Brexit_post_18Is “no deal” really better than a bad deal for Britain? In a speech in January 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May warned the EU that she would be willing to walk away from the table if she doesn’t get what she wants. By March, the British government seemed to have softened its approach, worried that a breakdown in negotiations could wreak havoc on the UK economy.

Now, however, the gloves are off again. The Tory manifesto reaffirms the belief that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, and the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has said the threat is genuine and Britain would be willing to walk away without a deal. But what would happen next?

We had a comment from Fátima who believes we all know the consequences of ‘no deal’ for Britain. Do we really? What would “no deal” mean for Britain?

To get a response, we took Fátima’s comment to Peter Liley, a former Conservative Member of Parliament who announced he was stepping down ahead of the upcoming British general election and will not contest his seat on 8 June. Did he think “no deal” was genuinely better than a bad deal?

peter-lilleyYes, it’s genuinely better. But, also, you can never have a successful negotiation on anything unless you’re prepared to walk away with no deal. Why would ‘no deal’ be better than a bad deal? For a variety of reasons. But if we have no deal, we’ll trade with the European Union on what’s called Most Favoured Nation terms, which means the same tariffs and no more than apply to America, Japan, and China, all of whom trade extremely successfully with Europe. And those tariffs average 4% on the sort of things we export to Europe, less than that on industrial products, more than that on agriculture.

We currently make a net contribution to Europe of £10 billion a year, after taking account of the money that we get back, and that’s equivalent to 7% of the value of our exports. So, we will no longer have to pay 7%, but if there’s ‘no deal’ we will have to pay 4%. So, clearly, we’re better off in that respect and we can use the additional money saved if we wanted to, or a bit of it, to help those companies and sectors which have to pay above average tariffs.

For another perspective, we also took Fátima’s comment to Richard Corbett, a Member of the European Parliament for the Labour Party. He believes that:

‘No deal’ means a completely messy divorce; there’s no agreement on anything. So, on the trade front immediately you have tariff barriers overnight under WTO rules; there will be legal problems for all kinds of things on existing programmes, from Erasmus exchange programmes to scientific research programmes, to everything stops overnight as regards to the UK participation; and there will be legal and economic chaos.

We also had a comment from Julia, who thinks the UK will become a low-tax haven outside the EU. The British Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has said that Britain would be willing to “change its economic model” in the event of “no deal” with the EU. Does that mean becoming a low-tax haven, as Julia fears?

peter-lilleyI wasn’t 100% sure what Hammond meant. If he meant what people interpreted him to mean, that in the absence of a deal we would somehow go for an entirely deregulated, low-tax economy, I wouldn’t be in favour of that. I’m in favour of having the minimum necessary regulation, but that’s quite a lot, and the minimum necessary level of tax, but that’s quite a lot. And we should do that whether we get a trade deal or not.

We should try to make ourselves a relatively lightly-taxed country with sensible but not over-prescriptive regulation. But we should do that whether or not they agree a trade deal, just because it’s a good thing for the working of one’s economy.

Finally, what does Richard Corbett think? Is Julia right to be concerned about the future direction of the British economy?

She’s right to be worried about it because that is what some people on the right wing of the Conservative Party have said. They have a view that Britain should be a low-tax centre for fiscal evasion for Europe, to put money offshore, undercutting the rest of Europe by having lower standards of consumer protection, environmental protection, workplace rights.

That’s what some of them want. That’s why some of them wanted to leave the European Union, because the European Union has the world’s largest market, the European Single Market, but it’s a market with rules that we’ve jointly agreed to protect consumers, to protect workers, to protect the environment; rules which could be better in the view of many of us, but the very fact that they exist is too much for some in the right-wing of the Conservative Party, and they see Brexit – if we don’t manage to stop Brexit – they see Brexit as an opportunity.

What would “no deal” on Brexit mean for Britain? Would Britain have to “change its economic model” if it failed to secure a trade deal with the EU? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Duncan Hull / Banksy

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  1. Paul X

    I think Peter Lily answers the question well enough without the need for any input from the “experts” on here …no deal = WTO rules with an average trade tariff with the EU of 4% (both ways)

    Richard Corbett’s comments inferring that the UK will suddenly go back 100 years and repeal workers rights legislation is irrelevant and has no basis in fact (just more of the usual cr@p we’ve come to expect from ” the UK is doomed!” brigade)

    • Mark

      The consistent tone of extremist Brexiteers is less and less assuring the closer we get to the cliff edge. They are leading us lemming like and appear to have no ability to compromise or consider and alternate view point. People like this simply cannot be trusted to peddle anything but the own narrow ideology and post-EU utopia and let the wellbeing of the country and it’s citizens can go hang and will ruin the Brexit process.

    • BillyBob McGoofle

      its terible over here, while youve got a police state i have to struggle with far higher pay and standards of living

    • Tina Lythe

      Slavery omg don’t be stupid

    • BillyBob McGoofle

      but dont worry i am sure i try not to cry with my fully paid paternity and maternity leave

    • BillyBob McGoofle

      oh you are a spainish twat spain has far higherstandard of living than the uk as well

    • BillyBob McGoofle

      ive never had anyone adequately explain what this slavery entails.

    • Steve Smith

      Maybe look at the Spanish farmers that hire other Eu and African workers. They have been equated to slavery, though I don’t agree that can be said for the whole of the Eu, far from it. Just some countries that need to get their shit together!

    • Enric Mestres Girbal

      The current EU is a nest of corruption, flat brain’s politicians and capitalists.

    • Rosy Forlenza

      what slavery is this? let’s unpack ‘freedom’. there is freedom away from regulations on workers pay, rights, conditions and pensions, and freedom away from environmental legislation, now i thin boris et al would love to be able to offer his super wealthy pals freedom from all of this. on the other hand, ordinary people will just be mopping up after the big corpos have done their worst in terms of labour rights, pensions, environmental and so on, remember Jose this started really when the ecb wanted to ensure separation of casino and normal banking so that people would not have to bail out again, it is a crucial tory promise that has been forgotten and reneged on, that is when it all started. try and unpack freedom, it means different things to different people.

    • Enric Mestres Girbal

      We had all that and more before the EU, when it was only the ECM, that’s to say, before the politicians put their hands in the cake.

    • Christina European Slaveowner

      Ah poor you! I truly sympathise with you :) Good luck as a free slave!

    • Paul X

      Yes because the worlds a much better place with paternity leave isn’t it….. I mean how on earth did people survive before that burden on business was introduced?….maybe it was something to do with people appreciating they had a job and working hard to help make a success of themselves and the business they work for instead of looking for every opportunity to slack off at the companies expense

  2. Marko Martinović

    Brexit happened …deal with it. EU reaction to it exposes its dark side. People of EU are not entirely free

    • BillyBob McGoofle

      higher pay open schools and hospitals makes it very attractive to uk people

    • BillyBob McGoofle

      Tina Lythe i dont think we will ever get an answer out of the pensiones

    • Paulius Paždagis

      This twerp again with the conspiracy theories… So according to you, The EU should treat UK in a special way AFTER it leaves the union? Go make another tinfoil hat for you, donkey.

    • Norman Fox

      Paulius Paždagis No special treatment required just mind their own business and leave US to RUN OUR OWN COUNTRY.

    • Denis Buckley

      You’d be running it off a cliff, Norman Fox, if you were in charge.

    • Marko Martinović

      EU is acting more like a thug to Britain because of Brexit. It is still trying to find a way to stop it, even tho its final. EU is not democratic, and does not respect the will of the people. It is fine as long as you think the way you are told

    • Rosy Forlenza

      brexit happened deal with it? the eu darker side? so far they have had to put up with insults, undermining of the will and desire to protect rights of all eu citizens in the uk and vice versa but always always always free movement and market access have ALWAYS been linked together. The ciruclar arguments of DD and LF et al, have been we want our own way, don’t worry we can get rid of johhny foreigner and retain access and rather than be exposed as the liars and greed fests that they are, they then point the finger and say ‘it isn’t fair, we are being punished’, the ramblings of the perverse and the bully if you ask me, and no i don’t think the eu is perfect and no i don’t juncker is particularly nice either…but come on …get out of the delusional tory propaganda manchine for goodness sake.

    • Marko Martinović

      EU does not protect rights of its citizens, not all anyway. EU does not even protects its citizens enough. Lives are sacrificed for political correctness. Free speech is almost dead. Right to drinking water is no more.

    • Tina Lythe

      Marko Martinović it’s not the will of all of the people

    • Tina Lythe

      Another idiot are you Rosy Forlenza

    • Auer Bru

      That way brits arent free Under may either

    • Norman Fox

      We don’t have any influence you idiot . The EU have raped this country. Why the f**k should Merkel, Junkers etc have any influence whatsoever on our lives. The EU is ruled by Germany. It is the political equivalent of WW2.

    • Anne Wellington

      Norman Fox Your tinfoil hat is on a bit tight, isn’t it?

    • Wendy Harris

      It’s the Fourth Reich and still the fools can’t see it.

    • Marek Sobieski

      Coming from a country about to be ruled by authoritarian conservatives who want to control the flow of information, the irony is rich.

    • John Hasan

      Tina Lythe that’s not nice 😢

    • Anita De Hond

      You’re a man of many words.

  3. BillyBob McGoofle

    it seems that pensioners have this idea that the eu will collapse without litle Britannia. it really wont its happily making an economic recovery

    • Jay Atkins

      The EU will collapse with or without the UK.

    • Glenys Neal

      what is happening to Greece

    • Paul X

      I haven’t seen anyone say the EU will collapse because of Brexit, if the EU collapses it will be because it’s ambitions have always exceeded its competence

      …and good luck with the recovery, I hope it comes in time to save the people of Greece, they really do not deserve what they have gone through in the name of “solidarity”

    • Marin Ganev

      Not under the Tories – snooper charter to remind you why it is turning into far right police state

    • Norman Fox

      Marin Ganev Well certainly not under a foreign power.

    • Wendy Harris

      Be fair, a self-governing far right police state.

    • Marek Sobieski

      It was self-governing before.

      Theresa Mays government have themselves conceded that the entire ‘sovereignty’ argument was feels over reals the whole time.

    • Norman Fox

      You can vote to change the UK Government based on their previous actions or their Manifesto. Please explain how it is possible to change the Political stance of the EU ?

  4. catherine benning

    A deal or no deal will make no difference to the British people. They will stand firm against any moves to thwart our way of life and existence.

    We were and are ruled by Europe, leading to us being forced to open our doors to an alien mass immigrant population. This invasion having caused great difficulties in our society, and throughout Europe, for that matter. The first priority, therefore, is dealing with that conundrum. Ridding us of the horror and terror the traitors in our Parliament sat by and watched taking place without a word in defence of the realm. Promoted and instigated first by the Conservatives, under Heath, and exacerbated out of all control by the Blair creature. His intention to rub our noses in the shat.

    In fact Blair, colluding with his benefactor, Bush, in creating the war we currently are having to deal with, terrorists killing our young people, in a similar way they feel their young are being, covertly, killed by us. And I say ‘covertly’ because it isn’t spun anywhere like the way our news has with our blast for the last few days. Why did we bomb Iraq? Why are we in Afghanistan? Why did we bomb Libya and now Syria? Anyone out there willing to give the true story?

    Please don’t come back with the Russians made us do it, or, we wanted to save the women of those countries from mutilation and for education. That is bullshit. We are full of Arabic women, and I mean full, of thousands who are having their vaginas mutilated on a daily basis right here in the UK. Thousands more female children are covered from head to toe in our schools and many more of them not educated at all in this country. They go to Sharia schools and are taught in the same way they would be had they stayed in their country of origin. Is anything being done about it right here? Is a word spoken on their behalf or are we forbidden to speak as to do so is, yes, wait for it, racist? Is it banned in our countries? Are we bombing ourselves because of our neglect of these women? Neglect that is, in the mind of our Western way of life. Why are people who want that kind of society for their women, as well as themselves coming to the West? Why are we allowing it to grow beyond any semblance of civilisation as we determine it should be? Why are we so willing to give up what we have fought for for centuries?

    The European Union, including the UK at the time, colluded with the Wahabi regime to take over our entire European continent, forcing us to accept what they must have known would be our destruction. Compelling us to allow our children to be brainwashed into accepting such a situation as ‘normal’ for our society. Which it is not. And finally the people here rising up against it even with the fear of being arrested ringing in their ears, under the guise of ‘we are a tolerant society’ whilst invaders bomb the shit out of us as we dance with our kids on our night of leisure.

    So, what no deal on Brexit would mean for Britain is, the freedom to choose a different way of living. A different set of expectations and rules. A way to get rid of politicians that defy the will of our people and our inherited customs. Without being taken to an idiot court of extremists in the Hague, run by those we have no way of getting rid of. Fools whose education is not centered in how to survive as an intelligent, robust, forward looking tribe of people but one hell bent on destroying itself.

    The rest is, and will be, a smooth ride once we deal with the wars being waged on us, both from outside the EU and from within it. The last 44 years as a member of this devilish club has been vastly to our detriment. If they now don’t want to sell us their cars, washing machines, fridges, holiday homes, and every other little perk they have, with us being their neighbour, well so what. We will build a club of our own, that offers freedom from the cultural annihilation that has been imposed on all its members. And carried out without one word being spoken of what was going on, or, of one plea to ask its citizens for permission to do it. And this is supposed to be a democracy? Please, give us all a break.

    • Summerfell

      Mass immigrant population? The majority of immigrants in the UK are NOT from the EU. Where is that mass immigrant population?

    • Christina European Slaveowner

      Are you sure you are ok? It looks like you are projecting your own childhood trauma onto the EU. The source of your pain lies elsewhere .

    • Colin Hanslip

      How terrible it has been that the citizens of 28 countries have been able to live and work in any of them without visas, to experience a different culture without the crazy costs and bureaucracy of visas, making a positive impact to the economy of their chosen country. We have more non EU immigrants in the UK than people from the EU, it had been proven that immigration has a positive effect on the economy, but the racist quitters will end up with fewer rights than those they hate most. How is this a good thing?

    • Paul X

      @Colin Hanslip
      I think you find people were traveling the world and experiencing different cultures long before the EU came into existence. Buying a Visa was no big deal (for the few countries that required it and going through passport control is a minor inconvenience when balanced by the extra security it brings to a country

      It has not been conclusively proven that immigration has a positive effect on the economy, most reports that make this claim are full of assumptions and “best guesses” just like this one

      But even if there is a small overall positive impact this will be due to a small number of highly qualified and skilled immigrants who contribute a lot being offset against a majority of low skilled immigrants who contribute very little or nothing. As a country we should have the right to encourage the former and keep out the latter

    • catherine benning

      @ Summerfell

      Do some research. The immigrants coming into the UK ‘now’, ‘from outside of Europe,’ are not entering via the open door policy of the EU. The borders here are now closed to the rest of the world, unless we have given permission for them to do so. These borders are manned to allow only those with skills, can speak the language or who are needed in UK business. I don’t believe you don’t know this. You are not a fool.

      However, the EU is a cesspit for all the flotsam and jetsam of the world and as a result of your idiot policies, which we feel is deliberately designed to create destruction of the European society, lets them make their way to the more civilised and beneficial northern states. Of course only after gaining nationalisation there. And the real illiterate, mostly male, rabble who come through the EU from the mediteranean sea wait in Calais, where they should never have been allowed to conglomerate in the first place. Then they attack the legal travellers into the UK to enable themselves to climb aboard transport in to claim a right to live here in the UK under your amazing mania to make this continent a free for all. This is because of your crazed leaders have been foolishly weakened by fear of honesty, not only with themselves but with their nationals. And as a result they are afraid to face this horrific disaster bestowed on the good citizens of Europe by them. Then they hide from the public the result of their childlike beliefs as it may create an uprising of the people who will then fight against it. The UK will not be party to this destruction of our society any longer. And, additionally, we will not pay for your lack of admiration or affection for your heritage. Foot the bill yourselves. We are not your milking cow.

  5. Steve Smith

    Don’t vote tory and you won’t need to answer the question. Vote anyone else but the fucking tory party!

  6. Alex

    THE question is what it takes to reverse BRexit …. never contemplate a 2nd ” nation ” in the SAMe situational …

  7. Glenys Neal

    why are they threatening us,it will not do them anygood,trying to make us pay a huge sum to get out why??????

    • Marek Sobieski

      To pay for the projects we committed to as members, and the pensions of the officials we had appointed to represent us.

    • Dean Garner

      But we own assets to. But they don’t want to discuss that

    • Glenys Neal

      Marek Sobieski surely that does not amount to such a huge amount,what about what they owe us then why do they not mention that

  8. Andy Alderson

    It will mean the UK and EU trade on wto terms and pay import and export tariffs, not the best solution, a CETA type deal would be in everyone’s best interests, but wto is not the end of the world, there will be winners and loosers as the UK realign’s its economy, again, not the best option but certainly not the catastrophe some say it is.

  9. Rick Heybroek

    “If we have no deal, we’ll trade with the European Union on what’s called Most Favoured Nation terms”. Well, no, we won’t:

    “The current EU competition law position is that MFN clauses will infringe Article 101(i) if in the individual circumstances of the case result in an appreciable adverse effect on competition in the European Union. This is likely to happen when the parties to the agreement have substantial market power.” (

    The alternative, WTO accession, is not just a given either – it requires a range of bi- and multi-lateral negotiations with WTO working party members: Neither rates nor timescales are predictable at the outset.

    No doubt the Europeans will be cowed by our economic might and do what we tell them to.

  10. David Logue

    Hey up the flag waving little Brittanier’s are raising their narrow minded voices again 3 cheers for the Empire boys trouble is this is 2017 not 1917 and before that but let these little Englanders rattle on because their pockets wont be rattling anymore soon lets just see if they were wrong after all !!!!

    • Ivan Burrows


      Empire ?, been there, done that & invented the t-shirt so why would we want to be part of the pointless Brussels empire ??

      We are leaving the insular EU and rejoining the free world, we have no desire for any ’empire’.

    • David Johnson

      David Logue – well said. The pathetic, completely uninformed jingoism of the little englanders is sickening.

    • Karolina

      LOL, free to commit suicide. Agree!

    • Paul X

      Pathetic, completely uninformed jingoism on one side….equally pathetic, completely uninformed doom-mongering on the other….who knows eh?…certainly nobody on here that’s for sure

    • catherine benning

      David Logue

      Yes, we love little England and what’s left of its culture. And as the European continent will very shortly be an Islamic caliphate, I feel a huge sorrow for those left in that domain who will have nowhere to run to.

      Best wishes.

  11. David Logue

    Hey up the flag waving little Brittanier’s are raising their narrow minded voices again 3 cheers for the Empire boys trouble is this is 2017 not 1917 and before that but let these little Englanders rattle on because their pockets wont be rattling anymore soon lets just see if they were wrong after all !!!!

  12. David Logue

    Hey up the flag waving little Brittanier’s are raising their narrow minded voices again 3 cheers for the Empire boys trouble is this is 2017 not 1917 and before that but let these little Englanders rattle on because their pockets wont be rattling anymore soon lets just see if they were wrong after all !!!!

  13. Paul Hughes

    Greece bankrupt, Italy bankrupt, in fact every country bankrupt including Britain. Unelected bureaucrats deciding our future, telling us what we can or cannot do & don’t even get me started on cucumbers! Juncker is a drunk! The EU are doing nothing to stop the invasion of third world immigrants, with terrorists free to travel unhindered throughout Europe. We were lied to in the first instance, when joining, stating it was just a trading agreement, one massive whopper! If a half decent lawyer looked through it, we are not by law even a member. Everything about the EU is dishonest, lies and backroom deals that benefit only big business. Youth unemployment in most areas at 50%. Growth is non existent Cities & towns throughout Europe are desolate after the demise & collapse of local businesses. It is a living nightmare. There is not one reason to remain for the ordinary indigenous worker, but plenty of reasons for politicians to keep lying to try and keep us in.

  14. Gifford

    What peter Liley is purposely not mentioning is that although Britains membership fee may be 7% of the value of its exports, how much of those exports wholly depend on being a full member of the single market. ie. financial passport rights or assembling Japanese cars for export to the E.U.

  15. Wendy Harris

    No deal means we can walk away clean and sweet and trade with people who have been steadfast allies, unlike these European backstabbers that we should have left to the Germans they love so much. We want no part of Merkel’s caliphate.

  16. Karolina

    Aren’t you supposed to tell us that?

    The people that come here to say that EU membership is slavery, that life is better without paternity leave because someone else makes more money out of you that way etc etc, the one thing they are showing is how ignorant they are. But it also shows how spoilt people have been, they don;t have a clue what slavery actually means and presumably they have enjoyed so many benefits all their lives that they can’t appreciate them any further. Or perhaps they hate the EU because it doesn’t let them make more money out of others and oppress them as much as they can… Who knows. They do add a touch of comedy to this debate.

    • Paul X

      I raised children when there was no such thing a paternity leave. They have grown up and are now intelligent, compassionate, caring adults. So if you care to explain how things would have turned out any better if I had the luxuary of paternity leave then please do? …and until you provide some hard facts on the benefits of paternity leave then you are in no position to accuse me of ignorance because I believe it is an unnecessary drain on the economy

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      It COULD mean:

      +3 million incontinent-alists going incontinent.
      1 million Brits coming home.
      France having to suffer as Macron’s Thatcherite policies combined with loss of trade to the UK kick-in.
      UK food costs dropping precipitously as cheaper non-CAP inflated prices from around the world destroy EU food trade with the UK.
      Greater democracy for the UK.
      Greater accountability for the UK.
      A fairer immigration policy that allows our brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth to compete with EU foreigners for UK jobs.
      Greater instability in the EU.


    • Karolina

      Paul missed the point, as usual and Tarquin, food prices have actually gone up and I will not bother with the rest of your comment. It is definitely not based on fact and shows even more of your ignorance. Your assumption that you are going to tell people where to live adds a touch of dictatorship to your comment. Not worth a response to be honest with you…

    • Paul X

      I haven’t missed any point, you are defending paternity leave. I’m simply questioning what benefit it is supposed to bring……do you have a simple answer to a simple question?

  17. catherine benning

    Colin Hanslip

    Where are you living? The cost of immigrants is obscene and the paper you have offered up is an outright massage of the true figures. Even this one is a gross understatement as it only covers those who have yet to be nationalised. Once they have a British passport they are removed from the figures on show.

    And the NHS bill, which is separated from what you have put up, what do you think that is? And why should the tax payer in this country be willing to pay in extremis for an international health service when their own people have to wait months for treatment? Tell me why you feel it is their responsibility to heal the sick of the world. We are not Christ the Redeemer.

    Here is another confirmation of your warped illusions.

    It’s people like you, who continue against all odds, to try and delude the British people, who will be responsible for the kind of events taking place in Poland and elsewhere, if you don’t stop it.

    • Sari Bruno

      Not actually so much. It might mean more for Europeans in general, but economically will get over it.

  18. Ivan Burrows


    Not a lot, Great Britain has already lined up trade deals with the USA, Australia, China, India, etc to mitigate any lose from leaving the EU.

    The same can’t be said for the EU though if Brussels chooses to close off one of its biggest markets to its manufacturers. Spain have already leaked a report on the massive damage a no deal would mean for the EU.

    • Matt Czapliński

      Brexit can also mean higher intra EU trade and lower prices for consumers.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Matt Czapliński

      That is not possible, you can’t just invent customers, internal or otherwise.

    • Péter Sebők

      Britain hasn’t lined up anything. They try to make a deal with EU but Theresa May didn’t want to find a deal with EU on 3 core issues: EU citizens status, Brexit Bill, Irish border.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Péter Sebők .

      You really need to pay attention comrade.

      As for an EU deal it will be the unelected European Commission who will stop it from happening & I look forward to hearing them explain to the millions of EU citizens who they will make unemployed because of Brussels desire to control you.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Lidia Están Arias .

      A brilliant speech, especially the last part.

      ‘Great Britain, the British Commonwealth of Nations, mighty America, and I trust Soviet Russia – for then indeed all would be well – must be the friends and sponsors of the new Europe and must champion its right to live and shine.’ – Winston Churchill.

      Being ‘friends and sponsors of’ does not mean be part of.

      Churchill and the Americans wanted to lock France & Germany in a cage to stop them from starting their bloody European World Wars but with the current crop of EU fanatics the opposite is now far more likely..

      You pro EU Europeans have learnt nothing from your history & are destined to repeat it..

    • Ivan Burrows

      Lidia Están Arias .

      You posted a transcript of one of Churchill speeches which clearly shows he did not want Great Britain to be part of any kind of German empire & then you contradict yourself ?

      Now that is a special kind of stupid. :)

    • Péter Sebők

      EU is over Brexit. If you read the news everyobe is happy Britain’s exit and Macron and Merkel restructure EU

  19. Jorge Lux

    Nothing! They will make a deal with the US, the Russians and the Chinese and they don’t need Europeans anymore.

    • Péter Sebők

      On the day of Brexit with no deal air transportation will be suspended between the UK and EU and UK and US. British citizens will have to wait 3 or more years for new pharmaceuticals.

    • Dimitri Fiori

      Ahah. The UK will be at the bottom of the list for all of these countries. Trump already confirmed it.

    • Wendy Harris

      You don’t really understand the US and UK relationship, do you? That’s because hundreds of thousands of French didn’t die alongside their allies liberating France on DDay.

    • Jérémy Inxi

      Wendy Harris wow you should take some histories classes. Resume everything with a single ww2 battle…

    • Ivan Burrows


      What price freedom from the totalitarian EU ?

    • Paulius Paždagis

      Ivan Burrows Go see what totalitarian means, dumb ass.

    • Coralee De Fréine

      Paulius Paždagis “Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.[1] A distinctive feature of totalitarian governments is an “elaborate ideology, a set of ideas that gives meaning and direction to the whole society”……
      Pretty much sums up the EU as far as I can see.

    • Mika Nowack

      Totally wrong. As is “EU” was deciding… the Council does (member states, UK included)

  20. Ângelo Do Carmo

    let’s start with an embargo. and a non entry in eu waters and heavily tax any uk based company doing business in the eu and support scotland and n. ireland in the independence process. eu has to man up.

    • Ivan Burrows


      You do realise your idea would amount to a deceleration of war don’t you.

    • Ângelo Do Carmo

      absolutely not. or on the other hand, the declaration of war, had to be seen as a consequence of the manipulation of the scotish refferendum and the walk away of england from negociations. england is protecting their best interest, as eu. we are the bigger man, we set the rules. don’t forget, that they chose the brexit. eu did not force and actually campained against it. now they have to face the consequences of their own choices.

    • Ângelo Do Carmo

      and they had a very special position inside eu, having a very special set of rules for themselves.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Ângelo Do Carmo .

      An embargo, anti business practises directed at a democratic country in direct contradiction of WTO rules and interfering in the internal affairs of a Sovereign State would be a declaration of war.

      You minority Europeans with a flag & a plan to unite Europe have learnt nothing from your history and are destined to repeat it.

    • Ângelo Do Carmo

      ivan, we don’t leave in the 18th century anymore. england is no longer setting the world’s pace. embargos are not declarations of war are political ways of doing pressure. if it was a declaration of war, the western countries would be a long time at war with russia. I have plenty of scottish friends and they do want a second referendum, but eu should step in and assure that england do not manipulate the result as the first time. stop with the fake, manipulated news.
      but if you want to step into a war and declare it, I am pretty sure the other 26 countries of eu and it’s 500 millions citizens would gladly fight for that best interests. but that will never happen… that is just talk.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Ângelo Do Carmo .

      Strange that you compare the world with the 18th century when you believe in a failed European project create in and for the 20th century, maybe you should try joining us in the 21st.

      Nice that you would sign ‘440’ million people up to a war, death, destruction and misery in the name of your outdated ideology, you seem to be under the impression that everyone wants your pointless union & would fight for it, they do not.

      But another European World War would end the same as the last time a bunch of European lunatics decided a war was a good idea in the name of a ‘united Europe’.

      You know where to find us..

    • Ângelo Do Carmo

      no, the european project is not failed. it’s actually doing very well. you know what is your problem with the european project? england always thought to lead eu, but of course, that wouldn’t happen, you had wars with almost with everyone, no one actually cares about what you say, you still have the mentality of 18th century when you were a world power, but that world doesn’t exist anymore. off course the european project had to be lead by the germans, wich are the most and have the strongest economy. but men with small willies can’t cope with that. you think isolating yourselves will do any good to you? crying out for a war will save? you pretend with that to create a national unity against eu? to create an enemy to keep the status quo? uk will soon fall apart and I wouldn’t be surprised if wales will soon also leave and tories are the solely responsible for that, but off course, the people of england should have been smarter and kick them out.

      the ideology of almost 500 million people is free circulation of people and goods, unification of the standards and peace. and yes, I am pretty sure most of the 500 will gladly fight for that “outdated ideology”. 😂😂😂

      dude… there is no european world war… either it is an european or a world war. and there will be no such a thing like that. england is too insignificant for something like that. eu stands for peace. I strongly advise you to reaserch about the principles that eu was founded upon.

      now, don’t make me lose my time. I am sure you are old enough to think by yourself and I don’t have to teach about the things you should already know.

    • Wendy Harris

      Europeans are welcome to have their fascist dictatorship. Why do you need us in it? You trade with other independent countries without expecting them to be part of your NWO. Maybe you had better leave us alone if we’re such an insignificant little country, because it’s worth remembering that The Commonwealth comprises of 2.3 billion people and 16 of those countries still have our Queen as head of state.
      I’m pretty sure that Germany wouldn’t want another war with us and our allies again even if you do, chum.

    • Coralee De Fréine

      Ângelo Do Carmo I’ve news for you, you do NOT speak for 26 countries, you speak for yourself.

    • Mika Nowack

      I agree with Angelo do Carmo. But we have no time to lose with mischievous English people. We should support democracy in Poland and Hungary instead!
      I think an “embargo” is exagerated. But if UK want to be out, it has to be out fully. Not getting an easy access to the common market or visas…. their choice after all!

      Actually I think Brexit is the best opportunity Europe never had… now UK won’t be there to destroy it from the inside of the institution (ex : Kinney reform to the Commission)

      (From France and Poland.)

    • Ângelo Do Carmo

      Mika Nowack when I said embargo, I ment when the UK leaves (as they are threatning) the negociations and do not pay their part of the deal. we don’t libe in anarchy. we have rulles and they must be respected. one way, or another.
      if they stay on the table and do their part of the agreement., I don’t see an embargo as a necessary thing.

  21. Michael Paraskevas

    It means Germany won’t rule over Britain like it does with the rest of Europe. We are seeing WW2 again, only this time it’s an economical war.

  22. Jan

    If the UK should get to march 2019 without a new trade deal with the EU then you can be sure that contingency plans will be in place to ensure that there will be no cliff edge. The Brits have gone into the negotiations in a typically british way. Everybody is supposed to believe that they are disorganised and in a state of kaos. The EU is also spreading this idea. However the truth is quite different. The UK have hired thousand of extra civil servants who are there to ensure that in March 2019 there is no cliff edge. So why would they go along with the idea of being disorganised. There is a school of thought that they want to reach the cliff edge so as to damage the reputation of the EU. If the EU do not get a deal with the UK then this will not be good press for them in the long term. In the UK the people are ready for Brexit that is why they voted as they did. According to recent polls a majority want to get out of the EU sooner rather than later even if they voted to remain. No deal is not ideal but both sides will suffer. Tariffs are only a problem if businesses have not adjusted its prices with tariffs. The contingency on this front has already begun. I am a director of a business in Denmark and one of our most important suppliers is in the UK. They have already sent us 2 price lists, one with tariffs and one with out. I was surprised as our British supplier is very relaxed and has joked about the matter and to me seemed too relaxed. However this is typical of British businesses I have dealt with. They seem to be disorganised and overly relaxed but behind the scene they are working very hard and are much more clever and organised than you might think.
    In financial services there is another interesting twist. The big banks are leaving London so the city should be nervous but the opposite is true, There is feeling among smaller and medium sized companies in the financial sector that they will be better off outside the EU. They complain of endless pointless conditions put on them with regard to the huge cost of policing themselves with compliance departments. The EU is responsible for a lot of this and evidence does show that it has not stop fraud at all. One banker told me that if the big banks leave London, the banks will loose business but not London. He told me ‘finance flows like water, it always finds the path of least resistance’. From a legal perspective the UK has always been a popular place for the resolution of global commercial disputes and this will not change. EU and European courts particularly in global disputes are not chosen due to their cumbersome legal processes and their lack of understanding of legal systems from other parts of the world. Overall I think no deal is good for the British but it could be very bad for the future of the European Union.

    • Yanis Sarto

      If your calling the Eu a dictatorship, you are really in the need of a dictionary

    • Ivan Burrows

      Yanis Sarto Did you vote for generalissimo Juncker ?

      Definition of ‘Dictorship’:

      Unelected individual & group with absolute authority & sole authority to create law.

      Definition of ‘European Commission’:

      Unelected individual & group with absolute authority & sole authority to create law.

    • Yanis Sarto

      It’s easy to take something out of context if u want to sell propaganda mate . So you werent living in a democracy all these decades before the brexit ? Honestly you should be out of the Eu indeed, you’re too selfish for it anyway

    • La F Ham

      Europe should be more worried about filling up the ever widening cracks in the remainder of its kingdom rather than playing petty hardball with the UK. I can’t see the a united Eu ever lasting when flake off nations are all the rage at the moment.

    • Ovidiu Moldovanu

      I didn’t elect Juncker, the Luxembourgish people did. And because they’re vote is as important as mine, Juncker is allowed to lead the EU because he was elected by the MEPs, including the ones I voted. So indirectly I voted Juncker and I am so happy I did.

  23. Oli Lau

    being not able to export British goods to the continent will make everyone poorer (on the continent included)

  24. Ivan Burrows

    It will mean trade deals with anyone we want without interference from Brussels. :)

    • Sari Bruno

      And accept all terms with any country willing do business with the UK; What the freedom!!!!!

    • Ivan Burrows

      Sari Bruno That’s right, Just as the EU has done with CETA. You clearly know nothing about trade ‘agreements’.

    • adrran ekins

      In case you haven’t noticed, a trade agreement requires two partners, and each has its own interests. Thus, China has an agreement with Switzerland under which the Swiss had to open their market from day 1 whereas the Chinese do very little until the 2030s. India has indicated to both Cameron and May that their price would be a vast increase in migrant visas into Britain. Do racist Brexiteers really want that ? It is time that Brexiteers stopped telling lies about an association of free democratic nations which, despite its faults, is better than anything that has preceded it.

  25. Paul Vincent

    It will demonstrate the remarkable stupidity and intransigence of the eu institutions.

  26. Αναγέννηση

    BREXIT will provide Greece with €600 billion damages compensation from Britain towards Greece for the economic damages suffered by Greece due to the British Crimes against the Greek state from 1967 till the present as a result of the British war against the United States in Cyprus from 1950 , which led to the establishment of the British State sponsored Military Junta in Greece in 1967 so as to pave the way for the British State Sponsored Turkish Military invasion and occupation of EU member Cyprus since 1974, which provides the British Military bases in Cyprus a security advantage against American efforts since 1950 in trying to expel the British from Cyprus., which led to the Bush Administration being thrown into a decade long Iraqi swamp quagmire by the British- Turkish alliance against the Americans as a result of the ascension of Cyprus into the European Union on May 1 2004, that has laid the foundation for the establishment of the Sovereign Federation Nation State of Kurdistan dissolving Turkey in the process and ending the British – Turkish alliance against the Americans in Cyprus since 1950 with the ending of the British State Sponsored Turkish Military invasion and occupation of EU member Cyprus since 1974.

    • Μάρκος Κουντουρούδας

      What an Awful Nazi Propaganda….! What a Shame and Discrace ! Britain Liberate Greece from German-Nazis and it’s a Beacon of Democracy in our days against the Tyranny of “German-E.U.”. First ask from Germans to compensate Greeks about € 300 Billions in damages for the destruction of Greece’s economy (ports, railways, ecc.) and their Atrocities against Greek People (40.000 massacred who knows how many thousand from Hunger, ecc.)….Pro-German-Slave’s Idiocies !

    • Sari Bruno

      You must be joking; right? If not, you should think twice how much no deal will actually cost to the UK (no country will do business for free with the UK; be prepared to compromise).

    • David Fuzzey

      Not joking at all , the sooner we leave and stop wasting money on the eu , the better.

    • adrian ekins

      Oh yes ? Why don’t you and your friends try to spell out precisely how you will get to this ‘mid and long-term prosperity’ ? Making unprovable statements gets you nowhere.

  27. catherine benning

    What would “no deal” on Brexit mean for Britain?

    Now lets see. On a very basic level it means those from Europe who wish to either visit the UK or want to apply to be a citizen will not have an automatic right to our social security benefits, just the way we British are not entitled to receive them in the rest of the EU countries. For example, I want to go and spend a month or two in France or Spain, I have to pay an absolute fortune for ‘top up’ to ECHI health cover. Those visiting my country get the whole package free of charge. Including medication. Now why is that I wonder? And yet you are all screaming against our right to equal treatment. Our social security and health care package was fought for, bought and paid for, carried out by us British and not the whole bloody planet of deplorable’s, (Clinton called the people of the US), who come to suck off us. These paid for benefits includes housing, education, employment, tax credits and all other assistance given to our people Do we receive those benefits for ourselves in the EU States. No we don’t. Now why is that? Got a reply?

    It is not for the world to feed off of the British tax payer. Especially whilst they are left with zero hour contracts, food bank, cardboard boxes to sleep in whilst immigrants are given first choice of our alms houses.

    It is the EU that is going to fade and fast. For, we will pull out of their club at high speed should they decline our balanced and fair offer. There is a clause that would free us of this whole racket within a month. And long is it overdue. And the one reason our rulers are hanging on so tightly is the pay off they are getting for remaining inside it. Several of our Lords are raking off annual payments of hundreds of thousands which keeps them tied to the strings that bind them. And we cannot vote any of these obstructors out. Tax paying citizens are allowing these monsters to keep us choked presently, but, it won’t be for much longer.

    Just wait and see how no deal is a good deal for us. Tariffs can be very high
    when there is no limit placed on them.

  28. Rodney McKeown

    We did not vote to join the E.U but the common market surely that is the point we can make to legally leave without paying anything. plus we should get a re-bate for what we have already put in, eg new buildings etc;.

  29. Bódis Kata

    What would “no deal” mean to the rest of the EU nations and their businesses, the working people? >> Nothing good. Loss of revenue, loss of businesses, and the loss of jobs.

    If those overpaid bureaucrats and ideologues in Brussels are unable to bring a win-win agreement under roof before the end of the year, then this is yet another evidence of how little they care for the interests of the people and they should all be sacked. I want all their names (Juncker, Verhofstadt, etc) and we, the voters, must be aware that those who will lose their jobs and businesses as a result of brexit will do so because of *them*.
    Those incompetents must be given the boot in the 2019 elections.

    06/12/2017 Patrick Minford, Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business School and a former economic adviser to Margaret Thatcher, has responded to this comment.

    06/12/2017 Elmar Brok, a senior German Member of the European Parliament, has responded to this comment.

    06/12/2017 Hans-Olaf Henkel, German MEP with the Liberal Conservative Reformers, has responded to this comment.

  30. Vassiliki Xifteri

    Death to European Union spirit. If we forget why we established it in the first place, there will be no reason for the existance of E.U. in the long run.

  31. Bódis Kata

    What would “no deal” mean to the rest of the EU nations and their businesses, the working people? >> Nothing good. Loss of revenue, loss of businesses, and the loss of jobs.

    If those overpaid bureaucrats and ideologues in Brussels are unable to bring a win-win agreement under roof before the end of the year, then this is yet another evidence of how little they care for the interests of the people and they should all be sacked. I want all their names (Juncker, Verhofstadt, etc) and we, the voters, must be aware that those who will lose their jobs and businesses as a result of brexit will do so because of *them*.
    Those incompetents must be given the boot in the 2019 elections.

    • Michał Borkowski

      Not really. With most of its trading partners, the UK has other forms of trade agreements apart from WTO regulations. Half of the UK imports come from the EU and more than 40 percent of UK’s exports go there. No deal with the EU would mean huge problems for the Brits.

  32. JD Blaha

    The Results
    Once I had the data, I could write a query to return all the countries that lacked any agreements. Upon running it, I found that many of the returned countries weren’t actually countries at all, but dependent territories like Bermuda and Puerto Rico. I therefore manually removed these. I was then left with this list:

    Holy See
    Sao Tome and Principe
    South Sudan
    Western Sahara

    • Ivan Burrows

      You are Portuguese so how exactly do you ‘feel’ it ?

    • David Fernandes Coelho

      DUUUUr if i am saying something like this is because i am living in the UK

    • David Fernandes Coelho

      Ivan Burrows Let me tell you something I am very thankfull to all the European countries within the EU for helping my Portugal due the corrupt politicians that govern it. And as a Portuguese I am ashamed of it but their I dont want therest of the EU to keep on funding the corrupt Portuguese politicians. And if the EU was a dictatorsship this I am shure would not happen but as it is not the resaults we can see.

    • David Fernandes Coelho

      Ivan Burrows One more thing why dont you give your job up and come home would you have the same salary and benefits. I doubt it my dear friend

    • Stephen Pockley

      David Fernandes Coelho how have you felt it already exactly? In what way?.

    • Ivan Burrows

      David Fernandes Coelho It was the EU that created the problems in Portugal, it is not the cure. So will you be returning to the EU after Brexit or will you stay and enjoy the benefits of being in a free Great Britain ?

  33. Konrad Kowalski

    1. The EU flag is not a US flag. Stars are not 28
    2. The British are fed up with the intrusion of the EU in each and every state. They will not plunder the loss of independence
    3. December 21, 2017 The UK Prime Minister will be officially visiting Poland.
    The partnership between Great Britain and Poland “is based on a shared history and friendship ties that survive long after our departure from the EU,” said Prime Minister Theresa May.
    The stable political situation and unwavering moral attitude caused that the arrival to Warsaw is a mobilization for every government in the world

  34. Konrad Kowalski

    1. The EU flag is not a US flag. Stars are not 28
    2. The British are fed up with the intrusion of the EU in each and every state. They will not plunder the loss of independence
    3. December 21, 2017 The UK Prime Minister will be officially visiting Poland.
    The partnership between Great Britain and Poland “is based on a shared history and friendship ties that survive long after our departure from the EU,” said Prime Minister Theresa May.
    The stable political situation and unwavering moral attitude caused that the arrival to Warsaw is a ennoblement for every government in the world

  35. La F Ham

    I can just see the migration rate to Ireland exploding after Britain’s bye bye. Time to start Australifying yourself from the Exodus, GB

  36. Christine Harris

    If Britain fails to secure a very advantageous deal from the EU, it shouldn’t pay a cent and go for a hard Brexit

  37. Wendy Harris

    What a monster the EU has revealed itself to be. A blackmailing bloodsucking bully. These people are not our friends, they are parasites and control freaks. Forget about trade deals, we should stop trading with them altogether.

  38. Ana Freita

    Mais uma senhora que quer deixar um marco na história inglesa em vez de serem os ingleses a participar na História

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