Elections_France_6Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen. One of these two will be the next President of France. In the first round of voting on Sunday, the centrist Macron narrowly beat the far-right Le Pen by roughly 24% to 22%. Can he repeat this performance in the second round on 7 May?

Macron is widely predicted to beat Le Pen in the next round by an even wider margin, as moderate voters on the left and right rally behind him to see off the nationalist threat. However, this has been an extraordinary election campaign so far; the centre-right candidate, François Fillon, was initially tipped to win, before becoming mired in scandals; now, for the first time in modern French history, no major-party candidate has made it to the presidential runoff. So, a Le Pen victory is certainly not inconceivable.

Marine Le Pen is running on an anti-EU, anti-immigration platform, whereas Macron has positioned himself as pro-business and pro-EU. Both are considered “political outsiders”, and whoever wins it will represent an unprecedented turn of events for the Fifth Republic. Even if they win the presidency, the victorious candidate will still have to secure a majority in the National Assembly at the legislative elections in June.

Who do you think will be the next French president? Will moderate voters on the left and right rally behind Emmanuel Macron? Or are French voters fed-up with liberal policies? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – European Parliament and World Economic Forum

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What do YOU think?

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    Bódis Kata

    The mathematical probability is against Le Pen.
    The winners will be the oligarchs.

    • avatar
      Andrea Scacchi

      For the future of france, i sincerely hope for Le Pen to win.
      Macron is just another European Banker.
      We have seen one of the same kind here in italy recently. His program? Sell every italian asset to others, finish the destruction of italian social care, public schools and healthcare, make a desert and call it “europe”.

      Come on france, you are better than this “Macron”.

    • avatar
      Elle Wilky

      Andrea Scacchi Macron sounds just like the Tory scum government in the UK.

    • avatar
      Elena Henriques

      You, people, are just anxious for some “action”, aren’t you? You know, the scenario for Europe without EU is not peaceful. I’m hearing all the time that we are at war, one of these days that will happen.
      By the way, Mr. Burrows, what about going home, I believe you must have some job to do over there.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Elle Wilky .

      Except for the fact he’s a socialist.

    • avatar
      Andrea Scacchi

      Yeah a Rothschild bankers with an all-in for europe “program”…
      I wonder “cui prodest?” this deal…
      Oh.. yess

  2. avatar
    Andrea Scacchi

    I hope Le Pen: the european mindless establishment need to be halted. Those Bruxellians fuckers are exploiting every square inch of europe to their advantage.
    This europe is unredemable. Better to destroy it and start again without the northern countries and without an unelected government.
    Who rules the EU? Bankers.
    Who is Macron? A fucking Rothschild banker!

  3. avatar

    If the French want a STRONG FRANCE, then they need to vote and support Centrist Emmanuel Macron. A Strong France comes from a Strong Partnership with a STRONG European Union, with a Strong France working as part of a EU team to make the voice of France heard on the Global stage. In a globalised world, any single European state is bound to be dwarfed, demographically and economically, by other countries. Without the size and scale of the European Union , France would struggle to be noticed on the world stage. Prior to the euro France was running deficits and was in the red with its Balance of Payments not least due to the relatively high value of its respective currency compared to other European currencies (and it must be noted its main trading partners were other European countries). The euro levelled out the playing field and effectively allowed France to balance out whilst transferring the deficit to some of its trading partners: e.g. Spain, Italy. This is probably why France is one of the most vocal proponents of keeping the euro intact. Le Pen will be a complete CATASTROPHY for France and the European Union, making France completely insignificant on the global stage since the French economy by itself is a fraction the size of the gigantic American or Chinese economy’s , with Le Pens promised withdrawal from the European Union which has been built on French Lines in the Past. Le Pen supports a French Style State Dominated Closed and protectionist fascist economic model which is a mirror image of the current communist economic model in France, with the only difference being the racist nationalist intolerant ideology of Le Pen , which will make France COMPLETELY Insignificant against the Economic might of the USA or China without the European Union . Look at it this way , with the European Union , France is more influential than the United States or China in the European Union . Without the European Union , the influence of France on European Union will greatly diminish , opening the way for the United States and China to stamp out all French Influence on the European Union .

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows


      You mean French as Merkel’s pet poodle.

  4. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    The French should vote for equally worst candidates anyway – so the much much better choice is still Le Pen – the only thing she can do is to organize referendum – then French people are those to choose, but at least they will have the chance.
    But if they prefer longer working hours, less social care and other goodies that work really fine for the elites – Marcony is their choice.
    This is how I see it from a distance, but it is up to them to choose their future…

    • avatar
      Tiago Miranda

      It worked for both Trump and Brexit, so…

    • avatar
      João Bernardo Sousa

      Actually, the polls predicted Hillary to win the popular vote. That’s exactly what happened.

    • avatar
      Elena Henriques

      Yesterday the polls were very accurate. Anyway, Macron has good chances to win and I hope he does as Le Pen’s victory would make things very dangerous in Europe.

  5. avatar
    Paul X

    Obviously Macron… the EU will not permit any other result

  6. avatar
    Pedro Silva

    hopefully Macron. I don’t understand why in a group about debating Europe so many people are writing comments in favor of Marine. I guess these people are not listening to her speeches, for sure…

    • avatar
      Elena Henriques

      I think sociology explains that phenomena, being against is some odd manner of being a part of something. Anyway, people do not remember what is a war, so the peace project is something they do not value as they take peace for granted.

    • avatar
      Pedro Silva

      it’s clear, but still for me is confusing how a speech with so much hatred can influence a human being. it’s just sad.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      and what in particular in her speeches do you object to?

      Clearly Europhiles see her as the anti-christ because she dares to question project EU….. everything else she says is based on putting the people of France first as opposed to the liberal left agenda that is rife throughout Europe, that is why people are in favor of her

    • avatar
      Sarah EsEs

      She doesnt hâte. There are many other speeches or talk show wjere she says she z like all mothers and ordinary woman Who worries about future. She says well she s patriote like Jeanne d’arc. She wants to save france from multinationales who bring cheap jobs cheap cheap and destroys working class. justice relaxes all the criminals and punishes poors. And elites do nothing. police is killed and agressed all the time by drug dealers arabian and black. Police has no right to protect themselves. It z not OK. And france has many islands where People are black like Guadeloupe caledonie reunion and she cares for them too. Because they are invaded by immigration from next islands like haiti etc. She z right. What is bad is her dad who was extrême raciste. And she z lady. And raciste People are with her. But she z not raciste. She says réalité that other elites hide.

    • avatar
      Sarah EsEs

      but i think macron will win. even what he says is à complète lié.

    • avatar
      Pedro Silva

      Well, even if she would not be racist but racist people are with her… ? you understand then that if she wins you are giving power to those people… right? I could post here some speeches from her but I refuse to spread them even more.

    • avatar
      Pedro Silva

      Well, even if she would not be racist but racist people are with her… 🤐 you understand then that if she wins you are giving power to those people… right? I could post here some speeches from her but I refuse to spread them even more.

    • avatar

      Ever heard of trolls?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      In my opinion the real problem is the peer pressure which tries to subvert anyone who dares question the current EU liberal agenda

      Some of Le Pen’s policies and what the typical response from the “establishment” is

      Ending mass immigration = Racist
      Giving priority to French citizens with houses and jobs = Xenophobe
      Being a strong and independent France = Nationalist

      I suggest the French taxpayers have a right to expect all of these from their government, they don’t work hard to have their hard earned money handed out to anyone and everyone who fancies a French holiday

      The problem with the Liberal Left is they love spending other people’s money to give themselves a self congratulatory warm feeling about all the good they are doing

  7. avatar
    Pedro Silva

    hopefully Macron. I don’t understand why in a group about debating Europe so many people are writing comments in favor of Marine. I guess these people are not listening to her speeches, for sure… or don’t want to be Europeans..

  8. avatar
    Stefan Mataja Mafrici

    The choice of the people of France is not only between Le Pen and Macron… It’s a sort of referendum for Frexit.
    Who votes for Le Pen wants out of the EU and those in favor of Macron still want a strong and stable EU.
    As simple as that… Hope to see Macron winning.

  9. avatar
    Mitsos Daniel

    Le Pen is a nationalist. In a globalized world, such views only throw ‘nations’ backwards

  10. avatar
    Dean Plassaras

    Macron will be the next president but without the ability to govern since he has zero parliamentarians in his party. This a recipe for paralysis.

  11. avatar
    Yannick Cornet

    A banker or a fascist? Progress in perhaps a wrong direction or certain regress? Certainly, given the choices, the best option is clear, He is young, he understands and appreciates Europe, he is less ‘red’ and ‘less ‘green’ than what I would like, but he compensates by being red in believing in equal opportunity (which is an important prerequisite for social justice) and by being green by talking of the ‘ecological imperative’ just before talking of economic growth in his speech yesterday. So all in all, he is the (much) better alternative. May France have the wisdom to see it.

  12. avatar
    Carlos Trocado

    … votes on independent candidates can become a nightmare to predictions.
    … I would not be surprised for a narrow victory of Le Pen since programs and hidden reasons to vote on independent candidates might become a tremendous variable geometry uneasy to figure out.
    … in this sense I would bet on Le Pen even if I dislike her propositions.

  13. avatar
    Moreira France

    France needs Napoleon, I am,as french citizen , don’t feel , that these candidates , have spirit of leadership to command France.

  14. avatar
    Dimitar Peev

    There is no doubt – it will be Macron. But what will follow – this is much more interesting.

  15. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    the smalest problem…
    the big one, will be when Macron feel the lack of support from the parties

    • avatar
      Stefania Portici

      e Macron è destra finanziaria . Meglio stare zitti si fa più bella figura

  16. avatar
    Zsolt Barczy

    Hey, if you seriously think it matters, I have a nice, cheap Rolex for sale, ONLY FOR YOU. :)

  17. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    Le Pen è destra sociale , Macron è destra finanziaria . Chi vincerà non lo sò, sono affari dei francesi e dovrebbe diventare sempre di più affari dei francesi e non nostri ( meno Francia nel mio Paese come meno Germania , meno Olanda ecc…. ) . Tra lo schifo e l’orrore io non ci sto . Meno UE in Europa . Le Pen is social right, Macron is financial right. Whoever will win will not be, are French affairs and should become more and more business of the French and not ours (less France in my country as less Germany, less Holland etc …). Between the suck and the horror I’m not there. Less EU in Europe

  18. avatar
    Belamie Versco

    Who do you think is better for Europe? Macron hopefully and European officials should take that as the final warning to reform itself !!!!! There is always a next election….

  19. avatar
    Chris Pavlides

    L P . Why vote a systemic clerk who get married his mother but wants to turn peoples lifes up side down ???

  20. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Unfortunatly for the average people in Europe the “all against Le Pen” will give Macron the presidency. Even the EU leaders advocated for Macron’s victory. But don’t laugh…sooner then later the EU will burst and every country will regain it’s liberty.

  21. avatar
    catherine benning

    As Mummy is telling him what to do in the bedroom, Macron should be asked to bring his wife to many suppers. This will enable the electorate to know what this man is really up to.

    A man who married his mother is totally dependent on her view of the world as he is frightened of his emptiness. Mother told him how to live.

    Le Pen should win. She is a world changer. Or, so she appears to be. And if France needs or wants something different to what it has, then voting for the same man over, will only bring the same as they have now. Look at Hollande, wasn’t he supposed to be a big mover and shaker on a socialist anti austerity platform.

    However, as is clear to see via Trump, the Globalists rule no matter who is elected and I fear both Macron and Le Pen are going to turn out to be the identical Globalist men once in office. They will be confined under the rule of the New World Order that none of us want.


  22. avatar
    Zille Vuk

    the way i see it, you have Macron that wont change nothing and France will have more people without jobs, more terrorist and salafist oragnization and French people are fucked because Europe is not functioning !!! On the other hand you have Marie le Pen the true Franseze,true patriot,true woman with hart and soul for Franch people and she dare to go against EU establishment to save French sinking in more terorist atacs and more people without jobs and lets face the truth, imigration and islamisering of europa must stop and Marien is the only way.. thank you for reading..

  23. avatar

    If France wants change then they have to go Le Penn. Europe is changing the people want Nation states not the Federalism it is being led into . Even Macron is now doing a Cameron and saying the EU needs reforming ,maybe to take votes off of Le Penn as Cameron did to halt the rise of UKIP .
    To the question , Le Penn

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