future-europeThe future looks gloomy for Europe. The centre ground of politics is crumbling in favour of radicalism on the left and right; for the first time ever, the European Union will lose a member as Britain begins the Brexit process; relations with Russia are at their worst since the Cold War; terrorism remains a very real threat (something tragically illustrated by the recent attack in Britain); authoritarianism is on the rise, and “strong men” are weakening checks and balances on power in countries both outside the EU and within it.

Saturday 25 March 2017 will mark the 60th anniversary since the Treaty of Rome was signed. On that day in 1957, the European Economic Community (precursor to today’s European Union) came into being. Ahead of the anniversary, the European Commission has published a White Paper on the Future of Europe, setting out five possible scenarios.

  • Scenario 1: Carrying On – Nothing major changes. The EU continues tinkering around the edges, but pursues no major architectural reforms. Essentially, this is the ‘status quo’ option.
  • Scenario 2: Nothing but the Single Market – A common refrain from eurosceptics is that the EU has its fingers in too many pies. Over the years, it’s undeniable that the scope of European integration has expanded to include more and more policy areas. Could it be stripped back to the basics?
  • Scenario 3: Those Who Want More Do More – This is the so-called “multi-speed” model, with different EU Member States integrating at different speeds. Those who want to do more in specific areas such as defence, internal security or social matters are able to form “coalitions of the willing” to do so, excluding those countries that want to hang back (or aren’t able to integrate fast enough).
  • Scenario 4: Doing Less More Efficiently – Similar to scenario 2, this would see the number of policy areas dealt with by the European Union being trimmed. However, it would not focus solely on trade and economic matters, and might even include further integration in those areas the EU does continue to focus on.
  • Scenario 5: Doing Much More Together – The so-called “federal option”. This scenario would see a push for deeper integration across the board, with a faster and more effective decision-making structure put into place so that the EU can respond quickly to challenges.

So, which scenario would you favour? Should there be a ‘multi-speed’ Europe, with some countries integrating at a faster pace than others? Should the EU do less, but more efficiently? Is it time for a United States of Europe? Or should the EU be nothing but the Single Market? Let us know your thoughts and comments on the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Jeremy Segrott

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    Marko Martinović

    More lives will be destroyed because of political correctness. More and more people will vote fore all kinds of exits. EU is self destructing

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    Bobi Dochev

    If the current political establishment don’t take any measures against illegal migration, anti-terrorism and the poverty in EU – it will ruin the Union much faster then they think – people are not stupid, Brussels idiots cant rely on the cheep propaganda forever!

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    Stephen J Gorog

    Political correctness = wet dreams of EU leaders, who are now taking Europe close to catastrophe !

    • avatar
      Paul X

      …Absolutely nothing

    • avatar
      Denis Ionascu

      Kirstie Mamoyo Rogers You got it wrong,war is horrible,but in this case,it will inevitably start,to much hatred and differences on both sides. =(

    • avatar
      Claudio Parreira

      Europeans laws are not compatible with islamc laws

    • avatar
      Claudio Parreira

      I AM not religious but i do want a Christian Europe
      And democratic that hás not been
      There Was no referendum for governments to if population wants to support more migrants

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Clearly the Edwin Starr reference was over some people’s head……I got where you were heading Kirstie :-)

  4. avatar
    Michelle Maria

    You have not let in Islam but a communist globalist way of dealing with Europe.. like all ex communist countries are driving themselves into dying breeds you have learned nothing.. such as communist globalism dominates to 1, one thing by all natural laws do not multiply as is mans natural state.. you no longer have 2 parents or multiple genders, everything is relativised to 1, including right and wrong which no longer exist..

    Still ever day is a choice and courses can be changed, wars avoided and breeding and prosperity can continue with basic logic and learning from results

    • avatar
      Denis Ionascu


    • avatar
      Alex Sekkpfb

      Kirstie Mamoyo Rogers I´m also struggling to get your point too

    • avatar
      Alex Sekkpfb

      Kirstie Mamoyo Rogers I´m also struggling to get her point too

    • avatar
      Denis Ionascu

      I get what you are saying,nevermind these retards.

    • avatar
      Michelle Maria

      Tnx Denis i never respond to ppl that havent the experience and travel or argument, have a nice day ?✨

    • avatar
      Anastasia Qka

      Μάλλον αυτό φταίει

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    Paul X

    I think you will find that between the 27 countries there will be a spread of who favors which option…and that’s why the whole concept of the EU as a political entity is so ineffective, nothing is agreed on, everything is a half-arsed compromise and nobody ends up happy

  6. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar


    The proposed multi-speed EU is yet another example of how Germany and its 3 big vassals ‘cherry-pick’ under the guise ‘EU progress’.

    For the 23 remaining EU states – BEWARE the “DICTATOR FOUR” viz: Germany, France, Italy & Spain – These 4 COUNTRIES are renowned for their colourful dictatorial histories which run deeply within and throughout, endemically, pandemically, epidemically and systemically.

  7. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    It depends on our abilities to stay together and defend ourselves against the global threats outside EU which try to become EU problems.

  8. avatar

    We have to establish a EU Defense Force upgrading the current European Security and Defense Policy unit of the EU into a million personel EU Defense Force , to create a fortress Europe to prevent the arrival of illegal immigrants that is the fodder of extremist nationalism, as well as create a Economci Transfer union mechanism inside the Eurozone to have a proper functioning Federal European economic system .

  9. avatar
    Renata Komninos

    Δύσκολη συνκατοικιση τόσο ως διαφορετικών εθνικοτήτων.

  10. avatar
    Róbert Bogdán

    Federalization with doing less more efficiently. A small federal government with only one role, to protect the freedom of the European citizens. We should abandon altogether the idea of a welfare state. Dismantle the social and state pensions and use only private benefit plans. Automation and technology should fill in the gaps in workforce. Falling demography in any highly developed country is a natural process. No need to use mass-immigration. It’s difficult enough to assimilate ourselves into Europeans, to develop that sense of belonging together. Immigration disrupts that process and even makes war on Europe’s soil possible again.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Róbert Bogdán
      As a Brit, I’m glad I don’t have to associate my culture with cultures that practiced NATIONAL SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, VICHY-ISM, FASCISM…

    • avatar

      @Tarquin F
      In which century are you living? Btw, some present English -isms come to my mind. For a starter: workers exploitism, tax havenism, financial-markets-top-democracism, murdochism, global interventionism, not-my-problemism.
      And still, the British will be welcome back in Europe.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      In answer to your question – The 21st century dear boy!

      Your list of ‘isms’ was interesting as all seem to apply to the EU-27 “in spades’!

      Your view of the EU is un-reflectve, unrealistic and unapologetic – typical pro-EU bilge!

      The ‘EU has got no clothes on’ – Germany controls the EU – France is Germany’s poodle – democracy is dying, lying is the new truth, un-accountability dominates – chaos will ensue!!

  11. avatar
    catherine benning

    With the current leadership so out of touch with the citizenship of Europe and refusing to get into line with the wishes of their paymasters, the electorate, it offers nothing but chaos. Cannot do otherwise.

    And do you really believe following and wanting ‘back’ an utterly mad potential leader who would dare to voice this sentiment publicly as she proposes election, is ‘what the people want’ then you too are as crazy as she is.


    Europe needs to drain the swamp before any future for them at all can be considered. As a forerunner get rid of the love affair you have created with Islamic politics and politicians and their bribery. Our civilisation is not compatible with their doctrine. The two, when thrown together turn rancid.

    Open your eyes to reality and stop playing the nursery game called ‘political correctness.’ It is of no benefit to anyone.As was shown, so profoundly, on the streets of our London capital this week.

  12. avatar
    Kester Ratcliff

    a sort of combination of your options 2,3 and 5:

    2) those who want 2 should be asked to leave the EU and remain only in the EEC. That is what the EEC was for, not the EU. If they refuse to make a clear choice and stick to it honestly, expel them. If there isn’t a legal provision to expel them, dissolve the “EU” and form something new, functionally similar but more integrally so.

    3) those who choose to remain in the EU should be expected to participate properly or not at all – the EU is a moral and legal community on top of an economic community – any member state that is unwilling to fully and consistently participate in the founding values and laws of universal human rights should be expelled, with minimal tolerance.

    5) Yes. More like the European Republic proposal – http://www.european-republic.eu/en/ Reassert the founding values and principles in the ECHR and UDHR. Any nation-state that doesn’t want to fully and wholehearetedly participate in that should not do so, and should not be allowed to merely pretend and take the economic benefits with none of the commitments.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Kester Ratcliff
      Both the declarations you referred to were created by ‘the West’ – Africa, the Middle East, China, India, Russia and many more significant countries, cultures and creeds played little if no part in designing said declarations.

      Said declarations must be re-written – the seculofascism embodied within said declarations [as propounded by France] needs to be corrected!.

    • avatar
      Cliff Wilson

      Sounds like the formation of a Dictatorship to me. Similar to Soviet style systems that failed in the past. This started with an Economic Community trying to do trade better. It has grown into a political project supported by a ‘gravy train’. Much of it is not fit for purpose and is destined for failure in a competitive and Global world. The West has been wealthy for some time. Now the Chinese, Indian, African and other peoples want a share and they are coming to take your wealth and share it around. Only the fit, quick acting and imaginative will keep their comfy way of lives. That is why the UK left the EU. The 27 that are left are heading in the wrong direction because they cannot see the writing on the wall.

  13. avatar
    Krol Jeff

    EUROPE HAS FAILED .. ! it was a great idea but didn t hold much longueur i think …..

    • avatar
      John Becker

      Funny how some think we are crazy for doing the things we do and mock us

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @John Becker
      Not a fan of criticism eh?

  14. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    The European Union was never something uniform although it tried to put some uniformity in all its members. Economically that is impossible. And why is that? There are wide disparities between Europe’s different cultural zones. It is hard to make all parts of this union work in the same way, have equal efficiency and have the same living standards and so enjoy the same levels o of welfare.

  15. avatar

    The success of European nations came from competition. If everything becomes EUized then this damages competition. If everybody has the same rules and laws then where would you go, probably to the nicest, richest and safest location and anyways a one size fits all policy is not realistic as not all countries are the same. Nobody in their right mind would expect Germany to run their house like Italy or Austria to run theirs like Bulgaria. Let’s be real. The real reason for the Eu was always a United States of Europe to deny this is to deny reality. If it was just about trade then there would be no need for a EU Parliament, EU Citizenship etc.
    It’s like they think they can build this gigantic EU Governing and Political structure without having to account to the people that they wish to govern. The British were baited into voting yes to join the single market, they were told it’s about trade, they were lied to, it was about Political Union, a Union nobody on the streets asked for, a Union nobody would have missed if it had never been created as the Nations are already competent enough to govern themselves. It can be no surprise that the British left the EU when they were lied to to join it in the first place. The EU must start with honesty about what it is and what it wants to become. They have no right to swallow successfull Nations against the will of the people in their megalomaniacal push for more EU. And as a Swiss I tell you we will never join the EU. We will never give up our freedom to govern ourselves and our country. We have seen may empires come and go, not always unscathed but we are still here.

  16. avatar
    Marcus Costa

    Self protection for all the things we have and exist by blood and sweat from our ancesters We are way too educated and clever to let those dumb polititians destroy whats not theirs to decide.

  17. avatar
    Marcus Costa

    Self protection for all the things we have and exist by blood and sweat from our ancesters We are way too educated and clever to let those dumb polititians destroy whats not theirs to decide.

  18. avatar
    Marcus Costa

    Self protection for all the things we have and exist by blood and sweat from our ancesters We are way too educated and clever to let those dumb polititians destroy whats not theirs to decide.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      just a

  19. avatar
    Ivan Čorak

    Unions, federations, empires, kingdoms, dictatorships and republics have always collapsed or transformed into some other forms, perhaps it is now EU’s time. I thought about how future historians could extrapolate the reasons/factors for the possible failure of the European Union, i came up with these points: 1. The Union was never a cohesive body and had no real political or military strength, 2. The Great Recession of 2008/2009 severely weakened the economy of the EU, 3. The migrant crisis of 2015-20XX (along with increased terrorism on european soil) eroded the confidence of a large portion of the EU citizenry and caused certain members to start closing into themselves, 4. The resurgent Russia (along with China in the background) proved to be an attractive alternative for some member states and those with candidate status and a formidable opponent to the European Union, covertly subverting it’s internal stability. These factors could be seen as factors which had the most significant impact in the eventual dissolution of the European Union. Time will tell how right i was.

  20. avatar

    German domination. It is down the members to decide. They really do have options. They don’t need to leave it to chance.

  21. avatar

    I like the Welsh flag hiding behind the European ones.

  22. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    vi ricordate la Costituzione europea bocciata e reintrodotta col Trattato di Lisbona ? Vi ricordate il GATS tolto e ritornato col nome TISA ? Vi ricordate il TTIP bocciato per il principio ISDS e poi approvato con un trattato minore minore di nome CETA ? Il TTIP sta rientrando con il principio che fu bocciato , si chiama MIDS. Di velocità solo una, quella di andare via dalla UE criminale e NO al mercato libero . you remember the European Constitution rejected and re-introduced with the Lisbon Treaty? Do you remember the GATS removed and returned with the name TISA? Do you remember the TTIP rejected the principle ISDS and then approved by a Minor treaty named CETA? The TTIP is returning to the principle that was rejected, called MIDS. The speed only, to get away from the crime EU and not the free market.

  23. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    vi ricordate la Costituzione europea bocciata e reintrodotta col Trattato di Lisbona ? Vi ricordate il GATS tolto e ritornato col nome TISA ? Vi ricordate il TTIP bocciato per il principio ISDS e poi approvato con un trattato minore di nome CETA ? Il TTIP sta rientrando con il principio che fu bocciato , si chiama MISDS. Di velocità solo una, quella di andare via dalla UE e NO al mercato libero . you remember the European Constitution rejected and re-introduced with the Lisbon Treaty? Do you remember the GATS removed and returned with the name TISA? Do you remember the TTIP rejected the principle ISDS and then approved by a Minor treaty named CETA? The TTIP is returning to the principle that was rejected, called MSIDS. The speed only, to get away from the EU and not the free market.

  24. avatar
    Chris Pyak

    Those who ask for a return to nationalism don’t realise one important thing: This is exactly what we have right now.

    The rescue of the Greek economy was NOT a project by the European Union. It was nation states who agreed behind closed doors. Then the national parliament were rushed to make a decision – with no possibility for changes – because you can’t fundamentally change an agreement between a dozen or more nation states.

    This is one of the main problems with nationalism: The need to agree with other nations does not disappear. If you let nation states make agreements: Then the national parliaments can say “yes” or “no”, but can’t change any important details.

    Thats not democratic!

    What we need instead: We Europeans must discuss and decide our common issues together. The right place for this is the European Parliament – who needs to get the power to make laws and elect a European prime minister: http://www.pyak.com/prime-minister-not-president/

    • avatar
      Paul X

      What you see as a problem of nationalism others will see as an advantage. The ability of nation states to make agreements between themselves means they can make agreements that are in the best interest of their county and the tax paying population of that country (i.e the people they serve)

      The EU’s approach to issues are in the interest of the “common good” and the fact this can have a devistating impact on some countries is just taken as a price worth paying in their drive to EU totalitarianism

    • avatar
      Cliff Wilson

      Decent points for discussion until the end. Wrong conclusion. We don’t need an EU to talk together and agree things and we don’t all have to do the same. You can agree with 5 countries and do something or agree to do it with 25. If the Countries want to merge then let them but let it be the will of the people of those Countries not the Supranational EU or Politicians with dreams.

  25. avatar
    Betti Mike

    How about stop debating Europe? How about get behind Europe? And maybe help make Europe better.:.

    • avatar
      Cliff Wilson

      I will not live that long. I may well see it fail though.

  26. avatar
    Betti Mike

    Okay. What Europe needs, in my opinion, is a common military, as well as other common policing and intelligence institutions (national policing would be similar to the American FBI, international policing to the CIA). These institutions would begin to create a cohesive force in Europe, and more people from all the countries would think of themselves as European. Other civilian institutions, such as a European Peace Corps would have a similar effect. Europe needs to grow more together, or it will surely break apart…

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows


      Do you mean ‘Europe’ or the EU ?

    • avatar
      Betti Mike

      Ivan Burrows – Europe. But for now the EU will do. ?

  27. avatar
    Henk Nijsingh

    I’m not in favor of a multi-speed EU, because it will divide the countries and it will probably give rise to indignation and imbalance (of power for example).

    I’m in favor of a more integrated EU, going forward in a moderate tempo but in a decisive way. Moderate, to avoid bad policies and decision-making. But the EU should as well operate quick in certain areas when needed. Things already decided upon should be taken forward in a steady manner. Not too much time-wasting and hesitation. For example, we may expect that collaboration on a European army will be implemented within a relatively short time frame, since it has been agreed upon.

    Freedom of movement within the EU (EU citizens) and openness to otherness (EU citizens but more so people from outside Europe) are core values within the EU. Those should be consolidated and strengthen more. As well as environmental standards and protection of nature. This should be also an objective of trade rules.

    Social policy of the EU is a challenge. It should be coordinated in a proper way with the nation states. The EU must not want to dominate in this field. I see it as elaborating on the four freedoms.

    I’m not in favor of a federal EU. The EU is something new, federalism is something from the past. There must be enough room for the member states to negotiate policies and have their say, as it has always been and as it must stay.

    I think that all these things are a more or less quite obvious, but I just wanted to sum them up.

    Something which is not that obvious is accordance on European identity. I refer to Derrida who has written something about it in his book The Other Heading. It’s not the place here to discuss here however.

  28. avatar
    Henk Nijsingh

    Something which surely can’t be overlooked, but which might not get enough attention are the _responsibilities_ the EU has for humanity as for international law.

    One clear and right decision the EU has taken more or less officially is to delay the entry of Turkey to the EU as Turkey consider to reintroduce the death penalty. Europe needs to stick to these kind of rejections of inhumanity which happen in a more or less normal (!) manner in different areas in the world. Also think of issues of global justice and secularism in the context of war. Too much religious doctrine over the political is not very fruitful for the development of a country. The EU has achieved more in it’s cultural development over the centuries than other countries. Other countries however are the product of Europe’s colonial past. I don’t want to argue Europe should direct all countries in the world, European hegemony should be avoided in a self-conscious manner. But as we know religious doctrine can develop in ways of fundamentalism and autocracy and one can argue this is not in favor of the people and of individuals. One can assume these are universal values in a global world.

    Other responsibilities also consider issues of globalization. Europa must take the lead in developing sustainable conditions in different areas in the world. Again trade rules, but _not only_ trade rules, should prosper this.

    These things should be coordinated by the United Nations, but Europe should take it’s responsibilities also outside the UN, since the UN lacks decisiveness. Europe needs to operate side-wise to, but always in dialogue with, the UN.

    I need to say that having written this I owe much to Jacques Derrida and this is more or less a summarized representation of some things he has laid out in his work.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      The issue of the death penalty is a contested topic throughout the world, one persons inhumanity is another persons justice. The EU should stick to clearly defined areas of (in)competence that are necessary for better inter country cooperation and not try and and impose it’s liberal-left morals on countries that may not want them

    • avatar
      Henk Nijsingh

      Sure, liberalism can become a dogmatism. That’s the case already a bit, shamefully. But Europe has good reasons to stop the negotiations with Turkey when Turkey want to reintroduce the death penalty, since Turkey would become part of the European family and we need to stand for European values. The death penalty is against European values.

    • avatar
      Cliff Wilson

      We need respect for different cultures that include things like the Death Penalty. They may change over time and we should enter into healthy debate in these cases but not dictate the sovereign choices of other countries.

  29. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto vestias

    I´m Portuguese and European it is clear from history how wildly successful the project has been Unfortunately it was from two fundamental an international political project As such it has suffered from two fundamental flaws …(1) weak economic tools to provide stability and growth and (2) weak political tools to cement it together in public perception it is these very weaknesses that are threatening to tear it apart now. Consequently it seems to me that the EU should be promoting a continent wide discussion about how to make the project better I also understand that the Nobel Winning economist J.Steiglitz has some croncrete ideas about to improve the economic side of things In this clima it is heard .

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Eusebio Manuel Vestias Pecurto Vestias
      Oh er – alternative facts alert!

  30. avatar

    Unless the EU takes on board what is occurring throughout it will fail, go back to what it started out as a common market without all the bells and whistles they are trying to impose .. the EU tries to act like a single country when in reality it is not, it tries to implement a type of USA Federal and State ideology that simply won’t work across multiple countries with varying cultures and ideologies, get rid of the Euro which is the single biggest mill stone around the necks of most of the Southern EU members, allow countries like Greece to bring back their own currency, devalue it it necessary and actual start to climb out of the debt hole they are in, while Greece is tied to using a currency inflated by the wealthier members such as Germany they will never get sorted.

    If I were in charge I would repeal all of the treaties and agreements and go back to what it started out as.

  31. avatar
    EU Reform- Proactive

    Whilst the EU debate is kept going- “Brussels conquerors”- continue & are happily making decisions. In line & favor with their stated “enlargement policy”. Why even bother to offer debates? Georgia’s entered Schengen! http://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/

    Not surprisingly, the EU is loved so much by all “pro elements”- no wonder it & Schengen (not Europe) has become a traded commodity, sold by a certain clique- to be purchased by another “loaded” underground clique!

    Undemocratic reality: the EU supranational ship speeds ahead with option 1 boosted by option 5- as per EU Treaties. Warning: Hold on- or fall off!

  32. avatar
    Παναγιώτης Καράμπελας

    There is no future for the EU as it is. Worse case scenario? The people of Europe will take even the weapons if necessary to win back their future. I don’t know if we ‘ll be around to see it, but the way some people in the EU leadership think, that’s where things go…

  33. avatar
    Andrej Zemko

    What the future holds for Europe can seem frightening for many. Which isn’t really a surprise since there have been a lot of things happening. All the refugees from different parts of the Middle-East and Africa are escaping from where they grew up, taking their cultures, their religion into Europe. European countries are taking in all these refugees offering them a new life, a fresh start, whilst the refugees are only taking an advantage of this. Mind you I do not mean EVERY single refugee who has fled to Europe is taking an advantage of the system, but the majority are, as I have experienced it. A lot of refugees seem to have difficulties when it comes to adapting to the european cultures and european societies. Their expectations are high, but at the same time they aren’t contributing very much. Most of the refugees that are in Europe as of today don’t have a place to stay at, wandering the streets asking people for their money, which is only right since they don’t have any other options. The problem that Europe is facing isn’t the refugee crisis, the problem is rather that Europe took in an uncontrollable amount of refugees who can’t seem to adapt to the citizens of the european countries, european societies, which leads to a conflict between the refugees and the european citizens. If Europe keeps taking in the same amount of refugees as they have been doing for a while now, only more conflicts will appear. Europe has crossed the line and they need to reevaluate their terms on whether or not it is still a humane reason to take in so many refugees and let them live on the streets like animals.

    • avatar
      Henk Nijsingh

      Good points. Much refugees might think “I have reach my goal when I’m in Europe”. But things are just beginning then. It’s a problem of mondialisation. People just like to want the stuff that the more wealthy have, a comfortable house, a tv, a mobile phone, internet, money to buy clothes. Then they think that have reach “the” end and have become “succesful”, but it’s just “an” end and not a necessarlity end moreover. It’s just the start of something new and unique, the art to live in a world that has mondialised. And one of the principles of it, is that you need to find an appropriate environment / scale to do so. That’s a task of society as well. I think there has been achieved some success and I’m not that pessimistic.

  34. avatar

    I voted for Brexit and I am very happy that we are beginning to do so. Not because we are leaving our European friends but because of The Bureaucratic EU which now employs 50,000 people and strives to make everybody live in a “one size fits all” for all 27 Countries. From the needs of Western Europe to the needs of The Mediterranean Countries to The Balkan Countries. Every Country needs to have more say in how it runs it;s own country and be self determination in it’s laws. When I vote for my MP to represent me at The UK Parliament, 70% of The laws come from Brussels! I want My MP to be accountable to me, the voter and not an unelected MEP who knows nothing about my country, the people or it’s tradition when voting on an issue involving ALL member countries. The Euro will fail soon. It’s not “if” but “when”. The EU is collapsing, not just on one issue but several. It is only a matter of time till a party wins an election an carries out it’s mandate to hold a referendum on The EU. My guess is that it will be Italy but….. What do you think? Sweden is in a horrendous state with The Government and police not reporting the extent of the violence there. Could Swexit be the next? July sees the Greek debt problem raise it’s head again. Will Greece get ANOTHER bailout, loan, to pay for previous debt? How much more austerity cuts will be placed upon The Greek people? How much more can they take before civil unrest? The EU also has to look towards Russia and The defence of those countries on it’s border. With USA less enthusiastic about paying for it’s defences to be kept on the borders facing East and UK’s intelligence and military seemingly not wanted from what I hear today by Federica M it gives another worry. With UK being the second biggest contributor into The EU, some ten per cent of overall funds, who is going to make up this black hole every year? If it were me, I’d want to know as soon as possible how much extra my country was going to have to pay and what that meant to me. The EU is not the right vehicle for 2017, it is prehistoric in the way it works. Seven years for a trade deal with Canada? Two years plus Brexit? UK/USA Trade deal will take around 180 days in total The USA say today! B

    • avatar
      Katia Kacak

      Very clear statement on the leadership of the EU Prehistoric approach and 50,000 officials imposing their laws When the UK voted in the referendum I prayed all night that you would choose to leave the EU Because your government too was trying to get a bald chicken picking In my eyes, the EU is doomed to collapse because the EU does not tolerate the participation of individual citizens

  35. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    EU is in the hands of financial criminals, like the G Sachs, IMF, ECB and Wall Street …
    no future ahead…

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