In 2013, the Prime Minister of Malta warned that the Mediterranean was becoming ‘a cemetery’. He was speaking shortly after the second Lampedusa shipwreck, in which a migrant vessel capsized and at least 34 people drowned. Several thousand die each year crossing the Mediterranean, with a record 5,000 drowning in 2016 alone. The number of people making the crossing in 2017 has more than halved compared to this time last year, but the death rate has doubled.

Southern European countries often complain that the burden of coping with migration flows from outside the EU (including people risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean by boat) falls disproportionately upon border countries. Malta, for example, has long-argued that the amounts provided by the EU to border countries are simply inadequate given the scale of the challenge.

In 2015, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced proposals for a system of mandatory quotas to distribute some 160’000 refugees throughout the European Union, as well a permanent relocation mechanism for future crises. However, by December 2016 the EU had only met 5% of that target. Are frontline countries being abandoned by the rest of the EU?

In order to take a closer look at the local impact of the refugee crisis, we launched our ‘Cities & Refugees‘ project – aimed at fostering a Europe-wide dialogue between citizens, refugees and asylum seekers, NGOs, politicians, and European leaders. The emphasis will be on connecting local, everyday life at the city level to decisions made in Brussels and national capitals.

The numbers coming to Malta may not seem huge. The UNHCR estimates that around 19,000 people have arrived in Malta by boat from Libya since 2002, and less than 30% of them remained, with the vast majority moving on to other EU countries. That works out as roughly 1,200 per year (and the number has currently dropped to almost nothing as refugee flows have moved to other countries).

Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that Malta is the least-populous country in the EU, so it’s unsurprising 65% of Maltese people surveyed by Eurobarometer consider immigration to be the biggest issue facing Europe today.

Curious to know more about refugees and EU solidarity? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in from Stephen, who thinks Europe should do more to help frontline countries in the refugee crisis.

To get a response to this comment, we spoke to Jean-Pierre Gauci, Director and Founder of the People for Change Foundation, a human rights think-tank in Malta, and a research fellow British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL). He argued that Malta was no longer really on the “frontline” of the crisis, but that it had been in the past (and it had not received the support it needed at the time):

Next up, we had a comment from Alexander from Malta, who supports some kind of EU refugee relocation scheme, but thinks that Malta should be excluded because it is too small. Malta is certainly not the only country arguing it should be exempted from the scheme. But is it an argument that Jean-Pierre Gauci supports?

Are frontline countries in the refugee crisis being abandoned by the rest of Europe? And should smaller countries be excluded from any refugee relocation scheme? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    Let’s say that some European countries doesn’t want to take some of the burdens from the border countries of the union and this unrealistic approach gives audience to the anti EU voices from the entire political spectrum. .they just say ” what we need the union if they can’t solve simple problems or some members are more privileged than others? “

    • Ivan Burrows


      That is what happens when reality meets pro EU dogma.

      The idea of ‘solidarity’ is a myth used to fool people into thinking you are all one people, one nation & with one leader, clearly you are not.

    • Nicolette Ladoulis

      It is also a goal and a reminder. “Remember who you are!”

    • Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

      I’m starting to feel that EU doesn’t have any goal or strategy for the future at all it’s just drifting from one edge to the other…

  2. Ivan Burrows


    No, why should other countries take their financial migrants.

    The European Commissions latest dictate which was rubber-stamped by the European Parliament yesterday will only make the situation in Southern Europe a lot worse & particularly for Italy.

    • Renata Komninos

      There are not their financial migrants the are Europe s

    • Ivan Burrows

      Renata Komninos .

      I think you will find they are ‘your’ financial migrants comrade.

      Good luck :)

    • Stefania Portici

      Ivan a creare tutti questi immigrati è stato il tuo Paese. Non è la prima volta che te lo dico e non capisco perchè continui. Dare la colpa agli altri dei propri errori ci vuole la faccia come il sedere. Gli inglesi sono tutti come te ? Almeno statevene zitti . Ivan to create all these immigrants was your country. It’s not the first time I tell you and I do not understand why it’s going to continue. To blame others for their own mistakes requires a face like a saddle. Is the English all like you? At least she was silent

    • Ivan Burrows

      Stefania Portici .

      You seem very happy to blame anyone else for your problems but yourself, how very EU European of you. It would be nice if you joined the 21st century.

      Most British people are intelligent enough to see the truth for what is is yes, but thanks for the backhanded compliment :)

  3. Federico Nicosia

    it should be a statement not a question. Europe is failing countries on the frontline of the refugee crisis since 2013

    • Ivan Burrows


      If the Southern European Nation’s want to commit cultural suicide why should anyone else join them ?

      The EU is a failed political construct created in & for the 20th century, it has no place in this one.

    • Federico Nicosia

      Well .. then is pointless to be in the EU if is just one country that has to solve EU’s problems. This problem wasn’t created by the southern EU’s country more by the UK, US and France. It should be their problem

    • Ivan Burrows

      Federico Nicosia

      The only thing most Nations want out of the EU is other peoples money, take that away and there is no point in being in the EU.

      You do know that most of the migrants are arriving from Africa & not the middle east don’t you ?, or do you just find it easier to blame someone else for your self inflicted problems ?

  4. Franco Suarez

    James Hayes: Some ignorant sack of human shit like you, whose English is his first and only language, but cannot even write it properly is the reason people cannot understand that “REFUGEE” is an immigrant status legally granted by governments. Unlike your ancestors, who illegally went to AmeriKKKa or were brought as debtors, or escaped a divided and occupied nation; these refugees did not have a choice. Look at your history books, before you reveal your lack of decency, and the depths of your ignorance, stupidity and hatefulness. The history of Ireland is the history of KKKristian refugees. But I would like to meet and educate you and anyone who thinks that living with poisoned land, air, water and food left behind by our war criminal soldiers is the choice anyone of you would make for yourselves and your families. -Debating Europe; Europeans are not being represented by racists, xenophobes who have forgotten the horrors of war, nor by our war profiteers in government and industry. Our NATO forces can stop participation in shameful war crimes and illegal wars to decrease the number of displaced war victims. Then, we should let our gun pointing friends in AmeriKKKa pay for reparations, before they put all of us in GTMO.

  5. Rosy Forlenza

    yes. selfish eu northern european countries responsible for interfering with the natural development of the peoples and tribes they colonized, creating arbitrary countries that may have looked quite different had a more natural coalescing of peoples taken place. aftermath, civil wars. also after centuries of foreign rules, they struggle to get on top of it. these countries profited for centuries, and their current big industries also profit and reduce any profits from oil and minerals to the ordinary people, instead any riches gained go into the hands of despots in order to keep them neo colonially ‘happy’. Today we can china and russia to the mix as well, but let’s not talk about that responsibility because to do so means we can’t dump on southern europe (and pretending we have nothing to do with the problem), and might actually have to take some responsibility, either in accommodating more people or putting resources into an eu run processing of asylum from economic migrancy however re the latter when people are prepared to risk life and limb because the future looks so hopeless for’s time to put the thinking caps on, the responsibility caps on, and looking at things in their devasting reality.

    • Ivan Burrows


      The migrants are heading for Southern Europe because of Schengen & they know once in the EU they can eventually go anywhere, not because of what happened over 100 years ago.

      A dose of reality and dismantle Schengen = Problem solved. :)

    • Rosy Forlenza

      Ivan Burrows not really, despite Schengen there are closed border points for example at Ventimiglia on the border between France and Italy, most are senegalese or tunisians, both ex french colonies, french speaking, who want to go to france (in a lot of cases because family or community is already there). france of course doesn’t want to know and italy has to fund out of its taxes holding these back. those are the facts ivan. get them right

    • Ivan Burrows

      Rosy Forlenza

      Fact 1: Most of the migrants are heading for Germany & Sweden, they have no interest in stopping in Southern Europe or going to Eastern Europe.

      Fact 2: As far as the migrants are concerned Brussels will force the Schengen Nations to re-open the internal borders again, whether the peoples of the Nations want it or not.

      Fact 3: 99.9% of the migrants have NO family or relatives in the Scenhgen area or in Europe.

      Fact 4: When the migrants get to their destination they ‘will’ invite their wives, children, aunties, uncles, second cousins twice removed, etc over to join them.

      But thanks for proving you pro EU fanatics wouldn’t know a ‘fact’ if it jumped up & bit you. :)

    • Paul X

      “selfish eu northern european countries responsible for interfering with the natural development of the peoples and tribes they colonized”
      Of course, because two of the greatest early colonisers were those well known “Northern European” countries of Spain and Portugal

      And maybe you shouldn’t be so selective in the time frame for apportioning your blame…..what about that “Northern” European country of Italy I think you, you will find the Roman empire did some significant “interfering” during it’s time

      Its ironic that when it comes to the roman empire people choose to ignore all the pillaging of resources they carried out and only talk about the stability and technology they spread throughout their empire…. yet when it comes to the later colonisation of Africa by Northern European countries people selectively choose to ignore all the advancements they brought to these countries and only whine on about how they stole all their resources

  6. Stefania Portici

    l’Europa deve gestire questo problema e farlo urgenetemente. Le ONG sono 25 navi…..cioè vi rendete conto quanti immigrati ogni giorno sbarcano qui ? Dall’inizio del 2017 è tragica la faccenda. Non sono barchette ….ma venticinque NAVI grosse . Ragazzi è un problema grosso grosso e se non vi volete ritrovare invasi ….bisogna che cominciate a collaborare Europe must handle this and do it urgently. NGOs are 25 ships ….. ie do you realize how many immigrants are landing here every day? From the beginning of 2017, the matter is tragic. I am not a boat … but twenty-five great boats. Guys is a big big problem and if you do not want to find it again …. you have to start collaborating

    • Stefania Portici

      noi già siamo invasi dagli immigrati . La faccenda è grave bisogna fermare questo flusso

    • Ivan Burrows


      It is not a ‘Europe’ problem, it is an EU problem & you can thank your unelected European Politburo for your problems.

    • Stefania Portici

      Ivan Burrows per i miei problemi ringrazio il tuo Paese che non si è risparmiato a creare problemi al mondo intero , non sol sull’immigrazione . Il tuo Paese ci ha rovinato la vita a tutti che sia maledetto il suo popolo perchè ancora insiste . La politica di un Paese rispecchia il popolo e il tuo è brutto

    • Rosy Forlenza

      Stefania Portici Hai assolutamente ragione, e poi il signor burrows appare su tutte le pagine, vomitando il suo atteggiamento fascista, ignorarlo, non è qui per dibattere ed approfondire le nostre comprensione del problema.

    • Rosy Forlenza

      Ivan Burrows dear Ivan, take a little hike through history, i mean even social media can’t change key historic events, the UK, Holland, France, Belgium all scavanged and sucked the life blood out of Africa leaving a massive mess behind and they continue to do so with their big nasty companies….try landing on planet reality.

    • Stefania Portici

      Rosy Forlenza magari fosse solo quello ….. L’inghilterra è andata oltre con le sue zozze banche ha messo in ginocchio gente per bene di tutto il mondo con i suoi zozzi imbrogli. Gli inglesi hanno dimostrato di essere gentaccia , brutta gente

    • Ivan Burrows

      Rosy Forlenza

      Sorry comrade but I have never owned a slave or robbed a Nation of its riches so why should I take migrants looking for a free hand out ?

      You can feel quilt for the actions of your ancestors if you wish but don’t expect anyone else to agree with your barking mad flagellation by proxy..

      Maybe they should move all the migrants to the Irish republic, you have plenty of room over there after the EU decimated your economy & forced all your young & skilled people to leave.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Stefania Portici

      Do you mean your problem of not being part of the Nazi Germany or you not being part of the USSR ?

      No thanks required, but you should know we won’t bother next time. :)

    • Stefania Portici

      Ivan Burrows il neoliberismo chissà di chi è l’idea . Il problema inglese è il suo popolo che è talmente abituato a derubare e uccidere gli altri che se gli altri si lamentano sono anche infastiditi dal lamento . Siete brutta gente

  7. Epicurosgr

    Let’s help immigrants staying in their countries.Who wants to abandon his city, country, friends,family if he has a disent work .I agree on Globalization but people have to immigrate mainly by their on will and not by force which is used widely by the More Developed Countries (aka multinational Companies.)
    I believed in a Europe for the wealthy and Happiness of its People, not in Europe of Market’s Health which ignores humans and warships Numbers…😤😓🤕

  8. Paul X

    The main criteria for accepting them should be population density, the detrimental impact of refugees (economic immigrants) is far greater on a population which is already feeling overcrowded.
    Funding/aid etc can easily be shipped around the globe the wherever it is needed but even the “mighty” EU cannot physically increase the landmass of countries
    As it happens, one of the main countries suffering from immigration, Greece, has a population density a quarter of the countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, so it has plenty of space to accommodate them, all it lacks is the financial support, which should incidentally, be coming from worldwide not just the EU

  9. Epicurosgr

    The main Question of this anarchial mess of forced immigration is not how will face the immigrants, BUT WHY THEY ARE BECAMING IMMIGRANTS;The answer on this question doesn’t like so much by the MARKETS,that’s why we don’t see huge articles in mass media.

  10. Alexander Grech

    Eu is failing to defend it’s citizens from the masses of illegal immigrants That’s why the people are fed up

    • Nicolette Ladoulis

      Failing their citizens in jobs pensions purchasing power etc because of the economic crisis and corruption. Nothing related to immigrants except it makes citizens mad when outsiders jump to the head of the line. Rightfully so. If we see it as a government problem then immigrants can help us solve it together.

  11. catherine benning

    Is Europe failing countries on the frontline of the refugee crisis?

    It is not only the countries on the front line. It is the entire European citizenry that is being thrown into a crisis that is out of all proportion. And what I mean by that is, this influx of world natives, who want to be given a living simply because they exist, has been and is being encouraged by our politicians who are, in the main, unelected.

    And unless the European people, as a mass group and in numbers that cannot be disputed, are demanding their rights as a democratic union, this is going to continue until we find we are living in a continent that has no resemblance to our homelands. As it continues, so the indigenous peoples of our lands will lose the very hope of existence in what they believed was a civilised way of life. It is already happening in many States. Look at Sweden, Austria, the UK France and so on. There we see changes to the laws and an acceptance of what once would have been considered barbarianism. Just take the attitude and tolerance of cruelty and mutilation to women and female children by our so called ‘feminists,’ who should be renamed ‘manists.’ They have become so steeped in political correctness toward the habits of African cultures in our home States they are willing to see rape and mutilation of their women and girls bodies as a price they, not us, are willing to pay. And it is being forced on us by these invisible heretics.

    So Europe needs to get it act straight. You are in the positions you are because we gave you permission to be there. It is our protection you must concentrate on, not the intruders. We do not pay our taxes to be trapped in a society we did not create or want. We demand you stop this and take steps to return our countries to the lands you took over when you stepped into those offices.

  12. Franck Legon

    There is no problem with sharing refugees, there is a problem with more than a million illegal migrants a year settling in EU while more than 10% of our active population is already jobless and a quarter of workers and their families are poors that can hardly afford medical and education when they, and their ancestors, built EU countries wealth and strength.

  13. Taline Babikian Angelidou

    Many refugees in Lebanon are trying to go back to Syria amd I hope they are able to go because unemployment isso bad in Lebanon that locals are loosing small jobs for refugees…the balance of immigrant refugees is too much for the economy to bear…same in EU

  14. Arthur Gustin

    None of this country written are in a situation of war, laughing my ass of at the : stop bombing them comment :D

    • Paul X

      Agreed, the old “its all the west’s fault for bombing them” along with “the west owes them because of what their colonial ancestors did” are two of the most imbicilic statements too often repeated on these forums

  15. Ivan Burrows


    The acknowledged goal of the EU that as brought about the financial crisis, the migrant crisis and the misery heaped onto millions of people across the EU is:

    One People = European

    One Nation = European Union

    One Leader = A German Chancellor

    In German it reads as ‘Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer’ … Does it sound familiar yet ?

  16. Eugene Cleur

    After exploiting Africa for centuries through direct control, Europe does not recognize any obbligation towards Africa. European governments are now content with having pupets in charge in the African continent so that their exploitation may continue. Added to this situation, the growing presense of China is worrying; today’s news that Chinese soldiers will be going to Gibuty is not good.

    • Paul X

      So “puppets” like Omar Al-Bashir and Jose Eduardo Dos Santos are sitting back and allowing European governments to exploit their countries….?

  17. EU Reform- Proactive

    Since these opinions emanate and are driven by Malta’s PM Muscat & ex Luxembourg’s JC Juncker- both accused of past unsavory financial dealings- immediately undermines the true intentions as being suspect.

    Both Luxembourg & Malta- being EU’s largest and the world’s greatest tax havens- reportedly No 5 & No 6 by hiding trillion of dollars of (hot) private wealth – diminishes their “moral” call. Such demand on all other members to be more “humanitarian & generous” is probably disingenuous if not sinister.

    Why are the two EU politicians not calling (first) on their secretive banking sector to substantially contribute (first) financially to a “ring fenced UN or CoE controlled refugee fund for frontline European countries” before insisting & even DEMANDING quotas from all others- pleading poverty & exemptions? Such actions would appear more sincere & meet with much more sympathy all round.

    JCJ is probably used to such totalitarian behavior since he could get away with it in his tiny Duchy of Luxembourg. Isn’t the EU failing the European front line states miserably- since both are acting EU officials?

  18. Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    It’s yust about make 13% of eu population. Other mutch porer counties have taken close to 50%. We Need them to to help our economy grow. Ungarn and Japan is good example on how it goes with to low immigration.

    • Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

      We need to take our colonial occupation responsiblety. We also need to increase the birthrate and the best way to do it is thro immigration. The economy model of today is havely based on population increase. London vertilety rate also make shure for an longevity bad economy.

    • Nikos Karitinos

      Maybe you will have an economic advantage for a wile , but in the future you will have no country.

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      Sorry Björn, but your suggestions are yust ridiculous. You might imagine vast spaces and money but seem yust overwhelmed by too much “responsiblety”!

      Yust join a monetary monastery and pray to be saved from suicide.

    • Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

      Countries is artificial anyway they need to be turned 6n to regions insted with a change to un as a world government.

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      Björn, FYI: the UN is an international org. of 193 sovereign states promoting peaceful cooperation by providing standards & guidance’s on a variety of issues.

      To GOVERN (“world government”) these 193 entities was & is NOT the UN’s mission, but the responsibility of all 193 sovereign members individually to find commonalities. These arrangements want change very soon. Rather illuminate the dark spots in your memory- to spare us the pain pointing them out!

      You are however free to believe in your self concocted mystic world & Nordic phantasm.

  19. Sentikiotis Phaedon

    The problem is complicated. Consisting environmental disorders , overpopulation , European disability , islamic american russian aggression in Middle East e.t.c.
    The problem to be solved we need leaders that are sensitive to general view not local. The corrections should be directed to : population control , global thinking , economic opportunities to problematic areas of the planet , creation of areas of low entropy with special rights and special obligations , European homogenization (not a la kart) . Energy consumption from Hydrogen (Hydrogen economy – Greek pattent). Need for philosophical leadership with harmony in societies and prosperity for people .Limit to richness , limit to poverty, minimization of dogmas. (Movement of Militos -Thalis) As the world was ruled in hellenistic period of Alexander the III . As the universal laws were respected during presocratic era in Greece.

    • catherine benning

      Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

      And had there been no colonisation where do you think these citizens, you claim were abused by the west, would be today? What would their own evolution have moved them to without the injection of Western cultural and scientific advancement? Have you any idea at all?

      Perhaps this link may help you find some true perspective.

      Liberia was never colonised.

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      Björn- and?

      Is that material to solve the present EU- front-line- global- refugee problem ? Apportion (historical) blame wont solve or change a thing- clever- neh?

      PREVENTING the growth of future inequalities & “neo colonization” and the creation of new conflicts at home is for many much more important! Yust whining?

  20. eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    I am not anti-immigrant full employment will never be achieved until European leaders remember that the unemployment rate is totally dictated by the policy of each member state Has little or nothing to do the emigration

  21. Александър Михайлов

    Yes. Europe removed national sovereignty and prevented border countries from protecting their own borders, so it can create a centralized border authority to solve the problem it created in the first place

  22. ironworker

    I do feel empathy for innocent victims caught in the middle of a military conflict without their fault or involvement, but what South of Europe is dealing here is that 6 or 7 out of 10 are ECONOMIC MIGRANTS, not war refugees. Just young ADVENTURERS seeking social benefits, free housing and possibly a young well-established European native girlfriend(s) or wife(s), practically the easy way out in life.

  23. Stash

    It is not true that Malta is no longer receiving refugees (or rather people who wish to claim the protection afforded to refugees) There are 1500 – 2000 asylum applications submitted annually in Malta from people who enter the islands legally through the air and sea ports. While these numbers may appear small they should be seen in the context of a 316 sq km territory that is one of the world’s most densely populated and that already has a high rate of legal inward migration from other EU countries. To put the number of asylum requests received by Malta annually into further perspective taking into account population, Malta’s annual asylum application numbers are equivalent to the U.K. recieving over 200,000 asylum applications each year (which it does not) These kind of numbers are unsustainable over the long term for any country especially as we are now no longer dealing with sudden large influxes of war refugees but economic refugees. The Italian government estimates that over 80% of the irregular migrants on the Med route are economic migrants and even the lower UN estimate puts the ratio at over 70%. Migration should also be seen in the context of the immense damage to certain African / Middle East countries themselves. While the first wave of Iraqi refugees from the Gulf wars and later waves of Syrian refugees included the people these countries need the most to rebuild themselves (doctors, engineers etc), in Africa the same people are emigrating legally (not through Libya but with valid visas through airports) in droves and depleting their countries of resources. In Gabon for ex it is estimated that 4 out of every 10 expensively trained doctors leave the country. We need to stop looking at migration as the problem, it is but the symptom of the real problem that is the continued weakness, endemic corruption and poor governance that bedevils much of Africa. And we should recognize our right as European nations that cannot and should not withstand such unregulated migration in such numbers to intervene far more forcefully than we are doing to get African countries to put their house in order. Why should Europe be accepting a single asylum applicant from Nigeria for example, which should be more than capable of dealing with those of its citizens that are displaced from the provinces where there is conflict, such as the Nike Delta or Ed’o? Why are so many trafficked women from Benin city still making it to Europe to be enslaved as bonded prostitutes after all these years? Why isn’t the Eritrean government not forced to improve the way it treats its own population so less of them flee? Instead of dealing with this, what does Europe do? It treats migration as a permanent reality that we have to live with whether we like it or not, and sets up expensive seemingly permanent bureaucracies at the EU level in border control and asylum centres to ‘manage’ the situation.

    The hard decisions must now finally be taken to stop such a vast flow of largely economic migrants from Africa to Europe. Not to redistribute migrants or rescue them from the Med, but to stop the flow altogether. Otherwise there will be a resurgence of populist anger in Europe that will threaten decades of democracy and EU integration.

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      “The hard decisions must now finally be taken to stop such a vast flow of largely economic migrants from Africa to Europe”.

      Yes Stash, quite so= right! But, who will & has enough political courage? Most fear for their secure & generous government pension & being criticized!

      It requires leadership- a rarity of pc bureaucrats, bench pressers in Parliament & Commission heads! The EU is a bystander & observer while a relative corruption free northern & middle Europe gets infected with the plague of such virus- imported & carried by an unaccounted number of desperate but illegal economic migrants. All used to it as a way of life by- survival of the fittest- in their distant homes.

  24. Georgia

    if we all track down our genes and map our dna, we will all find we come from somewhere else… we are all some kind of refugees, immmigrants. Europe is failing big deal and forgets the fact that all Europeans came from different places, kept moving to other places as refugees and filled up new lands all over the world as refugees and immigrants.

    • Paul X

      There is big difference between Europeans moving from a developed country to settle in a land where they start with nothing, and those who are leave a land where they have nothing and head for a country where they expect to be looked after

  25. Silvion

    Exactly Paul there is a big difference moving from a developed country to settle in a land where they start with nothing, and those who are leaving a land where they have nothing. So let’s give them a future to look forward within our society and giving them the opportunity to contribute for the growth of our socioeconomic status as well as for their social economic status by investing in education. Who knows maybe they can move back where they have left nothing and start developing something.

    “Education enables children and youth to thrive, not just survive.”

    • Paul X

      All very heartwarming sentiments apart from the fact that there are already tens of thousands of people across Europe who do not have “a future to look forward to” so how does importing more improve things for them?

      ..and how long does it take for immigrant who arrives to day to be in a position to contribute to society (i.e. become a net tax payer)?…I would suggest it is measured in years and most likely the majority will never achieve that status….so basically, it’s people like me who continue to foot the bill for the ideology of people like you

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