Trump was supposed to be an isolationist president. He entered office with a pledge to put “America First” (a motto borrowed from a pressure group in the 1940s that lobbied against US involvement in the Second World War). He criticised President Obama’s infamous “red lines” after 1,429 people died (according to US estimates) in a chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus in 2013.

On Thursday 6 April 2017, Trump’s position on Syria seems to have changed. He ordered US warships in the Mediterranean to launch 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at an airfield in Syria. The strike came in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime that killed more than 80 people in a rebel-held town.

Estimates for the cost of the Syria missile strike are all over the place, from $30 million to $93 million. It’s also unclear how much damage the strike caused – with estimates ranging from 6 planes to up to 20 – but the Syrian military is reportedly still using the airfield to launch bombing runs on rebel positions. Some media outlets suggest that Russia was given advance notice of the strike by the US and that they may have passed on the warning to the Syrian government, providing them with an opportunity to move many of their planes before the raid.

Was Trump right to launch the Syria missile strike? Has he risked escalating the situation in the Middle East? Will the strike discourage further chemical attacks? And how should Europe respond? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – US Navy

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What do YOU think?

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      John gates

      Ok ok ! Maybe he had only just found out that babies are little. I do not imagine he knew much about his own children until he could ask them who they were. He did not have the time to waste on them, when there was money to be made. And p*****s to be grabbed.

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    Bobi Dochev

    Of course not!!!
    1st – This is attack against independent country and as such only the UN Security consul’s can take such decision – without IN resolution this is heavy violation of the international law and there should be sanctions against US
    2nd – Who and when prove there was chemical weapons used by Assad?! just an hour after a picture was published (by organization that many consider as part of terrorist groups) Assad was accused – who and when made investigation?! He was accused in 2113 as well but nothing was proved – now he has even less benefits from using chemical weapons, he is winning the war anyway! … probably this is the biggest problem for US – their interest and their creation ISIS are threatened.
    Good or bad Assad and his government are the only legally elected Syrians representatives and if you get back to 2015 you going to find US/UK lead research that show 90% of the Syrians support Assad! What some US/EU criminals think about it has nothing in common here! I don’t like my government but if a bloody bastard come and drop bombs over my country I’ll stay behind it all the way!!! This is how nationalism works!
    Iraq and Libya, were secular countries after the “democratic” invasion we clearly see what is the results – ruined countries, under Islamic rule and Sheria law. Now same criminals invade Syria and do the same – YOU BLOODY IDIOTS SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT CAN’T BRING DEMOCRACY ON THE WING OF YOUR BOMBS!!!
    … but actually who care about democracy – all in all we are talking for about 90 to 170 million dollars, depending of the sources, just for the for Tomahawk missiles – its a business – right criminal bastards?!!!

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    Katerina Mpakirtzi

    I think we need investigations because if Isis and their friends they have Sarin are to dangerous to play the.. victims and be the murderers once more. An International court for all of them should stop this tragedy of crimes refugees genocides without…End

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    Yes , Trump was right to launch the missile strike and must follow through on assisting the Kurds of ROJAVA KURDISTAN in seeking independence and full sovereignty from the dictatorial suppressive regime of Syria to go towards forming a sovereign federation nation state of Kurdistan with Basur Kurdistan ( occupied by Iraq) and Bakur Kurdistan ( occupied by Turkey) .

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      Taline Babikian Angelidou

      Trump and his government does npt care one bit for the Kurds nor the Armenians nor Cyprus nor Ponties..they care for money and investment.

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    Global Village Bard

    Europe is at a crossroads. Either it can go along with the insular nations of USA and Great Britain in their quest to sow manageable (for them!) chaos in the Eurasian hinterlands. Or it can join China, Russia and others in their uneasy but brave attempt to fashion a world in which everybody can live together, despite differences and difficulties. I hope it should be obvious by now which is the only sane option for a zone that has a 9,000km external land border. Hint: managed chaos is a good strategy only if you are an insular nation.

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    Ivan Burrows


    We are leaving fortress EU and rejoining the free ‘world’, please explain how we are insular ?

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    Stephen J Gorog

    If Assad used Salin-gas then yes! If not then who?? I would think the Russians or the US did not. I don’t believe that nobody knows!

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      Michail Panchev

      The so-called rebels did it previously. And they benefit the outcome the most.

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    Taline Babikian Angelidou

    No…nobody appointed US as international police…it is the UN ‘s job to investigate and prosecute…US/UK and other countries who wanted the gasxpipes to passs from Syria did not like it when the request got refused by the government…hence the creation of the militants. You can’t impose your idea of freedom or democracy on other countries..look at the results…stay out of middle east stay out of every ones business for that matter. Western economical ambitions has ruined the lives of millions for oil! Oil will run out in the next 20/30 years. So instead of wasting millions worth of misiles…go and invest in alternative power supply like sun wind water…otherwise no one will be will be able to travel forvstarters as prices will be too high to pay..

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    Giulia Noia Dipresa

    No, he must have had consultation with nearby countries. You can’t just wake up someday and decide you’re gonna pop some missiles wherever you want. The situation there is already pretty complicated and this has done nothing but make it more complicated. Maybe Usa should first stop selling weapons to “rebels”… then the situation could become more manageable. To me is nothing but showing off… avoiding finding real solutions. Bombing each other is not a solution and we’ve seen it in the past.

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      Giulia Noia Dipresa

      Let’s be clear I’m not siding for anyone here. I’m just stating my opinion.

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      Rosy Forlenza

      i would agree Giulia. There are so many factions in Syria it is so complicated and then there are all of these shady alliances that the west has with some factions. but at the end of the day this is an oil war, syria has always been within russia and china’s sphere of influence, but everyone wants the middle east oil, so i don’t think you can just bomb and know who did what as no one seems to know who are friends with whom and who are enemies with whom. it is a UN responsibility not the U.S.’

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    Louis Jeffs

    Surely the answer is ‘yes’ for anyone old enough to remember the Yugoslav Wars or Sierra Leone, like the man or not.

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    Stefania Portici

    Ivan Burrows quel che tu chiami libero per il resto del mondo è SCHIAVITU’ e guerre . Liberi da cosa ? Liberi dallo Stato per essere schiavi del mercato ??? Come puoi non capire

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    Sarah EsEs


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    Maia Alexandrova

    The strike was wrong on every level and did not achieve absolutely anything positive. On the contrary – the bombs destroyed the little remaining hope of understanding between USA and Russia and messed up even more the situation in Syria. A great example of the American principle “first shoot, then think”. These people are like children with guns – very dangerous for the world peace! In reality they are adults showing symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. They can start the 3rd world war and will not even notice it in their pathological delusion of being saints fighting with the devil!

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    Nando Aidos

    No. For all reasons, including the real purpose which was to improve his falling approval ratings in his own country.

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    Marco Bianchi

    No. Why is NATO helping the terrorists? Not to mention that all source of information use by NATO and by mainstream media have been proven to be absolutely not reliable nor trustable!
    The white helmets are entangled with al-Nusra!! Why are we still helping them?!?

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      Stefania Portici

      secondo me conviene scrivere nella propria lingua (magari entrambe ) perchè il traduttore traduce malissimo, fa capire una cosa per un’altra . Quel che hai scritto ad esempio , io l’ho tradotto col traduttore ed è un ingarbugliamento di parole che a malapena riesco a capire quello che hai detto. Metto mi piace ma vado a senso, per fiducia

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    catherine benning

    Lets put it this way. When Obama came to the UK to tell us how to vote on the In/Out Brexit issue and we told him to get lost, would you be asking us if Obama was right to launch a missile strike on us in any part of our country?

    What Trump has done must be illegal in a civilised world. And it is sad to have to accept this as I had hoped he would turn out to be a President worth the flack he was taking.

    Assad, whether we in the West like him or not, was the choice of the Syrian people. Just as the guy in the Ukraine was before the US/EU coup on the citizens of that countries choice of leader.

    It is time the West stopped this coalition of barbarism. Iraq, followed by Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria is a crime against humanity. What pisses them off is Russia has remained their friend even in times of serious distress for them. He turned out to be a friend in truth not a fair weather guy.

    However, all that aside, what is the real political aim of the West alliance in Syria and the rest of these Middle Eastern countries, what are they really after? Killing of the innocent whether done with gas or Tomahawk missiles makes not one shadow of difference, death is death. So, the cry of chemical weapons is only relevant if they believe it is going to affect them in some way or other. Not if it is killing babies that Mr President is shown in ghastly pictures. Coalition forces are leaving bodies of all ages strewn around Mosul.

    Trump may decide it would be expedient to simply launch missile strikes on us all, if it suits the Pentagon. Would that be right? I don’t think so.

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    Stefania Portici

    Ivan Burrows quel che tu chiami libero per il resto del mondo è SCHIAVITU’ e guerre . Liberi da cosa ? Liberi dallo Stato per essere schiavi del mercato e della finanza ??? Il tuo Paese in nome di questa “libertà” ( libertà per lui ma schiavitù per gli altri ) sta rendendo la vita degli altri Paesi del mondo un inferno . La vostra “democrazia ” esportata , è guerra. Noi non abbiamo bisogno della guerra ma della pace . Come puoi non capire

  17. avatar
    Marcus Salomao

    Dugin would be very proud of you, but the fact is that your wet dreams of Eurasianism would only enslave Europe.

  18. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    Dugin is a very intelligent thinker. However, like me, he won’t ever come anywhere near real power. Thankfully.

  19. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    Don’t you consider that Europe is presently “enslaved”? At least, parts of it. When will Greeks ever be free?

  20. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    Most Slovenians I know tend to be nostalgic for Yugoslavia. With good reason, considering the present state of the economy. Have you ever seen the film “Slovenka”?

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    Radka Brhlikova

    NO! white helmets deserve another Oscar for their performance leading to US attack on independent country what is the break up of UN charter

  22. avatar
    Stephen Challen

    Terrorists will celebrate anything and everything. The problem is the West have only just started to experience proper terrorism and it will take time for you all to realise the folly of trying to defeat terrorism through deplomacy. Equally it will take time for you to realise that where there are those who wish to create war they will succeed until they are removed from existance. Nazism was never able to be squashed as an ideal but those promoting it were removed and their ability to exist reduced. Where you leave those ideals festering they will eventually rise up again. The problem is people need to face up to the fact that people are nor born good, but that evil is unfortunately the norm. The west has lived sheltered lives under the banner of being able to control countries, but now that borders have been removed and that the conflict is from an undefined enemy the controls have been removed and ultimately there is a power struggle across the world and someone will seek to win it. The question is whether you have a moral basis for which side you are on. The Syrian Army used illegally held nerve gas and used it on women and children. Added to that the Russians and Iranians support their right to do it. Failure to respond or to not to respond both equally draw us closer to conflict, neither takes us the other way. The question is whether you become tollerant as a society of murder in order to keep you own life experience does not change. Unfortunately it is only a matter of time before you find yourself on the receiving end of the bullies, who by then will have grown in strength and confidence. The question is not should we do something about it but rather whether we maintain or lose the moral ground. Safety is not earned through burying one’s head in the sand but by taking a strong moral position and using force to protect it.

  23. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    Western countries should just stop interfering in Middle East Politics, its not welcome, it does no good and they get no thanks.

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    Antonio Caldeira

    No one has the right to bomb another country if it is not in a war situation and as self defence.
    Power should be used as last resource. USA became a Rogue Nation, they respect no nation that isn’t aligned with their interests. It is a shame that most European governments condoned such behaviour. People want peace, not war. Criminals!

  25. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    No. As many online memes point out: no country bombed the USA for the poisonous water in Flint. Most importantly the US didn’t wait for evidence and didn’t consult with their own congress or the UN. There is obviously an agenda here related to Syria’s Assad choosing the Russian pipeline over the Qatar pipeline. Disgusting behaviour from the US.

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    Pierce Lynch

    Has everyone missed the whole point here.This is another Proxy war because Assad won’t allow the Rothschild banking system into Syria,he dropped the American Dollar,Syria has its own Oil and is backed by Russia.Also America want the Gas pipeline that Russia own.
    Iraq,Libya and others have fallen because of this.
    The chemical weapons were part of an ISIS (American funded,mobilised,armed and trained ) arms dump targeted by Assad’s army and rightly so to wipe out the so called Terrorists,ISIS,America’s proxy army.
    But the suppliers didn’t want to take the blame,guess who the suppliers are.
    Trump had no right sending in drone missiles which out of 60 launched 38 were shot down by Syrian air defences.
    So,if America is so opposed to chemical weapons and genocide,why is Israel still standing and still being funded and armed by America.
    And enough about the UN and NATO,they are just as bad.
    Putin has had it right all along by protecting Syria because he knows the real reason America want Assad out.
    Have you also noticed how little was said about the white caps this time,considering the mess they made with the last false flag chemical attack,even the BBC were caught out doctoring video and audio files to bolster a false story.
    Wise up people for all our sakes,do your homework on these issues and stop being sheep.

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      Sam Goetmaekers

      I am happy that there is olso a other person now it like that

  27. avatar
    Stephen Kennedy

    No. This is all about regime change and theft of resources. Any country in Syria without the permission is illegal and performing a war crime.

  28. avatar
    Nick Coulson

    I don’t think Trump had a choice. But what needs to be done now is Russia must be allowed to save face. And somehow we must bring them on board.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Trump has lost his face, not Russia. It will be even more difficult now for USA to talk to Russia and for them to agree on anything. Trump seriously messed up by launching this useless attack!

  29. avatar
    Sam Goetmaekers

    Was The USA in the first place richt for to import under force there way of life and thinking.
    If theay don’t have do it there was no war.
    There will ve than peace.

    The USA is a hero but olso a terror a invader to the country in the middle east.
    It is a controdicsie. Where the world have to be stand still and think about it.

    If the USA want to blame other country’s than have theay first to be hunnest and truely to them self. If theay can do that and speak the real truth. than theay have the right for to speak like that. But theay don’t have the right for to dropsboms to them.

    it is a sad story.

  30. avatar
    Yorgos Ektoras

    Raluca ,you do know he makes his biggest mistake,under pressure from the old establishment .He showed how much wick he is,.I believe behind that’s certain Europian

  31. avatar
    Abdu Zango

    Yes, because the war theatre in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Somalia are not giving any challenges.
    The north Koreans and the iranians are tough nuts to crack and are getting wiser. Those he has to convince are the deplorbles at home who are waiting for him to make “America ” great again and the English politric-cians who wants a special relationship even though they are used as toilet papers for convenience.

  32. avatar
    Brian Frank Harding

    It is very likely that you will get a better answer if you ask his kids. ( Text is from BBC news).

    Eric Trump said his father was not intimidated by President Putin’s talk of war, and there would be “no-one harder” than President Trump if they “cross us”.

    He also confirmed that President Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian airbase to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a nerve gas attack last week was influenced by the reaction of his sister Ivanka, who said she was “heartbroken and outraged” by the atrocity.

  33. avatar
    Helena Corte-Real


  34. avatar
    Josepha Guillaume

    No! There should have been an investigation first and even then bombing Syrians (and Russians) is not the answer!

  35. avatar

    No, because: 1) There was no Security Council resolution to authorize it; 2) No investigation was conducted before the strike therefore we don’t know if Assad is guilty; 3) Syria does not posses chemical weapons and this was confirmed by the international community after thorough verification; 4) The only actor in Syria who actually has everything to loose is Assad so he didn’t do it; consequently why to bomb the looser; 5) I am sure Mr. trump has never seen how sarin gas works and how a response team should look like. If he had known he would have never authorise the strike.

  36. avatar
    Johan S Volstaat

    fuck no, it was the most sell out zionist move he could do, my faith in him is gone ! he is a part of the real swamp….

    • avatar
      Johan S Volstaat

      and btw they both are, clinton is also zionist as fuck, thats why u only always hear in europe of 2 kandidates

  37. avatar
    Kevin MJ Hellenbrand

    From what I understand, some of his friends made a lot of money that day. He doesn’t really care where they’re launched at as long as they’re launched.

  38. avatar
    Helena Corte-Real

    Of course not! EUA is the murder here…The chemical attack was made by them, everybody knows that by now…Wake up!!! This site is shit, this´s pure global elite propaganda! Read the alternative media, don´t believe BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, and those shit! The elite are their owners. All of this (starting with 9/11) was CIA/MOSSAD jobs, the attacks are all false flags…WAKE UP!!! They want to control the world and they´re provoking Iran, North Korea, Yemen because they are the only countries in the world that aren´t financially controled by the Rothschild´s…And more…This´s INSANE! Please, wake up, we have to stop those maniacs, those retards…They want to depopulate the planet, their agenda is HORRIBLE!!! They are 1%, we´re 99%, we´ll defeat them if we want to!!! This´s not the world I want to leave for my grand-children…

  39. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    Stefania Portici brava Stefania: well said Stefania. She said: ‘to Ivan: what you call freedom is slavery for the rest of the world and war. free from what? freed from the state to be slaves of the market and of finance??? Your country in the name of this freedom (freedom for him but slavery for everyone else), is making these other places of the world a living hell…Your exported democracy is war. We do not need war we need peace. How can you not understand?’ Nicely put Stefania.

  40. avatar
    Ciprian Sorin Constantinescu

    Whoa, so many dictator apologists in the comments section. You people are nuts, freely condoning crazy dictators, while sitting in front of a computer in a liberal democratic country.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      And you are condoning crazy and deranged rebels who stockpile and use chemical weapons against babies, as was the case with the latest attack.

    • avatar
      Kevin Foley

      The ‘crazy dictator’ is fighting islamists (ISIS et al) – you prefer the islamists ?

    • avatar
      Ciprian Sorin Constantinescu

      Mate you just made a logical fallacy there. There are alternatives to both the Islamists and the crazy dictator who kills his own people.

    • avatar
      Rick Wilmot

      Everybody is guilty in this war, esp. British and American arms dealers… feed their greed, this was probably a put up job!

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      The alternatives to the “crazy dictator” and the deranged islamists should fight at elections using ballots, not guns and chemical weapons. If the majority of people trust those candidates, they will vote for them and Assad will go. This is the only civilised way to do it. Every democratic country has an opposition, but if that opposition arms itself and decides to come to power by force – by fighting the national army and killing innocent civilians – then it is not an opposition any more, but a dangerous terrorist group trying to carry out a coup. At the moment this is the only alternative to Assad, as long as these groups continue their aggression against government areas, thus preventing any prospects of elections in the near future. This is what you are supporting, but not realising it, just like USA and its allies. What a grave mistake it is to see hungry wolves as peaceful doves, but you don’t realise it until they bite you!

  41. avatar
    Joerg Sp

    The only criminals here are Trump and the US-creation ISIS. Assas didn’t use sarin. Just as he didn’t do it the first time in 2013, as has been shown by Seymour Hersh. So no, Trump is a lunatic, he shouldn’t have used these rockets. We are soo close to starting WWIII what is wrong with you people who are supporting this wrongful act of terrorism that was performed by Trump?

    Also what a strange coincidence: people who, a few months ago have been outraged at the fact that Trump has won the election and have called him a misogynist cretin, now are supporting his criminal warmongering. Where is the logic?

  42. avatar
    Catherine Montrade-Pierotti

    Instead of loosing time analyzing between highly educated people whether D Trump did the right thing we d better work on different scénarios of ACTION for Europe Defence

  43. avatar
    Clément Haddock

    No, it is illegal. A country cannot attack another country without the approbation of the security council of the UN.

  44. avatar
    Darrell Mennie

    no, he was in the wrong- US president can only launch unilateral attacks when a clear and present danger is presented to the US. Syria gassing its own people is not a threat to the US.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      You mean the rebels gassing their own people.

  45. avatar

    Trump as many before him are nothing but war criminals. US army since WWII is nothing but criminal organisation.

  46. avatar

    No, he should have kept out of it. Only the self-proclaimed Islamic State could have been bombed, as they pose a threat to us as well. Nobody here is 100% what is happening in Syria, so we should not try and affect the result of the war there.

  47. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    of course he was right…
    Tomahawks are made by hes own company, so he is just making money for is pocket… forget all human rights and all that stuff, it has nothing to do with it

  48. avatar

    I think he was right. Of course this will not solve the conflcit in Syria, maybe it was just symbolic as we know that many other atrocities are going on there. But at least Trum did something and hopefully it will make Basher al Assad think twice before he launches chemical bombs on sleeping families (most specialists agree there are high chances he ordered this chemical bombing).

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