5440002785_7b1ed0ac3e_bThe 45th President of the United States is Donald J. Trump. Few commentators expected things to play out like this, and most had dismissed Trump’s chances as vanishingly small. In the event, Trump lost the popular vote by a margin of over 2%. Yet he won the White House, and now he’s moving into the oval office.

The Trump victory will have a huge impact on global politics. It will also affect us here in Europe. But will the incoming president be good for Europe? Much ink has been spilled over Trump’s bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It’s also widely-known that Trump feels America’s NATO allies should be doing more to pull their weight in the world. He’s also been highly critical of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis, and he very much supports Brexit and is dismissive of the European Union.

What does this mean for Europe? Could Trump force Europe to close ranks, and to look to itself for security and stability? Does this mean the end of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the EU-US free trade agreement which Trump has been so critical of? Will he herald a new age of protectionism, and tit-for-tat trade wars?

Will Trump’s presidency be good for Europe? Does he have the temperament to make a great leader? Will he pursue an isolationist agenda, turning his back on foreign policy? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Bódis Kata

    Obama’s presidency was very bad for Europe, let’s at least hope for an improvement.

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      Michael Holz

      Why was it? Would you like to elaborate a bit?

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      Bódis Kata

      See the previous Debating Europe post for the details. There’s a good concise list there why Obama’s presidency was bad for Europe.

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      IUlia Luca

      Never, they have only their own interests in view.The single best thing is that the E.U. ‘economy is just as good as America’s judging by the currency. We have to stay united in our diversity and know how to stand for our values given our great, all encompassing culture,we possess real intelligence in the E.U. I love the E.U. and everything it stands for…

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      Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      Very true. The description was spot on.
      On the surface it seemed marvelous because he’s a liberal and all, but as we’ve seen political allegiance has little to do with his imprint on the EU

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      Bódis Kata

      BTW: The quality of politics and the social impacts in the EU are primarily and foremost determined by the quality of its leadership and the legislation they create.
      Unfortunately Brussels serves as the dumping ground for shady politicians who had become inconvenient in their own countries and definitely not the best and the brightest.

      Juncker’s and Schulz’ leadership had gone a long way to bring about Brexit and the severe problems that the EU faces by ignoring the causes and instead concentrating on micromanaging the effects. They’ve been doing political posturing instead of strategic leadership.
      Schulz is now finally gone, Juncker should be recalled too and replaced with someone competent.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @IUlia Luca
      The does NOT apply to the EU only the Eurozone.

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    Lefteris Kalaitzides

    With Obama from the one side and Putin from the other the whole Europe ended up with millions of refugees…so lets hope for a better. At least thats all we can do. For now.

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    Paolo Ortenzi

    IF (I stress this premise… IF…) Trump will seek reconciliation and collaboration with Putin, removing the stupid and useless sanctions against Russia, it will be VERY good for Europe. And at least for Italy export.

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      Antonio De Simone

      Antonio ( Antonio Leanza )
      I do not have the hope you have.
      There are no human beings around that can change the current direction towardsd the implosion.
      I agree when you say “We’ll see”
      Con affetto, come sempre, anche su argomenti che ci dividono profondamente.

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      Antonio Leanza

      Vedremo… Se l’Europa imploderà, finiremo nelle mani di Putin o della Cina o boh! Spero che un’altra Europa sia sempre possibile, prima dell’implosione.

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      Antonio Leanza

      No, non solo l’Italia… Credo che l’intera Europa sia a rischio di finire sotto nuove sfere di influenza…

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      Antonio De Simone

      preferisco vedere l’Armata Rossa per le strade… che quello che propone la tanto decantata integrazione tedesca, in realtà un effetto della implementazione del piano Kalergi, che i papaveri europei vogliono imporre a tutti noi, Desio inclusa, come è in corso nel quartiere Marxloh a Duisburg.

      Ma chi parla di Duisburg sui media silenziati dalle elite presenti nelle cancellerie europee, a Brussels, a Strasburgo?

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    Antonio Leanza

    Vedremo… Se l’Europa imploderà, finiremo nelle mani di Putin o della Cina o boh! Spero che un’altra Europa sia sempre possibile, prima dell’implosione.

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    Maria de Fátima Faria

    Great leaders are people who fight for love, solidarity, respect for all human beings, for liberty for equality of gender, and a lot more. Do you see any of this in Trump?
    I don’t! So my answer is NO.

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    Antonio De Simone

    preferisco vedere l’Armata Rossa per le strade… che quello che propone la tanto decantata integrazione tedesca, in realtà un effetto della implementazione del piano Kalergi, che i papaveri europei vogliono imporre a tutti noi, Desio inclusa, come è in corso nel quartiere Marxloh a Duisburg.

    Ma chi parla di Duisburg sui media silenziati dalle elite presenti nelle cancellerie europee, a Brussels, a Strasburgo?

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      David Woodley

      I agree. The blaming of Russia and Putin for everything is ridiculous. It was Ashton and the EU that facilitated an illegal coup in Ukraine then were surprised when Russia protected the Crimea, predominantly Russian and strategically important to Russia, similarly eastern Ukraine. Such hypocrisy.

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    David Woodley

    The leaders of the EU appear to be oblivious the fact that in several large EU countries unemployment is about 25% and youth unemployment is almost 50%! This is not sustainable but widely ignored. A travesty!

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      Nando Aidos

      Tha was not the question.

    • avatar
      David Woodley

      Nando Aidos maybe not but Trump is more concerned about jobs and employment than those in the EU that have made fun of him. They have not got a clue!

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    Tamás Kovács

    i think reason is, if Euro would fail, every countries in euro zone now, would have a lot weaker currency than us dollar or pounds, so USA would struggle to export to the continent same as the UK, i think this why British Prime Minister said.. the UK needs successful EU. if European currencies became so weak, that will be good only for Europeans, as our export boost USA will drop.. so I think yeah, Trump interests not a Euro crash.. He already said.. USA suffering from its currency strength.. even Euro is relatively stronger than US dollar.

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    Natasha Pikoul

    If he stops the regime changes, wars and hostility towards Russia – everybody will benifit.

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    Good and bad can be pretty relative. Personally, although I don’t like Trump one bit, I think he is right about NATO. Europe has always followed US foreign policy’s follies and if Europe now tries to be a bit more independent rather than a vassal, surely that would be a good thing. Time will tell but I can’t say I’m optimistic. Europe is being run by a lot who have completely lost touch with its people,and thus, reality. If they use Trump as a scapegoat for their failings that will be a new low.

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    Stavros Konstantopoulos

    Commerce profits led to WWI, where americans entered when germans-turks and the rest scum had already lost…Commerce profits led americans to support germany until it was apparent that they were loosing WWII….then americans entered the war, gave a sooner end as they were afraid soviets would occupy precious germany deleting it from the map and history. Commerce profits led americans to pardon germany and pay nothing of its obligations and crimes…..Therefore, as long as there is germany, the USA is the least of europe’s problems….and as long as the USA consider germany as their best market/ally, germany can divide and ruin Europe….

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    Promitheas Desmwtis

    I like crazy people like,tramp,we have,see,last presidens done around the world,wars wars,and left milions of refuges!!

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    Authentic Godfrey

    How many continent are in this world with their continental names like AU , my question is why is other continents not interested and bothered about who is in the White House like the EU or has there been something the EU has been benefiting from the White House that other continents has not ?

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    Pepa Petkova

    Da,Obama beshe dobra opora na Evropeiskiqt elit,osobenno na Germaniq,Franciq i Bruksel.A potate li kak se chuvstvat 500 milions narod?.?Koi spomogna za napliva na migranti v Evropa?Obama diktuva Merkel i Oland izpalbqvat.Sega neshtata shte se promenqt,Novi zdravomisleshti hora zastavat na politicheskata scena.Shte ima gladka chist cazduh za vseki.

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    Reno Bonici

    If it will bring down the EU dictatorship, then it will definitely be good for Europe!

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      Alessandro Pieroni

      Ahmet there will never be such thing as world peace, dude. Contrarily to the previous admnistration Trump doesn’t want a war with Russia, that’s the closest thing to world peace you can get.

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    Stratos Adam

    You wil never understand the others.You are one arogant man and at the same time the greatest hypokreet on earth.But now you have the possibility to aproeved mr.Such your big arognat mouth and start the job.

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    David White

    It will be great for the UK the EU will have to start thinking Globally even Obama couldn’t get a deal with Europe

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    Voula Thomacos-Lagonas

    Trump has made himself very clear…..it is NOT business as usual .. .there’s a new boss now …..are the gangsters in the EU listening ?????

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    Gatis Gailitis

    Yes. I couldn’t care less what he does on the US, but in Europe, we will only benefit.
    1- by not getting more refugees from American wars in the middle east.
    2- trade deals that aren’t terrible lobbied EU powers hijacking legislation.
    3- tighter international controls on migration.

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      Paul X

      1. The current conflict in the middle east came about because of a civil war in Syria, nothing to do with America (perversely, things are actually much worse because the west didn’t intervene earlier). Aside form that the majority of refugees are economic and not from any US inspired warzones
      2. You now have a protectionist EU trying to do deals with a protectionist US – clearly going to go nowhere fast
      3 Into the US yes, into the EU nope

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    Asen Georgiev

    Killery would have started war with Russia.
    As European I say: not getting nuked for the profit of a bunch of American banks represented by a sociopathic old lady is a very good thing to start with.
    I can live poor and be happy with my friends and family. Much better than dying to SS-22 missiles, don’t you think?

    • avatar
      Jody Lavender

      You are delusional, just like Trump!

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    Franck Néo Legon

    Yes. If he effectively stop the wars for profits at our borders to turn to isolationism, Europe will rise at last.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    I doubt that America will be great under Trump… If he does all the things he promised, we might be seeing less conflict and wars, which could be a good thing for the rest of us, but more divisions among us. In Europe, America and the world. More unequal, more segregated, more borders and barriers…The one thing I hope he achieves is to mend the relations with Russia and end this post Cold War madness.. But without a united and strong Europe, it will be bad news for us Europeans… We will be overshadowed by these two powers again and that is not in our interests….

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      Stefano Piccini

      trump is like Berlusconi in Italy…….only bla,bla,bla……..money for him ,and nothing for people

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    Spiros Angelopulo

    YOU SHOULD wonder if EU is any good for European nations…or only Germany….for Trump USA Comes first….

    • avatar
      Stefano Piccini

      cause trump…….Greece risck to be part of russia

    • avatar
      Jody Lavender

      He is not a good man! He is a racist, bigot, misogynistic, narcissistic jerk that only thinks of himself.

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    Mariana Giozova

    Well he was clear, America first, but i wanna leaders here, in each european country that will say their own country to be first no EU nor USA …

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    Josephine Cassar

    Europe has to take its security in hand now-he said it. That means cooperation among EU states, so EU is more relevant now

    • avatar
      Grant Williams

      No, the eu have taken advantage of USA and not paid or contributed fairly towards NATO and now reap what they sew

    • avatar
      Josephine Cassar

      Grant Williams you misunderstood I think. European states need to be united because of security as no European country can do it alone

    • avatar
      Grant Williams

      I agree Josephine, NATO good thing and I can understand where Trump coming from,

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    Ali Owais

    Trump is good man but he don’t control on his tongue and Europe don’t need any country help. Europe is God gifted

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    Vladislav Sapphire

    Well since Europe doesn’t really like or want the US anywhere near it (at least no one other than the government) and Trump is likely to cause it to implode – I’d say we’re just peachy.

    • avatar
      Jody Lavender

      He swas the worst thing to happen to America!

    • avatar
      Peter Giesen

      But that the Germans paying for the Greek mistages this is good in your opinion get a live looser

    • avatar
      Georgios Kyriazopoulos

      as the whole world payed for Germany after the second world war…idiot…

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    Dora Dedopoulou

    He is a dangerous person. For the whole world.

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    Magaly Morales

    He have made clear that he wants to dismantle the EU.
    It is not a change on USA policy. They haven’t supported the EU since the break up of URSS, but now is in the open

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    Jeanne Griffin

    Hopefully Zeitgeist will save Europe from.its own leaders and academics who are labouring tirelessly to destroy millennia of civilisation .

    • avatar
      Jody Lavender

      He is 70 yrs. old. Look at his history!!!!! He has never done anything for anyone but himself and that will not change.

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    Stratos Adam

    Stay there and make America great nation .Who needs your stupity arogans.Anda por aja Gringo.

  32. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    I believe so. He’s focused on America, Europe can stand on their own, or at least they should.

  33. avatar
    Mireille Laporte

    Yes by stopping to make UE obey to Usa😉 As for Nato😂 tell me what is really it’s use? Security against who and what?😂 The only real danger is capitalism isn’t?😇

  34. avatar
    Mireille Laporte

    Yes by stopping to make UE obey to Usa As for Nato tell me what is really it’s use? Security against who and what? The only real danger is capitalism isn’t?

  35. avatar
    Jody Lavender

    Trump is mentally ill. You should not even have to ask this question! Look at his history. His father left him millions of dollars and businesses with good management in place otherwise he would be a pauper. Everything he starts goes bankrupt. He is without morals or human decency. The only deals he will make will be ones to line his own pockets!

  36. avatar

    Yes,his foreign policy is against the elite,he want to stop war in syria and go with the russia….if he is against the elite will be good

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    Vassiliki Xifteri

    Is Donald Trump “the president of Europe?” Is Europe or European Union so weak as to be influenced by who is running US?

  38. avatar
    Lyana Salt

    Our top West European politicians and media pretend to know it better :-D :-D, so why not take for granted the content of their prognosis and rely on it – just as a lot of our frightened co-citizens do? :-D :-D :-D

  39. avatar
    Lyana Salt

    Our top West European politicians and media pretend to know it better :-D :-D, so why not take for granted the content of their prognosis and rely on it – just as a lot of our frightened co-citizens do? :-D :-D :-D

  40. avatar

    Hard to say how thing will turn, all we now so far is that what’s bad for Merkel is good for Europe.

  41. avatar
    Alexandra Sitch

    This man will not be good for anybody and will go the hard patriarchal line: power, money hungry, no connection with others, no compassion, dumb nationalism without any universal wisdom or responsability.
    Europe has a mission to modernize tge European institutions, focus less on tge big money, bankers and corporations and more on ethical values, human rights, social and cultural philosophical cooperation instead…..without America, untill this country has looked enough into its Trump clown mirror…..

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    Ioannis Velotas

    Unfortunately not for the simple fact that he`s(like almist all presidents b4 ) an avid Israeli advocate and consequently their puppet. Nothing will change and will keep getting worse.

  43. avatar
    Theocharis Vlachopanagiotis

    Strangely, it could. Mr. Trump seems to introduce a new era of protectionism in american foreign policy. Thus, the realization that Europe can’t rely on the US in terms of defense can act as a catalyst for change. More specifically, more European integration. The new president of the parliament, mr.Tajani, supports that idea as well.
    All in all the only way that the EU can survive is coming together and Trump’s presidency may be the shock that kickstarts it.

    • avatar

      Couldn’t agree more. I hope Europeans see Erdogan and Trump as the end result of narrow minded populism and see that a more united Europe can provide a liberal antidote to nationalism, relgious extremism and authoritarianism.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Unfortunately for your suggestion the populism that put Trump in the Whitehouse is also prevalent throughout Europe. The opposite side of the coin from “populism” is “elitism” so rather than a more integrated elitist led EU the answer is for politicians to actually start listening to the voice of the people rather than arrogantly thinking they know best and to hell with the public

  44. avatar

    I think it’is the worse thing who came arrive for european union after brexit

  45. avatar
    Elisabeth Sommer

    We all can’t know what the future will brings and who wants D. Trump and the EU to be stumpled . – Maybe EU must become adult. – It was childish to give special conditions to some EU-Countrys and childish to have US-Bases all over Europe. – In the EU-Contracts the maximum point of compromise should be valid for all Countrys. United States of America are no roll model for Europe – maybe in 50 or 100, 200 years, but our historys and cultures are to different for 1 unite EU-Nation. 27 (28) Nations are ok.

  46. avatar
    Didier Cosse

    YES he will! The more insulting he will be towards the European Union, and in particular Germany; the more he will show desdain and abyssal historical ignorance about the European project, the more he will wake up and unite the 27 Member States, who will eventually be able to create an European Defense and an enhanced Foreign Policy. France and Germany together with Italy, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands and hopefully soon an independent Scotland and a reunified Ireland will continue to make Europe the biggest single market of the world where 450 million Europeans will look at their interests first, whatever protectionist trade measures he might think. The real question is in reality whether D. Trump will be good for the American companies for which the EU market is key to their developments.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      and what makes you think that the (vast majority) of European countries that are not paying their way in NATO are going to be any more inclined to pay more towards a EU defence force?….the EU elite love to bluster about an EU “Army” but when it comes to putting their hands in their pocket the reality will be slightly different…I mean even Greece pays more GDP on defence then the mighty EU superpowers

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @ Didier Cosse – rather: we shall see!….. and what will “historical ignorance” offer us in future?

      Question: would it be beneficial that JC Juncker becomes Trump’s next apprentice?

      One should assume that the two (historical) antagonists- France & Germany have grown some Juvenal plumage in the meantime. Why is it necessary to drag an ever growing number of nations into an agenda which was/is a Franco- German nemesis? Empires (EU) usually lose power- eventually. Nations however retain their relevance & essence. Sensible sharing of common values was never under dispute.

      Fortunately, all still have freedom of expression. Unfortunately for many, the EU has become more than just an economic community. The devious or/and reckless effort by its elites to (fake fully or skillfully?) transform Europe into ONE country is the next folly (political experiment) of the EU comptroller’s- being a “matured” attempt of two historical European Juveniles- or the next failure in the making.

  47. avatar
    Jörg Frese

    “Will Trump’s presidency be good for Europe?”

    In the short term it’s hard to see how his administration could have a positive impact on anyone other than small special interest groups primarily (but not exclusively) in the US, such as health insurance companies and pharmaceuticals, or the NRA.
    From a European perspective, it seems that especially pro-Brexit Britain sees some potential upside based on Trump’s expressed endorsement of Brexit and the associated hope that he’d be eager to form closer ties with the UK, even if for no other reason than to spite the EU. Even if this came to pass, it’s debatable if something that’s good for a part of Europe is necessarily good for Europe as a whole.
    The real question is, of course, what the impact of the Trump presidency will be on the “European project”, which I define as a process of continuously increasing integration and alignment across EU member countries of core factors of life in a modern state: personal liberties, public safety and national defense, environmental protection, health care, education, economic and political participation, rule of law, etc…
    Needless to say, all bets are off if Trump were to actually unleash a nuclear conflict with China (most likely) or Russia (less likely).
    Short of that, the biggest downside to Europe from Trump’s presidency is in the national defense arena. Should his stated disdain for NATO be expressed through tangible actions (such as withdrawing US troops from the Baltic countries), it could very well prompt Russia to “test the waters” and find out exactly how far they can go. If the West didn’t stop them from annexing Crimea, trying the same with the Donbas may not seem that much more risky then.
    The positive scenario here is that a reduction in US military commitment to continental Europe could indeed shock the EU into coalescing around a common defense strategy. The financial and technological resources are, of course, there. It’s the political will that’s currently missing. I think this would have to be driven by France as the one EU power (after Brexit) with significant military might (and nukes). If Trump’s presidency became the kick-starter for a common EU foreign and security policy in more than just words, this could definitely be considered good for Europe as long as it goes along with a willingness to project such power with confidence, much like the US has done in Europe since the end of WW2 (and unlike the US has done in other parts of the world).
    Paul Krugman once referred to the Western European democracies as “arguably the most decent societies” in human history (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/24/opinion/the-hole-in-europes-bucket.html). I believe this is fundamentally true and increased confidence in and conviction of that fact would be truly good, for Europe and beyond.

    04/04/2017 Giles Merritt, founder and Chairman of Friends of Europe, has responded to this comment.
    04/04/2017 Timothy Less, Director of Nova Europa, a political consultancy firm specialising in security risk analysis in Eastern Europe, has responded to this comment.

  48. avatar
    catherine benning

    Trump and his majority of voters only care of his Presidency is ‘good’ for the USA.

    So, whether you like it or not, the people of American have taken back the power from those who would watch the people of that country starve.

  49. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    He may not be provocative towards Russia, but he ‘s gonna be reckless. His recklessness will have other side effects

  50. avatar
    Viorika Motoi

    Creo que Europa tendria que centrase en sus problemas y solucionarlos, a medida que va solucionando sus problemas la relacion con UE se va estabilizando.

  51. avatar
    George Kanev

    I believe Yes! Because we Europeans will understand that our union can survive only through our own forces in economy military and so on! Regarding MR. Trump he will understand soon that: President Trump needs to support European unity not contrary because to negotiate with each country separately – it is utopia!

  52. avatar
    Георги Кънев

    I believe Yes! Because we Europeans will understand that our union can survive only through our own forces in economy military and so on! Regarding MR. Trump he will understand soon that: President Trump needs to support European unity not contrary because to negotiate with each country separately – it is utopia!

  53. avatar
    Vjeko Mutavčić

    Yes, because he will seek a partner in Europe against China and the rest if the world because he clearly said that he will care only about America!

  54. avatar
    Rodica Pricop

    It will be amazing! People realised now that they hold the power to get rid of the corrupt fat cats that only care about themselves, increase their own huge salaries as Mr. Junker just did and reverse the islamisation of Europe that Merkel and co. Is working to impose on the western world to wipe out the white race and civilisation. So yes, it is already awesome!!!!

  55. avatar
    Andrea Bellini

    I’m pretty sure that the Trump presidency is bad for Europe. I think Trump and Putin have some common interests, in particular, have an interest in weakening the Europe and to make it divide. The united states of Europe would be the strongest nation, modern and smart in the world if only the people of Europe wanted this, and governments were able to figure it out and do it.
    I also think that Trump does not want to have hegemony in Europe but I think he will do what he can do to help Putin to have Russian hegemony in Europe. And I think that Putin wants that very much. I think that Putin does not feel a president, but one Tsar, I think he considers his people as his property. And I think he wants to do the same with Europe. Putin scares me a lot and I think that Europe has the priority to protect itself from Russia.
    But I think the first priority of Europe is thinking to herself, thinking to become united, strong, durable. With a strong Europe, Trump and Putin will not be a problem. I believe in Europe. I want a united Europe, and I am willing to give up many national benefits in the name of a #UnitedEurope

  56. avatar

    Trump will retract and down-size some of Americas commitments. If Europe decides to waltz in and fill in the void, it will be more powerful internationally in the future, if it decides to wait and see or let the void be filled by Russia or China then it will lose leverage in international ideology. So the answer is depends on Europe’s actions.

  57. avatar

    I think trump will do a lot of damage to the Europe as he is trying to destabilise the EU.

  58. avatar
    Marko Martinović

    I hole it will force EU to start listening to its peoples and stop sacrificing them to political correctness. EU needs to change or it will fall appart

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows


      Yet he knows Russia is the biggest power in Europe.

    • avatar
      Gabriella Anderson

      His wife is from Slovenia… Perhaps you do not know where it is, that is why you talk about him this degrading way.

  59. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    If it will help wake up world politicians to listen to people, it will be good.
    If not, it will be a disaster as it is already happening in the US.

  60. avatar

    If it will help wake up EU politicians to serve the people, it will be good.
    If not, it will be a disaster as it is already happening in the US.

  61. avatar
    Anatilde Alves

    If we cut the USA loose it could be good! If we keep the around in everything it’s going to be a disaster.

  62. avatar

    Trumps Presidency with its America First , Unilateralist Nationalist Agenda is going to be the best thing ever, since it will make the European Union become self reliant – establishing new tools to deal with the challenges facing Europe Today , like establishing a EU Defense Force, with the upgrade and expansion of the current European Security and Defense Policy unit of the EU in Brussels.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows


      What are your flag, anthem & mickey mouse army if not trappings of Nationalism ?

    • avatar
      Pirvulescu Florin

      Ivan Burrows
      Nations have a dominant ethnic group at it`s core, EU is not a nation, it will never be.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Pirvulescu Florin .

      Is the correct answer, which means we do not need the EU. :)

  63. avatar
    John Keogh

    Good for the european project. He is a massive threat to peace in europe. This will shake up things in order to get the project back on track.

  64. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    What are your flag, anthem & mickey mouse army if not trappings of Nationalism ?

  65. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    Bad for the US good for EU. At least I hope so. Because Europe will have to rely on itself more because Trump doesn’t aim to “aid” us. So if our brilliant politicians play their cards right, we might just improve.

  66. avatar
    Bogdán Róbert

    His election started a process of returning to conservative, Judeo-Christian values, to small government, deregulation, economic freedom and social morality. Europe will follow this trend. It’s not only good, it’s badly needed.

  67. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    If he wants americans to work he will need markets of course europe is a gigantic market for trump so no he will not be a threat. Europe has an historic opportunity…

  68. avatar
    Gabriella Anderson

    He does not…. He understands what it means to love your country and does give at least some freedom and room from the liberal nazi agenda that is pushed on Europe for decades now. The current EU is not better at all what communism was in the 20th century. Same dictatorial approach – if you are not saying what their pc bullshit is, you are stamped a nazi. Soon it will be concentration camps adn murders? – this is how tolerant the currently ruling leftliberal political elite is.

  69. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto vestias

    Europe to follow with of without America Trump can close America for its own renovation work and Europe will quickly adjust for more Europe

  70. avatar
    Luis García

    Germany is thinking about having nuclear weapons, and this is not thanks Trump, but Putin.

  71. avatar
    Gbolinton Ekumelo

    The American vote for him to be their president, and he is not the president of Europe nor any country within Europe. It’s Europe that brought austerity not Trump those that destroyed the weaker country are making their billions and growing stronger.

  72. avatar
    Yanni Sfyrides

    It could not be good for Europe since it is going to be extremely bad for the whole world.

  73. avatar
    Magaly Morales

    It will be good for Europe because with USA having hostile intentions over us, it will make EU coward and lazy leaders to react and remember they should push ahead with a United States of Europe or we will be destroyed by USA

  74. avatar
    George Papadache

    how can it be good?

  75. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    I think he would prefer Russia to control Europe than for it to become an Islamic caliphate. It depends on which people think is the lesser of two evils.

  76. avatar
    Thanasis Pantelis - Dimitris Rantzos

    The truth is that his presidency will not affect only his country, but it will have global effects. Now we have to wait to see how he will act, to make a better conclusion.
    In my opinion, it seems that he wants the best for his country, and doesnt really ‘care’ about the others. Wich is not awlays a bad thing. Imean, at least he cares about America.

  77. avatar

    Of course, when Europe cannot rely on the US anymore, when Trump is ignoring all his European allies, it is time for Europe to think independently and formulate its own policy independently for European interests. The US can only think of solving international disputes with NATO. After the hegemony, Europe can start to think of solving disputes by negotiation and other more peaceful ways.

  78. avatar

    Trump told Macron to leave EU. Since American First is Trump’s top priority, if Macron agrees with Trump, this can only mean a French President is putting American before France and Europe.

  79. avatar

    Trump presidency should be good, the more Trump bully Europe, Europe would be forced to think more independently. EU being a union of modern and powerful nations, it ought to have a role to play i.e. as an independent and moderator to discourage the aggression and unilateralism of the single military superpower US, at the same time, to monitor and constrain the economic power of China. The bursting of 1.379 billion people’s economic power can be so huge and affect the global political economy so profoundly, this urgently need communication and cooperation so that this powerful force would benefit everyone.

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