the best form of government?

    The one true Democracy is the Direct Democracy, Swiss style. And this is the best.

  31. Matthias Schmitt

    democracy is no form of government. it says only where the power comes from you wanted to say republic…..

    • Ginster Plantagenet

      Matej Zaggy Zagorc democratic of course, regard the rights of weaker, regard equality and independence of justice and media, free speech – what else….

  32. Vladislav Kiuldjiiski

    No it is the worst because 51% of the people control 49 if you are part of the 49 you are not free the best form of government is constitutional republic in which your human rights cannot be taken away if you are part of the 49 Hitler was elected democratically you know. At the moment those that control the money rule because they can hire PRs and media and lie to the people

    • Любомир Иванчев

      Still better to be divided 51% to 49% than having any form of dictatorship where 5-10% of the people control all the rest.

    • Uli Czeranka

      and how is a constitutional republic not a democracy?

    • Vladislav Kiuldjiiski

      Uli Czeranka it is not example 51% are workers and want socialism and they elect someone like Stalin the rest of 49 % of the people (business owners or artists) will get robbed of their freedom or killed Same with Hitler and the Jews. in a constitutional republic their rights would be protected by the constitution and no leader can take that away

    • Miguel Hilário

      Hitler did not win an election. He played political games.

    • Stefania Portici

      la Repubblica costituzionale ce l’abbiamo ma è esautorata , sospesa dal sistema che ci impedisce di applicarla. Noi la vogliamo applicare nuovamente . Questo chiediamo

  33. Faddi Zsolt

    The currently ruling form of government is not democracy. It’s dictatorship of capital maximalizing capitalists. In real democracy every decision is made by demos, not some corrupted leaders who force the puppet master’s will on the people at any costs.

  34. John Amyas Dixon

    Any other form of government only comes into being by force or by democratic consent. The answer to the question is contained in that observation.

  35. Stefano Rossi

    democracy is an idea, it is not a form of government. Constitutional representative democracy is a form of state, and I think is the best we have. Forms of government are like presidential republic, parliamentary republic, etc.

    • Antoine Che

      “Representative” and “Democracy” are opposite concept but the propaganda of our masters have created a Newspeak version of Democracy that is no longer “Vote your laws” but “Choose your master among the ones that our medias promote”.

    • Stefano Rossi

      democracy have never been “vote your laws” in modern democracies. Greek democracy was “vote your laws”, but ii was based on slavery, so actually just the master voted their laws. Now, I truly think that the so called “direct democracy” is the opposite of democracy, which should be the place of political debate and sinthesys, not the place of the binary YES/NO impositions of majority on minority

  36. Bódis Kata

    It’s still the best we’ve ever had, but we should restrict lobbyists more. They have way too much influence and that weakens democracy.

    • Rémi Martin

      “we should restrict lobbyists more”, should, we have to restrict them and rewrite our constitutions!

  37. Michaella Brown

    The whole idea of a democracy is arbitrary. E.g the ‘Leave’ campaign was based on lies, so that makes the whole process of voting undemocratic. The Conservatives bought themselves back into power and got into bed with a party with deeply undemocratic policies, and if you google ‘Conservatives least popular policies in the last 2 years’, you’ll see that almost everything you see represents some startling examples of a completely broken democracy. I think a democracy would work better with a different party in power. ‘Conservatives’ and ‘Democracy’ don’t belong in the same sentence, particularly in recent years. (This is aside from the shocking media bias and so many other factors). Indeed, the UK is currently NOT living in a democracy.

    • Ivan Burrows

      And the remoaners told the truth about the EU army and the United states of Europe ???! lol We are leaving the pointless EU, get over it.

    • Wendy Harris

      Michaella Brown. The fact that you can say Leave told a pack of lies and that I can say Remain told a pack of lies (yet neither of us have been arrested as political dissidents) is evidence of a democracy, however flawed.
      We disagree with each other because we are free to do so. Under a Marxist regime we would have no such freedom.
      I am not a Conservative but I detest the idea of Marxism. There is no centre party in Britain and this is where the problem lies.

    • Rémi Martin

      And after? We’ll try the same thing?

  38. Rock The Revolutionary

    Tyranny occurs when absolute power is granted to a ruler. In a tyrannical government, the ruler becomes corrupt and uses his power to further his own interests instead of working for the common good.

    The rule of law is the principle that no one is exempt from the law, even those who are in a position of power. The rule of law can serve as a safeguard against tyranny, because just laws ensure that rulers do not become corrupt. Aristotle

  39. Rock The Revolutionary

    “The pursuit of tyranny is to bankrupt its citizens, in order to use their money for the regime’s guards, and to occupy its citizens so that they will not be a threat to its existence. This is achieved by the imposition of high taxes, the absorption of citizen property, and the construction of major projects that exhaust the state’s finances”… Aristotle (Politics)?
    ….The conspiracy of the “idiots” its about time that finished for good.
    Pericles, as a “chief designer” of Democracy, will take the place he deserves in world history and the famous “dogs” of democracy will be lost in oblivion.

    The system can not defeat the people in a direct conflict with them. The system is imposed only when the people are ignorant and trapped. Only when the people do not know what to do and what to ask for. If the people know what they want, they have the power to take it. The people are the Force and the expressing power is Democracy.

    https://youtu.be/xMuUEd6w54E who runs the eu ???

  40. Esther Huhn

    It’s just a system, and it will never be better than the people that serve it. Like any system, it requires preparation, thought, regular inspection and maintenance, and should never be used for a purpose it wasn’t intended for. If we were as careful with our democracies as we are with our cars and our computers, all would be well.

  41. Antoine Che

    “Representative Democracy” and “Democracy” are two opposite concepts but the propaganda of our masters have created a Newspeak version of Democracy that is no longer “the citizen votes the laws” but “the elector chooses a master among the ones that our medias promote”.

  42. George Ferentinos

    Yes! But the quality of democrasy depends on the citizens!!the more the citizens are sosietycentrists the better democrasy, the more indivitualcentrists the lower quality!

    • Rémi Martin

      Freedom of medias could be a good begining!

  43. Shirley Oliveira

    I can sense something very wrong with this question! If not Democracy What do you suggest? Being ruled by one person elected by a bunch of burocrats of Brussels? You wish!!

  44. Craig Willy

    From the execution of Socrates to the 19th Century, most people (thinking and not) thought democracy a bad form of government. Enlightenment thinkers, including most of the American and French revolutionaries, often did not speak of democracy, but of a republic of civic participation under law as their ideal. Tocqueville explains well the downside of excessive egalitarianism and individualism, the downward cultural and intellectual slide. In my opinion, there should be more emphasis in our states on law, the common good, and the recognition of inequality. There is a case for participation by *all* in the polity – everyone has a stake and a everyone has at least some wisdom – but virtue and wisdom are hardly equally distributed among the citizenry. In a liberal democracy, are taught to talk about their (God-given? Arbitrary?) “rights,” but their is much less much less emphasis, let alone righteous talk, concerning their *duties* to the society which sustains those rights.

    • Bogdan Batrin

      Tocqueville highlights the downsides particularly hinting towards the dangers of adopting the American model “as is” in Europe. But overall he was a great supporter of the model and highlighted the benefits it brings throughout his books.

      Furthermore while he laments the lack of intellectual greatness (actually not intellectual greatness but it’s emphasis on money making professions rather than for its own sake) he does laud the universality of some basic knowledge and agency (unlike in Europe) which the equality between citizens brought. Furthermore, it was this agency that allowed the US state to have much more control and knowledge over the lives of citizens (as they knew that in the end they could take control back).

    • George Dimopoulos

      Παιζεται, εγω προσωπικα νομιζω η τυραννια λεει

    • Eleni Panagakou

      Περιμένω πότε θα μεταφράσει κάποιος το σχόλιο του Γιώργου και θα το πάρει σοβαρά

    • Constantinos Orphanos

      θα πω κατι αρκετα controversial, αλλα θεωρω πως το debating Europe ειναι ξεκαθαρα ανωτερο του Independent πια

  45. Enric Mestres Girbal

    Probably in the past but now democracy is synonym of political corruption and cobered dictatorship by the capitalism.

  46. Dimitris Orfanoudis

    Democracy is a bad political system said (Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill,) but there other political systems which are worst.. Democracy eventhought with its desavantages still remains the best political system

  47. Andrew Potts

    Of Course not in a Greater Europe there has to be an elite who really know what is best for the little people. No more decisions about what you want the Greater Europe will tell you. We will have our army and you will all kneel to Emperor Junker father, leader, teacher.

    • Dee O'brien

      It certainly seems to be going that way,we can’t even be trusted to vote right in Ireland…silly little people

  48. Hr Tom Mosen

    there are no democracy..its a truism, just look at what happens in spain – just ask yourself when was the last time you had a vote in ANY question of matter, in your state or country? – when did they ask you, if it was ok to go to war? – when did they ask you if it was ok for you to take from the poor and give to the rich? …when did they actually let you vote on anything, other then the next dictator – remember that many EC countries didnt even have a public hearing, or a referendum or a chance to vote on the issue, weather or not to join the EC…
    ..and is the EC in anyway democratic? – when was the last time the EC actually asked their citizens what they wanted?..insted of just listning to a very small segment of very very rich people.

    • Rémi Martin

      Constitutions need to be rewrited by peoples, not by elected persons!

  49. Bruno Casqueira

    Democracy is truly a bad system. Even in the most advanced countries it easily tends to “tyranny of majority”. There is a better system not tried yet: individual freedom., where the rule is pure ethics, and by ethics I mean not doing onto others what you wouldn’t like to be done to you. Based on this criteria not even Western Europe looks good anymore.

    • Marcelo Augusto Pires

      You mean anarchism? Is it better than democracy? If not democracy, what? Theocracy? Technocracy? Dictatorship? I know democracy is not perfect, but it is the best we have so far.

    • Bruno Casqueira

      Marcelo Augusto Pires calling democracy ‘not perfect’ implies that it can be improved. I disagree. The System called Democracy has reached its maximum, and will decline because there’s nothing to improve on it. You look at Western Europe and you can conclude very easily that the system is going down because the extremists/ racists already found out the way to turn around Democracy and create dictatorships without displacing the word ‘democracy’. Tyranny of majority, in other words.

    • Rémi Martin

      It’s something who doesn’t exist today, as soon as the medias aren’t free, the elections are too oriented! Constitutions need to be rewrited by peoples, not by elected persons!

  50. Nuno Ricardo Almeida Cova

    Democracy is the system of the elites, it’s a covered dictatorship basically, you just get to vote. The problem is that all the vote options are BAD and they all do the same things, basically, steal the people and make everything easier for the big companies. There is no social justice, no equality, no equity, you are not rewarded for being smarter or work harder than others, you are reward by how well you get along with those who own the power. Democracy is dead and it’s mandatory to create a new way of organizing the society, so that the wealth can be distributed according to your efforts, according to your hard work, and not just by having friends in high places or exploiting the flaws in the system, or creating flaws in the system for those who already exploit it, can exploit it even more and get richer than they are, not by their hard work or effort, but just for having friends in high places and exploiting the system/other people.

    • Rémi Martin

      It’s something who doesn’t exist today, as soon as the medias aren’t free, the elections are too oriented! Constitutions need to be rewrited by peoples, not by elected persons!

    • Rémi Martin

      Is the independant movement for or against EU? And who’s financing it?

    • Can Ivan

      europa no es democracia,independencia de españa y si pudiera ser,salir de la eu,i catalunya se financia con su pueblo,europa is not democracy

  51. Chris Pavlides

    The Athenian prototype aims optimum for all. Today we experience the theft of citizens for the benefit of some. There is plenty of space for improvement.

    • Rémi Martin

      The worst, you’re maybe speaking too fast; it’s something who doesn’t exist today, as soon as the medias aren’t free, the elections are too oriented!

  52. Artur Pereira

    Democracies are not equal.I don’t like mine (the Portuguese one). I do like U.K. democracy,German democracy.Suiss democracy…In Portugal political parties have all the power,too much power.

    • Rémi Martin

      It’s the same everywhere, perhaps not in Switzerland! Political parties aren’t maybe a bad thing, but, BUT it would have another way if they didn’t propose and vote the laws! You could have a assembly of persons from the peoples who debate for a law and propose it, the elected could just vote for or against, it would be a good begining! But for that, the people have to rewrite the constitution to serve the people!

  53. Galina Dimitrova Valcheva

    I would ask a different question. Is there a country which actually uses democracy in its original form, not the new modern democracy which has double standards.

  54. Alex Tselentis

    “Democracy” is a term, a word .. In theory “democracy” is a beautiful thing and the same eerywhere, but sucha word is controlled by PEOPLE .. People who sadly get power hungry and corrupted, corrupt leader vary from place to place, its about having criminals in charge of the word “democracy” thats the problem, to many crooks running countries, not “democracy”

  55. Rémi Martin

    It’s something who doesn’t exist today, as soon as the medias aren’t free, the elections are too oriented!

  56. Dionysis Kontarinis

    If you want to answer this question, you must pause and think what “democracy” truly means. The word is so misused that it’s not easy at all… Then, you have to think what “best” really means. Again, not easy… The important question is another one: “would you prefer living your life as a citizen of a democratic state, or would you choose some other option instead”?

    • Federico Rossi

      What you purpose to solve the problem?

  57. Andrew Potts

    I think it might have been Shaw who said “democracy is a system where the people get the government they deserve” vote carefully for people with integrity.

  58. Nuno Ricardo Almeida Cova

    Democracy is the social system where big companies pay for the politicals’ campain, then those politicians get elected and they have to repay the favour by approving laws that in someway increase the profits that those companies get, this is a snowball, but one day it will blow up, because rich people won’t have poor people so steal from. They increase our working load, increase our taxes, make it dificult and expensive to study, so that people stay dumb and stupid so that they don’t find a way to break the system they’ve settled, it’s a wall oiled machine and there’s is nothing that can face this powerfull worldwide, inrichement system of the elites.

    • Federico Rossi

      Please illustrate to me the alternatives…

    • Nuno Ricardo Almeida Cova

      There are many but it’s pointless to talk about them. We are doomed to this so beloved “democracy” and that won’t change in the next 500 years.

    • Nuno Ricardo Almeida Cova

      It’s human evolution, we’ve had kings, empires, tribes, councils, dictators and at the moment we’re stuck with this awsome democracy. Rich people will continue to get richer, with zero concerns about por planet, our planet will teach us a lesson and we’ll be slowly wiped from the face of the earth, then anarchy will settle, mass destruction, and finally a new World order will rise, with a whole diferent conception of how mankind should organize and co-habitate in harmony with planet earth.

  59. Nuno Dias

    I miss war and genocide in Europe. Democracy is rubbish, blessed be death.

  60. Federico Rossi

    “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time…”

    • Christos Bossinakis

      Yes, but direct democracy is a system that can be allied only in small communities. Like ancient Athens.

  61. Christos Bossinakis

    It is said that people have the democracy they deserve. This is why educational systems tend to collapse, and there is no source of food for the brain in our society. Elites want us ignorant and without consciousness.

  62. Emanuel Denis

    Democracy is a good looking apple, with some worms inside: corruption , exchange of favors and other issues . The word democracy means that the future of a country is decided by its citizens , all of them , rich and poor . Apparently now days rich people , friends of important persons seem to have that extra propulsion to go further easier . Normal people seems to be chained by laws made by rich for helping other rich to get more and more . This will change only if the right persons sit on that chairs (parliament) , and to have the right politicians we should be more informed , have an opened mind and vote well. Many political groups now days obtain votes trading on fear , hungry , racism and desperation , they are being elected democratically…

    • Rui Barbosa

      So the problem of democracy is not corruption or what you said. It’s an informed and educated population.

  63. John Harrison

    Polity is the best form of government. Democracy is one of the worst for an uneducated populous is easily mislead by demagogues and tyrants. Educate the people, not just in matters of academia but also in virtue and we’ll have a good time.

  64. Anisia Popescu

    If democracy is mistakenly reduced to referenda on whatever issue decided by 51% majorities, than it bears the risk of becoming just as arbitrary and exposed to slide slips as other forms of government . Democracy should not become the dictatorship of the simple majority…

  65. Franck Legon

    How could we know ? Except Swiss and Iceland citizens, none of us ever lived in a democracy or kind of.

  66. Dee O'brien

    “Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.” – James connoly
    You can see this in the EU today,they act like farmers and treat the people like livestock

  67. Alves Henriques

    National-Socialism is the best form of govermant. the eternal struggle: international-socialism VS Nacional-Socialism.

  68. Alves Henriques

    the president of north korea is elected the same way like the president of EU. in europe people canot vote in to elect the president of EU “because the fear of populists”. thats why EU dictature dont like “democracy”, but sells “democracy” to others tipic hipocrital EU.

  69. Marco Bianchi

    In order to have a real democracy (A liberal-democracy) you need to have a democratic culture diffuse in all the society. If the latter is lacking, democracy will simply give popular legitimacy to extremist parties.
    Recent events just proved this.

    • Ivan Burrows

      So you prefer rule by the minority ?

    • Vytautas Vėžys

      You should open history book and look up what “Real democracy” is…

    • Marco Bianchi

      Ivan: I’m just saying that democracy is not for everybody. I mean, real democracy! Cause the “democracies” created through its exportation were never close to what is a real democracy, even if this has never been reported by any MSM.
      Democracy is unable to protect itself. You need people who will never vote for extremist parties. If you have a country in which the majority support an extremists party, there is no point in giving them democracy. Don’t forget that Hitler became Chancellor after winning the elections!
      Democracy is not a guarantee of righteousness.
      And if this is the case, I will away go for the lesser evil!

    • Marco Bianchi

      Vytautas: I just have a degree in history and one in political science… I think I know quite well what is a “real democracy” (i.e. a liberal democracy which is not simply the right to vote but is something much more complex, which is something the 99% of the people doesn’t know and doesn’t understand!)

    • Todor Borissov

      Indeed. Culture, upbringing and society moral are the key elements. There should be a dedicated politics on education the society in those values.

    • Wendy Harris

      We have one, his name is George Soros.

  70. Oli Lau

    if democracy is the right of the mob to rule the life of the minorities, no, it isn’t. What is really the best form of government is the one that has to obey to a strict set of rules designed to protect the right and the freedom of the individuals. Democracy should be secondary compared to that.

    On that matter the EU isn’t particularly good. it used to be, there were remarkable achievements (end of the borders, etc.) but nowadays it tends to define silly things as the flush on lavatories.

  71. Craig Willy

    Pure democracy is not good as a concept and does not exist anywhere in practice. In practice, oligarchic, political, media, and judicial elites always distort the democratic process. Insofar as these elites are enlightened and enforce an enlightened Law, this is a good thing. A people should be governed by law rather than passing whims. The trouble with today’s elites is that they often invalidate majority-preferences as “illiberal,” while at the same time demonizing their enemies as “undemocratic”! Many of our current policies – loss of national identity, disempowering of the nation-state – are actually destroying the necessary conditions for civic self-government, such as civic solidarity and political responsibility.

  72. Vytautas Vėžys

    “The best argument against is five-minute conversation with average voter”
    – Winston Churchill

    • Wendy Harris

      This has gone badly wrong lately. They are not accepting the will of the majority.

    • Jerzy Zajączkowski

      Wendy Harris In order for the election to be considered democratic, the voting cards need to be modified in such a way that, in addition to voting for YES, it should be possible, alternatively, to vote for NO. Imagine that the candidate who got 1000 votes YES, but in the same time he has 10000 votes NO. People do not understand it, but they know that something is going wrong.

  73. Mihail Tanasescu


  74. Artur Pereira

    It depends on the kind of democracy.Switzerland has a good one.The Portuguese one it’s not good enough.

  75. Acsai György

    Proponents of democracy are for it as long as things their way. In other cases? The masses are stupid, They should be guided by the enlightened ones.

  76. Hitaj Iliev Nikola Sabina


  77. José Bessa da Silva

    This page does propagand pro-EU Army and propaganda anti-democracy. At a boy!
    The EU showing it’s true colours.

    • Tchoum Xav

      Debating Europe has no link whatsoever with the EU

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Tchoum Xav , not at all. It just does propaganda in it’s name!

    • Gajdos György

      The constituting countries of the EU just agreed two days ago to have a common army /defence policy. The EU is the countries that make it up.

    • José Bessa da Silva

      The EU is built on the back of it’s cirizens without being put to vote and my country did not agree to any army.

  78. Ivan Burrows

    So anything that tells the ‘truth’ about EU democracy & who actually owns it is deleted ? Just be sure you are on the right side of history when the truth comes out.

  79. Nick Komselis

    Listen guys, you are all stupid. Let’s say we have two wolves and one sheep who will democratically vote what to eat. Imagine now that the sheep is you idiots. The wolves are the European Bureaucrats and the numerous pensioners Europe is giving up YOUR taxpaying money. As a result of this, you have no chance to get a decent job in Europe, create a family, have kids and reproduce. You idiots are going to extinct. Why? Because you believe in democracy.

    • Nuno Dias

      Sorry for that, when you where a boy, I’m sure those men didn’t mean wrong… sorry… two bad wolves…

    • Nick Komselis

      When they voted for politicians who overtaxed the younger generations in order to give them their fat taxes didn’t mean wrong either. But still we are suffering the consequences. I mean they didn’t care who is going to pay for their pensions. Perhaps they thought money grow on trees…

  80. Pan Sol

    Democracy? no no, we must go back to kingdoms and emperors, or even better to Inquisition in midle ages

    • Alan Healy

      No ! A mixed Constitution . God Save The Queen !

  81. Peré Kox

    It’s a crappy one, but al the others we tried are worse. And the least worse kind of democratic goverment is the representative democratic constitutional parliamentary one, kept in check by the rule of law and a separation of powers. Which is the most commen one in Europe and also practiced by the EU where it has competency. Direct democracy as in referendums is juist mob rule. And should’t be the basis for a country even if a few country’s are able to make it work.

  82. Cristina Stefanescu

    Any form of governance is good when it is used the abuse of power.I can say the same thing for corruption and human rights invasion.

  83. Alexander Caislean Beag

    If it were real we could debate of it. Ask to Switzerland. They are voting every 3 months I think, and they are very efficient country.

    The question, in European Union, is why Juncker is President if nobody has voted him? Is this democracy?

    • Mi Gu

      So, Juncker is president of the European Union? Lol…

  84. Kokonas George

    The thing is that nowhere is applied ….so your question should be instead how we get out of Tyranny !!!

  85. Zap Van Der Berg

    Depends which country, in europe parliamentary monarchy is best, failing that democracy, but for example china has done great with communist system, but its a very diferent culture and problems, so it really depends… In europe i really see central planning by the EU commision in certain areas (infrastructure, military, etc..) while countries maintain their own internal systems in others in coordination with the commisione (economy, police, agriculture, social welfare, culture) as the only viable long term system

  86. Jez Boulton

    Depends what we mean by Democracy. There is nothing democratic about the UKs first past the post system and referendums are a dictatorship of the majority.

  87. Росен Костов

    There is one popular saying: the best form of government is communism, if it worked. :D Sadly, as people are animals, we are inherently selfish and prone to exploits and crime, thus why communism always fails. Because we are human.

    The other popular saying is: democracy is definitely not the best government, but it’s the best we’ve figured out so far…

    • Don McCarron

      No. Churchill, quoting someone else, is reported to have said, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others.”

    • Don McCarron

      And it’s human aspiration that Communism fails to take into account.

  88. Sandrine Carlier

    Interesting question nut why are you asking it? Sincerely I do not think our answers will have any impact.

  89. Ivan Burrows

    Last night the UK Parliament repealed the illegitimate piece of legislation that took us into the EU all those years ago. So yes, democracy is great :)

    • Decebal Mohîrţă

      Timocrație in europa, atat am zis, one party system frumos, tehnocrati, stat federal, ce dracu sa mai vrei

  90. Μάρκος Κουντουρούδας

    Ofcourse it is ! Do you prefer the Chinese Red Oligarchic Junta, that treats their people as Slaves and deprive them from any liberties and rights ? Do you want to turn to Slaves like Chinese people are ? Actually, Democracy must go to higher-another-Level, so the Citizens Real participate in Democracy, due to the Attainments of the High -Tech Revolution.

  91. Dipali K ch

    We cannot say that democracy is the best form. Of government Becozz there is corruption and all and when there is corruption then there is nt any best way…

  92. Prosper

    democracy should the ideal, but unfortunately it’s likely far from being the case because it’s the dictatorship of the minority.

    • Prosper

      Really? how?

  93. Vadim

    The question is to know if democracy implies capitalism or not. In my opinion Democracy could be the best system if we were all well informed and educated. Today’s democracy is kidnapped by money. So we cannot expect solutions to the big threats we are facing from democracy; which is a shame. As some wise man said: we can’t expect solutions to the problems coming from the people that created them (pollution, climate change, basic resources depletion…all are problems of our growth-based economic system powered by today’s democracy)

  94. Liam Storey

    Not according to the fabled ancient Greeks, they despised mob rule and preferred aristocracy. Rule by Platos’ philosopher kings doesn’t sound too bad.

  95. Andrew Potts

    Depends on the indigenous culture, to suggest western democracy fits all societies is probably a bit unrealistic

  96. István Simon

    not 100 %.
    seems democracy failed, because the voters:
    there a huge amount of voters, who do not knows the surrounding world. therefore they can not chosse wise.

    in this point democracy have a built in fail: peoples, who just guessing, have same weight in voting, such as peoples, who try to understand the thingz around us.

    democracy looks like a car driven by a professional driver, and a unconciusnes codriver. and they pulling the steering too left, then too right.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Arnout Posthumus Good morning troll. You do know that comment makes no sense at all don’t you ? lol

    • Arnout Posthumus

      You know that comment makes no sense at all don’t you? Lol.

      As much facts as one will get from a brexiteer. So ill just join in with your own smart arguments!

    • Ivan Burrows

      Arnout Posthumus Nope, you are still not making any sense & talking like a daft lad.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      No one can talk sense to a man that cant read. Not can look up fact from fiction. Waving your flag around yet?

    • Arnout Posthumus

      Ivan Burrows ohno not the insult from the fanatic. Its not like you are so clean on your fake news. Farage will be proud of you once you get your fake money back. Fck he must be laughing applying exactly what hitler wrote in mein kampf.

      How does it feel to be a product of mein kampf? To be the best representation of what he wrote?

  97. Zé Miranda

    It is, but we don’t have democracy, we have oligarchy disguised as democracies. Politicians across the political spectrum are bought to ensure continuity. The police is completely controlled by central government to make sure that they don’t have “bad ideas” on their own like for example investigating the bank accounts of highly suspicious politicians like Donald Tusk.

  98. Bódis Kata

    It seems that democracy for the peoplr and by the people is overrated and the rule by unelected civilians representing private interests is much more “democratic”, after all, they weren’t even elected.

  99. Cãlin Rednic

    A pretty silly question if you don’t mention regarding to whom might be best or worst (people, economy position, strategic military power…). Nevertheless, if applied correctly, it’s the most rightful form of government for the common people and it also gaved best results for their well being.

  100. Arnout Posthumus

    If we take Ivan Burrows as example then we can say that democracy in this time has failed. People think they can have opinions about anything without fact.

    Sadly we have not found a better way but we shall need one in the future. The world cannot thrive on the unknown of the masses.

    This does not mean it cannot be achieved within a democracy. But democracy has to develop.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Hello again troll. You being an EU fanatic it is no surprise you hate both democracy & freedom of speech but your Brussels dictatorship will fall just like Communism and National socialism did before it. We can only hop it does so without the usual death & war that always happen when lunatics with a flag and a plan to unite Europe gain any kind of power.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      Ivan Burrows oh its a dictatorship now wauw. You must be so smart thanks keep on “hoping” while actually do things.

      Lunatic with a flag and has his own flag on his profile under the name United kingdom. His own little unified Europe.

      Thanks for showing us that democracy has to change, so if the EU is a dictatorship then i am glad. Because I rather be run by people with a brain then the likes of you.

      And don’t worry! You are out so Europe wont be united. Did you know we will create out own army now because you left? Good job!

    • Ivan Burrows

      Arnout Posthumus We are not leaving ‘Europe’, we are leaving the pointless EU. The rest of your post was the usual nonsense and was ignored.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      Ivan Burrows why are you even here? If you vote on fake news? You cannot debate if you have no facts.

      Maby if you read it already said that you are in your own little unified europe. But yea reading is hard for the brexit man.

      But here I will change that 1 sentence to the EU. Simply so you can actually read the points properly. Ps I didnt change anything. Because it never said you are out of europe.

  101. Carlos Branco

    to have democracy we need to have freedom. the allies army need to end occupation of our lands, for our people be free again.

  102. Michele Marco Paolella

    I’m starting to think we live in liberal democracy wich aim just to give political rights to the people. We need to start to think that democracy is not oonly political rights, but also freedom to work and to eat and to live and we have the chance with the tecnology level we have right now to reach this goal… We have to stick togheter as EU and work togheter as people.

  103. Alex N Bu

    ok, this q is so stupid that i can”t believe you are asking it !!!

    democracy is not just a #tag. the democratic ideology isn”t reprezented in what is happening today in the world … the majority of countries in the world aren”t run democraticaly !! even the ”democratic” ones aren”t as democratic as they pretend .. that doesn”t mean that democracy isn”t good or shouldn”t be the best way to govern

    the q should be, how can we get more democratic

    you„re q is populist and very stupid … it lacks ideological/moral basis and shouldn”t be asked !!!

    • Nikola Arnaudov

      democracy is just as unachievable as pure communism. Why? Because it fails to take into account stuff like human nature, unequal distribution of information, limited decision making capacity of people

    • Alex N Bu

      ”pure” …. ”unachievable” ??

      democracy is the best form of governening

      it is the best way of existing in a society

      even if it wasn”t #democracy it would have been another political ideology like it to articulate the need of humans to help eachother in a just and fair way

      comunism and democracy aren”t 2 opposite ideologies !!

      democracy is opposed to dictatoriship

      comunism is a form of extreme socialism!!! it can be polical view of a democratic governemnet … to some extent

      nothing is realy ABSOLUTE (thx to Albert Einstein) !!! but the vodka 🤣

  104. Nikola Arnaudov

    nope, either meritocracy, or sophocracy… logic> oh noez, we are giving 300 mln per month to EU, we could give them to NHS…

  105. Stefan Vasilev

    Democracy is in history. Leading societies in Europe and in the world don’t need to be governed, because countries have no more borders, nor people are limited to live at a certain place.
    The future social challenges will be not how to govern the people, but how to keep them around and make them useful to the society.
    After democracy (power of the masses) it comes Power to the Person (Prosopocracy)

  106. Rumy B Milten

    The EU rules Europe. Are any of the EU leaders democratically elected? No! We don’t have a democracy in Europe. It’s Communism and all controlled by the state aka the EU.

    • Anonymous

      dude, I recommend you to read a book from time to time… you need it

    • Anonymous

      I’m reading the Quran …the best book ever. You should try it

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t vote for the european elections then i guess it’s someone else choosing for you… The option is there if you wanna take it thou.

    • Anonymous

      Pedro Castro The people in the EU had the pointless European parliament forced on them to give Brussels a fake legitimacy and after the all time low turn out and rise of Nationalists in the 2014 election they have now stitched it up so only pro EU fanatics can win at the next election. That is not democracy, that is a National socialist style dictatorship.

    • Anonymous

      …..Some common sense at last.

  107. eusebio manuel vestias vestias

    It non citizens had the right to vote what would be the purpose of citizenship? I ask out of curiousiy Personaliy I believe that EU citizens should have and effectively force people to become citizens/acquire permanent right to remain in the event of a leave vote and if resident in the UK for a given number of years I believe EU citizesn should now automatically be granted citizenship since was the expectation they arrived under still I think I´d need to be convicend about the logic of decoupling voting rights from citizenship aItogether

  108. Ritik

    It is the best of government ofcourse

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