Aarhus is taking a stand against fear. The second-largest city in Denmark is one of the most diverse in Scandinavia. It’s population of around 300,000 includes almost 40,000 migrants from roughly 130 countries. It has been welcoming refugees for decades, and has won awards for its approach to integration.

That’s not to say there aren’t challenges. Unemployment rates among citizens of non-Western origin in Aarhus are still much higher than the average, and the city has experienced rising crime in the past (though crime in Denmark nationally is currently at historically low levels). Nevertheless, Aarhus’ approach to integration and counter-radicalisation has so far proved very effective.

In order to take a closer look at the local impact of the refugee crisis, we launched our ‘Cities & Refugees‘ project – aimed at fostering a Europe-wide dialogue between citizens, refugees and asylum seekers, NGOs, politicians, and European leaders. The emphasis will be on connecting local, everyday life at the city level to decisions made in Brussels and national capitals.

Since the start of the refugee crisis, Denmark has been experiencing record low levels of crime. Of crimes committed, 83% are committed by people of Danish origin and 14% by people of non-Western descent. Given that roughly 10% of Denmark’s population are of non-Western origin, those figures don’t seem to justify fears of greater criminality among ethnic or minority groups.

Meanwhile, the Danish government has been doing everything possible to discourage people from coming to Denmark. It has already some of the toughest immigration laws in Europe, and in 2016 it introduced more laws or policies specifically targeting migrants and refugees than any other country in Europe. These include laws allowing property to be seized from asylum seekers arriving in the country, and increasing the waiting period before families can be reunited from one to three years (a fact which was then advertised prominently in Lebanese newspapers).

Curious to know more about refugees and the law in Denmark? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

We had a comment sent in from Andrew, who thinks that Europeans do not “fear refugees”, but rather have very realistic concerns. Is he right? Are we in danger of dismissing legitimate concerns?

To get a response, we spoke to Jacob Lang, a student and local activist who lives in Aarhus, Denmark. What would he say?

Well, I would say that I think he’s right. We should listen to people; both refugees and local citizens. But, in my experience in Aarhus, I think there is a huge problem with misinformation. For example, I see a lot of comments on Facebook by people who are not aware of how many refugees Denmark actually receives. They have this idea of a huge flood of refugees and immigrants coming across the border to infiltrate our country. So, I think that of course we should listen to people, but we should also do more to qualify the debate and make sure it happens based on facts. So, Andrew is right, but sometimes people are misinformed, and it happens a lot these day with ‘fake news’ and anti-refugee websites.

For another perspective, we also put Andrew’s comment to Hans Christian Knudsen, Head of National Integration Services at the Danish Refugee Council. What would he say?

I am not in a position to judge whether a private concern is legitimate or not. But I believe that all human beings have the right to seek protection through asylum in third countries. Even though the number of refugees and migrants arriving to Europe via the Mediterranean has increased dramatically in the past years, the total number remains a relatively small share of the total number of displaced worldwide (less than 1%), and an even smaller proportion of Europe’s total population (0.1%). In comparison, Syrian refugees make up 25% of the population in Lebanon, 10% of the population in Jordan, and Turkey hosts almost 2 million refugees – more than any other country in the world. As the world’s most prosperous continent, Europe is able to shoulder a challenge of this size.

Our next comment come from Arnout, who also blames the media for scaring people and misrepresenting facts. Would Jacob Lang agree?

I would say to Arnout that, at least in a Danish context, we have public service media so, in some ways they’re bound to be more objective. But, again, he is right because the only time we hear about refugees in the Danish media is when there are more coming or when a crime is committed; they never show any success stories.

I meet people who have come to Denmark as refugees and who speak perfect Danish and have a job and contribute to society, but the media never report on that. So, I think the media should be more balanced. It’s okay to report on the negative news, but they also need to show the more boring, positive stories. When there’s a crisis, we all talk about it, but when it’s normal nobody talks about it.

Finally, how would Hans Christian Knudsen respond to Arnout’s comment about the media?

Like any other political item ‘Integration of refugees’ is a subject for debate. And fake news is also used in this debate. But my experience from a Danish perspective is that the media, generally speaking, has been well balanced. In fact we have had very good success in Denmark with integrating refugees into the Danish workforce. And the success stories have been covered by the media..

Why are Europeans so scared of refugees? Are people’s fears justified? What would help reassure people and allay their fears? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. Andrius Adomaitis


    • SD

      What came first Wars or the refugees?
      G W Bush and Tony Blair the USA and UK should be forced to accept every si gle one of these people as they are the ones that u leashed hell on the Iraqis. The Iraq war was like Harvard University for islamic terrorism, islamic gerror is growing and it is targeting the West more directly and more regularly. If we didn’t have lots of Muslims in the world Western countries we would not have so much Islamic terrorism as a result of these policies. But we do and we do have the terror that goes with it. The Islamic terrorism is wrong and if it is citizen of a country doing it then it is treason. But the illegal invasions and regime changes were very much illegal as well. We are now at war with the culture and the religion Islam. Of course we don’t want to be at war with religion but for the other side this is also very much about religion. We have to protect our people, we have to block off all nations from the Islamic Nations. We have to stop the Trojan Horse from coming in.

  2. Fernando Nabais

    Why are you so much interested in bringing “refugees” to Europe? Could you explain that please? They bring crime, rapes, unemployment and so on. But even if not, can’t we just live our lives? Why are Europeans the only people in the world who doesn’t have the right to have their own culture? How long will it take untill Europeans be an ethnic minority in Europe, a process which is called genocide?

    • Amphib Ian

      Please explain how the presence of a small number of refugees stops us from having our own culture and stops us from living our lives.

    • Amphib Ian

      As far as I can see your point of view has nothing to do with reality.

    • Fernando Nabais

      Amphib Ian “Small number” ??? Ethnic minorities are already a majority in many towns across Europe. In 2011 census, less than 45% of the population were original British and now they are surely even less. Anyway, if you replace a given culture in a society by a “multiculture” then the original culture disappears.

    • Alexander Tsankov

      If you were right every minirity’s culture would have evaporated already. In Britain people with different ethnicity are not refugees, but people from colonies, which the Brits own their wealth to. Not to mention that ethnicity is not a culture marker, many of those people are already living the British way of life.

    • Mario Kurzio Scortichini

      Plus, why Europe? I mean, what about Asia, Russia, America? WHY ALWAYS EUROPE?? They FORCED us to take these people and they NEVER asked EU citizen if they wanna live with them or not! This is bloody dictatorship at its finest!

    • Amphib Ian

      Mario, None of the top 5 countries hosting refugees are in the EU. So what the hell are you talking about with “why always Europe”?

    • Amphib Ian

      Ivan Burrows a million refugees is 0.2% of the EU population. That’s a small number. The number of refugees that Merkel wants Hungary to take is 1300, or 0.01% of the population. That’s a small number. But then again, right wing ideologues never were good at maths.

    • Amphib Ian

      Fernando Nabais I see, by your lack of answer to my question, that this is purely a matter of race for you, not culture.

    • Fernando Nabais

      Amphib Ian, I don’t see any question you have made. You just said rubbish. As I said, as example, more than 55% of London population is not original British. Is that a small number? You refer to 1 million, but that is the number of people with “refugee” status which entered Germany in only one year. If you take into account all people coming to Europe and sum over the years, the number is huge. As I mentioned, and you can google, there are already many towns in Europe where Europeans are a ethnic minority. Also you have to review your concept of “hosting refugees”, as you are calling the same name to completely different things, which allow you to take the wrong conclusions.

    • Piedade Luisa Pinho

      Refugee is a person who runs away from war. Is a person who is gratefull and respectefull, and desperatilly wants to return home. Do you see any of that? I don’t. Help… in their countries, is where we have to help them. Not here. We DON’T want more islamics in Europe.

    • Amphib Ian

      Fernando Nabais “more than 55% of London population is not original British”
      so what does this have to do with refugees?

    • Amphib Ian

      Piedade Luisa Pinho yes, I do see plenty of grateful, respectful refugees. Why don’t you? Maybe it’s because you hate people outside your “tribe” and don’t want to see it?

    • Amphib Ian

      Fernando Nabais The question I asked is simply for you to explain your claim that refugees are stopping us from having our own culture and from living our lives. Your claim that London has too many Irish and other foreigners living there has nothing to do with your claim.

      The fact is, refugees are not affecting you negatively in any way whatsoever. You just hate them and don’t seem to even know why.

    • Piedade Luisa Pinho

      The portuguese “tribe” is universal. And I Only hate, who hates me. Reciprocity law. We hate, who hate us!

    • Fernando Nabais

      Amphib Ian You seem don’t understand, or maybe you don’t want to understand, that what you call “refugees” is just a part of a much bigger problem. The problem is that exists a mass migration from third world countries to Europe which will overload our welfare state, erase our cultural and in a few generations lead to the disappearance of the original European people. Meanwhile, mass migration may lead to civil wars, like happened for example in Kosovo. “Refugees”, which we both know are not seeking protection but simply to live in Europe, is just a part of this process. And yes, they are affecting negatively the lives of people living in Europe. But even if they weren’t, European people has the right to keep their cultural identity. I just wanted to understand why you and other people want to erase European culture and ultimately the genocide of original European people. And please stop with that parrot talking that someone taught you, you hate this you hate that. I don’t hate anyone, I just want to live my live and have the same rights as everybody else in the world. And this includes not being invaded by other cultures.

    • Larry Moffett

      Utter nonsense. Millions of Europeans have emigrated all over the world, imposing their culture in far more violent ways than any immigrants to Europe have ever done. If you’re so worried about European culture, blame Hollywood, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, IKEA, Samsung, etc, not immigrants.

    • Larry Moffett

      The invasion of Portugal :-D
      “between 1975 and 2015, it has only received 17,769 asylum applications (including families), granting 1,605 people refugee status and humanitarian protection”

    • Huey Montana

      Amphib Ian When we had refugees from Vietnam they didn’t complain, they waroked ahard, they never complained. It is everytime a large group of muslims come over, they play the victim, the blame us so they think they are entitled to wellfare. They complain etc. Take an example of Asian and be grateful.

    • Huey Montana

      Amphib Ian If muslims are tolerant towards us, we are tolerant to them but you know it as I do that it will not be the case. Surah 5 ayat 51 O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.

    • Fernando Nabais

      Larry Moffett, I was going to suggest you to talk of things you know about but that would probebly imply that you could say nothing at all. You are trying to say that Europeans colonized other continents and imposed their culture to natives. Indeed it is true, but it was centuries ago. That is not an argument. In Portugal there is no need for refugee status. This is a politically correct country, all illegals are welcomed. In the last 5 years, 110000 people acquired Portuguese nationality per year. In the same period, 80.000 people (including immigrants’ children) was born per year. DO you know what this means?

    • Amphib Ian

      Fernando Nabais Why are you lying about what I believe in? You lie that I “and other people want to erase European culture and ultimately the genocide of original European people”. Just because I want to help people whose country is at war and who have lost their homes? I never said that we should allow Europe to be overrun by migrants. Why do you lie so much?

    • Agnesm

      The 2011 census does not say that 45% of people living in the British Isles is foreign born. It says that of the foreigners who live in Britain, 46% have Uk citizenship. A very different thing. The number of foreigners living in Britain is quoted at 7.5 million. The population of Britain today is 65 and a half million. this means that the population of foreigners in Britian is jus tover 10%, not 45% . Or in other words, not very many at all.

  3. Robert Gosz

    Stop talking bullshit about refugees. There is a problem with mass illegal immigration and open borders policy, not refugees. There is a few percent refugees among hundreds of thousands invaders from Africa.

  4. Piedade Luisa Pinho

    Because they have seen they don’t want refuge. They want to be installed, fed and live the way they want, with our money, by their rules. Because we realised that they will never be europeans.

    • Larry Moffett

      No they don’t. Have you ever met a refugee? I have met several and they all want to work, learn the local language and live peacefully in the community.

    • Huey Montana

      Larry Moffett Have you ever been to a refuge camp? Have you ever been in a war zone? Have ever been in the military? Have you ever sset foot in Islamic countries? Have you ever trained muslims? Don’t talk about refugees that all of them are peaceful. When they are to big in numbers their religion takes over. And that religion wants just two things. Dominate the world and kill all infidels. If you do not believe that pick up a koran. they ahve been translated from the 60’s onwards. And read them all topping it of with the al-Siira and the Haddiths. Og I guess you weren’t familiar with islamic works now were you?

    • Amphib Ian

      where’s your proof?

    • Josepha Guillaume

      Amphib Ian there are many statistics you can find. In this chart from last year, the largest part is Syrians which you would expect, but they are less then half.
      That ‘less than half’ are more then often ‘Syrians who lost their papers’ often thus meaning people actually coming from North Africa, but we have no way of proving that.
      The largest group of the ‘less than half’ are actually from Syria, but where already in countries such as Turkey for a long time, but want to come to Europe anyway. You find that out when you talk to them. So, with so many jumping on the bandwagon, real refugees often can not find a place here and also, how is Europe to sustain everybody? Why isn’t for example Saudi Arabia taking refugees? They have extreme large camps… empty.

    • Larry Moffett

      There are half a million Syrians in Saudi Arabia. Besides Syrian refugees there are Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Yemeni, Somalians…all of whose countries have been devastated by war, largely due to Western interference.

    • Amphib Ian

      Your country is full of people you don’t know.

    • Deniss K Victorovich

      Amphib Ian but probably I know their system of values and believes we use to study together etc

    • Deniss K Victorovich

      Btw Estonian population is so small, it’s actually a problem to not to be known

  5. Zeljka Jeramaz

    Pedro Castro you naive young man… They are minority now but in 20 years … They don’t respect us they don’t want to act according to our law.
    Besides the refugee is a person who is running for his or her life, who has no money and usually refugees are women, old people and children. In this case majority are men. Why aren’t they defending their homes? Isn’t that a treason of their homeland?

    • Amphib Ian

      “Besides the refugee is a person who is running for his or her life, who has no money and usually refugees are women, old people and children. In this case majority are men.”

      Wrong. Refugees are people just like us, but their homes were destroyed. Why would they have no money? Were the people who left Hungary in 1956 all women and children? How about those who left the Balkans in the 1990s?

    • Zeljka Jeramaz

      My dear Amphib Ian people who really need help are the ones who don’t have money to leave.
      Majority of Balkan refugees were women and children. My country hosted thousands of Bosnian refugees in spite of the fact we were in the war too.
      I am sorry that you don’t want to listen to reason. Men should go back and defend their land not taking social welfare in european countries. I wish you well but I still think you are naive. I have a daughter and I am scared.

    • Larry Moffett

      Inform yourself instead of believing and parroting xenophobic propaganda. Balkan refugees didn’t have to cross the sea. If the first wave of refugees from the Middle East were mostly young men, it’s because the trip is too dangerous and exhausting for women with children and the elderly.

    • Zeljka Jeramaz

      Larry Moffett being shot at, raped and living in a constant fear is exhausting. If you know anybody from, for example, Sarajevo or Dubrovnik feel free to ask.
      Keep your pink glasses on if you like but don’t say you were not warned.
      Help as many people you can but they don’t respect you and your laws. Europe is far from their homeland. Why didn’t they go to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, even Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan? They are Muslim countries which are much closer than Europe.
      When you flee a war zone you go to the nearest shelter, not the one thousands of kilometers away.

    • Larry Moffett

      You work for the European Parliament and your source of information is “Czech Anti Islam News”?

    • Huey Montana

      Larry Moffett Why don’t you protest in an islamic country or against their customs of woman beating, throwing gay people of buildings, stoning apostates etc. No? Those emigrants just follow hijrah, surah 4 ayat 100. The islamic calender starts with Mo his hijrah, they never stopped for the last 1400 year. Do your homework if you criticise someone from the Czech Republic!

  6. Sonya Afonso

    education, right for women, rapes, killing for anything, not so hygienic… the questions is, does Europe have any good support, school, laws, teach our customs, enough police to avoid the consequences? we tolerate a religion that treats women like a thing… as if it is under human rights lol

  7. Arthur Gustin

    Are we talking about refugees or each people who wants to neglect the sovereignty of States to accept them through legal procedures and breach borders ?

    • Larry Moffett

      The sovereignty of states that are happy to feed at the EU trough :-D

  8. Lynne Warner

    Is that a serious question? Look at Italy, look at France.. no gay Paris to get lost in, look at Cueta, then look at the terrorist attacks that newspapers have done their damndest to quash even in Sweden.

  9. Andrius Adomaitis

    Let’s call things the way they are – it’s not refugees, it’s: 1. economic migrants. 2. muslims doing conquest jihad by hijra (jihad by immigration). And no, contrary what they say, Islam is not even religion, it’s man made conquest dogma. And there is no radical and non radical Islam. Islam itself is radical, and always was – read Hadith about Muhammad atrocities, murders, adultery, rapes, etc. And that represent model muslim other should imitate. Islam is 87% about warlord Muhammad and only 13% about God. Goal of islam is not moral values and self perfection, it’s goal is conquest of unbelievers and teritories. Muslims can lie about Islam, it’s called taquiya – this is what we see in media about “peaceful islam”. This dogma is not compatible with modern society, it’s dangerous and should not be accepted or imported into Europe. And this is NOT a hate speach, it’s educated opinion and facts. Check for yourself.

  10. Andrew Potts

    The headline is a lie Europeans do not fear refugees, they do have very realistic concerns about the EU apparatus suggesting the mass migration is normal. They do have real concerns using the European Navies to enable people traffickers and NGOs in illegal activity. Many Europeans can see their is a mass migration agenda running in the very Instatutions that are sopposed to represent Europeans. European culture is a minority culture in World Terms. Already our cities are beginning to be militarised and our leaders are suggesting this is normal. Why are European leaders scared to voice their concerns, Why is the European media scared to publish the Danish cartoons? Why do our business , cultural, educational and political leaders put barriers in the way of young Europeans who have the modest asperation of employment, a stable relationship , have a few kids in the communities they grew up in. If you don’t our children you will feed somebody else’s. Why is the EU so scared of Europeans wanting to preserve and protect our wonderful diverse European culture. Europeans recognise our common culture from the Alantic seaboard to the Black Sea from the Mediterranean to the Artic Circle. We know it in our hearts and do not need to be told what it is. Why are the EU so scared of doing what they were set up to do? Protect Europe.

    13/10/2017 Jacob Lang, student and local activist who lives in Aarhus, has responded to this comment.

    • catherine benning

      Well written, Andrew Potts. Right on the nail.

    • Nicola Piazzalunga

      So that manipulated majorities can oppress minorities? You want absolutism, Sir.

    • Nicola Piazzalunga

      Democracy protects the minority from the power of the majority. What you are calling for is not democracy, but something else. You call for oppression, Sir.

    • Mario Kurzio Scortichini

      Maybe you missed that Democracy is sometimes referred to as “rule of the majority”. To protect minority is a thing, to force majority to act accordingly is another. in this case the minority is forcing the majority to bow to its will. and that must stop.

    • Huey Montana

      Nicola Piazzalunga So you want a minority to opress the larger population? Riiight.

    • Marko Martinović

      First duty of every nation is to protect its citizens and put them first. Refugees, migrants(without citizenship), illegals are foreign nationals. They are outsiders and are currently doing great harm in every way

  11. Spiros Kontogiorgis

    Everyone must be welcome unless he respects the laws and the values of Europe. If he/she wants to live under a different kind of law he should go to another type of country…

    • Amphib Ian

      I see a lot of people just assuming that people will not respect the law because they are Arabs. In other words, plain racism.

    • Breogán Costa

      I’ve seen both cases, some who respect, some who don’t.
      BTW: Arabs are the ones from Arabic peninsula. From Afghanistan, for example, they are not Arabs. You mix terms, Amphib.

    • Larry Moffett

      I’ve seen plenty of Europeans who don’t respect the law. In fact studies show that refugees are more law-abiding than native citizens.

    • Spiros Kontogiorgis

      We don’t speak about traffic lights or taxes… We refer to the basic principles of democracy..

  12. Marcos Magon

    well, the question is answered in the comments: Fear and lack of knowledge. And everything starts when media says refugees, instead of WAR refugees, they are running away from a war that killed and destroyed everything. Why dont they go back? Because they have nowhere to go back. Why they dont go to other islam countries? Well, 95% of them do it. Why they are all men? Lie. In 2015 they majority were men, but that was only one year, since them 60% are women and children.

    • Maria Trimarchi

      Marcos you are misinformed, most of them come from subsaharien states , no war there, look how may of them are brought to Italy every day….just look at the photos , how many women you see on those boats?…

    • David Mcphail

      please get a dictionary.. a refugee fears death or persecution in their home country… we are talking more about illegal economic immigrants…

    • Amphib Ian

      David Mcphail Are you stupid enough to think that Syria is merely suffering from an economic depression?

    • Carlo Cattoni

      in Italy syrians are less than 3%. almost 13.000 “refugees” have been “saved” in the last two days…i bet that there will be almost no syrians.

    • Marcos Magon

      Thats a lot of stuff here. 1st. Dont call me misinformed, when you mix refugee with economical inmigrant. 2nd. About the men-women. If your sources are the pictures from internet yes, you are probably right, but if you look at stadistics (Amnesty International or your own goverments) there are 60% women and children (((btw, whats the point in arguing this? men deserve to die? )) 3rd. If you are talking about illegal inmigrants thats other point, but this one is about war refugees (Or maybe I’ve read badly the post)

    • Larry Moffett

      Try spending a day in Libya, a country that has been in anarchy since Europe had the brilliant idea of overthrowing Gaddafi, and you’ll be the first to board a boat for Lampedusa.

    • Huey Montana

      Larry Moffett Those boat refugees that arrive in Italie do not look like Libians. They look more like Sudanees, Solmali, Malian. Mainly from Islamic African countries which have no real resources. Islam is backwards, they need the kafir to maintain them as it is done in SAudi Arabia due the oil. If no kafir maintain them their countries turn into shitholes.

    • Huey Montana

      And another thing, why not take in the procecuted Christian refugees in the Islamic countries? No only muslims because they are so retarted that they need help even is they are the cause for their own misery.

    • Tom Kuilder

      Yes everything and everyone you don’t agree with is racist. We are all literally Hitler.

  13. Zsolt Barczy

    Nobody is “scared”, you idiots. However, people with a BRAIN (see: homo sapiens sapiens, as opposed to homo erectus) tend to use that grey matter in their skull for its intended purpose (no, it’s not “pillow weight”, in case you were confused), and when you THINK ABOUT IT, setting PRECEDENTS is a pretty STUPID thing to do. Ever heard of “economic migrants”, which are interspersed among these so-called “refugees”? Anyway, the current European laws are stupid, unlike any other civilized country on this planet, so-called “refugees” in Europe can make more money from state subsidies than working 16 hours in a day-job at home, so go figure… MILLIONS OF POOR PEOPLE ARE ON THE MARCH TO EUROPE. Some people are getting stinking rich on this human trafficking from smugglers via brainless lawmakers to corrupt government officials, so the fight against this evil will be a protracted one, but sooner or later this madness will have to stop. Peace

    • Amphib Ian

      Looks to me like most of the people with brains and education support helping refugees. The ones with no education who fear anyone speaking a different language are the haters.

    • Fernando Nabais

      Amphib Ian it seems “people with brain and education” doesn´t even know what a refugee is: Someone fleeing from a war zone to a safe zone. People migrating between safe zones are not refugees.

    • Huey Montana

      Amphib Ian Anyone with a brain keeps them out just like Ausies. Boat refugees almost 0%. They best thing is to help those refugees in their own countries. The people who are smart according to you just import the problems, they are not solving them. Those poor countries keep producing rapefugees so it will be an endless cycle. But let us see islamic rapefugees: they fled their islamic countries because of them being opressed by fellow muslims. They come here and demand the things that was the cause of their opression in their country of origin.

  14. Maria Trimarchi

    debating the FAILURE of European Countries to protect their citizens and their constitutions … how about debating this…?

    • Jose Quintans

      Well said

  15. catherine benning

    Why are Europeans so scared of refugees?

    Here are a few reasons. And they do come in under the guise of refugees! And then spread like wildfire. Claiming nationality thereafter..







    And who is to blame for this horrific attack on our Western culture and way of life?

    Those who encouraged and allowed it to enter and ferment in our society, that is who. And we, by continuing to vote for those who have made this unhealthy practice part of our society, collude in the downfall of our way of life and of us. It is, as another put in his previous post, genocide of European people. And genocide by mutual consent.


  16. Paul X

    “Of crimes committed, 83% are committed by people of Danish origin and 14% by people of non-Western descent. Given that roughly 10% of Denmark’s population are of non-Western origin, those figures don’t seem to justify fears of greater criminality among ethnic or minority groups”……

    Not sure if it a problem with basic maths or you haven’t quite grasped how to spin statistics….by my book the 10% of “non-western decent” are responsible for a disproportionate 14% of the crimes…..?

    …but anyway, the bottom line is without the influx of “non western” people Denmark’s crime rate would be down by 14%…….doesn’t sound like a positive endorsement of their immigration policy to me

    • Mina

      You have made an interesting point regarding the disproportionate rate, though you cannot really tell how much the figure would go down.

    • Paul X

      Mina, I have applied some very simple logic. If 14% of the crimes were committed by people of non-western descent, if those people were not in the country that 14% of crimes would not have occurred

  17. David Mcphail

    Europeans are NOT scared of REAL refugees… in fact they are welcome.. what We DON’T want is all these economic migrants…

    • Sari Bruno

      You mean that we don’t want illegal immigrants that profit the refugee system. The main problem is, however, organized crime which has made a very profitable business out of desperate people who are searching for better life. This is huge problem. The only way to end this, is to make end of this kind of criminal activity in and out of the EU.

    • Amphib Ian

      Then why do many Europeans want to keep Syrians out? Are these not real refugees?

    • David Mcphail

      Amphib Ian you make a good point. Some people even a lot people have trouble making the distinction between a refugee and an illegal immigrant…and the media does not help…from what I have seen most of the problems we have had are from illegal economic immigrants, but certain people bundle all of them into the same basket unfortunately..

  18. Tom Kuilder

    What is not to love about these so called ‘refugees’? Murder, rape, female genital mutilation, oppression of women, honor killings, islamofascism. I honestly don’t know who is coming up with these ridiculous ‘debate’ questions. The European citizens are NOT the problem. The European leaders are the problem. They are so disconnected from reality that they rather put their own citizens in danger than opening their eyes and see that they are ushering in the destruction of Europe. So stop already with this ‘refugeephobia’ bullshit and do what you are meant to do; maintain order and protect your citizens.

  19. Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    As always some are always scared of new thing’s and/or change. Unfurtenty is this not good if it’s get to big attention as now cuse it’s spreading. Instead it’s proven once the changes are done mutch more is positive afterword than before.

  20. Michel Lecoq

    eau, de sanitaires et de douches.

    Pas de nouveau centre d’urgence à Calais. Le tribunal administratif de Lille a écarté ce lundi 26 juin l’ouverture d’un dispositif d’hébergement d’urgence pour les centaines de migrants – entre 400 et 600 selon les chiffres officiels – qui tentent chaque jour de rejoindre le Royaume-Uni depuis les côtes calaisiennes. Ce type de structure ne constitue pas “la seule solution pour prendre en charge efficacement et dignement les personnes concernées”, a expliqué le magistrat dans l’ordonnance rendue.

  21. Alentejo Baris Avci

    Most of Europeans know they are guilty deep inside. Nationalism and capitalist pressure comes with manipulations, trigger the mechanism and that feeling of guilt replaces with hate. Switch off the TV and read more history. This is what I can recommend.

  22. Paweł Kunio

    Because in view of those scared europe doesn’t have adequate tools to sieve out terrorists from refugees. Like was it in case of Belgium and/or Paris terror acts. It is said (but may be wrong please correct if so) that after check by services three of the attackers there have passed the refugee registration process.

  23. Malcolm Smith

    Refugees ? Don’t you mean Migrants. The latter being allowed in, then trying to drag the country down to their level.

    • Amphib Ian

      No, they mean refugees.

    • Malcolm Smith

      collected from the other side of the Med Amphib – Migrants.

  24. Mauro Scimia

    Because it’s uncontrolled, unresourced and , perhaps, unnecessary. Better help them at home.

    • Amphib Ian

      How? Create a “safe zone” in Syria? What a joke

    • Mauro Scimia

      Oh come on! Most of them come from Central Africa. I would never question helping refugees from Syria.

  25. William Jones

    Is that a stupid question or what? Jihadists enter the country secretly. The amount of refugees means more crome and a change in the demographic identity of the host nation. They are a different people with a different culture who want and spread around the host country culture. They are hostile toward he home nation.people want to be amongst their own.

    • Amphib Ian

      complete bullshit conspiracy theory

  26. Enric Mestres Girbal

    They are all migrants, but I think european politicians are two faced. They welcome them AFTER all the penalities they go through, spending huge amount of money “fishing” them in the Mediterranean. Why don’t allowe migrants to come in regular plane or ship trips? Why don’t use the money in housing them on so many waisted land and villages throughout Europe?

  27. Eugenia Serban

    Europe can t support other 2 or 3 continents coming over to be fed, sheltered, assisted,…. while the cultures are 500 yeArs apart in time and history

    Imagine Middle Age people invading the king’s castle

    • Maseeh Dlir

      But they can bomb the hell out of them ? lol

    • Paul X

      Gotta love the “it’s all our own fault for bombing the hell out of them” brigade…go do some research, there’s plenty of articles online where Syrian refugees describe their experience and why they are leaving, and being bombed by the West does not figure in any of them

  28. Erik Tjallinks

    Stupid question, must be someone who doesn’t read any papers or watch TV, or doesn’t know what islam is.

  29. Amphib Ian

    As we can see from the comments, many Europeans are afraid of refugees because they have been brainwashed by right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theories.
    They believe, falsely, that all terrorism is committed by Muslims refugees. They believe, falsely, that the arrival of a million Arabs to a continent of 500 million will cause a massive cultural shift. They believe, falsely, that there are no real refugees, only people who want to both steal their jobs but also not work and live off welfare only.

    • Brian Husk

      Wrong! Crime has skyrocketed in my town Malmö Sweden since 2014 when they started coming in their thousands, all of Sweden is like this now, knife crimes, gang rapes etc etc stop spreading lies this is a REAL fucking problem & it has to stop!!!

    • Amphib Ian

      If only it were that simple. They are not necessarily stupid. Even intelligent people can be taken in by propaganda.

    • Dóris Cavalcanti

      A million/year of arabs which accumulates with one million more/year and more the children they give birth every year. Besides that it’s not only arabs, there are the africans also.
      Growing their number, they can affect the politics by electing muslim politicians who can enforce islam in a country.
      Also there are the high costs to support them at least for some years, many of them never work. There are the violence-crimes which they cause to increase also. And more their many demands to please islamic culture.
      There are plenty of other people in need in the world and people who don’t create problems like muslims(arabs-africans) usually do, let’s help them first.

    • Amphib Ian

      Huey Montana lots of religions are backwards and have a violent history; still, we allow their adherents to live in Europe.

    • Paul X

      Instead of propaganda have a look at some data


      I suggest you look at the polls and the attitudes of Muslims towards the justification for suicide bombing civilians in the name of Islam. ..and to keep it simple lets consider the % who think it can never be justified.
      So the “best” country is Indonesia where 71% think it can never be justified, (I appreciate using this value is very conservative as the majority of refugees come for countries with much worse attitudes, but we’ll try being positive about it)

      Now using “best” figure indicates that 29% of Muslims consider suicide bombing civilians in the name of Islam an option, apply this to your 1 milllion Arabs arriving in Europe and you have 290,000 people who think suicide bombing civilians is acceptable…….. and that is why people are scared of refugees

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      Amphip, “brainwashing” is & has been practiced throughout history by several societies targeting the very and also the not so young. Followers are easily captured when “very young”! Defense, denial, misrepresentation and believing in ONE world order only are its consequences later in life.

      The Muslim community has to overcome & counter the mixed messages it sends out- to regain the trust of the “infidels”. How can it balance- without any grain of doubt- universal honesty with some of its dishonest teachings allowed in “taqiywa”?

      Sorry, but the global majority- who are “infidels”- are waiting for the irrevocable corrections which will stop this double talk & contradictory religious teachings! The world is waiting- for how long?


    • Huey Montana

      Indeed. 1 out of ten is from Syria. Syrians are distinguisable in appearence yet the last 12,000 arrivals seem pretty black to me.The war is almost at en end. Yet they still are coming. Weird right?

    • Amphib Ian

      Seriously, NONE of those claiming to be refugees are actually refugees? I think that is just something you tell yourself to silence your conscience and justify your inhumanity to your fellow man.

    • Любомир Иванчев

      And I think you are making personal asumptions and accusations about someone you don’t know and have absolutely no idea about.
      The vast majority aren’t refugees. I have no problem with real refugees. But what are the others doing here? Why are they letting them in? Why are they allowing international borders and law to be violated? All of these questions remain unanswered by the people in the EU administration who eat from our taxes and are supposed to defend our interests.

    • Amphib Ian

      Любомир Иванчев “you are making personal assumptions and accusations about someone you don’t know and have absolutely no idea about.”

      Oh, the irony. That is exactly what you are doing when you demonize everyone who illegally crosses a border as an illegal economic migrant and not a real refugee. You have no problem with real refugees? It sure does not look like that. How are we supposed to decide about that before they cross the border?

      Germans are spending their taxes on helping refugees, not you. And look, the German economy continues to grow. It is because we recognise that a human in need of help is not less deserving because they are a Muslim.

  30. Rene Il-Majna Farrugia

    Refugees seek shelter where their family can sleep safely… and not try and choose which country they live in. The european welfare system will fall if more keep coming… our resources will deplete if all of africa and the middle east come to europe.

  31. Dóris Cavalcanti

    Growing their number, they can affect the politics by electing muslim politicians who can enforce islam in a country.
    Also there are the high costs to support them at least for some years, many of them never work. There are the violence-crimes which they cause to increase also. And more their many demands to please islamic culture.
    There are plenty of other people in need in the world and people who don’t create problems like muslims(arabs-africans) usually do, let’s help them first.
    “For this reason I am not afraid to say that POLITICAL ISLAM should be part of the picture. Religion plays a role in politics… What makes the difference is whether THE PROCESS IS DEMOCRATIC or not. That is what matters to us, the key point.”

    • Dóris Cavalcanti


      In 2014, the unemployment rate of non-EU citizens was 19.9 %. This group experienced the largest increase in unemployment over the 2008–13 period (Figure 4) and also the largest decrease (–1.9 pp) from 2013 to 2014. The unemployment rate of non-EU citizens was 11.1 pp higher than that of the nationals in 2011, a difference that increased until 2013 but was reduced to 10.7 pp in 2014.

      Youth unemployment
      Youth unemployment for the non-EU-born population aged 15–29 has increased by 12.6 pp between 2007 and 2014.

      The young population has been significantly affected by unemployment over the last eight years (11.9 % in 2007 compared with 17.1 % in 2014 for the native-born population), with the non-EU-born young population showing the largest increase in unemployment (15.4 % in 2007 compared with 28.0 % in 2014)

      Long-term unemployment
      Long-term unemployment, as a percentage of total unemployment, has increased for the non-EU-born population from 28.7 % in 2009 to 52.0 % in 2014, after a period of decrease from 2007 to 2009.

      The 2015 Ageing Report

      “Given the population projection, the unemployment rate assumptions and the labour force projection, the total employment rate (for individuals aged 20 to 64) in the EU28 is projected to increase from 68.4% in 2013 to 72.2% in 2023 and 75% in 2060. In the euro area, a similar development is projected, with the employment rate attaining 74.7% in 2060. ”


      37% of the 25–54-year-old non-EU-born population has completed at most lower secondary education

      Beginning with the indicator ‘educational attainment level’, defined as the highest level of education completed successfully [2], the analysis focuses on the population aged 25–54 [3] by country of birth [4] in the EU-28 Member States. As can be observed in Figure 1, in 2014 the highest proportion of people having completed at most lower secondary education [5] was found among the non-EU-born population (35.6 %). This share was 16.0 percentage points (pp) higher than for the native-born and 13.2 pp higher than the EU-born (except the reporting country) population.

      The proportions were reversed for educational attainment at the level of upper secondary and post-secondary education, at 36.4 % for the foreign-born population, 12 pp lower than for the native-born population.

      At the level of tertiary education, the population born in another EU Member State recorded the highest share of such graduates (35.7 %). This proportion was 3.7 pp higher than for the native-born population and 5.1 pp higher than for the non-EU-born population.

    • Dóris Cavalcanti

      This is an interesting study which shows how it was 10 years ago, then multiply at least per 2 or 3 today and per at least per 10 in more 30 years, and you’ll have an idea of the problem.

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      Dóris, great effort!

      One thing the EU cannot be accused of is its lack of producing an immense volume of “papers”, reports & statistics- full of impressive “actions”. Like the latest migration summit in Malta.

      Who has the time to read through all these pages? How much gets implemented, archived or deleted after a while? Where can ordinary folks experience the resultant successes- apart from more reports & info graphs?

      A scary concept, scary figures, a scary outcome- overseen by an unperturbed leadership!


  32. Emilia Polcaro

    All the refugees have to go to great britain, usa because these states started war in iraq and also them, especially britain occupied afghanistan! Let’ s not discuss about all the other exploitation of african regions made especially by france, great britain, germany and nederland! So all the refugees have to go to those countries. Let’ s stop to exploit africa and robe its raw materials!

    • Marcel Janssen

      Europe, especialy the named countrys have nothing to do with the African missery, all of Africa is independend. It has everything to do with their own corrupt societys, Inner racism and a religion that most ” refugees” are following, islam.

    • Emilia Polcaro

      Janssen study a little better european history! All europe has exploited africa! And still does!

    • Marcel Janssen

      I know my history, i know the evil and i know the good things of my country’s history. So i know i am right on this. So it comes back to my former post.

    • Paul X

      Europe exploited Africa but also introduced a lot of technology and stability, people conveniently forget colonisation was a two way affair

      Most countries problems started after they were made independent and the military coups and introduction of corrupt dictatorships that followed

  33. Jean Charles Branco

    Europeans are not “scared” of “refugees”. we like our people more thats all. support ur local nationalist party or remove ur-self from ma friend list.

  34. Yavor Hadzhiev

    I agree with Mr. Andreas Kamm. I think that the real threat to Europe is the inability to put its values, such as solidarity and respect for human dignity, in practice.

  35. Joao Antonio Camoes

    Europeans are not afraid of refugees. Europeans are afraid of their governments that can no distinguish between refugees, economic migrants or jihadist. European culture, tradition and behavior have always supported refugees.

  36. Natal Vella

    Africa,s population is around 1.216 billion.
    What if half of them decide to come to Europe as refugees?

    • Imanuel d'Anjou

      Gosh! Scary! Black people sure scare you huh?

      Maybe Europe should pull it’s long dick of influence out of Africa and start working on making something out of it instead of not giving a single shit about an entire continent.

      As long as their lives are terrible and European lives are spoiled, people will come to claim their fair share.

    • Paul X

      Actually it is the African countries that Europe has already taken it’s “long dick of influence” out of that are producing the most refugees. (Eritrea, Sudan, Ethopia etc)
      People love to blame colonial history for all the worlds woes but it was actually a two way thing, yes countries took a lot out of Africa but they also introduced a lot in the way of technology and stability.
      It is when these countries got independence and the subsequent military coups and establishment of corrupt dictatorships is the root cause of most of today’s problems

  37. Lynda Germon

    They are causing all sorts of trouble, but by all means USA accept them, but don’t complain later !

  38. Hugo Dias

    Is like the other… “If you have a bowl of skittles and you know that only 3 can kill you, would you take any?” Another thing, there’s a camp that isnearly empty and can allocate 2 million people, every house with air conditioned andin a country with muslim culture. Why the refugees don’t go there, and it’s closer than Europe… This camp is in Saudi Arabia and is empty at least 11 months in a year. This is the camp for Meca and the Ramadam. I’m not muslim, but if I needed to flee from my culture, I would seek a country with a similar culture, so I can adapt easily. I would not go to a muslim country as a refugee, unless I wouldn’t have another option.

  39. ironworker

    Are you kidding? Name me one nation eager to create urban muslim enclaves in their cities.

  40. Mimi Voiculescu

    They want to burn down Europe , destroy our civilization. Their thinking is so different and they want us to obey their low . They harbor terrorists . They hate us ! It s true ! Stupid propaganda won t change things . How many innocent europiens showd die

  41. Donnie MacLean

    Question: why didn’t/doesn’t Europe call out the yankss for having CREATED THE SITUATION by destroying Libya, in the first place?

  42. Francesco Vasata

    we don’t need refugees … this is just part of the infamous Kalergi’s (freemason) Pan Europa plan.

  43. Cristi Roth

    Ummmm……….Because of the bombs, attacks maybe? Young girls found raped and killed, cities in civil war…. Just because Saudi Arabia had a 4 million capacity refugee camp and refused to open it.

  44. Kathy Penney

    Why are Europeans so scared of refugees? Where have you been living for the last few years – in a cave miles from anywhere?

  45. Michael Hofer

    European refugees or migrants crisis has been caused by the US led NATO bombing in the Mideast ,north Africa & Afghanistan. Stop bombing there , overthrowing regimes & bring chaos .

  46. Rosanna Roxy Corty

    The ever smiling Macron country rejected to Italy a few hundred migrants at the Ventimiglia border. shameful behavior held in the same day when 25 various flagged rescue vessel headed to Italy with thousands migrants. I hope government will deny the entrance to all foreign rescue vessels in our territorial waters snd ports. You are a Spanish rescue vessel? Then you take your migrants to your country.

  47. Jacopo Sebastiano Venier

    How about we regulate immigration and make some serious rules instead of behaving like utter idiots and taking in anyone without any kind of background check because “we have to be nice and good yeeee”???

    Guess what, even if we keep taking 1+ million people per year, nothing will change because the population in poor countries increases by dozens of millions per year. What we have to do is to stop meddling into their affairs and give them a chance to fairly develop, we can take as many as we wont here but we will simply make Europe weaker instead of stronger as we urgently need to do.

    You people simply are nuts and hate Europe.

  48. catherine benning

    In this Daily Mail article is a warning to women and their children, should they have a doctor willing to take all risks for belief in the father of a child having the right to mutilate. It is an horrific story and taking place in my country along with the mutilation to women and children en masse. It is of biblical proportions.


    We all have to remember what men, and via them, their women are being taught in mosques. One of these Imams was filmed implying doctors and dentists in his congregation should follow the Qu’ran when it comes to the Kafir. Think about what that means to you for a few minutes.

  49. Jarosław Bratus

    To nie są uchodźcy, uchodźca ucieka przed wojną do najbliższego kraju a nie oddalonego o setki kilometrów i robi w tym kraju katastrofe aby ludzie w nim mieszkający bali się wyjść na ulicę, dlatego Polska nigdy nie wpuści tych najeźdźców do siebie

  50. Karolina

    The latest wave didn’t look like refugees. They were aggressive, demanding, hostile towards our culture. They lied about their country of origin. 50% were rejected fro asylum.

  51. Jokera Jokerov

    Obviously you never heard of bombing, sexual assaults on women and children, brutal stabbings etc. done by them.

  52. Stevo the Devo

    We are not anti refugee. We are not singling out Islam.
    We are anti ANY ideology where the founder has written to his son in law telling him it is ok to rape the wife of a captured enemy in front of him.
    Some Muslims may argue that “rape” of slaves does not happen by narrowing the definition of rape to unlawful sex, Under Islam it is lawful to have sex with a slave you own so this cannot technically be rape.
    When discussing controversial issues about Islam it is important to specify that you are using terms such as rape in the western traditional usage otherwise you will get an answer in the Islamic context that does not consider many acts that would horrify the average westerner to be in any way offensive provided the victim is a non Muslim.

  53. Oli Lau

    Most aren’t refugees, they are economic migrants especially those coming from Lybia. stop abusing the word.a refugee implies that you must provide shelters etc. it has strong legal implications.

  54. Bódis Kata

    What a manipulative bullsh*t question is this again?!
    But what else could we expect from a platform to spread Soros ideology.

  55. A.c. Spyred

    I think it’s because most of refugees seems to be Muslim and this religion has currently an awful reputation (isis, Iran, Turkey…)

    • Bódis Kata

      Quote of the day. “The head of a Muslim food certification body in Australia has said “Australian women need [Muslim men] to fertilize them,” causing an online outcry.”

      What are we supposed to do with this mentality?

    • Beth Archer

      The comments on here are often hideous 😣

    • Miguel Hilário

      Get used to this. Every thread features bigotry of some sort.

    • Stef Kostov

      And painfully blind people

  56. Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    Yellow pages
    The rise of neo Nazi parties
    Economic instability
    Compete failed refuge policies
    Unequal treatment of locals and refugees ( how booth need protection)
    ….you need more?

    • Bódis Kata

      Slow genocide

    • Amphib Ian

      Bódis Kata doesn’t someone have to be actively killed for the word genocide to be used? Or do you just have no idea what the word means?

    • Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

      Amphib Ian has a point in that ” genocide ” is a exaggeration , but you can see how yellow media are actually work creating panic just to sell more pages or to have more ” clicks” on their websites

  57. Erna Reemers

    The so called refugees are not refugees, they are young healthy men who want to flee their country foe economic reasons, just a handful of these people are realy refugee…..they i mean yo say with it, the european governments where mislead by UN and yhe cabal, these so called refugees want to make from europe countries with sharia law. Sharia law have nothing to do with islam, they hide themselfs behind the religion islam…..

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Rather uninformed comment.

      Starting from the Sharia misinformation.

      The vast majority of Muslim majority countries do not have criminal Sharia law; others have the civil law of Sharia which is comparable to our laws regulating civil issues.

      They, civil Sharia law, protect the rights of people.

      Furthermore refugees and Muslim migrants are not pushing for sharia law, amongst other reasons because Islam makes it an obligation for Muslims to follow and respect the laws of the host country.

      It is not a “handful” that are refugees. Over 45% of the migrants entering Europe are refugees who are granted asylum status on first instance. The number increases when failed first instances applications are appealed.

      More than half of those granted refugees status are women and children, a large portion being family units made up of both parents and children.

      Yes they are economic migrants from Africa the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, but these people especially those from Africa are escaping from drought, from famine, from persecution, very much unlike the millions of Europeans that migrate to other European countries for better wages.

  58. Erna Reemers

    Sharia law followers do not accept our western thoughts and ideas they want us to follow their cruelty against humans of other religions, even they kill the real muslims for it ….since they entered europe, violence, rape, disobying countries rules and laws etc is increased, the sharia law followers do Not belong in our countries. And integration of these barbarians will never succeed.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Once more you are showing a gross ignorance on the matter.

      First. ALL police annual statistics of those countries that have taken the greatest number of refugees/migrants have NOT contributed to higher violence and especially NOT an increase of rape.

      The vast majority of refugees/ migrants or Muslim European citizens do not want us, nor are they trying to force Europeans to follow sharia or lobbying to introduce sharia.

      You are also rather ignorant relating to non Muslim religions in Muslim majority countries.

      The history of Muslim migrants in Europe and the positions reached as judges, doctor’s, lawyers, nurses, soldiers, police officers, teachers, security officers, paramedics, lecturers, philosophers, actors, writers, sports personality, and more, ALL of this exposes as a lie your comment that these “barbarians” never integrate.

    • Amphib Ian

      Most of the cruelty I see is coming from the right-wing and it is directed against refugees

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Amphib Ian yes you are right especially here in Germany.

  59. Jason Picci

    They are not refugees and they are all men. It is a business. Your question is mendacious.

    • Jason Picci

      Antonio Anastasi you’re lucky we cannot post pictures on this thread, the vast majority of video documents and imagery from the boats show only men. This IS a business whether you deny it or not. A modern day form of human trafficking and everybody knows it. Those that deny it have vested political and economic NGO interests and are complicit in this crypto racist behaviour. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4442910/Less-3-migrants-reached-Italy-refugees.html

    • Amphib Ian

      Who are you to determine who is a refugee and who is not? “All men”? I think more like 70%. And to even get to that you have to count males under 18. Are you unaware of the reasons why a family would send the men first? It is pretty funny that you accuse the question of being mendacious while lying yourself.

    • Jason Picci

      Because they get paid to do so! Continuing complicity with your oil and régime change perpetual wars for your own vested interests renders your theses indefensible because you look at the issue from its result, not from the root. This reeks of opportunism, racism and genocide, all the while pretending to be the do-gooder.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Jason Picci I was at the Munich main train station so I know very well what came to Germany must were women children families.

      The photos and videos you looked are those in your own echo chamber supporting your ideology.

      The videos and photos I saw were of also large numbers of women and children.

      Some 50% of refugees coming from the Balkan route are women and children, the remainder were men many of which where part of the family units.

      Of course there is human trafficking nobody denies that, and of course they do it for a profit, but that does not diminish the fact that a large majority are refugees.

      While about 44% of refugees asylum applications in Germany are accepted on first instance countries like Norway, Dänemark, Sweden acknowledges over 72% is asylum applications as refugees.


    • Jason Picci

      Dear Antonio your efforts in expounding your own ideologies are honourable, though in my opinion short-sighted. I chose to bring to your attention that your ‘Pew Research’ ‘statistics’ ( an American “fact tank”, which is based in Washington, D.C and which is funded largely by a Protestant evangelical Foundation) which you assiduously display, stem from your very own echo chamber/Pax Americana – probably more than mine – so we remain at odds and your ‘casting the first stone’ is not to be ignored. What I point out is that your reactive ideology fails to look at is this awful neo-colonial manifestation whence it stems : Greed. If you ignore the ways in which the banking sector (debt) and military industrial complex have conducted business as always, but especially in the last 20 years and again accelerating these chaos policies since 2011 (to service its creative debt) and its consequent fallout, you remain simply reduced to an accomplice to this fratricidal state of affairs.

  60. Marko Martinović

    Murders, rapes, hostility, assaults, terrorism, rejectiom of western values, their crimes are often ignored by the government. Etc etc etc

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Police statistics and independent studies of crimes In all the countries which have taken the most refugees it is evident that refugees/migrants are responsible for a very small percentage of the crimes committed.

      The terrorism is perpetuated by a very small negligible minority who gave been proven to be unstable people with a criminal record and a non Islamic lifestyle.

      Of note is that often when security agencies in Europe make arrests or stop a terrorist attack, thus is often done thanks to the Muslim communities reporting suspicions to the police.

      The recent knife attacker in Hamburg, was stopped from killing or hurting more innocent citizens by Muslims of Arab and Turkish descent.

      A terrorist in Germany who was planning a massive terror attack and who the police had issued a warning against was caught and handed over to the police by three Muslim asylum applicants.

  61. Jerzy Zajączkowski

    The so called islamic refugees do not emigrate to islamic countries because islam is already there and it does not need to be introduced. They emigrate to countries where islam will be introduced. In their country they belonged to the lowest class. When coming to Europe, they are not going to assimilate, but to become elite, so as elite in their countries. It is important to know that religious people, especially moslems, believe that they owe everything to God and that they need not to be grateful to the people who help them.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      So that you know….Facts matter, facts have no bias.

      The very vast majority of Muslim refugees are in fact staying close to home staying in Muslim countries like Jordan, Lebanon, (20% of the Lebanese population), Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi, Morocco and many others.

      Many of the refugees are teachers, nurses, doctors, architects, university lecturers, and more.

      History of Muslim migrants to Europe and western countries, exposes your comment for the lie it is.

      The evidence is that Muslims, the very vast majority of European Muslims most of which are from migrant or refugee ancestors, are doctor’s, surgeons, judges, lawyers, members of parliament, teachers, lecturers, soldiers, police officers, cleaners, dishwashers, waiters and more.

      All of this shows a willingness to integrate.

  62. Stephen J Gorog

    What refugees??? Just compare pictures of Hungarian refugees 1956! They were real refugees, you can see suffering on the faces, even hunger and real appreciation for the help they received!! No bombs, guns or knives.
    Today Europe is being invaded by an “aggresive” culture that will never assimilate. Eu politics is causing “death” for all parties concerned!!

    • Amphib Ian

      I have never seen an Arab refugee with a gun, a bomb or even a knife. Yes, there have been some isolated cases of them committing crimes. But there are criminals in every population. Do you really think that not one of the Hungarian refugees ever went on to commit violent crimes?

      Your comment shows that some Europeans fear refugees because of a vicious propaganda campaign that portrays them as violent invaders.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Yet another uninformed comment by yet another person drowning in ignorance and the hatred of an alternative reality.

      Hungarian refugees where escaping persecution imprisonment and death.

      The Hungarian refugees faced the same suspicion and distrust and prejudices that Muslim refugees face today.

      They were suspected to be criminals, or anarchists (you call them terrorists today), NOBODY in the western world wanted to help Austria to take in some of the refugees and share the burden.

      Austria had to fight and beg other countries to take some of the refugee and when they eventually did, they did this in a selective manner taking in only the best trained and educated of the refugees.

      By no stretch of anyone’s imagination can one compare the Hungarian refugees who simply walked over a border, to Syrian or other refugees who travel thousands of kilometers over desert, land and water, where thousands died.

      Hungarians did not escape the mass destruction of whole cities or the mass bombings or murder of civilians.

      What had been happening in the last few years is historically unprecedented.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      George Emanuel a very general statement, yet there are many Christian Europeans who as you put it “that would rather see their daughters having a miserable life than see them married….” to a Jew, an African, a Protestant, a person from another country.

      You would be surprised at how many similarities unite all cultures.

  63. George Koutsoftas

    Few hundred years ago they were curing slaves to Europe and the rest of the world with ships and many die on the way. Today slaves are going to Europe by the selves with their own experiences looking for a better future. I can smell the shit from a mile away and those who planned it.

  64. Edita Buržinskaitė

    Please stop the pro-islamic-rapefugee propaganda. You’re not helping the EU at all with it. The current endless hordes of strong Middle Eastern/North African men in their prime are not poor suffering refugees, it’s an invading army. They have smelled Europe’s weakness and they’re using it. And god help you if you don’t provide them with their expected benefits.

    • Bódis Kata

      Check out the sponsors of this platform and then you’ll understand.

    • Amphib Ian

      Wow, that’s quite something coming from someone who appears to be up to their eyeballs in lying, anti-refugee propaganda. I am sick of this deceitful propaganda campaign that depicts normal people as demons just because they are Muslims or Arabs.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      I will bet you anything that you are incapable to substantiate any of your comments with facts.

  65. Liz Apap

    Malta is handling people from all parts of th EU, freedom of movement. Ok. But x km by x km of malta how many more and problematic people can it handle. People coming from very large and rich countries. Yes, there are political problems, but solve these problems, because malta will soon sink, glug glug glug and there will be no more

  66. Liz Apap

    Malta is handling people from all parts of th EU, freedom of movement. Ok. But x km by x km of malta how many more and problematic people can it handle. People coming from very large and rich countries. Yes, there are political problems, but solve these problems, because malta will soon sink, glug glug glug and there will be no more

  67. Liz Apap

    Malta is handling people from all parts of th EU, freedom of movement. Ok. But x km by x km of malta how many more and problematic people can it handle. People coming from very large and rich countries. Yes, there are political problems, but solve these problems, because malta will soon sink, glug glug glug and there will be no more

  68. Liz Apap

    Malta is handling people from all parts of th EU, freedom of movement. Ok. But x km by x km of malta how many more and problematic people can it handle. People coming from very large and rich countries. Yes, there are political problems, but solve these problems, because malta will soon sink, glug glug glug and there will be no more

  69. Liz Apap

    Malta is handling people from all parts of th EU, freedom of movement. Ok. But x km by x km of malta how many more and problematic people can it handle. People coming from very large and rich countries. Yes, there are political problems, but solve these problems, because malta will soon sink, glug glug glug and there will be no more

  70. Liz Apap

    Malta is handling people from all parts of th EU, freedom of movement. Ok. But x km by x km of malta how many more and problematic people can it handle. People coming from very large and rich countries. Yes, there are political problems, but solve these problems, because malta will soon sink, glug glug glug and there will be no more

  71. Liz Apap

    Malta is handling people from all parts of th EU, freedom of movement. Ok. But x km by x km of malta how many more and problematic people can it handle. People coming from very large and rich countries. Yes, there are political problems, but solve these problems, because malta will soon sink, glug glug glug and there will be no more

  72. Guillem Martí Bou

    Because they come from cultures that don’t share the basic western values.

    Because the criminality rates are higher among them than among European naturals. It’s easy.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      The values dreams and ambitions of Muslim’s baby diverse cultures share the same basic values of western cultures.

      No, criminality rates are not higher than European citizens. The facts as supported by police annual reports and independent studies overwhelmingly support the fact that refugees/migrants commit more crime than indigenous citizens.

      Crime rates in many European countries, in spite of an unprecedented number of refugees entering Europe, crime rates have not increased.

    • Amphib Ian

      nonsense, many certainly are

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Better you educate yourself on the definition of refugees.

      For your education.

      ” But migrants applying for asylum in Germany might have better luck elsewhere. Germany approved fewer than half (43.5%) of the asylum applications it processed in the first half of this year, putting it in the middle of the pack in terms of acceptance rates among European countries. The highest acceptance rates generally were in smaller countries, particularly the Scandinavian nations (Denmark, 85.2%; Sweden, 74.2%; Norway, 72.5%), while the lowest rates were all in former Soviet bloc nations (Latvia, 8.3%; Hungary, 12.3%; Poland, 14.6%).”


  73. Sandrine Carlier

    They are economic refugees. Don’t you think we have high unemployment rate enough, if we need more labour why not recruit inside the EU first. Make EU citizens a preferential criteria in our labour laws.
    Why not send them directly to Muslim countries where there is no war such as Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries, Algeria, etc.

  74. Stash

    The title of this debating point is completely misleading. Most of Europe’s irregular migrants are not refugees. They are economic migrants. What Europeans expect from their governments is that irregular migrants who do not qualify for refugee status are deported and that sovereign African governments should be reminded – forcefully if necessary – that they are responsible for the wellbeing of their own citizens. Are Europeans scared of large numbers of irregular migrants ? Yes . They are scared of neighbourhoods changing beyond recognition within a lifetime and it’s not pleasant when it’s your neighbourhood. They are scared of politics changing to accommodate the views of people with different cultural backgrounds. And they should not be the ones pilloried or criticised for feeling scared. Brussels is the perfect example of a city that has been ruined by the failure of integration; its ghettos make it as segregated as the most racially divided US cities. Why should citizens be forced to accept that this is inevitable? Seeing the solitary ‘white’ or indigenous pensioners in neighbourhoods such as Sint Joos that became heavily Muslim in less than 2 generations walk past empty, locked up churches that once served as socialising centres is beyond sad.

  75. Michail Panchev

    Why? Probably because every place where those “refugees” have influxed, things no longer look European. :) And that looks more and more an amplifying tendence.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Give us some examples if you can as the reality seems to contradict your perception.

    • Michail Panchev

      Palermo,Paris,Hamburg, Hanover, Torino…. And the list goes on

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Michail Panchev really? Is this where you also tell us that these are also no go zones?

      Do they look anything like Little Italy, Little China, The Orthodox Jewish communities, and many more in cities around the world which celebrate their cultural diversity?

  76. Amphib Ian

    They fear them partially out of a natural fear of people of a different culture, partially due to Europe’s long history of tension with Islamic countries. But mostly due to a vicious, lying right-wing propaganda campaign that depicts them as violent invaders.

  77. Daniel Meternă

    Because they bring with them terror and diseases and because they doesn’t respect the laic law. Most of them are islamic religious fanatics and bring to impose they’re religion. Sharia have NO PLACE IN EUROPE.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Are you at all aware of how inaccurate your comment is?

      No they do but bring terror!

      No they definitely do not bring diseases!

      Yes they do respect local laws!

      No, most are not Islamic religious fanatics!

      No, they do not want to impose their religion on Europeans!

      No they do not want to impose Sharia law, most refugees come from secular countries like Syria or Iraq which are secular countries and many are escaping the Sharia law imposed by ISIS or the Taliban or Bako Haram.

    • Amphib Ian

      So ironic, Daniel. Lot of West Europeans say similar things about Romanians.

    • Daniel Meternă

      Amphib Ian romanians are NOT gipsyes! But stupidity is spread uniformity word wide!

    • Daniel Meternă

      Amphib Ian and you, as turkish you must know better than me the thruth. The turkish community live from 300 years in my country, and never ever whose discriminate. Shame yourself, LIAR!

    • Coralee De Fréine

      Amphib Ian You are Turkish? You told me you are Irish on another thread. I guess that’s why you never got back to me about the declaration of our first Irish government to the Irish people.

    • Amphib Ian

      Daniel Meternă yes, stupidity is worldwide, as your total lack of understanding of my comment demonstrates. I know Romanians are not Gypsies. I never said they were. I said that many people in Western Europe think that Romanians (whether Gypsy or not) are thieves. I meant to show you how it feels to be the victim of the kind of unfair generalisation that you are making about Muslims. Also, I am not Turkish.

    • Amphib Ian

      Coralee De Fréine I am not Turkish. Daniel Materna is just either a liar or an idiot.

  78. Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    Scared. Wow. The language this site uses and the way they phrase their questioms lately makes me wonder if it’s even about debating.

    • Amphib Ian

      Do you mean that it clearly comes down on one side? That may be because facts are somewhat more supportive of that side. The hysteria about refugees that has swept through some countries especially the Visegrad group is really irrational.

    • Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      Fear is easy to instill and easier to manipulate and spread. However I do believe there are very reasonable and rational arguments against mass immigration, which are being silenced by pro-immigrants using that exact fear in their favour

  79. Ginster Plantagenet

    in this case it is important to differenciate ‘the Europeans’ please – people are afraid of what they don’t know, in times of less income and insecure economy they are afraid to share of little they have left, in time of Murdoch and other big media moguls, they are being manipulated to be afraid of strangers and islamists. In times of fake news they ae misguided and neither the ‘serious’ media nor politicians are doing their share to change that, in times of elections campaigns politicians are fishing with the red neck lines –

    • Eugenia Serban

      Your name is one of the greatest in British history.
      Have u checked up your genealogy ? I would ……

  80. Christian Pipal

    because it sucks to see the secular society we ended up living in after long struggles against the catholic church getting backlashed.

  81. Valentin Nebunescu

    Well we need to make an distinction between the Syrian and Iraqi refugees on one side and economic immigrants from Africa. We can protect the refugees but we cannot accept incoming people that our economy can’t sustain.

  82. Larry Moffett

    A lethal cocktail of primitive tribalism, prejudice, credulity, and a false perception of risk that ignores statistical probability (the same that drives them to squander billions on the futile purchase of lottery tickets).

  83. Matej Mlinarič

    Its the same periodic question on this site that is not really looking for a debate. But checking out, if there are any left that would blindly believe EU and let them import more illegal masses. Once those are imported put them on welfare and waste our resources and our capital. This is deliberately undermining our political strength by diluting our populations and call it multiculture. Just if those respect our laws, its people and actually contribute to society they are fine. But for those that want to impose their own legal systems and threaten our population have to be removed and never allowed to return.

  84. Luca Orlandi

    We are not scared .The problem is they are too many and in Italy the system of helping refugees is collapsed

    • Dimitris Orfanoudis

      My question is why EU must give room to veryone who comew to Italy or Greece and are not refugees but illegaal migrants///

  85. Dimitris Orfanoudis

    If everyday an incident happened when an aloof one with a knife killing or hurting people what do you think ?????

    • Antonio Anastasi

      No actually it’s not everyday and Europe is having fat less terrorists attacks than it did in the 60s 70s and 80s

    • Dimitris Orfanoudis

      If i follow your mentality then terrorist attacks must be continued?? no matter if They are migrants or locals Anastassi

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Dimitris Orfanoudis no that is not what I stated or implied.

      I responded to wrong perception that incidents happen everyday when that is not the fact.

      In fact in spite of the sporadic terrorists attacks Europe is more peaceful today than it was in the periods I mentioned.

    • Dimitris Orfanoudis

      Ι dont agree with you antonio.. Terrorist attacks with victims hundredns of inocent people cannot be accepted from the socities whose terrorist they beleive in a fanatic faith where all the others consider to be enemies…

  86. Enric Mestres Girbal

    Europeans are not scared…are fed up of them, their privileges and the politicians that are incapable to provide a solution.

  87. Andrius Adomaitis

    Islam is NOT compatible with modern free society. It’s not a religion, it’s political conquest dogma. They are not refugees, they are economic migrants executing hijra (jihad by immigration). They do not belong here and we owe them NOTHING.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Show examples of how Islam is not comparable with modern free societies when there are millions of native Muslim European, Americans, Canadians and more.

      Show where this Political conquest is evident in the western world.

      What an rubbish of a statement.

  88. Adnan Soysal

    because of social welfare state.
    refugees will eat our money instead of us.
    there is no shortage of exploiting social welfare state among the natives of europe.
    so it is sort of matter of jealousy and no will to share this easy money out of thin air.

  89. Bruno Verlinden

    Rubbish. It is not because you do not let 20 uninvited guests occupy your house that this is because you have some imaginary fear. It is because it is your house, where you keep your family happy and fed. First put a door in the EU and prove that you can close the border for 3 months. Then we discuss who we willingly let in. Not the other way, which is the unauthorised entry that you try to condone to hide the fact that you do not have a choice because you are not doing your job. Pushback.

    • Marco Carneiro

      The same way hippies and fairies brainwash other people around…

  90. Alexander Grech

    Islam.Untill they relinquish this dark age ideology from their political systems,the people will never be free.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      You should not judge Islam as if the religion is homogenous group.

      Muslims are as divers as the cultures it’s practiced in.

      Neither is it a dark age ideology, at least not any more than Christianity.

      If you are referring to it as dark age ideology because of the criminal punishment described in Sharia law, be advised that the vast majority of Muslim majority countries do not have sharia legislated into the country’s jurisprudence. Less than a handful of countries actually, punish criminal, apostates and adulterers.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Furthermore how can a religion that has given us Nobel prize winners, judges, lawyers notable judges, peers if the realm, surgeons, philosophers, entertainers, sports personalities, soldiers who have given their lives defending our common communities not to mention everyday bread and butter family providers and many more positive contributions be attributed to a religion you describe as a “dark age ideology”

    • Ibrahim Uzun

      Islam doesn’t have dark side, Islam is a beautiful religion , if you want to see dark side in the history books you can see the Germanys behaviour against the Jewish people , you can see the Spanish behaviour against the Jewish people, you can see the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people,
      even the worse of the European history of the dark side, the Belgian colonialism in Africa or the French barbaric war in Algeria or the slave trade again in Africa, and so on,
      Do you need more info about European dark history ?

    • Paul X

      @Ibrahim Uzun , Islam not got a dark side, you’re kidding right?

      All the things you quote are historical, and guess what, civilised people have learnt from history and accept what went on was wrong….now fast forward to the present day and look at Syria and what has been occurring there in the name of Islam, clearly the Muslims carrying out these atrocities didn’t do history at school..

  91. Alina Martiniuc

    Europeans are not scared of refugees. They are scared of terrorists, which is not the same thing.

  92. Antonio Anastasi

    Given that annual police statistics, independent studies and analysis of the recent refugees in the EU, debunking refugee crime, it’s obvious that people are misled by the perception and narrative created by far right groups like AFD, and PEGIDA of constant imminent danger and a non existence tsunami of crime.

    Another factor, also coming from the right is the intolerance being created through the narrative and rhetoric that refugees are stealing jobs from indigenous workers and people being forced out of their homes into the streets to give homes to refugees.

    It’s telling that these fears are more widespread in countries or regions of countries that have less refugees.

  93. Chris Pavlides

    No one scares. They are just non compatible – cheap hands. Scarry is the determination – dictation against local societies.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Apart that the video dies not show what started the argument, it shows no such thing as migrants beating people.

      This video shows nothing other than what often happens with drunken thugs or football hooligans all over Europe.

      Nobody ever said that refugees/migrants are innocent, but what the facts show is that they commit very little crime or a very small percentage of the crimes.

    • Daniel Meternă

      Antonio Anastasi you stupid little princk :(

    • Daniel Meternă

      Antonio Anastasi those are gipsyes, not romanian, stupid asshole

    • Arnout Posthumus

      the video shows nothing realy. thanks forthe scare mongering? Want me to post videos of white wankers attacking people? lol

  94. C3

    Why are you using an emotional word like “scared”? I don’t want ketchup in my coffee. Does this mean I’m scared of ketchup? No, it just doesn’t belong there. This is playground peer pressure, emotional nonsense.

  95. Chalks Corriette

    People do not have a problem with genuine displaced persons. They are however, afraid of the far right and press representation of what a displaced person is. Add to that, the inability of the political elite to put a coherent plan together and boom – the fear baby is born.

  96. Andrea Scacchi

    Fuck this page!
    How could someone answer politely at every bollocks these page provide to us?
    They are succeding in making me hate the EU every day a bit more.
    Fuck the EU.
    Long live the european people!
    I hope for a confederation of free people rather than a forced union of enslaved nation.
    Fuck Bruxelles.

  97. Ibrahim Uzun

    Islam doesn’t have dark side, Islam is a beautiful religion , if you want to see dark side in the history books you can see the Germanys behaviour against the Jewish people , you can see the Spanish behaviour against the Jewish people, you can see the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people,
    even the worse of the European history of the dark side, the Belgian colonialism in Africa or the French barbaric war in Algeria or the slave trade again in Africa, and so on,
    Do you need more info about European dark history ?

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Yes people will find that refugees/migrants are responsible for a small percentage of crimes committed.

    • Paul X

      post some links to reliable statistics to back this up then……

  98. Iosif Cristian

    “The second-largest city in Denmark is one of the most diverse in Scandinavia. It’s population of around 300,000 includes almost 40,000 migrants from roughly 130 countries. It has been welcoming refugees for decades, and has won awards for its approach to integration.” – from the 1st paragraph I can see that debating europe can’t make the difference between migrants and refugees … So your point it’s bullshit … Let the European citizens vote if they want or not refugees… until then Germany should take all the refugees because Merkel welcomed them.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      No actually, the acceptance rate of asylum applications Are as high as 75% and over 85% in the Northern countries.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      Also if they are not but are willing to die for a better life, maby we must redefine our words. Because from a humain point of view that is something we should care for.

    • Mariana Giozova

      Most of them can die it is true but in fact Europe is far. THere are closer safe countries around conflict regions. Or they just use the moment for better life.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Mariana Giozova in fact over 90% of refugees stay either displaced within the borders of their countries or in neighboring countries.

      It’s only a small trickle that heads for Europe and often, when they do it’s out of the desperation and inhumane conditions in the refugee camps, little water, not enough food, limited or no medical facilities, no doctors, no school for the children, no possibility for the dignity to work.

    • Oli Lau

      antonio would be curious to see your sources for such affirmation. France says she received 86000 demands of refugees and only 20000 have been accepted. we are “far” below your claim. and these figures do not represent the whole migration, only the part which make an official demand. the illegal one stay under the radar. political refugees are a tiny minority.


  99. Saul Crucero

    Why are Europeans so afraid of TERRORISTS, would be the right question, that is evading the main reason why people are afraid to take the refugees, besides economic situations in Europe now is not very promising. Unemployment in many parts of Europe are going up especially the young workers have a hard time finding a stable job.

  100. Jokera Jokerov

    Probably it has to do with the hundreds of innocent Europeans bombed, hit by trucks, stabbed, raped..
    I really do not know.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Probably has got more to do with misconceptions like yours which do not reflect reality.

      Have there been terror attacks, yes but sporadic and far between!

      Had there been crime yes, but migrants and refugees have been responsible for a very small percentage of the crimes committed in which refugees and migrants are under represented and where migrant with no chance of gaining asylum status over represented, albeit still under represented in national crime statistics.

    • Jokera Jokerov

      Remember New Year`s night at Cologne? Remember Bataclan? Remember Nice? Everyone can go on for many pages. And you call this “rare and limited” ?

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Jokera Jokerov in the last three years there have been 35 terrorist attacked, that’s 11 a year in half a dozen countries, so yes compared to say London between 1990 to 1999 which experienced about 10 IRA terrorists attacks A a year then yes Jihadist terrorism in Europe have been sporadic.

      To give it some perspective compare this to the 10 terrorist attacks a day in 2016 against refugees by far right groups or their supporters in Germany

      “Nearly 10 attacks were made on migrants in Germany every day in 2016, the interior ministry says.

      A total of 560 people were injured in the violence, including 43 children.

      Three-quarters of the attacks targeted migrants outside of their accommodation, while nearly 1,000 attacks were on housing.”


    • Antonio Anastasi

      Jokera Jokerov some more perspective

      “And in 2010-2014, the odds were significantly skewed: EU residents were 6,500 times more likely to die of suicide, 4,377 times in the case of car accidents, and 472 times in the case of homicide.

      Even with the heightened risk of terrorism, Europeans are much more at risk of dying of consumer products, in sporting accidents and even heat-waves than terrorism.

      Using data released in 2016, the risk of dying from machine accidents, consuming toxic products and hot-water accidents is 39 times higher than from terrorism.

      Dying in a bicycle, skiing or water-sports accident is 50 times more likely than being killed by a terrorist event.

      And Europeans were 85 times more at risk of dying from a heat wave (during the hottest year). In 2010-2014 the odds were closer to 588, 761, and 1,272 to one respectively.”


    • Jokera Jokerov

      Antonio, there is a saying in Russia: The Unwanted guest is worse than a Tartar. Yours and mine country have not suffered the worse yet.

  101. Arnout Posthumus

    Because they are brainless. In the netherlands we have 10 times the native criminals then lets say maroccans. But we only talk about the maroccans. Instead of spamming the white phedophiles or thier chruches.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      Antonio Anastasi I dont know I dont do media. I check the facts. Besides that the debate creates a wrong dimension of all refugees being bad. But if they are bad or not it is up to us to fill out the bad ones, refugee or native. Not helping refugees isnt an option.

      13/10/2017 Jacob Lang, student and local activist who lives in Aarhus, has responded to this comment.

    • Paul X

      So where exactly do you get your “facts” if not from the media, do you have a direct link to your police’s crime database?

      Maybe there is 10 times the native criminals because they make up 10 times more of the population, a more useful piece of data would be crimes committed per head by nationality, I’m sure you can use your bat-phone to find this out can you?

  102. Craig Willy

    Not hard to see that previous immigration from these regions (Africa, Mideast) has weakened the human capital and socio-cultural cohesion of Western European countries, not to mention significantly increased their welfare, crime, and terrorism rates from what they would otherwise be. Only “elites” can convince themselves this “cultural enrichment” is beneficial to our countries!

  103. Matej Zagorc

    Lol. It’s not always about fear or hate. For me it’s about the fact that as dysfunctional as it is, I love Europe and our cultures. These people do not share our culture, customs, religion and they will never integrate. In fact, we’ve grown rather passive in regards to this, while they have not and will always refuse to integrate and accept our culture.
    For me that is absurd and I’m sure others would agree, that if you live in another country, you must obey their laws and the longer you stay, the more you should accept their culture and customs- Europe is doing the opposite, it’s adapting to them.

    • Liz Lyz

      Go back in cave. I don’t think you get on with your neighbors also

    • Matej Zagorc

      Liz Lyz Your ‘argument’ is as bad as your grammar and deduction.

    • Zeljka Jeramaz

      Matej Zagorc I couldn’t agree more. Liz Lyz go live in your little bubble. Why don’t you go to Marseille and try to walk freely through muslim part of the town. Good luck with that.

  104. Be Ve

    First prove that europe can close the borders and then we can decide who we let in. Currently the open border policy is just incompetence.

  105. Tomislav Humić

    Yea all muslim are terrorist.. Other reasons include national pure blood, culture (they dont give shit about, but in this case they do), job thefts and much more

  106. Andrew Potts

    Jobs, housing, medical care, welfare, ghettos, education, cultural norms, sectarianism, LGBT rights erosion, economic sustainability, taxes, women’s rights, threat to small nations, globalisation does not represent communities, Religious State separation. Lobby groups, no upper limit ever stated, emotional bullying, gender imbalance, lower wages, stealing the better educated from countries that really need them, undemocratic, top down imposition, no end point explained. Social experiment with no reverse. None of these points are fears but real considerations to a Europeans, the fact liberal society brands anyone that asks these questions as racist says more about their dishonesty

    • Max Berre

      Well.. did you vote or campaign for your country to send troops to the existing conflict zones so that refugees might be prevented, or are you just complaining about the consequences of europe’s inaction in her back-yard after-the-fact?

      It’s clear that France sent troops to Mali to stop an Al-Qaeda caliphate from forming there, and that they sent their air-force to Libya, and Syria, and the Balkans. And they also tried some level of nation-building in Tunesia. But most of the rest of europe hasn’t even tried half as hard as that (and yet still manages to find time to complain).

  107. Attila Bűkős

    They are not refugges ,because officially war is end in the region of Middle East…
    Econimic migrants and they do not want to integrate in european society.
    They are against christian culture and I m politically correct and my oppinion is based on every day reality…
    I m not against islam or muslims !!! But I do not want to contribute in any form to came in Europe.
    Helping they to go home and rebuid they own country after war.

  108. Attila Bűkős

    Forget the concepts and go alone in no go zones and survive there….
    You will feel like in middle ages….

  109. Max Berre

    Well.. did you vote or campaign for your country to send troops to the existing conflict zones so that refugees might be prevented, or are you just complaining about the consequences of europe’s inaction in her back-yard after-the-fact?

    It’s clear that France sent troops to Mali to stop an Al-Qaeda caliphate from forming there, and that they sent their air-force to Libya, and Syria, and the Balkans. And they also tried some level of nation-building in Tunesia. But most of the rest of europe hasn’t even tried half as hard as that (and yet still manages to find time to complain).

    • Boyko Vesselinov

      French are proud of destroying Libya? Half way through it run out of ammo. Clowns.

    • Max Berre

      let’s not pretend. Libya was a dictatorship ruled by fear. Such states are inherently unstable, since the population and military might turn against the ruler at any given moment. It’s what we saw during the arab spring, but also during the breakup of yugoslavia, and during the fall of eastern europe. And we’re seeing it again right now in Venezuela. All of those collapse sooner or later.

      The fact that the French were only half-prepared for the Libyan situation, is less relevant than the fact that they actually went in the first place. The point was that they were trying to be the relevant country who tries to influence outside circumstances rather than be the weak party who gets ruled by them (which is kinda the norm in europe).

    • Nicolette Ladoulis

      Italy was more successful with Libya and with migrants, however. Germans paid a NATO ally to stem the tide. It is more complex than we admit because of all the former colonial people and the end of the USSR….just stopping the hate and integrating a while is smart diplomacy and business…if you think about it..send them back speaking your language and liking your culture is smart networking

    • Max Berre

      I would say that Italy made the best effort it could considering its limited resources and the refusal of support from its EU colleagues during 2015 (which was ultimately reversed). But going forward, the EU member nations will need to learn to work together more reliably in order for the instabilities of the european neighborhood to be managed. And they’ll need to pay attention to who gets to buy EU weaponry (Ghadaffi had modern EU-made anti-tank missiles, while the Croats had east-german fighter jets during the balkan wars).

      Also, you make a good point about the smart-diplomacy approach to this.

    • Boyko Vesselinov

      Oh yes, now Libya is a flowrishing democracy. And we on the Balkans will be forever grateful to Nato for the depleted uranium bombs in Yougoslavia over civil population. Bloody hypocrites.

  110. Emrah Can

    Because they think every refugee is a potential terrorist . Because medias only pass bad images about muslims . Because we cannot dominate our fears . Because we dont realize that , it s the consequence of the climate change that we first caused etc etc…

    • Liz Lyz

      I agree with you! So sad there are so many washed brains

  111. Bódis Kata

    Why do you keep asking dumb questions?

    One doesn’t have to be “afraid” to want to avoid a return to the medieval.

  112. Pedro Jorge Lemos

    Because many are part of a satanic group that will start the genocide of european people by their dark agenda

  113. Carl Sebastian Steenekamp

    Probably because of the terrorism that has risen dramatically since they came in 2015? I have no problem with refugees, but as long they don’t have any criminal history and are documented. And we should only accept refugees that actually have suffered under their former circumstances like women, children and the elderly.

  114. Alfonso Martìnez Montoya

    Because they have tons of xenofobic and racist ideas mixed with weak brains and very low moral and ethical levels.
    Shame on this europeans!

  115. Anatilde Alves

    Coz of shitty journalism labels! People are afraid coz social media tells them to. They think they are all terrorist etc, we also have terrorists here, some of them are in the government, just look at Austria.

  116. Paul Vincent

    You must not conflate refugees with economic migrants.
    The former have very specific rights guranteed under international law and are (mostly) respected.
    The huge numbers of migrants coming to europe during the last few years are not that. However understandable their motivation, their sheer numbers can overwhelm local services and add to the concerns of developing ethic and cultural ghettos.

    • Ivan Burrows

      So the mass murder of innocent Europeans at the hands of the followers of Islam as nothing to do with it ?

    • Pierluigi Michetti

      And what about the mass murder of innocent people at the hands of self-proclaimed Christians?

  117. Adnan Soysal

    because europe is social welfare continent. people do not want resources that they can claim and consume to be transferred to alians.

  118. AJ Nemec

    Because the European governments are trying to replace their indigenous native populations with al these refugees

  119. Tom Kuilder

    1. They are not refugees but economic migrants 2. They rape,kill and commit crime at a far higher rate than ethnic Europeans 3. They jeopardize the welfare system in many countries 4. They refuse to integrate in Western society 5. The majority puts religious laws above THE law. 6. They undermine the social integrity of the countries they reside in. 7. They should not be here, they should be rebuilding their own countries.

  120. Franck Legon

    Nobody’s “scared” of refugees, that’s just pure propaganda, they are less than 2% of the incoming flood of 1 millions a year this past 2 years (data UNHCR), that is 40 000 for 2 years we can integrate without any problem according to refuge rights. We in large majority desagree with the economic migrants flood of 1 600 000 for 2 years with reason because we already have an unemployment rate for the active population of the UE that is average 1/4, with another 1/4 being poor and part time workers families, and that importing more people for keeping general economic growth for the only profit of shareholders means taking the money to make them a living on european mid class workers such as employes, artisans, which kills our hability to make our own living and childrens stable futur. It is also a proven fact that people integrate in a society when they are a few, but don’t above a number we already overreached in the 90’s for the attractive western countries. Up above this number, they don’t need to integrate anymore because they have their own comunity, competing the local one, and in our case with much lower standards in citizens, education, women and workers rights, pulling us down, and dividing society with religious claims that lead to interethnic and interreligious riots, insecurity, violence and rapes because they come from places it is the norm. Europeans are not selfish nor than “xenophobic”, they just don’t want to loose it all for a few’s profit on taxes and shareholding, the so called “social and human rights UE” is making us all proletarians-renting-place-poor-workers-consumers under laws coming from above lobbying in a society skiping back centuries ago to violent obscurantism, that’s not what we intended with UE wich we’ve built for being a federation of free progressive democratic countries. Always more and more people for monetary stocks growth will end very bad, human can not be industrialized spareabale pieces, it takes decades to have a few integrated repecting biotop balance, you can not expect it to succeed without a strong long going rights-responsibilities link inbetween a territory and its owners-inhabitants, inheriting from your grand-grandfather and working for the sure profit of your grand-grand childrens is a minimum, you’re heading us to major global mass extinction disaster acting like man is an industrial adjutable component. We need a realy restrictive imigration policy for UE which inner population already made its evolution to a sustainable reproduction rate, and a strong restrictive demographic policy for external countries which didn’t, or the end is near when we like insane insects will have eaten the fruits and the tree.

    • JD Blaha

      no they are not a ‘invading force’ – and they are certainly not interested in Romania, so you can remain calm

    • Sabin Popescu

      Perhaps you should read more that leftist propaganda from the EC regarding the subject.
      Since you are so welcoming, how many refugees have you hosted in your home so far?

  121. Val Anderson

    Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran have plenty of land, it’s time refugees start taking advantage of that … most of them DO NOT want to blend with European culture, they are turning Europe into the middle east

  122. Andrea Scacchi

    Most “refugees” are economic migrant who do not share western values like milions of islamic believers and africaans who still behave like we are in the paleolithic and basically everyone who doesn’t understand three simple rules:
    1) women are not sexslave
    2) religion is not law.
    3)democracy better than theocracy.
    I have nothing against particular group or skin tones. I judge your behaviour and your culture.(You random snowflakes who scream of racism)

    • Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

      Many of the ekonomic migranter is tjat due to that we Was and are Steeling their livelyhood big companies from both EU And USA are takeing away The farmland without compensasion. Big fisherbots from EU are mening their Costao arias from fish. And also The global warming.

    • Andrea Scacchi

      Poor bad west. Buuuhuuh
      They should go to mcdonald HQ. Not to Italy, Greece and Germany.

      You can migrate in other country but you need to follow many rule to apply legally. What’s wrong with that?

      Let me invade your house, stole your shit and claim that you are racist because you fight back.. that’s right?! In what world you live my friend?

  123. William Steinberg Fogle

    PC euphemisms aside, perhaps it’s the rise in stabbings, bombings, rapes, attacks, truck slaughters, car slaughters, concert bombings….

  124. Vicente Silva Tavares

    Why? Because most of them are Muslims and the terrorism acts are done by Muslims. Their neighborhoods police do not enter. They try to silence our freedom of speech with accusations of racism and islamophobia, they rape our women (see Sweden), they go to our pools and piss on them (see Germany), they traffic on drugs (see France,Sweden etc), they live on our benefits paid by our taxes stressing our welfare systems to the limit. And thank us with bombs, stabbings, machine guns and rolling over us with cars and trucks. And you ask why we are afraid? Are you naive?

  125. Chris Pavlides

    The people so call “refuges” are actually mass invadors. A bio tool towards demographic and socioeconomic crime on locals. Honestly, which are the real numbers of population mix today in Greece or Italy?

  126. Larry Moffett

    Because of the abysmal level of primitive ignorance, irrational prejudice and superstition so blatantly displayed in these comments, most of which I could report to Facebook for violating its community standards.

  127. Katerina Mpakirtzi

    Because Turks hate speeches against christians are daily- are Isis friends and send us million unknown people. Of course they want jobs but Who is Who??

    • Vincent Kleijn

      that’s something that we can find out, right?

    • Vincent Kleijn

      knowledge of history is a good thing… Most refugees are young men because they have family (often with wife and children) to take care for and they are hoping to find job and provide them with aid. Plus, men are mostly more daring and doing things to survive (no offense at all towards women, it’s a simple fact). About history. In the past times most refugees where also young men (Hungarians with the Soviets, Jews with the Nazis and do you remember Mozes with his fellows, mostly young men too!!!)

  128. David Fernandes Coelho

    We are not scared iradicate hunger and poverty within the EU first then I am sure everybody will be more willing to share. How fair is it to offer say a house and 1000 euros per month to someone from outside when you say you cant do the same for those inside but its our taxes that pay for all that.

    • Vincent Kleijn

      ok, now, I’m a Dutch man working in Prague. The Czech tax authority knows very well how to take taxes from my (hard-earned) salary. Now, I rather pay taxes for refugees coming from any war-torn country then for the Czech person who is too stubborn or lazy to find a job… And no, I didn’t steal any Czechs persons job because I’m doing B2B support to Dutch/Belgian hotels and most Czechs even have a hard time with speaking English, so Dutch speaking Czechs are even harder to find. Plus, the company that I’m working for (same as all other multinationals in this or any other country) actually creates jobs for other people. That said. Yes, we have to take care of our European citizens too, fact is that we can but we (governments) don’t want to. We shouldn’t blame Syrian/Afghan/Eritrean refugees for that!

  129. Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    To many is not used to have some and also bad education in The matter in combination with bad talks from The politicians and some newspapers

  130. Luís Estanqueiro

    Because we’re importing people with different life experiences and cultures who (through no fault of their own) have been raised in a hostile environment that -might- raise them more hostile. That’s what I hear more often.

    • Vincent Kleijn

      why aren’t we all afraid of all men (including me, said the idiot) ?Lots of men are doing extremely bad things (metoo and that kind of shit and much and much more) Why are we still allowing mosquitos to be here??? Why are rats still walking the streets (and no, I don’t only mean the neo/nazis who are so opposite refugees…) ? Why are we (not me, not drinking alcohol and not having a drivers license) still drinking alcohol and get into our cars?

  131. Vicente Silva Tavares

    Why we are afraid? If it was only Christians, Yazidis and Atheists would be all right. But look at the Muslims behaviour in Europe: 22 March United Kingdom – Westminster Bridge: A Muslim drove over pedestrians killing 6 and injuring 49; 3 April Russia , St Petersburg – a suicide bomber exploded himself in the metro killing 5 and injuring 15; France, 20th April – a Muslim attack police officers and a bystander killing 2 and injuring 3; United Kingdom 22th May – Manchester Arena bombing killing 22 and injuring 129; United Kingdom 3rd June – London Bridge attack – killing 11, injuring 48; France 6th June – Notre Damme attack – injuring 2; Spain 18th August – Barcelona attack – killing 15 injuring 120; These only in Europe to not talk about the world. And you still ask why we are scared? You should be ashamed of asking that question. Do you want the list of 2016? 2015? I can give it to you. I hope one day they target EU headquarters, may be then you will learn.

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