ISIS is being squeezed in its Middle-Eastern strongholds. It’s been driven out of Sirte in Libya; slowly but surely, Iraqi forces are tightening the noose around Mosul; Arab and Kurdish fighters are moving on its Syrian base in Raqqa. Yet the group has proved resilient. ISIS’s retaking of Palmyra, nine months after Russia claimed victory in the ancient Syrian city, was the most recent illustration of its ability to comeback from defeat.

Even if the military advance against it in the Middle East continues, ISIS will still be dangerous. Pushed out of Iraq and Syria, its operatives will look for other targets. Intelligence services fear hundreds of foreign fighters will return to Europe with murderous intent. The unabated carnage in Syria – including the looming defeat of rebel forces in Aleppo – risks a wider radicalization of Sunni Muslims, pushing more towards ISIS or similar groups.

What can be done to finally defeat ISIS? Is it time for the West to hold its nose and strike a deal with Putin and Assad to crush the group on the battlefield? Beyond the military advance, can its radical ideology be countered? How can the West win the war of ideals in order to thwart ISIS’ appeal to new recruits?

We had a comment from Sarah, who said the only way to stop ISIS permanently is to counter their ideology. She asked what was the best way to do that and we put her question to Scott Stewart, Vice President of Tactical Analysis of Terrorism and Security at Stratfor, a US-based global intelligence company. How would he respond to Sarah?

scott-stewart-verticalI agree heartily that the key is countering their ideology. Perhaps the greatest weapon against the Islamic State’s utopian ideology is to reveal the reality of what they’ve done after they have conquered territory and ruled populations. They realize this and have enforced strict controls on the ability of people to get information out of the areas they control. They have executed people found to have unauthorized cell phones and SIM cards. They have denied people freedoms and have enforced their draconian version of Islam on people using the threat of violence and death.
They claim they will create a peaceful and just society, but the reality of life in Islamic State-controlled areas is anything but – and not only for non-Muslims and non-Sunnis. They have been very brutal against fellow Sunni Muslims. Indeed, their treatment of fellow Muslims has even made al Qaeda appear to be moderate.

Marco from Italy suggested defeating ISIS will ultimately require the West to end support for the regime in Saudi Arabia and its backing for ultra-conservative Islam around the world. We put his point to Pauline Massart, Deputy Director Security & Geopolitics at Friends of Europe, and Vice President of Outreach and Operations at Women in International Security (WIIS) in Brussels:

With a different perspective, Hrvoje from Croatia argued that the West should support Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and ensure strong, stable governments in the Muslim world in order to defeat ISIS. How does Scott Stewart respond to Hrvoje?

scott-stewart-verticalThe Assad government was one of the leading causes of the Islamic State’s growth. That’s not only due to the atrocities they have committed against the Syrian people, but also due to the malicious manner they released a number of high profile jihadists from prison in order to strengthen their argument that members of the Syrian opposition were ‘terrorists.’ The Assad regime also intentionally targeted moderate rebel groups to the benefit of the Islamic State. The reluctance of the West to take action against Assad, even after he used chemical weapons on his own population – a practice his government blatantly continues today – also led many Syrians to turn to jihadist groups such as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Islamic State, among others. So, I’d argue that the Islamic State would not have achieved the power it did in 2014 if the West had intervened earlier in Syria.

Defeating ISIS will involve a long, slow process of attrition to cut off its money supply and access to arms, argues Julia from Cyprus. We asked Pauline Massart about her thoughts on Julia’s suggestion:

Can the World find the right mix of policies to destroy ISIS? How can the military push in the Middle East, counter-terrorism at home and political moves to confront ISIS’s ideology of hate be best combined? Who are the West’s best allies in the fight against the extremists? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDIT: CC / Flickr – Day Donaldson

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      Αντωνιος Κωνσταντινιδης

      No bringing western democracy to those countries will help defeating islamic extremism.It was used as an excuse for usa invsasions to the middle east but it was not the real reason that these invasions happened which created islamist terrorist groups like ISIS

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      Vytautas Vėžys

      Αντωνιος Κωνσταντινιδης Where were those terrorists 15 years ago?

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      Antonios Forlidas

      Vytautas Vėžys Terrorists were created by U,S and supported by the E,U, Now we pay the price.

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      Michael Joze

      Vytautas Vėžys in the iraqi army before they were dissolved by the us military..

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      Nick Youngone

      Vytautas Vėžys 15 years ago they were terrorizing people in their own region.

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      Nick Youngone

      Antonios Forlidas Where is this laboratory where Americans created 10’s of thousands of terrorists. It must be top-secret!

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      Nelson Hill

      Not a question of “bringing democracy to countries that are not ready for it” but a question of Western attempts at imposing western brand of democracy. The western thinking that “it’s the right thing to do”, i.e., west’s way of thinking that the west and its leaders alone know the right thing to do, must change.

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    Manolis Karras

    No weapons, no ammunition supplies, no money and no “fixed” leaders and they won’t exist, which says the problem lies in those supplying them.

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    Andrea Brown

    Simple. Stop sending them weapons. Cut of their finances as in stop giving them money. Bomb them in to dust. What part of that do people in charge of countries and media not understand? Stop looking for excuses not to act and just act for once.

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    Franck Néo Legon

    Just stop funding them through Al-nosra, Al-qaïda, so called “moderate” rebels which are nothing but ISIS itself.

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    Tarquin Farquhar



    ‘Information-assault’ on Islam’s role in slavery, racism, misogyny, homophobia and institutionally-condoned-lying.

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    lawrence michael

    Human Rights help. But Human Rights are neutral. Europe currently has tottered wildly around Human Rights. Mafiosi groups present the only challenge but can’t function around human rights in functional states. They rule in dysfunctional ones & might be the ones signing the Human Rights document with various NGOs and/or INGO’s (India as an example one suspects is true of the SAARC states that remain pre-modern by and large). That is how it goes.

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    Barbara Szela Lesniak

    Who sells them those guns and cars? Is it that difficult to check? Who sponsors the Polish opposition who openly call for domestic war and Ukrainian-like Majdan in Poland?

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    Antonios Forlidas

    It all started with the stupid americans and their british puppets. European Union followed their orders , made lots of mistakes in foreign policy to participate in destruction of islamic countries, support terrorists and now Europe is paying the price.

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      Paul X

      I take it you are hoping for a career as a bureaucrat working in Brussels?…you’ve certainly passed the first stage of the entrance exam….how to blame everyone else but the EU

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      Sopi Andrei

      The Eu opposed the invasion of Iraq. Remember how French fries were called freedom fries after France opposed the US?

    • avatar
      Antonios Forlidas

      Sopi Andrei Wrong: E,U still supporting ISIS.

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      Nick Youngone

      Because the Middle East was a peaceful place before America became involved there.

    • avatar
      Antonios Forlidas

      Nick Youngone Ofcourse it was peaceful. Only the Palestine, Israel dispute existed.

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    Davide Albertazzi

    Destroy them with our superior armies and then help their country for decades to create strong democracies
    And stop sayng “Bad USA finance them !1!1!1!1” because insult our allies is only stupid

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    Fanda Teryngel

    I think atom bomb would solve it rather quickly. If that’s overkill we could also use carpet bombing again.

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    Joaquim M Pinto

    maybe if the senate in the US stop financing israel and SA and isis and UK and France stop selling weapons maybe they will be stoped

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      Imran Simmins

      I have and I find science behind what you say. Many many many statements but no anecdotal support?

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      Nick Youngone

      They believe that Allah will always support them. That’s the problem.

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      Alfredo Iannuzzi

      I’m talking about our governments, not about Allah

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    Lino Galveias

    education, an Europe for citizens, alternatives for the people. As well as education, and I mean informal, non-formal and formal education.

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    Mirre Tapper

    Unfortunately Europe will be their next fighting arena. They are already here. We are all caught in a trap.

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    Carl Holyoake

    We won’t defeat them , but we will bring them to Britain as refugees knowing our stupid politicians

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    Herre Hogendoorn

    Just read Leon Uris about the Middle East: me against my brother, the two of us against our neighbors, our street against the next, our village against the other, our country against another, is the thinking, and that includes Israel, as well. Addicted to conflict.

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      Danny Livesey

      So basically ending the world then yeah ?

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      Александър Михайлов

      Ending the islamic world. And also Pakistan, it is an islamic country with nuclear capability, its ability to carry out a nuclear strike needs to be neutralized. Potential retaliation needs to be prevented

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      If you nuke Pakistan you’ll either not have done it well enough to eradicate Pakistan’s military capability to counter attack, or, combined with Pakistan’s retaliation, Iran’s retaliation, india might launch thinking they’re the target, or may launch when Pakistan launches, etc. etc. The nuclear winter that would theoretically generate would wipe out plant life, then animal life. We would either freeze, or starve, or ultimately die of carbon dioxide poisoning. Great idea!

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    Tejan Ibn Mustapha Kallon

    The questions we should ask :
    Why was isis created?
    Who created Isis?
    Who is sponsoring isis?
    After all answering these questions, you will automatically know the solution towards Isis’s problem and how to tackle it because what isis is doing is not permittable in Islam and it’s even in the fold of Islam. They are doing it out of their own desires.
    Allah says in the Quran 5:17 “I you kill one life, it’s as if you have killed the whole of humanity and if you save one life, it’s as if you have saved the whole of humanity ” Meaning killing an innocent lives, it’s totally forbidding in Islam.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @ Ibn Mustapha

      ………………”killing innocent lives, it’s totally forbidden in Islam”. Really?

      You know your Quran better than me. Clarification: “killing innocent Muslim lives”- not “infidels”!

      Sorry, your quote from the Quran 5:17- in fact the whole Quran- need to be qualified when used by a Muslim commenting here (DE) to be understood within the context of the European democratic but secular political system to avoid even more confusion. Why?

      • The Quran was revealed to a Muslim for Muslims “exclusively”- around 609- 632 AD.

      • To be strictly adhered by all Muslims followers (~1.6 bio+) and nobody else.
      It is the first thing to be taught to Muslims from early childhood & strictly memorized by heart.

      • A Muslim by addressing non Muslims in non Muslim countries & explaining the peaceful intent of your Muslim “Constitution” = Religion- is either highly misleading, naïve or mischievous.

      • We all (should) know by now that the 1990 “Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam” (CDHRI- 57 Signatories) concludes in article 24 and 25 that all rights and freedoms mentioned are subject to the Islamic SHARIA, which is the declaration’s sole source. Any shade of Sharia is incompatible & rejected by the UN, EU & non Muslim Europeans.

      * The Muslims/Arabs further complicated matters by “The Arab Charter on Human Rights (ACHR) which was adopted by the Council of the League of Arab States on 22 May 2004. As of November 2013, the Charter has been ratified by Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE & Yemen.

      Both are and remain however incompatible with the 1948 UN’s- UDHR which our European values are based on! Is that understandable to a Muslim?

    • avatar

      @EU Reform -Proactive
      Why the talk down? Are you so totally islamaphobic that you have to take the same interpretation of their holy texts as the extremists in order to portray the faith as bad? For a start, infidels actually means Godless ones. Not non Muslims as you imply. Sinced Christians and Jews alike believe in the same God as Muslims (a fact that seems to be conveniently overlooked all too often) and Europe is traditionally a Christian society, and the USA is highly religious in many regions, this does not correlate with reasonable cause to claim the Quran supports killing. Next lets look at this assumption that I’ve seen repeated over and over again on this forum that Sharia law is somehow integral to the Islamic faith. It is in fact not. It, much like the laws formed in Europe, is religious based guidelines that various organisations used to formulate how to live as a society. Much like in Europe in times passed, faith determines morality and morality determines how we should live. Suicide is illegal in most of the west because it is considered a sin in Christianity. The precise nature of laws surrounding these religious ideals varies as peoples from differing regions interpreted the transition from religious ideals differently. Much like the sharia laws vary between different muslim states, what’s more is Sharia law does not overrule domestic law, it never has. Sharia law is merely what Islamic nations derive domestic law from much as the ten commandments are illegal in the UK domestic law. I see this whole affair of criticising muslim based communities for being behind Christian based communities as hypocritical at best, the religion is younger, by roughly 600 years. If you compare muslim nations to christian nations 600 years ago you will find their policies towards women to be consistent, their policies towards homosexuality to be consistent, their policies towards people of very different cultures and faiths to be consistent. Their outlook on human freedoms in some areas are further behind, and in others further in front, so again, averages out to be consistent. So, for the sake of peaceful cohabitation of the planet, please stop hiding racial ill feeling behind implausible or ill conceived dislike of Islam as a religion.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Dear Duncan, seems you act as proxy for “Ibn Mustapha”? What a pity. Surely he would be quite capable & “Quaran-wise to reply- if he wished! Why not address & be concerned about the many comments who wish to nuke & kill all Muslims?

      After you dropped a newly, but made up word “islamaphobic” (actually its sinister meaning is islamophobic)- I rushed off immediately & saw my GP to be tested for phobia allergies. Result: he assured me & confirmed my (non political correct) health is well & flourishing. What a relief!

      Resultant, i am allowed & advised to ignore your soapy pc deliberations as misplaced and suggest revisiting said UN & Islamic declarations for further study. Your effort is therefore (unfortunately) rejected.

      Maybe Ibn Mustapha (not Duncan) could- in addition- enlighten me about the true meaning of “The Islamic principle of Holy deception” called “taqiyya”? Thank you!

    • avatar

      @EU, whatever flimsy excuse will do to dismiss those who are critical? So sad that you take such an approach. And I don’t believe for a single second that you consulted your GP, and even I you did I find it difficult to believe your GP was well enough versed in psychology to determine weather or not you are afflicted with discriminatory attitude towards those who follow the Islamic faith. As for being a proxy, that is simply not the case. This is a debate, not a conversation. I dealt I had something to add that was relevant and so added it. And finally as for not condemning those calling for the use of nuclear weaponry against Muslims, surely such a suggestion requires being treated with contempt and not discussion?

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    Joel F. Adams

    I would think the answer is simple: When the existence of ISIS ceases to be of use to the West (US in particular). ISIS could be wiped off the face of this planet in a week in a military effort requiring fewer resources than Desert Storm or Iraqi Freedom, but that’s not currently on the agenda.

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      Mikael Pettersson

      Russia, China, North Korea and USA is too blame…

    • avatar
      Pavel Hatvalne

      Mikael Pettersson What has Russia, China & N. Korea to do with it !!! Russians have, in fact, the most clear headed policy. They called the spade a spade right from the very beginning, did not fall for the refugee debate and has been acting against the terrorist elements all along.

  17. avatar
    Paul Sharpling

    Ideas have never been defeated. Sooner or later they die a natural death but are resurrected decades or centuries later. Isis as a coherent military force may suffer collective defeats in certain places, but the philosophy will persist.

  18. avatar
    Phill Snook

    Only islam can defeat deash! Will they ever get together to achieve this end?

  19. avatar
    Mikael Pettersson

    Ehmm, Nuke them like Hiroshima and Nagasaki… except ISIS is millions times worse so they actually Deserve it…

    • avatar
      Vindio Villarroel Valle

      Yeah sure, as if the civilians deaths wouldnt radicalize muslims and people all over the world

    • avatar
      Hannu Arte

      Islam reserv 4000 000 000

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hannu: ~1.6 bio Muslims + ~2.2 bio Christians = ? (~7 bio earthlings in total)
      You are obviously not a grand master mathematician- or?

  20. avatar
    Sandra Wright

    The only way they can defeat them is what Russia is doing there will be a lot of casualties but there is antway if they are left to hide among civilians,.

  21. avatar
    Satsuma Angel

    DEFEAT ISIS? you guys have just created a million more Isis fighters out of perfectly peaceful, normal people.

  22. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    Defeat ISIS??? are you sure you want to defeat USA and Israel???
    ISIS are USA and Israel field troops to defeat Pres Assad…
    ISIS are Turkey troops to defeat the Kurds
    PROPAGANDA may say diferent things, but you just have to think a little…

    • avatar
      Christian Ainslie

      oooooh!! A person of insight at last….there is hope.

    • avatar

      Quite right, I have the impression that it handels more on USA debating rather than Europe debating. In a pefect american style the Mister hasen’ t given any reply to direct and clear questions how to tackle the isis ideology At its roots because they belong to an american and saudi ‘ s power ‘ s ideology. The ideology of money and War.

    • avatar
      Nick Youngone

      Kurdistan is a US supported country. It doesn’t make any sense to think that the US would create a force to fight it (and it goes against literally all that has been happening in the US support of the Kurds to fight ISIS). Read more.

  23. avatar
    Jozsef Osztronkovics

    If US Israel Uk would nor arm them there would be no ISIS –Bur like this US UK Israel is ISIS terrorist criminals

    • avatar
      Gordon Webster

      You saved me the trouble Joseph. ISIS IS US, and Britain, NATO, Saudi Qatar and Israel are up to their necks in the recruitment, supply and arming of ISIS A Nusra (Al Qaeda), and the Free Syrian Army. The Balkanisation of Iraq and Syria is their eventual goal, and terrorists are their chosen weapon.

    • avatar
      Nick Youngone

      The US was largely responsible for beating back ISIS until Russia came in at the end with their ham handed bombings inside cities in order to aid Assad’s destruction of rebel groups.

      It’s absolutely ridiculous to say that the US supported ISIS. Having their equipment meant for rebel groups be stolen does not mean they were supporting ISIS. That’s idiotic and said just to try to suit one’s anti-american, highly conspiratorial agenda.

      ISIS is lead by former Baathists that recruited angry young Islamic men to carry out their sick violent fantasies while trying to ethnically cleanse the middle east and the world at large. It’s quite simple.

  24. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    You can defeat them in Syria but what about Europe! No one knows who they are or where they are. Eu leaders did a great job!

  25. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    This evening in Berlin, Germany you can see the results of Merkels “Wilkommen Kultur”” It’s about time to get back to reality!!!!

  26. avatar
    Chris Watts

    Sanction Saudi Arabia, especially the Sauds and all their extended family. That is where all the money inspiration and support is coming from.

    • avatar

      @Alvaro, ww2 ended when Japan surrended. They didn’t surrender to Russia.

  27. avatar
    Philip Reese

    Impossible, historically….only true separation. Western Europeans expelled them about 1500, and East Europeans about 150 years, without really expelling them. Jihad is islam and islam is jihad. Jihad is a process of conquest of the world using ALL available methods, described exactly as one sees today, peace on one side, war on the other, and only one objective. Alas, still is the one religion at war with the KUFIR, while missionaries of other religions still propagate their ways, with alsonterrible consequences. South America, Philippines, etc.

    • avatar
      Tejan Ibn Mustapha Kallon

      Isis has nothing to do with Islam. Islam means Peace and submission to the will of Allah. Define the word “Jihad” before you comment because the word “Jihad ” means “strive in the part of Allah to bad and promote good”. In other words, Jihad means “to control your heart desires “. Islam totally condemn the killing of an innocent lives.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @ Tejan Ibn Mustapha Kallon

      It is estimated that the German government will have to spend ~50 billion Euros on refugees during this year & next. What does Germany & Europe get for it?

      We are actually not here to debate, support, defend or explain a Religion of ~1.6bio followers. Tolerance and understanding by both and for both belief system is what’s required.

      “Jihad” as explained by Dr. Amir Ali, Ph.D. (May Allah have Mercy on him):

      “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to defend themselves), because they are wronged – and verily, Allah is Most Powerful to give them victory – (they are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right – (for no cause) except that they say, ‘Our Lord is Allah’…” [[Noble Quran 22:39-40]

      “In conclusion, jihad in Islam is STRIVING IN THE WAY OF ALLAH by pen, tongue, hand, media and, if inevitable, with arms. However, jihad in Islam does not include striving for individual or national power, dominance, glory, wealth, prestige or pride.”

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Tejan Ibn Mustapha Kallon
      I’m more inclined to believe that Islam is the ‘religion of pieces’ judging by its horrendous history and track record.

      If you have any evidence to the contrary, then, by all means, please kindly elucidate me and all…

    • avatar

      @Tarquin, 7% of Islam are millitants (including terroists) hardly makes the entire religion bad. As for the “Track record” as a British citizen it’s probably best to “not go there” as we are hardly an historical shining beacon of peace on earth and good will to all men.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      Not that I doubt your veracity sir but would you please kindly cite your statistical source.

      Also, what do you mean by the word ‘militant’?

      Indeed, what is the difference between a ‘militant’ Islamist and an ‘orthodox’ Islamist?

      BTW, you have confused the UK (a nation state) and its history with Islam a religion and its horrendous history.

      FTR, most followers of Islam are good and decent people as I have said many times on these fora.

      Unfortunately, IMHO there is something singular pertaining to Islam and its persistent association with violence.

      You would do well to educate yourself about such disturbing matters before assuming that my appeal to educate regarding the ‘dark side’ of Islam means that 100% of Islam is bad.

    • avatar

      @Tarquin, I sourced that figure some weeks previously, so not able to recall the source. The difference between militant and orthodox is easily obtained by perusing a dictionary, you don’t really need my help with this surely? And further to the point about track records, my point was meant to illustrate that no group of people are without historical violence and that maybe we shouldn’t be condemning others for something that is universally true. As for you not saying all Islam is bad, that is not something you said previously, at least not as I’ve seen.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      I’m afraid that your failure to cite your ‘statistic’ despite me asking for same speaks volumes about your [lack of?] veracity dear chap.

      As regards your etymological guidance; your response was amusing but it still could not gloss over your inability to differentiate twixt the two words in question; thesaurus anybody?

      Your penultimate sentence BTW demonstrated [again?] your inability to distinguish between the ‘dark-side’ of a nation state and the ‘dark-side’ of a cult-ish religion – are you being deliberately obfuscatory or…?

      In a similar vein, I’m guessing that you would confusingly ‘equalitize’ someone guilty of a single instance of manslaughter with a mass-murderer. Am I right or are you wrong? ;)

      I have Muslim friends and a Muslim relative – I love them one and all; however, some elements of the religion of Islam are not to my liking, especially given the rather unpleasant behaviour of its primary ‘revealer’ and the violence he wrought and the violence he sowed.

      You may wish to ‘equalitize’ the history of the UK with that of the history of the religion of Islam – I do NOT.

      FYI, cast your eyes over:

      www DOT thereligionofpeace DOT com

      It is PC-limited people like you that stifle legitimate debate and [unwittingly?] provide a certain degree of succour to the likes of ISIS.

      In short to defeat ISIS, amongst other things one needs to challenge the unsavoury components of its existential basis i.e. Islam.

    • avatar

      @Tarquin, as stated previously it was source several weeks prior. It was not especially difficult to find. One moment and I will (since you yet again seem incapable of performing minute tasks for yourself in any instance that may go against the point you wish to make).

    • avatar

      Furthermore Tarquin I don’t wish to “equalitise” the history of anything. I also don’t care if you would or not. I merely correctly stated historically rape murder theft and genocide existed everywhere, and it is hypocrisy to condemn others for their groups historic violence. As for militant vs orthodox, a thesaurus will not help in this case as they are not synonyms. So once again, using my free time to aid you in a simple task you simply don’t care to preform.




      of, relating to, or conforming to the approved form of any doctrine, philosophy, ideology, etc.


      of, relating to, or conforming to beliefs, attitudes, or modes of conduct that are generally approved.

      [mil-i-tuh nt]



      vigorously active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause:
      militant reformers.


      engaged in warfare; fighting.

      Now please stop assuming because you chose to use longer words in an attempt to appear superior that you are in fact superior, I am not in any way shape or form supporting or aiding Isis in what I say, I am supporting peaceful coexistence as opposed to racially driven sentiments. And before you claim you cannot be racist against a religion, you are technically correct in this, but firstly racism as a word is evolving to incorporate such discriminations. And secondly, when the racists speak about muslims they are thinking of the Muslims from the middle east and north afrika.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      A simple task that took you 3 ‘stabs’ over several days to provide me with a ‘dodgy’ reference. LOL!

      FTR, you have ‘equalitized’ – your argument suggests that ALL of the ‘badness’ attributed to one religion is exactly equal to ALL of the ‘badness’ attributed to another religion.

      This is a logical fallacy and thus your point is in fact, NOT a point!

      BTW, what’s the difference between being ‘technically correct’ and being ‘correct’? :)

      FYI, being 50% black and 50% white myself your racialist comments seem not just askew but truly barmy – DOH!

      ISIS subscribes to some of the most disagreeable tenets of its singular prognosticator – such bizarre canon must be challenged.

      If you don’t see fit to challenge such rules then it appears that misogyny, homophobia, racism and paedophilia are not to your disliking.

    • avatar

      Tarquin, just stop trying to provoke me. It won’t work. I do not condone Isis, nor am I referencing Islam vs other religions. What I said and you seem to have ignored or deliberately misunderstood is that historical crimes have 0 meaning today beyond those who live having been guilty of them or a victim of them because EVERYONES ANCESTORS HAVE KILLED AND OR RAPED AND OR VICTIMIZED! By your logic, Muslims alive today are answerable for the historic violence of Muslims, so my counterpoint is that you as a British citizen must answer for the conquest of Britain by the romans who settled and became British, the Anglo Saxons who did the same, the Normans and Vikings who also did this, then the conquest of Ireland, the wars in France, the involvement in the crusades, our conquest of a quarter of the globe, any and all people sentenced to death for a crime they didn’t commit. I’d wager a substantial sum of money that will tally up to at least equal to all the historic crimes committed by Muslims. How dare you live free with such crimes on your conscience? Don’t feel I’m being fair to you by pinning all that violence on your doorstep? Do you maybe see my point now? And here’s the clincher, I can do that with any historic group of people you want to mention! Heck, go back far enough and the Muslims from the middle east and afrika even share ancestors with you, so their historic guilt is also your historic guilt. As for the difference between being technically correct and correct, I would say the difference is one is only correct based upon a technicality, as opposed to being correct in a way that prevents a differing version of correct. Is my reference dodgy? Or do you merely chose to perceive it as such? As for your being 50% black and 50% white, does this somehow mean nothing you type can be racially motivated? Are people who are 50% black and 50% white able to stereotype others without it being racist in your opinion? Is that not racist also do you not think? How do your Muslim friends that you say you have feel about your thoughts on how they should be judged for the historic actions of other Muslims by the way? I’m curious because I don’t see myself staying friends with anyone who would try to say I’m guilty of crimes committed by others who I have some things in common with.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      What a load of juvenile [albeit entertaining] drivel!

      YOU need to familiarise yourself with the famous quote about repeating historical events attributed to George Santayana.

      Similarly, YOU need to acquaint yourself with Mark Twain’s quote about rhymes and history.

      You would also be wise in studying a tad about Islam, for example, the hundreds of millions killed by Islam (according to the Islamic scholar Firishta) when Islam attacked India.

      Islam’s history is singularly violent and destructive – It is ISIS appeasers like YOU that need to be countered, chastised and challenged.

      PS: As regards your ‘projected’ [as in the psychological context of which I am sure you are aware?] rationalisation of my bi-racial nature – how about the idea that I enjoy elements of both seminal cultures and I am able to understand both with equanimity as a result of my upbringing.

      PPS: As regards your ‘bet’ – it reminds me of the playground ‘big-mouth’ that is challenged about a viewpoint they hold and sensing the weakness of their position makes an outlandish statement to buttress their feeble assertion. The most appropriate response for such a childish [and wrong] wager is Sshhh!.

      PPPS: What’s the difference between being ‘correct’ and being ‘technically correct’? Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

    • avatar
      Antonios Forlidas

      How long ago did you hear the word Democracy in your country? Maybe 20 years ago?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Bota László
      Please, please, please do NOT.

      Most Muslims are like us, decent, hard-working and civil.

      Please do not call for the killing of all Muslims, please do not call for the killing of anyone!

      Please just focus on countering the homicidal narrative of the small minority of Muslims that are intolerant and seek to kill the RoW.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Bota László- no joke or smile! It would classify you and your hopefully (Hungarian) more enlightened Christian faith below that of ISIL and all other radicalised faiths or religions around the world!

  28. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    War mongering politicians need to wake up.

    The islamic spirit- deeply embedded since childhood in all Muslims or its radical shadow ISIS- can never be defeated! Negotiate on equal terms, do not interfere but respect their system & struggles.

    Never try to integrate them within the European democratic system which is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR 1948) and not their “Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights” which is based on the Qur’an (CDHRI)

  29. avatar
    Sean Ro

    Easily solved America should stop the funding and arming of terrorists problem solved

    • avatar
      Sean Ro

      Dnc emails confirmed American funding of moderate rebels to destabilise the Middle East for strategic resources so stfu unless you actually have a clue abou the world

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……….another strongman or strange man’s idea! Any more on your list?

  30. avatar
    David Logue

    A huge bomb might just do it there will be no peace while these followers are still poisoning the planet !!!!

  31. avatar
    Bill O'Brien

    Saudi Arabia is the paymaster of jihad, America supplies the weapons; take these two elements out of the equation and we may have some chance.

  32. avatar
    Andrew Mather

    Defeat Isis? Or defeat Islam? The same Isis that didn’t exist before the (latest) invasion of Iraq? Maybe stop invading people for oil, hegemony, and to dismember enemies of Israel. It’s a funny thing about humans, but if you bomb and shell them, they tend to get irritated. Israel and the Arab nations live in a constant state of war. Our naive support of politicians has allowed us to join that and become part of that constant war. Anyone who still doesn’t understand what happened on 9/11 should perhaps do some research.

  33. avatar
    Любомир Иванчев

    The best way is to attack or sanction all third parties that are financing and supplying them, like Saudi Arabia for example. Cut off their supplies and funds, and they will destroy themselves.

  34. avatar
    Carole Robinson

    shut down all mosques ,ban the burka , deport hate preachers , deport every one who commits a crime who is not of the nationality of the country they are in ,They live bt the law of the country or out ,

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …….really? Are you the latest member who joined the nuclear “bloody” suicide brigade? Where do you live?

  35. avatar
    Andor Balazs

    I think we have to print out a lots of flag with ‘ Stand with Syria ‘
    and do nothing..

  36. avatar
    Andor Balazs

    I think we have to print out a lots of flag with ‘ Stand with Syria ‘
    and do nothing..

  37. avatar
    Andor Balazs

    I think we have to print out a lots of flag with ‘ Stand with Syria ‘
    and do nothing..

  38. avatar
    Filipe Figueiredo

    Simple. When we stop caring more about our own humanity and people than profit and money. Until then, wars will never end.

  39. avatar
    Gilles Hosch

    ban integrism. sanction religious hate preachers hard. islam first – and all others too. full stop.

  40. avatar
    Luis Filipe Oliveira

    well it seems that the russia and syria government have done more in one year against ISIS than Europe and the US during all this time. I just why?

  41. avatar
    Paweł Kunio

    What will it take? Definitely not sick in the head idealism of eu politicians and majority of its population.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …………but, the US & NATO are already busy for years! Any better idea?

  42. avatar
    Claudio Vascotto


  43. avatar
    Claudio Vascotto


  44. avatar
    Fernando Sousa

    2034 Europa na mao dos fuckkkkkk islamicos pois politicos cumunistas adoram merda do islammmmm Russia vai invadir Europa expulsando islamicos

  45. avatar

    It would take a common European border, a common European army of 200 thousand personel, massive increase in surveillance of European Muslim organisations (mosques, schools, cultural centers etc) a compulsory rewriting of the Quran copies used in Europe, external funding of Muslim groups cut off/vorbidden, drone attacks on Saudi Arabian and Pakistani individuals who are financing extremists and continuous drone attacks on known extremists. Non genuine refugees should not be allowed in Europe.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Ahhh, you must be comrade in arms with John Frederick Stroud then (same idea)?

  46. avatar
    Xavier Ray

    For the u.s. And posse to stop training and funding isis. And mingling their nose where it doesn’t belong. Is a good start.

  47. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    ISIL are a religious sect that preys on people’s minds using ideology to make its victims believe that there is a great mission that awaits them and they should join the group in order to achieve it. They create a false sense of belonging, a sense of protection in people who lack love in their families and are still looking for the true purpose in their life. Why is there never any public analysis and discussion of the exact philosophy that ISIL recruiters use, for example in their videos, or books? This is the only way how their teachings can be exposed as false – by being publicly scritinised on TV and other media, so that everyone can see the truth about them. At the moment the terrorist recruiters are enjoying the secrecy they need – no one is trying to counter their sick philosophy and expose it as a scam, a tool to control and abuse people. ISIL dupes its victims to believe that they are serving God, while in reality they are devil worshippers and slaves used as killing machines.

    This is also linked to a wider discussion – that about the teachings of the Quran. Why is ISIL interpreting the Quran in this way? How can good words be twisted to mean war and killing? Or are they in fact evil words presented as good in order to fool people and achieve mind control over them? What is that book really teaching and why is it banned to question it? ISIL is hiding behind this ban! As long as we do not take off the veil from the truth about the Quran, the terrorists will continue their recruitment unhindered.

  48. avatar
    Geoff Fowler

    tell the american CIA to stop funding them for a start..remove the Rothschilds and Co…remove the central banking system …peace on earth

  49. avatar
    Henryk Magas

    ponoc dzila ok 50 tys islamistowjaki problem rozwalic do sztuki ale interes maja jankesi zydki ichyba wszyscy zeby sie dzialo bo tam jest bogactwo

  50. avatar
    Max Bliss

    Arrest George Sorros, the Clintons, The Bushes, sanction Israel, sanction Saudi Arabia, sanction Qatar, sanction Turkey, expose the CIA/Mossad/Mi6 connection to ISIS etc…, etc…

  51. avatar
    Mirosława Iwanów

    ISIS 80% żyje z ropy. Za nią kupuje wszystko od smartfonów po broń. Dopóki będą chętni na tanią ropę od ISIS po 5 dol za baryłkę i będą kupować wszyscy od USA po Zachód Europy nie ma możliwości aby zlikwidować ISIS. Napływają do nich nowi najemnicy i muzułmanie pozbawieni przyszłości, pracy. Duża ilość Europejczyków. Terror robi również swoje. Mają swoich mocodawców dla których życie ludzkie nie ma znaczenia liczy się jedynie kasa i biznes.Za dzień płacą1.5 tys dol. najemnik pójdzie wszędzie tam gdzie dobrze zapłacą. Nie muszę pokazywać palcem kto za tym stoi. Wszyscy dobrze wiedzą czyj to jest interes i kto pociąga za sznurki. Wojna to biznes opłacalny

  52. avatar
    Frerk Güntzler

    To defeat ISIS you have to fight them on different fronts at the same time:
    – fight their income (Oil etc.)
    – fight their propaganda
    – educate the people
    – help the people to build a better future for their kids
    And last but not least (without it, the above will not work):
    – sent troops to bring the fight to their doorstep (but fight a honest war, show our moral foundations (e.g. protect civilians, treat prisoners with respect, don’t use outlawed weapons and tactics etc.)

  53. avatar

    Isis are fighting a war on 3 theatres. Theatre 1 is at home, theatre 2 is at our home, theatre 3 is in the hearts and minds of people the world over. If we had the political will and disregard for collateral damage, we could win theatre 1 within weeks/months. But this level of brutality would allow Isis gains in theatres 2 & 3. I would therefore argue we should focus efforts on theatre 2 & 3. The fight in our home can be successful. It requires vigilance, surveillance and intelligence services efficiently working round the clock with well trained and equipped response elements. It also requires good border security and control. This eliminates/reduced threat from external source. Theatre 3, hearts and minds also directly impacts on theatre 2, ideological recruits in our home are the most problematic for preventing successful attacks on us at home. The easiest way to solve this is through combatting Isis’ efforts in theatre 3. Nit actually sure there’s a single fix for theatre 3, but some things that need to change are media coverage intended to shock scare and panic. Western leaders need to stop making poor choices, both in disregarding safety concerns of their people, but also in poor choices and decisions as a result of political pressure in the aftermath of those choices. Angela Merkell letting millions of people into the EU in an ill conceived and badly organised process was a bad choice. Supporting a ban on the Burkini is another, but it is one she feels she needs to make to seem to her public to have turned against these people she invited in that are causing harm and damage (well, some of the are, better border controls could have vetted out any undesirables, but there was no border enforcement capable of vetting the vast numbers that flooded to the EU as a result of Merkells policy). Put simply, we need our Muslims to recognise that those other Muslims are not I fact their saviours, and we are not in fact their enemies or oppressors. What is actually happening at the moment is the opposite. And what’s more is it’s becoming true, what was once an open and tolerant society, governed by a set of rules designed to allow freedoms is turning against freedom to wear a religious garment, and is rife with people blaming their faith for terrible crimes against humanity. Some vocally, others using force, or inciting others to use force. So in other words, we are winning the war in hearts and minds for Isis by responding the way we are.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Sorry, too much, too long & too contradictory!

      “Isis are (is) fighting a war on 3 theatres”. Really? This is hogwash at best! There is enough info available to refute several of your opinions. Too complex to present & put in a few concise sentences!

      “…… we need our Muslims …..??” Justifiably criticizing Merkel but preaching like Merkel? Maybe a different & fresh opinion:

    • avatar

      @EU, what makes you say this? Are you deliberately trying to goad an argument by misinterpreting my words? How is the fact their are 3 theatres of conflict with Isis hogwash at best? Are they not fighting I the middle east&north afrika? Are they not trying to recruit from within our own countries through a propaganda campaign? Are they not attacking us in our home nations? Last I checked 1+1+1=3.
      As for criticising Merkel then “preaching” like her I find your comment missguided. I criticised Merkel’s decisions where they deserved criticising. Aka her decision to openly invite millions of people to come to the EU without any system in place capable of correctly processing millions of people through the EU’s borders. And her decision to support a ban on muslim clothing as a way to try to appear as though she is being tough on Muslims to those who are rightly upset by the damage caused by some of those she let in.
      Of course my comment was long, it’s too complex an issue to use Donald Trump style one liner’s.
      And I dislike your misquoting me to prove your point I didn’t say “we need our Muslims”. I said we need our muslims to understand Isis are not their friends and we are not their enemies. What’s more is Merkel’s approach was to welcome other Muslims, this is not the same as what I was saying. Europe has already got a population of Muslims, they are Europeans and as such should be given the same rights and responsibilities as all Europeans. If you treat them as second rate citizens (which Merkel will be doing by banning their right to wear religious garments) you will make it that much easier for Isis to recruit them.

    • avatar

      As for the youtube link, I cannot take anyone seriously when they have a video titled “We want the truth we want Trump” as it just shows a level of stupidity that warrants ridicule, no matter how many valid points that person makes from then on, in the back of my head is a voice saying “but they think Trump is truthful! Haha”.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ………….sorry once more, but the video link is titled “Europe’s Last Chance”! Hallucinations? I have to agree with Pat Condell- some are out of their mind, but no worries- as long as they have no control.

      History is a great teacher- pc modernism is not!

    • avatar

      @EU, did you not check his other youtube material? Not even to the extent of reading their titles?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……….i accept for what you stand- but please don’t troll- dismissed!

    • avatar

      Let the world know EU reform proactive defines, trolling as disagreeing with them and being correct.

  54. avatar

    What will it take to finally defeat ISIS?

    Debating what is ISIS? Is it a part of humanity or not? We cure or we kill? If we kill are we truly a part of true pure humanity? The one who is going to lead us tomorrow? Is there gonna be tomorrow? If we kill we are not ISIS? How you stop madness?

    • avatar

      I have to confess that if someone visits me unexpectedly at 3:00 in the morning, breaking my window. I do not guarantee for my actions.

      This statement and only does not make me a good leader. Couse I could not predict or stop this from happening. Worse of all I have no plan and no time. Maybe I somehow caused this guy’s behavior and now I have the hot potatoes on my naked hands. This guy has all the time needed to plan and organize actions. I got sec to wake up from my dreams and act.

      Do I defend myself to protect myself my beloved ones and my property with all possible means?

      Or I am crazy enough to call this guy for a cup of coffee one whiskey double for me cause I am scared and talk problems risking of me being beheaded?

      Which option should the human race choose if we plan to be around for eternity in the dawn of a new nuclear race?

      Put straight you maths not at the moment my friend.
      In eternity. Make sure all your data are true. Then check how much time we got.

    • avatar
      Andrius Adomaitis

      nuclear strike at Moscow. World would become more peaceful place with no people dreaming to bomb others (including hospitals in Syria as war tactics).

    • avatar
      Александър Михайлов

      If you were hoping to kill a million people just to kill someone who disagrees with you, you should have picked a different Eastern European capitol. And by the way, a first strike against Moscow would surely lead to the northern hemisohere becoming uninhabitable following the retalliation

    • avatar
      Malik Sajjad

      World need peace not nuclear war

    • avatar
      Eugene Urzov

      Andrius Adomaitis а как же мы? Твои коллеги?))) нас тоже под гриб?)

    • avatar
      Andrius Adomaitis

      Eugene Urzov, it was rethoric idea as a response to Mikhailov. In reality it should never ever happen. It’s insanity.

  55. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Ideology, funding, support from other factions and the buyers of their oil, slaves and whatever else they are selling. All these need to be dealt with. They are being enabled. And all points of enabling must be cut off. Sanction the countries that buy at least the oil from ISIS.

  56. avatar
    Andrius Adomaitis

    real defeat is mass information campaign about Islam’s priorities (it was conceived and remains pilitical conquest dogma) so that “religion of peace” nonsense no longer exists in political speeches, and children are educated why islam is as dangerous as nazism, soviets, and so on.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Vladislav Drilenko, WWII is history- the Muslim world made sure they are not subject to the UDHR (1948) or any European HR declaration, but only to their own & unique CDHRI (1990):

      “Jihadism” is driven by the idea that jihad is an “individual obligation” incumbent upon all Muslims. Jihadist insist ALL Muslims should participate because (they believe) today’s Muslim leaders are ILLEGITIMATE and do not command the authority to ordain justified violence. ~1.6bio Muslims globally- seemingly having equal numbers of differing interpretations of their Quran- which they of couse deny. Action was taken by the UN in 2015:

      UN Resolution 2249 (2015) calls for & allows all member states to: COORDINATE their efforts and take ALL NECESSARY MEASURES (armed conflict) to suppress (eliminate) DA’ESH / ISIL- by observing the UN Charter on HR, the Geneva and the Hague Conventions etc.

      An effort is needed to investigate if there is a strong legal case to answer by the:

      * EU’s president (jeopardizing all EU citizens & refugees security- producing regulations (Dublin accord) & others but failing to adhere to,

      * EU’s president & the German Government (Merkel) for failing all EU’s citizen by not safeguarding their human rights (& security) under the “EU Charter of Fundamental Rights” (legally binding by the Lisbon Treaty, Article 6 TEU.)

      * German Government for acting alone without first seeking broad EU consensus on that matter,

      * Mrs. Merkel personally for acting without EU’s collective authority by endangering Europe’s & the EU’s security (“ALL welcome policy”)

      * EU representatives for failing to enforce their own Council of Europe’s (secular) Convention on Human Rights on ALL, including ALL Muslims under its jurisdiction, who collectively & openly dismiss this Convention, by steadfast remaining subjects under the Cairo, their Arabic Islamic HR and/or any other convention based on their stated “superior” religious Sharia- which is officially rejected by the UN & the CoE.

  57. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    A long military campaign ill till their supporters are eliminated,logistics support of anti isis factions and and after isis defeat a long term international support of the new regime in order to start the reconstruction of Syria which is important if we want to stop the refugee flow to Europe

  58. avatar
    Franco Suarez

    By extinguishing AmeriKKKa, pay reparations and ask for forgiveness for the wrong and evil perpetrated to Africa and The Middle East by NATO forces acting on behalf of war profiteers, you’ll have a great start.

  59. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    Cut the finance, weapons, and food. They will go home and become good people. Also, stop bombing their countries, so they can rebuild. Finally stop the mind-control.

  60. avatar
    Andrea Brown

    Nuclear strikes on ISIS strongholds and continous carpet bombing off all ISIS territories.

  61. avatar

    I Agree with you, Jessie Francescon from Hedayah, that to counter violent extremist narratives it is important to learn about the types of messages that recruiters use. Indeed, not many people in Western people are attracted to violent extremism by its ideology. Many individuals may be compelled by economic narratives and ” hero” narraitves.

  62. avatar
    Cãlin Rednic

    Since DAESH/ISIS isn’t just an ideology, but rather an organisational algorithm founded on terror, extreme and disproportionate violence, radical and absurd religious interpretation of social conduct and an antiquated idea of justice, slavery, extorsion, and all kind of abuse, they have to be faught on a multitude of directions as the bold military response, joint police actions and counterinformative strategies, media policeing, a very low tolerance towards those who are proved to embrace ISIS’ ideals. Nevertheless the education about the values of democracy and freedom of the populations where they find support would be a breakthru, but it’s a very long term objective and, maybe, almost impossible to achieve (if we want to be realistic).

  63. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    As they get squeezed in Syria and Iraq by government forces they will try to claim refugee status in Europe. If Europe’s liberal elite agree to this it will only increase migration problems. Time to be cautious I would think because your average Islamic fighter will not be listening to Frau Hampenhalter’s western cultural orientation class.

  64. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Create a westernised version of Islam. Remove all those verses from the koran that are offensive to the west, select westernised imans, impose non-segregated mosques etc. and end all female subjugation. Then ban all other forms of Islam and deport those who will not adapt.
    If Muslims themselves will not reform their barbaric religion then the west must create a modern day alternative for those who desire to live in the west.

    • avatar

      Did you read the header? This is how to defeat Isis, not what do you want to see happen to Muslims in Europe.

    • avatar
      Kismat Khan

      Yeah, like “We” did to Jew! Reform them!

  65. avatar
    Luuk Hartman

    First of all we should not see terrorists as Muslims, because ISIS says they do these bombings and attacks for the Islam. This is completely wrong, because terrorists are not even close to Muslims. 90% of the terrorists aren’t even Muslims. And when they say they are, they’re wrong, because those horrific actions don’t belong to the Islamic rules. The Muslims feel attacked by this, because they’re being seen as cruel members of society. When that problem is out of the way, we should start focusing on the way of thinking of ISIS. This makes it much easier to predict when and where the attacks are going to happen, which will prevent a lot of victims. We have to make one big team like in WW2 and fight this terrible group. Together with not giving them weapons we will be able to stop them from expanding their power.

  66. avatar
    Børge Rahbech Jensen

    Unfortunately, it stays in Europe. Building a wall around Europe doesn’t help much as most members of the organization came from Europe in the first place. Several political parties in Europe has about the same ideology as Islamic State, too, and usually gain popularity from terrorism.

  67. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    Defeat ISIS? I wouldn’t call Importing of ISIS fighters in EU defeating… would you?

  68. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    It will take blood and tiers! The only way we can deal with isis is to go out there take them out and help the the rebuilding of the society the same way the Americans did after WWII in Europe

  69. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Watch out. ISIS is a Phoenix. It has already been around under different names. One has to erradicate whatever keeps these movements showing up every few years…

  70. avatar

    Watch out! ISIS is a Phoenix! It has already been around under different names. One has to erradicate whatever keeps these movements showing up every few years..

  71. avatar
    Waldisley Cadore Rodrigues

    Cancel de F35 project and put that trilion dollar in 100k autonomous killing drones with swarm capabilities. They will wype out any terrorist treat in less than a year.

  72. avatar
    Waldisley Cadore Rodrigues

    Cancel de F35 project and put that trilion dollar in 100k autonomous killing drones with swarm capabilities. They will wype out any terrorist treat in less than a year.

    18/05/2017 Paul Scharre, Director of the Future of Warfare Initiative at the Center for a New American Security, has responded to this comment.

    26/10/2017 Peter Singer, strategist at the New America Foundation and author of the novel Ghost Fleet, has responded to this comment.

    26/10/2017 Piret Pernik, Research Fellow at the International Centre for Defence and Security, has responded to this comment.

  73. avatar
    Dimitar Peev

    First and most important – to stop help, that is coming to ISIS from citizens inside EU. To stop all these fundamentalists, that live in EU and go and help ISIS and fight for the terrorists.

  74. avatar
    João Machado

    Isis is not representative of Islam. I do agree that the West needs to change its strategy though..

  75. avatar
    Kelly Emilie Finger

    To understand Islam, stop the diabolization of muslim people and that ISIS is killing muslim innocent people and we should at least try to empathize. All society has self defense in his law rules the problem is when people mistaken it for advocating terrorism and when self defense degenerates into cyclic no-end wars non sense wars that remain with the 1-1 score and that both sides keep wanting to drop bombs. Nobody should be victims of those wars, neither being part of them, all shame and human stupidity… I only hope the solution is in women’s hands.

  76. avatar
    George Diplas

    Just look at the picture.Brand new 4×4 vehicles.Belgian automatic rifles.Dutch grenades. Who supplied them?

  77. avatar
    Nelson Hill

    As to the question, “What will it take to finally defeat ISIS?”, that is a conversation stopper of a question because you cannot “finally” defeat an ‘idea/ideology’… Read Clauswitz’ “On War” or if you really want to do it the ‘military way’, to “finally” defeat ISIS, powers that be must adopt the old sacrosanct strategy formulated by General Templer: “winning hearts and minds”

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