It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Call a snap election, get a thumping majority and a proper mandate from the British people. Put “Mayism” on the map as a radical conservative ideology and start the Brexit negotiations with a strong hand. Maybe even reshuffle a couple of difficult colleagues out of the cabinet.

The result, however, has been very different. Today, British voters wake up to a hung parliament. At the time of writing, Theresa May is reportedly refusing to resign. However, her credibility has been seriously damaged and it’s unclear whether she will be able to cling to power. The leader of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which the Conservatives will need in order to prop up a minority government, has said it will be “very difficult for [May] to survive”.

Britain’s economic prospects look anything but ‘strong and stable’. The pound has fallen in value again, which is likely to push up inflation. The UK has gone from the fastest-growing economy within the G7 to the worst performing in less than 12 months. Unemployment is at historically low levels, but political chaos is likely to increase uncertainty and discourage investment and hiring of new employees.

Brexit negotiations are due to start in 10 days time. Who is going to be sitting across the table from EU Commission negotiator Michel Barnier? What will the British position be? Will the new government be able to guarantee it can get any deal through parliament? Or will it limp along before collapsing midway through the negotiations?

What does the British election result mean for Brexit? Have British voters stopped a “hard Brexit”? Or have they made it more likely by giving eurosceptic backbench MPs power over a minority government? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. Marko Martinović

    Hopefully Brexit will be quick. They cannot afford to muck about it. EU will probably use all of this to atempt sabotage of it.

    • Michael Holz

      For now the UK is sabotaging it alone pretty well.

    • Marko Martinović

      EU and remainers do not get that this sabotage only hurts EU and theirs reputation. It shows EU as a bully and a tyrant.

    • Pedro Castro

      EU is a tyrant becouse you can’t make up your mind? Boy, you sure drank it all!!

      Personaly i can’t wait you’re out!

    • Marko Martinović

      No. Not my point. Dont put words in my mouth. EU is trying to sabotage Brexot is showing that it is tyrannical. Also EU is not democratic

    • Stephen Smith

      EU isn’t sabotaging anything!! This is our government making a fuckup of it

    • Friedrich

      LOL – Great britain made the referendum and the new alections. They new that the negotiations will start in 10 days. So there are lots of bad things in the EU, but this situation is caused by the british – and only be them.

    • Steven Nugent

      No, this is 99% May fucking a lot of things up. She couldn’t leave well enough alone.

    • Alexander Nemeth

      Why u are blaming EU? They have nothing to do with Theresa and the thinks how she is leading…… UK government fa@…them self in the ass again.

    • Karolina

      The Brits are their own punishment.

  2. Rosy Forlenza

    It means that the hard Brexit, which was never on the ballot paper in the referendum, has no mandate. So the people have said, enough austerity, hands off the NHS, and the 48 per cent woke up the students and they put a massive limit on what May and her hard liners think that they can and cannot do. It is a mess alright, but i am happy enough with it.

    • James Scott Wilson

      I voted labor but it dosent mean i dont want a hard brexit. Dont assume.

    • Rosy Forlenza

      James Scott Wilson I am not assuming James, Gisela Stuart wants a hard Brexit (will she go back to Germany after same I wonder). But that is not the point. May asked for a strong mandate for a hard brexit, she didn’t get one. Corbyn is clear he wants the uk to remain in the CUSTOMs union (at least in terms of this election).. That wass my point, Corbyn could also next time round decide actually a hard brexit would be on the cards for Labour, but that was not what he campaigned this time round.

    • Paul X

      Love the way people go on about “Hard Brexit” as if there was any other option. The referendum was on leaving the EU which meant leaving all its institutions, there was nothing else on the ballot paper because there was nothing else to offer. We leave then try and negotiate what type of relationship we want to re-establish
      The EU isn’t offering anything else but “hard Brexit” so why should we pretend there is anything else?

    • Jokera Jokerov

      As Mrs May won more votes and more seats than Mr Corbyn, it will be hard Brexit. And most probably with no deal.

  3. Zille Vuk

    It means that FAKE MEDIA LIKE BBC wich promote immigration wants stupid Brits to sell there ass to Saudies and there jihadies..

    • Zille Vuk

      My stalker is back.. Im sorry Pedro but im NOT GAY… Sorry to hurt your feelings !!

  4. Franck Néo Legon

    It should mean nothing, the people voted for Brexit, so whichever political employee is in duty, he has to make brexit effective. Supposing we are in a democracy, not like France or Nederland where people’s vote in referendums is nothing to the leading class.

    • Steven Nugent

      Yes, but may just showed she is extremely weak and incapable and will need to join with a homophobic party to get a majority. This will damage negotiations massive ly.

    • Kim Clemance

      No, what will damage negotiations is that people was given a choice. Brexit or a magic money tree and the greedy went for the magic money tree. Get stuffed blaming TM. It was YOU who voted!

    • Steven Nugent

      It means a lot, it means she doesn’t have anywhere near the negotiating power that she wanted.

  5. klassen

    Brexit is still a go .. She still has the most votes!
    The globalists gained a bit but still lost .
    Try to see the flipside of the coin instead of the corporate spin in the media .
    Its easy to see what the british want , they still want out , this is positive for brexit..
    Now democratic referendums for the rest of europe.
    Oops were not allowed.
    Take the win and get out of the eu prison as fast as you can.

    She WON.

    • Friedrich

      Did May really won? she wanted a big majority but she LOST seats. Where did may won? She wanted this elections to become stronger – but she is weaker. Where the hell did she won?

  6. Paul Vincent

    Who knows…May will attempt to lead a minority govt with dup support…but as dup are very pro brexit (more hard line than many tories)…it may not make too much difference….but all minority govt are inherently unstable…so another election in the short t/medium term is likely.

  7. Victor Abreu

    Mas os ingleses já votaram ou não? Se votaram a saída é mesmo para sair. Só especula~ções

    • Paul X

      Forgive me if I missed it but I haven’t seen a list of varying “hardness” options?

      Certainly there is nothing coming from the EU that indicates they are offering any variations on in or out

  8. catherine benning

    What does the British election result mean for Brexit?

    This was a deliberate move by the Tories. Why is an enigma, but clearly, they did not want the landslide they were on their way to.

    Four weeks ago she had a 17% lead. Then, as it was going along so well, she decided to tell her main voters, the older population, that if she won she was going to rob them of their paid for homes to use for the cost of their aged care, this was on houses that has cost pennies and had risen in value through inflation. She also told the country they were going to consider raising university tuition fees and remove the free school dinners for poor small school children. Immediately she lost her lead, it cut to neck and neck with Labour. They were promising total parental care for the entire population.

    Labour lied about the renationalisation of railways and the freezing of train fares,
    to remove the bedroom tax and on and on. As he wanted to remain in Europe, had they done so, it would have made it impossible to give the people what they wanted. As those decision are taken in Europe. Just as it was impossible for Hollande, Tsipras and the rest of them.Yet May decides to tell the nation just at the last minute, she is going to extend hard austerity… Make everyone suffer dreadfully, as well as lose their homes on top of it. It finished her. Anyone in her position would have known this would bring about failure. And it did. So, either it was deliberate or she is unfit for the position of leader. He judgement is no longer credible for a person aspiring for leadership.

    Was she afraid of being leader? Or, was this created in order to be able to pander to those seeking no Brexit or soft Brexit? She was, after all, a Remainer so she decided to f–k it up as the Ugandan didn’t completely get away with doing that in the courts as they hoped it would.

    However, she is going to pay. She will be hated by the people for doing this. There will have to be another vote in the Autumn. What a horror show this is. The only one left for leader is David Davis. Or some mean mother F who decides to cut lose from Europe and tell them all to piss off out of it.

    Exciting times.

    • Dave

      I think she was honest. To make a success of Brexit you need a massive re-organisation. It is so obvious and still noone speaks about it. NHS is unsustainable unless more funding is poured in so it is rightfully up for sale. What do people expect if no deal is reached with the EU? How can she say the EU leaders country is readuly for a very hard brexit? She needs to save money which means CUTs and make Britain attractive with low taxes etc. It is soo bloody obvious! :D

  9. EU Reform- Proactive

    For the UK internally: probably a waste, political “mavericky”, gambling & greed. Red faces, embarrassment & blow-back.

    One EU answer: “Let me (Guy Verhofstadt) say to her (T. May): the election result will have no impact on the EU.”

  10. ironworker

    What does the British election result mean for Brexit?

    Not too much I guess. Everything will go according to the Brits will.

  11. Cliff Wilson

    May thought she would win easily and did not prepare properly for the election. Her thoughts were on Brexit. She was honest and sensible with her policies that made sense and were affordable. What she failed to do was show just how bad the Labour plans were and how economically illiterate they were. Young people who never saw the 1970’s don’t remember interest rates of 26% and the hardship caused by Socialists. One term of Corbyn and Labour will put the UK back for at least 25yrs. It will be buried under a sea of debt made more expensive by its damaged economy. Regrettably the young are headstrong but generally poor on understanding of business and politics. They are following their hearts.

    • Young

      I dont think the youngs are illiterate. Not at all! For all my friends this was a protest vote. We all knew it was unlikely for Corbyn to win. However, the Tory are skrewing my generation BIG time so it was high time we showed some defiance!

  12. Maia Alexandrova

    The election result was a classic lesson about greed – if you have a lot, but you still want more and more, then you will end up with less than you had before, or even nothing. Since Theresa May had the same reasons to call the election as the voters did for Brexit (not being strong enough to deal with the problems, but just blaming someone else and wanting an easy way out), I expect the lesson to be repeated, but on a national scale. This means a bad deal, or even worse – no deal with EU. Towards the end of 2018, after seeing where things are heading to, the UK government might decide to free itself from the responsibility to plunge the country into the biggest crisis ever, so it is likely that there will be another referendum, this time with the question: “Do you agree for UK to exit EU without a free trade deal?” If, after all, they manage to negotiate a hasty deal, then it would probably be still put to the people for approval. Voting “yes” would mean leaving the EU on the terms of that deal, “no” would mean a choice of either staying in the EU, or leaving without a deal. In this way British and Commonwealth citizens will make their verdict on the future of the UK and finally free themselves from this agony, giving themselves a chance to move on from this mess (it is strange that Commonwealth citizens are allowed to vote and determine the fate of the British people, but there are many illogical things in all this Brexit affair).

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maia Alexandrova
      If you want to know why Commonwealth brothers and sisters can vote in UK referenda, find out what ‘FCO’ stands for.

      At the end of the day you EU-foreigners are in the UK context, just that – FOREIGNERS!

    • catherine benning

      @ Maia Alexandrova

      The biggest crisis the UK ever had was to allow our idiot politicos to take us into the stranglehold of the European Economic Community. Which was a market and not sold to us as political takeover. Which it became long after under the European Union.

      The UK citizen did not want any part of government by Europe and was never given a voice once these changes were made. Finally, the nest of vipers we have called government, decided to grant their funders, us, a voice and all but the foreigners we have in our midst, voted to get rid of the noose around our necks, them.

      Get this through your thick head. We do not want to pay for your extravagance. We have swallowed too much of the poison already. You keep all your doors open and end your European cultural evolution and good fortune to you as you do it. However, leave Britain to fly or fall under our own steam.

      You have no democracy. You are run by opportunists with no vision or intelligence and with a hatred of their own heritage. So much so they are turning it into a third world existence. The joke is, the people of Europe are falling for the scam. Decade after decade they lay down and roll over for mass destruction of their society and civilization. The UK citizen does not back you in that decision and will not be joining you. We do wish you the very best of luck though.

      Auf Wiedersehen

    • Karolina

      A Commonwealth “Brother” trying to prop up his compatriots, Tarquin? Do you see the EU citizens, with whom the UK shares genetics and cultural heritage as a threat? Siblings can get into competition, jealousy etc…

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Tarquin Farquhar, it is quite a foolish idea to think that non-EU citizens are somehow not foreigners in the UK and only EU citizens are… The Commonwealth is nothing more than the British Empire under a new name – hardly a thing to be proud of. I wouldn’t be surprised, if in future this voting by Commonwealth foreigners is abolished, because it is not fair for foreigners to determine the fate of British people.

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Catherine Benning, it is arguable who has the thick head in this case. One thing is sure, though – arrogance will not succeed.

    • Paul X

      Maia, why is the commonwealth something not to be proud of?..and if you want the main difference between commonwealth “foreigners” in the UK and EU “foreigners” is that commonwealth immigrants have earned the moral right to come to the UK from links to the empire that go back hundreds of years, but more importantly because throughout history people from the commonwealth have laid down their lives serving alongside British forces. Putting aside Poland and the bravery of their forces alongside the British during WW2, the rest of the EU thinks it has a right to come here just because of a trade based treaty cynically manipulated by an organisation which has only been in existence for less than 60 years

    • Karolina

      Londonistan to finally embrace its brothers of the Boko Haram and Taliban.

  13. Ștefan Alexandru

    It means the political stability and reaching consensus is becoming ever so harder and it’s a living but dying proof that knee jerk reactions in votes without proper information and education can lead to salt and vinegar. Piece by John Oliver in regards to what does this particulary mean:

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Ștefan Alexandru
      What a horrible patronising post?

    • Paul X

      Quite how you think a piece by John Oliver in any way factually supports an arguement is a mystery. He’s just some smug, second rate commentator who attempts to be witty, his opinions are no more valid han anyone elses including people on here

  14. Karolina

    Well, in Brussels it was seen as an opportunity to soften or reverse Brexit, if the hard-line Brexiters didn’t get elected. From the point of view of the UK, I think they just confirm the lack of stability and uncertainty that the country is in.

  15. Karolina

    The Queen’s speech looked more like a funeral (definitely if you looked at Charles’ face) apart from the Queen herself who looked so exasperated that you thought she was about to kill someone.. I don’t blame her.

    • catherine benning


      Queenie was impatient to get to Ascot for the first race at 2.30pm. Her interests lie in her horses not her subjects.

  16. John Elliott

    The election result will hopefully encourage a more constructive and inclusive debate upon the Brexit process. The legal issues relating to the rights of EU nationals already living and working within the UK must be resolved as soon as possible as must the rights of UK citizens living on the continent. It must be remembered by everyone that the British electorate voted by a majority to leave the EU and that is what will happen. We as a nation cannot afford to continue to create uncertainty by having a second referendum because some citizens did not approve of the result of the first. What must also be remembered is that the EU has just as much to loose financially as the UK from a bad Brexit so let us be open minded and constructive but not obstructive.

  17. Martin

    Consider the massive sacrifices of British lives to HELP the people of Europe, now disrespected by them because we don’t agree with the brainwashing of importing of cheap labour by the businesses/politicians of Europe !
    We don’t want to lose our European friends, but, if they want to treat us badly due to our peoples disgust with the Germans & cheap labour powerful businesses, they are brainwashed !
    We have long been friends, but if you think that evil treatment of the UK in negotiations will be good for your Country – watch & see !
    The European family can work, or if the Germans get their way against us, it can fail !
    Our influence and business allies outside Europe exceed 1/3 of the Worlds population & FAR exceed the EU’s failing market worth .
    The disrespect of our sacrifices to Europe, given help against the nazis is now self evident, but our grieving families here won’t forgive your betrayal 😡

  18. catherine benning

    What does the British election result mean for Brexit?

    For Brits who are still believing we should be part of Europe. Take note of this crap. They are believing the spin freaks who are paid by Brussels, are trying to sell.

    Time for the silent mass majority to march on a rage day.

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