These days, Malmö is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. The third-largest city in Sweden is often held up by far-right politicians as an example of failed refugee and integration policies.

Supporters of multi-culturalism point out that, in many way, the influx of refugees to Malmö has been enormously positive. The city has recovered from its 1980s slump, when its population was actually falling due to emigration, and new businesses are opening all the time.

The claims that Malmö has become the “rape capital” of Europe also appear unfounded, as rates across Sweden are high because of stricter rules around how rapes are reported, and the rate of reported rapes has in fact declined from its peak in 2010, before the most recent refugee crisis.

Nevertheless, there are problems in Malmö; for example, the unemployment rate for foreign-born men is 30%, much higher than the national average of 8%.

In order to take a closer look at the local impact of the refugee crisis, we launched our ‘Cities & Refugees‘ project – aimed at fostering a Europe-wide dialogue between citizens, refugees and asylum seekers, NGOs, politicians, and European leaders. The emphasis will be on connecting local, everyday life at the city level to decisions made in Brussels and national capitals.

Sweden has taken in more refugees per capita than any other Western country. This influx has led to political pressure from the far-right, who argue that the country has been too liberal with its refugee policy.

The far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) have increased their popularity at every national election since the party entered the Riksdagen (the Swedish Parliament); from 2.9% of votes in 2006, to 5.7% in 2010, and 12.9% in the most recent elections in 2014. In the upcoming elections in 2018, they are predicted to take from 17-26%. Malmö, with its large foreign-born population, is also a stronghold for the SD.

Curious to know more about refugees and the far-right in Sweden? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

In February 2017, US President Donald Trump was mocked online for referring to a non-existent terror attack in Sweden. Six weeks later, Trump’s supporters felt vindicated when an actual attack took place in Stockholm, killing three people. Our readers, including Ahmed and Ivan, where divided about which side was right. So, what do people think in Sweden? Do Swedes feel the refugee crisis is as bad as President Trump is making out?

To get a reaction, we spoke to Anders Hellström, a senior lecturer at Malmö University whose research focus includes the politics of multi-culturalism and neo-nationalism in Scandinavia. What would he say?

We also had a comment from Michael, who told us a story about his grandmother’s experience in Malmö.

Image of a citizenMy grandmother was a refugee who lived in Malmö after the war and she described it as an idyllic place, so safe that people would leave their doors unlocked. She told me she had once found a wallet someone had left on their seat and took it to the local police station so they might find the owner, but that this was nothing extraordinary for the time. Can you imagine such a story in today’s Malmö, with grenades flying through the windows? I would actually be too afraid to visit my grandmother’s post-war home nowadays because it is now one of the most violent parts of Europe.

Michael thinks safety fears are behind the rise in the vote for the far-right. Is he right? We asked Anders Hellström to respond.

Is the refugee crisis boosting the far-right? Are safety fears are behind the rise in the vote for the far-right in Malmö? Do Swedes feel the refugee crisis is as bad as President Trump says? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take it to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Anders Henrikson
The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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  1. avatar
    Tchoum Xav

    The right and left are making this crisis possible. They are failing to help people in danger, they should all be trialled for crimes against humanity.

  2. avatar
    Luis Reis

    What’s boosting it’s political class incompetence, the corruption and them being muppets in the hands of financial corporations

  3. avatar
    Daniel Parvanov

    It is not necessary to be far right, it should not a saint cow question we just should discuss the problem and fix it

  4. avatar
    Fernando Nabais

    What is the far-right? It seems anyone who wants to keep Europe’s identity is already far-right.

    • avatar
      Edita Buržinskaitė

      Yeah, it’s funny, cause I have never been even remotely “right-wing” but, apparently, just because I don’t want Europe to become Eurabia in the near future, I’m now “far right”.

  5. avatar
    Peter van Wijmeren

    You mean open borders. And why is it wrong to protect your own culture? Aren’t your house doors locked? Why is the victim being blamed for protecting itself from mass invasion from the middle east and Africa? Why not respect each others’ countries and kick out the war mongers and people who openly push for and support diversity? Because they are causing more trouble and unease than anything we’ve seen since the colonization of Christianity in Europe.

    • avatar
      Davide Albertazzi

      The problem is , you want close the EU Borders or your country Borders?

    • avatar
      Peter van Wijmeren

      The EU has no border. The EU has zero mandate from the Europeans. There are only national borders. We don’t want nor need refugees. Immigration is good, but only let in those that are useful to our economy and are 100% capable of integration and can be security checked.

  6. avatar
    Marko Martinović

    First duty of any nation is to protect its people. EU endangered its people for political correctness and points. This is a crime. EU officials who allowed this to happen should be charged with aiding terrorism and as acomices to numerous migrant crimes. This is not question of left/right. If EU continues to behave in such a way, it will be disbanded.

    • avatar
      David Heal

      The EU does not exist as an entity. It is the COUNTRIES of the EU which decided on open borders, having realised that there is no point in passports (ever seen anyone put down ‘terrorist’, ‘wanted criminal’, drug smuggles’ as their profession?).

    • avatar
      Marko Martinović

      First of all Shegen would take care of that ….but it was broken on purpose. There was no real vetting. Its not just terrorist, but also a culture that kills legally rape victims, gays, atheists etc etc. This caused this huge crisys. Its not just the terrorist. EU is now trying to force those people on members that refuse to take in those people and even threaten sanctions. Poland does not have terrorist attacks. EU leaders who caused this disaster need to be put in jail and kept ther. They are acomplicess and terror enablers

  7. avatar
    Bart Van Damme

    Yes, but only to a certain degree. It’s also because the left has made it impossible to talk about (or do something about) issues with migration because “you racist!!!”. People are sick and tired of “progressive” leftists constantly virtue signalling and ignoring issues as a result.

    • avatar
      Giambelli Luca

      They arrive in Italy. We take all the women, and let the men go where they wish. Sorry, our fault. You know, lady first… LOL

    • avatar
      Panos Fotopoulos

      Giambelli Luca It’s sad because when people see Italian rejecting them they all like “Oh racists !” Like, fuck you man, like you said most of them are grown male and not even syrians. They took them all just for cheap working hands only stupid people think our governments wanted to help them lol..Anyway like you said my friend, INVASION.

  8. avatar
    Michael Michał Gajos

    the refugee crisis is boosting ANYONE that comes up with a solution to problems it breeds.
    Quit trying to do damage control and start doing something,

  9. avatar
    John Sudar

    nations should learn from history but not be straight-jacketed by it; my fear is the bending over backwards to not recreate the 1930’s is leading straight to a recreation of the 1930’s. sadly, PC restrictions make the open debate that can prevent this nearly impossible to have.

  10. avatar
    Stefano Revelante

    EU should always have open borders and be the leading example of multiculturalism, integration and humanitarian help to the ones in need. If the unemployment rate is higher, the blame should be put on the governments since it’s their duty to lead and solve problems. So no the refugees are not the problem, they are the result of African / Middle eastern countries being economical destroyed or war thorn by other countries policy. But you know, it’s easier to blame/stereotype others for our problems than to look for a solution and understanding that we are part of the problem.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      “EU should always have open borders and be the leading example of multiculturalism, integration and humanitarian help to the ones in need”

      Why exactly?..What’s in it for the peoples of Europe?…why should this agenda be forced upon them by peer pressure from the Liberal Left?

      I’m sure the leftist, do-good brigade sleep sound at night in the knowledge of how much other people’s money they are spending on helping the needy of this world….meanwhile the rest of us lie awake at night trying to understand why despite paying so much tax, the social conditions and infrastructure of our countries are crumbling around us

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Stefano Revelante

    • avatar
      Jeanne Griffin

      So how much demographic change are you willing to tolerate in the spirit of multiculturalism and diversity?

    • avatar
      Rafel Sarasa Culebras

      Yeah, let the governments solve our problems. Europe doesn’t fucking learn does it?

    • avatar

      Open borders?? There are 7 billion people in the world. From those, about 6 billion live in absolute poverty. Europe has about 300 million people that has a not bad life standard. If you open the borders and only 50 million of those come, most of them without the minimal conditions to find a job, many of them come already radicalized, it will be everything over from night to day. So you want the solve the problems of the world with open borders??? Any 5 years old child can see very easily that it does not solve the problem and instead, we will be destroyed. Leftists love the idea to live in the shit. Leftism is a mental disorder. Go to live in Afghanistan!!

  11. avatar
    Tom Tailgunner

    Guess why the 2nd biggest party in Sweden is the Nazi party! Next election they could be the biggest. Immigration a problem in Europe, naaaaa.

  12. avatar
    Cãlin Rednic

    It isn’t a refuggee crisis, but it is an uncontrolled immigration one. Stop mixing the terms, because also the solutions of the two situations have different bases.

    • avatar
      Stewart Cake

      Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden, you’re going to have to provide some proof it’s a “no go” area.

      Otherwise I’m just going to assume it’s people not wanting you around.

    • avatar
      Carol Chapman

      Haha I live in Spain so have no idea whereabouts she meant but think she has family there!!

    • avatar
      Manuel Cordón Hernández

      I went to Malmo in March, and streets were completely empty, deserted, lifeless. It reminded me of my country a little bit: people are afraid to go outside.

  13. avatar
    Lynne Warner

    Stupidity of far left politicians are creating the crisis with their globalist agenda. Why can’t people feel safe in their own countries. What gives the EU the right to say that peaceful people must make sacrifices of themselves for the good of those that don’t want to integrate, take more than their fair share out of the economy, shut people up with PC agendas meant to protect the ideology of extremism and leftist PC bulldust?

    • avatar
      Max Berre

      Seems to me that They are more concerned with getting away from ISIS and/or Assad than about any sort of high-minded theoretical/ideological bullshit people on the internet are spouting.

      So, either you are in the conflict zone wearing a rifle & a blue helmet, while generally making yourself useful, or you really haven’t got much to say.

    • avatar
      Jose Quintans

      Lynne, trust your own people, we’ll overcome it, not without pain though. The dawn comes after the darkest hours.
      Max Berre if you wear a rifle and a blue helmet then shut up and do your work.

  14. avatar
    Tim Nick Knight

    Far right,. Why far right, the majority of Europeans do not support the invasion. Why are we being lead by the far left, since they’re in the minority

    • avatar
      Roel Lubbers

      They’re not though, pro-europe has won every national election in western Europe since the brexit. The right just screams a lot louder. When push Comes to shove however the great majority of Europeans support the Eu.

    • avatar
      Max Berre

      That’s kinda the problem. The Europeans did not support doing anything whatsoever about the fact that the European neighborhood was going up in flames. SO now they have to deal with the consequences, whether they like them or not.

    • avatar
      Tim Nick Knight

      Max Berre it’s not our neighbourhood. We have no responsibility, we should be immediately deporting all of them. Let the other closer and fellow culturally connected neighbours take them

    • avatar
      Tim Nick Knight

      Roel Lubbers all countries even Germany do not support taking in all refugees. That is a fact.

  15. avatar
    Elie Awad

    Most of the terrorists if not even all are from north africa or pakistan and asia and mostly born and raised in europe so why people keep the middle east blame .here i am just talking geographic

    • avatar
      Chloe Mavrommati

      The Middle East does not belong to Asia? If you are talking ‘”geographic” check out your geography knowledge!!!!!!!

    • avatar
      Elie Awad

      well u know that modern day the term ASIA means the eastern part and not the continent , so dont play smart because i know what i am talking about . for ur info middle east include Egypt wich is in Africa

  16. avatar
    Francis John Cole

    This is EU-funded propaganda, not real debate. The “far-right” as they call anything from UKIP to the Parti Populaire Namur in Belgium is largely composed of ordinary decent people who oppose mass immigration and the negative impact it has on society and public services. Nothing wrong with that.

    • avatar
      Chloe Mavrommati

      I agree. Being against the invasion of young moslem men, does not make you a fascist. You are simply a European citizen, born and raised in one of the European countries, folowing the laws and way of life of this country, and you do want to be invaded by fanatics who hate your way of life and refuse to integrate. THAT IS ALL YOU LEFTIST FREAKS!

  17. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    So the population was falling due to emigration and Swedens opportunistic solution was refugees knowing full well that it would cause issues with their dwindling population. But Sweden thought, ‘hey, they will get used to it eventually’. Because big money and power doesn’t care who the population is as long as there is one for exploited labour, consumerism and debt.

  18. avatar
    Rui Ferreira

    out to left politicians and thougts…sptupieds multiculturalists.. THE REAL TERRORISTS IS WHO LEFT ENTER THIS GARBAGE INSIDE .!!!

  19. avatar
    Terry Flynn

    Translated to English. Are the people turning to the right because the Liberal PC Regresives that run things are not listening and are betraying the people with the PC EU Organised invasion of Europe. And the fact they are sending our navies and other EU ships all the way to the coast of North Africa to pick up the invaders, ( Not Refugee’s . Rapeugee’s ) And take them all the way to Europe for free to assist in the invasion the EU started. The Answer just might be YES!

  20. avatar
    David Hopcroft

    Two unfortunate terrorist attacks and Theresa May was jumping on the bandwagon faster than Donald Trump reaching for his phone to make another tweet. I think it has probably swung this election back towards the Tories just as they seemed about to lose it. Why do folk think that right wing extremes are an answer to terror attacks?

  21. avatar
    JD Blaha

    before the ‘influx’ of refugees these people were hating gays and Roma/gypsies – they just found a new target.

  22. avatar

    No its not boosting the far right , it is boosting the concerns of ordinary people though who are seeing their lives ,their nations ,their very existence put into question because of the failure of our leaders to deal with it .

  23. avatar
    EU Reform- Proactive

    Isn’t the DE regurgitating & presenting the same basic political (failed/failing) EU multicultural/Muslim integration agenda- over & over- trying to blame the far right or what & whoever? If the Swedes think they found the magic formula- nobody has yet discovered- good luck to “Anders Hellström” & his/her compatriots & students!

    As is evident & obvious (ignore fake stats), insecurity in the EU is gradually getting worse- measured by incidents, month, years and eventual generations. I would rather believe & take the advice of the “grandmother”- than a greenhorn lecturer. Sorry!

  24. avatar
    Tamara Jegorov

    I don’t go to Sweden on holidays any – I’m afraid.There’s nothing left from Sweden any more – jihad and sharia are ruling on the streets.

    • avatar
      Kurt Wicke

      Really? I’m living in Sweden and haven’t noticed. Maybe you should come here instead of judging things from afar?

    • avatar
      Tamara Jegorov

      Open your eyes and go to so called no-go-areas!

    • avatar
      Manuel Cordón Hernández

      I went to Malmo in March, and streets were completely empty, deserted, lifeless. It reminded me of my country a little bit: people are afraid to go outside.

  25. avatar
    Luis García

    Protecting citizens and not for economic elites. The economy is at the service of the people, not the people in the service of the economy. Who helped to make up the Greek accounts to get into the euro and a later? Who were happy doing business with the corrupt Greek banks and their politicians now ask for patience and blame others, those of the south.

  26. avatar
    Paul Howells

    Ofcourse its boosting the far rite ‘ action + reaction when you expose so many people to drastic change in there in environment ‘ tell them they have no choice and dont ask permission from the population that have to deal with it ‘especially so many people from a completely different culture, then your bound to get a backlash from a great many people. Doesn’t make them all racist ‘ many will be fearful about the rapid changes taking place.

  27. avatar
    Kurt Wicke

    Not really. It’s the far right exploiting a situation, and constructing their usual narrative. It’s actually the same narrative everywhere – no matter if there are any refugees or not. And if they don’t talk about refugees they talk about feminism, the “threat” from LGBT or the zionists or whatever, as long as they can tell us “we are surrounded by enemies, we have to defend ourselves by killing everybody else and by submitting to the Party”

  28. avatar
    catherine benning

    Is the refugee crisis boosting the far-right?

    ‘When people accept futility and the absurd as normal, the culture is decadent’

    Jacques Barzun

    My heart goes out to the Polish people.

  29. avatar
    William Jones

    You seem more concerned about the far right than the jihadists coming in posing as migrants and refugees.

    • avatar
      Arron Karl Hughes

      Was obama who gave the green light to bomb syria, i hasten to add

    • avatar
      Benjamin MècheBlanche

      Wtf is that ? What the fuck European,American or any Far-Right did to boost the refugee crisis ?

  30. avatar
    Ioannis Kritharidis

    if you dont want the far right to gain ground…then do something…not with far right…cause people are something with uncontroled mass immigration…stop feeling guilty for being european and,having a superior civilization(what can we do)and protect the people that want to be a part of this great continent…those who work hard,and believe in this idea…if you dont,people will turn to other solutions…its the survival instict…I wouldnt sacrified my kids for political correction…i would fight,no matter what.Racist Fascist,nuhh its not working anymore calling people like this,who just want to preserve their identity..their way of living…i wouldnt care….not a bit…

  31. avatar
    Marton Bussay

    Yes because accepting migrants is bloody terrible. Crime rates, assaults and rapes as well as terror attacks and religiously motivated crimes skyrocket in areas with migrant populations. It is fueling the right wing cause we can see how terrible it is and how the left is bringing about the end of Western culture.

    • avatar
      Marton Bussay

      I am always outside. I technically live outside! I’m homeless tbh :'( :'( :'( ( U don’t understand the power of our nuclear memes. Our keks and our God Pepe will crsuh the resistance !!! But honestly now, of anyone should go outside and have a look at the real world as reassess what’s really going on in the world it’s you. So don’t act so smug… Willy NcAlpine Wonka)

  32. avatar
    Kevin Foley

    Odd how the same folk that dislike refugees the most are always the keenest to drop bombs on the places the refugees flee from. If you don’t like ’em stop knitting ’em.

    • avatar
      Peter Henry Stephenson

      I don’t want “refugees” to come to where I live, to Warsaw. I can go to a cinema, a concert, a cafe, and I feel 100% safe. I don’t look at every car as a potential weapon, I feel safe walking by the side of the road. Wonder why that is huh ?

      Oh, and btw, I’m British, and I don’t recall throwing any bombs on anyone.

  33. avatar
    Andreas Panopoulos

    of course it does. First you get gun trade, people are killed by those guns abroad, this breeds terrorists who enter europe and are prepared to do anything since they have already lost EVERYTHING. Then terror attacks happen and politicians find the proper breeding ground to crack down on suspected terrorists (and other non terrorists of course) and begin to close borders…since this helps with security (it actually doesn’t) things that the far right are always proud of.

    I am just wondering how much blood will it take for people to start talking about gun trade and the fact that this US douche made a 350 BILLION deal with saudi arabia to sell them GUNS. Those guns WILL kill people turning the ones who survive (seeing their loved ones blown to pieces RIGHT NEXT TO THEM) into terrorists and the cycle repeats.

    do not be an idiot. Start thinking for a change.

  34. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    Yes! ‘Cos there is no refugee crisis! There is an artificial creation of immigration which creates a massive resistance against the so called “elite” and the victimized “refugees”!

  35. avatar
    Bogdan Zdrojewski

    Trzymam kciuki za każdą aktywność przeciw agresji, przeciw nietolerancji, przeciw ruchom neonazistowskim.

  36. avatar
    María VN

    What’s a far right according to this site and who’s funding it? The term is meaningless at this point. You might be pro gay, pro secularism, pro abortion, pro controled immigration but the moment you are against massive uncontrolled immigration and against the goverment for hiding crimes commited by such and/or refusal of integration : you are called far right, racist, bigot bla bla bla All to shut down the debate and to clean politicians dirty hands. The corrupt goverments, and their puppet propaganda media ARE the problem.

  37. avatar
    Demetrius Bouchounakis

    The massive influx of Muslims will not revitalize Europe, save it economically, but it will culturally destroy it within a generation. These populations not only are not assimilated but seek to establish in the countries of asylum the same type of authoritarian theocratic regimes from which they left badly to escape!
    Already, some countries that have long been considered tolerance and liberal politics (eg Sweden and Switzerland) legislate to tighten immigration admission rules and massively expel Muslims seeking asylum.
    In 1924, the US Congress passed a law banning immigration to the US by Asian, African, and some European countries. The aim of the decision was to keep the US a Christian state firmly oriented to European values. This law was faithfully observed by Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy.
    Were the Americans for 40 years fascist and nationalist, as would the multiculturalists and supposedly “tolerance of diversity” today?

    • avatar
      Francesco Vasata

      yep … caused by renegades and traitors that name themselves “politicians”

  38. avatar
    Eugenio Cappuccio

    Well that’s rather obvious. As usual, the irresponsible, brainless liberals, with their criminal and indiscriminate immigration policies, are feeding the extremist wackos.

  39. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    No, it is not the refugee crisis per se. It is the inability of the EU and its national provinces to deal with it and the feeling in the Europeans that they are betrayed by the ruling elite.

  40. avatar
    Jerzy Zajączkowski

    This is conquest. The so called islamic refugees do not emigrate to islamic countries because islam is already there and it does not need to be introduced. They emigrate to countries where islam will be introduced. In their country they belonged to the lowest class. When coming to Europe, they are not going to assimilate, but to become elite, so as elite in their countries. It is important to know that religious people, especially moslems, believe that they owe everything to God and that they need not to be grateful to the people who help them.

  41. avatar
    Florence Baudin

    And stop calling far right people ‘ s movement, normal citizens who have had it with your love of Muslims over your love of real citizen​, enough is enough

  42. avatar
    Petridis Yiannis

    you may post the anti-nazi symbolism with the swastika in the red background in your photos BUT to show homosexual genocidal lunatics disrespect my people’s ANCIENT SYMBOLISM (gammadion) in this ignorant and pitiful manner is just FUCKIN preposterous so suck my balls !!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. avatar
    Łukasz MachaUnder Bednarz

    Simple say no to imigrant islamic. Then you don’t have problem with terror islamic:) Look Poland:D
    80% poland say nope and this number growing up.
    why we say nope…
    1. See effect
    2, Polish country in history clean europe from the invasion blood half moon(islam). Read history you find this:) “But you maybe find version where The crusaders did it. But they only accepted themselves.
    Because the situation looked like the paper was left.
    Allowed migration.
    In the end, they finally reached the point where the Polish gentry was tired.
    War began. To which joined later the crusaders and the Christian sect.
    why? crusaders and pops attack poland later in age? because We took them glory. xd “maybe why this idiots wanna repeat this horrible act.
    3. We take small group islamic imgirants and this group only just confirmed. Go away shit sect islam.

    “2. Do you wanna repeat this horrible act? Because you going only for this moment. now.”

    only media private where shares have soros.
    Parties that sell and have no honor.
    Po and Nowoczesna which are orchestrated by ue, corporations and soros.
    promote islam. nobody else in poland:)

    That is true then open eyes people and say nope. to stop blood moon.

    • avatar
      Tilemachos Bossios

      We all are. Very few coutries fight Soros’ globalism.

  44. avatar
    Erik Tjallinks

    People expect some recognition of their hospitality, not rapes, attacks and islamic demands. So it’s not only safelty itself, it’s also anger about lack of recognition.

  45. avatar
    Anthony Keaveney

    Why is it its only European countries are “multicultural” and none of the shitholes these people come from are? Is it because it wouldn’t be allowed?

  46. avatar
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  47. avatar

    It is not the refugee crisis in itself but rather the censorship on people expressing legitimate concerns as well as decade-long acquiescence into the rise of Islam in Europe.

  48. avatar
    Jose Quintans

    @DebatingEurope, you got the answer.

    Far right shall be a driving force for Europe.

    Don’t be scared of it, it is not what American propaganda portraits.

    If Europe wants to be a global player, for the sake of Europe and all the races and peoples of the world, we must join forces to embrace danger.
    Liberal leftist ideals weaken that purpose, we won’t join forces with immigrants while we see our own people vanishing.
    Anyone wanting to improve world standards must be aware that it can only be done by playing hard in third world countries, supporting them from a powerful platform, i.e. Europe, and not bringing them here.

    I followed with interest many debating initiatives like this, on EU issues, and learned a lot, and I am sure you too. I also congratulate you as I saw how you dare now to open more delicate debates, and it looks like you now allow to publish some comments you would not do a few years ago.
    Thank you for your work, let it burn, and see you in the far right future.

    Love for all Europeans.
    Hail Europe!

  49. avatar
    Yavor Hadzhiev

    Anyone who has studied European History knows that political extremism has brought destruction to this continent before. It is likely that it will do it again in the future, if its proponents get into office. Of course, far-right says they care for you now, and that they will protect you against the “scapegoats” that they have found, in this case: refugees and migrants.

    Let them be your shepherds. Soon enough they will also be your butchers.

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    A known speech by M. Niemoller.

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