Brexit_post_13UPDATE 23/06/2017: British Prime Minister Theresa May has made what she calls a “fair and serious offer” on EU citizens’ rights. The offer would confer on EU citizens who arrived in the UK before Article 50 was triggered the same rights to work, healthcare and other services as British citizens. According to the offer, British citizens living in the EU would receive the reciprocal status.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called the offer a “good start”. However, the British government does not want to give the European Court of Justice jurisdiction over the upholding the rights of EU citizens in Britain. The3million organisation, representing EU citizens living in Britain, has said the offer “falls short of our expectations and is unacceptable in its current form”.

ORIGINAL 02/03/2017: The road to Brexit is proving bumpier than expected. First the government lost its supreme court battle on whether Parliament should be given a say before Article 50 can be triggered, and now Theresa May has suffered a “humiliating defeat” in the House of Lords over the status of EU nationals after Brexit.

Peers from all parties (including Prime Minister May’s own Conservative party) joined forces to vote for an amendment to the bill triggering Article 50. The amendment would ensure EU citizens living in Britain retain all the rights to live and work in the UK that they currently enjoy, regardless of how the Brexit negotiations go. Many peers feel it would be morally wrong to use EU nationals as a “bargaining chip” in the Brexit negotiations.

The EU bill now returns to the House of Commons, which will likely (barring a rebellion by Tory MPs) vote down the amendment on 13-14 March. Prime Minister May has said she wants to trigger Article 50 before the “end of March”, but the defeat in the House of Lords means she will now have to wait until 15 March at the earliest… the Ides of March (which seems an inauspicious date to launch such a venture).

What should be the status of EU nationals in Britain after Brexit? Is it wrong to use EU nationals as a “bargaining chip” in the Brexit negotiations? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. Joaquim M Pinto

    It’s not issue cause the number of British abroad is the same has immigrants. The ones that already work in Europe or in UK should maintain the same privileges. Anyway is more damaging for British economy if immigrants start looking for new.places to live then the British living in Europe. There no British economy without immigrants.

    • Paolo Ortenzi

      Maybe you didn’t realize: immigrants looking for other places is RIGHT what British want.

    • Thomas Randall

      The vast vast majority of people across virtually all political parties, including the government, want those currently in Britain to be able to stay if they wish, the issue is about further increased immigration levels.

    • Joaquim M Pinto

      British don’t.want nothing they are being ruled by a mon elected government. And they were manipulate in the brexit if it was today a different outcome will be presented by the voters. Who lives at the expenses of social security are the British not foreigners. And maybe just maybe we want the British out of our countries to. So let’s do some accounts 2.5 millions British living in Europe with their live and investments set suddenly they have to return home or maybe take the flight back with the clothes they have dressed. What do you feel about that? People are not to bargain only the British give so lowest value to life.

    • Joaquim M Pinto

      Thomas Randall the issue is business has usual only this time they want to use people as currency without even thinking in the English abroad. more damaging for brit economy if the immigrants start to leave then the British start to leave from Europe to UK. For decades the immigrants in UK come to do the job that the British don’t want and they laid down at shadow of social security. Now if you want to replace the immigrants by British I will tell you good luck with that. My previous company had 300 vacancies 2 English show up and last one week

    • Paul X

      “immigrants in UK come to do the job that the British don’t want”……same old, same old, change the record for gods sake…

      The “jobs British don’t want” as you describe them are jobs that are so low paid that a UK resident with a family, a house and financial responsibilities could not live on, yet a young immigrant with no responsibilities and who is prepared to live in a caravan on a farm will happily take…most of these jobs are below the UK tax threshold and therefore people doing them actually contribute very little to the economy

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul, it is not the workers who determine the rate of pay, but the employers and the government through the minimum wage. If it was about forcing employers to pay more, then the problem could have been very easily solved by increasing the minimum wage to the level that the British workers want, not by blaming EU workers for accepting the terms they are given. If employers cannot afford higher pay or minimum wage, then getting rid of EU workers will not change anything, except create thousands of vacancies that cannot be filled.

    • Paul X

      Maia, nothing I said blames EU worker or suggests I want to “get rid ” of them. My issue is purely with the often repeated (yet totally ill informed) statement that these workers do jobs UK workers “don’t want to do”…just how many people who spout this mantra actually know of a UK worker who turned down a job just because they “didn’t want to do it?….no matter how often a lie is repeated it never becomes the truth

      Regarding the issue of pay there is no desire from the government to price UK workers back into emplyoyment. If you recall when the A8 countries joined the EU, the UK was one of only a few countries that allowed immediate access to workers from these countries which was an obvious ploy by Blair’s government to allow cheap labour to flood into the UK and it’s him we have to blame for the indigenous unemployment levels we now have

    • Karolina

      Same old, same old arguments that have already been debated and found to be of no substance. CHANGE THE RECORD PLEASE!
      You are no financial expert, no lawyer and you know nothing about democracy either. You are just a small-time UKIP propagandist that the better educated people on here can see straight through.

    • Paul X

      You make my point exactly….” the same old arguments with no substance” applies to the claim about EU workers doing job UK workers don’t want to do..often repeated on here but no one backs it up with any evidence

      To be taken seriously in a debate people need to back up their claims with evidence, something most on here, including yourself, seem to ignore…clearly your “better educated” superiority complex means you feel this does not apply to you

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Joaquim M Pinto

      The number of EU immigrants working in the UK is above 3 million, the number of Brits working in the EU is c1 million.

  2. Stephen James Cooper

    Don’t be fooled People These EU nationals have been hoovering up our benefits for decades…It has to stop!! When these people say ‘RIGHTS’ and ‘PRIVILEGES’ they mean BENEFITS, that is all they want…most of them do jobs that are so low paid that they don’t pay TAX and in addition they get Top P benfit money. STOP all Benefits after Brexit from day one. Why would they come if they don;t have a job??? they want the benefits….that has always been the bg attraction.

    • Emanuele Monaco

      since EU claimants are the smallest group in Uk receiving either working age benefits or tax credits, maybe you should vote to get out of commonwealth instead. Think about it, let us know ;)

    • catherine benning

      @ Joaquim M Pinto

      You need a bit of information based on reality.

      First we in the UK have far more democratic elections than you do in Europe. Look at how you openly fiddle your election choices and get away with it. We do not have enough of them I agree. I wish we had the equivalent system to Switzerland where there is direct democracy. Then we could do away with the House of Lords in one swift move. If we did have the Swiss Direct Democracy system, we would not be in the mess we are now. Our politics are run by hustlers who have betrayed those who pay their wages, the citizen and the lot of them must be thrown out on their ears.

      However, your idea of what is going on in the UK regarding immigrants and their work ethic is highly dubious, in fact it’s way off beam. So here are some facts for you to suck up on.

      Take into account hundreds of thousands of people from outside of Europe entered the UK via EU countries because of your open door policy. Therefore burdening us with the EU’s foreign culture difficulties and one of the reasons we want out of Europe. A fact nobody wants to address or even look at, as to do so is not politically correct. These non working individuals who cannot speak our language and therefore cannot offer any form of workable employment as they are often suffering from disability and illnesses never know in our country before. FGM being one of the problems we have that is growing out of all proportion.

      Add to that our prisons, mental hospitals, health service, schools, housing and so on, you will then see a large percentage are filled with foreign imports which is creating a huge schism in our ability to remain a civilised human country for our own, indigenous, UK citizens.

      Had our immigrants all been from Poland we would have little problem. They are hard working, culturally the same as us, have similar aspirations and expectations in their daily life. They easily assimilate.

    • Paul X

      @Emanuele Monaco

      Why does it matter if EU claimants are the “smallest group”…. why do people insist in trying to justify one negative by referring to another?

    • Louis Jeffs

      How can they not be paying tax? Do they not buy anything whilst here? Or do want low waged people to pay income tax?

    • Stephen James Cooper

      People be aware that there are EU Trolls here desperate to protect their parasitic values.

    • Stephen James Cooper

      I want them not to claim massive benefits from the UK taxpayer.

    • Stephen James Cooper

      I think the Trolls have spotted me and I will be a target Yeeeehaaa let them come.

    • Andrew Phillip Moore

      Louis Jeffs. Is a person is on minimum wage, then they will never pay as much in tax as they can claim in top up benefits like working tax credits, child tax credits, child benefit. Housing benefit and council tax benefit.

      Then add the cost to the NHS and schooling their kids.

      Any tax contributions are wiped out several times over.

    • Beatriz QV

      First, Brexit was a lie. Your politicians have lied to you, they have laughed at you. They have made false propaganda, and you know it. Where is Nigel Farage now? On the other hand, …come on, let’s generalize, I speak for my country, Spain, because it is a good example of generosity. Medical/Health tourism, does it sound to you? I think so. ;) No, I’m sorry, UK is not the most generous country in Europe.

    • Stephen James Cooper

      Trolls Trolls I hope they are paying you well suckers…you will need it when all the UK money stops and you have angry farmers setting fire to tyres in the streets.

    • Stephen James Cooper

      The joy of watching EU fighting amongst its members and falling apart from within.

    • Paul X

      “Your politicians have lied to you” agreed, politicians on both sides of the Brexit debate lied to us, the question is who’s been proven to be the biggest liars?
      On balance, with what has happened so far since the referendum, the Pro-EU have been shown to have told the most porkies, but only time will tell post Article 50

    • Tina Lythe

      Stephen you really are stupid they pay more into the system than a good few brits do

    • Karolina

      Paul, can you explain to us first why when the biggest part of benefits claimants and people who have never worked in their lives are British you come here to complain about EU citizens working and paying taxes getting the benefits that they are entitled to? I will tell you why because people’s nationality makes the difference to you, not the amount of money. Because you are RAAAACIST.

    • Paul X

      Karolina, please see above where I have written “why do people insist in trying to justify one negative by referring to another?”
      ..that’s exactly what you are doing here…….why just because the UK has an indigenous population that are a drain on my taxes does it mean I’m not permitted to comment on any others without being called racist?…(an example of a liberal PC attitude at it’s worst)
      … the clues in the title of the forum….. “Debating Europe”…………not “Debating Europe excluding topics where there is already a (bigger) existing problem in the UK)”

      FTR, I have never complained about EU citizens in the UK working and paying taxes (I actually work alongside several highly qualified EU citizens contributing much to the UK economy – the more the merrier)

    • Karolina

      I knew it that you wouldn’t answer my question, Paul. No answer is an answer.

    • Paul X

      Maybe you should learn how to phrase a question properly if you want an answer you can comprehend….

      Q… “Paul, can you explain to us first why when the biggest part of benefits claimants and people who have never worked in their lives are British you come here to complain about EU citizens working and paying taxes getting the benefits that they are entitled to?”

      Ans…. I didn’t, I was responding on a thread started by someone who did

      Clear enough?

    • Karolina

      No, he didn’t. You are spinning because you have been exposed.

    • Paul X

      Karolina, Is this going to turn into one of those pantomime routines? oh no he didn’t…oh yes he did…..etc

      Scroll up to the first post by Stephen James Cooper March 2nd 2017 …. plain for anyone to see (apart from you it seems)

      You are either unable to follow a simple forum thread or you are deliberately just making things up, whichever it is I suggest it’s time you gave up on here

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Beatriz QV
      Sorry to burst your bubble BUT…

      Spain is a basketcase – it can’t survive without handouts from the Northern EU states, like the GENEROUS UK.

      Furthermore, the GENEROUS UK is the 2nd biggest worldwide charity giver – PERIOD! Basketcase Spain is nowhere to be seen.

      Also, any UK residents incurring health bills in Spain have said bills paid for by the UK government – no Spanish charity in sight.

      Spain is renowned for taking handouts NOT giving out handouts, sorry to burst your bubble.

  3. Paul X

    This is just the Lords trying to create distractions (like most of the anti-Brexit political elite) and the sooner they gone the better, hopefully this will only speed up their demise
    To pretend this is about the “moral issue of using EU nationals as bargaining chips” is a big smoke screen…so if the UK government comes out now and declares all EU nationals in the UK are going to be able to stay do you think the EU will also immediately say the same for UK nationals in the EU ?…no they wont, because they have declared there will be no discussions on the topic until after article 50 is triggered…so the fat smut twats in the lords are happy to stop EU citizens being used as bargaining chips yet the UK nationals in the EU will still be used as a lever by the EU after article 50 is triggered

    • Karolina

      Why would the other EU countries care about British citizens when their own government decided to vote them out of the EU? This was the UK’s own choice, right? No one in the EU complained about UK citizens moving in, putting up property prices and taking jobs from the locals. It’s down to the UK government to look after its citizens’ interests. To most of them it didn’t even give the right to vote.

    • Paul X

      “It’s down to the UK government to look after its citizens’ interests”..exactly, and that is what the government wants to do but is being prevented by the Lords…that is the whole point of my post, I’m not asking if the EU countries care, their position is clear

    • Karolina

      It is being prevented by Brexit, you mean… But it’s trying to make it look it’s other countries’ fault that British citizens living in the EU have been left in limbo. You know how to spin well, Paul, but there are people on here with a stronger intellect than that and your spinning doesn’t work on them. Doesn’t matter how many pointless posts you post. I can still see there is no substance to them. And specific questions are not being answered. Because you can’t answer them. Just spare yourself the effort. To be a Spartan with your words is to be a wise man.

    • Paul X

      Does a superior intellect mean you can choose to ignore the facts and still claim to be right ?…there is no “trying to make it look like other countries fault” it is

      And your spin accusations are becoming tedious, ask me a straightforward (relevant!) question and I’m happy to provide a straight answer, unfortunately you seem incapable of staying on topic and have a preference for posting belittling comments about “intellect”…the fact you have to keep resorting to this clearly shows a lack of it

    • Karolina

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!! He didn’t understand the question! That’s why he didn’t answer… Perhaps you need to go back to school then, if you cannot understand such a simple question. What is the problem? Conditionals? Subordinate clauses? Questions?

  4. catherine benning

    What should be the status of EU nationals in Britain after Brexit?

    That all depends on what the EU stance will be toward the British ex pats who live in the remaining European states after we are fully out of it!

    And, as another question I would like an answer to, why are all these millions of EU nationals, living in the UK, collecting our tax payer benefits, not lobbying and asking their government of origin how they plan to reinstate and compensate them for any losses there may be to their status? About time the EU took responsibility for their own citizens rather than waiting for the UK tax payer to fund their betting risks. We have to take care of our own.

    And, there are far more EU nationals living and feeding off of us in Britain, a tiny island, than there are British ex pats living and feeding off of the rest of the EU countries.

    How about those onions.

    • Hannah

      I agree with you Catherine. I have a Masters degree and I am pursuing a PhD. My husband works full time and has paid a lot in tax etc. As long as we could claim some of the tax back and there is a good resettlement programme organised by the EU to get us back on the continent, I don’t mind. It isn’t perfect scenario as my child feels British but we are both educated and hard working and don’t want for our children to feel unwelcome. I hold the same opinion for the British expats, they can go back to the UK and settle here. I understand why they wouldn’t want to though. At the end of the day if England wants “independence”, it deserves it. If it wants to trade with the ROW so be it. What I want is certainty. I don’t even see why Brexit has to be 2 years. Leave now, go back to WTO rules, tell us all to go home and get on with your trade deals. The whole debate is just depressing and offensive!

  5. Edgar Joycey

    Wouldn’t be an issue if the UK population had been informed properly about the benefits of EU membership (no lies – no use of expensive apps that tell the parties where and how to lie) and about the difficulty and cost of leaving. Then the remain would have easily won. Perhaps it is time to stop this BREXIT nonsense. Better to wait until the UK knows what it really wants and works out what to do if it decides to leave and what it wants & then use A50. Remember that any country can do this at any time it wants. So, why rush now simply because there was a badly run and campaigned for referendum? At the moment we are making it up as we go along. Bad way.

    • Paul X

      The EU has had 40 years to convince the UK of all the benefits of membership yet their elitist arrogance made them believe they were exempt from public accountability That was one of the root causes of Brexit and is 100% the fault of the EU itself

    • catherine benning

      You, Edgar Joycey, are so out of touch it is humorous.

      Had we been told the entire truth about the EU and the take over of our laws and land, not one British soul would have voted to stay in. And you are so wrong, if there is a second referendum, the leave vote will double. Especially after the war criminal Blair and his evil side kick, the thief Mandelson, jumped on the stay in band wagon,

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Edgar Joycey
      You obviously didn’t get the government pamphlet about the referendum?
      You obviously didn’t watch any TV about the referendum?
      You obviously didn’t listen to any RADIO about the referendum?
      You obviously didn’t debate about the referendum?


    • Simon Barnes

      Watch it. We’re not all bloody Brexiters, you know.

    • Manny Tiliakos

      WELL THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO MOVE TO ANOTHER PLANET! Brexit and a breakup of the EU is inevitable. Don’t fight it. Save your strength. Remember your ancestors and stop betraying them. Nationalism is on the rise and if it means a fight between left and right none of you leftist libtard internationalists are going to make it!!!
      Make god grant you wisdom to discover right and the will to choose it!!

  6. Manuel Alegria

    all con game…
    Britts are playing EU …
    EU should get the balls to kick them out quick, at no bargain price…

  7. Jozef Marchewa

    They are gonna get rid of any foreigner, that is what is going to happen. The ones kicked out alive will be actually the luckier ones. Brexit was basically about wishing for ethnic cleansing, so that is where this thing is heading. They are not even waiting for the two years required by the impotent EU treaty.

    • Paul X

      “Brexit was basically about wishing for ethnic cleansing” yes of course, because once we’re out of the EU all the middle Eastern, Asian and African immigrants are all going to return to their countries of origin aren’t they?

      This “Brexit was all about immigration” mantra that is so often spouted on here is getting tedious beyond belief, people need to get their heads out of the Right Wing gutter press and do some research on the real reasons people of the UK voted out

    • Karolina

      Because they don’t understand what is being asked of them?

    • Paul X

      The day the armchair experts on here actually come to the UK and ask some real people why they voted for Brexit is the day they have the right to pass comment.

      Until then I suggest they shut up on the subject because every time they regurgitate the usual media inspired drivel they make themselves look more and more idiotic

  8. Wendy Harris

    Anyone would think the EU is the only place that Britain can take immigrants from. We have the whole commonwealth to choose from. Why should we care if the EU send our ex-pats home? Let them spend their pensions here. It will hurt the countries they leave, not ours.
    As for ethnic cleansing, take a look around you. We are all being ethnically cleansed. Britain is leaving the melting pot. You would be wise to do the same or be wiped out by Merkel’s Project Eurabia.

    • Simon Barnes

      I think you just proved Jozef’s point. Fascism in action.

    • Jozef Marchewa

      Lol thank you for demonstrating the very attitude I was talking about. Yea, that’s the mental world of a fascist monster. Genocide or be genocided. No other options.

    • Tina Lythe

      Grow up wendy we have always been a multi cultural country and are better for it

    • Jozef Marchewa

      As a matter of fact you weren’t. You once were one of the most cruel and genocidal empires in history. Now, you can not be an empire anymore, but you can still return to being monsters. And so you will.

    • Karolina

      Wendy, I think people should be ordered to live in particular places, eat particular foods and think in particular ways. Brexit is all about choice and democracy after all, don’t you think?

    • Hannah

      Really?! You do realise these people may need healthcare and social care? Come on you may wish for British expats to come back but you can’t possibly think that having more pensioners (aging population) is economically better? As to the Commonwealth, yes you can get people from there, yes they will speak English but unlike Europeans they are more likely to have more children. Europeans typically have very low birth rates (below 2) similar to the UK’s while many of the developing countries in the Commonwealth (the ones that will replace low paid EU labour not Canada and Australia) don’t so not quite sure whether it is going to be better for Britain benefits-wise but as I said if that is what the UK wants it should get it.Then again you can restrict them from benefits but that will be until they get their indefinite leave to remain, all in all I can’t see it getting better. What the UK needs for this Brexit dream is that British people have more kids, there are less British people on benefits, near-free higher education for Brits so that you have the skills you need. The problem with nationalism is that nations become arrogant and fail to see what is wrong with themselves but only see the problem in others. A “true” Brexiteer would not accept that there is even a grain of truth in what I said.

  9. Pauli Pekkanen

    I’m scared have British passport and live in Spain. Finnish mother. English father. Both dead. Brexit has reduced my pension by 20%. I’m very pro Europe. Costs rising here. Difficult to survive. Why oh way ( apart from racism UK ) are we who not even allowed to vote in that disaster of refermdum. Having to suffer. So annoyed with brexshit.

    • Paul X

      Forget the racism accusation, that has been done to death on here mostly by people who spend all day reading (and believing) the right wing gutter press

      …and why should you have a vote on the future of a country you obviously care so much about you left?

  10. Danny Boy

    What I can’t understand about these EU migrants is why they would stay in a country where they’re clearly not wanted,or in most cases even needed.If they had even a modicum of self respect for themselves they would say ‘to hell with this i’m off somewhere else’, that way they can retain some pride and the UK can hopefully get the reduction in immigration it has longing for. Everybody wins.

    • Maia Alexandrova

      They have started doing that already, but the millions of illegal workers from outside EU are staying and so are the 5.5 million legal non-EU migrants plus at least that many children they gave birth to while in the UK. How are you going to get rid of those? By expelling EU citizens from UK? How “clever”!

      With the current rate of non-EU immigration and high birth rate of Muslim immigrants, in a few decades you might find yourself an ethnic minority voting in a referendum whether to introduce Sharia law in the UK, or not… Continue on the same path, following the principle “hate your friends and love your enemies” and see where it will lead you in the end…

    • Paul X

      The UK is far more open in promising EU citizens will not be expelled from the UK then the EU is in making any promises about UK citizens in the EU

      ….and you seem to suggest the Muslim issue is only a threat to the UK? there are other EU countries taking in far more Muslim immigrants then the UK and with the Schengen arrangement they are then free to go wherever they choose, I suggest your warning applies closer to home, at least the UK has some control on who enters even if we are not exactly using it wisely

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul, Bulgaria is not part of Schengen either, even though it applied to join the area. It also controls its borders, as well as the other Eastern European countries who do not wish to take any Muslim refugees. Our region has suffered ISIL-like oppression under the British-backed Ottoman Empire for 500 years and we do not want to allow any of this history to repeat itself again. This is why there is such opposition to taking Muslim refugees.

      However, I did not mean them, but the non-EU immigrants in UK who are two thirds of all foreign-born residents (even though not all of them are Muslims, but most are) and surely with their large families they are a considerable strain on schools, hospitals and public funds. It is strange that their large numbers are considered harmless, while at the same time all the bashing goes to the “cheap EU workers”. If you have a large painting in a dark room, but you shine a light only on one corner, will it be enough to see the whole picture? This is what all this big noise about EU migrants is – UK argues that EU is the whole problem. It is a convenient way to blame someone for every difficulty the country is experiencing, including the behaviour of British employers and the consequences from ALL immigration – both from inside and outside Europe. Let’s see when free movement of EU workers stops, will this remove the pressure on your public services, release billions of public funds and solve all those problems that EU citizens are accused of causing? I think there will not be any change, but there will be much more bureaucracy at the borders which will be a big obstacle to trade. EU has made it clear that there will be no free trade without free movement of people.

      Also EU migrants quickly integrate into the British culture, whereas Muslims want to change your culture and replace it with theirs. This is the danger you are facing in the long term, if you continue taking so many people from outside EU (including the unknown number of illegal immigrants). Is it possible to integrate them all? No. Is it stoppable? No!

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul, I just found a BBC article from today ( which shows that a UK government committee has reached exactly my conclusions about immigration after Brexit:

      1) “Until end June 2016, migration to the UK from outside the EU was consistently higher than EU migration, even though the relevant policy levers are under national control. Restoration of national control over EU migration may or may not, therefore, deliver a reduction in overall net migration.”

      2) “Cutting EU immigration is unlikely to provide a “quick fix” for low wages. Factors such as the National Minimum Wage, National Living Wage and inflation were more significant in driving or impeding real wage growth for low earners.”

      3) “Extending the work permit system used for non-EU nationals to those from the EU would disproportionately affect some employers’ ability to sponsor EU workers, and could result in labour shortages in areas including the NHS and horticulture.”

      The only thing they did not mention was the likely effect that a continued high number of non-integratable Muslims coming from outside EU can have on the British culture in future, i.e. lead to its gradual assimilation. At the moment Brexiters are wrongly blaming this threat on the unlimited EU migration.

    • Paul X

      Maia, I have already had to reference something I posted earlier on this thread for someone else, I now have to repeat it for you..
      “why do people insist in trying to justify one negative by referring to another?”

      Nobody denies that non-EU immigration into the UK is an issue, but why does that mean we suffer abuse if we try and discuss EU immigration?……the one does not justify ignoring the other, and after all, this is a forum for “Debating Europe”

      Who says non-EU immigration is “considered harmless” (whilst bashing cheap EU workers)..certainly not me and I can’t recall anyone else ever saying it either… stop trying to make out the UK has a dislike of the people of Europe just because we chose to leave their profligate, elitist Political organisation….Brexit really wasn’t anything personal (despite some people to make it out to be such)

      ..and apart from the right wing press I haven’t seen much evidence of people specifically blaming EU migrants for the strain on public services in the UK? certain areas do have a disproportionate amount of EU immigrants and they seem to capture the headlines but throughout the country as a whole any issues from immigration are not specific to country of origin

    • Karolina

      We are not justifying anything Paul. We are just asking you why you are complaining about the smaller problem but not about the bigger one, British benefits’ culture. But you will not answer… No one is justifying anything. We are just asking why the disproportionate and selective complaints. Can you answer this time? Because I did answer for you but you didn’t even try to refute it.

    • Paul X

      Because the “smaller problem” is an EU one, and this forum is “Debating Europe”

      The “bigger problem” is an inherent British one and not a relevant topic for this forum

      But if it makes you happy then (though I have said this several times before I can only assume you have selectively missed it)

      …….. I state with absolute sincerity and to be crystal clear for anyone who has doubts that I have equal contempt for native UK benefit Scroungers as I do for benefit scroungers in the UK from any other country on this planet (including ex-commonwealth) – I despise anyone who is getting my taxes for sitting on their arse doing nothing wherever they originate from

      Now I hope that has cleared that up

    • Karolina

      Ah well, so perhaps you should say it more often though Paul, even though I find your excuse a lame and nonsensical one. I am glad you have come round. See, the debate has not been in vain…

      My impression is though that you just love complaining and you would even go on an online debate in order to do it. You love it so much you don’t even think if it makes sense.

    • Paul X

      Karolina, If correcting people who think they know more about the UK then those who actually live here is “complaining” then so be it

    • Karolina

      Ignorance combined with confidence is some of the funniest stuff ever. A proud man will not admit defeat but a wise one learns from it.

    • Paul X

      I totally agree, ignorant Europeans confidently pretending they know more about UK social conditions and attitudes than people who live in the UK is laughable beyond belief……

  11. Wendy Harris

    Do any of you understand the meaning of the word “genocide”? You all use it so freely. Britain has no plans to start killing people. If you chose to look a little less further back in history you might remember that we were the last man standing when all the rest of you capitulated or were defeated by a genocidal maniac.

  12. Karolina

    I think that they should be made to wear a yellow star so that they are clearly recognisable at all times.

  13. kevin

    Anyone who has entered the UK legally and are still legal should be allowed to stay with permanent residency offered . Workers that are required in future can be given work permits along with non EU migrants who after a period of time are again offered residency . Whatever system is devised it will be the choice of our elected government not the politburo in Brussels and that really is what its all about , not how many people come to the UK .

  14. Sue R

    After Brexit EU nationals should be allowed to live here if they want to.
    Why are some people trying to turn our oldest neighbours into enemies?
    If we want to leave anything, it should be the Commonwealth imo.
    What’s the point of that?

  15. Cliff Wilson

    The British wanted an immediate agreement to safeguard those already in the UK. The EU refused to give the same guarantee for the British citizens. During all this the EU talked continuously of ‘punishing’ Britain for their democratic choice. Then some nasty bits of behaviour occurred in Britain against immigrants. It seems to me that the EU needs to be a bit more respectful of the rights of the British people to determine their own future and that the EU need to safeguard British immigrants in EU Countries quickly so we don’t have all this antagonism.
    The British almost immediately said they would safeguard Europeans. As usual 27 Countries take a bit longer to agree things. Do they know what day it is? This inefficiency will ruin the EU, leaving just a few states strong and rich. Guess which ones all you EU members. I suggest you look towards the North.

  16. Ivan Burrows


    Their status will be the same as people from any where else in the world, why would we treat them any differently to Americans, Indians, Aussies, etc ?.

    ‘Eu Nationals’ implies the EU is a Nation, it is not & never will be.

    • Uli Czeranka

      maybe because we all agreed upon special rules and now the relationship needs to be redefined? Maybe because there are living now many Eu nationals in the UK secured by this rules? Maybe because this issue will be important during the Brexit negotiations? Just some examples for you. But when you are not the one who needs to make the deals… Your bigger problem seems to be the term “EU Nationals” which is used to define the equal treatment in the european economy. Its about priorities i guess…

    • Samuel Lisz

      What will be the status of the English of the UK ceases to exist? Not to mention all the English nationals living in EU countries.

    • Adam Bxcz

      Not for you to judge burrows but for european People you arent part of Eu anymore so shut the fuck up about It finally cause you’re not a citizen of It anymore. Keep to your shitty neighborhood

  17. Ivan Burrows


    The same status as everyone else from planet Earth.

    Why would we treat them any differently to Americans, Russians, Chinese, Indians, etc ?

  18. Jovan Ivosevic

    Same as any other non EU nationals. You can’t be a little pregnant. You are either in or out.

    • Uli Czeranka

      Do you have more sophisticated ideas regarding the issue?

    • Nikolaos Papaloukas

      The one and only solution for the issue is what i said! And I’m positive it will happen sooner or later

    • Imanuel d'Anjou

      its trendy in greece to blame the EU on their austerity measures instead of their broken bureaucracy and thieving politicians. fucking clowns.

    • Paschalis Bourletsikas

      Based on the direction by the MPs in Brussels, the EU is definitely heading for dissolvement. We are not united and never have been. We are however more divided than previous generations

    • Yanis Sarto

      That’s not an answer to the question asked and btw where do you live Nikolaos Papaloukas?

    • Nikolaos Papaloukas

      Το που μένω είναι το τελευταίο και ξέρω που το πας αλλά η ΕΕ είναι άσχετη με την ελεύθερη μετακίνηση!

    • Erika Belair

      In case you live in Greece and blame the shortconings of tour government on the German Chancelor. . then just make sure your coyntry stops begging from EU.In case you live on benefits anywhere else..go home….and above all go get an education….no I am not a troll but a person using his or her intelligence.

    • Nikolaos Papaloukas

      Go educate your self do deep researches and then we talk about it. Till then u can read the Spiegel the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and all those shity shit newspapers. And they teach you wrong i don’t live om benefits.

  19. Tim Meagher

    Why the f**k would any sane EU citizen want to to move to the UK? Don’t do it!!!!

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