How important is Christianity to European identity? In the Middle Ages, the continent was commonly labelled “Christendom” on maps produced in Europe. Even then, however, there were Muslims in Iberia, Catholics in the West, Orthodox Christians in the East, Jews living across Europe, and many in Northern Europe who had not yet converted (not to mention the Cathars and other movements considered heretical by the Church). The Protestant reformation complicated the picture even further, making it impossible to describe the continent as a united Christendom. Instead, maps started to refer to “Europe” as a geographic (rather than religious) entity.

Today, Christianity is shifting southwards. In 1910, 66% of Christians lived in Europe. In 2050, only 15% will be living in Europe, while 60% will live in Africa and Latin-America. Also, Europe today is even more diverse in terms of creeds and beliefs than ever before (and there is also much less stigma attached to atheism and agnosticism than there was in the past). Is it more accurate to say that Europe is ‘United in Diversity’?

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in from Printo on our ‘Suggest a Debate’ page, arguing that Christianity is the basis of European civilisation. Is he right? Or are secular values (and the melting pot of different faiths and beliefs across European history) also central?

Is Europe a Christian continent? We asked Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all sides of the political spectrum to stake out their positions on this question, and it’s up to YOU to vote for the policies you favour. See what the different MEPs have to say, then vote at the bottom of this debate for the one you most agree with! Take part in the vote below and tell us who you support in the European Parliament!

Radical Left
Cornelia Ernst (GUE/NGL), Member of the European Parliament:

Bodil Valero (Group of the Greens), Member of the European Parliament:

valeroNo, it’s not. We are a multi-cultural continent and we have always been, really. I think it’s very important that we are not a ‘Christian’ continent, we are a continent where a lot of different people with diverse beliefs and ideas live.

Liberal Democrats
Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy (ALDE), Member of the European Parliament:

Centre Right
Tunne Kelam (EPP), Member of the European Parliament:

Daniel Dalton (ECR), Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group:


Nigel Farage (EFDD), Member of the European Parliament (NOTE: We contacted EFDD MEPs for comment but they did not reply in time for publication. The below is from UKIP’s Christian manifesto written by Nigel Farage):

SFarage_populismadly, I think UKIP is the only major political party left in Britain that still cherishes our Judeo-Christian heritage… I believe other parties have deliberately marginalised our nation’s faith, whereas we take Christian values and traditions into consideration when making policies.

Curious to know more about Christianity in Europe? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

IMAGE CREDIT: CC / Flickr – Timothy Neesam
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  1. avatar
    Tiago Bartolomeu

    Dispite you (eu) fight that. Yes, becouse europe is not represented by elites and far-left moviments, but by the ordinari people.

    • avatar
      Paulo Especial

      Without Christianity Europe would be what always was. A mixture of communities, peoples, options and cultures with it’s basis being the Romano Hellenic heritage, from which Christianity withdraw and modified elements to build it’s vision.

  2. avatar
    Dionìs KC

    Just a correcture on the premise: Europe is not a continent. It is a group of people (and the land where these people live, of course). Eurasia is a continent.

  3. avatar
    Dionìs KC

    Just a correcture on the premise: Europe is not a continent. It is a group of people (and it is also the area where these people live, of course). Eurasia is a continent.

    • avatar
      Dionìs KC

      I don’t understand the connection of the thing with this metaphors at all. Do you think Europe is instead a continent and that the populations living in Europe have nothing relevant in common with each other?

    • avatar
      James Thorne

      Europe is usually regarded as being a continent, the term is applied by convention, covering geopolitical/cultural ensembles. If we used strict definitions we’d have to talk about Eurasiafrica, and we’d be lost for most islands.

    • avatar
      Dionìs KC

      We have the Eurasian tectonic plate, and then Europe and Asia aren’t united bu just a 60-100 km long strip of land (as Asia and Africa are at Suez).

    • avatar
      Dionìs KC

      European people take so much for granted what they have in common, that they even forgot it is similarities of the people in that area which created the term Europe more than the existence of any European “continent” did.

  4. avatar
    JD Blaha

    Europe is a place where Christianity was dominant for a longtime, but was never the only religion.

    • avatar
      Bódis Kata

      Sure, but it fundamentally determined the culture.

    • avatar
      JD Blaha

      sure, but what extra rights does ‘fundamentally’ give christians here?

  5. avatar
    Alf Bme

    First, what makes a continent Christian? Because while claiming to be that, its inhabitants have not behaved accordingly ever. Populations are not defined by the scriptures they thump but by their culture. And that stands regardless of religion.

  6. avatar
    Marian Rodu

    While Europe has a significant Christian cultural heritage and it should be acknowledged with both its positives and negatives, religion isn’t important for a civilized society anymore and it should never be again. It will only create division, hate and conflict as shown time and time again and that is what we don’t need in a diverse EU.

    • avatar
      Edita Buržinskaitė

      I never thought I’d be defending religion but here I am, lol. Christianity is still important and must be maintained for the simple reason that it is the foundation of the European culture as it is today and with it weakening, we are giving way to Islam which is far more aggressive and given an inch, takes ten miles.

    • avatar
      Marian Rodu

      The Foundation of European culture are the Greek and Roman cultures plus a lot of influences from the Celts, Slavs, and a plethora of other populations that have migrated here over the millennia. Technically speaking, the bedrock of our cultures is based on a variety of “PAGAN” religions.

      Also, the Renaissance happened once we rediscovered more of the the lost Roman and Greek books on law, philosophy, science and mathematics, not Christian religious books. And those were found because the Muslims translated them and preserved them. That says a lot about the importance or lack there of of Christianity.

      Christianity wasn’t all bad, it did help coagulate a very slim European identity based on religion and it did maintain order and civilization in some places, but not everywhere and plenty of times it ripped the tiny shreds of shared identity to wage war against people who thought differently than the main doctrine.

      What I am saying is that we should look more objectively on history and on Christianity. Many things shaped our history not just a few.

      This issue with Islam in Europe is somewhat exaggerated, but on the other hand Islam is not to blame for being too passive and tolerant of intolerable acts and demands and those will not be resolved by a return to petty religious conflicts, but by strict enforcement of the laws for everyone equally and without fear.

    • avatar
      Marko Martinović

      Yes and Christians also rebeled against it, even with wars. Christians saved Christianity.

  7. avatar
    Oliver Hauss

    Large parts of Europe were at least as long non-Christian as Christian since Christianity exists, and some quite a bit longer, so we should be careful generalizing.

  8. avatar
    catherine benning

    Is Europe a Christian continent?

    Yes, of course it is. How else would we have the laws on Human Rights if it wasn’t? How would we have political correctness as a madness in our leadership if it wasn’t? Every inch of our lives and thoughts are the result of our adherence to the principles laid down by the Judeo/Christian ideology.

    And what is wrong with that?

    • avatar
      Paulo Especial

      It’s not judeo/Christian it’s Romano/Hellenic.

    • avatar
      JR Bogdan

      Big like for your comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • avatar

      Our Roman/Hellenistic way of life has long been extinguished and only survives in books trough philosophy, literature, art, science. In a sense paganism was revived around 1700s and created a whole new set of problems. But reality is Christianity is what defines our family values and way of life. There have been many works done for God for ex Einstein, Newton were religious people trying to get closet to God. And interestingly enough the concept of one prime mover deity started to appear during Hellenistic Greece in Athens is found all over in Aristotle’s works that dominated pretty much the subsequent 2000 years and continues to do so. Thus in a sense paganism was dying even back then. Christianity brings a sense of unity and faith and cooperation that science does not. Is Europe Christian? Deff 100% Even atheists act in a Christian way.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Paulo Especial

      Romano/Hellenic came centuries after the spread of Biblical Christianity.

      And how it spread throughout Europe.

      And Christianity is and of itself, definitely, Judeo/Christian. Judeo, because the Biblical Old Testament is the history of the Israelites or Jews and Christ (Jesus) was a Jew. Therefore, it was his history along with the belief of a Messiah for the enslaved people of Egypt, having been relieved by Moses and his Ten Commandments, which gave hope for a renewed Jewish State.The name given to the new philosophy, therefore, was taken from the given name to Jesus of Christ. The apostle Paul was the first to spread the ideology into Roman territory. The rest is there to read in the links, country by country.

  9. avatar
    Helge Fjellbirkeland

    Continents are not religious, but Europe has a majority of Christiian population, protestants and catholic. Wrong question from the beginning. :-)

  10. avatar
    Silvio Bosco

    What’s Christian?….ah these roots, you don’t have the time to discover them and they grow deeper and deeper

  11. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    You guys there in Brussels you are traitors thats why EU is not working anymore as a common.. Europe lost its values incouranged by the Brussels bereaucrats ..trying to turn europe a multiculturan a diversity continent for any atheist tht coming in seeking for asylum ..You better reconsider your ideas unless you are planning to change europe to the worse….

  12. avatar
    Esteves Aida

    Gostava de assistir a este debate… precisa de muita reflexão e não dividir a humanidade por religiões, acho eu…

  13. avatar
    Esteves Aida

    Gostava de assistir a este debate… precisa de muita reflexão e não dividir a humanidade por religiões, acho eu…

  14. avatar
    Yorgis Ali Toufexis

    Please let me rephrase the question:
    In Europe, when a fellow human has no coat, while you have two coats, do you give your extra to her-him?
    Any other definition of “Christian” is fake.

    • avatar
      Michael Paraskevas

      How many coats did you give? Now go pray to a pedophiles religion and stfu!

    • avatar
      Graça Soares

      Christianity is NOT only about that….

    • avatar
      Graça Soares

      Maybe you are confusing Christianity with Socialism…. Jesus said “To Cesar, what is from Cesar”… nothing else. Charity is part of Christianity, obviously, but not only. There other moral values, that must be respected if a person wants to call herself a Christian.. those morals include such things like… Being faithful to a husband/wife, dont EVER tolerate pedophily, dont EVER accept prostitution, and also, being active enough ti work and not being lazy, hoping for the others to help and give….

    • avatar
      Yorgis Ali Toufexis

      I don’t claim to know the New Testament well, but I have read through it a couple of times, and through perts of it many times. I don’t remember seeing any of the principles you describe, aside from very obvious principles such as not violating other people, especially not minors.
      The work vs. laziness idea was introduced by Luther and his followers. Unless you mean that feudal lords did not want their slaves to be “lazy” and work less than 16 hours/day.

  15. avatar
    Helena Corte-Real

    It is…But, make no mistakes, Christianism will fall in a few years and islamism will win the “race”…

    • avatar
      Mario Ghezzi

      se l’Islam vincesse, sarebbe peggio per tutti, soprattutto per le donne …

  16. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Overall yes it is, in this day and age what does it matter ?? Its more about CUSTOMS/VALUES many entering Europe enter with their own customs/values, which at times cause conflict.

  17. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    European civilisation and culture are rooted in Christianity.

    Christianity gave rise to reformation, reformation resulted in religious tolerance and humanism, the humanist movements developed into liberalism.
    The original definition of human rights are based on basic Christian values.

  18. avatar
    Любомир Иванчев

    No. Europe is a secular continent with a rich christian tradition. Europe today isn’t defined by christianity, but by it’s humanitarian, liberal, democratic, secular values. And this is as it should be.

  19. avatar
    Barbara Szela Lesniak

    Hahaha! Muslims, when they are majority in Europe – and that’s coming, are not going to ask you such stupid questions.

  20. avatar
    Vítor Cantinho

    Do not put a mark on Christianity.

  21. avatar
    Sebastiano Schavoir

    Christian more than any other religion, so yes, in a very obvious way. However, are we truly Christian anymore, thats another question.

    • avatar
      Romain Demoustiez

      we aren’t a Christian continent. We have a Christian legacy, but we are secular…

  22. avatar
    Dionìs KC

    European people take so much for granted what they have in common, that they even forgot it is similarities of the people in that area which make the term Europe exist, more than the existence of any European “continent”. Just in case, I am making a cultural consideration here, not a political/European Union one.

  23. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    More than a religious issue it is a matter of values and which values we wish to defend and keep in our societies (and yes, these are, so far, based on Christian values) EU countries do not have a State religion (except for Greece). The Constitutions have to be respected …and they are not – many/most EU states ate scared and opt for the politically correct. They intend to show respect for cultural and religious features of some communities which are clearly against their own Constitution. This is, for me, a major issue… the current lack of coherence and vision.

    • avatar
      Giorgos Zagalikis

      It’s not only Greece actually England, Malta, Bulgaria are also

    • avatar
      lile lys

      Greece have not a state religion, in the sence of state ministry. Religions, are to people what the OS is for the computers. The Christians, despite their political or religious leaders conflicts, are compatibile between them and capable in living as a collaborating comunity. At least the Orthodox church describes its mission as blessing (teaching the good knowledge through Art) to people and sanctifying (making inviolable through Rite) the persons.

  24. avatar
    David Coughlan

    Religion is nonsense and dangerous. Get rid of it. I stopped having an invisible friend when I was 6.

  25. avatar
    Riccardo Tognettini

    Of course Europe has been shaped by Christianity. In its Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox variations, Christian faith has been central to all European countries for centuries.

  26. avatar
    Riccardo Tognettini

    Whether currently it still is, that’s a good question. However Christian philosophy also had an important part on th developed Kent of Western values and political philosophy. (Yes, I know full well about the Inquisition, the treatment of heretics, women etc. I am talking about the idea of ‘person’ developed in Christian philosophy which was then picked up by liberalism, the Enlightenment and so on).

  27. avatar
    Vitaliy Markov

    No, Christianity and Islam don’t have a place in modern humanist European society. It should be left in history books.

  28. avatar
    Panos Nikoletopoulos

    I personally prefer the Beatles but surely it is not a religious continent at this time. Now if our culture retreats we will fall back.

  29. avatar
    Bruno J. De Cordier

    No longer its northwestern parts. The thing is though, that it came at a point where either it re-Christianizes, or it Islamizes. Europe or, at least, Northwestern Europe, voluntarily rid itself of Christianity as a key element of its identity and cultural defense. Not to return to Celtic and Germanic paganism (which objectively would have made sense somehow), but to replace it by a cult of consumerist nihilism, emasculated hedonism and abstract liberal non-values. This, among others, is why it is becoming quasi-defenseless against Islam (the tenacity and vitality of which I admire, frankly). Other than that, Protestantism has out-served its historical purpose, while Catholicism shot itself in both knees by capitulating on all fronts since the ecumenical council of 1962-65. This makes Orthodoxy the true bearer of Christian Tradition in Europe.

  30. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    It was …now it inherited christian culture..and has civilisation based on christianity…like it or not.

  31. avatar
    Duarte HP Borges

    Not exclusively of course, but yes, definitely so for hundreds of the years and so it will remain. Predominantly Christian.

  32. avatar
    John Marcogliese

    Europe is destroying itself by denying its christian roots. The leftists are to europe what the skeptics who destroyed greek civilization.

    • avatar
      John Marcogliese

      No Christianity incorporated it. That is why it jas survived.

  33. avatar
    Mariana Giozova

    Yea Europe is christian continent. Some liberals try to deny christianity. But attention please if we are so tolerant to muslims, muslims are not tolerant to us.

    • avatar
      Tina Lythe

      Grow up Christianity is just as bad bunch of hypocrites

    • avatar
      Barbara Szela Lesniak

      Tina Lythe it looks like it’s you who should open the eyes to see the reality, read some good books and then grow up, at last.

  34. avatar
    John Wilson

    Surely if there i a god she would hold a referendum on which religion she wants us to follow and then we will be as one. God has had a habit of keeping quiet on these issues which is a tad annoying as people seem to enjoy killing each other over the confusion

    • avatar

      John Wilson, If you were God, How would you break your silence on these issues without taking THE FREE WILL away? I believe God had already intervened, and did many times throughout history through Messangers he chose amongst us. You just have to look and investigate what their consistent message was. If you spend just as much time investigating this question as you do for chosing the right tire you need for your car. You’ll certainly get there.

  35. avatar
    GianRita Cariboni

    There are still in Europe people killing people in the name of religion or fighting against other’s people values. Guess who are they….

    • avatar

      My guess is Tony Blaire, his likes and Nato. Colonialism has never ended.

  36. avatar
    Edgars Ozolins

    I DEMAND CRUSADE !!! kill all nonbelivers , lets see what those week shits gonna do when inqusition starts !!!!

  37. avatar
    Philip Reese

    PAst reference yes…but not really. Impossible to follow habits/cultures from 2000+ years ago…and Western Europe was the only country to transit from deep religious believes to mild ones, but followed by new behaviours, Rationalism, Enlightenment, etc…that gave many liberals (as they believe everybody are equal) the idea that everybody wants the same.

  38. avatar
    Philip Reese

    As past reference yes, so it is in our blood…but not really. Impossible to follow habits/cultures from 2000+ years ago and all the crimes we did and rebelled against…Western Europe was the only part of a continent to transit from deep religious believes/ideologies to mild tolerant ideologies, but followed by new behaviours, Rationalism, Enlightenment, the reason we are different from the Eastern Europeans (the ones with Ortodox church, Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, etc with a tendency for STRONG MACHO culture/ideology,) and other continents with different solutions (some probably better) etc…that gave many liberals (as they believe everybody are equal) the idea that everybody wants the same. Catholic countries in the South of Europe are now the ones practising religion the least and more liberals. It took time, still very eager. Sexual politics in Europe are problematic.

  39. avatar
    Nicholas Farrugia

    Europe is a free continent. Let’s keep it that way. There are Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindu, Jewish, Pagans, Pastafarians ….. no problem … all can co-exist. JUST ….. there is no place for islamism. Europe cannot afford to allow a force that’s been trying to submit everyone for over 1400 years.

    • avatar

      Nicholas Farrugia, Natzis said the same thing about Jews in the 1930’s. Muslims have been in Europe by the millions for 1400 years. And they are here to stay. You’re losing your Christianity to Atheism and collective moral decay not to Islam. You always need a boogy man to blame your failures and never learn from history.

  40. avatar
    Alex Lexva

    It was, there are too militant atheists and airheads to call that anymore, unfortunately

  41. avatar
    Akis Muto

    It depends on the viewpoint. Personaly i would consider crusades and force conversion as christian values and the european culture as greco-roman based values

    • avatar
      Wlodzimierz Gontarz

      You know the first crusade happend over 300 years after Islam killed or kicked out all Christians from middle East, north Africa, and most parts of Spain… I would not call it quick reaction.

    • avatar
      Cristina Borges

      Actually the first crusade was in 1095 and there were muslins in Spain until 1492…

    • avatar
      Riccardo Tognettini

      Amid, your personal beliefs are wrong. Europe is as much Christian as it is Greco-Roman.

    • avatar
      Marios Tsamandouras

      I nostri avi communi sono in forte disacordo, inoltre sento ridere Mercurio da lontano. 😉

    • avatar
      Ermete Trismegisto

      Ovviamente la questione è molto più complessa, ma non riconoscere l’importanza del cristianesimo nello sviluppo della cultura europea è da folli. Saluti neoplatonici ;)

  42. avatar
    Justinas Stankūnas

    pagans were beating your ass since the 9th century and the only reason to convert was so the crusaders would fuck off

  43. avatar
    Justinas Stankūnas

    only for angry religious people, racists who assume everyone with a darker skin is a muslim, and fans of failed empires who got beat by pagan tribes over and over again

    • avatar
      Justinas Stankūnas

      christianity and islam have this problem of being used as political tools to restrict personal freedom under disguises such as “christian values”

    • avatar
      Justinas Stankūnas

      same as christianity was used as a justification for raiding and plundering by the crusaders, and even after converting to christianity some regions still had to fight against their aggression.

  44. avatar
    カメニャク マリオ

    No, it’s a secular continent. SOme people are however trying to undermine that, namely both any actual extremist muslim migrants and the european right.

  45. avatar
    Γεώργιος Παλαιός

    Yes, Europe is a christian continent. Of course the new world of order want to turn it into an islamic one and we have seen how much it damaged the countries that accepted Islam with open legs…I meeeean, hands. At least with christianity at this century we didn’t have rapings, riots, robberies, murders etc in daily basis. And this is what makes it different from Islam.

    And for the record I am agnostic. I’m not fan of christianity but at least I prefer it over Islam.

    • avatar
      Tina Lythe

      Complete rubbish it’s been a mixture of faiths and I’m an aethiest

    • avatar
      Γεώργιος Παλαιός

      By atheist you mean Islam supporter/apologist and christian ity hater? Cuz that’s what most self-proclaimed atheists are.

      And please enlight me how is my post “complete rubbish”.

    • avatar
      Alex Favros

      Giorgos your comment is rubbish. Atheist means no beleif in any religion. Read a propper book and not the bible garbage!

  46. avatar

    It is a very Christian continent as far as values are concerned. The welfare state is an outcome of Christian values of solidarity. Christianity and lay Illuminism are arguably the two pillars of European values.

    Strictly speaking, it’s a lay continent with a Christian majority.

    Historically speaking, it’s a pagan continent. All Abrahamic religions are Middle-Eastern, while all European religions are politheistic.

  47. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    As an atheist, I see Jesus as a philosopher and a reformer of the religion of the day. He reinterpreted the teachings of the Abrahamic god who was a bloodthirsty egotistical megalomaniac and taught about love and forgiveness and peace instead. It is his teachings that have formed western values and it doesn’t matter if you believe he was the son of god or not. If you think “turn the other cheek” is a better philosophy than an “eye for an eye” then you have been influenced by Jesus. Western tolerance is part of his teaching, yet ironically Jesus himself would not have tolerated any cult that condoned stoning (for example).
    Christianity is on the wane but the values of Jesus remain a strong influence. As philosophers go he is equally, if not more, influential than Aristotle who, like Jesus, sought to convey the idea of a “common good” to the people.

    • avatar
      Wlodzimierz Gontarz

      I guess St Paul was the first in any religion saying in his writing that love is greater than faith or hope…

    • avatar
      lile lys

      As to make even stronger the New Testament precept Αγαπάτε Αλλήλους, which is the core of the Christian idea (love one another).

  48. avatar
    Nikos Pulianiths

    Jews, Muslims, Pagans and even agnostics and atheists have been living in Europe for hundreds of years too…So the answer would be probably no…

  49. avatar
    Gianfranco Gattini

    since Hannibal times europe suffered the invasion of primitive culture from the northafrican tribes almost pirates and people who considered slavery and women source of gain and pleasures..after Karl der grosse Carolus rex the christian identity of europe whas beginning our common european christian culture…t

    • avatar
      Martin Green

      I take it you were married at a registry office. Get rid of all or leave alone

    • avatar
      Tina Lythe

      I was I stopped believing in fairytales when I was 7 get rid of all religions as they are all as bad as each other

    • avatar
      Riccardo Tognettini

      That is not correct. Since the early Middle Ages Europe was mainly Christian, in its denominations, until well into the 20th century. Of course it incorporated things from other religions including Judaism and pagan beliefs, but between say 800 AD and the 1950s Christianity was the dominant religion of the continent. And the philosophers were all within that mound until well in the 1600s. You may not like it but to deny it is to deny history. You don’t have to be religious to acknowledge the historical facts.

    • avatar
      Carmelita Caruana

      What is your definition of Europe? I believe you are leaving large parts of it out.

    • avatar
      Nando Aidos

      When do you start acknowledging the influences that created what we call Europe? In the middle ages? Then you are leaving more that a few centuries out of your definition of history.

  50. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Come on! Is this s trick question? Or a divisive question?
    If you go through history you will find druids, witches, Norse gods, Roman gods, Islam, Judaism, philosophers of all languages, Christianity, in all its good and horrible incarnations (Inquisition comes to mind) and almost everything else.
    All have contributed to the set of values, of social values and traditions, forget religion (Xmas is based on a pagan ritual), that have guided society throughout history. THAT is what the continent is about! Religion is just one component, often a divisive one, if not criminal at times.
    Let’s talk about THAT European continent, shall we?

  51. avatar
    Umberto Angrisani

    Raise the question is in itself ridiculous? There is no debate. It is only necessary to explain what Europe is.

  52. avatar
    Nick Aes Sídhe

    well Europe is not a continent for starters, Eurasia is.

    Secondly the question wheter Europe is christian or not has very little to do with the awnser and everything with those who ask the question. You could ask is Europe a democratic continent. A gay friendly continent and so on. To me such questions do nothing but comfirm opinions and allow cheap political profilation.

    But to be fair to the question maker; between 1000 and 1900 Europe was a christian dominated continent with a lot of minorities existing within it’s borders. not before 1000 AD because regions such as scandinavia, the Baltic, russia and hungarian basin were pagan and Iberia was Islam dominated. Up until 1900 because afterwards the power and influence of christian churches over politics and society started to decline losing its dominant position.

  53. avatar

    Come on! Is this s trick question? Or a divisive question?
    If you go through history you will find druids, witches, Norse gods, Roman gods, Islam, philosophers of all languages, Christianity, in all its good and horrible incarnations (Inquisition comes to mind) and almost everything else.
    All have contributed to the set of values, to the set of social values and traditions, forget religion (Xmas is based on a pagan ritual), that have guided society throughout history. THAT is what the continent is about! Religion is just one component, often a divisive one, if not criminal at times.
    Let’s talk about THAT European continent, shall we?

  54. avatar
    Davide Nicoła

    Look around you.

    Art and architecture of the past will tell you if Europe has christian roots or not.

  55. avatar
    Pierre de Cœur

    Actually what distinguishes Europe is not its religion but how its power was limited and controlled by the Enlightenment, something that never happened in Muslim countries for instance. What put us apart is that here religion has lost its fight against secularisation and reason has trumped faith. Thanks to that we have the highest proportion of unbelievers in the world.

  56. avatar

    Yes, it is. Quite a few countries have crosses on their flags and in the UK the head of state also is the head of the church.

  57. avatar

    Religion is being replaced by belief in conspiracy theories. Without any hard evidence or facts. Just based on belief.

  58. avatar
    Rock The Revolutionary

    Unfortunately run by Zionists, and their Protestant buddy’s ….The “serpent” of Zionism will “unravel” once and for all from this world. The global banking system, which is the “trunk”, will become pieces. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Soros, the Buffett and all the “garbage” of Gypsy, conspiracy and usury will die poor, “squeaking” in a very inhospitable corner of this planet. They will leave from this world as absolute expressions of dirt, the scum and sin …

    … The “trash” of usury, which have ravaged the peoples … The “monsters” of greed,have not left even Israel itself outside their miseries.

  59. avatar
    Guillermo De Miguel Bielsa

    Definitely, but we left religion to a more secondary side after centuries of a Church ruled society, it makes us big to move forward a religion based way of living to a human/secular based one, but if we forget or try to fight or regret our past we are definitely doomed, because Christianism is and will always be part of Europe, either in our life or in history books

  60. avatar
    Dina Clark

    What is IMPORTENT is that the routes and values wich are Christian continue to be practice in the European community…labels and statistics usually are meaninglesssss……

  61. avatar
    Marios Tsamandouras

    Not at all. Europe is a POLYTHEISTIC continent. There is only one connection between European people. Our COMMON prechristian traditions of Greek-roman Nordic Celtic Slavic etc pantheon and democracy. Enough with the monotheistic bigotry and intollerance. Enough with the hate to the Civilization of the Abrahamists. From Arcadia to the stone fields of Inisheer there is one polytheistic identity.

    • avatar
      Argyro Drikakis

      That’s Your next stop “”file”” is enforced Islamism!!! Hopefully and fortunately at that time You won’t be able to express Your opinions!!!

    • avatar
      Katerina Mpakirtzi

      Christianism is not a religion for orthodox neoplatonians but a way of living. A society without murders thiefs stupids that lives together dancing celebrate and gives love on the other. You care about dogma not about meaning in your life. Nobody goes to church so they dont communicate… became aplisti (άπληστοι Υλιστες)Ylists. Islam is religion. Is nationalism. Is Racism between humans. The other is not God face but memper of fanatic community that have no laws or expression except what leaders said to them. There are also intelligent muslims with high level of spirit (Neoplaton and Theology)but they ignore them. Even Europeans ignore their… Fathers.God dies because we kill him and we kill ourselves.God is one. Christianity was the Ecumenical union of all of us to Stop kill eachother. Differences was the reasons to murder eachother.

  62. avatar
    Ermete Trismegisto

    Ovviamente la questione è molto più complessa, ma non riconoscere l’importanza del cristianesimo nello sviluppo della cultura europea è da folli. Saluti neoplatonici ;)

  63. avatar
    Alex Favros

    All religion is the root of all evil, racism, homophobia, mysogyny and the list is endless!

  64. avatar
    Maev Gallagher

    The baggage Europe has been dragging along is Greco-Roman & Christian (of whatever brand). Plato, Aristotle, Julius Caesar & Jesus Christ can’t be wiped off the blackboard as their contribution to European DNA is there to stay, whether one likes it or not.

  65. avatar
    Maev Gallagher

    The baggage Europe has been dragging along is Greco-Roman & Christian (of whatever brand). Plato, Aristotle, Julius Caesar & Jesus Christ can’t be wiped off the blackboard as their contribution to European DNA is there to stay, whether one likes it or not.

  66. avatar
    Alfredo Coelho

    Built on christian and jewish values. If it was built on islamic values, Europe was simply a desert.

  67. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Christianity has given Europe a deep and thik foundation all through the centuries. Unfortunatly now many parties from the leftwing progressive arc tend to wipe it off, favoring invading religions. Europe is sliding down to nothingess…RIP.

    • avatar
      James Block

      Or not favouring religion at all, as it should be.

      It is absolutely nothing to do with left or right, but human development. Religion is no longer necessary for humanity to advance, and in many cases holds us back.

      All of the most backward nations on earth are those which most strongly practise religion.

    • avatar
      Enric Mestres Girbal

      With religion you learn ethics and morals and, although some times the leaders ignore them, they are the base of humanity. Have you ever considered that the poor comunities are the happiest in the ignorance of some “occidental” advances?.

    • avatar
      James Block

      Islam isn’t a “pagan” religion

    • avatar
      Tim Nick Knight

      James Block NO, its the INDIGENOUS religions. Christianity is another Middle East import sorry to tell you.

    • avatar
      Zille Vuk

      James Block yess it is and is justifing the terrorism upon other religions!! Islam is a danger for free world !!

  68. avatar
    Giuseppe Passanante

    We should ask the opposite question: is Christianity European? The number of the faithful is probably on the rise, but not in Europe.

  69. avatar
    Stephanie Smulders

    I believe that it is too simplistic to say that Europe is a Christian continent. Surely they are deeply intertwined. Christianity was a tool to unify the continent against the ‘Other’ and it has influenced the European culture immensely. However, Christianity is not the only thing that has shaped Europe. Ancient Greece and Rome, the renaissance, the dual revolution (among other things) have left there mark on the continent too. Besides that Europe has progressed and is becoming more and more secular and multi-cultural, therefor I feel that you can’t say it is a Christian continent. Christianity is a part of the European identity, it’s not synonymous with Europe.

  70. avatar
    Argyro Drikakis


    • avatar
      Katerina Mpakirtzi

      There are against Byzantine that makes all of them(started with Rome)one ecumenical faith with Greek civilitation. But they love only money banks and to make depths with our blood. Spirit sciences books are not Yli… material to consume. They hate us because they cant accept us as their political theological filoshophical base. is the power for them

  71. avatar
    Blaz Bostjancic

    No it started with paganism, covertes in to compulsory christianity, and now it is a continent of seculiar states.

  72. avatar
    Nikos Voudouris

    Welp nothing in this world is 100% something… Europe is not a christian continent , the middle east is not a muslim continent and asia is not a huge clusterfuck that i cannot describe in a comment because we speak for a huge fractued area etc… Still what are we supposed to undestant from this ? these kinds of statistics almost always fall short when the future comes… i mean Pew instute isnt considering the fertility rates ? when africa will “hopefully” become like the west in development by 2050 fertility rates will go down… plus this particular article exists only to exist without contributing anything new nor sparkling any debate.

  73. avatar
    Tayeb Habib

    Neither is only Christian nor it is a whites only
    (Caucasian) continent. Islam has been in Europe since 7th century. Jews have been in Europe since last stages of Roman Empire. In fact original inhabitants of Iberian Peninsula came from North Africa. Finland has large original non white population.

  74. avatar
    Gerard Mengual

    We might not be exactly sure about what we are but at least we know what we don’t want to be.

  75. avatar
    Fernando Cruz

    Debating Europe you are using biased statistical values taking advantage of fact that many of us are mathematical illiterates. Around 1910 Europe’s population was 28% of the total world population and now it’s only about 12% of the total world population!

  76. avatar
    Fernando Cruz

    Debating Europe you are using biased statistical values taking advantage of fact that many of us are almost illiterates in mathematics. Around 1910 Europe’s population was 28% of the total world population and now it’s only about 12% of the total world population!

  77. avatar
    Riccardo Tognettini

    Simply, rubbish. From the 5th century to the end of 20th century, the religion of Europe has been Christianity, with a little Jewish presence and some sporadic Muslims. If you don’t like it, it is not less real.

  78. avatar
    João Cruz

    No, it’s not a «Christian continent», Christianity was a dominant religious force for some centuries, but no more, European nations are secular and don’t have a common religious denominator or an official creed, the religious environment is largely free and plural. As for the «European identity», I guess Christianity is as much important as it is to any other place on earth with a Christian heritage, yes, it is important, as are many other sources of ideas and traditions, such as ancient Greece, Rome, the Enlightenment, Marxism, LIberalism, etc.. A melting pot.

  79. avatar
    João Cruz

    No, it’s not a «Christian continent», Christianity was a dominant religious force for some centuries, but no more, European nations are secular and don’t have a common religious denominator or an official creed, the religious environment is largely free and plural. As for the «European identity», I guess Christianity is as much important as it is to any other place on earth with a Christian heritage, yes, it is important, as are many other sources of ideas and traditions, such as ancient Greece, Rome, the Enlightenment, Marxism, LIberalism, etc.. A melting pot.

  80. avatar
    Katerina Mpakirtzi

    Christianism is not a religion for orthodox neoplatonians but a way of living. A society without murders thiefs stupids that lives together dancing celebrate and gives love on the other. You care about dogma not about meaning in your life. Nobody goes to church so they dont communicate… became aplisti (άπληστοι Υλιστες)Ylists. Islam is religion. Is nationalism. Is Racism between humans. The other is not God face but memper of fanatic community that have no laws or expression except what leaders said to them. There are also intelligent muslims with high level of spirit (Neoplaton and Theology)but they ignore them. Even Europeans ignore their… Fathers.God dies because we kill him and we kill ourselves.God is one. Christianity was the Ecumenical union of all of us to Stop kill eachother. Differences was the reasons to murder eachother.

  81. avatar
    Δημήτρης Κεραμυδάς

    Europe as a concept is much older than christianity itself Christianity as a a matter pf fact like any other religion or belief usually creates disagreements and separates people contrary to the main idea of europe which after 1945 is unification at any cost Because the alternative will only create a blooded repetition pf the past War Hunger etc My humble opinion

  82. avatar
    Yannick Cornet

    No we are over the worse of that mostly, and luckily so. Rationality, pragmatism, and freedom of belief (be and let bet, or in other words, open-mindedness) define Europe more than Christianity. We do keep the architectural baggage, but most churches in my neighbourhood have become less godly and more socially oriented, which is also good. In other words: Europe is great.

  83. avatar
    Siva Nesan Jesu

    Yes dear, but with Islam dominating the Christian population in the interim as “DHIMMIS” very soon to be coerced into conversion. No church has protested, and R.C approves it! Read my blogs in my Timeline.

  84. avatar
    Manny Tiliakos

    YES!!! The church and its priests may be watered down to appease the invasion of Muslims along with the traitorous liberals and feminists but that doesn’t mean that Christ and the Church aren’t real !!!

  85. avatar
    Nick Coulson

    Depends how you define the concept. Is it still full of faithful Church goers. No. What is European Christianity anyway. Well much of it is adapted from older religions before it. Many of the Feasts and festivals were adopted as Christian ones. A process that started with the Romans and their conquests of adopting and accommodating the customs of its people’s. However without doubt we are nominally Christian as our law, concepts of law, social norms and attitudes are firmly rooted in an age when Christianity was the main driver in our societies. We can discard the religious practice if we wish. But the legacy is less easy to discard. Mainly because much of that legacy is benign and useful. As far as influence of people coming into a country with alternative religions. If any thing beyond the first generation, like many Christians have people tend to become more secular if maintaining any religious affiliation at all. The temptation to conform forces religion into the back ground.

  86. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Europe is mostly secular. In most countries Christianity and the other faiths is not dominant, there is no single state church and an array of Christian denominations attract the few faithful. Secular institutions are strong and there is a sense of justice which is guarranteed through these secular institutions. All this was achieved through struggles. Let’s nor ruin it.

  87. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Southern Europeans are God loving and God fearing due to how their society functions with its many imperfections. Their recent history -characterised by bad governance and oppression (be it from invaders or from local military)- is also to blame. Turbulance brings insecurity. Insecurity leads you to God

  88. avatar
    Diego S. Albéniz


    • avatar
      Sue R


    • avatar
      Ivan Enchev

      maybe you should drop the last one. And should not forget we might have been much more if it wasn’t for the Catholic church and the Inquisition.

  89. avatar

    The European civilisation – because this is what Europe is, a civilisation, just like China or India – rests on two pillars: one is the Judeo-Christian pillar (cf all the comments above), but the other, prior one, which is as important, and in my opinion, more important is the Greco-Roman pillar.

    Think of all the things we owe to the Greeks and the Romans in our different European cultures: our writing systems (Greek, Latin and Cyrillic), our philosophy was born with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. Democracy was invented by the Greeks, not by the Christians. Think of all our arts and sciences: they all have a Greek or Latin name, because most of them were invented by the Greeks or the Romans (mathematics, physics, geography, history, music, theatre, literature, poetry, architecture…only chemistry – al kimiya -, and algebra are Arabic words). Even for the most modern sciences, we feel obliged to give them Greek or Latin names: astro-physics, stomatology, otorhinolaryngology…

    This being said, the Judeo-Christian pillar has also played an essential part in our cultures: churches and cathedrals that can still be admired today: the first pieces of classical painting and sculpture (Giotto, Bosch, Michelangelo…) of classical music (Bach…) were religious…
    There is no doubt that christianity has also influenced the European way of thinking: the Christian doctrine of universal love combined with Greek philosophy has given birth to humanism which is an essential European value (human rights), hence all the political movements aimed at liberating humans from tyranny.

    But religion – whichever it is – can no longer rule a free society as it did in the Middle Ages. Today everybody is free to choose the religion he likes: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Polytheism… or no religion at all: atheism, agnosticism… religion is a matter of personal belief: it cannot be imposed on the others: that would lead to fanaticism as it always did in the past.

  90. avatar
    Ivan Enchev

    We are living in 21 century, religion in any form can’t coexist with democracy and personal liberties. Everyone should be free to practice his religion, but only in his house or the temples of his religion and government should be secular from the Church otherwise equality can’t exist.

  91. avatar
    Kelly Emilie Finger

    Obviously jewish and christian roots that are indelible. Nowadays there is a diversity that should make Europe strength but no one wants to see it, as the two extreme ways of thinking the world is dividing, while the solution is right beneath our eyes… At the end the legitimate ways of seeing the world today are causing the same problems. Hope we’ll step out from this mess quickly. At least we have ancient roots that are not an absolute chaos.

  92. avatar


  93. avatar

    Europe has a big European legacy, but let’s not forget our Hellenic/Roman legacy.

  94. avatar

    Europe has a big Christian legacy, but let’s not forget our Hellenic/Roman legacy.

  95. avatar

    ’m getting really tired and wearisome of this debate. First and foremost: Whenever a religion starts claiming space, things tend to go horribly wrong. You see, people, cultures and religions come and go, continents don’t. So stop trying to legitimize some sort of Christian Lebensraum.
    Second to all those that claim our European values and cultures are Christian/Judeo Christian or whatever you are simultaneously historically incorrect, blissfully ignorant and a giant hypocrite. Europe is, and almost always has been a multicultural continent influenced by many peoples, many religions and many cultures. As before mentioned much of our philosophical and scientific thinking was inherited from the Greeks. Mathematics, poetry, medicine and much more came from the Islamic world. Many of our holidays stemmed from pagan festivities, eagerly adapted by Christians conquering new spaces. If you truly want to see the Europe during the ‘Purely/Dominant Christian’ (Even then it wasn’t) times we’d have to go back before the enlightenment period: The Dark Ages. Back then we were the absolute backwater of the world whereas the Middle-East and Asia were by far the most advanced. Back when in the ‘Islamic World’ tolerance was quite widely practiced and pretty much every scientific progression was made there. In Christian Europe the Christians relentlessly persecuted fellow Christians, ‘heretics’, non-believers, gays, ‘witches’, scientists whose experiments could contradict the content of the bible (or any interpretation), the Christians happily conquered new lands and slaughtered or force-converted the local people ‘In the name of Christ’, when Europeans readily sold slaves (Yes Europeans as slaves) to the middle east. In fact Western Europe only became ‘Civilization’ (If you can ever perceive it as such) after the renaissance and the enlightenment period after the rediscovery of Greek/Roman AND middle-eastern philosophies and sciences.
    So, there’s no basis at all to claim the following: Europe is a Christian continent, our values are solely Christian, all Christian values are modern day values, everything Islam is bad. Period.

    • avatar

      Nothing come from the “islamic age” we did get ‘some’ maths from the arab world BUT before its was muslim and regressed! Islam has given the world absolutely NOTHING!

  96. avatar
    Lino Bonnici

    Yes of course Europe was and still a Christian majority continent , but that is not an

    excuse for us to refuse any other religion which is coming to share space with us ,

    as it against the truly Christian teachers and values.

    • avatar

      Just no! Would islam let Christianity share some of Saudi Arabia??

      No islam in Europe period!

  97. avatar
    James Block

    Tim Nick Knight , I never said anything about Christianity, I’m not a fucking Christian. I just misread your comment, and have no idea what I read it as…

  98. avatar
    James Block

    Zille, Islam is one of the 3 main (Abrahamic) religions, paganism is traditionally used to describe a religion other than the mayor world religions.

  99. avatar

    It should remain Christian, or revert back to Odinism (asatru) the indigenous religion of Europe. Islam should be banned and made illegal in Europe.

  100. avatar

    Europe is not christian, muslim or jewish. It is a secular land. Vatican is still here but soon will be vanished.
    One day, all organized religions over the world will be over.
    Once people understand that religion dogmas only bring war, foolish superstition, ignorance, and egoistic attitudes and decide to turn away from it and then rely on true peaceful inner-spirituality (by keeping it to themselves first) then there will be peace and real enlightenment. That day is far though and it seems we are still living in the middle ages. People still behave like if they were in the 1500´s. Educate yourself before somebody does the job for you and fill your brain with crap. Uneducated supersticious people are easy to manipulate. Remember that!

  101. avatar
    Gustaaf Van den Boeynants

    No, a secular. It always has had jews and muslims and atheists and has been secularised long time ago. No need to give more rights to one religion. Relugion is a personal thing, may be good for spiritual developpement (but not for me)

  102. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    Europe is a free continent, lack of religious extremism, where religion is a private, intime thing. WE DON’T NEED ANY FORCED RELIGION OR WE SHOOT!

  103. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    You can’t believe in Christianity and believe in gay marriage which means ‘Europe’ is Christian but the EU is not.

    • avatar
      Lefter Isuf Gjura

      Fanaticism and extremism come from only two religions!!!!
      One is the Muslim world and the other one is your orthodox world
      This are the only two religions that need amended!!!

  104. avatar
    Akis Muto

    Most european countries are of christian background but the values of europe are rooted in the Greco-Roman ideal not the christian one

  105. avatar
    Alexander Tsankov

    People in Europe believe in god as much as I believe in the 9 head monster of Babylon. ;d But still, they feel attracted to it, because they think that the other option is Islam, which is quite false. :D

  106. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    In Egypt this morning Islamists wore a bus full of Christians. (24 κιλλεδ) If you pursue the same refugee policy then we will have the same phenomena in Europe. Unfortunately, the EU did not realize that the “Clash of Civilizations”” is on the way..

    • avatar
      Filip Cirkvenčić

      But Europeans are christian just on the paper. Churches are empty in Christian continent – that is true phenomena.

    • avatar
      Dimitris Orfanoudis

      Ι understand there are various reasons. its true that the religiouw feeling diminished lately i can see that in my country too. .. However here the leftish government trying hard to buld barriers against the church ..

  107. avatar
    Edita Buržinskaitė

    It’s culture and values are rooted in Christianity, even though it is now mostly secular. But with the way things are going islam will take over and then Europe as we know it will be gone.

    • avatar
      Iván Marsh Whateley

      We have heard that joke since the fifties. But some people don t have enough brain to recognize they are wrong and Islam is not taking anything an that are more muslims respecting Europe that the ones who don t. Enough with the joke retard welcome to 2017.

  108. avatar
    Dionìs KC

    Western culture has two greater pillars: the classical, Greco-Roman culture and the Christian one. The other influencing elements are the local authoxtonous culture of each compounding population. I do not understand the question fully: is it about which religion is the dominant one, maybe?

  109. avatar
    Χρήστος Τούμπας

    ΝΟ, if it was it would be hated by everyone, just like Russia, is Orthodox Christian the true church of Jesus not heretic Catholic,protestand etc, and everyone one else hate it, because talks about family, and values not for homosexuals and other anti Christian things

  110. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Christianity was the base of Europe and the western world. Unfortunatly now, due to new “philosophical ideas” christianity is sweep away and its place is occupied by atheism and foreign religions.

  111. avatar
    Katrina Di

    Our legal and moral system are based on Greco-Roman civilisations followed by Christianity. Now mostly secular.

  112. avatar
    Iliya Yordanov

    it is mainly Christian still and the core values stem from the New Testament and Jesus teachings like don’t point a finger, cause there are 3 fingers pointing back at you, compassion, love for the weak etc. Those ideas are not found in most other cultures apart from the Buddhist maybe. But the core is Greko-roman and the ideas of Antiquity are pretty alive yet.

    • avatar
      Breogán Costa

      one of the very few intelligent questions… shame that the first like is mine (the world is so f*) :(

    • avatar
      Kostas Lithiropoulos

      Πολύ ωραίο ερώτημα! Είναι ο,τι πρέπει για debate!!

    • avatar
      Marco Bianchi

      Not really sure about the last sentence…😭

  113. avatar
    Luca Argalia

    Is it a serious question? Christianity is matter of our Culture so of course the answer is yes

    • avatar
      Iván Marsh Whateley

      Nope. Christianity is a matter of superstition. You are not going to hell for having sins or going to hell just because you serve the church, or you are not going to have bad luck if you see a black kat crossing in front of you.

  114. avatar
    Luca Argalia

    Is it a serious question? Christianity is matter of our Culture so of course the answer is yes

  115. avatar
    Luca Argalia

    Is it a serious question? Christianity is matter of our Culture so of course the answer is yes

  116. avatar
    Iván Marsh Whateley

    Europe didn t need religion since hundreds of years. Is not Christian. No religion or other superstition rules but the respect to everyone and the proven facts.

  117. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    Europe is a celtic-nordic-slavic-greekoroman continent, we already have plenty enough of our own gods and diversity, please keep those messy mideastern mesopotamian monothéisms away from here, they are just enslaving tools.

  118. avatar
    Katerina Kyriazi

    Europe’s history was indeed linked with Christianity. Nowadays however increasing numbers of people have left their religious affiliations in the past and are interested in atheism, science and humanistic values.

    • avatar
      Bódis Kata

      The culture and values are still rooted in Christianity.

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      So what science are you interested in? Let’s debate something. (Orthodox engineer here)

    • avatar
      Sorin Costea

      Daniel Leu doar pentru simplul fapt ca a trebuit sa mentionezi ca esti ortodox te face un idiot.

    • avatar
      Uli Czeranka

      Culture and values can be also attributed to the enlightenment. Of course nothing cant be separated from religion as it equaled power for centuries but in generally I dont need to base my values on religion.

    • avatar
      De Visu Carlo

      But your values come from Christianity man. You even enlightment. Culturally, Europe is definitely christian

    • avatar
      Vitaliy Markov

      Can anybody define “Christian values” exactly? It seems to be a term pulled out of thin air all the time. Was fascism and imperialism of the past based on Christian values?

    • avatar
      Ruairí Hallissey

      We’re also increasingly infertile and have no future as a people, but I’m sure there’s connection.

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Why proud of it? Not everyone is a communist

    • avatar
      Juan Alejandro Fernández Pérez

      LOL I think you don’t know what’s communism nor atheism. By the way, post soviet union countries are the most religious ones, so shut the fuck up. In netherlands almost 70% are atheists. I think you are an ignorant dumbass

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Get a freaking job. Welfare rats pretending to be involved in science by embracing atheism. Edgy little fucks

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Atheism gives people a reason to say that they are somehow linked to science. For many socialists, it is an excuse to pretend intelligence.

    • avatar
      Juan Alejandro Fernández Pérez

      Of course you are linked to science when you stop believing in something because there are no proofs LOL. There’s nothing more antiscience than religion

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      And atheism grows in the west, as well as rapes and crime rate. We are good here in the East. By the way, orthodox engineer here. Just in case you want to debate some science thingies.

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Why is it anti science*?

    • avatar
      Juan Alejandro Fernández Pérez

      Rapes and crime rate grows because of economic turmoil and because of immigration. If religion were so peceaful, then there wouldnt have religion wars ever

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      There were religious wars as well as economic wars. What is your point?

    • avatar
      Pirvulescu Florin

      Don’t mind him.
      He’s bitter that people don’t believe in his imaginary friend. :P

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Would not have been*. Science guy

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      But there would have been economic and territorial wars.

    • avatar
      Juan Alejandro Fernández Pérez

      Of course. But I’m proud to say that while religion can push someone into violence or discrimination even today (monoteist religions hate towards LGTB people) atheism cannot

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Religion is a set of values. A set of values that apply to a big majority of people. You could see religion as a social cohesion agent. Wars that happened centuries ago are not that relevant.

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Pirvulescu Florin, no, i am debating. Are you another science guy?

    • avatar
      Daniel Leu

      Of course you can. But you can have religious as well. You are a bit radical in thinking

    • avatar
      Juan Alejandro Fernández Pérez

      But look, having religious one is incompatible with Human Rights. You cannot fit sexism or homophobia in many religions with a fair society, you know? Unless you deceive yourself and don’t apply that part of religion, which for me is not being religious anymore

    • avatar
      Francesco Iapicca

      Daniel I’m definitely not a communist an I’m atheist agnostic. I don’t get the reason of your assumption can you explain?

    • avatar
      Pirvulescu Florin

      In Romania atheism was pushed by the state during the Communist times.

      Following the revolution atheism got a terrible blow being linked to communism.

    • avatar
      Ruairí Hallissey

      I wonder if our proud atheism has anything to do with our collective infertility and suicide as a content?

  119. avatar
    Vintan Ioan

    Yes, of course. Eastern Europe. Or he will become Christian again, or will drown in its own identity dissolution. Unconscious vegetation leads to spoliage. You will not be deceiving.

  120. avatar
    Francisco Afonso Pereira

    Yes. But it is also sufficiently developed and evolved not to let stupid literal interpretations of religion to get in the way of civil liberties. It’s a Christian continent with lots of Christian values, but it outgrew them.

  121. avatar
    Christofer Catilan

    Continents and states shouldn’t be regarded as religious, Christian, Muslim, what so ever! There is only one exception when it comes to European states and it is called Vatican.

    All territorial aspects should remain neutral in respect to religions because there isn’t any reason or any sense to omit (from such cultural context) minorities, not even atheists/non-believers as a group influencing the culture which we live in. Religious references to continents and states are medieval cultural ballast.

    As an atheist I enjoy sacral music and visit churches but I do not do this in order to experience something divine. For me it is simply a form of culture as opera. Consequent I might call Europe as an Operatic continent. Opera was developed in its true form in Europe, most older operatic works are composed in Europe as well our Christian sacral music.

    So why to complicate things when they are basically so simple and this simplicity is much less prone to conflicts and hegemonial thinkings. Otherwise I might say: keep American rock and roll out of Europe because our part of the world is an Operatic continent!

  122. avatar
    Shpetim Lezi

    Europe is a Christian continent and it has a Christian Hero! ⚔️

  123. avatar
    Mickaël Montana

    How important is Christianity to European identity? Haha funny question. Impossible to know that because ethnical stats are prohibated by EU.

  124. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    As an anthropologist I had learned that every civilization is based in a religion. As an Atheist I do recognize Europe values are mostly based in Christian values.

    • avatar
      Vitaliy Markov

      What are Christian values? Europe was authoritarian, imperialist and oppressive in the 19th century, and democratic and liberal today, while the religion hasn’t changed.

    • avatar
      Vicente Silva Tavares

      I sent you an answer from my mobile you can read somewhere down the thread. You must understand civilizations are not static. They change along the way by its own evolution as well as in contact with other civilizations and cultures. In all civilizations there were periods of more authoritarism, more religiosity or less, values that are more valued than others, etc. Any student of History or Anthropology knows that. Fascism goes directly to look for values on the pre-Christian Roman empire. But even the Roman Empire was not static and had different stages. But, if you cannot find any Christian values that distinguish us from the closest civilization – The Islamism, let me remember you a few that distinguish us from them: We eat pigs. They don´t. We do not stone women to death on adultery accusations. They do. You may remember Christ refusing to stone a women accused of adultery saying “the one that never sinned, throw the first stone”. Christ with its norm of “do not kill” and “give the other face” is the base of all peaceful movements in our societies. On the other hand, the Islamic societies, based on the Quran are much more violent societies as the Quran solution for problems is always to kill. I read it. We are monogamics, they are polygamics. We are against pedophilia, they are in favour. Europeans, religious or not, do not believe in reincarnation in another animal as Buddhists do. There are many traces and values that distinguish us as members of the Western civilization from the other civilizations. Although there are other influences, like the Greek classic culture and the Roman law, we were formed by the Christian values for many generations along centuries. Even though we can rebel against religion (and I am an atheist), we cannot deny History.

  125. avatar
    Donald Welsh

    A continent is not conscious, let alone emotive. It is impossible for it to be religious, therefore.

  126. avatar
    Ângelo Do Carmo

    Yes it is. It is impossible to understand europe’s history and culture without understanding christianity and the bible.

  127. avatar
    Vytautas Vėžys

    Have you any idea how many ancestors died defending our Pagan believes against your Christianity? And now when it finally implemented you say it doesn’t matter?

    • avatar
      Marius Filip

      We are losing real time here in Europe debating to be or not to be a bigots from cave or to be in real time 2017.

  128. avatar
    Leopold Rotim

    Europa has only 3 pilars of society: Greek philosophy, roman law and Christianity. If you nock down any of those pilars, European society will collapse. We are seeing now first symptoms.

    • avatar
      Paulius Paždagis

      What the hell are you talking about. Show me how any religion affects modern peoples lives…?

    • avatar
      Marcelo Augusto Pires

      Sorry but it is a huge simplification. There is much more to consider and several different realities.

    • avatar
      Leopold Rotim

      Marcelo Augusto Pires
      Can you give me some thoughts about what would that be? Because I don’t think I’m wrong.

    • avatar
      Ignas Bernotavičius

      Well I think he is saying the truth. When Christianity started to rule the Europe, it knocked down Roman law and Greek philosophy and Europe became shit. xD
      I’m glad Christianity is “melting”.

    • avatar
      Tonino Jankov

      You are living on 15-20 centuries of Christianity shaping everything in your society, and taking all that influence for granted cause you were born into it.

      If you want to see the difference, try living in India, Pakistan, Haiti or Mexico, to get a feel of what the society without that long lasting influence (and with strong pagan influence) looks like.

      I cant believe rational people even asking such questions

    • avatar
      Tonino Jankov

      Leopold Rotim and dont overestimate Greek thought and roman law. Common Law countries have fared well without it (roman law) while they had stuck to Christianity

    • avatar
      Leopold Rotim

      Tonino Jankov
      I do not overestimate Greek thought and roman law. Common law countries also rely on Greek though and (but just partly) on roman law. Nevertheless, I am talking about Europe, not USA.

    • avatar
      Tonino Jankov

      Leopold Rotim Christianity is the only sine qua non of western civilisation.

    • avatar
      Leopold Rotim

      Tonino Jankov, ok. I agree but that is completely another topic.

    • avatar
      Tonino Jankov

      I dont think European society would collapse without Aristotle or Plato.

      Without Christianity – as we see – it is in a crisis as we speak.

  129. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    Yes! The princips of the religion liberty, the social and helathy systems have Christian origin.

    • avatar
      Alfonso Martìnez Montoya

      Your problem is not people from other cultures, but most europeans
      that feel ashame of xenofobic thugs like you!
      If I were like you I might say:
      why are you an inmigrant in my country? Why are you poluting my culture with your east european one?
      It takes guts to be a xenofobic inmigrant!

  130. avatar
    Paulius Paždagis

    No one cares about religion anymore. Maybe people just above ~40, but that’s it. You can shove all your religion crap, obsolete, irrational values and traditions up your ass.

  131. avatar
    Firas Moka

    Before but nowadays people are becoming atheists and there are morality issues ! But yes Europe is christian continent !

  132. avatar
    JD Blaha

    No and Europe isn’t really even continent, either – just the western tip of Asia.

  133. avatar
    Marcelo Augusto Pires

    Historically Europe was pagan, Celtic, politheist, monotheist, Christian, Judish, Muslim, positivist, atheist, etc. It will be whatever the development of our societies will be.

  134. avatar
    Georg Blaha

    No. A Europe based on Christianity is one blind for Renaissance, Enlightenment, Human Rights, the fight for emancipation and equality. Is Europe a continent of absolute monarchs? Just as much as it is christian.

  135. avatar
    Alfonso Martìnez Montoya

    European cultures have a lot of influence from cristianism, but today cristian beliebers are a minority, Europe’s mayority is non religious

  136. avatar
    Lin Da Saad Aoui

    often weird questions to debate Europe ! Shall Gibraltar be free to decide if it belongs to Spain ? Yes

  137. avatar
    Martin van Boven

    But maintaining it still is, is silly. It is not in any serious way characterised by religion any more. If anything, it now is a continent of reason.

    • avatar
      Chuck Andresen

      Many times those reasons are questionable.

    • avatar
      Martin van Boven

      True. But, “characterised by”. That does not need a 100% coverage rate, or perfection. Just as not everybody was Christian, or of perfect belief.

    • avatar
      Nawid Zabihi

      I Can prove you that it isn’t.

      Skandinavien are not a Christian country!

      There is christian People everywhere but this doesnt make Europe christian.

      Mostly are atheist

  138. avatar
    Denny DP

    absolutely not. like everything else. Europe has always been in the making.

  139. avatar
    Isabelle Ancelet

    In the past, the identity of Europe was christianity. But today, with the Human Rights, the secularism and the births of the democracies, it especially is a place of freedom. So, when new people come in Europe demanding that Europeans renounce to this freedom for religious reasons, accepting the fact that a book encourages its believers to kill unbelievers, accepting the fact that a woman is a half man or accepting the fact that a so-called prophet allows to rape girls or the slavery, they are not welcomed. Actually, because this kind of people, because Europeans are aggressed by these people who believe they are better than them and treats them as racist as soon as they want to keep their freedom, Europe could find a refuge in the Christian religion again. So today, we have a choice before Islam : To make the Human Rights a kind of religion or to become Christian again. In any case, if we want to stay free, we must find a strong ideology to help us to fight this religious dictature which is islam. A european government which does not understand that will disappear and its citizens’ freedom with it.

  140. avatar
    La F Ham

    Europe is a broad collection of subjective ideas. Eurasia is a continent based on the beauty of these subjective realities. Learn to love diversity. It’s what makes the world beautiful :)

  141. avatar

    Europe is Greek philosophy, Roman law and Christian values.

  142. avatar
    Petko Ivanov Prodanov

    What is Christians? You talk about €,tolerance,economic,kola kola,weapons,eu in several speed,the cost of success,greece crisis,to be or not to be homosexual… what exactly is Christian civilization?

  143. avatar
    Vitaliy Markov

    No, Europe was never Christian. If they were, there wouldn’t have been two world wars started on that continent.

    • avatar
      Stefania Portici

      mica c’è stata una guerra europea, c’è stata una guerra mondiale di liberazione dal capitalismo neoliberista mondiale che qualcuno oggigiorno ha riportato alla ribalta. Chi mette il mercato al di sopra di tutto non è questione di religione è questione di interessi e non va bene

  144. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Vitaliy Markov, I didn’t know you were an expert in the civilization subject. If you are, you know (or should know) that the three major civilizations are based in the three major religions: The Western civilization based in the Jewish-Christian religions. The Islamic civilization and in Asia based in Buddhism. It is in that sense I wrote about our origins.

    • avatar
      Marco Bianchi

      We are brothers and I have no problems with Orthodox.
      We are all Christians.

    • avatar
      Κωνσταντίνος Πατσαλάς

      The catholic culture was something unique. Unlike the orthodox was a culture that could be spread all around the world. BUT, the Europe is and must be a synthesis of these two.

  145. avatar
    Marco Bianchi

    Yes! It used to be but politicians and political correctness have destroyed our heritage thinking that this is a good thing.

  146. avatar
    Saul Crucero

    It is a quasi Christian continent and fast becoming a Muslim enclave and will dictate the government soon because most Christians are too busy with their mundane world and much less with their spiritual reawakening.

  147. avatar
    Giannis Dimitrakis

    Same post again! Europe is a geographical continent, you can read about that in wikipedia. Any 5 year old knows it already. :P

  148. avatar
    Max Berre

    Whoever is even asking should go read about the french revolution and then get back to us

  149. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    Me thinks teh French revolution happened only in France, not in every one of the European countries. Well, I should check that too. :D

  150. avatar
    Satsuma Angel

    No. it is not a Christian continent. If they were Christian they would not write the horrendous stuff on this page. Europe is a Nazi continent.

  151. avatar
    Franck Legon

    Christianity is a middle east spread monotheism, and like any of these imported monotheism it drives man mad, thinking he is the center of creation, behaving like world is an object belonging him, breaking the balance with the earth life, heading to disaster like idiot insects eating the fruits and the tree they depend on. European preexisting religions are much better for mankind and earth balance.

    • avatar
      André Alves

      Paschalis Bourletsikas I’m sorry I’m don’t understand your comparison. people are free to have their faith(or they religion), but governments shouldn’t have any, or any influence religious believes

    • avatar
      Paschalis Bourletsikas

      André Alves I agree of the separation between government and church however your comment in the begining states there should be no religion on the continent. How can’t you understand my comment… The Soviet Union and North Korea both of which prohibit religion. What is happening on today’s society is that there are certain religions being attacked by the government’s, more specifically Christianity, so it would be quite hypocritical to state that church must stay out of government affairs while vice versa the government doesn’t stay out of church affairs

    • avatar
      Stoil Zlatarov

      Like it or not, Judeo-Christian values are what shaped the West into what it is now. It’s exactly atheism that created a vacuum that is now being filled with Islam. In order to preserve Europe and its culture, we don’t have to follow Christianity, but we must at least adhere to the cultural norms and traditions that come with it.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Paschalis Bourletsikas Vast tracks of ‘Europe’ are Muslim not Christian ie major parts of Russian, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, etc so to claim Europe is a Christian continent is not only a wrong it is a lie.

  152. avatar
    Daniel Tomiuc

    Oh, in past yes but now Germany just make all europe a kreepi saharia fulll of muslim attacker’s who kill our citizens in the name of kreepi religion, why do this debate? We all know this ….

  153. avatar
    Raúl Toledo Salvador

    Of course majority of europeans are non-practicing christians and we cannot deny it, but laicism is a main european value. So it deppends on your idea of what’s a “christian continent”. The way I see it, Europe has no religion.

    • avatar
      Max Berre

      If you want to re-enact the middle ages, I suggest moving to suadi arabia and leave the rest of us alone. I’m happy in the 21st century.

      PS: Gallileo was right. The earth revolves around the sun. not the other way around.

    • avatar
      JD Blaha

      Max Berre what does your comment have to do with mine? or are you just looking for an excuse to bash muslims and feel superior in comparison to others?

  154. avatar
    Max Berre

    It hasn’t been since 1789. Whoever wrote this should go read about the French revolution and the napoleonic period and then get back to us.

    Next question

    • avatar
      Carmen Rodikaa

      France is an entire continent now? Better brush your geography, man 😃😃

  155. avatar
    Christofer Catilan

    Religions are superstition and persecution complex and when mixed with politics and very poisonous for human mind on the individual basis and our culture in the whole. It is a genuine disaster that we must deal with so many religious issues and such violence.

    Religion should exclusively regarded as a private matter as our sexuality. To ask if Europe is a Christian continent is as relevant as asking “Is Europe a sexual continent”. Apparently Europe is still a sexual continent because some Europeans still dare to have children. The fruit of the phenomenon tells the very truth.

    Religious fruits are at least useless for nourishing our survival as a continent.

  156. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Ethics are the way forward for the EU. Religions seem to cause problems and have special demands and prejudices that are sometimes not only unethical, but mean or even harmful.

  157. avatar
    Katta Catalin

    Yes west and central Europe dont have religion they build their own religion every person by own. Only Christian Europe will remain east of Europe with the Byzantine church (orthodox)

  158. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Civilizations are related with religion, like it or not (I am an atheist). European civilization is of Christian origin. The same way the Middle East and North Africa is Islamic civilization and China, Korea and Vietnam are Buddhist civilization. And India have a particular civilization. Facts are facts.

    • avatar
      Alexander Tsankov

      No. Facts are not facts. China is not even close to be buddhist. Buddhism has only spread on some parts of China /Southern ones/. Most of the Chinese covilization is based on the chinese philosophy and arostocratic culture, which has shit to do with Buddhism. Buddhism itself was quite modified when it was transfered from India to China mainly based on the existing philosophy.
      So the same is Valid for Christianity. It stepped on the Roman understanding of ethics and later /after the renaissance period/ on the Greek understanding of Culture. Of course there is a lot of new thoughts during the Christian period, but the way of life and the place of religion was greatly defined by the waythe Roman laws were understood

  159. avatar
    Paulo Especial

    Nope… it’s an HUMANIST Continent!

    Leave RELIGION to those who decide to worship but NEVER allow Human Rights to be violated!

  160. avatar
    Hugo Miguel Carriço

    A Europa é um continente com uma grande base, valores, ideias, leis e constituições com base no Cristiano. É uma pena que existam pessoas com medo de uma outra religião tudo porque existem outros que se dedicam a lançar a desinformação e o medo.
    Desde quando, uma constituição ou um modo de viver pode ser mudado , tudo porque existem outros credos na Europa?
    Antes de se preocuparem com isso, deviam pensar antes, porque é que fazem guerra noutros países. Não, não é para os libertar, é mais para roubar e tomar posse das suas posições geoestratégicas.
    É como o Brexit, enganaram as pessoas através do medo.

  161. avatar
    Adrian Radu

    Yes, it has been for over 2000 years. Christianity has shaped Europe and its political history. That’s where equal rights comes from.

  162. avatar
    Eggsy Polanco

    Do you know EU was founded by catholics and under theis is values and ethics, the one that are being destroyed in order to have a easy manipulated citizens for the power groups and lobbies. Religion is about freedom but hide and destroy our roots is not bringing anything good

    • avatar

      What are those Catholic principles?

  163. avatar
    Mihai Rusu

    Without your parents, without an identity, without morals, you don’t exist as a person, you’re just part of the fauna and flora, the same goes for anything else in regards to humans.

  164. avatar

    Without an identity nothing lasts. The system represented by those people is designed to fail.

  165. avatar
    Peter Kirov

    Christianity is the fundament of Europe. There should be no doubt about it!!!

  166. avatar
    Priit Kaasik

    Europe was a Christian continent, but it is now a secular continent. I don’t think you can label any continent by single religion. I think that Christian Europe was the only example in history of a continent under one religion, but it isn’t so anymore.

  167. avatar
    Rui Santiago

    Of course yes. Christiannism is the official religion on Europe and everyone should respect this religion

  168. avatar
    Atanas Petkov

    This is a rhetorical question and all debates on the matter are absurd…The fact that we created a secular civilisation centuries ago and invited the people who want to become civilized as us doesn’t change the Christan roots and the fundamentals we have managed to build a civilized consensus on. No matter how much money some freaks are ready to invest, they will never manage to undermine this consensus and they will have to become civilized, or go to hell…

  169. avatar
    Cristian Isop

    Of course. We are Christians. And, to be more clear, you are Christians becouse we, the orthodox christians fought against de islam. Without the Romanians Principalities , now the chatedrals from West was transformed in mosques. And you forgot this.

  170. avatar
    Илиян Стойчев

    Europe is a secular continent and should only be concerned with the unity, survival and prosperity of Europeans , be they Pagan , Christian or Atheist!

    • avatar
      Stoil Zlatarov

      Europe and all of the West for that matter, are shaped into what they are today by Judeo-Christian values. We don’t have to adhere to Christianity or be pious, but at least follow our customs and traditions. A complete lack of national and religious identity causes a moral vacuum that’s being filled by extreme social justice politics, and worse yet – Islam.

  171. avatar

    How far back do we go? So European paganism would be original…

    The EU was founded based on Charlemagne wasnt it?
    For 1000 to 2000 it was definetly Christian dominated. Regardless if Catholic, Orthodox or later Protestant.

    That changed as Freemasons, Nazis and Communists slaughtered several monarchs, killed hundreds thousands of priests, and brought tens and tens of millions of killed in Europe. Surpassing any religious wars in Europe.

    I have no idea what “JudeoChristian” is.. But certainly Christianity played a major role.

    Next would be “Freethinkers” (lets say deists, atheists and agnostics), and Pagans.

    And last Judaism and Islam.

    And I think thats the order of preference the EU should give.

    • avatar

      Christianity is just one form of Paganism that didn’t tolerate the OTHERS. It has nothing to do with the Jewish Rabbi Eessaw who lived in Palestine (Not Europe) 2000 years ago or his religion.

  172. avatar

    Western & some parts of Eastern Europe are built on Judeo-Christian tradition but it is by no means all Europe. Not that it matters as the fools in Brussels have decided the future of the EU is Islamic.

    • avatar

      Western Europe is built on the Greek and Roman civilasations, not on Christianity. It became prosperous and civilised because it separated religion from state.

    • avatar

      Both Greek and Roman civilisations were build on religion & the latter was the beginning of the Christian foundation of European civilisations. I doubt the wealth and growth in the west would have occurred without it.

    • avatar

      Greek & Roman civilization was rediscovered in Europe during Renaissance, due to the fact that Arabs preserved Roman & Greek artifacts, manuscripts … For the Christian Europe in the middle ages, Greeks and Romans were only pagans and almost everything was destroyed when Christianity became official religion.

    • avatar

      After the fall of byzantium many greeks left the empire with the knowledge and immigrate to europe mostly to italy

    • avatar

      You’re completely ignorant, obviously. Much of Europe’s past is Islamic and turning our backs on that fact is like amputating our right arm.

    • avatar

      Mauricio Giordanelli Name one thing Islam has done for the benefit of ‘Europe’, just one.

  173. avatar

    How can someone ask something like that!!!!!!!! You where born in a room with a cross, in every city or village you go there is at least one church, we morn our dead in a cemetery under a cross, even if you are an atheist, you are a cristian atheist, you do not believe in the only god you know of.

    • avatar

      I doubt there are many crosses on the walls of homes in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc and what on earth is a ‘Christian atheist’ ???

    • avatar

      I am an christian atheist, I have been raised as a catholic italian in the 60ies, everybody in my age learned praying, about sins and confession, our morality is profoundly christian, values and traditions are christian, today is eastern, even for who is not going to church, like me, we all like xmas, don’t we? Is this not christian? Me I do not believe, but my values has been forged in a christian society: this is what makes a christian atheist of me.

  174. avatar

    It is wiser for a country to follow ethics, values and human rights instead of molly-coddling particular religions. There needs to be a balance between respecting the right for peoples religion and ensuring that particular religions do not affect or change society in a negative way.

    • avatar

      Ethics and values are not religious. They are core to all humanity regardless of whether religion existed or not.

  175. avatar

    All that is achieved in cultural and moral aspect to that moment is biased on Judeo-Christian values

    • avatar

      Judeo Christian values? Please define. I think you will find Islam, Christianity and Judaism are cut from the same cloth. The Quran mentions Jesus and Mary many times
      , and in a good way. Many Muslims have helped rebuild Christian places of worship that were destroyed during Wars that were primarily started by the Democracies. Hollywood’s depiction of Christianity is woeful. Did you know the first building destroyed in the movie War of the Worlds was a Christian Church? Look at how leftist Atheist groups are spearheading a campaign to deprive Christians of their rights. And all I hear is people whining on about how backward Islam is.. Trust me, there is no greater menace to the human race than Atheism.

  176. avatar

    The facebook anti free speech algorithm as kicked in early today.

  177. avatar

    Obviously Europe has Christian roots. You cannot separate religious influence, even if it’s only history, from the today’s societal order. “Unity in diversity” is a non-sense when you forget all the development that stayed behind it! If there’s a place for diversity, it means the European Christian-driven individualism made it possible. However European thinking results in a paradox that we try to include even those who apparently do not feel European. We believe that living together is a learning process and we can fix cultural misunderstandings by continuous dialogue.

  178. avatar

    In Greek mythology, Europe in Greek: Εὐρώπη, Eurṓpē, was the mother of King Minos of Crete, a woman after whom the continent Europe was named. The story of her abduction by Zeus in the form of a white bull is a Cretan story;”most of the love-stories concerning Zeus originated from more ancient tales describing his marriages with goddesses. This can especially be said of the story of Europa.

    Europe’s earliest literary reference is in the Iliad, which is commonly dated to the 8th century BC In Greek mythology Minos Greek: Μίνως, Minōs) was the first King of Crete, son of Zeus and Europe.

    • avatar

      The killers of the Empires is a matter of time to return.The blood that the NWO have now poured into the world,
      will be the cause of their end.
      Its only a mater of time as for the “sea” of the New W Order to be filled by Greek “sharks”. :)

  179. avatar

    DE i’m going to clarify your very deep doubt: No. It’s Buddhist.

  180. avatar

    Europe is people’s continent!Thats it.Dont care if are Christians,Muslims,Jewish or atheists.Just people!

  181. avatar

    It is. And the main reason Europe is modern civilization is because of Christianity. The muslims are degenerative about science etc. Take a look at the history of Europe and Magreba ( the afro-arabic land)

    • avatar

      muslims are degenerative about science – this is the 1 of April joke. Medicine, geometry, arithmetic (including the arab numbers) astronomy, sailing, poetry construction arts, social sciences, history – what else?

    • avatar

      Петър Йовчев several centuries ago maybe, but now?

  182. avatar

    They don’t have God in any part of the treaties God is not recognised in the EU.

  183. avatar

    Europe is a continent it is for sure! The question has no special interest.

  184. avatar

    Historically yes. While Christian religious practice has collapsed in Europe, our political ideas (notably liberalism) reflect deep-seated Christian assumptions and values. Nietzsche held both Christianity and liberalism to be bad for Europe’s soul and vitality. Indeed, for most of our history we have actually been Pagan. Currently Europe is spiritually quite dead. What could provide the seeds of renewal?

  185. avatar

    Statistics say that amongst theyoung people under 30 years in Europe are majority Non Christians. About 60% Non Affiliated, 30% Christians (All denominations included), 7% Muslims and 3% Jews+Hindus+Budhists. So in a couple to 3 decades, Europe will become very much an Atheist religion. With trend of the Decline of Christianity and the attractiveness of Islam plus it’s high birth rates, there will be equal percent of Muslims and Christians in Europe very soon. About 15% each by 2050 I guess. Far from Muslims taking over and far from Europe being labelled as Christian.

  186. avatar

    La Historia de Europa no se puede explicar sin el cristianismo por su estrecha y constante relación con la cultura, el poder y las leyes. Sin embargo, aunque subyace en nuestras tradiciones, costumbre y moral, hace tiempo que dejó de definir el presente y el futuro de Europa.

  187. avatar

    Religion and culture are related, but not the same. One could be atheist, but to belong to the dominant culture. Whatever the case, we won’t fall for the multi-culti crap.

  188. avatar

    Who actually and real cares. Only those who have little knowledge but ‘believe’ they know everything just because they assume themselves as believers. If someone actually and really believes it does not matter if that or that God / religion is Your’s or mine.

  189. avatar

    Europe has an important Christian legacy. However, this isn’t the only one. Moreover, we do what we want with this legacy. We don’t bully heretics anymore, for instance or most of European country have erased the « christian » refererence of their name.
    Hence Europe is a non-Christian continent with Christian legacy.

  190. avatar

    Maybe you should change the question to:.

    Is the Judeo-Christian culture created by the West the most stable, peaceful and productive international society in the history of mankind ?

    Clearly the answer is yes & by a very wide margin.

    • avatar

      Judeo Christian? Peaceful? Wars up the wazoo.

    • avatar

      Christophe Where would you live in the world that is safer ?

    • avatar

      Ivan Burrows The Middle East would be stable if your beloved “International society” stopped bombing it back to the Stone age. Our so-called leaders are apologists for the evil doers. Secret societies aren’t secret for nothing.

    • avatar

      Christophe Utter rubbish, they have been fighting the same Shia vs Sunni war for the last 1400 years so what the hell has the west got to do with it ?

      I can only suggest you educate yourself before posting such nonsense & you will also understand why Islam will never be at peace with the west.

  191. avatar

    But this question is like – divide the people in order to discuss about something.
    Why not do we put up a question like: Is the religion matter in nowadays Europe or its part of our society and culture life ?
    Is it good or not ? Where should we manage the differences to create better place?

    Debating Europe is a good source of useful thoughts but the question itself prevents to fulfill its role. There will be some people who think yes and no.

  192. avatar

    Continents are geographic land masses. Continents don’t have religion. Continents don’t care about religion. And neither should we.

  193. avatar

    Europe is the birthplace of atheism. Christianity is with noneuropean origin.

  194. avatar

    even monkeys know that crusaders were Australian and that Europe is a Taoist continent. but who needs monkeys

  195. avatar

    Anybody who asks this should go read about the french revolution, the napoleonic wars, and the 19th century, and then get back to us

  196. avatar

    Christianity should evolve and accept changes, like the Anglican Church is increasingly doing. There are many policies that are either from the Old Testament, misinterpretations of what Jesus said or simply added by priests later. True Christianity (based on Christs teachings) should be about love, acceptance, tolerance, kindness, forgiveness and charity.

  197. avatar

    Europeans have lost their moral values
    have replaced Christianity by the massive consumption of drugs is the content that has more young addicts

  198. avatar

    No. It’s a pagan, christian, atheist clusterf#@k. I love Europe

  199. avatar

    Not exclusively, no. Neither historically nor in the present.

  200. avatar

    Agree. The continent of Europe is much more than 2000 years old and existed many years before Jesus. I am a faithful Christian Catholic, but I do not pretend to forbid other religions in Europe.
    This question provocative and populist.

  201. avatar

    No. Europe existed long before Christianity. Besides a country/continent/civilisation can never be Christian. Even if the continent has 1 billion people and each and everyone of them is a practising believing Christian, the continent remains just continent. Christianity is for people, not for continents.

  202. avatar

    What is the use of such a debate ? Whom does it benefit to have such a debate ? Apparently some people feel uneasy with their history. Europe is many things but basically it’s the norms and standards it set for the rest of the world to adhere to follow or to question. Now let us rephrase the question
    “what are those elements that made Europe the bearer of the highest standards” ?

    Probably the marriage of GrecoRoman background together with Christian doctrine, which brought forward the Protest , the questioning and then the inevitable Enlightenment. Of course it’s bears it’s dark pages as well but it managed to move forward to what it is today. Not the Perfect but the best that human history has evolved to.
    Proud to be European and part of this project 🇪🇺

  203. avatar

    Europe is not a continent, is the west side of the euro-asian continent :) :)

  204. avatar

    Has Christian values at its heart, so to say

  205. avatar

    Weill… maybe you need a new pair of glasses. .Just look around and see our heritage from monuments to paintings ,from art to literature. …and then answer objectively.

  206. avatar

    Europe is what it is despite and after religion, not because of it.

  207. avatar

    Europe have place for every religion and fate

  208. avatar
    Roberta Locatelli

    Blah blah blah …
    Europe is currently divided into two: believers and non-believers (that is atheists). Surely most of those who believe are Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc.) and this is a fact. Any other religions practiced are a small percentage compared to the Christian one.
    I myself am not an atheist, I believe in a Creator of everything that surrounds us, I think that the atheist conception is scientifically less likely than “Something” or “Someone” that gave rise to the origin of the Big Bang, of the Universe. I believe in a Divine design, the only one that can explain to us the supernatural mystery of what existed before the beginning and what will be after the end. But I am convinced that existing religions were invented by men and that this “Creator” never manifested itself. I am probably Deist: I pray to my God without intermediaries. But, I repeat, according to the percentages of the sources in our possession, Europe is divided into two: either atheistic or Christian.

  209. avatar

    King George 5: The Bible is what we have most precious on Earth … Schuman, great Christian, built Europe on Christian morality … Europe is Christian the question did not even arise before the 1990s … this question came to the fore following the pressures of leftist movements in the face of the rise of Islamist currents
    Let us remember that Arabia abolished the escalation only in 1960 under Western pressure
    In Germany and Great Britain where Islam is much more practiced and where the community tradition is strong, we are witnessing the radicalization of religion by young people seeking self-assertion against society and the family. in France, with secularism, it is often an Islamization of revolt and the desire to use the religious register to express its rupture with society. Jihadism is not only linked to the fascination of a small minority of young people, dazzled by a repressive and regressive ideology, it also denotes a crisis of Western societies at the same time political, cultural and economic. It is a theology of misery in the mental and intellectual sense … Europe who denies its Christian roots would be a dead Europe, doomed to the worst

  210. avatar

    Let’s let Europe be a non religious continent…

  211. avatar

    Of course it is, shame on the EU for trying to erode it!

  212. avatar

    Well if we talk about the land, it exited before the actual religiosity. But many people are trying to erase that European Union was founded by catholic people and under many catholic principles as far as we grown as continent under this religion. Our actual model is compatible with religion freedom but we can erase our roots or as we can see now EU is loosing his unity

  213. avatar

    No. Europe is not a Christian continent. This debate is meaningless. Europe existed milleniums before Christianity. The roots of European culture are in Pagan mythology, philosophy, science, in Roman law, architecture and state structure etc. Christianity itself is deeply influenced by Plato and Aristotle. So no, Europe is not a Christian continent. A continent or a nation can never be Christian. Only a person can.
    Europe is for everyone who loves freedom, loves democracy, loves humanism, loves secularism and hate any form of oppression. Such person can be anybody regardless of his race, skin colour, religious beliefs (or lack of), ethnicity and nationality. If Christian fundies are offended by secular laws and population of Europe, they should get out of here. They can go to America which is a Christian theocracy and they will feel at home.

  214. avatar

    In Europe, Christianity is the dominant religion (Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Anglicans etc). Also in Europe, there are many ex-Christians who turned to atheists and it seems that their numbers increase every year.
    This is the picture. Nothing more, nothing less

  215. avatar

    Europe is a pastafarian continent!

  216. avatar

    The question is misleading and irrelevant in part. European culture has been forged and forced through milenia of contest and conquest, migration and mixing. Ours is a society of cultural exchange and assimilation and not multiculturalism as in all aspects of new customs being accepted. Any and all changes comes through local acceptance and time.

  217. avatar

    No, it was in the middle ages, now we have more inclusive values such as secularism and liberal democracy.

  218. avatar

    Europe as a continent is utterly indifferent towards what idols are being worshiped by these bipeds.

    • avatar

      i thought the supposed “jesus” was from Nazareth Palestine. I had no idea “he” “was” European.

  219. avatar

    Freedom of religion and freedom from religion are among the human rights built into the DNA of European people, societies, countries and organisations.

  220. avatar

    Europe is multicultural. We are both secular and religious. We are a mix of countries, history and traditions which we need to cultivate.
    Our differences is what makes Europe the most interesting places to live in the world. Its enriching our lives. Italy is way different than france etc., that’s the true beauty or Europe.
    It’s celebrated in Eurovision but unfortunately not in the parliament and commision trying to make us the same and to forget our roots

  221. avatar

    There’s any doubt about that? 🤔

  222. avatar
    Mariana </