love-europeThe idea of Europe is a powerful one. It’s existed, in one form or another, for thousands of years. But is it an idea whose time has come and gone? As euroscepticism takes hold across the continent, is the romance with Europe over? Or can we still fall in love with the idea of Europe?

We had a comment sent in by Graziano, who said that, to him, being European meant being “open minded, friendly; peace, respect for minorities, freedom! Love Europe. I have many friends in Ireland, Austria, Germany, France and Spain. That’s Europe and the EU to me <3”

Those words were clearly spoken by a man in love… but not everybody shares his passion. At Friends of Europe’s recent ‘State of Europe’ roundtable event in Brussels, participants were asked the question: How do we fall in love with the idea of Europe as a political, social and economic force for good?

The answers were written on sheets of paper and stuck up on a wall in the event space. Among the many suggestions, one person suggested a simple formula:

Educate + Stop hate-crimes + Give jobs = <3 EU

Somebody else argued that the secret to rekindling the fires of romance was to remember the flames of war:

We need to remember where we come from and what was before

Another participant argued that all this talk about “GDP” was a major turn-off. It was time to start rethinking what we want from our economy:

Stop talking about growth / GDP / consumers. Climate change offers an opportunity to really rethink our economic and societal models.

Others agreed, arguing that the economy had to be made to work more for everybody, not just the wealthy:

Resetting Europe’s ‘True North’ by exploiting innovation, health and wealth at the service of European citizens.

Finally, we also put Graziano’s comment to Estonian MP Kalle Palling, Chair of the EU Affairs Committee in the Estonian Parliament. What would he say?

How can we make people like Europe again? Is the romance with Europe over? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Simon Goldsworthy

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    Zisis Poimenidis

    If Europe start falling in love with people, then people will start falling in love with Europe. It is hard not to love and care about those who love and care for you. It has always been like that, it will always be like that.

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    Ivan Burrows


    If you mean the EU you can’t as its impossible to fall in love with an ‘ideology’, you either agree with it or you don’t.

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    Jokera Jokerov

    Never managed to fall in love with this idea, because I know what it is to leave in a Communist society and I am appaled from this idea.

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    Stefania Portici

    l’amore per l’Unione europea è finita perchè ci hanno fatto sognare un sogno che non esisteva, FALSO . . Ci hanno detto che dalla lira all’euro sarebbe stata la stessa cosa, abbiamo ancora gli spot televisivi a dimostrazione delle BUGIE che ci hanno raccontato ( la lira era moneta sovrana , l’euro è moneta privata la differenza è enorme altro che uguale ) . Poi ci hanno detto che con l’euro avremmo lavorato di meno e guadagnato di più. Altre balle! Disoccupazione , salari dei lavoratori abbassati , PAREGGIO DI BILANCIO !!! Ci hanno parlato del Trattato di Lisbona come di un trattato non che andava a sostituirsi alla Costituzione . Il Trattato di Lisbona è a tutti gli effetti la Costituzione europea quella che fu BOCCIATA e ce l’hanno fatta passare lo stesso come un Trattato , non potevano farlo è ILLEGALE . Ci siamo svegliati dal sogno ed abbiamo visto l’orrore . Fanno in modo di tenerci dentro la UE con tutti i mezzi ma non non la vogliamo . Vogliamo andarcene

    the love for the European Union is over because we have made the dream a dream that did not exist FALSE. . We were told that from the lira to the euro would be the same thing, we still have the TV commercials demonstrating the LIES that have told us (the lira was sovereign currency, the euro is private money the difference is huge but equal). Then they told us that with the euro we would be working less and gained more. More lies! Unemployment, lowered wages of workers, DRAW BUDGET !!! They have talked about the Lisbon Treaty as a treaty that was not to replace the Constitution. The Lisbon Treaty is to all effects the European Constitution that was REJECTED and they made it pass the same as a treaty, they could not do is ILLEGAL. We woke up from the dream and we saw the horror and make sure to keep us within the EU by all means. We do not want it, we want to leave

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      Constantine Papadopoulos

      A very sad interpretation of events and equally depressing verdict.

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      Andy Alderson

      Well said.

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      UE, adică marile puteri care conduc UE sunt niste hoți mincinoși si fasciști!

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      bert van santen

      What You`re talking about isn`t the EU.

      Perhaps what they say, but certainly not what they do.
      The EU is a group of bankers icw politicians who think they are God.
      Able to put referenda aside and people`s wishes.

      Why do You explain otherwise, the lack of people voting for the EU?. Barely reaching the 40%.

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    “How can we make people like Europe again?” Just knowing what the EU is and what should actually be. Studying the history of the European continent and being smart enough to understand that a stronger Union is the only possibility for the prosperity of European States. For Italian speakers I suggest to read an easy and short book: “Gli Stati Uniti d’Europa spiegati a tutti” by Michele Ballerin.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!

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    Debby Teusink

    Look at the artists, like Homer, Virgil and Ovid, the painters like Rembrandt, Caravagio and Dürer, scientists like Leeuwenhoek, Newton and Einstein and look then at those other products of the European civilisation, democracy, humanrights and the freedom of religion. How is it possible NOT to fall in love with Europe?

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      bert van santen

      I don`t have problems with the continent Europe, far more with the politicians who wish to control the EU.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Debby Teusink
      Continental Europe – also home of “National Socialism”, “Communism”, “Fascism”…

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    Debby Teusink

    Look at the artists, like Homer, Virgil and Ovid, the painters like Rembrandt, Caravagio and Dürer, scientists like Leeuwenhoek, Newton and Einstein and look then at those other products of the European civilisation, democracy, humanrights and the freedom of religion. How is it possible NOT to fall in love with Europe?

    • avatar
      bert van santen

      Talking for the large industries yes indeed. Lot`s of bonusses. Try that for the shop around the corner!!!

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      So, your experience of the EU is that it has sped up progress/development? In what fields precicely? Have you any supporting evidence at all?

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    George Titkov

    We do not need to fall in love with ideas. We need to start using our brains and evaluate ideas for their merit.

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    Miguel Cabrita

    One should not confuse the “Idea of Europe”, which is a good idea in itself, with the “Politics of Europe”, that is what it is implicitly being conflated by this question and which is a rather different thing and somewhat opposed to the European Ideals.

    European Politics are politics of domination and hierarchy between nations, as opposed to the ideal of cooperation and community building comprised by the “Idea of Europe”.

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      Well said here here! I and many other brexit voters/supporters do not hate Europe, or Europeans. But the way the EU is run, organised and constantly evolving without ever gaining permission or approval from us, it’s citizens is what we do not like.

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    Miguel Cabrita

    One should not confuse the “Idea of Europe”, which is a good idea in itself, with the “Politics of Europe”, that is what it is implicitly being conflated by this question and which is a rather different thing and somewhat opposed to the European Ideals.

    European Politics are politics of domination and hierarchy between nations, as opposed to the ideal of cooperation and community building comprised by the “Idea of Europe”.

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    Spyros Polkas

    Either be EU or separate countries. If you want unity, quit being separate and pointing the finger, otherwise go to gulag.

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    Panagiotopoulos George

    YES united Europe, but building army for battling Russia?wtf?are the people out of their minds?No nation should go to war, humanity cannot revive the dark ages of the past, we are better than that, and the leaders of this “union” should listen

    • avatar

      I don’t think the idea is to invade Russia. I’m fairly sure the idea is protection against foreign invasion.

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    Avelino Santos

    To all those who disagree with what could be the future of the European Union I leave here something to reflect, China, Russia, Iran, India, Usa, Brazil, the question is how do you want to sit at a negotiating table for different themes? Alone? I am Portuguese, Portugal has been a great world power, has been, has been, France has been and remains for now a great power, italy, germany, spain, it’s all a matter of time, we can be key players or there the possibility that we will be secondary actors … in a world full of malicious people, we can not, we can not face it alone, it’s all a matter of scale alone will never have enough scale to have an active say in what is the interests of all citizens of the European Union.

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      And you think we cannot be friends without being controlled by a committee with no direct accountability to the will of the people they supposedly represent? How are the citizens of the EU even getting a voice at all with this system?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Avelino Santos
      The EU whether 27 or 28 is too small demographically and demographically – it will need to join with the Americas or some other bloc to compete with the 2 ancient countries/cultures of India and China.

      As regards ‘malicious people’ one of the reasons the UK decided to leave the EU was due to the corruption levels in countries like yours in the ‘Club Med’ – we gave you money, we cleaned your water, we gave you democracy, we thwarted your dictatorships and what did you give us?


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      EU citizen

      Lol @Tarquin…. did you personally do any of these things.

    • avatar

      @EU, Tarquin must have at the very least paid taxes, so yes, at least one of those things.

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      Paul X

      “alone will never have enough scale to have an active say in what is the interests of all citizens of the European Union”, but there is the main problem, the interests of the citizens of Europe are as diverse as their countries, so how can one voice at the negotiating table speak for them all?

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    Naresh K. Moorjani

    Europe is full of corruption with total imunity…the laws are ambigious not precise and clear the tough part of the law is only implimented on the humble and poor…Its benifits only the capitalist privatising the public services to favor multinational and corporates, pensions health education being reduced but pay checks and benifits of politicians inflated…europe has lost its values and degraded morally etically and humanly

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    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    ΕU is a great achivenment is quite difficult to unte 28 countries speaking different languanges. The purpose of EU was made to avoid future conflicts in the European continent then expanded to a monetary union.. there is no doubt that there were mistakes and omissions but the EU must remain united for a better future for the new generation

    • avatar
      bert van santen

      The new generation will have to pay a very large bill, for all the founding mistakes of the EU.
      Why should there be a monetary Union?
      All went well in the EC?
      Working together, but everyone was and should be in control of their own currency, it`s far to dangerous to give that control away.

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    José Bessa da Silva

    You don’t. Europe is a mere political invention with no regards for real geography, but since you mean the EU, the answer is still the same. The EU is a corrupt and incompetent institution, built on lies and undemocratic values, that serves no one other than its own existance and the profits of it’s corruptors,while destroying our national culture, freedom, individuality, history and sovereingty. The EU is a waste of our money, the very toxic air we breed.

  17. avatar
    Oli Lau

    First the European Union and Europe aren’t the same thing. What is causing a problem are the european union institutions. Not europe per se.

  18. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    You ‘ll fall in love with her again once she ‘s gone. You ll long for her, but once she ‘s gone, she ain’t ever gonna come back.

  19. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    How can people love the idea you are imposing on us? Since the EU the people’s economy has shrung while yours, corrupt politicians and capitalists, has bloomed. Bringing 2 milions inmigrants do not help. Beeing the US lachey don’t help.

  20. avatar
    catherine benning

    Sell it by showing more hot guys like the Estonian MP Kalle Palling.

    Get rid of illegal immigrants and unwanted Islamic mantras, no go areas, and democratise it. Shove out the ruling yanks, who set this mess up in the first place, and then give the population Direct Democracy, Swiss style. Add to that an end to the NATO war machine, and maybe, just maybe you could entice us to take a punt once again.

    It would though, have to have legislation that does away with Brussels unwanted dominance over our individual States. Just in case you wanted to fill it again with foreign cultures and 40 year old fake children that have no connection to European values and hate everything it stands for.

  21. avatar
    Martin Gust

    When we get rid of the European Commission and chase all the bureaucrats out of Brussels :)

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    Gönczi Attila

    Oh, it is enough to listen to JC Juncker or (dr.) Schulz or to look and listen to the European Parliament, mainly to those who are in favour of the future United States of Europe (The Federals) and you will have a crush on them and the idea of (their united Europe, without any couleur locale, any tradition). It is so easy. I WAS a huge fan (and somehow I am even today) of a borderless Europe, under the motto United in diversity, but thanks to those statesmen (sorry, statespersons, actually I meant ”statespersons) I am very close to a divorce…

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    Yordan Vasilev

    There is no love in the policy, there are interests. Europe is a good idea in this moment, but the sceptics are more.

  24. avatar
    Daniel Teppe

    We do not need to fall in love with any idea in order to avoid critical discussion, but we need a european political system that solves problems (debt crisis, refugees, unemployment….) pragmatically, democratically and transparently.

  25. avatar
    Silvio Bosco

    you need to be prepared to fall in love otherwise it’s only you and nothing else

  26. avatar
    Lewis Paines

    Maybe it would help if EU officials didn’t take money from banks (yes, I’m talking about Barroso).
    When politicians see the commission presidency as just a stepping stone towards their real dream job at Goldman Sachs, you can hardly be surprised that citizens are just a little bit cynical about it all.

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    Nick Coulson

    Well love tends to have consenting partners who listen to each other. And we not talking about Europe here we are talking about the EU. Has dragged most Europeans down the aisle without asking them and then tells them it’s their fault its mess and when they say hold on a minute let’s stop the train and think a bit they get called ‘populist’. It’s going to be a messy divorce.

  28. avatar
    Yanni Sfyrides

    Is n t it fascinating ti be a citizen of one of the most powerful unions in the world, with economic growth steady currency, culture etc? How many billions of people on this earth would would give their left eye to live here??? -it is happening already by the way

  29. avatar
    Nick Coulson

    I love Europe, I love Europeans, their is no issue with that. I don’t love the EU, and increasingly nor does any one else. Why? they turned a trading Union of states that respected each others political space but cooperated where they could without invading that space into a fanatical political project that labels democratic decent as ‘populist’ spouts platitudes about stability and unity while thousands are unemployed, their banks titter on the brink of disaster. While sitting in their guilded Brussels bunker. Well the revolution has begun. Watc how they howl at the injustice, the very nerve of the common man to disagree and usurp their right to rule. We want our Europe back. I want to buy a German car, I want to see German numberplates parked outside our hotels. And I suspect Germans want that to. So any Technocrat who tries to stop that because it’s spoiling his dream ought to keep a bag packed and a ticket to Bolivia on his bed side table. He is going to need it.

  30. avatar
    Andrew Thompson

    Europe is a geographical reference to a group of countries located in a particular part of the world. I love Europe and tracks there often. The EU, on the other hand, is a corrupt self serving unaccountable sack of toss bags and I hate it!

  31. avatar
    Richard Ogden

    I find it helps to have friends and colleagues in several countries, learn the languages, respect others’ traditions, and remember when travelling and working that such freedoms are not to be taken for granted. (Deeply resentful, Brexiteers, at having my citizenship taken away.)

  32. avatar
    Margarida Oulman

    We don´t! It is a total flop for most and the ones belonging to the Eu club are the ones who like it!

  33. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Please DE/EU be honest for once- and abstain “misusing” Europe- while hiding behind something else. ……….”Ode to joy………”?

    ……………… was obtained by a “peaceful takeover” from the “Council of Europe” (1949/47 members): (which includes “Russia with love”)- having a comparable “pocket money” budget of ~0.5 bio- to that of the bloated EU of ~150 bio Euro! Who disowned whom?

    PS: EU blue face paint is not colorfast- will come off and reveal all……..”again”

    • avatar

      And how is the UK occupying Germany?

    • avatar
      Stanislav Svarc

      You had Europe of nations for centuries and what we had? Countless wars and killings. United states of Europe is the only way to preserve pece, stability and progress. maybe not with the current system but direct democracy would be a way to go.

    • avatar

      United states of Europe will prevent killings will it? So murder and civil uprisings are a myth? If people were programmed to always be civil then civilisation wouldn’t need policing. Just look at the united states of america, they are hardly free of violence, true it might not be state on state conflict (although it has been in the past), but there is civil unrest, police injustice and a serial killer subculture. Peace in Europe with individual states is perfectly possible, with vigilance and cooperation. Are we not all militarily allied after all? Why would allies make war with each other?

  34. avatar
    Mark Lock

    The EU is not Europe, it´s a political institution moving towards a federalised Europe, which you either want or don´t, so let´s not get them confused and think that somebody who dislikes the EU, doesn´t like Europe.

  35. avatar
    Dean Stapple

    The idea of a free trading block originally was a good one what it has become today is another matter all together we do not want or need a eu parliament making decisions for us or thinking up new laws each state is capable of that themselves why have a bunch of people deciding what the rest of us 500 million should or shouldn’t do

  36. avatar
    Carlos Sobral

    Impossible to fall in love. I hate European Union and I hope it will fall apart very very soon. Death to European Union!!!

  37. avatar
    Carlos Velasco

    “Europe” is not the same as “european union”. By the way, to fall in love for Europe means to fight the imposition of a internationalist plutocratic dictatorship over the continent.

  38. avatar
    Carlos Velasco

    Shame on you, warmongers and ISIS sponsorrs. You talk about love for the idea of Europe and at the same time you wish to lead all us into a suicidal war against Russia.

  39. avatar
    Joao Ao Vento

    Forget government,us as people born in this continent what are we?Well above all we are European regardless the effort put on to dividing us I stand European,Russians are,like me European.

    • avatar

      Well, that’s actually only partly true. Russia is a Eurasian country and it’s historic peoples are Eurasian. To say they are European is a different thing entirely, I guess genetically and geographically true of western Russians for the most part, but nobody living in Kamchatka is in Europe for instance, and ethnically they have more Asian blood than European when viewed as a whole country. But none of this is on topic really. It’s possible to hate people that are close to you, so remembering shared heritage will not make any difference.

  40. avatar
    Alex Sascha

    This page is sponsored by Soros who’s staff is clearly out for answers/ideas to convince us embrace this disgraceful union.
    Matteo Renzi went to Washington searching for support bc he’s not invited to European meetings

  41. avatar
    Alex Sascha

    A great economic power without accountability isn’t so great for us common people once the middle class of this continent

  42. avatar
    Andre L

    I agree about “GDP” and the problem created behind and that lead me to Climate Change subject that will “force” our concept of living and in Economy.

    things like Norway Sued Over Violation Of Paris Climate Agreement scary me a lot. Paris Climate Agreement, as we know should be set in the top priorities, in my sincere perspective, and we have to be as much united as possible. This is not for us, it is for our descendants, those who we care most.

    The Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle Video ~ <3

  43. avatar
    Maria Rodrigues

    Nobody falls in love with Europe nowadays. Institutions whose members are not elected democratically. Countries that are not solidarian with each other.

  44. avatar
    Ibrahim Ciise

    Europe is going from bad to washed cuz of America dictate them an any were America dictated u are going to mess

  45. avatar
    Giossas Kostas

    Europe is so beutiful because of the divercities of european zion german globalisation wants to eliminate this beauty…stop eu ,europe will survive

  46. avatar
    Mihai Soare

    Falling in love is abandoning reason. Why would our government want us to “fall in love”?

  47. avatar
    Fredrik Dunge

    Europe has always been one, doing the same things, striving towards similar goals. We have in so many ways always been an empire, granted a feudal one where one part has at any given time always been at war with some other part but still. We ruled the world, ad we are still a shining beacon of human progress, in a way that no other place on earth can be said to be, Sure the US is richer but the US has barely a fraction of our population spread over a much larger area, for many intents and purposes it’s still a frontier, it’s wealth comes from the land it possesses and it’s natural resources, while in europe our wealth comes from being Europe. From educated and competent men and women striving to build a better tomorrow. Some day someone is going to beat us, but it won’t be today and it won’t be the eurosceptics.

  48. avatar
    Alexander Shaw

    The idea of Europe pre-exists both romance and nation states. I smell a passive aggressive attempt by modern student-union socialists to co-opt something ancient and noble to their solipsist bourgeoisie fantasies. Get a job and stop whining!

    • avatar

      You realise you can’t be one without being the other right? Britain sits on the European continental shelf and is therefore a European nation.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Joao Carlos Alves Henriques Branco
      You might be cosy with corruption, dishonesty, unaccountability and irrationality in your EU bubble – Many sensible and civilized people are NOT!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Joao…..besides possessing a “helluva” long name- i interpret your response as being critical of the EU27- in favor of Europe47- or am i wrong?

  49. avatar

    Nobody loved Europe, they loved Italy, Greece, Germany, France etc., and please STOPP equating the EU with Europe, im Swiss we are also Europe but we are not the EU.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      SD, the DE/EU27 is switching identity whenever suited- falsely speaking on behalf of a Europe 47 (CoE)- while having NO mandate to do so. Its piracy!

  50. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    EU would be great idea, but the unelected imperialistic “elite” made it weak and destroyed it, as it destroys our beautiful planet, too for their bloody profit! Sustainable development shouldn’t been a story about profit.

  51. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Here is the formula cited:

    Educate + Stop hate-crimes + Give jobs = <3 EU

    Here is the formula correctly stated:

    Indoctrinate + destroy social cohesion by the adoption of errant and shifting so-called 'European Values' + Create temporary non-jobs at tax-payers expense = ANARCHY

  52. avatar
    Danny Boy

    Personally I like Europe very much,I was born in one European country,grew up and lived in a second and have now retired to a third.
    I think the question should have been how can we make people like the European union,and the answer is I don’t think you can.
    People have a inbred loyalty to their own nation,not a continent,ask a Brazilian if they like South America or someone from China if they like Asia,and they’ll tell you they couldn’t give a dam about the rest of their continent.
    And that’s the problem we have here,if this continent is not to tear itself apart we have end this delusional idea that Europe is some sort of Soviet union like super state.What powers the EU does have over the nation states must be returned and we have to go back to the old style common market of independent countries trading with each other but nothing else,once the people know their own governments control their own affairs and the EU cannot interfere this project might just survive.
    Who knows maybe has twenty eight.

  53. avatar

    This “Union” has become the worst possible scenario for everybody. From the highly praised at the time “Junker plan,” it benefiting just the few rich. So far I didn’t saw a single euro cent out of the billions of euros Junker was bragging about not long ago. I don’t want this kind of EU.

  54. avatar
    Nick the Greek

    The idea of a Europe is Greek concept Evropi. The EU crushed the lifeblood out of Greece, the cradle of western civilization. Ordinary European folk see the European Union catering more for corporated big businesses than ordinary European citizens. The EU became attractive place for cheap labour and dirty money. Politics Banking and Law enforcement…when these interests overlap they invite corruption. This is what ordinary European folk see.

    More democracy, more accountability…less in your face politics. The EU should work in the backround, for the people, and for the best interests of Evropi and Europeans. All in that order,

  55. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    “How can we make people like the idea of united Europe again?” By creating positive associations with it, rather than negative. There should be more exchange of good practices which are the result of working together, more knowledge about each other’s positives sides, about the beauty and uniqueness of each European culture, country and nature, about what connects us on a deeper level and what makes us proud of who we are. If you associate united Europe only with negative things, then you cannot love it. There could be a special TV channel, for example, giving knowledge about European cultures in an interesting and fun way, with informative documentaries and programs about inspiring achievements, innovations, nature, science and everything good that is happening around Europe. There could be more music festivals, art exhibitions, concerts and other events to bring us together, so that there is no corner and people on this continent that are not recognised and appreciated by the rest. Know what’s great about Europe, experience it and you will love Europe!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maia Alexandrova
      The EU is associated with negativity due to its OWN negative behaviour.

      Much of the guff that you have spouted is symptomatic of a hypnotised and or gullible and or naive EU zealot.

      Get real, get honest and accept that the EU has a bad side as well as a good side.

  56. avatar
    Paul X

    The answer to this is essentially the same as given to the “why did the UK vote Brexit ” topic…a total lack of openness and information from the EU

    Juncker blamed the Brexit vote on the UK public having had 40 years of being told how bad the EEC/EU was….. the irony is, his arrogance in blaming the UK is typical of what IS bad about the EU…………40 years of being told negative stories is not the root cause….. 40 years of not getting any hard facts from the EU is

    If the EU has any hope of being “liked” then it needs to show some respect to the taxpaying members of public who fund their project and their lifestyle. They need to be open about exactly who does what, who they employ, justify their expenses, were every penny of the budget is spent, how individual countries benefit from this, stop the totally unnecessary expenditures e.g. two parliament locations, EU promotional expenditure (after all, if the EU was any good it would not need to promote itself), it needs more accountability and the ability to kick out worthless individuals without giving them a huge handout, etc etc etc… ad nauseam

    Basically the EU needs to stop criticising people for having a negative attitude when this has only come about due to their own lack of openness – if you don’t give out facts then people will make their own minds up

    • avatar

      I think the problem with your idea is that they simply don’t have enough examples of benefits versus downsides to come out looking good. No doubt there are benefits to some ideas, but many other ideas benefit the few over the many, or benefit most whilst totally screwing over the few. The compromises the EU reaches are either inadequate to address the problem, or create more problems than they fix, or are merely not implemented at all because of objections, and in some cases run contrary to the benefit of almost everyone in order to benefit the select few. Inequality is at a record high since the feudal system in the UK. No doubt other countries are suffering similarly, it would be for the people of those areas to say. On paper our carbon footprint looks good, but that’s just because we are outsourcing carbon emissions to developing regions of the world and so are not actually effecting positive environmental change for the globe. We have the potential for clean renewable energy to reach 100%. We can abolish fracking, oil drilling, gas drilling and nuclear energy completely and still live the lives we are accustomed to, so why haven’t we? We could return to locally sourced food produce to cut down on travel emissions, congestion and food spoilage as a result of hauling over large distances for vast swathes of our food, so why haven’t we? We could be leading the way in empowering the United nations as the world’s peacekeepers and humanitarian protectors by scrapping veto powers and any notion of sending troops overseas for any other reason than as a UN force, so why haven’t we? We could stop money borrowing at obnoxious interest rates to keep those in most need of financial support in most need of financial support, all so that money lenders can get obnoxious sized bonuses to waste on high priced drugs and impractical cars. So why haven’t we? We, collectively have the potential to make Europe great, and to help the rest of the world see what a model social system could and should look like, we claim to want to do this, our politicians claim to want to do this, so why haven’t they? Answer that question and you will find the problem that is causing people to dislike or outright hate the European Union.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      @ Duncan
      I agree, the conclusion has to be that the EU can provide no hard evidence that it is of any real benefit to the people of Europe
      The EU is not backward in coming forward and if it was achieving great things that were good value for money for the taxpaying public then they would be shouting it from the rooftops… but what do we get?…nothing but whining about member states attitudes and blaming them for their own failings

  57. avatar
    Johan Dewachter

    Maybe politicians can start selling Europe and all its advantages rather then taking the easy way blaming all difficult decisions on the EU. Stop bashing the EU to gain local support for your next election! Sure the EU has its flaws, but the EU is one of the greatest accomplishments after WW 2. We need to remember where we came from.

  58. avatar
    John Costigane

    Self-criticism has value in science, also politics. The EU project failures occur and the answer is to somehow deal with them within the current system. Have they been successful?

    A better system would be to follow the example of the USA and establish a Constitutional Republic, with the separation of powers. To achieve this is not a top-down affair. Instead the people of Europe should decide to be European first and share a country with those from other EU states.

    The two situations are not identical, language differences being one example, but the success of the USA should inform European peoples’ decisions.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      John, the current system (treaties) is cast in “concrete”- or is it titanium? Designed as unchangeable by its originators! The “Lisbon Treaty” is presented as a (watered down) “EU’s Constitution”- which it isn’t!

      The EC/EU remain steadfast- until Germany & France will be the “last men” standing! There EXISTS the CoE of 47 nations. To trade, you do not need to give up ALL your sovereignty! Even in marriage (today) both partners are & remain equals!

  59. avatar
    John Costigane

    EU R-P,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The idea of a republic is to have a single president, elected in a European general election, who can be decisive in crises. This does not apply to the present situation. Do Italians and Greeks feel isolated in the migrant challenge? Do the Baltic States feel isolated in their situation with Russia? Did the British, my countrymen, and women, have a decent choice at the Brexit Referendum? Do the Southern Europeans feel equitably treated in the recession?

    The answer to all these lies at the feet of the EU project. If we were all in one country these scenarios, and others yet to manifest themselves, would not occur, or would be equally shared.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      John- hi there- lets face it, we can trustingly and safely remove such political pipe dream called a “European Republic” from our minds!

      The sooner, the more realistic the EU-27 and Europe-47 could become! The political & social “schism” in Europe must end- and be united under good old and fair “trade”!

  60. avatar

    I guess many people don’t love Europe just because it has lost many values used to be the foundation of European civilization. Instead Europeans have been forced into some global values or to be more exact American values. Unfortunately we’ve failed to keep European space as zone of safety and prosperity. That precious tolerance imposed on us by Americans has brought only crowds of wild Muslim refugees respectful of strong hand actually not of tolerance. They consider us feeble sinful creatures just and they are set to kick us out of here. Frankly I hate this sort of Europe we have to live in now. And I quite understand Brits who preferred to drop out of this much boasted ‘European family’ totally subdued to American will and crowds of Muslims.

    • avatar
      John Costigane


      Indecision in Europe caused the migrant problem, in Europe. A lack of leadership delayed action to stem the flow and also to find solutions to the problem, at source, outside Europe.

      There are big problems in the world which can be solved by action in conjunction with the USA, Russia and many other positive forces. Europe can be a bastion against tyranny of all kinds. The example we set can be a model for prosperity for other regions where conflict exists. Europe used to be at conflict internally but not now. Others can follow that same path.

  61. avatar

    By putting them at the centre of its efforts again. The people of Europe and their culture. Not those of other places.

  62. avatar

    By more unity: a European language thaught at school from day one intensively (5 hours a week) , more consequence in regards of guarding European values (undemocratic, anti European countries should have their financing cut quickly) a common external border, army, a common set minimal directives regarding small businesses.

    • avatar

      The EU itself is undemocratic, so as per you it should have its financing cut quickly. I am in full agreement. Abolish the EU, get rid of the Euro, restore democracy and bring back sovereignty.

  63. avatar
    Mar Introini

    Euroscepticism comes from the own failures of EU institution and leadership. Greece´s management crisis was just and example of the wrong focus that leads in a lose of credibility. In addition, nationalists are taking this opportunity to build more boundaries around an European identity. Fuelling hate around EU it must be addressed by more engagement of citizens in the decision making process. Furthered mechanisms of participatory democracy (like European citizens initiative, consultations or petitions) in a better way that could been more accesible. In the end, citizens will feel involved by being active actors. This strategy gives a sense of empowerment that ´d help on the road to renew their sense of belonging to the Union.

  64. avatar

    information is power and i believe that the EU is putting out way too little information. We need a whole lot more of positive propaganda…negative you find everywhere, misinformation and plain lies you can find easily,too..the news only report EU issues when they are negative, because that is what sells.. there is almost no balance. Some of the comments here are a testimony to that! The benefits of a strong European Union are not advertised enough at all…and that’s when you get people blame the EU for everything that goes wrong somewhere…Greece is such a good example. It is not the EU that has amassed a national debt…it was not the EU that took this money and spent it on putting people into jobs, qualified or not, in order to gain votes instead to invest it in a strong industrial (export) infrastructure..that were Greek politicians and it is certainly not the EU that dodges to pay taxes (mainly to a void VAT..sales tax.. when you buy something or get services), but it was the EU that prevented Greece from jumping off a is also the EU that provides a lot of financial help in all sorts of programs, (these programs are too little known you have to be a lawyer to find them) The concept of the European Union is so vital for every citizen in Europe and there is so much great work done, but the majority doesn’t find out about it…so…more information, more advertisement for the EU..positive.information that slaps you in the face…not information you have to search for, because people are just too lazy to find it…European citizens need to be made to feel proud to be European citizens before all this nationalism…information that shows that together we are so much stronger than everyone sitting in their own corner..

    • avatar

      Positive propaganda = Pravda.

      There are no benefits to the EU, period. The EU exists to abolish or at least render irrelevant national democracy. How is that a benefit? And the terrible Euro, the less said the better. EU = austerity for the poor, bailouts and sweetheart trade deals for the rich.

  65. avatar

    Discussing supra-national questions helps reaching brainwashed nationalists. Obviously, many problems cannot be solved within our traditional borders. Pointing out the shortcomings of nation states might increase the love or, let’s better say, the insight into the necessity of European cooperations.

  66. avatar

    It does sound nice: United countries with “no borders”, advanced education, easier travelling, medicine, merchandise. It sounds nice because that’s the idea of the EU. The idea is perfect, execution is not because humans aren’t. Simply put: Idea of EU> current EU. Michaela the citizens of Europe are not disillusive. We do not need a “positive propaganda” as you stated to see what the EU is really about. We are not sheep whose thoughts can be easily manipulated. Not all of us. You can see that by the responses of this article. Also, Greece’s national debt was worsened by the EU itself because this fixed crisis has made the EU leadership and goldman sachs rich while the rest of Europe suffers. All this while serving an insane amount of propaganda about Greek’s laziness when in fact they are the 3rd most hard working country in the world after Korea and Mexico. Greece and many other Europian countries should never have joined the EU. They should have kept their currency while trading freely. We all want love, equality, respect and peace, but that’s simply not what the EU stands for…

  67. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    The people of Europe like the idea of Europe already they do not like what the elite institutions are doing with Europe. It appears to many this elite represent a one world agenda rather then the interest of Europe.

  68. avatar
    Bruno Verlinden

    making sure that the people are represented, focus on core and stopping the nonsense, achieving results and putting in place inspiring leadership in stead of wet rags. Direct elections of commission and president.

  69. avatar
    Michael Murray Curtis

    There would be a lot of support from all countries forming European Union if you get rid of the autocratic leaders! Until then you will only get support from those who have or will lose financial support.

    • avatar
      Jakub Wojsyk

      Elections to the European Parliament are direct. Members of the Council of the European Union come from national governments, which are appointed by national parliaments, which members are elected directly. Members of the European Commission are chosen from the candidates proposed by the national governments and accepted by the European Parliament. What can be more direct? Everything is transparent, you can find all information on the websides of these institutions. All the drafts, documents and reports. They even have a TV channel that nobody is watching. What more do you want?

    • avatar
      Jakub Wojsyk

      What do you mean by undermining national sovereignty and democracy? Elections to the European Parliament are direct. Members of the Council of the European Union come from national governments, which are appointed by national parliaments, which members are elected directly. Members of the European Commission are chosen from the candidates proposed by the national governments and accepted by the European Parliament. What can be more direct? Decisions are made in the Coucil, where all countries are represented and have to agree. Don’t spread anti-EU propaganda.

    • avatar
      Александър Михайлов

      Is it anti-EU propaganda that the European Parliament, the only directly elected branch of the EU, does not have legislative initiative? The people making the decisions in the EU are people no one voted for

  70. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    Protect us. Save our common culture, our common heritage. Give us work and prosperity. Give us a flag and a nation that deserves our blood.

    How? I don’t know but one thing I’m sure, not with this little politicians that are working for the markets. We need a true charismatic leader.

    • avatar
      Jakub Wojsyk

      Read carefully what you wrote. You want a charismatic leader and a nation that deserves your blood. Do you want do give blood for your nation when your carismatic leader says so? Doesn’t it remind you something?

  71. avatar
    AJ Nemec

    Get if of the damn EU. The EU is not Europe. Making Europe put the European people’s interests first. Their cultures first! Their languages first! Their customs first! Stop with this cultural Marxist rhetoric to undermine the nations of Europe

    • avatar
      Marian Rodu

      We know what that crap mentality produce before the EU. War upon war upon war so frack off

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Marian Rodu

      NATO has kept the peace in Europe, the EU had nothing to do with it.

    • avatar
      João Machado

      And the EU did what exactly? It’s biggest achievement was to get the north against the south, state leaders represented as Nazis in major newspapers, a Europe completely divided, anti democratic, uncontrolled borders, a banana republic! The majority of the European people don’t want this, let’s end it.

    • avatar
      Jakub Wojsyk

      Elections to the European Parliament are direct. Members of the Council of the European Union come from national governments, which are appointed by national parliaments, which members are elected directly. Members of the European Commission are chosen from the candidates proposed by the national governments and accepted by the European Parliament. What can be more democratic?

    • avatar
      João Machado

      There’s this thing called democracy you know? Maybe you don’t know, the EU for sure didn’t told you anything about it…

    • avatar
      Jakub Wojsyk

      Was there democracy before EU in Europe? Because I remember only national dictatorships our authoritarian regimes where people were being killed in wars and massacres. Go back to school.

  72. avatar
    Ken Smoron

    we would like Europe if it wasnt like Europe. Sorry, but the US was designed to not be like Europe. Technically, we shouldnt like them. And Im ok with that after seeing the crap thats coming out of there

  73. avatar
    Giulia Noia Dipresa

    you can’t “make them”… you have to create conditions for people to live a good life… then maybe people will start to believe in EU again…

  74. avatar
    Thomas Cassar Ruggier

    When people know that they’ve screwed up. Including the eurocrats.
    When we start to talk about other things.
    And when politicians stop disregarding the people when it comes to migration.
    I known that we are helping people but they feel that the government is not protecting them. We can’t have everything at one go. So it would be better if to accomodate the people which can vote and not vote.

  75. avatar
    Vagelis Chatzialexiou

    Coming from the country which was most devastated by the economic crisis (Greece),I witnessed european politicians presenting Greeks as a lazy and thievery nation which was used to feed from the other european countries.

    A 3-way party of international lenders (the infamous Troika) was imposed and as an exchange to not letting us go bunkrupt (which they did) the constitution of my country was thrown to the garbage and the legislative authority was far from removed with bills coming directly from Troika and were adopted no questions asked.

    As a result to all that, official unempolyment rose up to 27% (with the unofficial numbers putting it over 30%), education, healthecare, public infrastructure had to be met with gigantic badget cutoffs (allowing them to be limping at best). Workforce rights were removed, with the modern working class resembling more of a slavery force than free people. Pieces of my country in terms of ports,airfields, transportation, island and near sea fields was sold to (mostly German derived) companies in a mere fraction of their true value.

    If I was asked how do I feel as European 8 or 10 years ago I would have said proud to be a member of a greater family with shared values, common ideals and a joint sense of human rights but finaly I realised that EU is nothing more than a joint venture of those controling money and power (banks and corporations), appointing puppet governments of sold politicians in order to push through their agendas of making even more money and acquiring even more power, all at the expense of people’s liberty and well being.

    So you have to put people’s needs first. WE have to make a society which is driven by the need to make life better not just for ourselves but for all mankind,and species, and planet. We have to be the lighthouse of our being for the years to come. A joint nation, example for the world.
    Forget how things was done till today. Put people first, not corporations. Save the species and planet.Educate people, feed the starving, protect the valnurable.

  76. avatar
    Daniel Parvanov

    What happened to: People that do not support our common liberal agenda do not have place in the Union… I learn that form comments in debating europe …

  77. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    start listening to people and get rid of idiots like juncker who have screwed up big time. I don’t understand what people mean by not supporting a liberal agenda, if the eu has fundamental laws guaranteeing the rights of people irrespective of creed, colour, sexual orientation and i would add age and gender,then i think these are not negiotiable. What is disturbing is the extent to which the eu is not clear when these are being breached or where one gets mixed up with the other, if you allow in poorer or more rural people from other parts of the world, their view of the world may well be more ‘old fashioned’ and the places where they come from may not culturally respect these rights, so i think the eu needs to be clear that equality means the freedom to worship as you will, the freedom to access jobs/housing and health equal to the citizens of the host country, however it does not mean the freedom to organize arranged marriages, fgm, homo phobic crimes and honour killings. So some orientation classes and signing up needs to done to clarify these. As for liberal as in freedom of movement, goods and services, i think a little more micro management is needed to ensure those goods and services are up to scratch and that one country cannot off load its problems on to another to the extent to which we have seen.

  78. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    What if you start working for Europe and the Europeans, all of them not just the EU?!

    • avatar
      George Dimopoulos

      αντε παλι το μενουμε ευρωπη…Εμμονουλα

    • avatar
      Constantinos Orphanos

      Καλα δεεεεν σε παιρνει να μιλας για εμμονες εσενα

  79. avatar
    Tony Muñiz

    We love Europe. We hate the EU commission, EU corrupt MEPs and overall the EU. If only we had politiciand runing a por European citizen EU and looking out for our interests then people wouldn’t be voting Brexit or any other exit. EU is a farse, a scam.

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      The only farce i’ve seen is brexit. How’s that going? EU needs reform, not idiocy.

    • avatar
      Tony Muñiz

      Reform? I agree. Doubt it’s the same reform you want. You obviously don’t care who governs you. I do.

  80. avatar
    Mario Todorov

    3*200=600 лева глоба за трите звезди. Преведете ги по сметката на Методи Андреев, България, Народното събрание.

  81. avatar
    Ingrida Marčiulaitytė

    Well, I am definitely not a politician but I will try to sum up everything from the simple human – being position… In my opinion, people lost faith about the EU cause it is usually not capable to solve the problem. If something important happens, it is common to see EU debates, discussions or EU leaders meetings with other non-EU countries but it is always more about talking than solving a problem itself. More precisely, while EU tries to find a solution to the problem, problem becomes even bigger. For example, Ukraine crisis…
    Other major problem is global warming. It has been recently scientifically proved and I accept the fact it exists – ice melts, the temperature and water level is going up…
    Let’s speak about wastes. The problem is not related with consumer behaviour but it is all about manufacturers. Only manufacturers can choose what type of packaging to use for their product: eco-friendly, recycable or not. All what EU need to do is to apply strict rules at least for EU manufacturers to use only recycable packaging. It could increase the costs of production for business in some cases, probably sometimes would lead to higher prices of the product, but it would help to protect the environment as well. For a moment colourful/interesting packaging is majorly used to attract the customers but, in fact, customers do not eat the packaging, they eat busquits. So, why then we pay for packaging? When I go to the supermarket I would prefer buying food, cosmetics, hygiene items without packaging but, sincerely, I do not have a choice – almost everything is packed to plastic, other type of non-recycable materials, boxes causing such amount of wastes. People buy what they are offered in the supermarkets but I doubt they want to pay for the packaging that is going to the trash bin anyway. In other words, MARKETING poisons the Earth Planet and no serious actions, regulations are taken to deal with it for a moment.
    Do not need to blame China, USA or other non-EU countries creating more wastes than EU member states… EU member states should show an example, efforts to create ZERO WASTE Europe, than other countries will follow. If a new country wants to join the EU, its manufacturers should also accept the rules to use only recycable packaging. At the moment new member states expects to get the benefits of being part of the EU like EU funds but try to avoid being obligated. Nobody wants a war, nobody wants to eat only vegan soup made of cabages. In contrast, everyone wants to drink clean water, eat comprehensive and healthy food and live in a safe environment in peace with the nature.
    Other point is that EU definitely needs military alliance. Maybe not as big as NATO but at least capable to cooperate and protect the EU member states. Desinformation widely spread by Russia, growing support for populist in other countries, dissapointment of people about the EU itself, increased Russian armed forces makes it quite hard to predict what could happen 🙂
    And many other reasons…

  82. avatar
    Mihai Petru Ceuca

    Let’s forbid tax heavens, tax-evoiding schemes (all are now legal and serve the rich), and then will see. First things first.

  83. avatar
    Yavor Hadzhiev

    People will start liking the EU again when politicians in Brussels stop being arrogant and start doing good things. This is not the EU I dream of, so I don’t like it much, except for the values it is meant to stand for.

  84. avatar
    Manuel Freire Barros

    Se querem que os povos gostem da Europa, a solução é muito fácil: adoptem políticas socialmente activas e acabem com as políticas de protecção ao capitalismo financeiro especulativo.

  85. avatar
    Mika Ainasoja

    To want to prison yourself in a closet in a house? No, I do not think so! I rather would like to have right to use common areas too. 😘

  86. avatar
    Kester Ratcliff

    Start acting according to the values and principles you claim – human rights *as rights* cannot be just privileges for citizens. The disgusting EU-Turkey deal, the deal with Omar Bashir, the probably ~45,000 people who’ve died trying to access their right to seek asylum because Europe treats rights as if they were merely privileges for citizens, the new proposed deal to pay Assad to stop Syrians escaping from his totalitarian terrorist regime and coming to Europe seeking asylum. What is really worth saving in the EU? A single market? There are no values and no principle of rule of law effectively remaining – the European Council has killed off human rights law in Europe, has shat all over the TFEU, has undermined the moral basis for coherence of the EU, so that we are probably guaranteed either another massive catastrophe like WW2 before people come to their senses and realise the value of what they’re now smashing and burning without bothering to understand what it was built for first, or else pre-emptively politically capitulating to the neo-fascist internationale with its HQ in Russia. What is worth saving about the EU? How do you expect people to be motivated to care about it or feel loyal to the idea or think it is worth trying to reform and save it if you keep on doing things which undermine the sense that rights are *rights*, not mere legal conventions which you can attribute and withdraw at your whim or convenience. I believed in the EU and the UN before – I still wish I could, but I am utterly disgusted by how these institutions have actually behaved and totally betrayed the values they lay claim to.

    • avatar
      Athena Corrado

      Je me dis qu’ils doivent faire exprès de dire “Europe” plutôt que UE. De cette façon, l’UE n’est pas responsable de son bilan…

  87. avatar
    Giossas Kostas

    Europe is beautiful because of the cultural, traditional, ethnic differences of the states.. People must be the center of attention not bankers and the markets.and keep Islam away, Islam culture does not belongs here….. We are Catholics, orthodox, protestants and much more but we are Christians…

  88. avatar
    Rui Correia

    What a stupid question!!! I’d like to believe that all Europeans like Europe… I like Europe, I love it, I would never leave Europe for any other place in the world. So please, STOP THE B*LLSH*T, STOP BEING “POLITICALLY CORRECT”… “oooh people don’t like Europeeee, we’re so saaaad”… I’m not sure if you’re noticed the trend over the last few decades, but HALF OF THE BLOODY PLANET WANTS TO MOVE INTO EUROPE, WAKE UP!!!! PEOPLE LIKE EUROPE… BUT A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF EUROPEANS ARE GROWING FED UP WITH THE EU… PEOPLE DON’T LIKE CRAPPY POLITITIANS AND USELESS EGO-DRIVEN SELFISH BUREAUCRATS AND POLITICIANS SITTING IN BRUSSELS, DOING NOTHING, OR IN OTHER EU TOP JOBS WITH ALL THEIR PERKS – that’s what people don’t like!!… because when they sit “up there”, they don’t really give a r@t’s *ss about the ordinary people whose interests they’re supposed to represent. Either that, or they don’t have enough/significant influence to make a difference. So… please… STOP PUTTING EUROPE (the territory in the map!!) AND THE “EU POLITICAL ORGANISATION/INSTITUTION” IN THE SAME BAG, ALRIGHT??? EUROPE AND “THE POLITICAL EU” ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS, WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

  89. avatar
    Yannick Cornet

    Focus on the new generations. Finance more programs like Erasmus so we continue to learn and appreciate Europe’s common values of beauty, tolerance, fairness, freedom and knowledge.

  90. avatar
    Athena Corrado

    Please don’t mixe Europe which is a continent with European Union which is the institution responsible for the economical debacle of European states members.

  91. avatar
    Renato Tuveri-Ellis

    Not allowing Russian propaganda you would make the biggest change ever. Most of the reasons people don’t like the EU are just lies.

    • avatar
      Philip Spentzuris

      Russia has got nothing to do with the harsh crippling austerity measures imposed on Greece, and other member states, by the EU!!!

    • avatar
      Renato Tuveri-Ellis

      Oh Jesus please leave me alone with that anti-eu crap.

  92. avatar
    Ângelo Do Carmo

    Stop corruption inside EU. Make electio s for the EU president. I did not choose Juncker. We need a federation or EU will desappear.

  93. avatar
    John Hardisty

    We have been bombarded by anti European sentiment for a long time, and fed an equally out of date economic model, you scream for an intelligent open heart.

  94. avatar
    Eoghan Hughes

    I think quite a few people here are answering the wrong question. Some are not even engaging with it. For those who are quick to point to the benefits in terms of economic stability and development as reasons to love Europe, I would just ask you to remember that these benefits are hardly spread evenly across the entire Eurozone, let alone the EU.
    For those who think that the importance of the EU in defending its Member States’ interests on the world scale, against BRICS and potentially the US, are confusing an essential function with a reason to love or admire. Technically the Soviet Union claimed to do the same for its Member States, many of whom felt anything but love for the old Eastern Bloc order.
    Likewise, those arguing that to get the people loving the EU again will take improvements to how the EU works with banks, manages globalization and big business, I will say that improving on all of these won’t inspire love. These are benchmarks of good, equitable government, barely reaching them hardly deserves love.
    In the same vein, there are people commenting who have already made up their minds about the EU. Its corruption and cosiness with banks, its lack of democratic legitimacy are all cited as reasons to loath it. Some rightly, even say that the EU is not necessary for cooperation. Its not necessary, but it is better.
    Which is the argument that gets bandied about by pro-EU folks. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-EU, I believe it has had a positive impact on my life personally, and the life of the people in my home state. It has forced us to move towards more humane views on the rights of sexual minorities and ethnic groups. It has fostered peace in a region which seemed to have fallen into an intractable conflict. I love the EU for these reasons, for the future that it promised my country. However, not everyone who was promised this future has seen their commitment to the project bear fruit. Unemployment, poverty and the seeming abandonment of many of Europe’s most needy belie a reality- the EU promise has been kept only for the few.
    Recently the was a motion brought to the EU Parliament, by the commission, to give a interrail pass to any EU citizen who turns 18. A way of opening Europe to the young. The problem with this scheme is that it assumes the reason most people don’t travel to other European countries is a lack of initiative, and slightly too little spare change. This is wrong. Endemic poverty does not allow a young person in an Central European state travel freely into the Netherlands, or Denmark, or Sweden. Get them a ticket sure, but will you pay for their food and lodging? This scheme favours wealthier youths in the West, who can go and spend the money they save in cities across Europe. Even for some in the West this is unrealistic. Education fees have only reason in recent years, meaning many youths need to work to even attend University, not leaving much time for a ‘gap year’ experience for those who do not already come from a very steady economic background. Similarly, their are plenty of youths who forgo education altogether for workplaces where they are paid too little for too much, where their lack of representation at the regional, national and EU level mean that they lack the leverage to hold employers to task for their misuse. Where are the initiatives for the single mothers, the unemployed folks in their thirties, the overworked people in their forties and the people who often need to make mortifying decisions when it comes time to pay bills. Where is an Erasmus scheme aimed at getting workers abroad- not a permanent move but a few months of experience abroad, encourage by the EU through subsidy and tax breaks? Similarly, if the EU is the future, as myself and many young students will claim, what about the past? The older generations voted for Brexit- and we roundly condemned them for ruining a future in which they would play no part. That’s hardly incentive for remaining, let alone reason to love. The simple fact is that the EU, associated as it is with certain economic classes and age groups, does not feel representative for so many of these people. Its relationship with multinational organisations and banks come across as favouring a select few, and jar with the image it has tried to build of itself- of ‘unity in diversity’. It seems to many citizens, like a lie.
    I think that’s the inherent problem in trying to foster love for the EU. It has a lot of responsibilities. It must balance economic concerns, business concerns, social concerns, foreign policy concerns and so on. National governments hardly manage to tackle these issues for the much narrower spectrum on which they operate, can we expect the EU administration to be able to meet every demand? No, but it could at the very least try and not seem so beholden to a view of globalisation and economics that so enrage a large part of the electorate.
    Economics, as so many people have pointed out in the boards here, stink of corruption, and the promise of stability hardly appeals to a people whose life consists of eating on a budget, living on a budget. These people want change, not stability. Its perhaps the one issue that unites Europeans more directly than any other- the deep dislike of an EU so focused on banking systems that it seems to care very little about the micro economies of a household, or a community.
    And their will be those quick to point out that the EU needs to deal with these issues, that these are its mandate and these are its goals. However, this assumes that their is no wiggle room in here, that from this base the EU cannot create a vision that would bind the people to it.
    The US might have remained a loose association of states were it not for a binding vision. I am not arguing that the EU should become a State- I honestly believe we need to move past this outdated political model- but that the EU stop trying to pander to anyone who is not a citizen. The EU should not be a mouthpiece of the States, they who have dragged its name through the mud and brokered corrupt deals of their own. Instead the EU should re-gear its focus to its citizens.
    If the EU wants to be loved by more than me, and other Erasmus students, then it needs to fulfil more than the promises it has made me. It needs to be bold, to break with its non-partisan position and take on the cause of the weakest of Europe, Europe’s majority. It needs to focus less on GDP as a measure of success, and more on homelessness, beneficial employment, quality of life and participation. It needs to use its economic position to support the people- more than that it needs to trumpet the people- it needs ideals that are accessible. What dies Unity in Diversity mean? Elaborate, look to social movements of the past that have brought people together. Offer a vision that means something to them- that means more than the electricity not being shut off cause of unpaid bills. Show them an EU that protects them for the excesses of multinational organisations, that cares just as much about the quality of the work they get to do, as the number of jobs. An EU that doesn’t care that acts on its environmental commitments, not because of financial penalties, but because it improves the quality of life of its citizens. An EU that fights corruption, that holds a standard for Member States governments, not lowers the bar. An EU that welcomes the old, the neglected of our societies. These are visions that people can get behind, and if we can articulate the ideology behind it, and follow through, then the people can be won over again, they might even begin to love the EU. The tacit assumption by elites that anti-EU people can’ be reached is lazy, and dangerous. Society has to work for all of us. If Unity in Diversity is our motto, our pledge, then it has to actually mean something beyond the pay cheques of translators at the EU parliament (not dissing them- they work very hard.) Europe is diversity, so what, not where, is the unity?
    Concretely- one thing that could be done, to make people feel more represented at the very least, would be if the Commission, rather than being chosen by a joint process between the Council and the Parliament from outside candidates, would instead by selected from the Parliament- from members who have been elected by the public. The commission president would be voted from the Parliament’s own ranks, with no veto possible. By putting the legislative organ into the hands of the people directly, with members of the EU party they support becoming the head of the Commission, parties can begin to focus on a vision, something to build in Europe, rather than something to prevent. Parties, as they stand, such as the EPP, don’t mean anything, they are hamstrung by a process that only allows unelected officials visions. Let people choose the visionaries. Get them engaged and maybe we can turn the tryst into a love affair.
    Otherwise…. well otherwise the EU really could fall apart- don’t take that for granted. Derek Walcott has this great poem about racial discrimination in the US that ends with the lines “Still it taught me something about love. If it’s so tough, forget it.” We can hardly expect anymore from people who have enough to worry about in their lives.
    And then, as absence makes the heart grow oh so much fonder, people may begin to love the EU- the atavism of an Era surviving the consequences of the lost opportunity of the European project. But, why go through all that trouble?

    • avatar
      Eoghan Hughes

      Though, if you are going to go that way, their needs to be something underpinning the reason for federation, beyond just financial and political concerns. These things are not able to unite people decisively enough. I really think looking at the early US where the federation needed a founding document that could inspire the voters. Whatever else you say about the US Constitution, it has the loyal love of a lot of people.

  95. avatar

    Make it a people Europe! Simple as that! Now politicians, get to work!

  96. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    acabem com as ligações perigosas com os agiotas da G Sachs, FMI e outros criminosos…
    O mais importante da EU são as pessoas e não os BANCOS…

    • avatar
      Matej Mlinarič

      Absolutely and if you don’t want to condemn whole islam for future you should to. Cause we all know what they are doing and what is coming for future decades unless they are dealt with. So you will have a choice you can either have mutually contributing cultures or you are no longer welcome. Just we are done waiting for those islamists to gather their strength and threaten us with slavery and death. Cause that is exactly what every non-islamic country got once demographic shift of population was established towards islam.

      Cause first time any of them dares to strike at our civilians they are our enemies and should have absolutely no protection at all. They give no mercy to us so don’t expect any in return for them.

    • avatar
      Michalis Mittas

      Ούτως ή άλλως τα παρακολουθώ αυτα

  97. avatar
    Stefano Paris

    erasmus program and similar, enhancing cultural exchange, creating a european union television that doesn’t just talk about “boring” political stuff but that has a tv or talk show with participants from all over the union.. these are just examples on how you can make people understand the importance the UE has for our future.

    • avatar
      Owen McNamara

      You complain about the Eu while enjoying the numerous positives they bring to this country that you would complain about if they did not exist

    • avatar
      Owen McNamara

      You’re the type of person that spends their day giving out about the government on every article on the Journal

  98. avatar
    Rui Estrela de Oliveira

    People like and even love Europe. People like to be Europeans. People like to be free and be happy. People have proud in the outcome of the big clashes and great wars of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
    People don’t like policies determined by big banks and financial clusters. People don’t like to pay to save banks. People don’t like to see their countries and their constitutional values, like equality of gender, secularism, freedom of choice, denied by the multiculturalism. People don’t like the indolence and the indifference to the Europeans values of the Europeans politicians.

  99. avatar
    Anthony Cardona

    It’s not making people like Europe again… BUT make Europe like it’s people. People at the end of the day are being angered by Europe’s administrators… And if this proceeds there won’t be a Europe to talk about in few years time but havoc, exits… And unfortunately War!

  100. avatar
    Daniel Parvanov

    Get rid of political correctness, Address current issues listnen what people want and do not tell them what to think

  101. avatar
    João Machado

    People still love the beautiful continent of Europe. They are mostly starting to hate the EU and their political mad project… different names for very different things, lets not confuse them.

  102. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    Representing the interests of Europeans would be a start. No Valentine date went well when one person is staring all gooey eyed at somebody sitting at another table.

    • avatar
      Nicole Thym

      Love your reply. Love it.

  103. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    People love Europe and the Union, people hate the current generation of political idiots!

  104. avatar
    Diaconu George Razvan

    i have to say , people in the EC should start start thinking into context!What is happening now in Romania is partly their fault! They are attacking Romania because of the conditions in prisons .Those conditions are the best Romania can afford and it should not invest more since we have other priorities ( better to spend with orphan than criminals ) .Some of our politicians saw it as a sign to decriminalize some offences that affected them and said that CEDO and EC is making them do it… SO EU/EC : START THINKING INTO CONTEXT!!!!

  105. avatar
    Virsta Gregory

    cred ca o intoarcere catre un set de valori adevarate, nu false….ne ocupam de niste chestii insignifiante la nivel european in timp ce, cum se spune, trece istoria pe langa noi…eforturile UE de a pune capat razboiului din Siria sunt cvasinule…in Romania educatia, cu exceptii, e deficitara, scoatem tineri care n-au in cap altceva decat distractia si nu orientarea catre o ocupatie legala si de durata…politicienii, cei care efectiv fac legile, sunt niste persoane care au mari lacune nu numai de buna crestere dar si de studii adecvate postului pe care il ocupa…e greu, pentru ca reforma partidelor politice se va face cu tinerii de care vorbeam…. apoi, revenind la UE, mai este un aspect: in Romania, cand ceva nu merge, de vina e oricine altcineva decat romanii insisi…ne-am obisnuit, de-a lungul istoriei, sa dam vina pe rusi, pe americani, pe UE, pe vecini, pe oricine altcineva..asta inseamna ca nu ne asumam greselile noastre

  106. avatar
    Michael Šimková

    Safety matters. Safety is inherent to our sense of freedom and welfare. This is what EU politicians must internalize. People will turn against Europe if they perceive that Europe means deteriorating safety. My grandmother was a refugee who lived in Malmö after the war and she described it as an idyllic place, so safe that people would leave their doors unlocked. She told me she had once found a wallet someone had left on their seat and took it to the local police station so they might find the owner, but that this was nothing extraordinary for the time. Can you imagine such a story in today’s Malmö, with grenades flying through the windows? I would actually be too afraid to visit my grandmother’s post-war home nowadays because it is now one of the most violent parts of Europe.

    This kind of thing is not ‘free’ for EU politicians, ‘pasa factura’ as we say in Spain. You can’t get away with it forever. It will make people cynical and people will begin to conclude that you are incompetent. This is a situation that must be addressed. It doesn’t mean go to fascism – fascist societies are just unsafe in other ways. But it also doesn’t mean respond with denial and empty platitudes and insist that things are fine and all the problems are just imagined when they are not. Liberal societies don’t work simply because someone proclaims them to work, they work when they show themselves to work.

    We must be realistic. Europe does not want to become like Los Angeles, New York or Sao Paulo. Neither conservative Europe nor liberal Europe wants it. Neither ethnically homogeneous Europe nor ethnically diverse Europe wants it. So this cannot be our model for the future. People want free, safe societies, more like Tokyo, Seoul or Singapore. Can you blame us? Don’t antagonize people anymore over this issue, people have a right to live in a safe home. If something is clearly not working well, fix it, don’t deny the problem.

  107. avatar
    Michael Šimková

    Safety matters. Safety is inherent to our sense of freedom and welfare. This is what EU politicians must internalize. People will turn against Europe if they perceive that Europe means deteriorating safety. My grandmother was a refugee who lived in Malmö after the war and she described it as an idyllic place, so safe that people would leave their doors unlocked. She told me she had once found a wallet someone had left on their seat and took it to the local police station so they might find the owner, but that this was nothing extraordinary for the time. Can you imagine such a story in today’s Malmö, with grenades flying through the windows? I would actually be too afraid to visit my grandmother’s post-war home nowadays because it is now one of the most violent parts of Europe.

    This kind of thing is not ‘free’ for EU politicians, ‘pasa factura’ as we say in Spain. You can’t get away with it forever. It will make people cynical and people will begin to conclude that you are incompetent. This is a situation that must be addressed. It doesn’t mean go to fascism – fascist societies are just unsafe in other ways. But it also doesn’t mean respond with denial and empty platitudes and insist that things are fine and all the problems are just imagined when they are not. Liberal societies don’t work simply because someone proclaims them to work, they work when they show themselves to work.

    We must be realistic. Europe does not want to become like Los Angeles, New York or Sao Paulo. Neither conservative Europe nor liberal Europe wants it. Neither ethnically homogeneous Europe nor ethnically diverse Europe wants it. So this cannot be our model for the future. People want free, safe societies, more like Tokyo, Seoul or Singapore. Can you blame us? Don’t antagonize people anymore over this issue, people have a right to live in a safe home. If something is clearly not working well, fix it, don’t deny the problem.

  108. avatar
    Sento Pop

    I love Europe! But Europe should start to do more for people, not only for corporations.

  109. avatar
    Kokonas George

    Restore Democracy NOW ….In Democracy, Sortition is the principal characteristic of Democracy, the traditional and primary method for appointing political officials and its use . It is accepted as Democratic only when public offices are allocated by lot; and as Oligarchic and Tyrannical when they are filled by election. Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers. Tyranny occurs when absolute power is granted to a ruler. In a tyrannical government, the ruler becomes corrupt and uses his power to further his own interests instead of working for the common good.
    The rule of law is the principle that no one is exempt from the law, even those who are in a position of power. The rule of law can serve as a safeguard against tyranny, because just laws ensure that rulers do not become corrupt. ………..Aristotle
    Tutor of the 13-year-old , Alexander (the future Alexander the Great).

  110. avatar
    Sala Sophie Gaia

    That is a very complex question, hard to answer by a short comment but I’ll do my best. With my background I’ve been a fan of the European Union for a long time. I have met enthusiastic and skeptical people and I understand both reasons. Since it’s Valentine’s Day I could compare it to a relationship or a big family. It can only work if everyone is committed, willing to make compromises. Free-riding and taking the advantages of the Union but criticizing it behind its back, as many people and politicians do will not solve anything. Also, the society should change, become less materialistic. That way, compromises could be reached more easily ( in my opinion). I continue to hope :)

    • avatar
      Teo Nagy

      EU🇪🇺 is a great idea but falling apart cause of the left. I am rightist, nationalist and still would like a stronger EU, but not with the leadership of ultra leftist politicians like in recent years.

  111. avatar
    Esther Huhn

    Explain how the EU really works, invite them to come to the EU open day in May

  112. avatar
    Joel Dominic Rodrigues

    Wrong question, based on looking at the problem from all the wrong angles. This is about apathy, ignorance (by choice) and spread of far left/far right ideology. The EU also needs to address the elephant in the room – widespread xenophobia. Yes, there are reforms needed but that is only part of the issue.

  113. avatar
    Vytautas Vėžys

    What do you mean “Fall back in love”.
    There were never any signs of love, just marriage of convenience. You give us money and we let you fcuk us.

    • avatar
      Nando Aidos

      You cannot be serious!?

    • avatar
      Tobias Stricker

      Nando Aidos I am. If you want the people to love the EU again, you first have to stop the fake news.

    • avatar
      Petr Horak

      And by fake news I mean every opinion that is factual but I don’t like. :D

    • avatar
      Tobias Stricker

      Petr Horak I think we have here an issue with what you consider “factual”.

  114. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Make Europe what it is meant to be, a healthy melting pot where people can engage in the pursuit of happiness, and not this brewing cask of greed, power mongers and lack of opportunity.
    Now, to all politicians, do your job!

  115. avatar
    Max Berre

    IMO, investing and prosecuting any european politician who has gotten either material or financial support from the Kremlin, would achieve this.

  116. avatar
    Marco Rafael

    Politics stop blaming everything that they do wrong is because Europe and everything right it only belongs to their brains.

  117. avatar
    Wouter Russchen

    when people know what it actually does. if people know the EU has stopped thousands of years of war, they would like it a lot more

    • avatar
      David Alan Roden

      NATO halted wars – the fledgling EEC consisted of only 6 countries when it was formed – it became 9 in 1973, 12 in 1979 etc.out of 51 european countries, not to mention the 150+ countries that are not in europe.

      Do you really believe that the EEC/EU was solely responsible for peace for the last 70 years?

      It has helped, but mostly it was NATO, the Warsaw Pact and nuclear weapons that have kept the peace.

    • avatar
      Wouter Russchen

      David Alan Roden The coal and steel union combined the two industries of war of the 2 biggest rivals in europe together. it was from that moment on impossible to wage war on one another as they now depended on eachother’s industry for war.

      NATO also played a role in peace, yes. But the democratization of europe and linking eachothers war industries together has made it impossible for the most bloody continent to get peace while the rest of the world still has wars every now and then

      most european countries have no nuclear weapons and even nuclear powers like pakistan and india have been fighting.

    • avatar
      Tiago Pereira

      You vote for the EP which chooses the President. Same as in Portugal. Yes we have Democracy in the EU process.

    • avatar
      Ângelo Do Carmo

      Tiago Pereira it’s not the same, as you don’t specifically have a candidate at the same time as you vote and all the countries don’t vote at the same time.

    • avatar
      Tiago Pereira

      Yes you do. Juncker was the president of EPP as Costa was the president of PS. I don’t see where is the problem with the vote not being at the same time. I am not a fan of a Presidential system.

    • avatar
      Ângelo Do Carmo

      Tiago Pereira no you don’t and I have explained you why. neither portugal, nor EU is a presidential system. france is a presidential system. there is no President of Europe and portuguese system as a president as a figure, not someone with actual governing powers.

    • avatar
      Ângelo Do Carmo

      as you wish dude. but you did not even understood what I said.

  118. avatar
    Petr Horak

    Europeans are in love with Europe. They just don’t particularly love political representation and political agenda that is pushed by not-voted-for representatives of European Union.

  119. avatar

    I would fall again in love with Europe if I was to visit any european capital without seeing burkas and muslim ghettos everywhere.. I would also fall in love to Europe if I could go to big public events without fearing that I will get blown up by radical islamic terrorists. You failed to mention that in your article. It’s a lot of european folks want, but you keep ignoring them. That’s why Brexit happened, and next we’ll probably have Frexit, etc.

  120. avatar
    Hr Tom Mosen

    yes, if there aactually was to be done somthing about the rising rightwing fractions, and rich peoples exploidtation…but i guess that is what bruxelles thrives on

  121. avatar
    Nuno Roberto

    Maybe if it was actually a union and not 3 or 4 countries dictating over the rest…

  122. avatar
    Jonathan Thomson

    A CONSTITUTION AND A STRUCTURE THAT ANYONE CAN UNDERSTAND and that most people can easily agree with ( hint: USA)

  123. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    We are in love with EUROPE,. It was (in some things still is) the best continent, the cradle of democracy and liberty (national freedom) BUT we dislike the EU, the cradle of political corruption and dictatorship.

  124. avatar
    Jorge Carmo

    Me too I still in love with EU. It’s a great project but still on the hands of very conservative people and that we must change with our votes. EU is one of the must free zones of the world for women and men. Together will be stronger and how about 60 years without WAR within European Union Members States? PEACE is the strongest achievement of the EU. EU is not over is changing as always did…

  125. avatar
    Matej Mlinarič

    Longer you protect such from being deported more obsolete you will become. You only have yourselves to blame for that. Cause personally our cooperation to achieve mutual goals is essential for stability of our continent. Just instead of protecting what already exists you seem to be determined to destroy it. Starting with our security and especially when you try to bully opposition cause we all know that removing those is essential and only question to it is how many more need to pay that price that you finally do what is needed and wanted.

  126. avatar
    Nikos Pulianiths

    Europe should stop trying to become the next superpower and instead focuses on people’s problems (jobs, healthcare, education)

  127. avatar
    Teo Nagy

    EU?? is a great idea but falling apart cause of the left. I am rightist, nationalist and still would like a stronger EU, but not with the leadership of ultra leftist politicians like in recent years.

  128. avatar

    Europeans want back their jobs and their prosperity, and, above all, THEY DEMAND TO BE TREATED AS HUMAN BEINGS. If the average citizen is neglected or forced to pay more taxes in return for absolutely nothing, do not expect the European peoples to love the EU. It’s impossible!

  129. avatar
    Carmelo A. Costanza

    It’s a matter of mutual understanding as with relationships, they’re never perfect and there are tensions and conflicts, and is subsequently resolved via compromise. It’s a matter of understanding and educating ourselves in a rational and realistic approach compared from a sentimental and odious perspective.

  130. avatar
    David M. John

    Why do people in the West never learn about the dire lesson from the fall of Rome era. The collapse of the Roman era is attributed to the mismanagement of immigration policy that Rome gave citizenship, slave and land ownership rights to foreigner. The so-called foreign Elites or descendants of immigrants would routinely be seen in the high ranks of the military or the administration. As a result, the strong Roman Empire became a lost nation.

    Do we need the immigrants? the answer definitely is no. This is due to the advancement of communication technology that it enables us to utilizing the excess manpower resources in overseas. Currently, at lot of cheap labour is produced by overpopulation, so it does not worth the cost.

  131. avatar

    Europe was always the mossaic of the relative cultures and this constiuted its great strength,so the transforming it to the mixture is not needed, bot possible. Integration of the non assimilating cultures likt the Muslim is impossible, and the future civil wars are on the horizont.

  132. avatar
    Katerina Mpakirtzi

    Ask goldman sacks because they have our lifes as..joke to get money. Scientists are unemployeds and bankers are millionaires. Art Filoshophy Psychology Theology is only Economic ..measures. This is not Europe’s Culture. Where we are going? Have we any reason to be united… what? Where is our Power and our christianity in society? We just get money and we dont care for anything… Ylistes!

  133. avatar
    Azad Maruf

    Not to allow that fucking corruption leaders working against human rights violations to cause more troubles for the victims of torture and U.k. s war crime….Now French as another big shit prevents us from debating all that serious human rights violations….

    • avatar
      Erika Belair

      He is an elected memeber of the German government may be it is better you look at your own countries government and then vote for who you like

    • avatar
      Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

      Ηe is only 1 of 27 EQUAL fin min of EU .He illegally behaves as EUs leader.He is the menace of EU and Germany.He is responsible as fin min for all economic frauds by DB,SIEMENS,VW etc

    • avatar
      Dimitris Stamiris

      Who vote for him to be one of eu leaders ??? I don’t remember to ask me !!!!
      I don remember to ask me to vote for German to be leader

      I don’t remember to ask me anything about eu …. I remember that they show me on tv anything THEY WANT me to vote about my country !!!!!!

      FIRST I BUY YOUR TV , THAN YOUR COMMUNICATION and than you vote anything I like !!!!!

  134. avatar
    Marko Martinović

    Protect EU and its people. Make it democratic. Protect freedom of speech. Protect freedom of the press. Drop blasphemy laws. Drop PC tyranny. Put people of the EU first. Dont attack national interests. Dont cover up crime.

  135. avatar
    Joerg Sp

    See, that’s exactly the wrong question because maniacs ask themselves, how can they MAKE their victims like them. Here the relationship is voluntary. If European politicians would care more about the people, instead of caring about corporations, then people would start liking the European Union.

    Like take Greece as an example. You have the majority there who have negative attitudes towards the EU. Why you may ask? Because they have seen nothing positive concerning their lives resulting from their country’s engagement within that construct. Or take Germany with its huge population of overexploited and precariously employed people who work for way less than for what they should be working. Of course they would be sceptical of EU.

    • avatar
      Erika Belair

      He is an elected member of the German government and your remark shows that you lack eductation tosay the least…

    • avatar
      Jason Picci

      Erika Belair I don’t know who you are referring to but she must be a tranny then! Top marks for your sense of humour though 😆

  136. avatar
    Yiannos Phiniotis

    They should return the money of the provident fund of employees and bank deposits to citizens of Cyprus stolen by the EU in cooperation with the island’s government and apply a fair system which is equal to all member states despite size or power. The handling of the economic crisis in Cyprus in 2013 indicated that the EU is a corrupted union with double standards

  137. avatar
    Katrina Di

    Start listening to people for first. Not ignoring whole referendum outcomes because you simply don’t like it. Reform unelected commission that does most of the work and is appointed. Some bureacrats should stop telling other EU states what to do with their monetary or internal policy.

  138. avatar
    Erika Belair

    The only way to make people like europe is by education to make them understand the basic principles and for the rest it will take some time to improve the present weaknesses such as accepting countries who do not care for human rights and are only in it for the money into the european community.It may be time for weeding out ….

  139. avatar
    Marian Nicuriuc

    here’s a thought! why don’t you rather try to give a sense of reasoning in your politics and draw lines, stop bringing more people in parts of the world where they’ve no business to be!
    Invest in education, heavily, regulate the exams and introduce some sort of European Admission test for people who would like to study abroad and live in a beautiful Europe!

    • avatar
      Rodney Morgan

      If NATO collapses Europe will be at war amongst itself in a few years. History repeats itself. Remember the former Yugoslavia? Then it won’t be a problem.

  140. avatar
    José Bessa da Silva

    I like Europe. I just don’t like the EU. Go back to 1986, no Euro, no federal talks and maybe people will be happy with a new EEC.

    • avatar
      Любомир Иванчев

      Явно за някой друг, щом допускат и настаняват мигранти, които извършват атентати през два дена и посягат на европейските жени, че и на деца. Явно мигрантите са им по-скъпи от европейците.

  141. avatar
    Mark Sjøberg

    Secure the borders around Europe and do not try to compmetely break down nation-states yet, we need a little more time to get used to each other, take more decisive action with helping refugees in the local areas of conflict before the problem comes knocking at your door. Make EU completely democratic. Curb the influence of old oligarchic families and big financial institutions. Eliminate poverty by getting universal basic income, while creating more part-time jobs, boost sharing-economy and not-for-profit companies, and make sure afforda le housing is present in university cities and capitals. Invest heavily in green energy, medicine, robotics, guarantee free higher education and ffs, everytime there is an election in fx Denmark regarding the EU, somebody sneaks in some other subject than the main one and tries to cheat people to vote for it, bloody stop it!

  142. avatar
    Andreas Nikolaidis

    Ενα σωματειον υποκριτων που ονομαζεται ΕΕ αντι για Γερμανικη Ενωση

  143. avatar
    Peter van Wijmeren

    People like Europe. They don’t like the Jew-EU. The EU is built to destroy nations and the native Europeans. It is one giant socialist cesspool that will not end well. The ‘diverse’ concept is simply meant to usher in bigger government.

  144. avatar
    John Davis

    Because it’s run by corrupt people that like to steal a lot of people’s money simple

  145. avatar
    Andrea Morrone

    Educate people to what has been achieved thanks to the European Project and on how it works now as a Union.

    Reform the Union: let’s integrate, let’s simplify, let’s make it more present in our day to day life, let’s make it more democratic and less oligarchic.

  146. avatar
    Marco Bianchi

    Stop following the orders coming from Washington.
    Stop wars in the Middle East.
    Ban the Islamic Brotherhood.
    Start paying oil with Euro rather than with US Dollars.
    Ask Iran to trade its oil and gas in Euro rather than in US Dollars.

  147. avatar
    John Sudar

    how? real subsidiarity, respect for sovereignty, and a more democratic and transparent system that ensures that elected officials are answerable to their constituents, that’s how.

  148. avatar
    Eugenio Alves Pinto

    Starting treat every european like equally, with the same conditions of living, employees, money, etc… And clean the muslim people out of here, they want war, go to their country doing it

  149. avatar
    Paulius Paždagis

    People have nothing better to do so they have to hate something. May it be EU, NATO, you name it… This is how small minds work.

    • avatar
      Marcos Markko

      You might contemplate the possibility of some of them having actual reasons to hate these institutions. Thinking that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is simply dumb is also a sign of having a small mind.

    • avatar
      Paulius Paždagis

      Marcos Markko I absolutely am not talking about everyone. In this and simillar cases – the majority, I am sure, statistically. The typical arguments are – the jews, globalists, illuminati, Rothschild etc.

  150. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    less burreaucracy, more efficiency, strengthen the fight against corruption, counter climate changes in a more effective way, get more involved in fighting terrorism, make Europe impenetrable for propaganda, force extremism out

  151. avatar
    Lino Galveias

    make it more social, less bureaucratic, Brussels and Frankfurt-centered. Make the EU a truly democratic organ

  152. avatar
    alex markou

    europe must be united as one and rethinking the reallocation of resourses in economi level we must see humans not numbers … TO ALL EUROPIAN fellow citizen we must protest for the unity of europe and to controll ,respect our differences and up to all we must respect the humans

  153. avatar
    Jerzy Zajączkowski

    Western Europe is slowly transforming into Kalift. It will soon be necessary to build a wall between East and West Europe.

  154. avatar
    Luis García

    Protecting citizens and not economic elites. The economy is at the service of the people, not the people in the service of the economy. Who helped to make up the Greek accounts to get into the euro and later? Who were happy doing business with the corrupt Greek banks and their politicians now ask for patience and blame others, those of the south…. The one that takes advantage of making deals with a corrupt one is just as corrupt as he.

  155. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Old wine in new bottle is a lesser scenario but better europe more efficient

  156. avatar

    they want us to obey the rules but they can do whatever they want,malta have the presidency of the council of the eu when they have ministers implicated in panama papers. and the prime minister under investigation how can we trust eu.

  157. avatar

    (Talking for Slovenia) Big problem is that a lot of people are not educated about what EU really is. In primary school and highschool EU is mentioned only at history and geography and only about how EU is build but no word on the jurisdiction or the benefits that EU has. People dont see what EU does and whenever they here about EU they hear about complicated bureaucratic system. If we started educating young people of the benefits of EU they will start to understand and like it.

  158. avatar
    Spiros Pythagoras

    If Europe was in favor of its citizens, this could happened.But once Europe is in Favor of “MARKETS” only markets will like Europe…

  159. avatar
    Spiros Pythagoras

    If Europe was in favor of its citizens, this could happened.But once Europe is in Favor of “MARKETS” only markets will like Europe…

  160. avatar
    Spiros Pythagoras

    If Europe was in favor of its citizens, this could happened.But once Europe is in Favor of “MARKETS” only markets will like Europe…

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