trumpCould ‘The Donald’ actually win? Twelve months ago, the idea that reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump could be the next President of the United States seemed crazy talk. Yet, seemingly against all odds, he stormed to victory in the Republican primaries. He’s now polling extremely close to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (particularly in the key swing-states).

The first TV debate between Clinton and Trump was almost inevitably going to be inconclusive, with some calling it for Clinton and others for Trump. The increasingly tribal nature of US politics means it’s difficult to “win” this kind of thing. Trump also defies conventional political logic, being able to shrug off gaffs that would derail any other campaign.

So, is it time to consider our reaction to a Trump presidency? Obviously, European countries don’t want to meddle in US internal affairs – it is up to American voters who they choose to represent themselves. However, it might be wise to prepare for a president who wants to ban Muslims coming to the US (now diplomatically transformed into a ban on people from “countries compromised by terrorism”).

We had a comment sent in on our ‘Suggest a Debate‘ page from SD, who wonders if Europe should reject or embrace ‘Trumpist’ immigration policies:

Image of a citizenThe Republican nominee (and possible front-runner in the US presidential elections), Donald Trump, has called for a total Muslim ban when it comes to migration and travel to the United States. He said that this is necessary because Isis has threatened to infiltrate the refugee flows with Islamic terrorists so that they can strike at the heart of Western targets. He has also said that there is no way to truly vet the background of these refugee people from the Middle East to filter out the criminals and terrorists who wish to do us harm.

My debate is the following: if Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidential elections and actually creates the Muslim ban that he has called for, should Europe stand against this policy or should Europe copy this policy?

If Trump wins, how should Europe react? Is the EU ready for President Trump? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Tony Webster

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    Ivan Burrows


    More importantly what are you going to do if a woman who can’t even follow simple instructions to secure her emails wins ?

    But no doubt the EU will come up with some half baked plan.

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    Diaconu George Razvan

    He is a man in debt ( not releasing his financial statements for a reason ) , while Putin is loaded with cash ;) , ready to spend it where it matters.Doubt would rise regarding USA position as an ally to democratic countries in Eastern Europe.

    • avatar
      Dobromir Georgiev

      And make Asia pay for it?

  3. avatar
    Michael Šimková

    What can we do? Not much, the EU is not in much better political or cultural shape and depends on the US. EU should improve itself.

  4. avatar
    Anton Mihiș

    Act in a similar way. All the countries to defend their own values, security, borders and economy and stop those bearded old communists in Brussels dictating rules based on political correctness rather than common sense.

    • avatar

      You know of course that if this was happening 20 years ago, Romania should not have joined western block, If you want to join the stupidity of the fasist Orban or the Drunkard Milos Zeman (both presidents of ex eastern block countries) ,you must first think what would have happened to your life if all other European countries was thinking like you 20 years ago!

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    Tony Muñiz

    Obviously by financing rebels who want to overthrow him. Just like in Syria, Ukraine, Lybia. What a fucking dumbass question. How should EU react, well, by respecting democracy. I know it’s a difficult concept for libtard Europeans who are fascist dictators.

  6. avatar
    Narcis George Matache

    European Union needs the build the common army and defense union, in order for us to be safe, in front of the common US-Russia attacks. Is Yalta all over, with spheres of influence between Trump and Putin. However this time, we are more prepared to face the danger.

  7. avatar
    Ricardo Nuno

    Europe can not react to the US, it has been occupied since 1945. Financial and military. Nothing to do unless France, Russia and Germany agree some plan.

  8. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    The Trump’s presidency in USA is dangerous for the EU. That’s why Europe must interrupt the negotiations for TTIP.

  9. avatar
    Ber Oomen

    At the end common sense will prevail, even Trump will be tied on all kind of longterm agreements and laws, he will do the same promisses to local communities as Bill Clinton did not able live up to these, not an interesting question … build a wall in the middle of the atlantic ocean? At the time of Reagen,was elected, in Europe we all where afraid that the world would go into a WW-III.

  10. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Trump is a proponent of US disengagement from alliancies which have been burdening the nation for too long. That’s not such a bad thing. The US has been pursuing global policies engaging in conflicts, even causing some, and have been sending the bill (be it financial or… sangine) to their taxpayers and their allies’ taxpayers. Time to part with America, amiably… Less hassle, less terrorism.

  11. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    better connectiom with Rusia -that Whasington doesny like it till today-and not with turkislam murderers i suppose. Krimea is not more important than Cyprus. The idigenous population of christians who are near islamic states needs help also not only muslims in Bosnia and Moggols in Crimea amd Ucrania. (petroil should cinnect us not put us in war. 100000000 dead europeans during 2d war and islamic invations is not so funny situation i think. We should protect our selves and nations if we want to survive in History. Refugges are welcome when they are in danger not all asia and africa. Its bettee to help them to stay safe in their countries that capitalists and islamists destroy them

  12. avatar
    catherine benning


    The worry is, if Clinton wins. That will be a world catastrophe.

  13. avatar
    Stefano Zuzzi

    Withdraw the NATO from my country first.That’s what Trump wants.Bringing home troops from the Europe,will help it’s economy.
    I don’t think he care much,where the bombs are coming from

    • avatar

      @Catherine, I doubt that’s so much reality as opinion of peter hitch. How do you pick and chose what to believe as fact and what to dismiss as lies and/or propaganda? I’m very curious since we see things very differently in so many ways and then every now and then we agree completely. So would love to know more about the driving forces behind that. :)

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    Simón El Guanche

    Then Europe should prevent access to its territory to citizens whose country is compromized by stupid leaders.

  15. avatar

    I can’t even believe Mr. Trump will win this or any election. Seriously, what we a seeing it’s a phenomenon, caused as we surfer, historical disbelieve in Politicians. (the only part that I feel trump is right, in his non sense speech). Hillary it is not the best part of the peach, but well, far better than Trump (to USA and the World, for god sake).

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    Thomas Cassar Ruggier

    The EU should immediately create and EU Army, since Donald trump openly claimed that he would no longer support NATO and defend Americas European Allies. Despite the fact that by time he always con traditional himself after some time but let’s just say that it would tgat situation.

    Now despite the that Britain has thus prefernzi with America due to colonial past and the 2 World Wars. I think it would be much easier to persuade Britain to support the creation of an EU Army since Trumps stance would inhibit European defence. But if Britain manages to leave it would be much easier but then the EU should sign a military alliance with Britain in that case.

    After the creation of the EU Army, which should respect thestance of neutral countries if they wish to sta neutral like Malta and Austria, tge main EU powers should work and invest to make the Army much stronger.

    Moreover, the EU should strengthen its relations with other countries especially the African ones which were under French hegemony. In an attempt to make trade and get military resources.

    Apart from the military reforms and diplomacy Europe should focus heavily on making the economy more efficient. Legalising industrial hemp, legalising cannabis oil (this would improve survival rates and increase the population as well as save money for the citizens), continue to invest in renewable energy, find a way in mass produsing good in an organic way and focus on a more digitalised economy.

    Europe should also abondon it’s open door policy, beca use despite the liberals supporting this they would not go against there preference. This would instead apease the populists and draw them into the pro EU sphere of influence

  17. avatar
    David White

    The EU has enough problems of it’s own high youth unemployment Bankrupt Spain Portugal Italy Greece Cyprus and no plans leadership or direction

  18. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    Is there anything for Europe to do in case of Trump’s win? Not really. Europe is not able to handle its own problems.

  19. avatar
    John Cameron

    It makes no difference who is president of America. They will be controlled by the people who are really in charge. The office of commander in chief was down graded to head of PR after they shot JFK.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Trump wants to do away with TTIP. He wants to keep jobs in the USA and place a tax on imports from outside his country. Just as Europe should be doing. No imports of goods that can be made or produced in Europe. Not impoverishing the European by making it impossible to create goods at third world pay packets.

  20. avatar
    Dobromir Georgiev

    With a facepalm.

  21. avatar
    Erika Belair

    Limit the influx of American settlers and political dissidents.Ask all EU countries to take a quota of American refugees…stop eating MC Donalds….:)

  22. avatar
    Alex Papalexopoulos

    The EU should try to reform and integrate. Without the guarantee of American help in case of a future attack, the it should create a new mechanism (such as an EU army) to protect itself.

  23. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    The EU should be doing everything it can to expose this moron who wants to be president. The EU should side with the “least dangerous one to Europe” for lack of better wording.
    All this may sound like meddling and it is. But the EU has not refrained from meddling into other countries when its security and future may be at stake. Here is another good opportunity to meddle!

  24. avatar

    The EU should be doing everything in its power to expose this moron who wants to be president. The EU should side with the “least dangerous one to Europe” for lack of better wording.
    All this may sound like meddling and it is! But remember that the EU has not refrained from meddling into other countries politics when its security and future were at stake.
    Well, here is another good opportunity to meddle!

  25. avatar
    Adrian Iovan

    Perfectly normal! If we love DEMOCRACY, that’s the way to react to the decision of “We, The People” ;)

  26. avatar
    Graça Soares

    Ever then ever!!!
    TRUMP is the Best candidate for the run to the White House since Ronald Regan!
    He is obviously a TRUE american! He LOVES USA and has proven several times during his speech that he will do everything he can to save America from the disaster that it is, under OSAMA Hussein and Clinton Administration!
    The difference between fake and true Americans is that the True Patriots rise proudly their flag, demand respect for LAW and Order!
    Fake ones put their dirty feet above that flag, promote social conflitcs and do nothing to combat Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration! That is difference!
    And please don’t trust Hillary, she is one of the most corrupt, criminal, and warmonger person in the whole World! She has blood Money in her hands! She had always been financed by rich elite of Wall Street and rich arab countries of Gulf that are known for their totalitarism, Intolerance and desrespecting Human Rights!
    A vote for Hillary is a vote for ISIS, is a vote for Islamic terrorism, a vote for corruption, for blood Money!
    Trump, is honest, direct, spontaneous and he doesn’t need Politics for nothing!
    Think about those differences!

    • avatar

      Lol like cuba? I thought communist was a monster of the american theorists. Trump is a traito, liar and a scam..

  27. avatar
    Joao Antonio Camoes

    Well, this the usual european problem! The last decade Europe is not used to act but to react and follow. No matter what will be the american´s people choice, the great challenge for Europe will be to define what – as Europeans – we want to do, create and legate to our children/grand children. Unfortunately the actual european leadership is not able to congregate several national ideals and wills. Something has to change for common profit and achieve a peaceful, realistic and strong way to deal with USA, Russia, China.

  28. avatar
    António Carvalhinha

    Com Um Bom Pai; Não Á Crise No País Que Governa.
    1º Ser Português; É Querer Para O Próximo O Que Queremos Para Nos Próprios; Ser Português; É Nunca Violar A Democracia Nem A Cidadania; Nem Os Direitos de Crianças; Formação Cem Educação; Sem Palavra; Sem Sentido de Responsabilidade Global; Não Presta; Numa Democracia Directa, Livre Todos Os Cidadãos Podem Participar Directamente no Processo de Tomada de Decisões.
    2º O Ouro Mais Valioso Do Mundo; É Respeitar O Próximo; Um Homem Com H Grande Move Montanhas; Quando Á Amizade; Boa Vontade Chega Tudo; Nunca À Crise Para Ninguém.

  29. avatar
    Carlos Abreu

    Eu acho que a Europa deve debater como reagir independentemente de quem ganhe. A Europa está, há muito, controlada pelos interesses americanos.

  30. avatar
    Mariș Andrei

    Follow his example and build a wall in the middle of the Mediterranean sea? dunno…Maybe make the Middle East pay for it

  31. avatar

    So far ihave concluded Mr. Trump is an ιnstable personality. I have the sense he has no idea to walk the walk, to actualize things. I am afraid of, if he wins the elections he would be learn by doing and this would be driving in maleficence.
    But USA have two debates yet and Mr Tramp shows a supererogation

  32. avatar
    Robb Noss Vella

    If Trump wins . Europe wins because the Immigration problem will not be a problem any more .

  33. avatar
    Jorge Machado

    You are asking the wrong question, if another Clinton be elected what Europe should do? Cmon guys Hillary is a world leader snake head, war is coming with clinton, taxes will raise to feed the federal reserve, she is a senator for 27 years and where is the work? Where is the activist voice? You dont find it, period! Dont be That dumb world we had our decades of greed and savage capitalism wanna continue there? Do you want people to lose power and money everyday? Do you enjoy the internacional bank slavery? Do you really want to keep this up and cry everyday with the fear of change? Wake up, just do it

  34. avatar
    Carolina Almeida Araujo

    I fail to understand how anyone can vote for Trump. Easy to be a billionaire when you don’t pay taxes or your suppliers. Suspicious dealings. Absolutely no notion of international diplomacy. I understand that the US couldn’t have 2 worse candidates, but Trump? Seriously?

  35. avatar
    João Paulo Ramos Teixeira

    Personally,i don`t know who is the worse…both not fit to govern but then this is nothing new in U.S. politics and their “circus” debates and election shanannigans.

  36. avatar
    Trinus de Vries

    Don’t know. Invest heavily in education perhaps ? To prevent people from electing total lunatics ?

  37. avatar
    Isabel Silva

    😂😂😂 this is too much please if trump wins i’ll hide somewhere away from all this dumb and blind people, can’t deal with this 😂😂😂 please someone save this world from calamity

  38. avatar
    Ana Isabel Silva

    “Job é justo e piedoso”… “Pudera! Se está tão bem materialmente” FAUSTO, Goethe

    D. Trump não parece que seja justo nem piedoso, nem se sabe exactamente se está, como se diz, se estão os que o aplaudem, tão bem…. seja materialmente seja espiritualmente.

    Se estivessem estariam mais sossegados e confiantes.

    Os U.S.A. começaram por uma sociedade composta por emigrantes que não aderiram à Revolução Francesa, e que na América do Norte, habitada por indígenas, indíos americanos, formaram um estado conquistando terras aos povos autóctones indios, e impuseram-lhes leis, contra aos que estivessem “fora da lei”, como se vê nos filmes do farwest, com o xeriff de revolver em punho a obrigar respeito a essa Lei. Até hoje os funcionários de Estado são marcadamente desconfiados, do Estado que dizem ser o seu. O americano, desdee confia primeiro nele do que no Estado, por isso ainda hoje pretende andar armado.

    • avatar

      Acho que o problema do fenómeno trump, é um problema sistémico que se replica por vários quadrantes do globo, genericamente. Nos EUA o populismo, a descrença politica e muita gente querendo lavar roupa suja. Sabemos o quão surreal é um Pais com estados que permitem o porte de armas (até na rua) e ao mesmo tempo a policia alegadamente, mata 1 negro. De um caso entre tantos. Se por um lado os EUA já foram a “joia da coroa” para outros países, sejam em conflitos sejam em termos económicos. Hoje em dia estão quase que a sofre por consequência. Não podemos olhar para o presente, ignorando o passado e o futuro, isso é o modus operandis do Trump e da seus seguidores acéfalos. Tudo o que trump diz, afirma e defende, não será em nada o que está na visão do Euro, dos cidadãos, forças politicas ou económicas. Não consigo prever outro cenário que embargos contra diarreias intelectuais trumpianas. Afinal ele é um autentico scam e é assim que tem de ser tratado. Respeito a voz e vontade dos americanos, mas acho que a porta tem de ser fechada se optarem pela via do não entendimento. Porque essa gente não quer aprender ou entender nada.
      Porque essa gente que é poder, dinheiro e colocar ódio nos cidadãos -> a isto se resume a campanha do Trump.

  39. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Difficult question this as Schulz, Verhofstadt and JCJ have also made truly toe-curling unprofessional comments too.

  40. avatar
    Firas Moka

    Just adapt itself with the new circumstances ! More than than that , they will not do anything!

  41. avatar
    Don Campbell

    Neither is a good candidate but don’t have a go at Trump for being a billionaire . Clinton , Obama and now another Clinton , they’re not exactly paupers themselves and where have their millions come from ? Plus they have had 16 of the last 24 years and that includes the last 8 years , look at the mess that is America , so why would anyone want more of the same .

  42. avatar
    Shane Hughes

    Play along, keep on his good side without supporting him. Dont provoke him, stay out of any conflicts he may have with other nations and pray he doesnt win a second term or destroy the US.

    We have to focus on Brexit, the poissibiliy of scotland rejoining the EU and continuing with intergration within the EU at a mild pace to protect ourselves.

  43. avatar
    João Cruz

    The Donald is an imbecile with no sense of statesmanship whatsoever, so in the longshot eventuality of him wining, Europe should react to him like it reacts with any other imbecile world leader (no shortage of that): with extreme care. But on the whole it will be business and real politik as usual. Even the Donald needs friends.

  44. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    Have good relationship with him in respect of each other, and enjoy the fact there will be less destabilization and external US wars in Europe and middle-east.

  45. avatar
    Thierry Longer

    France and Germany put together what is to be the E.U. army to strike back whenever Putin tries to get any ex USSR country back within Russia. Chinese Economy challenges and overtakes the U.S.’

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Hmm…., I suggest you research just how much of an army France and Germany could scrape together because I think you’ll find Russia would just roll over it without even breaking step..

      …and the Chinese economy is only heading one way at the moment… and it isn’t up…

  46. avatar
    Petar Shumanov

    The EU should renounce the discovery of America and give the fault only on Great Britain, for their short-sighted discovery, leading to this regrettable misunderstanding Trump. And to close all comms-chanels and decline knowing America and had send citizens there, ever!

  47. avatar
    Marian Sasaran

    Make UE army urgently. Make United States of Europe urgently by turning UE into a country, not just a union. Such a country can be strong. A union can be broken in pieces anytime.

  48. avatar
    Graça Soares

    Trump will win no Matter how hard mass media try to blacken his image!
    They can try, but TRUMP supporters are strong people! They Never give up!!

  49. avatar
    Dimitar Peev

    Both of the candidats are extremely disgusting. So why only Trump? And it’s already obvious that Clinton will win, so how EU will react?

  50. avatar
    Aaron McCarrón

    If Trump wins EU states will most likely get more keen on moving towards a EU army, and gradually remove support on NATO/USA for defending certain european borders. Plus we won’t need to worry about TTIP anymore. But WHAT IF Clinton wins? This is no joke either.

  51. avatar
    Elle Wilky

    Hillary Clinton will get all of us Europeans fried from nuclear weapons. She’s a warmonger who’s no different than G. W. Bush, Obama has been provoking Russia over the last two years and that hag will finish it off.

  52. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    quel che mi chiedo è …..e se vince la Clinton è pronto il mondo ? I Simpson già dal 2000 parlavano di Trump alle Presidenziali .La sceneggiatura dei cartoni animati li scrivono i veggenti o siamo teleguidati !?

    I wonder what it is ….. and if Clinton wins the world is ready? The Simpsons since 2000 spoke of Trump for President .The script cartoon write them the visionaries, or guided us!?

  53. avatar
    Joao Antonio Camoes

    Well, this question is itself the real problem. Europe must have its own way; a defined future and a specific idea of what shoud be the european way. Then, we should look to our partners (east and west) and establish the maximum common bridges with them.

  54. avatar
    No more Mr nice guy

    Its obvious what to do!! Legalise guns and build a wall!! Oh yeah,…and look up “democracy” in the dictionary. But really, I honestly DON’T really care anymore coz England is leaving the EU so you guys can do whatever you want now. I am more concerned about what the England will do!

  55. avatar

    I don’t understand why are you surprised by Trump’s ascension. Trump is the rational response to prolonged austerity, the lack of stable and predictable jobs, bank bailouts, jobs outsourcing, the surrender of national states independence and their sovereignty, the aggressive eroding of the middle class, the uncontrolled migration, etc.

  56. avatar
    Kovács János

    Send him some flowers with a little note that says “thanks for the advice, we will make Europe great again”. :)

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      Despite a few issues, Europe is pretty great and its people doing far better than middle America. To think such a buffoon would be able to do anything at all is rather comical.

    • avatar
      Kovács János

      A joke. I thought it was obvious. Although he’s not a bigger ‘buffoon’ than Clinton.

    • avatar
      Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      Trump is without a doubt unfit to left alone with choke sized Legos, let alone run office of the US. However, his idiocy does not make Clinton a suitable candidate. If I had to choose the lesser evil, I’d go also go for Trump

  57. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    Why should Europe react? And what is wrong if he wins? In fact he has better ideas for US future then Klinton has.
    After all we should do our own policy and shouldn’t wait somebody from the White house to tells us what to do!!! If you are waiting for Tump or Klinton to decide our future then it is time to go home because you are useless!!

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      Better ideas? Racism and an idiotic economic plan ? Really?

    • avatar
      Bobi Dochev

      Yes, really! Obama’s policy doesn’t work and Klinton doesn’t offer anything new – except world war of course! Continue making same mistake doesn’t show consistence it shows stupidity!

    • avatar
      Rémi Martin

      Bring back all the US troops, I find it’s his best idea!

    • avatar
      Bobi Dochev

      Rémi Martin Not only, I like some of his ideas for the migration – for example, to deny visas for countries which refuse to take their illegal migrants back. having in mind that at least half of the people coming in EU are illegal migrants not refugees we should do this as well.

    • avatar

      Yes but if the American policy is against our interests we have to do something about it.

  58. avatar
    Alexander Goossens

    I do not support Trump, but If Trump wins we should respect it as result of a democratic process. If Trump wins it means that majority of the population voted for him. Any democratic result should be celebrated by everyone. Or are we so hypocrite to contest the results when we defend democracy?

    • avatar
      Pedro Castro

      I doubt the matter here is deny the elections. It would be more an issue of can we keep counting on the us as an military and economic partner.

      There are many shades between Aliance and Enemy.

  59. avatar
    Wolfgang Mizelli

    be more afraid then if ms clinton wins. and yes develop an own security, foreign, economic policy based on the european human rights convention.

  60. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Is this a joke?? trick question maybe??? – well, if he wins, congratulate him, congratulate the USA, and… all the best for all of them! Best wishes!! We can all carry on and be friends!! What’s the question??? I think we have far more important things to worry about on this side of the Atlantic… so… let’s talk about “our house and our own backyard”, and sort out our own lives first, ok?? :-) Oh well… the Americas… who cares anymore???

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows


      France already has them, but then they will be leaving next so you will have none.

  61. avatar
    Mariana Giozova

    Why not!! Why do u think that Hilary is perfect not only for America but also for all over the World. Lets not follow the common opinion and being more informed.

  62. avatar
    Alexandru Anton

    Send the drones, send the agents, kill the traitor untill he sells the nuclear codes to Putin.

  63. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    well i think if our politicos rightly shunned him he would probably get a farage led uk to nuke us all, so i am with Tina…fall out shelters and lots of tins

    • avatar
      Manuel Alegria

      fight ISIS ???
      ISIS are USA troops to kill Pres Assad of Syria
      ISIS are Israel Troops to kill Hezbolah
      ISIS are Turkey to kill Kurds…
      what do you mean join Trump to fight ISIS… get yourself a new midia source

  64. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    All EU member countries leave NATO. They have the EU mutual defence clause and that is enough. Of course the EU army idea has also been mentioned, so that could be a non-US led extension of the EU mutual defence clause.

    • avatar

      That could be our best card but I don’t think that all European countries would agree and Europe can’t force them to do it. Nice thought but unrealistic. We can’t blackmail Americans with this arguement.

  65. avatar
    Milos Kostovski

    If Trump wins, Europe should start with Diversity Lottery for Americans to get EU citizenship.

  66. avatar

    In my opinion Europe should get ready in any case.If Trump wins, and hurt our interests at the immigration issue europe diplomats should negotiate with some countries to agree at many issues like hitting american economy in order to compromise Americans to the worldwide ethic. Europe cannot forbid refugees to come here. I think that Trump racist policy hurts our interests and our ethic characteristics.
    Greetings from Greece.

  67. avatar
    Szabolcs Galambos

    If trump would win, other countries really should start hurrying all the space programs to escape from here.

  68. avatar
    Lynne Warner

    What a stupid question! Stay calm. At least he won’t be helping to build the Caliphate!

    • avatar
      Nick Winch

      I guess we’ll see!

  69. avatar
    Andreas Agathokleous

    Clinton is much worse! Why not ask about how should Europe react to her election? Perhaps the most corrupt politician of all time, the biggest liar, the indirect cause of thousands of deaths (see Iraq/Libya – and now ISIS and its consequences on Arabs and us Europeans). She is the personification of pure evil and the media seem to turn a blind eye to all of that.

    Nonetheless, Europe never ”reacts” to the US. To make it more specific, the EU as such acts on the US’s orders like a dog on a leash.

  70. avatar
    Nefeli Kousi

    With the same strength we are reacting all this time. Wait in silence while the world falls around us. Probably with a cup of coffee in our hand.

  71. avatar

    The moment has arrived for the European Union to take up President Elect Trump’s challenge and to become more independent from the United States , establishing a EU Defense Force, upgrading the current European Security and Defese Policy unit of the European Union, into a all professional EU Defense Force.

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