citiesrefugees_d3Cities and towns are at the heart of European society. We are one of the most urbanised continents on Earth, with around 75% of Europeans living in urban areas. So, in the wake of the ongoing refugee crisis, it will be European municipalities that will ultimately have to help integrate individuals into society.

In order to take a closer look at the local impact of the refugee crisis, we recently launched our ‘Cities & Refugees‘ project – aimed at fostering a Europe-wide dialogue between citizens, refugees and asylum seekers, NGOs, politicians, and European leaders. The emphasis will be on connecting local, everyday life at the city level to decisions made in Brussels and national capitals.

This week, we’re looking at Helsinki, Finland. New arrivals in Finland are being offered voluntary classes on Finnish values, including how to behave towards women. The classes are a response to concerns about a culture clash between conservative values in Muslim-majority countries, and liberal Western attitudes (especially towards sex and gender).

Curious to know more about how the refugee crisis is impacting Finland? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).


We had a comment sent in by Luchian, who argued that all migrants should be required to pass a “compatibility test on European values”.

To get a response, we spoke to Anu Riila, Senior Planning Officer of the Helsinki City Executive Office, in the Economic Development, Immigration and Employment Services Division. Are “European values” classes for refugees and asylum seekers something that she would support?

riilaI do not think so. However, European values should be taught at school and basic knowledge be given during the introductory courses to immigrants, so that immigrants have a basic understanding of what kind of society they are living in and all the positive things that have been achieved with those values, such as democracy. Similarly, we live in a global world, and Eastern values should be more extensively taught at schools as well.

In fact, values are tools that help national governments to deliver benefits that no single country could necessarily achieve on its own (say, acting against global warming). The European Union’s common basic principles for immigrant integration policy stipulate that frequent interaction between immigrants and citizens is a fundamental mechanism for integration. The practice of diverse cultures and religions is guaranteed under the Charter of Fundamental Rights and is safeguarded, unless practices conflict with other inviolable European rights or with national law.

Hence, instead of passing a compatibility test, citizens together with immigrants should enter into dialogue on values and common goals. The participation of immigrants in the democratic process and in the formulation of integration policies and measures supporting their integration at the local level. The City of Helsinki, in its Strategy Program 2013-2016, has stated in its ethical principle section that the city, in all its actions, stresses fairness, equality and openness. The city, together with its citizenry (including migrants) aims to build a stable and safe environment to live, respecting everybody’s legal rights and supporting their wellbeing and comfort. The joint citizenry respects ones’ own language and culture, as well as the cultural rights of all inhabitants. There is respect for diversity and equality, and zero-tolerance for racism. Shared forums, intercultural dialogue, and education about cultures and values all enhance interaction between immigrants and citizens, and community building as a whole.

Should refugees take mandatory “Western values” classes? Or would it be better to encourage normal interaction between asylum seekers, refugees, and locals? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Bobi Dochev

    Yes, they should take mandatory classes! But I highly doubt this will make any difference – the differences are not so much cultural then religious.

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      Well, religion is a part of culture, but in actual fact it’s not religious difference, it’s cultural. Christian communities 400 years ago had very similar attitudes towards women. Frankly, it’s more recent than that on many points.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Refugees no way.. They are trying to escape and save their lives… Migrants yes, because they most likely are here for the long term and to stay.. These two groups are not the same, don’t confuse them or expect to be treated the same..

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      Bódis Kata

      I disagree. It’s inexcusable that in legal processes the defense would use the “but he didn’t know” reasoning in case of anyone. The law is not relative, the law is absolute. If they don’t know, then they have to be taught to improve their chance of conforming, but “not knowing” is never an excuse for breaking the law.

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      I agree, but it depends the length of time they stay in Europe and the conditions… If they are placed in a ghetto concentration camp, you can not expect them to abide by laws, while not giving them equal rights as other migrants…

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      Steven Duchateau

      I don’t think the length of time someone wishes to reside in Europe is relevant. Even people who want to stay in my country for a short time should behave properly and obey the law. The rule of law is not relativistic.

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      Christos Mouzeviris

      Yes but they are only guests… They are not migrants.. Unless they qualify for it….

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      Christos, this might sound strange to you but outside of Greece where there is true democracy the law really DOES apply to everyone and people really do get arrested when they break it. That’s why they don’t do it a second time and the country prospers. Greece with its selective application of the law has been mucking about, on the contrary.

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    Wolfgang Mizelli

    yes, after we helped them to cope with their traumatic experience. and Europeans also need that classes

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    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    This should already be in place. If you move somewhere to work and live, you simply have to integrate. Honour your heritage and customs, but adopt those from where you are living.

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    Federico Amorino

    Rather than patronizing these people, we should adopt integration policies (especially training programs and jobs) which would give them, among other things, hope. People tend to abide by the law when they have much more to lose.

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      Pavlos, A very large number of Greek refugees HAVE returned home now that the country has restored its democracy.

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    Rosy Forlenza

    yes. Should they be ‘de-cultured’? no. I think it is important that there are boundaries,non negiotiables particularly around gender and equality issues. Pin those down and it is much easier to bend with difference.

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    Stefania Portici

    io credo che il rifugiato debba innanzitutto imparare la lingua e le regole in generale . I valori del Paese ospitante non credo si imparino a scuola ma vivendo in mezzo alla gente europea, frequentandola ed è talmente complesso che una generazione non la capisce , il rifugiato inizia a capirlo dalla seconda generazione, cioè i suoi figli. I believe that the refugee must first learn the language and rules in general. The values of the host country do not think you learn in school, but living among the European people, and attending it is so complex that one generation does not understand, the refugee begins to understand by the second generation, ie her children.

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      Stefania Portici

      quali sono i valori occidentali ? Io vedo dei valori in ogni Paese dell’occidente ma non sono uguali. Chi vuole la globalizzazione ha fatto talmente le cose in fretta che neanche il popolo occidentale ha fatto suoi quei valori . Il rifugiato farebbe bene a capire i valori del Paese ospitante e non dell’occidente se non vuole avere problemi del quieto vivere

    • avatar
      Stefania Portici

      e quali sono i valori occidentali ? Io vedo dei valori radicati in ogni Paese dell’occidente ma non sono uguali nella coscienza popolare Chi vuole la globalizzazione ha fatto talmente le cose in fretta che neanche il popolo occidentale ha fatto suoi quei valori e li rigetta anche perchè sono forzature neoliberiste che annientano ” i VALORI” appunto . . Il rifugiato farebbe bene a capire i valori del Paese ospitante , non dell’occidente in generale se non vuole avere problemi del quieto vivere

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    Federico Nicosia

    Of course … Otherwise why coming to the EU? Just to benefit? If one comes and wants to stay in the country, he/she should learn about the country they will for all/most fo their lives

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    Dirk Schönhoff

    Refugees are just human beeings. They have their traditions and their cultural background. You can’ t make a Reset and press the delete buttom by teaching them values. We have to live these values and show the attraktiveness of our society.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Dirk Schönhoff
      So female genital mutilation is ok with you then?

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    Georgia Sigala

    ??? We Europeans can’t even agree what constitutes “western” values! No this is simple: when in Rome you do as the Romans do, or else…

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    I would like to know what are those ” Western Values ” that we would like to teach to immigrants? Is it freedom? justice ? democracy? Health care ? Respect ? I don’t know.. It is not an easy task to define what those values really are, but also if they are the right ones and if we ” western people ” even apply those values. ( wich seems to be also different from one western country to another ).
    Maybe it’s not about teaching something to someone. Maybe it’s about dialogue between differents cultures that might carry some roots that converge to those “values”.
    What about language courses where locals can join and share some stories about their usual life ( family life, professional, sex life, music, etc.) to offer a picture of what is common and what is not tolerated in the hosting society and vice versa ?

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    Ainhoa Lizar

    So many naive people… You really think they are interested in the decaying “western values”? They want to see all the europeans dead! Not learning their values… They have a better sense of who they are and where they belong so they will stick together and promote they own culture.

  13. avatar

    If their is a conflict in Europe and the Middle East tries to help resulting in Europeans being refugees in the Middle East then how much of their culture we will be willing to take on? I am from Europe and Christian but just trying to put myself in their shoes.

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    Bela Zsolt Gergely

    Stefano Kino and Myrele Per this is right up our alley re our #europeforcitizens (Európa a polgárokért program) #welcomeproject

  15. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Would you call them ‘Forced Re-education camps’ ?, you crazed Europeans have learnt nothing from your history.

    You cannot force ‘your’ values onto people, they either already have them or they do not..

    Fascism, Communism, Nazism and Europeanism, only the colour of your flag changes.

    • avatar
      Ander Anderson

      Ciobica Ovidiu So you want Migrants from other EU countries to take classes in civalization

    • avatar
      Ciobîcă Ovidiu

      Why not, it’s about adapting to the standards of their new countries, not forgetting about their native culture

    • avatar
      Ander Anderson

      Jokera Jokerov What does an illegal immigrant look like ?

    • avatar
      Jokera Jokerov

      Like a person who has illegaly entered a country, without proper permission by authorities.

  16. avatar
    catherine benning

    No point, it is a waste of money. For, they cannot change and do not want to change, from the culture they were raised in and had to flee from en masse.

  17. avatar

    Yes they should. And they would have to learn by hart the values and repeatedly write them down over the course of the class.

  18. avatar
    Marie-Therese Faidherbe

    Western Values ? Which Western Values ? I think that what all people (citizens, migrants, refugees) should be taught (and mostly are not) is HUMAN RIGHTS

  19. avatar
    Joe Sabino

    Yes! If I move to a place on a long term basis I should try to get integrated and not segregated!

  20. avatar
    Michele Homewood

    Possibly yes, but only if it’s obligatory for everyone else. After all, not all westerners seem to know what “western values” are.

  21. avatar
    Blanka Kasza

    I think it is always useful to have them get to know the culture. There is culture shock for everyone when they move.

  22. avatar
    Alexandre LD Pereira

    Faz todo o sentido que tenham formação cívica segundo os usos e costumes do país de acolhimento, desde logo para se integrarem melhor

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    Antonis Triantafyllakis

    This would be laughable if it wasn’t serious enough to make someone cry…
    What are these “Western values” the question refers to? The only reasonable (in the sense of officially agreed to as something all we, “westerners”, share in common) thing that could count as “Western values”, in my mind, would be the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
    But if we agree that, indeed, this is something that counts and start checking how we apply the human rights, we’ve long before agreed to abide by, towards the refugees, we may find that we’ve been disrespecting almost all of those values we claim they should learn!
    Go have a read here ( and let me know if you think we’ve been applying “Western values” in the way we’ve been treating the refugees during this crisis, even though these became legally binding since 2009… I’ll help you out if you find this task daunting, or you’d prefer someone else to take the responsibility of testing the integrity of your suggestions. Find here ( the memorandum of ECRE to the European Council meeting that preceded the horrendus EU-Turkey deal. Guess how much the Council took this into account? Suffice to say that Amnesty International called the deal “a historic blow to human rights” and Doctors Without Borders went on strike in protest… Check this report ( as well, regarding what matters in reality in our so called “Western values” when applying them to the refugees we claim should learn them. But even a look on some of the comments above can, sadly, prove how much we’re aware of these so called “values”…
    Hell, we’ve not even been able to apply human rights internally, if you take the financial crisis as an example and check how Eurozone members states are still treating each other…

    I’d go all the way and propose the opposite than what the question suggests. We, the westerners, who love so much patronising all others as if they were inferior, should be the ones learning “Western values” before suggesting we should teach them to others. Let’s teach ourselves, as well as our political leaders, the basics of human rights, before taking such an arrogant stance towards those in need, whose rights we’ve been constantly ignoring…

  24. avatar
    Povil Ka

    Probably phrasing should be updated…. What about “cultural awareness training”?

  25. avatar
    Pedro Pinheiro Augusto

    I think all europeans should attend those western values classes, what ever they are. We should take the opportunity to get some new values, the present ones are not so good.

  26. avatar
    Pedro Vicente

    Some europeans should have classes with them! Maybe they could learn how to be less xenophobic, homophobic and more social progressists

    • avatar
      Paul X

      It is nothing to do with Xenophobia forget the emotive clap trap and look at the reality of the situation. People are not born knowing right from wrong and if they believe something from birth and are never told anything to the contrary, then no-one can blame them if they continue to think as such. So for example those from countries where women are treated as second rate citizens will continue to have that mindset even in a European country unless they are taught otherwise

      Homophobic?…this is obviously your little a joke? I think you will find many of these refugees are from countries far more homophobic than anywhere in Europe

      ….and what is a “social progressists”, I can only assume someone who would welcome a refugee into his own home eat all his food, sleep in his bed and be given some benefits money for doing so?

  27. avatar
    Beverley Sinton

    I think refugees should take classes in the country they go to live in because they need to understand why some of their new neighbours are racist and dislike Islam so much. Lessons in how to find help and a doctor etc would also be useful.

  28. avatar
    Robert Steinbinder

    Integration?! o.O Who will build up Syria again, after the war is over? Selfishness knows no boundaries… :'( Who cares about the women, children and elderly people, who remained in the Middle-East???!!!

    • avatar
      Ainhoa Lizar

      When the war is over they should go back to their homelands. And the big majority that are not coming from Syria should be deported immediately. Europe has become a dustbin.

  29. avatar

    Yes, they should. Anyone that fails the final test should be denied asylum.

  30. avatar
    Bronco Petrović

    Even if they take they’ll never adapt! They will hate us instead. Send them back! Some are too different to ever fit in and from different realm

  31. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    There is too much talk about what to do with refugees and not nearly enough in how to prevent them from being refugees.
    Let’s be honest here, even people who willingly migrate to other countries with different values and traditions will not fully adept to the culture, so by what logic would those who have been forced to move?

    • avatar
      Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

      Yes but we have to do something, I agree with you that we have to prevent these people for becoming refugees even by eliminating the forces that force these people to flee from their countries, but what about those who are already here? I think we should start thinking “long term “children are orphan or they about to been born in Europe, those children or even teenagers I think we must find ways to make them merge into our socialites, it would be the best for all I think! ;)

  32. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    There is no ‘refugee’ crisis, it is a migrant crisis & it can only get worse, a lot worse.

  33. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    There is no ‘refugee’ crisis, it is a migrant crisis & it can only get worse, a lot worse.

  34. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    Children and teenagers can be “reprogrammed “the way we want, but for older people it would be much more difficult even impossible in same cases, something that could work is the fear of being deported..

  35. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    I’m pretty sure we discussed this one. However in recent speech of Mr. Bauman in Hamburg senate appear that in 1.8 million city under the WIR program (Work and Integration for Refugees) there are only 5 refugees who pass professional trainings. Under same program in 1.8 million city only 32 are employed (all of them at work that require no qualification)
    the 30 big DAX concerns with millions workers for 1.5 year hired 125 refugees as the government ruled Deutche post hire 100 of them.
    Another research of the level of education of the refugees estimates about 60% of them are functional illiterates.

    Yes all the refugees should pass mandatory classes for “Western values”, and not only pass classes, before they granted refugee status they should pass and exam and psychology tests to prove they understand, accept going to follow this values.

    But with all the above said – there is no difference if they pass it or not, the majority of them have no chances for integration and this is mission impossible – we just going to create more and more ghettos where the Sheria law going to flourish, until one “happy” day we going to see the consequences of the misunderstood tolerance – but it will be too late!

  36. avatar
    Fabio Ferrari

    Yes. We Europeans are culturally bound from birth to western liberal constitutions and the European bill of rights. If you want to be European you have to accept the “terms and conditions”

  37. avatar
    Elena Córdoba

    First of all I want to point out that we, Europeans, are too much afraid of not being “politically correct” about this topic… In our societies, if you state that millions of young, healthy, predominantly male Muslims marching into Europe –with little intention to integrate with its society and culture– is actually an invasion, then everyone says you’re an Islamophobe!
    People need to feel confident that immigration does not come at the expense of their livelihood, safety, and heritage. When you read that Germans are afraid that Augsburg might become Islamburg, they are not extremists – they are simply protecting themselves. It is the most natural thing to do; and unless you have been deluded into thinking that migrants come first at any cost, you would agree.
    So yes, the migrants need to adapt, learn and agree to the local democratic values, customs, traditions. PRIOR to their arrival to Europe. Education and acceptance of the local values is the key to succesful integration. But must be done BEFORE arriving to destination.

  38. avatar
    Jason Picci

    Deport the warmongers, Soros, Merkel, Schultz, Verhoefstadt, Ashton, Mogherini, Kagan, Nuland, McCain, Brezinski, Clinton, Cameron, Blair, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Biden, Obama, Lévy and the French Garden Gnome to Africa and Asia Minor instead.

  39. avatar
    Anatilde Alves

    No! Get real we have some countries here that clearly don’t share the same values. Why don’t we all go learn these so called values then?

  40. avatar
    Irmeli Mattsson

    Obligatory classes for learning our language, and obligatory work is needed for these people to start integrating to Finnish society. I have been renting out appartments to refugees from the 2002. Very few ever officially work. They don’t learn finnish language properly. They connect mostly only with their own ethnic group. The social security system here has made it possible for them to function like that. I have met somali single mothers with three chlidren born in Finland, who have been here 8-10 years,and they can only communicate in finnish with a interpreter, and are still illiterate. And actually they have not been single mothers, but second or third wives of a somali man.The man lives in his own apartment and his wives with their children in their own homes. And our society fully pays that party.

  41. avatar
    Marco Musazzi

    I see some terrible answers here. How about when the countries with different values were the countries in eastern europe? you already forgot? Europe must be open to different ideas; accepting other beliefs is at the heart of the european dream. True, a lot must be done and our governments are unprepared because they prefer to waste time on constitutional reforms and bla bla, but we have an obligation vs these people running from fear and hunger. there are more sons of europeans in the world then in Europe! those were migrants too

    • avatar
      Stephen J Gorog

      Wrong!!! Not the same culture or values not even talking about aggresive actions not usual in Europe.

    • avatar
      Marco Musazzi

      exactly the same thing. just look at reports of the 1910s about poles, romanian, italian or german immigrants in the US. and they were moro numerous in numbers than current immigrant. study your own history

    • avatar
      Stephen J Gorog

      1910??? We don’t go back to the civil war do we?

    • avatar
      Marco Musazzi

      you would be amazed by the level of civil rights at that time

    • avatar
      Stephen J Gorog

      1910??? We don’t go back to the civil war do

    • avatar
      Stephen J Gorog

      1910??? We don’t go back to the civil war do

    • avatar
      Marco Musazzi

      i see you have many arguments to support your thesis

    • avatar
      Stephen J Gorog

      1910??? We don’t go back to the civil war do

    • avatar
      Stephen J Gorog

      1910??? We don’t go back to the civil war do

    • avatar
      Stephen J Gorog

      I see no reason to argue something that is obvious!!! In this world now (today) we can see the begining of a “war” differant then any before!!! History will not show a way out of this very serious situation!!

  42. avatar
    Chris Pavlides

    Bancrupt Greece provides them host but in return they still burn, destroy and demand in an unfavour way. Mentality can not be reversed with seminars. They are “foreign body” to euro organism. Better support their homeland reconstraction. Help them have a better life at home.

  43. avatar
    Jean-Pierre Rosa

    Sure. And job training / retraining along with language courses. Can’t imagine anyone opposing this.

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      João Vasco Sousa as usual, the Portuguese point of view leaves most wondering how such a nation of idiots ever dominate half the world along with Spain.

    • avatar
      Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      Then you’ve not been on the internet for long haha

    • avatar
      Leonardo Monteiro

      Jean-Pierre Rosa You are the one unable to see the position such thing would, and should get, and we portuguese are the idiots ?

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      Leonardo Monteiro oh do elaborate. And yes, a nation with so much potential in such dire straights is a direct consequence of the fools you keep electing over and over again.

    • avatar
      Mario Azevedo

      Why some Canadians are so stupid? You have dayly flights to Canada why you don’t fly back to your country?

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      Mario Azevedo because im Portuguese too and i’m busy rebuilding the city you left in ruins. You don’t deserve what you have.

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      Mario Azevedo and please don’t criticize Canada.. just makes you look like an even bigger idiot…

    • avatar
      Ricardo L Gomes

      I do recon that most Portuguese seem idiots, that’s because the majority of them are in fact low educated full of prejudice ignorant and arrogant people. It is sad, there are a few exceptions, but yeah, as a Portuguese I admit, along with most of the Latin European countries WE ARE IDIOTS

  44. avatar
    Fernando Nabais

    Not at all. They have their own culture, one cannot force others to assimilate our own culture. Besides, refugees are supposed to be in western countries only for a short period of time as they will go back home as soon as the war at their countries ends.

  45. avatar
    Alvise Dal Ri

    So long as we agrre as to what they are. And maybe, take some of them ouselves. But really what would we teach exactly?

  46. avatar
    Tudor Nimara

    Why not a Comparative course? Many migrants, like many Europeans seem to lack an understanding of their own, as well as the “other” side’s values.

    • avatar
      Tony Muñiz

      I could care less about the other sides values. I am not the on who chose to go to their countries, with barbaric valued. It is they and our politicians forcing them and their barbaric values on us. I have no choice. And this question is only poised due to the problems they have caused and their not wanting to integrate. Problems from theft, intolerance, to attacking church goers, defacating in churches, masturnating in them to molesting women, raping and murder. Buylt really, the problem is not them. As it is to be expected. Just look the countries they come from and how they behave there.

  47. avatar
    Noelle Grammelis

    Yes, learning about our culture is the first step towards mutual respect, I do my best to respect cultural differences when in a foreign country and I expect the same back. It is even better if mandatory as there are no excuses after .

  48. avatar
    Tazul Kazal

    It is true and for forever.
    Do you remember ” An Old man (A Farmer) before death told his own 4 sons to each of them to bring a stick ……and rest you know. That story was in our Class 4 or 5 . Long time ago.
    Your vedio tell us the same lesson.

  49. avatar
    Tony Muñiz

    No. Keep them in refugee camps and return non refugees immediately. And the rest, stop bombing their country and send them back to rebuild. Why are you trying to integrate people who don’t want to integrate? I’m a migrant myself. I migrated to a totally different country than mine, different language. I didn’t need any classes to learn to be civilized. I behaved like a human being. Didn’t go around groping women, accusing different religions, raping or murdering. No, I learned the language, followed the law, integrated and embraced their values. Obviously if just behaving like a proper human being is difficult for them, I say send them back. There is no place for them here. And the problem is exactly this. No one has vetted who is coming in. Which could be anything from a doctor to a serial murderer, to a pedophile. But what can you expect when you allow unvetted migrants from countries where women, homosexuals are stoned to death and pedophilia is accepted as norm? Where christians are persecuted and blasphamy of Islam is punishable with death. Where women are shot, stoned and beaten for going to school, or Allah forgive, for not wearing a burka or hijab. How do you integrate someone who will muder their own daughter in the name of honor?

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      Who are you to say they don’t want to integrate? Why base your opinion on the very few that don’t? We have plenty of wife beaters and pedophiles in Europe. Try not to resort to generalizations that would easily apply to European society as well.

    • avatar
      Ricardo Santos Marques

      Well who’s generalizing now? Positive generalization is still generalization. And when it comes to large amounts of population generalization makes SENSE! With that being said, I don’t see why western values classes would not make sense. If you already know, you know, If you don’t then learn away. If you don’t want to, then you can go back to where you’re from. It sounds like a pretty simple and reasonable pre request. Or do classes sound like such a terrible and scary thing?

    • avatar
      Ricardo Santos Marques

      Also Jean Pierre, while you criticized, you offered no other actual tangible ideas or options. What you did was add 0

    • avatar
      Tony Muñiz

      Jean Pierre Rosa. The always defender of EU and “refugees”. I am a citizen so have all the right to say what is blatantly obvious and in front of my eyes. You must obviously live in a posh bubble. They do not integrate or show any interest in doing so. And any who do choose to do so on their own, and unfortunately are the minority. But go on. Keep living in la la land. Ignore the facts. And yes, we have murderers, pedos, rapist etc etc. Unfortunately, we can ship them out. But that doesn’t mean we should import more. Or because your kid is a thief, you let all thieves into your home?

    • avatar
      Marko Martinović

      Only with unlimited acceptance policy. Now they are here and disasters keep happening. Their defence is: They dont know language and local laws. All of this was iresponcible

  50. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    Don’t even call them ref… reff… refff… They are invaders, migrants into swedish and german wellfare systems.

  51. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    This is a strange logic to promote, if all cultures are equal then no body needs to change their own culture. If you feel a need for an outsiders culture to change then you have judged that part of the outsiders culture is wrong and incompatible with existing norms. That then means you expect new arrivals to see the superiority of you beliefs, ideals and viewpoints and set aside their own.

  52. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    I am not sure if it is “western values” or pure and simple “cultural vales and norms of behavior” of the host society.
    But either way, it is imperative!
    It is absolutely true that for all immigrants, and I have been an “immigrant” in a few societies, a new society holds norms and modes of conduct that may be strange or different from the immigrant’s country of origin. And these differences can cause a lot of frustration and conflict for the immigrant and for the host society.
    Two cases in point are the “space bubble” and the accepted personal greetings… and dress code accepted.

  53. avatar

    I am not sure if it is “western values” or pure and simple “cultural vales and norms of behavior” of the host society.
    But either way, it is imperative!
    It is absolutely true that for all immigrants, and I have been an “immigrant” in a few societies, a new society holds norms and modes of conduct that may be strange or different from the immigrant’s country of origin. And these differences can cause a lot of frustration and conflict for the immigrant and for the host society.
    Two cases in point are the “space bubble” and the accepted personal greetings… and dress code accepted.

  54. avatar
    João Machado

    This is nonsense. Most refugees would have no problem integrating in any society (no matter if it’s western or any other) if the numbers of people coming to any country would be adequate and controlled. Get 100 people into a small city of 100.000 and they’ll integrate easily. Get 3000 to the same city and they’ll end up living in segregated areas under their own cultural background “ways of living” and not integrating in the host culture at all. Give them the chance! What Mrs Merkel and the EU in general has done, opening the doors uncontrollably, was the biggest political mistake made in Europe for a long long time. And we had quite a few….
    Solution? Remove these people from power once and for all and close the borders! Help refugees in their own countries, not by letting them risk their lives in the hands of human traffickers to come to Europe without no prospects of a decent quality of living and the chance for real integration. Do it for both the refugees and the native people of Europe. It’s not rocket science…

    • avatar
      António Espadaneira

      Yeah, yeah… but now that all is done, and their country is in ruin, what do you recommend?

    • avatar
      João Machado

      António Espadaneira I’ll repeat. Close the borders of Europe. Accept refugees, not migrants. Migrants can go through the legal processes to enter Europe like anybody else. Help the refugees in their own countries, don’t ship them half across the globe. And lets stop invading their countries as the good behaved puppet of the US, which is creating the refugees in the first place. Put political pressure on the rich states (mostly Arab) that are not receiving any refugees when they are actually next door to the war zones. Stop dangling the carrot for Turkey to enter the EU. It’s enough political stupidity and crime.

  55. avatar
    Paul Johnson

    nobody should live in poverty whether it is in England or abroad – and still the right-wing press is spreading hatred to give an excuse for poverty worldwide – and those who spread this hatred live in golden lift building and use their wealth to encourage more poverty – Murdoch, Trump, Breitbard, Farage, Putin etc. are all encouraging and enticing hatred whilst all their wealth together could help lift up those from poverty – start boycotting those companies that support that right-wing press|image3

    • avatar
      Lynne Warner

      How do you propose to eradicate poverty?’ Socialism has proven over and over again that it doesn’t work.

  56. avatar
    Safa Wan

    which refugees?Europe has police officers and police staff acting as a separated police to serve sorcery. They don’t recognize the legal system in any of the 3 countries i have been to: UK, NL and Ger.

  57. avatar
    Betty Syrigou

    It would be a good idea if they were introduced to the European legal system and to the european set of values like equality , feminism etc

  58. avatar
    Maria Rodrigues

    Countries have constitutions. Everybody, foreigners or not, must do what the constitution tells them to do. That’s the solution to integrate different cultures.

  59. avatar
    Mihai Petru Ceuca

    Yes. Abolutely. Non-negotiable. Look at the Paris suburbs, where women are forbidden today to go to restaurant, or to walk outside without burka.

  60. avatar
    Iván Marsh Whateley

    No. Europe has laws. you obey them as Europeans do. And Europeans are laicists tolerant people who don t tell everybody what to do or learn.

  61. avatar
    Ricardo Santos Marques

    It is quite hard to do right now though. There is more than one fire burning atm. You need to fix the refugee problem at the source, you need to fix Syria first.

  62. avatar
    Gregory Smyth

    Understanding different culture is important. I was in Dublin this weekend and heard a young English guy go up to a black lady and say “are you on holiday too” he then walked off laughing. His girlfriend was disgusted and so was I at the racism. Civics for those move to Europe would be a good idea. Also Civics for people in Europe would be good – so that we understand it’s not cool to be racist, or to tolerate it.

    21/02/2017 Thomas Fabian, Deputy Mayor of Leipzig, has responded to this comment.

  63. avatar
    Emil Pavlovich

    They are simple and common sense – freedom of speech,human rights,freedom of expression and success through material values, gains and rewards,expression of yourself.

  64. avatar
    Gabriele Beggiora

    Yes, they should. Not to satisfy people here who think that they should bow down to our supposedly superior culture, but for the good of the refugees themselves. Without a proper knowledge of our languages, cultures and systems of law they will never be able to fully integrate and become productive members of our societies. As a cultural mediator I always tell my guys that language is the first step, after they will have learnt the language they will be able to attend courses in order to get their competences certified, and, only after that, they will be able to look for and apply for good jobs. Knowing our languages and cultures is paramount for them also for their protection, once they will be outside the assistance if they don’t know the language they won’t be able to know their rights, their obligations, they won’t be able to take care of their most basic needs, and won’t be able to avoid scams and people who may want to take advantage of them.

  65. avatar
    Fernando Nabais

    No. As according to the law refugees must go back to their countries as soon as the war is over, there is no need for them to take “western values” classes. Besides, imposing values to someone is probably against human rights. Finally, multiculturalism means coexistence of different cultures and different values within the same community. So, if we want to live in a multicultural society we have to accept Muslims throwing gays from the rooftops of high buildings. it is part of their culture.

  66. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    they should get classes about the civilization of each country they end up in, so they’d know how to integrate in the new society

  67. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    The liberal left either think culture is a designer label to be changed at will or believe ” their” ideas are so superior that “Western” norms will be accepted and adhered to once they have been explained in detail to migrants regardless of background. They resemble the mindset of colonialists who were ” bringing civilisation ” to the natives.
    To think that the culture and education, the society norms you were brought up on can be cast aside is either arrogant or foolish.
    Beliefs, philosophy and values can be real convictions that define what you stand for, they are not just thrown away with a six week school class.
    Ironically conservatives understand this better and empathise far more with the social dislocation it causes.

    • avatar
      Jürgen Küppers

      I think you don t know much about the “liberal left” since you are describing the nationalistic right in your beliefs and the conservatives.

  68. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    You are wrong Jurgen the liberal left do believe that six weeks in Frau Hapenhiem’s class for European values will wipe away decades of another culture and lead to global sameness. The data and evidence is there in the new age ghettos. If you cannot see this you are wilfully blind or just can’t accept something is no working. I,m not preaching just stating what is happening

  69. avatar
    Joao Antonio Camoes

    define migrants and refugees; migrants, yes. If they choose a country to live, to rise their children, to work and benefit, they must learn language, culture and respect law and the way of living. On the other hand, refugees are people in transit that should be fully supported; it´s moral and legal (most of countries have signed this comittment) obligation; food, shelter, clothes, psychological support etc should be given untill conditions are reunited for them to return home. This is not political issue; that´s common sense..

  70. avatar
    Iksas Ygrikas

    yes if only westerners does too. it should be mandatory for both refugees and local citizens, bcs we lack of values as well.

  71. avatar
    Tony Petersen

    Why not offer classes to all (im)migrants, refugees and expats alike? As well as to local citizens who could also benefit from being reminded of their own constitution and obligations.

  72. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    The abusive/criminal bastards should be kicked out fast and forever. No adult person will change the basics of his behavior because he took a course.

  73. avatar
    Vitaliy Markov

    Yes as long as western locals and politicians also receive the classes. Everybody is out of touch with the true meaning of western values nowadays.

    • avatar
      Bódis Kata

      Who defines what the “western values” are? ;)

  74. avatar
    Wouter Russchen

    yes. Our cultures are very different. they need to learn the language, how to get a bank account here, how to flirt, how to be a neighbour, etc.

    • avatar
      Kismat Khan

      Are those refugee Tarzan from jungle? They never have neighbour or bank acc.

      You probably never travel!

    • avatar
      Wouter Russchen

      Kismat Khan opening a bank account is different in every country. you’d know that if you lived in different countries. being a neighbour is different as well, in some countries it’s customary to be silent at 8pm or even earlier while in others it’s fine to be noisy until midnight.

  75. avatar
    Eleonora Marocchini

    How about we all take classes on Human Rights and constitutional values of the country we’re going to live in?

  76. avatar
    Jason Cotterill-Attaway

    Emphatically YES. We have many cases where people are using ignorance of the law and other social norms in legal cases; UP until recently “ignorance is no defence” was the situation in British courts, but this is no longer the case, unless you went to a British school.

  77. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    What are western values?….Inmigrants should adopt some of the ways of life in the countries they are going to settle, but some of the european “values” need revising.

  78. avatar
    Charlotte Beukers

    Maybe when we still held the moral high ground, now with children freezing and drowning at our borders, maybe our own citizens should go first…. starting with our constitution : no discrimination on gender, race, religion etc… then learning the international treaties on war and its refugees etc…. maybe if we regain the moral high ground we could ask newcomers to learn our real values…

  79. avatar
    Francesco Dondi

    Yes. Then it’s on them to apply them or not; but ignorance should not be an excuse. There have been cases with sentences reduced because ‘in their culture it’s different’… this must end.

  80. avatar
    João De Almeida Barata

    Yes, they should. But that doesn’t mean Europe should not celebrate and valorise those cultures! Multiculturalism is progress if both cultures respect each other and keep the best of both. I think the culture of the country that receives should be maintained and not be challenged by other cultures. If you put a culture in danger of being submissive to another people will go against the receiving culture.

  81. avatar
    Domenico Valenza

    I’m afraid you should stop asking this kind of questions, you literally bring out the worst in people.

  82. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    MMMM so the EU invites in refugees / migrants then expects them to attend classes to “Westernise them” as previous waves of migrants have possibly not adjusted to Western society as well as was expected.
    Maybe cultural feelings are not like a desinger lable that can be cast off and changed. This idea that culture can be cast aside is very much part of the colonial idea ” of bringing civilisation to the nobel savage ” Expecting migrants to adopt Liberal values with a six week class shouts of a “Liberal emotional superiority ” Funny conservatives have a better idea of how people hold onto their values and beliefs and are more respectful of this.

  83. avatar
    Andrea Brown

    Yes. Ask them do they accept gay marriage, womens rights, disabled rights, etc and if they say no, say goodbye.

  84. avatar
    Lidia Están Arias

    Definitely yes, if not to share views entirely, at least to know them and understand them. But this might not be the best moment to demand it. Selfishness seems to be a global trend.

  85. avatar
    Viorika Motoi

    Por que no hay ninguna iniciativa de parte de paises arabes de religion musulmana para acojer a sus hermanos ,sobre todo los paises ricos emergentes con tanta falta de mano de obra?

  86. avatar
    Giarris Yfantopoulos

    Is that a rhetorical question? They must keep their ethnic identity but they should take some western values classes in order to fit socially and politicaly.

  87. avatar
    David Whittington

    People where ever they come from should respect the culture and follow the laws. But not be hated for being different….

  88. avatar
    Namma Jeff

    That would be a great idea, provided they attend those classes.

  89. avatar

    I believe that its high time they learn the laws and responsibilities of europe.When someone comes to europe they must be able to fit in society.That can be achieved by some lessons that will teach refugees how to behave in this ‘new world’ of them.Its important to learn our cultures but not less important not to forget theirs.

  90. avatar
    Spiros Sarlis-Giorgos Rebouskos

    Everyone has the right to keep his ethnic identity. But on the grounds that the number of refugees has increased, we believe that refugees should take mandatory “Western values” classes in order to fit socially to the area they migrate.

  91. avatar
    gruppo autonomo

    well,this is so ridiculous,the refugees should be welcome in europe but they are not. You the countries of east europe you have closed the borders.So in my opinion they should learn english ,to communicate with orther people and after to watch lessons.

  92. avatar
    Thanasis Pantelis - Dimitris Rantzos

    They should definetly know and understand them. We are leaning more to the ‘yes’ answer.

  93. avatar
    Anastasia, Areti

    I think that it’s really important to take mandatory ‘western values’ classes, because they have to learn necessary things about Europe, in order to intergrate into the new society without though forgetting their values.

  94. avatar
    Konstantinos Biskemis - Stayros

    Everyone has the right for compulsory courses. Everyone can other things learn up to a certain point. Someone still respect other cultures.

  95. avatar

    Rather than patronizing these people, we should adopt integration policies (especially training programs and jobs) which would give them, among other things. People tend to abide by the law when they have much more to lose.

  96. avatar

    Yes we believe that refugees must take mandatory classes to learn “Western values”. However, we are not fully positive that this project will have any positive results based on the fact that there are many differencies between the nations such as religious or culture.

  97. avatar
    George Priftis-panagiotis nst

    As we live in a civilised Europe everyone has the right to be different however there must be some common values among the european citizens without meaning that refugees must be obliged to take mandatory classes! Instead we should resort into other solutions.

  98. avatar

    to our minds refugees should take mandatory ”Western Values” classes because they should be taught Europeans’ relligion, customs and overall lifestyle and that is why refugees could actually fit in the new to them environment and at the end of the day this mix could become profitable.

  99. avatar
    Jenny, Elena

    To my mind, refuges should take mandatory “Western values” classes, because this way it would be easier for them to integrate into “western society”. Learning about the western culture, customs, tradition, refuges will be able to absorb the western lifestyle.

  100. avatar

    We agree that the refugees should take mandatory “Western values”, but first it would be helpfull to learn the European language for better communication and in the end they will be part of our civilliasation.

  101. avatar

    Mara juu ya muda kulikuwa na ANNIE na kwenda kunywa maji ya kuogea

  102. avatar

    I think that refugees should take some mandatory western values classes, because they need to know things about Europe and that will help them incorporate in society, make relationships with other locals and they would also be able to find a job. Moreover they should not lose their true identity.

    • avatar
      José Lambrux Gonçalves

      You should know that everything Started im Greece. That include, democracy, respect for women, free speech and the list go on. Can you name a country from these refugees that have democracy, equal rights for man and women, free of speech…..????! And the definition of western values is here. Seams that you sir need a bit more of self study.

      Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilization, Occidental culture, the Western world, Western society, European civilization, or Judeo-Greco-Christian civilization, is a term used very broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe. The term also applies beyond Europe, to countries and cultures whose histories are strongly connected to Europe by immigration, colonization, or influence.

    • avatar
      Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

      Οbviously you cannot determine western values.You do not of course know Greece and Greek values.And of course democracy is not the oligarchic parliamentay regimes of “western” world.At the end of the bottom Greece and..Israel are Southeastern countries.

  103. avatar
    Romeo Grigoras

    No. I think that they should imediatly redirected at theyr homeland, and reparerred all the damages wich they suffered. Stop the war in muslims countries, stop poverty hunger& others. And they will not leave anymore theyr countries. Europe is not Arabia. I don’t like this kind of mixing values.

  104. avatar
    Deniz Celik

    Kind of. It shouldnt be mandatory since western values also include the freedom of everyone & everything. Maybe reward the ones that visit the classes,but forcing them would certainly not help.

  105. avatar
    Miro Perinić

    my reality is, democracy is a lie. over that minority terrorizes most and creates an unnatural situation that has no future, “We go in the wrong direction, that’s clear. Russians and Muslim peoples break Europe and nobody sees it, “

  106. avatar
    Oli Lau

    should they be sent back to where they come from if they don’t respect those values? why do we have to spend money on lesson that they should learn by themselves.

    • avatar
      Mauricio Giordanelli

      You didn’t learn it on your own. Don’t fool yourself. Therefore, you can’t expect newcomers to learn it on their own as adults!

    • avatar
      Oli Lau

      when i moved to spain. i have learnt their language by myself. taxpayers should not fund anything. it should be a win win situation for all parties otherwise you generate xenophoby.

  107. avatar
    Pedro Jorge Lemos

    They are note net e tô leram bus to fight and conquest the ocient while we are all sleeping thinking that goatfuckers have a peaceful religion… White they are demoníaca predators

  108. avatar
    Jaime Martins

    Yes. If they do not respect our way of life and impose theirs, they are making an invasion and not running away.

  109. avatar
    Pantelis Dimitriou

    Well its like this: when one comes to Europe they should accept that:
    Women can move about same as men, dress as they please, drive, choose their partners etc. people can drink alcohol, eat pork, work or not work on saturdays and sundays, make fun of god, allah, buda, thor and whoever else they please, there is the law of the state and thats all you can have your religion and thats your prerogative but it applies to you only not to others and you cant enforce it on your family either. If classes are needed to introduce those concepts then thats what should be done

  110. avatar
    Rui Gordo

    Eu quando vou a casa / país de alguém tento sempre conhecer e respeitar os costumes (desde que não violentem a minha cosmovisão)…..logo a inversa também devia ser verdadeira. Quando as cosmovisões são incompativeis…..retiro-me !!!!! Não gosto de estar onde não me sinto bem.

  111. avatar
    Edita Buržinskaitė

    Perhaps, although it would be a waste of money, unless after finishing the course a migrant would be considered to be acquainted with the rules of behaviour in a European society and no concessions would be made for their savage behaviour.

  112. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Why should they ? their faith says ‘you’ will conform to their values, multiculturalism is a dangerous lie & means the death of western values.

  113. avatar
    Chay Carle

    Many of the indigenous persons should also take “Western Values” courses

  114. avatar
    Alfonso Martìnez Montoya

    Should westerners get classes of western values, now that the extreme right and the worst of Europe demons are coming back?
    We have many examples right here.

  115. avatar
    Yanis Sarto

    The title makes it sound bad but I think they should. Especially the younger ones at school who are still open minded and forming their personalities .To say there’s no issue with the extreme conservatism that often prevails in their countries of origin would simply be a lie

  116. avatar
    Barbara Szela Lesniak

    If they’re planning to live in Europe, it’s obvious they should. Europe should follow the example of Canada. What Angla Merkel did is not only against the law but there’s no clear idea of how to really deal with the immigrant crisis she caused.

  117. avatar
    Constantinos Orphanos

    George Dimopoulos Eleni Panagakou Anastasia Qka ax paidia,as to kleisei kapoios afto to page.σταματησε να ειναι αστειο

    • avatar
      Anastasia Qka

      Παρά πολύ και σοβαροί άνθρωποι λένε κάτι τέτοια 🙂

    • avatar
      Tiromanzino May

      Get out of here troll. Cataluna is free yet except for the Nazis like you that beat people on the street who doesn’t swallow your Nazi Nationalism.

  118. avatar
    Alexa Seyforth

    Yes. Hispanic men who are recent arrivals are subjected to similar education when they’re arrested for domestic abuse or violence in the D.C. metropolitan area. It works great. It’s a result of better men being in charge though. I can’t say the same for Europe

    • avatar
      Nicolette Ladoulis

      In Germany I was with the wife of a former ambassador. A street vendor from India was totally rude and disrespectful condescending and loud belittling her as an Oma…not even respect for the elderly as an immigrant. I was shocked. This was May 2017. What’s up In Germany?! Maybe there’s a reason for the AfD…

  119. avatar
    Simeon Milanov

    No, they should not. Instead they should be given the option to either take them or go to their super cool countries if they don’t like it. Personal responsibility is always prefarable to mandatory stuff.

  120. avatar
    Raul Fresco

    Everyone should take classes to get a better cohexistence, including me (and specially my new noisy neighbours)

  121. avatar
    Manuela Moura

    In Germany I had to do a KULTURPRUEFUNG for my Univesity entrance as well as 3 Goethe Instituts courses…

  122. avatar
    Nicolette Ladoulis

    I saw materials for French integration and it was really well ..I was offended ..had stuff about homosexuality and transgender stuff you have to accept

  123. avatar
    Cãlin Rednic

    Without any doubt… Refugees need to get to know very well and respect the values of any country that hosts them.

  124. avatar
    Боян Максимов

    not only, the law should be highly radical as well, against all kind muslim values.. , Kid marriges, wimmen rights.. Almost all kind mercy for that scum, is accepted as weakness, which they use against us.

  125. avatar
    Levente Levyngton

    Bored about refugees…..they are even not or just a very few of them…..majority are thiefs, thugs, lazy people. A few arab friends of mine told me we are insane because we let this scumbags in….they never worked in their country as well….. so we get the garbage and commit suicide
    …Bravo Merkel!

    • avatar
      Max Berre

      Interest shit you’ve been smoking.

  126. avatar
    Max Berre

    What would we even teach in such classes? Wouldn’t it just be more efficient to provide job training and job placement so as to smooth integration into the economy?

    • avatar
      Mick Wijnen

      It’s nice if they would get accustomed to things like freedom of speech, gender equality, acceptance of LGBT etc. They don’t teach that in job training.

    • avatar
      Gergana Petrova

      Max, integration into the economy is only one aspect of life. The items that Mick listed are very relevant and important for both the refugees and the host society having a happy and productive life. Knowing how to avoid creating or putting yourself into bad situations is important not only at work. I don’t understand why this is considered a tool to “oppress” refugees and not a natural part of a “welcome” package.

    • avatar
      Tim Myers

      Things integration plans do – teach local language, organise meetings with other parts of the community, put women in charge of classes, have local female cops come to answer questions – the idea is to show women in authority roles.Run classes on women’s status in society – I’ve heard differing reactions, from bursts of laughter at the idea that women choose their own jobs, husbands, etc, to anger, to resigned acceptance accompanied by ‘But not my daughters.’ Same classes on gays etc, getting in gays to teach and talk, mixed results. But these things are very important indeed to understanding where they’ve come to live, and help them adjust. Frances

    • avatar
      Max Berre

      My feeling on this is based on my parent’s experience as refugees in the USA during the cold war. Basically, what made all the difference then was how quickly and well they were able to establish economic independence. That’s where learning useful job-skills comes in. And their experience living under Castro’s dictatorship made them view any sort of classes where they teach about local society’s cultural views as “the local regime’s propaganda”.

      With that in mind, Ghadaffi and Assad are also dictators of that sort. And living under them ALSO means living with ideological propaganda. If my parents saw any kind of american values courses as “local ideological propaganda, (which is material that had to be learned for US citizenship), why would things be any different today?

      Needless to say, it wasn’t the ideological stuff which ACTUALLY made my parents learn to love america.

    • avatar
      Gergana Petrova

      I’m not aware of any huge (world-scale) difference of opinion on gender and LGBT issues between people from Cuba and the US during the cold war. Also, both countries are predominantly Christian. So I’m not sure how your parents’ experience is similar. In their case (people of similar cultural background) I’d be inclined to agree with you that economic integration should be a priority. That’s not what we are talking about here though… We are talking about people coming from countries where the punishment for being gay is death, and women have little voice. Particular individuals might agree or disagree or be anywhere in between, but when they come they need to know and accept that the only acceptable attitude is “Being gay is normal” and “Women are in charge of their own lives” and that there are no exceptions, not even their own children or spouse.

    • avatar
      Sonya Afonso

      lol go to south arabia, you would be very happy

    • avatar
      Anthony Fico

      Sonya Afonso two faces of the same medallion.

  127. avatar
    Sotiris Papadelos

    Of course if they like to move to Europe, and be successful on the study . If not to be deported. On the other hand Europe must provide safe passage to them, so no smugglers would be involve.

  128. avatar

    Of course they should. And let’s stop calling values such as gender equality, freedom of speech, freedom of belief or LGBT rights as “western values”. They are western only in as much as they are applied mainly in the west, but they are universal, and should be considered as such from the West and from everyone else, because they defend the freedom of the physical individual, and individuals are such both in the west and anywhere else in the world, so they deserve rights and protections wherever they are. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has reached this conclusion yet, and some societies still don’t understand what these “western values” are all about. This is why it is necessary to educate people that come to Europe – be them economic migrants or refugees – to these values, if they choose this place as their home. We would be protecting ourselves, and helping them to have a freer life, in the hope that eventually everyone will accept that the freedom of the individual is all that matters in the world.

  129. avatar
    Joanna Kilańska

    Yes, they should. Education, social life and family models could be very different in other parts of the world so “Western values and lifestyle” classes could help them to better understand us. They could also avoid certain mistakes and find jobs more easily.
    But to be honest, such classes won’t help much without a language and job training for those who need it.

  130. avatar
    Christine Harris

    Civics classes should be mandatory for all students, not only refugees. Important to make every attempt to help refugees integrate and settle without feeling marginalised

  131. avatar
    Andrea Martano

    Yes, they should. They come from different culture, they come from different culture and should learn european shared values to avoid conflicts and help integration.

  132. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    It is mandatory. They have to receive lessons of language but as well as how to behave and being alerted for punishments.

  133. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    not if Europeans self show that they didn’t learn anything from 80 years ago and still vote for the same wrong parties….

  134. avatar

    Yes. But will it work? People have high regards of thier faith which in some cases is a reason to deny woman rights or gay rights. But imo its better than nothing.

    And no, the above is not a reason to not help people.

  135. avatar

    Why refugees? Refugees are those probably needing the classes the least.

    • avatar

      By refugees they mean economic migrants. You need to learn how to speak journalist. They also bark a lot and wave their tails at their boss.

    • avatar

      Zé maybe the statement is ‘feasible’ if we replace ‘refugees’ with migrants, but still I don’t see why they need classes on values more than people who haven’t had to move yet. I don’t possess values because of the place I was born, I was taught them. Everyone needs taught regardless of their income and place of birth. Weird. I guess they are after some clicks and likes and comments ;)

    • avatar

      Sometimes they come from societies where the everyday behaviours are very different. For example, back home it might be OK to beat the daylight out of a wife or child, in Europe that’s a crime. Back home it’s OK to stone gays and transgender to death, in Europe that’s a crime. Etc.

      The people bring their cultures with themselves, it doesn’t disappear miraculously in the smugglers’ boats.

    • avatar

      Bódis Can you name a couple of countries where there is no violence against women or LGTBI+ people? Are you sure that is not an issue for people born in Europe?

    • avatar

      Andreu Do you have a reading comprehension? He never stated that there is no violence. He stated that this violence is treated as a crime. Were in some other countries it’s not.

    • avatar

      So if people are violent they should face the consequences, regardless of where they were born. I still don’t get it. Educating people in Europe who were born in other places won’t change the laws in other places, will it? Thanks for your patient and respectful comments.

  136. avatar

    “Western values” isn’t such a good thing. So why dont you get your heads out of your asses first!

  137. avatar

    Refugee status means they are to go home when they are able to safely do so, it is not a permanent relocation policy. The illegal financial migrants should be forced to take it but only in German & only in Germany. Germany invited them so Germany can have them, why should other Nations pay for the idiotic policy of Berlin.

  138. avatar

    No it would cost our tax payers a lot of money which could be spent on our own, like our veteran for example.

  139. avatar

    Refugees? .. where do you see refugees: show me one EU statement from this year, where you find the term “refugees”

    • avatar

      There is none that uses the word refuggees

  140. avatar

    … like the ones that calls for the drowning of children in the sea? Better not…

    • avatar

      Given Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan are all ‘European’ Nations are you including their values in your claim ?

    • avatar

      Ivan yes.

    • avatar

      Jernej The financial migrants have the same values as Turkey, Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan so you are happy to have them all in your country ?

  141. avatar

    Of course, as well as language classes from day one or as soon as they are ready. It’s important not to isolate them.

  142. avatar

    I think everybody should have this introduction as mandatory part of education.

  143. avatar

    We have very different cultures. You don’t seem to realize that.

  144. avatar

    No. You need to receive your education and values at home and, if you are dsngerous for us, go home!!

  145. avatar

    I cannot see how is wrong to learn about the place you are going to reside in as a refugee. It will help refugees from every corner of the world to understand the differences between the country of destination and theirs.

  146. avatar

    Why is this a question? This is already a thing in Germany. If you want to stay in Germany for whatever reason, you have to go to German classes and integration courses. This is mandatory for all, including the refugees.

  147. avatar

    Through our common European history and philosophy they may understand our values

  148. avatar

    “Western values” is a BS colonialist concept no one should ever have to learn such a thing.

    • avatar

      Not only them, people like you should be in camps too.

    • avatar

      Nop, if needed i will fight for my country

    • avatar

      Alfonso Who are you to tell people to take illegal financial migrants & threaten them with a Gulag when they say no ?

  149. avatar

    I did not knew that westeners came to an agreement on which are these values.

  150. avatar

    Mandetory classes in how to sort the garbage how to work a waschmachean and so on would be mutch more important so they can make it thro the day without having to have help all the time

  151. avatar

    Poor people during the Middle Ages (in Europe) could seek refuge in an Abbey against feudal lords.
    So within the abbey the refugees did not need to learn Latin, nor to become Catholics (in those times there were no Protestants).
    Then it should be the same today: refugees do not have to learn our languages or our religions, nor do they have to be atheists or secular.

    • avatar

      Then you will learn, adopt and obey their culture, religion & values and they will not give you a choice.

    • avatar

      Yes, Ivan, the real problem is the number. If there is only one refugee’s family inside this imaginary Abbey, I think that the friars will cope with the problem of food and accommodation.
      The problem will arise if the refugees are to many (for sharing the bread) or if there is a continuous arriving of poor people knocking on the door of this abbey.

  152. avatar

    The whole world needs to be taught critical thinking skills, respect, caring and empathy.

  153. avatar

    You mean “raping and killing women and children is bad” kinda classes?

  154. avatar

    “Western”? I’d say “European” values; or whatever are the values in the country in which they’d be refuging. I mean, Polish values are not quite the same as Spanish ones; Greek versus Swedish; French vs Finnish. Whatever the civic, national values are, teach them. Yes. Help them understand how things are in these countries, what’s legal and what’s not; customs, traditions and respect of those. Why not? It’s common practice in any country for whomever wants to get citizenship…

    And it’s not only refugees I’d be sending off to get some of these classes—any immigrant outside one country should be receiving “civic and national values” classes.

    If you’re Russian, Chinese, Venezuelan, Indian or Syrian, know how to live in the country your moving into: the language, the customs; and respect. I don’t care if you’re Muslim, Orthodox or Hindu, just learn some values from the country you’re moving into. Please.

    I’d say it’s common sense, common courtesy…

    Even inside the EU, “Western” values are different from “Eartern” values… A refreshing class of “civic and national values” would’ve made a dent on some people…

  155. avatar

    If they are getting them I would want some of our citizens to do the same, especially the ones who have such an intense hate of others.

  156. avatar

    Elise on dirait un débat de cours d’allemand ou c’est moi?

  157. avatar

    No, we should not impose such tests. They would give states or, rather, governments a monopoly on deciding what the “correct” values are, and this will be projected not only on any incoming immigrant, but on the general population also, and this is a very slippery slope towards totalitarianism.

  158. avatar

    If the refugee came from a Western country then how can he or she will be taught the values of the West?
    western values that he or she already has.
    For example Venezuela, Honduras, or Ukraine.

  159. avatar

    It’s called civil education, just put a class for everybody, westerns need it as much as anybody, and the game is done

  160. avatar

    If they need to take classes in Western values, they shouldn’t even be here.

  161. avatar

    Many westeners would take offens at their governments teaching immigrants liberal ideology. The West has a broad political spectrum. Both communism and nationalism was born here, thanks to our values of personal freedom

    • avatar

      Gustav Maybe the values of personal freedom should be taught then.

    • avatar

      Liberal propaganda?!

  162. avatar

    If you don t know what western values are go Travel a littté bit

  163. avatar

    Well, notwithstanding these courses should be mandatory even for many “locals”, I think it is a good idea.
    Respect, democracy, freedom of speech and so on, are not so common as we imagine.

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