trump-banUPDATE 30/06/2017: The travel ban is back. Travellers from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen (all Muslim-majority countries) can now be denied visas to the US. The Supreme Court has ruled that the travel ban (originally promised as a “Muslim ban” during the election campaign) can enter effect. However, the ruling provided an exception for those with a close relative in the US, including children, parents, or spouses. Refugees are also included as part of the ban. How should Europe respond?

ORIGINAL 01/02/2017: Trump is being Trump. That might come as a shock to some commentators, who had hoped President Trump would take a more cooperative, less combative style once in office. However, those hoping the 70-year-old billionaire might moderate his policies upon assuming the presidency have been left sorely disappointed.

Following an executive order from The Donald, the entire US refugee programme has been suspended for 120 days (and the Syrian refugee programme has been suspended indefinitely). In addition, there is now a 90-day travel ban in place from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen (all Muslim-majority). The executive order also effectively prioritises Christians over Muslim refugees, in that religious minorities will now be fast-tracked if they are being persecuted on the basis of their faith.

There have been accusations that the executive order was drafted and implemented in a slapdash fashion, without rigorous legal advice or proper consultation and review from the relevant federal agencies. Certainly, airports across the US seemed to descend into chaos following the order, with thousands of passengers affected, confusion over the scope and legality of the order, and protests springing up against the ban.

Europe has been somewhat divided in its response. Whilst there has been condemnation from many, Italy’s foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, has said Europe is “not in a good position” to criticise Trump’s policy, while Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has enthusiastically welcomed the ban. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, initially declined to comment, but has since issued a rather weak criticism.

How should Europe respond to Trump’s travel ban? Should EU leaders condemn the move? Or is Europe in a poor position to judge the US? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – doug turetsky

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What do YOU think?

    • Ivan Burrows


      The hypocrites in Brussels already have, its call the EU – Turkey refugee deal.

    • Ainhoa Lizar

      Our system is corrupt and must fall. European nations need to promote laws to protect europeans instead of non europeans. This uncontrolled invasion is economical, religious and racial warfare upon Europe and it´s people.

  1. Paul X

    Trump first mentioned the ban back in 2015 and the American people still voted for him so the policy has the support of the people of America and is nothing to do with the EU
    But as for all the work shy, liberal left, luvvies who are taking to the streets in a display of faux outrage, unless they have another solution to the problem of Islamic extremism then I’m sure the governments of the world would love to hear it.
    All travel from problem Islamic countries should be blocked until these countries sort their own issues out. The solution to Islamic extremism can only come from Muslims themselves, intervention by the west inflames the situation so rather than let people run away to other countries they should be encouraged to stay and sort things out

  2. Ivan Burrows


    Brussels has paid Turkey 3 billion Euro’s to keep ‘ALL’ refugees out of the EU so how can it have any position different to Trumps ?, if anything the EU refugee policy is more discriminatory than Trumps at it bans everyone from every country.

    • Rumy Milten

      6 billion …(not 3) if I remember correctly.

    • Ivan Burrows

      6 billion is the total, they have only paid Turkey 3 billion so far but I take your point.

  3. Ivan Burrows


    Brussels has paid Turkey 6 billion Euro’s to keep ‘ALL’ refugees out of the EU so how can it have any position different to Trumps ?, if anything the EU refugee policy is more discriminatory than Trumps at it bans everyone from every country.

  4. EU reform- proactive

    Correction please (again). Why the need of “Europe” (CoE?) to respond? It’s nobody else’s business to interfere in US or any other one’s internal affairs!

    Did the new US administration ban any European or EU folks? NO! Just more incitive political gossip mongering! The “integrated EU” is on its hind legs once more, caught off balance in their holy conquest of enlargement! Hiding behind its older brother the “great Europe”? Shame!

    It is “The EU Donald’s” weak whistle- who’s being ignored- while trying in vain to herd his sheep to slaughter!

  5. klassen

    Im not a trump fan, but i do understand what hes doing.
    Europe is a mess, a fiasco , merkel needs to leave and never come back. I have the feeling that europe is about to change and not for the better. We have politicians all cut from the same cloth and if someone has another idea they band together with thier media and remove the alternative ideas.
    In the Netherlands we have a 1 party system thats been running the show since the second world war, there is no opposition , they act like there is but in reality they all belong to the same group “ALDE” .!! All academy award winners.
    The dutch govt have been running a scam for years . All of a sudden you have Trump and holy crap the apple cart has been tilted, now you have the govt media waging a propaganda war against Trump . Why because hes a nationalist and goes against the established order .The EU so called liberal elite want global govt and them in charge. Control over reserves , monitary policy, and last but not least people. All these protesters with their signs and paid mouthpieces are being led by the nose and are dillusional.
    We all need to help war victims , im absolutely for that , but his isnt about that anymore. Again why are arab countries doing nothing other than supplying arms??
    Theres more to this and Trump knows what it is and they are trying to stop him. I fear for europe and the path it is being forced to take…!
    Somethings just not right..

  6. Bobi Dochev

    Why should respond? This is something America should deal with!
    Why Europe didn’t respond to the visa regime for European member states – EU said it’s your own business… well f**k you then its America own business!

  7. Duncan

    Vocally I would have thought. Go on record as objecting to it but don’t actually do anything of substance. You know, coz it’s the US.

  8. Matthew Wolfbane

    It’s not our business what another federation does.
    So how should the EU (not Europe) respond to this?
    Leave them to their own devices instead of advocating interventionism on every single manufactroversy.

    • Marcus Costa

      Another Federation? You talking about Russia or what?

  9. Adrian Limbidis

    The EU still needs to impose visa restrictions in retaliation for keep our members ( Romania and Bulgaria ) outside of their visa waifer.

    They want to come to us more than we go to their dump.

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      ………..oh, it’s an eye for an eye for you? Impose v. r. against whom?

  10. Pedro Castro

    We should do nothing for now, public protests should sufice for the time being. A twat won an election in a allied country, we should respect it and eagerly wait for him to screw himself up and be impeached.

    The ones that actualy promoted and made this twat’s victory possible and are working tirelessly to undermine EU are the real threat and that’s Russia!

    The US problem will be solved, at most, in 4 years. Russia will be dangerous and work against us for 20+.

  11. Nando Aidos

    The ban is against our European Values, right?
    Then we should denounce it loud and clear!

  12. nando

    The ban is against our European Values, right?
    Then we should denounce it loud and clear!

    • EU Reform- Proactive

      NO- read again please: ……….. “Trump’s (qualified) travel ban”?
      Dear Nando,……… to fix your double posting- or to you emphasize doubling down on EU “Values”?

  13. Matheus Santos

    I would say the first thing europeans should do is to read Trump’s executive order. After that, understand that it is not ban on immigration, but on certain citizens of certain countries. In the end, recognize the hypocrisy of everyone that did not complain when president Obama (whom I like) blocked the entrance of refugees back in 2011. And by the way, maybe being as passionate criticizing the “banned” countries for not allowing jews to enter their territory as we criticize Trump’s executive order would be a marvelous way to respond.
    PS: not a Trump supporter, pointing out the hypocrisy that ruins policy making and real opportunity for progress.

  14. Tarquin Farquhar

    Talk about risible ‘European Values’ i.e.:


    But most of all BUTT OUT!

  15. Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Why doesn’t the EU and the US address the route cause of refugees and deal with ISIS together with Russia to create peace? I don’t understand how difficult it is to get rid of ISIS with all the billions spent on defence, all the intelligence services, the army etc. ISIS has Toyotas, food, clothes, weapons, wages, sells oil to who? Is supplied by who? Sanction the suppliers and buyers. Do something. Much as people want to help refufgees people are aware that terrorists may lurk among them as well as violent troublemakers, rapists and pedophiles as has been proved in articles in the media EU-wide, so people are rightly worried. Also refugees are getting sold into slavery so their suffering continues, even if the government looking after refugees isn’t responsible for it they can’t/won’t control it either. It is a big mess that requires action at the root- a real solution not bans at the effects.

  16. Ainhoa Lizar

    Our system is corrupt and must fall. European nations need to promote laws to protect europeans instead of non europeans. This uncontrolled invasion is economical, religious and racial warfare upon Europe and it´s people.

  17. Enric Mestres Girbal

    How can EU respond to Trump’s ban if the same hapens here? The EU is not interested in stopping the middle East wars. And the USA has NEVER won a war.

  18. Paul Cavanagh

    1st point, its nothing to do with Europe, unlike those in the EU Establishment responsible for immigration, Mr Trump is ellected by his electorate. 2nd point, maybe Europe should look to its own incompetence on the immigration / so called refugees issue.

    • Paul X

      Liberal lefty gesture politics….the reality is there is no logical reason to say anything about it

  19. David Fuzzey

    It`s not a ban it is suspension until proper vetting procedures are ready.Bloody good job too.

  20. Jokera Jokerov

    I believe the EU should take decisive actions: diplomatic evacuation, suspension of diplomatic relations, boycott, sanctions, coastal blockade and then declare war and invade! :D :D :D

  21. Dorin Crainic

    They are 16 countries where the Israeli citizens are baned to enter. Why didn’t demonstrate till now?

    • David Fuzzey

      they don`t care about that.

  22. Dorin Crainic

    They are 16 countries where the Israeli citizens are baned to enter. Why anybody didn’t demonstrate till now?

    • Dorin Crainic

      Of course it’s only about Jews, not poor Muslims

  23. Danny Boy

    No one in Europe will do anything for the simple reason they know full well that Trump couldn’t give a dam about what anyone in Europe thinks.
    In the coming months both he and Putin will revel in publicly humiliating any European leader who dares to speak out against them.

  24. Richard Tomlin

    Quite simply it shouldn’t respond… because it hasn’t got anything to do with Europe. Europe is a mess for migration and terrorism at the moment…

    • Jeremy Bornstein

      So you think Eastern Europeans are stupid?

    • Antonios Forlidas

      Jeremy Bornstein As long as they are accepting troops and missiles in their land being the protectorates of the american Pentagon YES, they are stupid and I am talking about their fascist governments.

  25. Franck Néo Legon

    No need to respond, no European country as been banned. Mind your own business, and stop that faked virtue signaller behaviour.

  26. catherine benning

    Embrace it! Be relieved by the courage of a President who is giving his people what he promised them. Something the EU has no intention of ever doing for theirs. The EU has an agender not wanted by its citizens and it intends to carry it through regardless of the destruction created for their people.

    This is why Donald Tusk is going crazy and the other traitor in their midst is along with him. The fear of Trump is palpable and the more the EU embraces that fear the more the voter will realise how they were betrayed when their politicians invited a silent takeover of our lands by imposing politically correct silence of their mouths.

  27. Iván Marsh Whateley

    you spund like a nazi saying you are not jew so if we burn them MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…. congratulations little boy!

  28. Iván Marsh Whateley

    we should give Trump Asutria, die Anschluss, south Slovakia and Sarre regions and maybe also Poland so maybe we would chill out…. OH WAIT!

  29. kees

    i think rooney should go down in price.

  30. A_Strange_Idea

    Europe should not care about the travel ban. Every nation has its own right to policy making. Furthermore, American citizen are reacting to the travel ban themselves. There is no point for Europe to involve itself in it, if anything it could have a negative effect and increase nationalism.

  31. India Patel

    Europe shouldn’t worry about what trump chooses to do with his travel ban. In my opinion if it doesnt affect European countries we don’t need to worry. So everyone can just forget about it .

  32. Fernando Nabais

    By following his example and apply a simmilar travel’s ban also in Europe. What a stupid question. Why should we meddle in USA internal affairs?

  33. Zille Vuk

    Europe should admit that is against christen and white people and wants to destroy free word by importing radicals from middle east, but people of EU are silently arming them self and when shitt hits the fan “my guess” is that people will go first after politicians wich alouwd this rape-fakefugees colonization.. EU establishment of corrupt leaders wich support destroying leaderschip of Irak,Syrie,Afganistan in name of oil pijpline from Saudie arabie to Europe with money from Arabs and logistic support of Turkey are responcible for mess we are in.

  34. Ivan Burrows


    Don’t you mean Obama’s travel ban, the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 (expanded to all seven countries “of concern” in February 2016) ?

    Or is this just another excuse to target Trump with fake news ?

  35. Joao Antonio Camoes

    Why should Europe respond to a thing that it’s not his business? If you want your sovereignty to be respected you should respect others sovereignty.

  36. Paul Vincent

    What the U.S. does is the U.S. business….not ours….Europe should focus on its own (myriad) issues.

  37. Paweł Kunio

    It should react in none way as its none of their business what us implements at home. They would do even better if they thought about and implemented ways to stop the never-ending influx of immigrants only some 30% of which are legit refugees. Id start with relocating the unemployed youth (40% there) from phigs to the rich north to fill the labour shortage gaps rather than taking every and anyone in who manages to cross the mediterenian.

  38. Rodrigo Zarzuelo

    Should not respond, in my opinion. It’s their business. Not ours. We are not their boss.

    Would be different if we talk about USA militar bases around the world, implications in another countries, etc. Then, probably or not, we could do or say something. But is not the case.

  39. José Bessa da Silva

    Europe can not answer because Europe is nothing but a geographic term. My country on the other hand should do nothing because USA’s internal affairs are none of our business.

  40. Katerina Mpakirtzi

    Get out turks muslims zelotists from the christians churches. Imams and fanatic muslims they pray in Allax into Saint Sofia in Constantinople. Blasphemia. Trump should come and pray in Christ there because we dont hate muslims(but their leaders)and we dont pray in Jesus into mosques. Never

  41. Andrew Potts

    Maybe if Europe had a screening program there would not be European blood in the streets of London, Madrid, Nice, Berlin, Manchester, Paris, Brussels etc etc

  42. Jokera Jokerov

    Protesting, diplomatic evacuation, boycott, blockade and then invade with the European army! :D :D :D

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